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Historic Sites in Butler County

These Butler County sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Follow the links for more detailed information, where available.

  • The Alexander House, 22 N. College Ave., Oxford, OH - Home of Drs. Hershel D. Hinckley and William S. Alexander.
  • Anderson-Shaffer House, 404 Ross Ave., Hamilton!, OH - Home of the founders of the Anderson-Shaffer Company
  • Augspurger Frederick Farm, 1856 Wayne-Madison Rd., Trenton, OH
  • Augspurger Grist Mill, Wayne-Madison Rd., Woodsdale, OH
  • John Augspurger Farm #1, 2731 Woodsdale Rd., Trenton, OH
  • John Augspurger Farm #2, 3046 Pierson Rd., Trenton, OH
  • Augspurger Paper Company Rowhouse #1, Wayne-Madison Rd., Woodsdale, OH
  • Augspurger Paper Company Rowhouse #2, Kennedy Rd., Woodsdale, OH
  • Samuel Augspurger Farm, AKA Christholm, AKA Christian Augspurger's Home, 2070 Woodsdale Rd., Trenton, OH
  • Samuel Augsurger House, Wayne-Madison and Kennedy Rds., Woodsdale, OH
  • Augspurger Schoolhouse, Wayne-Madison Rd., Woodsdale, OH
  • Austin-Magie Farm and Mill District, AKA Felix Fryman Farm, Section 14 of Oxford, OH - Site of the Austin-Pugh Mills. Later owned by David Magie who developed the "Magie Breed" of pigs, forerunner of the Poland China hog breed.
  • Beckett-Manrod House, 2019 Stillwell-Beckett Rd., Hamilton!, OH. - Home of the founder of the Beckett Paper Company
  • The Benninghofen House, 327 N. 2nd St., Hamilton!, OH - Home of Noah C. McFarland, Maj. Alfred A. Phillips and manufacturer John W. Benninghofen. Currently the home of the Butler County Historical Society.
  • Butler County Courthouse, 2nd and High Sts., Hamilton!, OH
  • Cochran Farm, 2900 OH 129, Millville, OH - Home of William and Rebecca Cochran, former owners of the Millville Mill
  • Dayton-Campbell Historic District, Dayton High and Campbell Ave. between 6th and 11th Sts., Hamilton!, OH - Area contains the former homes of many Hamiltonians who were politically, commercially or professionally prominent
  • Demoret Mound, Ross, OH - Earthen mound possibly constructed by the Woodland people that inhabited the area from 1000 BC to 500 AD. Said to be very well preserved. Site is restricted for preservation purposes.
  • Henry P. Deuscher House, 2385 Woodsdale Rd., Trenton, OH - Home of industrialist Henry P. Deuscher
  • Zachariah Price Dewitt Cabin, U.S. 73, east of Oxford, OH - Homestead of prominent early settler, Zachariah Price Dewitt. Oldest log cabin still standing in Oxford Township.
  • Edgeton, AKA Jacob Shaffer House, 575 Harrison Ave., Hamilton!, OH - Home of Hamilton! banker, Jacob Shaffer, and merchandise broker, Harrison Lieb.
  • Christian Ehresman Farm, 900 Woodsdale Rd., Trenton, OH
  • Elliot and Stoddard Halls, Miami University Campus, Oxford, OH - Oldest buildings at Miami University
  • Fairfield Township Works I, Hamilton!, OH - Mound works thought to have been built by either the Hopewell people (300 BC - 500 AD) or the Cole people (500-1000 AD.) The mound works are largely unexcavated, explaining the uncertainty about the original builders. Site is restricted for preservation purposes.
  • Fisher Hall, Miami University Campus, Oxford, OH - Originally built as Oxford Female College.
  • Fitz Randolph-Rogers House, 5467 Liberty-Fairfield Rd., Hamilton!, OH - On this site, Sarah Elizabeth Rogers wrote her diary which was later published in part under the title "Country Life During the Civil War"
  • Fortified Hill Works, Hamilton!, OH - Earthen mound works believed to have been constructed late in the Hopewell era. Site is restricted for preservation purposes.
  • Garver Barn, AKA Blue Hills Farm, Hamilton!, OH - Architecturally significant structure
  • German Village Historic District, Hamilton!, OH - Area was the foundation from which the town of Hamilton! grew, home to many historically prominent industrialists and businessmen.
  • Great Mound, AKA Wilson Mound, Middletown, OH - Earthen mound works believed to have been constructed by the Adena people. One quarter of the mound has been damaged by earlier excavations. This is the largest mound in Butler County and the second largest in the Miami River Valley. Site is restricted in the interest of preservation.
  • Greenwood Cemetery, 1602 Greenwood Ave., Hamilton!, OH - Cemetery created in response to concerns that explosive growth in the city threatened the sanctity of inner city burial grounds. The cemetery is representative of the "Rural Cemetery Movement" that spread the country in response to similar concerns in other urban areas. Fascinating history! Follow the link for details.
  • Hamilton Catholic High School, 533 Dayton St., Hamilton!, OH - Established in 1901
  • Hamilton Historic Civic Center, Hamilton!, OH
  • Harding-Jones Paper Company District, S. Main Street, Excello, OH - First paper mill to produce fine writing paper west of the Allegheny mountains. Founder A. E. Harding is honored with a portrait in the Smithsonian Institute.
  • Herron Gymnasium, AKA Van Voorhis Hall, Miami University Campus, Oxford, OH - The "Cradle of Coaches"
  • James P. Hidley Cottage, 1820 Oxford-Reily Rd., Reily, OH - Rare example of "Carpenter's Gothic" construction in Butler County. See it here.
