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Surnames Beginning with A

  1. ADAMS (Joseph & Dinah), 1860-1875, Plum Grove Twsp, Butler Co. Seeking more information. Virginia Stricker (11-3-97)
  2. ADAMS. parents of Peter ADAMS, b: abt 1830, Schuylkill/Berks County, PA, d: Wisconsin and his wife, Hannah (REITH/REED) b: 1832 d/o Conrad RIETH/REED. REITH family of Tulpehocken, PA ADAMS are believed to have been in Ohio about 1851-1853. Bonita Hillmer, LadyBonitaResearch@consultant.com (4-5-3 update)
  3. ADDIS (Mrs. Susan, d 1874) lived & buried Oxford, OH. 5 children and foster child Adaline. nick@nickb.ftech.co.uk Nick Berryman. (10/5/96)
  4. AGNEW: William and Margaret (Brant)'s daughter Nancy married Anthony Wayne McKEE (m 1816) in Butler County. mcollins@pbmo.net Mary E. Collins. (10/13/96)
  5. AKERS (Abraham; Catherine O'CONNER) Liberty Twp; 1820-1849 Margaret Van Ness Nelson (Oct 26, 1997)
    Seek parents and descendants of Abraham AKERS born 1775 PA, died 1859 Clay Co.,IN. Wife Catherine O'CONNER born 1779 PA, died 1871 Clay Co,, IN. Resided Butler Co., OH ca 1820-1849. Sons: Benjamin; George; John (Lavinia PETERSEN 1818 NC-1914 IN), and Silas (moved to KS). Daughters Mary; Sarah MURPHY (Robert) resided Butler County, Ohio; Elizabeth CHANCE (Emanuel) resided Butler Co OH; Malinda THOMPSON (Joseph); Julia ERNHART (Lorenzo D.) resided Clay Co IN; Mariah THOMPSON (David); Rhoda BROWN resided Clay Co,, IN. Grandsons James AKERS and William Alexander AKERS.
  6. ALBERTSON (Nathaniel) of Oxford twp before 1830. Roy Albertson (Aug 22 1997)
  7. ALIG of Hamilton. einphil@ukcc.uky.edu (1/3/97)
  8. ALLEN of Hamilton. LHChristen (10/25/96)
  9. ALLEN - RUSH (Isaac & Elizabeth), 1805?-1849, Wayne Township. Sara Allen, sara.k.allen@wheaton.edu Searching for others descended from or researching: Isaac ALLEN (1770-1848) and his wife Elizabeth (RUSH) ALLEN (1770-1849) and their ten children: Thomas, James, David, Moses, John, Stephen, Lydia, Deborah, Phinneas, Jesse who lived in Butler Co. Ohio from around 1800 til their deaths. The family lived in Wayne Twp, Butler Co. Isaac and Elizabeth are both buried in the Kelley Cemetery, near Jacksonburg, Ohio (Looking for anyone researching families who settled in the North-east corner of Wayne Twp, Butler Co, Ohio in the early 1800's, including ALLENS, BELLS, RUSHES, WOOLVERTONS, IAMS,ROSSES, KELLEYS, LESLIES, OVERPECKS, WEBBS. Many of these families lived together in Greene Co. Pennyslvania before emigrating to Ohio. I believe many of them may also have attended Old Shiloh Baptist Church and are buried in the church cemetery, on Rt. 122. Anyone researching this area, timeperiod, families, church, etc. please contact me.) (8/3/97)
  10. ALLEN - KELLEY (Phinneas & Kezia), Sara Allen (Aug 3 1997). ALLEN: Searching for descendents of Phinneas ALLEN (1809-1848) and his wife, Kezia KELLEY who were married Dec. 19, 1833 in Butler Co. Ohio. Phinneas' parents were Isaac and Elizabeth (RUSH) ALLEN. They and several branches of the KELLEY family lived in Wayne Township, Sections 1 and 2, north of Jacksonburg. Possible parents for Kezia KELLEY include George and Elizabeth KELLEY or Joseph and Kezia KELLEY. Many of these two families are buried in Old Shiloh Church Cemetery. Anyone with any information, please contact me!
