War Honours - Most Honourable Order of the Bath 1917
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War Honours - Most Honourable Order of the Bath

Announced:- The Times | February 13, 1917, p. 6

The King has been pleased to give orders for the following appointments to the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.

The appointments to date from January 1, 1917:-


COLONEL JOHN GEORGE, DUKE OF ATHOLL, M.V.O., D.S.O., Scottish Horse (Yeomanry).

The King has been pleased to give orders for the following appointments to the Most Honourable Order of the Bath in recognition of the services of the undermentioned gentlemen during the War. The appointments to date from January 1, 1917:-


MAJOR (Temporary Lieut-colonel) JOHN NORTON GRIFFITHS, D.S.O., M.P., 2nd Regiment, King Edward's Horse.
COLONEL, the Rt. Hon. WILLIAM HENEAGE, EARL OF DARTMOUTH, Honorary Colonel, N. Midland Divi. Train, A.S.C. (T.F.), President and Chairman Staffs. T.F. Association.


LIEUT.-COL. RALPH EDWARD LYON, V.D., 2nd S. Midland Brig.; R.F.A. (T.F.), Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col., retired, T.F.
LIEUT.-COL. GEORGE SAVILE FOLJAMBE, V.D., Sherwood Foresters, (Lieut-Col., ret. T.F).
LIEUT.-COL., WILLIAM HENRY STOTT, T.D., Liverpool Regt., T.F. Res., Military Member, W. Lanes. T.F. Association.
CHARLES ROBERT WHORWOOD ADEANE, Esq., President and Chairman, Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely T.F. Association, H.M. Lieut. for Cambridgeshire.
COLONEL JOHN McAUSLAND DENNY. D.L., V. D., Hon. Col. Argyll and Suthd. Highlanders (T.F.), Chairman, Dumbartonshire T.F. Association.
LIEUT.-COL. HENRY MELLISH (Volunteers), V.D., late Major Sherwood Foresters, T.F., Chairman, Notts. T.F. Association.
MAJOR JOHN MURRAY REDDIE, D.L., ret, pay, Res. of Off., Secretary, Worcestershire T.F. Association.
HON. MAJ.-GEN. CHARLES GILCHRIST JEANS, ret., late Army Ordnance Dept.
HON. MAJ.-GEN. THOMAS PRESTON BATTERSBY, Inspr. of Army Ordnance Services.
BREV. COL. (temp. BRIG.-GEN.) ARTHUR WILLIAM FORBES, Embarkation Commandant.
TEMP. BRIG.-GEN. ALBERT SYDNEY COLLARD, Director of Inland Waterways and Docks.
COL. HERBERT VAUGHAN KENT, late R.E. Asst. Director of Fortifications and Works.
COL. THOMAS ELLIOTT CARTE, late R.A., Asst. Director of Artillery.
COL. WALTER MACADAM, late R.E., Asst. Director of Fortifications and Works.
BREV. LIEUT.-COL. (temp. COL.) PHILIP WILLIAM TEMPLE HALE WORTHAM, Chief Inspr. of Equipment and Stores, Army Ordnance Dept.

The King has been pleased to give orders for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, to date from January 1, 1917:-


SIR FREDERICK WILLIAM BLACK, C.B., Director Gen. of Munitions Supply (Director of Contracts, Admiralty).
ARTHUR NEWSHOLME, Esq., C.B., M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Local Govt. Bd.
OSWYN ALEXANDER RUTHVEN MURRAY, Esq., C.B., Asst. Secretary, Admiralty.

HENRY WILLIAM THOMAS BOWYEAR, Esq., Chief Charity Commissioner.
HENRY FOUNTAIN, Esq., C.M.G., Asst. Sec., Commercial Dept., B. of Trade.
ALFRED THOMAS DAVIES, Esq., Permanent Secretary, Welsh Dept., B. of Education.
LIEUT.-COL. (TEMP. COL.) ERNEST DUNLOP SWINTON, D.S.O., Asst. Sec., Committee of Imperial Defence.
JOHN THOMAS DAVIES, Esq., Private Sec. to the Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury.
FRANKLYN LEWIS TURNER, Esq., Private Sec. to the President of the Local Govt. Bd.

The King has been pleased to give orders for the following promotion in, and appointments to, the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, to date from Jan. 1, 1917, in recognition of services during the war:-


SIR HERBERT ASHCOMBE WALKER, Acting Chairman of the Railway Executive Committee.
COL. THE HON. JAMES ALLEN, Minister of Defence, New Zealand.
STEPHENSON KENT, Esq., Director of the Dept. of Labour Supply, Ministry of Munitions.
McDOUGAL DUCKHAM, Esq., Chairman of the Advisory Committee, Ministry of Munitions.
CHARLES ELLIS, Esq., Director General, Ordnance Supply, Ministry of Munitions.
EUSTACE HENRY TENNYSON, D'EYNCOURT, Esq., C.B., Director of Naval Construction, Admiralty.
MAJ.-GEN. SIR CHARLES CRUTCHLEY, K.C.V.O., Governor of Chelsea Hospital.


