Woodmansee Sugar Valley Cemetery

Section 3 , Liberty Township, 

Butler County, OH        Map

Cemetery Layout     Preservation Efforts   Preservation Progress

“preservation completed” 2008






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What a difference  from 2003:

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Donation Information

Continued efforts for educational signs/ historical marker


2008 Overview Slide Show

2008 not best year for this show working on this website

2008 Overview Powerpoint show

2008 not best year for this show working on this website.

Road access


1940’s Images

Thanks to Dick Haid

Very Large file




Griffis Family Tree

 provided by Griffis family


Woodmansee Family Tree

provided by Woodmansee family


5 years, dedicated volunteers and dedicated descendants to fund the project.


Special thanks to especially to the Schuster family, Hester family, Dick Haid and extended family, the Huppi family, Paul Stumpf,

and all those who spent a Saturday morning in the cemetery.  Look At Volunteers