  • Hogan-Borger Mound Archeological District, Ross, OH - Earthen mound works believed to have been built by the Hopewells. The mound works here have already been damaged by previous excavation work. Site restricted in the interest of preservation.
  • Howe Tavern, AKA The Old Hotel, US 27, College Corner, OH - In continuous operation as an inn since 1832 and of significant importance in the development on College Corner, OH
  • Matthew Hueston House, AKA The Davidson House, 1320 Four Mile Creek Rd., Hamilton!, OH - Home and one of the many landholdings of early settler, Matthew Hueston.
  • Hughes Manor, AKA White House Manor, 5849 Hamilton--Lebanon Rd., Middletown, OH - Home of Samuel Hughes, "The Sage of LeSourdsville"
  • Phillip Hughes House, Junction of SR 4 and SR 747, Liberty Township, OH - Site of an early tavern and associated with many historically prominent local families.
  • Hughes School, 5994 Princeton Rd., Liberty Township, OH - One room schoolhouse associated with some of the earliest families in the area.
  • Hunting Lodge Farm, AKA The Gothic on Bonham Road, AKA Glen Ellen, 5349 Bonham Rd., Oxford, OH - Originally built as a hunting lodge in the English Gothic Revival style, was later home to Lazarus Bonham, a prominent educator.
  • Christian Iutzi Farm, 2180 Woodsdale Rd., Trenton, OH
  • John Kennel Jr. Farm, 2251 Wayne-Madison Rd., Oxford, OH
  • John Kennel Sr. Farm, 5506 Kennel Rd., Oxford, OH
  • Elias Kumler House, 120 S. Main St., Oxford, OH - An example of Gothic Revival architecture and home to several historically prominent Oxfordians.
  • Lane's Mill Historic Buildings, 3884 Wallace Rd., Oxford, OH - Site of Lane's Mill. See it here.
  • Lane-Hooven House, AKA Red Cross Building, 319 N. 3rd St., Hamilton!, OH - Originally home to prominent Hamilton! businessman, Clark Lane.
  • Langstroth Cottage, 303 Patterson Ave., Oxford, OH - Home of the "Father of International Beekeeping," Lorenzo Langstroth
  • Henry Maltby House, 216 E. Church St., Oxford, OH - Home of Henry Maltby, a presbyterian minister, and an example of Greek Revival architecture.
  • Mann Mound, Jacksonburg, OH - Earthen mound works believed to have been built by the Adena people. The mound has been damaged by earlier excavations. It is the second largest mound in the county. Site is restricted in the interest of preservation.
  • William Holmes McGuffey House, 401 E. Spring St., Oxford, OH - Home to the author of the McGuffey Readers from 1833-1836. The first through fourth readers were compiled in this house. These readers were the foundation of education for hundreds of thousands of Americans in early 19th century.
  • Miami-Erie Canal Historic District, 5171 to 5251 Rialto Rd., West Chester, OH
  • Mill Office and Post Office, Woodsdale Rd., Woodsdale, OH
  • Morgan-Hueston House, Ross Road, Fairfield, OH - Home to several locally prominent early families.
  • Oxford Female Institute, AKA Oxford College, High St. and College Ave., Oxford, OH - One of the earliest institute of higher learning for women.
  • Oxford Railroad Depot and Junction House, S. Elm and W. Spring St., Oxford, OH - Center of transportation in the earlier years. See it here.
  • Pleasant Run Mounds, Fairfield, OH - Earthen mound works believed to have been built by the Hopewells. Site is threatened by urban development. Much of the site has been destroyed by development and only two mounds remain. Site restricted in the interest of preservation.
  • Pugh's Mill Covered Bridge, AKA Black Covered Bridge, 1 mi. N of Oxford off SR 732, Oxford, OH
  • Rentschler House, 643 Dayton St., Oxford, OH - Home of industrialist, George Adam Rentschler.
  • Roberts Mound, AKA Milton Flower Mound, Auburn, OH - Woodland earthen mound works believed to have been built by the Adenas or the Hopewells. The mounds are unexcavated.
  • Rose D. S. Mound, Huntsville, OH - Earthen mound works believed to have been built by the Adenas. Mounds have not been excavated. Site is restricted in the interest of preservation.
  • Ross Trails Adena Circle, Ross, OH - Site has never been excavated and was the first circular earthwork nominated to the National Register in this area.
  • Rossville Historic District, Hamilton, OH
  • Peter Schrock Farm, Edgewood Dr., Trenton, OH
  • Shaw Farm, 3357 Cincinnati-Brookville Rd., Ross, OH - Home of the pioneering Shaw family which included Knowles Shaw, an evangelist who wrote "Bringing in the Sheaves"
  • South Main Street District, Middletown, OH
  • St. Stephen Church and Rectory, 224 Dayton St., Hamilton!, OH - First Catholic parrish in Hamilton!
  • Symmes Mission Chapel, 5139 Pleasant Ave., Fairfield, OH
  • Thomas Select School, AKA The Log Manse, 3637 Millville-Shandon Rd., Shandon, OH - Early girls boarding school
  • John B. Tytus House, 300 S. Main St., Middletown, OH - Home of the inventor of the continuous steel rolling process
  • Union Township Works II, Pisgah, OH - Earthen works. Origin unknown and unique in placement of the mounds.
  • Unzicker-Cook House, 2975 Oxford-Middletown Rd., Oxford, OH - Home of Mennonite settler, Daniel Unzicker.
  • John Vaughan House, AKA Vaughan-Francis House, 3756 Hamilton-New London Rd., Shandon, OH - First brick dwelling near Shandon, OH. Home of early settler, John Vaughan.
  • Williamson Mound Archeological District, Maud, OH - Earthen mound works believed to be Hopewell in origin.


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