West Otago - Poetry
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  I play around with words. I would not call myself a poet and yet I love to write. If it sounds good to me then I like it. There is an old saying "We write to benefit others, not ourselves". I would like to think other people find what I write interesting, emotional, boring, sad, nice, or any other description. If you get some kind of feeling from the words then I have succeeded in reaching your thoughts.

A song writer will say each song reflects a part of the writers life, this is probably what my poetry does. I have written things when I've been sober, drunk, happy, sad and especially when I feel silly. There have been times when effort brings out the most amazing vocablary or the most simple. Some I write in a different gender, age or even as a bat! Enjoy!

My Poetry
  Bats & the River     Life in Pairs     Breath of Air     Dance with the Dead     Bucketful of Roses  
  Enjoy Living & Loving   Painted Pictures     Rachael     The Feather     Bear Love  
  Words from my Heart     Sunflowers     Lover     To Dad     A Father's Word  
  Dad - When he was Young     Lid of the Box     Rosebud     Too Tired  
Dugald Ferguson
  Address to the Blue Mountains     Lament for Mr.David McKellar  
James McIntosh
  Gore V Tapanui     Kelso City     Tapanui Rifle Club 1950  
  National Rifle Champs     Kelso Rifles     Social Side of Trentham  
  Ode to a Quail     West Otago Show     Love Thy Neighbour  
  Golden Jubilee     New Club House  
Robert Ogilvie Rodger
  Looking Back     Misfortune     Verses on My Friend D.D.  
  Bonnie Rankleburn     Tapanui Cemetery     To J. and M. Wylie  
  Charlie Dunnet     The Flitting     Reminiscent  
  Jimmie Hay     Elm Bank  
Other Local Poets
  Davie Risk Snr, Kelso Flood     Henry Winslade, Kelso Flood  
  W.B.W. 1865     D. M. Ross, Down South     Percy Hancox, Pigs Head