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Shorewoodplace Footprints and Odysseys

Ferguson Family Footprints
Family Group Sheets for the Descendants of 
Joshua FERGUSON (1753-1837) & 
Mary STONE (c1755-1825)
(of Fairfax Co., Virginia; Jefferson, Nelson & Washington Cos., Kentucky; 
and Callaway Co., Missouri)

Joshua FERGUSON was born about 8 December 1753 in Fairfax Co., Virginia.  During his lifetime, he lived in:

  • Fairfax Co., Virginia (1753-1784)

  • Jefferson Co., Kentucky (1784-1785)

  • Nelson Co., Kentucky (1785-1892)

  • Washington Co., Kentucky (1792-1816/17)

  • Callaway Co., Missouri (1817-1837)

He was married to Mary STONE (daughter of Eli STONE and Rebecca DAVIS) about 1773 in probably Fairfax Co., Virginia.  She was born between 1753 and 1758 in probably Fairfax Co., Virginia.  In 1784, they removed to Kentucky.  

In Fairfax County, Virginia (1753-1784):

8 Dec 1753 Joshua Ferguson born.
about 1755 Mary Stone born.
abt 1773 Joshua Ferguson and Mary Stone were married.
26 Nov 1773 Dau Sarah "Sally" Ferguson born.
est. 1775-1780 Children Nancy, Polly and John Stone Ferguson born.
1876/77 Joshua participated in the Revolutionary War.
11 May 1780 Joshua had 700 acres of property on Beech Fork surveyed.  Then Virginia, 
1782 Joshua Ferguson was head of household on tax list, 9 whites, 3 blacks.

He  removed from Fairfax County, Virginia to Kentucky (Jefferson County) in 1784.  The counties began expanding and lines changing, and by 1792, Joshua's property was in Washington County.  

(In 1785, Nelson County was formed from Jefferson County, and in 1792, Washington County formed from Nelson County.)

In Jefferson, Nelson and Washington Counties, Kentucky (1784-1816): 

1784 Kentucky Land Grants to Joshua of 700 acres property on Beech Fork.
Joshua built, owned and operated "Ferguson's Mill," a principal shipping port where goods were loaded on piloted boats and transported down the river to Matchez and New Orleans.
est. 1784-1790 Children Rebecca, Elizabeth, William and James Ferguson born.
1785 Joshua Ferguson on tax list with 2 whites, 2 negroes, 4 horses, 9 cows.
1792-1794 Joshua Ferguson appeared on tax list, 600 acres of land.

He  removed from Washington County, Kentucky to Callaway County, Missouri in 1816-1817.

In Callaway County, Missouri (1816-1837):

1817-1836 Several Original Land Entries for Joshua Ferguson, as well as deeds to purchase and sell property.
23 June 1836 Joshua Ferguson wrote a will, naming his children and heirs.
Jan 1837 Joshua Ferguson died.
7 Jan 1837 Joshua Ferguson's will was proven.

Joshua Ferguson's biography appeared in Pioneer Families of Missouri, by Wm. S. Bryan and Robert Rose, Callaway County, p. 332 (originally published in St. Louis, 1876):

"FERGUSON -- Joshua Ferguson, of Fairfax county, Va., was a wagon master in the revolutionary war. After the close of the war he settled in Kentucky, where he married Mary Stone, by whom he had -- John S., William, James, Polly, Sally, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Rachel. Mr. Ferguson came to Missouri and settled in Callaway county in 1817. His son, John S., married Mary Jones, of Kentucky, and settled in Callaway county the same year his father did. He had fifteen children, twelve of whom lived to be grown, viz.: Thomas J., Elizabeth, John R., William S., Joshua J., Sarah, Marion, Louisa, Nancy, Emma, Jane, and Lucy. Joshua and Thomas built the first court house at Fulton, in 1826, for which they received $1,300. Such a house could not be built now for less than four or five thousand dollars. James Ferguson married Mary A. McGruder, of Kentucky, and settled in Callaway county in 1817. Rebecca married Dennis Askrens, [sic] who settled in Callaway county in 1817. Nancy married George Hirsh, who settled in Callaway county in 1823."

The Will of Joshua Ferguson. Probate Records of Callaway Co., MO, #C7852, Box 103, Bundle 3. 


Joshua FERGUSON and Mary STONE had the following children:  

+1  Sarah "Sally" FERGUSON (born on November 26, 1773).
+2 Nancy FERGUSON (born est. 1775).  
+3 Polly FERGUSON (born est. 1778).  
+4 John Stone FERGUSON (born about 1780).  
+5 Rebecca FERGUSON (born in 1784).  
+6 Elizabeth FERGUSON (born about 1784).
+7 William FERGUSON  (born est. 1788).  
+8  James FERGUSON (born est. 1790).  

Family Group Sheets (FGS) on these children and their families are accessible through the Surname List and Index of Names below.

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