FREDERICK GEORGE AUGUSTUS BUTLER, Esq., C.M.G., Principal Clerk, Colonial Office.
PHILIP HANSON, Esq., Director of Contracts, Ministry of Munitions.
SIGMUND DANNREUTHER, Esq., Director of Finance, Ministry of Munitions.
COLONEL (TEMP. BRIG.-GEN.) LOUIS CHARLES JACKSON, C.M.G., Controller Trench Warfare Division, Department of Design, Ministry of Munitions.
HALDANE PORTER, Esq., Home Office.
GRAEME THOMSON, Esq., Director of Transports, Admiralty.


The King has been pleased to make the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Royal Victorian Order:-


LUKE, BARON ANNALY, K.C.V.O., Permanent Lord-in-Waiting to His Majesty.


RICHARD FARRER, BARON HERSCHELL, M.V.O., Lord-in-Waiting to His Majesty.
THE HON. JOHN HUBERT WARD, C.V.O., Extra Equerry to His Majesty and Equerry to Her Majesty Queen Alexandra.
THE HON. ALEXANDER NELSON HOOD, C.V.O., Treasurer to Her Majesty the Queen.
SIR ROBERT WILLIAM BURNET, Physician to His Majesty's Household.


THE HON. JOHN WILLIAM FORTESCUE, M.V.O., Librarian to His Majesty.
SIR WALTER PARRATT, M.V.O., Master of the Music to His Majesty.
SIR CECIL HARCOURT-SMITH, Director and Secretary, Victoria, and Albert Museum.
THE REV. MORTIMER EGERTON KENNEDY, M.V.O., Chaplain-in-Ordinary to His Majesty, and Chaplain to His Majesty's Legation, Copenhagen.
JOHN GEORGE GRIFFITHS, Esq., M.V.O., Hon. Secretary, King Edward's Hospital Fund for London.


WALTER GALPIN ALCOCK, Esq., M.V.O. (Fifth Class), Mus.Doc., Organist of the Chapels Royal.
ERNEST ALFRED BENDALL, Esq., Examiner of Plays.
FRANCIS EDWARD RAIKES, Esq., King's Foreign Service Messenger.




The King has been pleased to give directions for the following promotion in, and appointments to, the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George:-


ARTHUR ROBERT PEEL, Esq. H.M. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States of Brazil.


M. CHARLES DE ROCCA-SERRA, C.M.G. Legal Adviser to the Egyptian Ministry of Finance.


THE HON. CHARLES HENRY TUFTON, of the Foreign Office.
ESMOND OVEY, Esq.. M.V..O., First Secretary to H.M. Legation at Christiania.
RONALD HUGH CAMPBELL, Esq., of the Foreign Office.
HORACE DICKINSON NUGENT, Eq H.M. Consul-General at Chicago.
ARTHUR MORISON CHALMERS, Esq. H.M. Consul-General at Yokohama.
EDWARD WILLIAM PAGET THURSTAN, Esq. H.M. Consul-General and Charge d'Affaires at Mexico City.
LEANDER GASPARD ROUSSIN, Esq. Financial Secretary to the Minister of Finance, Cairo.
JOHN WARNOCK, Esq., M.D. Director of Lunatic Asylums, Egypt.
WILLIAM ANDREW BETTS, Esq., M.D. Director of Municipal and Local Committees of Egypt.


The King has been pleased to give directions for the following promotions in and appointments to the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George:-


SIR GEORGE VANDELEUR FIDDES, K.C.M.G., C.B. Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies. Entered Colonial Office in 1881. Promoted First Class Clerk, after long service as private Secretary, in 1896. Appointed Imperial Secretary and Accountant to Sir Alfred Milner, High Commissioner for South Africa, in 1897. Secretary to the Transvaal Administration, 1900. Returned to Colonial Office as Principal Clerk in 1902. Became Assistant Under-Secretary of State in 1909 and Permanent Under-Secretary in February, 1916.


