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1820 Butler County Ohio Census Index: A-B

Abbit, BenjaminLiberty Twp
Abbott, James R.Oxford Twp.
Abel, AlexanderReily Twp.
Abrahams, LottReily Twp.
Acres, AbrahamLiberty Twp.
Acres, FrederickFairfield Twp
Adams, HeamanReily Twp.
Adams, JamesOxford Twp.
Adams, NancyFairfield Twp.
Adams, ThomasHanover Twp.
Aderith, CalebSt. Clair Twp.
Adison, ArchabaldReily Twp.
Albert, JohnRoss Twp
Albert, ThomasOxford Twp.
Alchands, DanielReily Twp.
Aleger, ShilmanOxford Twp.
Alexander, DavidFairfield Twp.
Alexander JamesLemon Twp.
Alexander, JohnFairfield Twp.
Alexander, JohnLemon Twp.
Alexander, JohnLemon Twp.
Alexander, SamuelLiberty Twp.
Alexander, SarahHanover Twp.
Alexander, WilliamFairfield Twp.
Allen, CalebReily Twp.
Allen, EleanorSt. Clair Twp.
Allen, IsaacWayne Twp.
Allen, JacobFairfield Twp.
Allen, JohnFairfield Twp.
Allen JohnLemon Twp.
Allen, JosephRoss Twp.
Allenworth, StephenSt. Clair Twp.
Alstone, WallisFairfield Twp.
Alter, ChristianRoss Twp.
Alyea, DavidReily Twp.
Alyea, DavidReily Twp.
Alyea, IsaacRoss Twp.
Ammons, AnthonyLiberty Twp.
Anders, ArthurFairfield twp.
Anderson, Hannah Liberty Twp.
Anderson, IsaacRoss Twp.
Anderson, JohnHanover Twp.
Anderson, JohnLiberty Twp.
Anderson, NicholasMorgan Twp.
Anderson, RobertRoss Twp.
Anderson, WilliamMilford Twp.
Andrews, AbramSt. Clair Twp. Ross
Andrews, AdamMorgan Twp.
Andrews, AdamWayne Twp.
Andrews, ElisabethSt. Clair Twp. Ross
Andrews, JamesHanover Twp.
Andrews, JamesReily Twp.
Andrews, PerryFairfield Twp.
Andrews, ThomasMorgan
Anger, WilliamLiberty Twp
Anspack, JacobReily Twp.
Anthoney, William Reily Twp.
Antrim, AdinMilford Twp.
Antrim, AnnMilford Twp.
Antrim, CalebMilford Twp.
Antrim, WilliamMilford Twp.
Applegate, BenjaminFairfield Twp
Applegate, BenjaminFairfield Twp
Appleton, ThomasMorgan Twp
Archey, John F.Oxford Twp
Arehart, David E.Madison Twp.
Armetage, ElenorLemon Twp.
Armstrong, ArchibaldMilford Twp.
Armstrong, JamesMorgan Twp.
Armstrong, JamesOxford Twp.
Armstrong, JohnMilford Twp
Armstrong, JohnMorgan Twp
Armstrong, WilliamReily Twp
Arnold, SamuelMadison Twp.
Ashby, JosephWayne Twp.
Ashcraft, Eliazbeth Reily Twp.
Ashcraft, EphraimMorgan Twp
Ashcraft, NimrodMorgan Twp
Ashpaugh, JacobHanover Twp.
Ashton, MaryWayne Twp
Aston, AaronOxford Twp
Atkins, HamptonMilford Twp
Augsburger, ChristianMilford Twp
Augsburger, GeorgeMilford Twp
Auston, JohnHanover Twp
Avy, DanielLiberty Twp
Avy, JosephLiberty Twp
Aydelot, ThomasFairfield Twp
Aydelott, AronLiberty Twp
Aydelott, JohnLiberty Twp
Ayers, JacksonFairfield Twp
Ayers, JohnLiberty Twp
Ayers, SamuelHanover Twp
Ayers, SilasHanover Twp.
Ayres, HenryHanover Twp
Ayres, IsaacHanover Twp
Ayres, JamesLemon Twp
Ayres, LeviHanover Twp
Ayres, MichelLiberty Twp
Babcock, IsaacRoss Twp
Backes, SethRiley Twp
Bacon, EdmundOxford Twp
Baggett, JosephMorgan Twp
Baggs, JamesLemon Twp
Bail, GeorgeFairfield Twp
Bailey, JehuMadison twp
Baily, AbrahamOxford Twp
Baily, JamesMorgan Twp
Bake, HannahMadison Twp
Bake, HenryWayne Twp
Bake, PeterSt. Clair Twp
Baker, DanielLiberty Twp
Baker, DavidReily Twp
Baker, EphramLiberty Twp
Baker, HenryLemon Twp
Baker, JohnLiberty Twp
Baker, JoshuaMilford Twp
Baker, ThomasMadison Twp
Baker, WilliamWayne Twp
Bakers, David,Jr.Reily Twp
Baldwin, EliasRoss Twp
Baldwin, Elias C.Wayne Twp
Baldwin, George W.Reily Twp
Baldwin, JosephWayne Twp
Baldwin, WilliamRoss Twp
Bales, HughMorgan Twp
Bales, JohnFairfield Twp.
