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Shorewoodplace Footprints and Odysseys

Lane Family Footprints
These pages contain Family Group Sheets (3 Generations) of the Descendants of 
James A. LANE & Mary E. JORDAN
(of Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri)


James A. LANE was born 29 Sept. 1810 in Monroe County, Virginia.  He was a farmer, and during his lifetime, he lived in:

  • Monroe Co., Virginia (1810-?)

  • Ross Co., Ohio (?-c1843)

  • Warren Co., Indiana (c1843-1870)

  • St. Clair Co., Missouri (1870-1883)

He was married to Mary E. JORDAN (daughter of William JORDAN and --?--) on July 16, 1833 in Jackson Co., Ohio.  She was born on May 8, 1816 in Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio.  By 1833, they had moved to Ross Co., Ohio.

 In Monroe Co., Virginia:

29 Sept 1810 James A. LANE born.
by 1833 Had moved to Ohio by this date.

In Ross Co., Ohio:

8 May 1816 Mary E. JORDAN born in Chillicothe.

In Jackson Co., Ohio:

16 July 1833 James A. LANE & Mary E.JORDAN married.

In Ross Co., Ohio:

22 Oct 1834 Daughter Celia LANE born.
6 Aug 1836 Son Miles Michael LANE born in Chillicothe.
6 Aug 1838 Daughter Elizabeth LANE born.
1840 Not yet located for federal census.
8 Mar 1842 Son William A. LANE born.

 In Warren Co., Indiana:

6 Apr 1844 Daughter Emily LANE born.
22 Aug 1846 Son James Madison LANE born.
31 July 1849 Son James Harvey LANE and daughter Louisa Jane LANE (twins) born in Williamsport.
1850 Head of household in federal census, Pike township.
1854 Daughter Mary Ellen LANE born.
21 Nov 1855 Daughter Angeline LANE born.
1860 Head of household in federal census, Marshfield.
1870 Removed from Indiana to Missouri

In St. Clair Co., Missouri:  

 1870 Removed from Warren Co., Indiana to St. Clair Co., Missouri
11 May 1871 Purchased property.  Paid $900 for S-1/2 of SW-1/4 of Sec12, Twp39, R26.
1880 Head of household in Butler township, with wife Mary, and children Mary E. (widowed), Angeline (married), Charles (grandson), Mary A. Frame (granddaughter).
24 Nov 1883 James A. LANE died.
29 Aug 1895 Wife Mary E.(JORDAN) LANE died.

James A. LANE and Mary E. JORDAN had the following children:  

+1  Celia LANE (born on 22 October 1834).
+2 Miles Michael LANE (born on 5 August 1836).  
+3 Elizabeth LANE (born 6 August 1838).  
+4 William A. LANE (born on 8 March 1842).  
  5 Emily LANE was born on 6 April 1844. (NFI)  
  6 James Madison LANE (born on 22 August 1846 and died 14 October in Ohio).
+7 James Harvey LANE (born 31 July 1849 -- a twin).  
+8  Louisa Jane LANE (born 31 July 1849 -- a twin).  
+9 Mary Ellen LANE (born in 1854).
+10 Angeline LANE (born 21 November 1855).

Family Group Sheets (FGS) on these children and their families are accessible through the Surname List and Index of Names below.

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