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       Every Obituary Lookup Volunteer does a generous thing each time a request for a lookup is received, taking time to look up obituary information and send it to a stranger who lives far away.  In some cases, volunteers provide even more -- doing additional research, taking pictures of gravestones, etc.  From time to time, we recognize exceptional Obituary Lookup Volunteers on this page.  Please send us stories about volunteers who have taken extra steps to help you.  Thank you to all our generous volunteers!

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Thank You, Volunteers
Yellow Stars

(10/2004) The following message is from Jan R:

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a wonderful service that this web site offers to those of us out of state.  Along with that, I would like to say that Bob went the extra mile when he located two obituaries for me in Yamhill county, and even sent a picture of the grave site of my cousins.  I don't recall requesting the photo, Bob made this  an exceptional  experience by including the photo with the obits.  Within one week of my request on my cousins, John and Opal Mooney, I have the obits in hand along with a picture.  What a blessing this is to distant family members. Thanks for all you do, and kuddos to Bob.

(08/2004) The following message is from James M, from Prague, Czech Republic:

I am writing you to again praise Bob Rankin volunteer for Yamhill OC., OR. His help has been both exceptional and invaluable. He has located information for me outside of his research locale, information I likely could not have found otherwise. Mr. Rankin is clearly a very thorough and knowledgeable researcher and one who seems to take a genuine interest and delight in helping others.

(08/2004) The following message is from Barbara K:

Bob Rankin in Yamhill Co., Oregon was able to answer my email and have two obituaries in my hands within 4 days!! That is amazing, since I'm in Indiana. The obit volunteers are really indispensible!!!

The following message is from Mike O, a volunteer from Montgomery, Pennsylvania:

I have been using the volunteer lookups a lot recently and although I have thanked everyone for their help, I wanted to let you know how well it works and the good nature of the people involved.  I don't know if users let you know how well things work, but if there are stars or kudos that you send out please do so for the following:

Carol - Palm Beach, Florida
Barb C - Lycoming, Pennsylvania
Diana D - Delaware
Joan - Bucks, Pennsylvania
Edward T - Erie, New York
Yvonne - Snohomish, Washington
Barb F - Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Dale U - Flathead, Montana
Sherry - Chemung, New York
Derien A - Atlantic, New Jersey
George B - Bergen, New Jersey
Marilyn T - Lorain, Ohio

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Last update 11 November 2004