Baley, William A.Lemon Twp
Ball, AaronMadison Twp
Ball, AbleReily Twp
Ball, DenisFairfield Twp
Ball, EzekielLemon Twp, Middletown
Ball, JohnMilford Twp
Ball, Nathaniel, Jr.Wayne Twp
Ball, StephenLemon Twp, Middletown
Ball, StephenMadison Twp
Ball, ZopherFairfield Twp
Ballanger, MezulRoss Twp
Bambridge, EdmondLiberty Twp
Ballsor, GeorgeRoss Twp
Banker, AdamMadison Twp
Banker, DavidMadisom Twp
Banker, JacobMadison Twp
Banker, JosephMadison Twp
Bannister, LutherMorgan Twp
Barbee, EliasLiberty Twp
Barbee, JohnLiberty Twp
Barbee, ThomasLibert Twp
Barber, SuthernRoss Twp
Barby, MaryLiberty Twp
Bargaw, WilliamRoss Twp
Barget, DanielReily Twp
Bargow, GeorgeRoss Twp
Bark, EbenezerLiberty Twp
Barkalow, NicholasMadison Twp
Barker, JohnLiberty Twp.
Barklow, HarmanWayne Twp
Barncall, JohnMilford Twp
Barnet, JohnLemon Twp. Middletown
Barnet, SamuelFairfield Twp
Barnet, SamuelHanover Twp
Barns, ElijahMorgan Twp.
Barns, MorganLemon Twp.
Barns, ZacheusMorgan Twp
Barret, JonathanFairfield Twp
Barrows, CharlesOxford Twp.
Bartlett, BriantOxford Twp.
Barton, JamesHanover Twp.
Barton, JohnLiberty Twp.
Barum, JacobMadison Twp.
Basye, BenjaminHamilton
Batson, JohnLiberty Twp.
Battenberg, MichaelMorgan
Batton, ThomasMorgan
Baty, John R.Liberty Twp.
Baukhaver, JohnOxford Twp.
Baxter, SamuelReily Twp.
Baxter, ThomasOxford Twp.
Bayles, PlatLiberty Twp.
Bayles, SamuelLiberty Twp.
Bayless, SamuelMorgan
Bayless, WilliamMorgan
Bayly, IsraelLiberty Twp.
Beach, JohnRoss Twp.
Beach, UsuelLemon Twp.
Beagle, HannahMilford Twp.
Beagle, JohnMilford Twp.
Beal, DavidRoss Twp.
Beal, JohnRoss Twp.
Beal, JonathanHamilton
Beard, BedertMadison Twp.
Beard, BenjaminWayne Twp.
Beard, JohnWayne Twp.
Beard, JosephWayne Twp.
Beard, SamuelMilford Twp.
Beardly, DurrisLiberty Twp.
Beardly, ElijahLiberty Twp.
Bears, WiliamFairfield Twp.
Beaty, JamesHanover Twp.
Beaty, JeremiahHanover Twp.
Beaty, MargaretFairfield Twp.
Beaty, NemanHanover Twp.
Beaty, WilliamSt. Clair Twp.
Beaver, ChristianRoss Twp.
Beaver, GeorgeRoss Twp.
Beaver, HenryHanover Twp.
Beaver, Henry, Jr.Hanover Twp.
Beaver, JohnRoss Twp.
Bebb, EdwardMorgan Twp.
Bebb, WilliamMorgan Twp.
Beck, AaronOxford Twp.
Beck, JamesOxford Twp.
Becket, JamesHanover Twp.
Becket, JohnLiberty Twp.
Beeler, ChristopherOxford Twp.
Beeler, JamesOxford Twp.
Beeler, SamuelOxford Twp.
Beeler, Samuel, Sr.Oxford Twp.
Beeler, WilliamOxford Twp.
Belch, ElizabethLiberty Twp.
Bell, AenianSt. Clair Twp.
Bell, Benjamin, Jr.Wayne Twp.
Bell, DavidMorgan Twp.
Bell, GeorgeHamilton
Bell, HenryHanover Twp.
Bell, HenryWayne Twp.
Bell, JamesHanover Twp.
