Waimate War Memorial

War Memorials
Waimate, South Canterbury, NZ

In commemoration of The South African War 1899-1902, in which New Zealand, represented by her 6500 volunteers for the first time, took part in the battles of the empire and assisted to maintain the prestige of the British Flag.  

In memory of
7th NZ Contingent
who fell in the memorable
night attack at
Bothasberg, Transvaal
23 February 1902.

And in honour of the
74 volunteers from this
district who nobly responded
to the call of their
Queen and Country.

The war memorial [March 2011 by M.T.] is located on a triangle on the corners of Victoria Terrace and John St. Waimate but most people refer to it as being opposite the St Augustine Church (which is itself a preserved and listed building). The photo actually shows the St Augustine Hall in the background. Seventy-six Waimate men went to the South African War.
Information courtesy of Gail Woods.  Posted 19 March. 2000.

The figure is "Zealandia"
The masons were the Dunedin partnership of Bergamini and Reid.

Otago Witness, 12 October 1904, Page 32
A very fine monument in commemoration of the Boer war, the late Trooper Whitney, who fell at Bothasberg, and the 74 Volunteers from Waimate, was unveiled on Thursday afternoon in the presence of 1500 people. His Worship the Mayor performed the ceremony. A procession of Mounted Rifles, Cadets, returned troopers, and Friendly Societies added interest to the gathering. The ceremony was a great success. The monument, which is of white marble is erected in the Triangle of Victoria terrace, and adds greatly to the attractiveness of that portion of Waimate.

Memorial to those from the Waimate area who never returned from WW2.

War Memorial Clock, Queen Street.
This monument is in honour of the men of the Waimate County and Borough who died in the Second World War. The clock was originally on the post office in 1912, but had been in storage since 1947. It was relocated to the front of the Waimate District Council on Remembrance Day 1956. There were 90 names on the tablets. Bud lights were installed in December 1992. The first Waimate Post Office was built in 1870 of totara and is now a private residence in Mill Road. The second in 1892 and the third PO was situated at 75 Queen Street and opened in 1910. The clock and chimes of this third Post Office were set in motion in 1912 by the Prime Minister the Hon. Thomas Mackenzie and were erected to commemorate the coronation of King George V in 1911. The Waimate Museum's Pavilion building contains a small post office shop displaying various old post office items.

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Images courtesy of Don Weston. March 2000

 A memorial archway, to those of WW1, is located down at the main entrance to the Waimate Gardens, Victoria Park. Corner of Queen Street and Tennant Street was unveiled 25 April 1923. The three nurses who died were on the 'Marquette.'


Memorial Archway at the entrance to the Waimate Gardens.2001. Image courtesy of waimate.com

To Our Glorious Dead

Nurse Brown
Nurse Fox
Nurse Gorman
H. Adamson
G.A. Allfrey
A.J. Attewell
L.J. Baker
S. Ballagh
R. Ballantyne
E.J. Bannerman
C.C. Barclay
N. Baxter
J. Bean
N.M. Bell
S.F. Bell
W. Benson
A. E. Berry
A.G. Bird (maybe should read A.J. Bird)
J. Black
W.B. Bowles
W. Brass
W.S. Brien
J. Briggs
R.E. Briggs
E.O. Bringans
G.A. Brown
B. Buckley
J. R. Campbell
Jas. Campbell
Jos. Campbell
L. Campbell
A. Carmichael
E.M. Carr
Jos. Carr
O.P. Carr
J. Carson
T.J. Chalmers
C.P. Chamberlain
T. Claridge
A.P. Clark
W.T. Clear
J. Cochrane
C.W. Cogdale
C. Coltman
E.T. Corry
J. Crone
A. Cruickshank
G.I. Cuthertson
I.J. Davis
J. Dodd
H. Douglas
A. Dunn
P.D. Dunn
J. Englebrecht
J. Fitzgerald
J. Fogarty
M. Foley
J. Fotheringham
E. Garland
P.C. Geary
M. Gibson
J.T. Gill
J. Gynes
P.J. Gynes
T. Haynes
T. Hazelton
H. Head
T. Heap
W.F. Hutt
A. Ironside
M.W.G. Jackson
H.D. Jacobs
E. Julian
H. Julian
R.D. Kearton
W. Kelly
J.W.F. Kimpton
T. Leal
A. Lindsay
E.C. Loper
H.A. Lucas
W. Luck
P. McAllister
E.F. McCarthy
D.M. McDonald
L. McFarlane
D.R. McKenzie
J. McLeish
R. McRae
G.R. Mahoney
W. Manson
J. B. Marsh
G. Marshall
F.G. Marshall
F.D. Maurice
W.B. Menzies
W.R. Menzies
E.J. Mercer
T. Mitchell


