Fairfield Township, Butler County, Ohio

Cemeteries and Burial Grounds



Cemetery name

Location/ Alias or general information if available



  • Ball




  • Beth Israel

S5 On Pleasant Ave



  • County Infirmary




S15†† Line Cemetery



  • Fort Hamilton Burial Grd

S2 Extinct ††



  • Gallows Grave

S2 Extinct



S321602 Greenwood Avenue, Hamilton! Hamiltonís original burying ground is a prime example of the rural cemetery movement of the first half of the 19th century, (513) 896-9726Greenwoodnow online search ability may have trouble with the site.



  • Hamilton Burying Ground

S32Many reburied in Greenwood Cemetery



  • Harts




  • Miami Chapel-Fairplay-Blackbottom

S9 (513) 867-5348 or www.fairfield-city.org



  • New Saint Stephens




  • Old St Stephens




  • Richards-Gilbert




  • Rose Hill

S252421 Princeton RdHamilton, OH 45011(513) 895-3278



  • Stockton




(513) 867-5348 or www.fairfield-city.org



  • United Jewish




  • Walker








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A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County Ohio,With Illustrations and Sketches of its Representative Men and Pioneers Cincinnati Ohio. Western Biographical Publishing Company, 1882.




Reference https://sites.rootsweb.com/~ohbutler/cyc/ The Butler County Cyclopedia, 1882 to learn about the older families buried in this cemetery


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