Belmont County Biographies

Were your ancestors early county residents or pioneers? If so submit them to Belmont County Biographies - all submitted biographies will be included on this page.

When submitting biographies be sure to include source of information.
Please put Bel Co Bios in the subject.

Biography Index
NameSubmitted byOther
BARNES, George WPaula Talbert
BARNES, JamesJim Cruth
BARNES, OwenJim CruthBarnes Photo
BECKETT, JohnBill Beckett
BECKETT, Neva AgnesDavid Myers
COSS, DavidMary Staley
DUNFEE, MichaelJim Earles
FERREL, William LawrenceBill DeCoursey
FOULKE, JudahAndy Gammill
FRIZZELL, Robert Horace
Vicki JohnsonFrizzell Photo
HORA, Josef & Anna Mary Ellen (nee Morgan)Hughes
LINGO, Selkirk SGlenda Frank MoserMartin/Lingo Bible
MARTIN, James WGlenda Frank MoserMartin/Lingo Bible
MCFARLAND, RalphCarmen Finley
METCALF, IsaacDon Wright
PHILIPS, DavidDavid Phillips
PHILLIPS, EvanDavid PhillipsPhillips Wills
Phillips Bible
WARNOCK SagaJohn E. and Mary R. Warnock
WHITE, JamesGlenda Frank Moser

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