G.M. Morgan
J. Morrison
C. Morton
J. Morton
J.C. Munro
W. Nichol
R. Norrie
P. Norris
W. Noster
H.L. Parker
H.S. Paul
B. Pelvin
G.A. Pelvin
W. Penny
T. Peneamene
L.N. Pollard
A. Quigley
S. Reid
H. Richard
E.A. Rickman
J.H. Rogers
W.G. Russell
J.A. Scott
J. Shefford
S.A. Shirley
F.T. Simpson
L. Simpson
L. Sinclair
H. Sole
C. Sprott
L. Stewart
W.G. Stewart
R. H. G. Storey
W. Tavendale
G. Taylor
A. H. Walker
M. Wall
W.H.D. White
G. Wilce
H. Wilds
W. Wilks
F. Wills
E.D. Wilson
J.L. Wilson
G.H. Wood
T.F. York


There is another war memorial in the St Augustine Church Grounds, John Street, Waimate. (behind the church)

Photo taken by Margaret Todd, March 2011.

Roll of Honour

A.J. Attewell
G.C. Barclay
A.J. Bird
J.S. Bird
G. Black
W.S. Brien
C.P. Chamberlain
W.T. Clear
E. Garland
K. Gibson
T.W. Haynes
J. King
F.D. Maurice
E.A. Rickman
J.A. Scott
G. Wilce
J.F. York 
'Lord, if thou hadst been here my brother had not died'

 Roll of Honour

B. Appleby
J.N. Barrar
R.J. Baxter
G.T. Croft
L.A. Ellen
R.A. Hosking
S. Talbot
M. Tavener
T.T. Tewhao
E.J. Williams
G.T. Williams
L.S. Williams
L. Williams

'Greater love hath no man than
that a man lay down his life for his friends'

Press, 22 August 1916, Page 8
August 21. The following casualty list (No. 388) was issued to-day: Reported killed in action: Menzies, W.B., 2nd Lieutenant (John Menzies, Waituna, Box 34, P.O., Waimate, father).
Lieutenant W. B. Menzies, who was killed in action east of Suez, on August 9th, was the third son of Mr John Menzies, of Waimate. At the outbreak of war he enlisted with the 8th Canterbury section of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles, and left as a sergeant on the Headquarters Staff of the Main Body. He went through the whole of the campaign on Gallipoli Peninsula, and while there he had a most strenuous time, being one of three of his original unit who remained continuously on the Peninsula to within ten days of the evacuation, when he was invalided to Malta. He was promoted prior to leaving Gallipoli, and received his commission lieutenant. On his return from Malta he rejoined his regiment, and was placed in charge of a signalling corps, with which he was engaged at the time of his death. Before enlisting he was employed in the grain department of the Farmers' Coop. Association, Waimate, where he was very popular, and his loss will be much felt among a large circle of friends in that district. He was about 25 years of age.

Gynes  - brothers
Lance Corporal David John Gynes No.6/466 Canterbury Infantry Battalion
Trooper James Gynes No.7/724 Canterbury Mounted Rifles
Lance Corporal Thomas Ernest Gynes No.7/53 Canterbury Mounted Rifles

Sons of Albert Gynes of Hook, David and Thomas left NZ with the first echelon on 16th October 1914. James following on 14 December 1914.
James was wounded at Gallipoli on 29 August 1915, suffering a shrapnel wound to his side and gunshot wounds to the abdomen. He died on 31 August 1915 at sea, having been evacuated onto the hospital ship HMT Devanha, aged 39 years. He is remembered on Lone Pine Memorial, Lone Pine Cemetery, Anzac, Turkey.
David was also wounded at Gallipoli but returned from Alexandria in May-June 1915 fit for duty. He later served at the Western Front where he was killed in action at Belgium on 7 June 1917 aged 25 years. He is buried in Messines Ridge, British Cemetery, Belgium.
Thomas left New Zealand on Moeraki then transshipped to "Port Lincoln" at Sydney for Suez. He too was wounded at Gallipoli in September 1915. His early treatment was at St Thomas Hospital in London but he returned to New Zealand for his convalescence before returning to the front in May 1917. He survived the war and returned to the Waimate area, dying in May 1958. He is buried in the Waimate cemetery.
Yet another brother, Edward Albert Gynes, a dairy farmer of Hook, appealed his call-up in 1917, stating that three of his brothers had gone to the Front; two had been killed and the other was home again; that he would like to go too, but he had to think of the farm.

