Reily Township, Butler County, Ohio

Cemeteries and Burial Grounds




Cemetery Name with links to Photographs


Cemetery Alias




Indian Creek Baptist Cemetery
    Indian Creek Cemetery
    Indian Creek Pioneer Cemetery
    Old Smith Cemetery




Springdale Cemetery
    Reily Presbyterian Cemetery
    Ward's Cemetery


St Charles United Methodist Church Cemetery

††††† Methodist Cemetery?


Walker Cemetery
    Walker Chapel Cemetery
    Walker Chapel Methodist Cemetery

††††† Union Chapel Cemetery

††††† Allhands Cemetery

Burk Cemetery



Ebenezer Cemetery



Fichter Family Cemetery



Hangmans Cemetery



Hopkins Cemetery



Kennard Cemetery



Mathew-Smith Cemetery


SMITHís found in Reily Township Cemetery

Miller Cemetery


MILLERís found in Reily Township Cemetery

Partlow Cemetery



Philanthropy Cemetery



Port Cemetery


PORTís found in Reily Township Cemetery

Reily Baptist Cemetery



VanAudsall Cemetery


VANAUDSALLís found in Springdale Cemetery

Wehr Cemetery


WEHRís found in Springdale Cemetery








Cemetery Source for Butler County Cemeteries


1836 Butler County Landowner Maps


History Butler County


Butler County Cemeteries


Engineers Office links


Butler County Records


Map of Butler County Cemeteries


A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County Ohio,With Illustrations and Sketches of its Representative Men and Pioneers Cincinnati Ohio. Western Biographical Publishing Company, 1882.


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