The HON. GEORGE JOHN ROBERT MURRAY, LL.M. Lieut.-Governor, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia. Educated at Cambridge and called to the Bar at Inner Temple in 1888. Joined the South Australian Bar in 1889 and took silk in 1906. Was promoted to the South Australian Bench in 1912.
The HON. ALBERT EDWARD KEMP. Minister of Militia and Defence, Canada. Successful Canadian manufacturer. Educated in Canada. Has been President of Canadian Manufacturers' Association and of Toronto Board of Trade. Elected to House of Commons in 1900. Succeeded Sir Sam Hughes as Minister of Militia for the Dominion in November, 1916.
THE HON. JACOBUS ARNOLDUS COMBRINCK GRAAFF. Minister without Portfolio and Member of the Senate of the Union of South Africa; for many years a keen supporter of the South African Party at the Cape. Formerly a member of the Cape Legislative Council, he has been a strong supporter of the Botha Government ever since the Union, when he became a Senator.
THE HON. WILLIAM HOWARD HEARST. Premier of Ontario. Native of Arran, Ontario. A barrister and counsel for Ontario Government in 1905. Elected to Ontario Legislature, 1908. On death of Premier, Sir James Whitney, became Premier of Ontario, retaining portfolio of Lands, Forests, and Mines.
FRANCIS DRUMMOND PERCY CHAPLIN, Esq. Administrator of Southern Rhodesia. Was Joint Manager in the Transvaal for the Consolidated Gold Fields Company of South Africa. Prominent member of Unionist Party in Transvaal Parliament, and, after Union, in the South African Parliament. Appointed Administrator of Southern Rhodesia in succession to Sir William Milton.
FRANCIS WATTS, Esq., D.Sc., C.M.G. Imperial Commissioner of Agriculture for the West Indies. Member of the Legislative Council for the Leeward Islands, 1897. Analytical and Agricultural Chemist, Jamaica, 1898. Imperial Commissioner for Agriculture in the West Indies, 1909.


EDMOND HOWARD LACAM GORGES, Esq., M.V.O. Adminstrator of the Protectorate of South-West Africa.
ROBERT JOHNSTONE, Esq., I.S.O. Assistant Colonial Secretary, Jamaica.
FRANCIS WILLIAM MAJOR. Esq., I.S.O. Chief of Customs, East Africa Protectorate.
CAPTAIN EDWARD HARRINGTON MARTIN, R.C.N. Captain-Supt. of Halifax Dockyard, Nova Scotia.
THE HON. JAMES MITCHELL. Minister for Railways, Water Supply, and Industries, Western Australia.
ARTHUR SAMPSON PAGDEN, Esq. Controller of Revenue, Ceylon.
LEONARD RODWAY, Esq., Government Botanist, Tasmania.
CHARLES LANE SANSOM, Esq., Principal Medical Officer, Federated Malay States.
CLAUD SEVERN, Esq.. Colonial Secretary, Hong-kong.
FREDERICK SPIRE, Esq. Provincial Commissioner, Uganda Protectorate.


His Majesty has been pleased to approve of the honour of Knight Bachelor being conferred on the following gentlemen:-

THE HON. WALTER GIBSON PRINGLE CASSELS, Senior Judge of the Exchequer Court of Canada. Called to the Bar at Toronto in 1869; appointed Judge of Exchequer Court of Canada in 1908.
MORTIMER BARNETT DAVIS, Esq., of Montreal. President, Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada. Has been in the tobacco business all his life, having entered his father's firm at an early age.
CHARLES SIMON DAVSON, Esq, Chief Justice of Fiji and Chief Judicial Commissioner for the Western Pacific. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple in 1881. Joined the Bar of British Guiana in 1882. Solicitor General, 1898. Appointed Puisno Judge of Mauritius in 1905; Chief Justice of Fiji and Chief Judicial Commissioner for Western Pacific in 1914.
THE HON. JOHN EDWARD DENNISTON, Senior Puisne Judge of Supreme Court of Dominion of New Zealand. Puisne Judge of New Zealand, 1889; Senior Puisne Judge for Dominion since 1913.
THOMAS ALLWRIGHT DIBBS, Esq., of Sydney, New South Wales. General Manager, Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, N.S.W. since 1867.
ROBERT RANDOLPH GARRAN, Esq., C.M.G., Solicitor-General, Commonwealth of Australia. Permanent head of the Attorney-General's Department from the creation of the Commonwealth until a few months ago, when he was appointed to the new position of Solicitor-General; wrote with Sir John Quicke the standard book on the Commonwealth Constitution "The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth," is a member of the "Round Table" group, and well known among lawyers.
JOHN GRICE, Esq., of Melbourne. Chairman of the Melbourne Hospital; an ardent supporter of cricket, and a well-known philanthropist.
AMBALAWANAR KANAGASABAI, Esq., lately Member of Legislative Council, Ceylon.
THE HON. JOHN GILBERT KOTZE, Puisne Judge, Cape Provincial Division, Supreme Court of South Africa. South African born. Educated at London University. Chief Justice of the Transvaal, 1881. Resigned in 1898 as a protest against the policy of the Kruger Government. Judge of the Supreme Court, Cape of Good Hope, 1903. Judge-President, Eastern Districts Court, 1904.
The Hon. EZEKIEL McLEOD, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick. Born in New Brunswick. Called to the Bar in 1868. Attorney-General of Province, 1882-83. Chief Justice, New Brunswick, 1914.
DANIEL THOMAS TUDOR, Esq., Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Bahama Islands. Called to the Bar at Gray's Inn in 1890. Attorney-General of Grenada and St. Vincent, 1903. Chief Justice, Bahamas, 1911.

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