A.J. Scaife is not listed on the Waimate War memorial or any South Canterbury memorial. Why not?

1917 Oct. 18 9/397 Sergeant SCAIFE Arthur James, Otago Regiment, OIR KIA France Son of Willis Ashton Scaife and Mary Emma Scaife, of "Mount Aitken," Hunter Hills, Waimate, South Canterbury, New Zealand. Born at Otago. Also served at Gallipoli. Belgium - Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery And Extension.
Mary Emma Stack married Willis Ashton Scaife, 4 NOV 1885 Kaiapoi. Ref. IGI. Willis died in 1937, Pembroke. [ Arthur and his brother Stanley are not on any of South Canterbury's memorials is that they were not born here, not educated here, and never worked here. They were born in Otago, both were working in Central Otago when they enlisted, and at the time their parents were living in Culverden, North Canterbury. Just because the parents later came and lived in the Waimate district does not give them the right to be memorialised on any of our monuments.]

Timaru Herald, 7 July 1917, Page 7
Sapper James Lees Sinclair, who is reported died of wounds, was the second son of Mr and Mrs James Sinclair, of Leith Street, Dunedin, and late of Waimate. He was a brother of W. A. Sinclair, Cricklewood. Sapper Sinclair was born and educated in Waimate, and served in the Post and Telegraph Office there, and also at Timaru, Christchurch and Balclutha, and when enlisting was in Dunedin North office. He left with the Sixth Reinforcements as a. special telegraphist in the Divisional Signalling Corps. He served at Gallipoli, being present at the evacuation, after which he went to France where he had been more or less in the thick of the fighting for 14 months when he met his death. Sapper Sinclair had been attached to the Engineers for the last few months and was engaged as a despatch rider, which placed him in many perilous and trying positions. He was 28 years of age, and was extremely popular among his many friends. Sapper Sinclair was promoted to Lance-Corporal on the field before his death. Mr and Mrs Sinclair have two other sons at the front. Their third soil Harry, left with the Main Body, and was wounded at Gallipoli, and is now attached to the Permanent Staff of the N.Z. Records Office, London. Their youngest son, Jack, left last August with the Artillery and is now in France.

First World War Memorial, Waimate transcription 2001. This page may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion.  War Memorial inscriptions for South Canterbury

SGT. Claude Rouse MM NZEF WW1 11/368 - Army [not listed on the Waimate War Memorial]
Born 14th Jan. 1887, Tasmania. Farmhand.
Mother Mrs G. Rouse, High St., Waimate.
Aged 30.
Wellington Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F.
Son of C. E. and the late Robert B. Rouse, of Sheffield, Tasmania. Also served on Gallipoli.
14th Nov. 1917. Anzac Mtd Divn. Killed in Action. Gunshot wound. Palestine Map XIII Sq V
Burial report No. 2280. Below crossed out
Buried. 3 in one grave under serial No. 271 (peg)
200yds E. of Telegraph line and road
From grave to Nehi Rubin = 261
From grave to Factory Chimney among orange grove = 141
Officiating Chaplain A.F. McDonald, C.F.
map Cal. XIII.V12. V7 & V13 Thamien Di_
Buried at RAMLEH WAR CEMETERY Location: Israel
Cemetery/memorial reference: M. 8.

St. Michael's Church

St Michael's Church about 1 km on the road up from the Waihao Forks Pub to Waihao Downs  Inside the church Ted D'Auvergne and his sister Rata appear on the Honour Roll. Image courtesy of Don Weston. March 2000.

A Vicarage was built in 1906 at the Downs. 

In 1924 St Michael's, a brick church, was built on the front section of the Vicarage property. The three stained glass windows eventually arrived by ship from England, having twice been turned back, and were installed in 1941. The Richards Memorial Windows, the centre one, is of St Michael, the captain of the heavenly host, spearing the devil in the guise of the dragon, flanked by Abraham and Sarah in the side windows. A 1940 white friar window. Edward and Elizabeth Richards farmed Elephant Hill Station and the windows were donated by their children..