  11. ALLGOOD of Oxford. LHChristen (10/25/96)
  12. ALLREAD(ALLRED) of Oxford tp. allread@pinehurst.net (11/11/96)
  13. ALT(H)ER Family. I am beginning research on the Alt(h)er family from Butler County, Ohio. My ancestory Catharine Alt(h)er was supposed to have been born in Trenton, Ohio (Butler County) and her father, according to family remembrance "ran the seven mile house out of Cincinnati." That's all I have to go on so far. J Walters (Sep 11 1997)
  14. ALTHER, ALTER (Catharine) Trenton. Judith Walters (Sep 17, 1997)
    She was born about 1840. Her father ran the "Seven Mile House" out of Cincinnati.
  15. AMES of Hamilton. olveracn@songs.sce.com
  16. ANDREWS. skhaught@microserve.net (12/26/96)
  17. ANTRIM of Hamilton, OH. bblair (9/10/96)
  18. AUGSPURGER of Madison. ad631@dayton.wright.edu (10/15/96)
  19. APPLEGATE - CARMACK - VANLUE. Susan J. APPLEGATE, daughter of James B. VANLUE and Harriett CARMACK, lived in Shandon, Ohio (Bulter County) and died on Feb 2, 1931. Looking for obit. as well and family history for VANLUE and CARMACK. Regards. Lynn Applegate, LApplegate@Ravenet.com. (Feb 15 1997)
  20. APPLEGATE family. Lynn E. Applegate, Feb 19 1997. Looking for birth records of following people born in Bulter County: Charles Applegate - born 1832; Thomas Applegate - born 1835; Paul Applegate - born 1837; Richard Applegate - born Jan 10, 1840; Milton Applegate - born March 27, 1842. These were all brothers and were the sons of William and Hannah (Cut) Applegate. Looking for death record of Charles Applegate who died in Bulter County about 1899. Thanks for any information you can provide.
  21. ATHERTON family of Venice area. Barbara Atherton Leffinfwell, BABS.95@MCI2000.COM (Aug 14 1997) I am seeking information on the ATHERTON and BUELL families of the Venice area. The HENRY ATHERTONS, HENRY II ATHERTONS, HAMER ATHERTONS, ISRAEL ATHERTONS are all buried in the Venice Cemetery...Hamer Atherton built the house across the street from the cemetery. SYLVINIA BUELL was the wife of HENRY II. One of HENRY II'S children, MARY ATHERTON married WILLIAM CONE. WILLIAM CONE was also married to MARY BROWN, who had a daughter JANE BROWN, who eventually married my Great Grandfather ISRAEL ATHERTON. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, B. Lefffingwell BABS.95@MCI2000.COM
  22. ATKINS - MAYES. Volleny B. Atkins married Isabella Mayes year?? Their children: Sylvia Beaulah -Judy Miley -Johnny Miley -Iris -David Fredricks- Delores Violet-married Cloniker?? Kloniker Lily-4 children Sylvia Conrad-Fred Conrad Sylvia Married-W.G. Martin-3 Children-Delores J. Gardner (myself) Stephen L. Woodrum and Tamela Ranae Martin; Paul, David, Frank, Victor, Donald, Charlene After this I am lost and not seeming to get far. Thanks for your time. PS I myself was born in Hamilton Sept. 21 1954. Delores (Aug 29 1997)
  23. AUSTIN - DOTY: Aaron Austin and Hannah Doty Austin from Vanango CO PA. via the Ohio river. more... (July 18 2002)
  24. AYERS (Michael & Abigail WILLIAMS) c 1800. Ellen Rowan Taylor pmt@fwi.com or ERTAylor@Delphi.com

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