Bell, NinianSt. Clair Twp.
Bell, RobertLemon Twp. Middletown
Bell, WilliamHanover Twp.
Bennet, GeorgeMadison Twp.
Bennet, George W.Milford Twp.
Bennet, JacobMilford Twp.
Bennet, JohnMorgan Twp.
Bennet, ThomasMilford Twp.
Bennet, TimothyFairfield Twp.
Bennet, WilliamFairfield Twp.
Bennett, GeorgeOxford Twp.
Bennett, JosephOxford Twp.
Bennett, LeonardReily Twp.
Benson, James W.Liberty Twp.
Berrey, WilliamLiberty Twp.
Berry, BenjaminLemon Twp.
Berry, ThomasMadison Twp.
Biggs, AronMilford Twp.
Biggs, MatthewRoss Twp.
Biggs, WilliamMilford Twp.
Bigham, George R.Fairfield Twp.
Bilton, GoergeLiberty Twp.
Bird, BenjaminSt. Clair Twp.
Birdsel, ClarkOxford Twp.
Birdsel, HerickOxford Twp.
Bishop, FrazeeLemon Twp, Middletown
Black, UriahLemon Twp.
Blackall, JohnHamilton
Blackborn, BrisonLemon Twp.
Blackburn, DavisHanover Twp.
Blackburn, IsaacReily Twp.
Blackburn, JamesFairfield Twp.
Blackburn, Noth.Reily Twp.
Blackburn, WilliamLemon Twp.
Blacker, EdwardReily Twp.
Blacker, JohnReily Twp.
Blackford, LemuelLiberty Twp.
Blackford, PeterOxford Twp.
Blackford, ReubenHanover Twp.
Blackleach, George Oxford Twp.
Blair, AdamFairfield Twp.
Blair, RobertMadison Twp.
Blair, ThomasHamilton
Blair, WilliamHamilton
Blalock, WilliamMilford Twp.
Blanchard, StephenLiberty Twp.
Blaylock, NancyHanover Twp.
Blossom, JosephMilford Twp.
Blue, JedrickLiberty Twp.
Blue, PhebeLiberty Twp.
Boals, JamesMadison Twp.
Boals, WilliamMadison Twp.
Board, JamesReily Twp.
Boatman, SamuelSt. Clair Twp.
Bock, ChristopherMadison Twp.
Bodridge, JeanMorgan Twp.
Boggs, ThomasLiberty Twp.
Boland, NicholasFairfield Twp.
Boles, JamesHamilton
Bolser, HenrySt. Clair Twp.
Bolser, JacobHanover Twp.
Boman, AdamRoss Twp.
Bond, MerikenOxford Twp.
Bone, JohnSt. Clair Twp, Ross
Bonnel, MathewLemon Twp.
Bonnell, SamuelLemon Twp,
Bonny, WestOxford Twp.
Bonty, NancyMadison Twp.
Boon, BrunfieldReily Twp.
Boon, ThomasReily Twp.
Boothe, JohnOxford Twp.
Bose, AnthonyRoss Twp.
Bose, JohnRoss Twp.
Bose, PaulRoss Twp.
Bose, PeterRoss Twp.
Botliff, JohnLiberty Twp.
Botton, JosephRoss Twp.
Bowen, AronLemon Twp.
Bowen, BenjaminOxford Twp.
Bowen, MaryLemon Twp.
Bowen, ThomasOxford Twp.
Bower, CorneliusLiberty Twp.
Bowerman, MichaelRoss Twp.
Bowers, IsabellRoss Twp.
Bowl, RichardMorgan
Bowlin, HenryLemon Twp.
Bowman, AbrahamLiberty Twp.
Bowman, HughLemon twp.
Bowman, JohnMadison Twp.
Bowman, RichardLemon Twp.
Bowmen, DanielLemon Twp.
Boyd, DanielRoss Twp.
Boyd, JohnLiberty Twp.
Boyd, MaryMorgan Twp.
Boylan, SamuelMadison Twp.
Braden, JohnWayne Twp.
Bradford, RobertLiberty Twp.
Bradrick, SolomonLiberty Twp.
Brady, JosephReily Twp.
Branion, JophethReily Twp.
Braman, HenryMilford Twp.
Branch, EdwardRoss Twp.
Branch, Hellory M.Ross Twp.
Brand, JeremiahRoss Twp.
Brand, RichardRoss Twp.
Brand, SamuelSt. Clair Twp.
Brand, VincentRoss Twp.
Brandenburg, HenryMilford Twp.
Branderleury, HenryMorgan
Brant, David Fairfield Twp.
Brant, Lewis Fairfield Twp.
Brate, JohnLiberty Twp.
