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Griffis Family Tree

 provided by Griffis family


Woodmansee Family Tree

provided by Woodmansee family

Cemetery Survey with Tombstone Photographs


Birth – Death


ANDERSON William R  2007

Jun 21, 1810/16 – Feb 25, 1846

Died in the 10th year of his ministry

1st husband of Mary Woodmansee b 15 Mar 1818, daughter of Daniel and Rachel (Cushman) Woodmansee  See Woodmansee Family Tree

ELLIOTT Daniel  2007

30Y 8M 18D    Jul 8, 1858

Husband of Amy Woodmansee See Woodmansee Family Tree

GOUDY Mary  2007

56 Y   Jul 28, 1827

Consort of John Goudy

GRIFFIS Betsy  2007

20Y  Jan 6, 1826

Dau of David & Polley Griffis

GRIFFIS David 2007  SAR

81 Y 2 M 10D   Apr 27, 1839

Revolutionary War Veteran

GRIFFIS David  2007

10Y 7M 6D      Apr 3. 1856

Son of John & Nancy Griffis

GRIFFIS Gitty (stone not found) Footstone

62 Y   Aug 11, 1836

wife of David Griffis  data found in Stroup Survey

GRIFFIS Jacob R  2006

65 Y  Nov 2, 1866


GRIFFIS John   2007

51Y 3M 4D     Jul 26, 1855


GRIFFIS Marcus 2007  upright

7 Hours     Dec 22, 1836

Twin sons of John & Nancy Griffis

GRIFFIS Martin  2007   upright

11Y  10M 10D   Nov 1, 1848

Twin sons of John & Nancy Griffis

GRIFFIS Polley   Footstone   2007

Thought to have died at the same time or after Betsy Griffis based on tombstone “stump” location  1826

Noted as a parent of Betsy Griffis on her tombstone.  Most likely wife of David Griffis

“stump” of a tombstone found 6/3/2006 Footstone appears 7/1/2006  not found in Stroup Survey

No previous survey records tombstone information

see Griffis Family tree

KIRK Isabella  2008

54Y  Feb 7, 1835

Wife of John Kirk

KIRK John  2007

72Y    Mar 17, 1841


KIRK Samuel 2007

30Y 10M 17D  May 21, 1835


MILEY Israel   2007 

32 Y   Sep 11, 1855

Stone found 8/20/2005. 

MILLER Margaret  2007    2007Both

70Y 6M  July 18, 1834

A couple of Miller women married Griffis men.  At this time it is not known if the Miller women are related to Nicholas & Margaret Miller

MILLER Nicholas  2007  SAR

83Y 11M  July 23, 1833

Revolutionary War Veteran, though not noted on Tombstone

STEELE Asher A or R


have not found large sections of this stone

Stone will remain unrepaired

WOODMANSEE    “Our Mother”


Next to Hannah Woodmansee


Jul 12, 1804 – Sep 18, 1845


WOODMANSEE Daniel 2007  2008

Sep 22, 1777 – May 28, 1842

1830’s Ohio representative image

WOODMANSEE Fannie Sampson McGowan

Buried in FLA not in this cemetery

Wife of James Woodmansee “the poet”  image

WOODMANSEE George 2007a 2007b

Oct 19, 1844 -  Apr 7, 1845

Son of LD & Lydia Woodmansee

WOODMANSEE Hannah (Worden) 2007

Jan 18, 1738 – Apr 16, 1824

Wife of James Woodmansee  (Rev War Veteran)

WOODMANSEE Hannah Mariah 2007

Aug 3, 1812 – Sep 29, 1842

Wife of LD Woodmansee – Dau of Benjamin & Elizabeth Vangorden

WOODMANSEE James  2007  2007Both  SAR

Aug 15, 1732 – Jan 29, 1818

Birth also recorded as Aug 26, 1732

 Info provided by family researchers

Revolutionary War Veteran though not noted on tombstone


WOODMANSEE James    “The Poet” 2007(collapsed mausoleum) Marker 2008  2003

April 20, 1814 – Dec 16,1887

74 years old Info provided by family researchers

“The Poet” Mausoleum   image

Obit  unmarked until 2008

WOODMANSEE Rachel (Cushman)  2007  2008

July 18, 1778 – Sep 22, 1875

Wife of Daniel Woodmansee,               97Y 2M 4D  Rachel (Cushman) Woodmansee’s family goes back to the Mayflower via the Cushman line  image



Listed in Stroup survey no evidence found during 2004 – 2009 preservation







Reference https://sites.rootsweb.com/~ohbutler/cyc/ The Butler County Cyclopedia, 1882. to learn about the Woodmansee and Griffis families in Butler County.


Stroup Survey completed in 1960’s  "Butler County Cemetery and Church Records" in 12 Volumes, Mrs. Hazel Stroup of Hamilton, Ohio, and printed by Robert D. Craig


According to Revolutionary War Veterans research prepared by Brian Bauer in a 1974 Eagle Scout project, found in the Middletown Library- David Griffis, Nicholas Miller, & James Woodmansee Sr were Revolutionary War Veterans that are buried in this cemetery. 


David Griffis- “died 4/27/1839; buried Baptist Cemetery #150, Princeton Pike; section1, row 4, grave 3.”


Nicholas Miller- “B 1750, d 5-23-1833; bur Baptist Cem on Princeton Pk, Liberty Twp, Butler Co, O.  Butler Co Records state he was a Revolutionary Soldr.”  “ died 7/23/1833; buried Baptist Cemetery #150, Princeton Pike; section1, row 1, grave 1.”


James Woodmansee, Sr- “Pvt in Monmouth Co, Nj Mil.  Wife Rachel B, appl for pens H R 4002. Ref: Gard of O; N J Hist Soc Report 1912, p 114.  Had a bro, Asa who had sam Mil record.  One son is thought to be Daniel of  N J who had son, named James who called himself the “Bard of Sugar Valley”.  Ref; Howe’s Hist of O, Hist Vol, p 350.    “buried Baptist Cemetery, Princeton Pike; section1, row 2, grave 6.” 

Family researchers have found that James Woodmansee, was commissioned lieutenant in the field during the Revolutionary War.


Sons of The American Revolution see  www.sar.org

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