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Biographies Of One-Time Butler County Ohio Residents
Contributed or Found in Library Searches

Butler Co OH Families found in: Indiana Iowa Kansas Nebraska
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mostly from William G. Cutler's
History of the State of Kansas
his History of the State of Nebraska

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Found in KANSAS
Republic County, KS: J. A. MOSHER was raising full-blood Poland China hogs imported from Butler County, Ohio in 1883

Elizabeth George BAILY
born in Butler County, Ohio
died near Burlingame, KS
(not in Cutler's)

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Found in INDIANA
Found in Montgomery Co IN
with Butler Co OH ties
(1913 History of Montgomery Co Indiana)
Contributed by Karen Zach

  • TAYLOR, Jane, born 1801, wife of Henry THOMPSON
Found in Carroll Co IN
with Butler Co OH ties
(1916 History of Carroll Co Indiana)
Contributed by Jan Hall

  • BATES, William M. - born 1848 to Ozro BATES
  • BOLINGER, Barbara - married Noah LONG
  • BRENNAN, Thomas - born 1857 to John and Bridget
  • CONAUGHTON, Anna J. - dau of Thomas and Bessie
  • DOWDEN, Mary - wife of A. P. YOUNG
  • DWYER, Peter - married Agatha McGREEVY
  • FORLOW, John M. - born 1854 to Wm and Margaret
  • GRANT, Emma, wife of David McCLEARY
  • GRANT, John M. - born 1824
  • GUCKIEN, Mary - wife of John McGREEVY
  • GUCKIEN, Sylvester
  • GUCKIEN, William - born 1851, son of Sylvester and Catherine
  • HARTMAN, Mary - wife of Ozro BATES
  • HASLET, William
  • HAYES, Mary E., dau of William and Anna
  • HUMES, Thomas - born 1815, son of John HUMES
  • JAMES, Frances M., dau of E. B. JAMES
  • JAMES, Hannah A. - daughter of James and Marcella
  • JOYCE, Francis M., son of David and Sarah JOYCE
  • KIRKPATRICK, Elliot, son of Samuel
  • KIRKPATRICK, Benjamin son of Elliot
  • KIRKPATRICK, Sam son of Elliot
  • LONG, William - born 1835 to Noah and Barbara
  • McCAIN, Hannah, wife of Benjamin KIRKPATRICK
  • McCLEARY, David A.
  • MARTIN, Andrew J. - born 1828
  • MAYBITT, J. M. - born 1831
  • McCLOSKEY, Margaret - daughter of John
  • McGREEVY, Catherine, wife of Sylvester GUCKIEN
  • McGREEVY, Michael J. - born 1845, son of John and Mary
  • McKINNEY, John - husband of Mary Ann Rhinearson
  • McKINNEY, Leander - born 1843 to John
  • McNEIL, Ruth - married Samuel WEAVER 1829
  • PARSE, William W. - born 1841 to Felix PARSE
  • RHINEARSON, Mary Ann - wife of John McKINNNEY
  • SCHULTHEIS, John H. - born 1861 to David SCHULTHEIS
  • SHANKS, David T. - son of Henry SHANKS
  • SHANKS, Henry - born ca 1829 to John SHANKS
  • SQUIER, David B. - born 1844
  • STEWART, Mary, wife of William HASLET
  • VOUGHT, Jane - sister of Henry, wife of David Schultheis
  • WEAVER, Samuel - born 1806 to Henry WEAVER
  • YOUNG, A.P. - father of Ruhama YOUNG
  • YOUNG, Ruhama - wife of William W. PARSE - born 1849
  • YOUNG, William - born 1816

Found in Tippiecanoe Co IN Biographies

from the Biographical Record and Portrait Album of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1888

Found in IOWA

Meredith/Cleaver/Wiles Family Information

from W D Wiles, Mar 30 1998
This was an attachment to a letter my father received from J. H. Meredith in 1938.


This is to certify that Clarence Elwood Wiles, a son of Clement Wiles and his wife Alice LyIe Wiles, born in Shandon, Ohio is eligible for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution as shown by the following family record. Being a descendent of Samuel Meredith, whos Pension Application is herewith attached.

Samuel Maredith born Dec, 25,1758 in Kent Co. Deleware. Married Mary Bradley, March 12.1789.bSept 22.1761. Their marriage bond is recorded in the state house at Dover. Del. of which I have a copy. They moved from Delaware to Virginia, where their children were born, about 1818 they moved to Indiana. Where Samuel died, Dec, 29, 1841 and Mary died Feb, 21, 1844.

Their children were:

1. John b. 10-12- 1796. Died in Virginia in infancy, 

2. Mary Meredith. B. Dec. 23. l799. M. Solomon Johnson. 

3. Elizabeth Meridith ) Twin. B.May 23. 1803.  M. Mr. Larison of Cincinnati

4. Ruth Meredith ) Twin B.May 23. 1803  M. James Cleaver. 1818, (d 1879)
    Ruth died in March 1874.

5. William Meredith. b.2-26-1809 d. 4-25-1884
    The grandfather of the writer, J.H. Meredith 

(4) The children of James Cleaver and Ruth Meredith.

I. Mary Cleaver m. George Shroyer.

II. Adaline Cleaver. m. James Eads.

III. Rebeeca Ann Cleaver m. David Eads.

IV. Catherine Cleaver. m. David Young,

V. Martha Cleaver m. Peter Young.


VII . Milcah Cleaver m. Strigler. 

VIII. Margaret Cleaver m, John Blessing,

IX. Henry Cleaver m. Nancy Smith.

X, Samuel Cleaver m. Sarah Laramore,

(VI) The Children of David Wiles and Elizabeth ( Betsy) Cleaver. 

a. William Cleaver. d. ininfaney.

b. Ruth Ann Cleaver, d. young unmarried.

c. Arabella Cleaver, m, Mr. Cook.

d. Hugh Edward Wiles.

e. CLEMENT WILES b, 4-28-1886. d. 4-1938 m, Alice Lyle.

(VI-e) Children of Clement and Alice Lyle Wiles

1. Edward Arthur Wiles

2. Hariet Naoma Wiles

3. Zelma lnez Wiles died in infancy. 


5. Mary Elizabeth Wiles,

6. Bernice Wiles.

7. Edith Lucile Wiles,

8. Grace Ruby Wiles,

9. Charles W. Wiles.

10. Woodrow W, Wiles. died in infancy.

The above was taken from the records on Samuel Meredith’s tomb stone in Franklin Co. Ind, called the Morical Grave Yard. From the pension record attatched. From the records in the family Bibles and from the statements of the older members of the family who knew these descendents of Samuel Meredith.
Signed, J. H. Meredith

2105 Buena Vista Street. 

San Antonio, Texas

October 1, 1938

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