Breece, VallentineMadison Twp.
Brees, MoseLemon Twp.
Breese, GriffithRoss Twp.
Breese, JohnRoss Twp.
Brelsford, BenjaminWayne Twp.
Brelsford, PiersonWayne Twp.
Brewer, AbramLiberty Twp.
Brewer, JohnLiberty Twp.
Brewer, MaryLiberty Twp.
Briant, IsaiahMilford Twp.
Bridge, BenjaminFairfield Twp.
Bridgeford, JohnOxford Twp.
Bridgeford, WilliamOxford Twp.
Brierly, GeorgeLemon Twp.
Bright, DominySt. Clair Twp.
Brightwell, JohnOxford Twp.
Brightwell, WilliamMorgan Twp.
Brinery, SamuelLiberty Twp.
Brunly, JohnWayne Twp.
Brittenham, WilliamLemon Twp.
Britton, NathanHanover Twp.
Brnad, MatthewRoss Twp.
Broadberry, DavidWayne Twp.
Broadberry, JamesMilford twp.
Brodberry, HezekiahFairfield Twp.
Broderick, NehemiahFairfeild Twp.
Brodrick, WilliamFairfield Twp.
Broeus, JohnOxford Twp.
Bron, ChristopherLiberty Twp.
Bronen, HenryLemon Twp.
Bronw, JohnRoss Twp.
Brooks, JosephSt. Clair Twp.
Brooks, TinleySt. Clair Twp.
Brooser, ElizabethHanover Twp.
Brower, Stephen V.Liberty Twp.
Brown, AndrewMilford Twp.
Brown, BenjaminFairfield Twp.
Brown, JacobSt. Clair Twp.
Brown, JamesMorgan Twp.
Brown, JamesSt. Clair Twp.
Brown, James, Jr.St. Clair Twp.
Brown, JohnFairfield Twp.
Brown, JohnLemon Twp.
Brown, JohnMorgan Twp.
Brown, JohnRoss Twp.
Brown, JosephMorgan Twp.
Brown, Lewis H.Hamilton
Brown, PeterFairfield Twp.
Brown, PreserveRoss Twp.
Brown, RalphMilford Twp.
Brown, RobertFairfield Twp.
Brown, SamuelMilford Twp.
Brown, SamuelRoss Twp.
Brown, SamuelRoss Twp.
Brown, ThomasMilford Twp.
Brown, WilliamSt. Clair Twp.
Browne, DanielLiberty Twp.
Bruce, AlemLemon Twp
Bruce, CharlesFairfield Twp.
Bruce, DavidLemon Twp.
Brumback, TapsicoHamilton
Buck, MichaelMilford Twp.
Buckhanan, JamesLemon Twp.
Buckhanan, JosephLemon Twp, Middletown
buckhanan, WilliamLemon Twp.
Buckley, JosephFairfield Twp.
Buffington, BenjaminLemon Twp.
Buffington, JeremiahRoss Twp.
Buffington, JonathanRoss Twp.
Buffington, Richard S.Ross Twp.
Bulerfrin, SamuelOxford Twp.
Bull, JonahMadison Twp.
Bunker, JohnHanover Twp.
Burch, RichardFairfield Twp.
Burchardt, AbrahamFairfield Twp.
Burget, HenryReily Twp.
Burget, JohnReily Twp.
Burget, SamuelReily Twp.
Burk, HenryFairfield Twp.
Burk, JohnHamilton
Burk, JohnReily Twp.
Burk, SamuelReily Twp.
Burk, ThomasReily Twp.
Burkey, DavidMadison Twp.
Burkman, ChristianOxford Twp.
Burley, JohnMadison Twp.
Burnap, GeorgeSt. Clair Twp.
Burnett, DavidHanover Twp.
Burns, AnthonyWayne Twp.
Burns, EnochRoss Twp.
Burns, LucindaLemon Twp.
Burns, SamuelLiberty Twp.
Burns, ThomasWayne Twp.
Burr, BissellHanover Twp.
Burrows, JohnHanover Twp.
Burrows, RussellSt. Clair Twp.
Busenback, RobertMadison Twp.
Busenbark, JamesSt. Clair Twp.
Burenbark, JohnSt. Clair Twp.
Bush, DanielLemon Twp., Middletown
Bushby, RobertLiberty Twp.
Busk, AlaxisReily Twp.
Bussell, HenryMilford Twp.
Butler, BeattleOxford Twp.
Butler, JoshuaFairfield Twp.
Butler, WilliamFairfield Twp.
Butt, GeorgeMadison Twp.
Butter, AnthonyOxford Twp.
Butterfield, NathanielRoss Twp.
Byers, GeorgeFairfield Twp.

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