Union/ West Chester Township, Butler County, Ohio

Cemeteries and Burial Grounds




Cemetery Name

Alternate names/  location


Union Township Cemetery Union Township Memorial Cemetery, West Chester Cemetery


  • Conrey Babies Cemetery



McMakin Cemetery Tylersville Cemetery S35


  • Mead Cemetery

McMaken Cemetery S9


  • Pisgah Presbyterian Cemetery

Dimmick Road Cemetery Pisgah Meeting House Cemetery


  • Seward Family Cemetery

Shepherd Cemetery S5


  • Swearingen Cemetery

Van Swearingen Cemetery S18


  • Waller-Conger Cemetery



  • Wallon Burial Ground

Whallon-Kitchell Family Cemetery S26












1836 Butler County Landowner Maps



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Butler County Cemeteries



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Butler County Records



Map of Butler County Cemeteries



A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County Ohio,With Illustrations and Sketches of its Representative Men and Pioneers Cincinnati Ohio. Western Biographical Publishing Company, 1882.






Reference, History of Union Township, by Virginia Shewalter 




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