Lawyers in Belmont County, Ohio
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Lawyers of Belmont County
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Belmont County TidBits

Lawyers of Belmont County Admitted to Practice

(from organization of the county to 1879)
Charles Hammond1801
Daniel F Barney1803
Jacob Nagle1804
Daniel Church1804
Robert Purviance1804
George Paull1806
David Jennings1813
James Shannon1818
William J Thomas1819
Artemis Baker1821
Seneca S Salsberry1823
Daniel Grey1824
Washington B Johnston1825
G W Thompson1826
Peter W Gate1827
Charles Morgan1828
G M Alex1828
Robert McClane1829
Francis D Leonard1829
John R Mulvany1830
Fernanda A Evans1831
Nathan Evans1831
Abraham R Dilworth1831
Charles C Converse1832
Robert H Miller1832
Issac Hoge1832
James Patterson1833
William C Watson1833
John B Longly1834
L J Milligan1835
Thomas West1835
Gaston Tallman1835
Peter Tallman1835
Oliver Cunningham1836
Henry Kennon1836
William Woods1836
William Milligan1837
John Davenport1838
George W Shannon1838
E A McMahon1838
Alfred Caldwell1838
William Brown1838
Hugh J Jewett1839
John Ferguson1840
Alexander M Mitchell1841
Thomas L Jewett1842
Thomas M Drake1842
Henry Lovell1842
Moses H Urgubart1843
James J Grimes1843
John Sell1843
Lorenzo M Cross1843
Edmund G Morgan1843
Henry C Brumback1844
Sylvester Ginen1844
James H Rainey1844
Oliver Swaney1845
John M Algeo1845
Reuben Grant1845
Hugh M Ramsey1845
John G Leanor1845
Solomon R Bonewitz1845
J C McCleary1846
John C Tallman1846
Samuel F Black1846
Richard H Taneyhill1847
John Hibbard1847
Mathew P Deady1847
Issac N Taylor1849
James F Chambers1851
William Wallace1851
Ellis Kennon1851
M L Hatcher1852
Joshua Stevens1852
Lorenzo Danford1854
I H Croxton1854
Andrew J Lawrence1857
James A Mayhugh1858
Henry Topping1859
From History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, by J A Caldwell, pub. 1880
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