Lookup Requests

Allen County, Ohio - Lookup Requests ...

Individuals listed below have volunteered to perform a limited number of lookups for individuals doing research in Allen County. You may contact them individually via e-mail. Please respect the fact that these people are providing this service free of charge and on their own time.

Look-up requests 

Look-ups may be made directly to volunteers who have generously offered their resources to use as a source of information for your request.  Please do not submit Look-up requests to the County Coordinator as I do not live in Allen County and only have limited resources.  

Researchers offering LOOK-UP assistance are listed here

Volunteer? Research Assistance Needed - Allen County, Ohio

I need your help! This is a total volunteer effort.  Individuals who coordinate the county pages for this Project do so as a volunteer. We do it out of a passion for genealogy. One of the requirements for each county is a provision for Look-Up's. Each coordinator must find volunteers to provide this service. I am asking you to help if you can.

If you have in your possession books, CD-ROM's or other materials that relate to Allen County, Ohio and you would be willing to assist others in their Allen County genealogy research by volunteering to do LOOK-UP's, please contact:

Dave Koester - Allen County coordinator

How much time will you have to devote to this?

Only as much as you wish. First of all, you would not be expected to provide look-up information to just anyone. The look-up must relate to Allen County, Ohio. The request would be e-mailed directly to you, and you can decide whether to answer the request. Generally, requests are limited to one or two requests at a time. That is a standard and would be listed as part of the guidelines for submitting requests.