In 1947 a war memorial was considered, and on remembrance Sunday 1950, Archbishop Avrill, who had opened St Michael's in 1924, unveiled a tablet mounted in the Church to those who had given their lives-

In Grateful Memory of
Dvr La T.M. d'Auvergne	 Crete		 1941
F.Lt. L. McLachlan	 Tunisia	 1943
Cpl. R.J. Blunden	 Italy		 1945
Sgt. E.R. Harper	 Italy		 1943 
F/O R.F. Wallace	 Germany	 1945
G/O Rata M. d'Auvegne	 London		 1945
WORLD WAR II, 1939 -45

The Parish Magazine in July 1947, carried a roll of honour of all men from the Parish who had served in the forces, and this was later to become an inscribed list- ROLL OF HONOR - WAIHAO PARISH

R. Railton	 J. Blundon
L.M. d'Auvergne* C. Meynell
J. Allan	 R.S. Bailey 
T.W. Rolfe	 F. Coles
J.M. Hennessy	 F. Gluyas
N.H. Whatman	 C.W.J. Thomas
C. Thomas	 S. Peneamena
H.W. Davis	 W. Tumaru*
H.E. Allnutt*	 P. Heath
I. Sutherland	 L. Wilson
A.J. Milne	 E.R. Harper*
A.W. Turner	 R. Wallace*
A. Shepherd	 T. Dyer
L. McLachlan*	 Mac Tumaru
W.H. Heath*	 D. Thomas
S.D. Thompson	 T.T. Te Whao*
H.F. Wallace	 T.R. Turner
C. Baynes	 R. Coulbeck
E. C. Wright	 S.G. Williams
R.G. Woods*	 R.J. Harrington
*Paid supreme sacrifice, Killed in action

In 1967 a Sunday School and Hall was added to St. Michael's. The sliding doors opened up into the Sunday School Hall giving much greater accommodation than the usual 60-80 seating. St Michaels has its own cemetery, with two large family memorials, and in the back corner the grave of Philomel Cross, infant daughter of Christopher and Audrey Cross, the English Vicar of the early 1930s who returned to England in 1935, and who kept in touch. There is also a columbarium alongside the hall where lie the ashes of Miss Whatman who had been in missionary service in ?Africa and a plot where Norman Whatman's ashes rest (see above roll of honor). The Anglican and Presbyterian Parishes became a Co-Operative Parish under the joint Regional Council in 1979- 80 following a Parish vote and acceptance by the Bishop of the Day. Information on St Michael's courtesy of a local resident October 25 2001.

At the Waihao Downs intersection. Church opposite. 14 from Waimate. 50km to Kurow.

Waimate Cemetery is located in McNamaras Road, Waimate, the main road to Oamaru. There are 6 Commonwealth burials of the 1914-1918 war and 4 of the 1939-1945 war here. 

Rifleman, N.Z. Rifle Brigade. Service No: 25/933 
Date of Death: 28/11/1918 
S/o Mrs. M. Algar, of Yaxley, Eye, Suffolk, England. Served in Egypt, 1916, and on the Western Front, 1916-17 
Grave Ref.: 67

CROPLEY, Edward Fox
New Zealand 
Private, Canterbury Regiment, NZEF. Service No: 6/2350 
Date of Death: 05/02/1921 
S/o William and Sara Cropley (nee Fox), husband of Emily Jane Cropley, of 51, Holmwood Rd., Fendalton, Christchurch. Born in Sydney, Australia. Served in Egypt, 1915, and at Gallipoli. 
Grave Ref.: Plot 452. (C. of E. Portion.) 

FRIEL, Gerald Michael 
Sergeant, Royal New Zealand Air Force. Service No: 4310472 
Date of Death: 16/01/1945 Age: 21 
S/o Michael Joseph and Anna Friel, of Waimate. 
Grave Ref.: 297. 

Evening Post, 17 January 1945, Page 4
When the Harvard aircraft they were flying crashed at Ohakea at 2.30 p.m. yesterday two sergeant-pilots were killed. They were: Sergeant Gerald Michael Friel. Mrs. M. J. Friel, 50 Belt Street, Waimate (m.). Sergeant Peter Charles Brown. Mr. C. E. Brown, 128 Cashmere Avenue, Khandallah, Wellington. Before the crash occurred, they were instrument flying above 2000 feet, west of Ohakea. Sergeant Friel was transferred from the Army to the R.N.Z.A.F. in August, 1943. He was educated at the Waimate High School and St. Bede's College, Christchurch. Sergeant Brown joined the R.N.Z.A.F. in June, 1943. He received his secondary education at the Wellington Boys' College.

Date: 16 January 1945
Time: 14:25
North American AT-6D Harvard IIA
Operator: 4(F)OTU, RNZAF
Registration: NZ1026    Previously EX425
C/n / msn: 88-10255
Fatalities: Fatalities: 2 / Occupants: 2
Aeroplane damage: Written off (damaged beyond repair)
Location: Near the mouth of Rangitikei River
Phase: Manoeuvring
Nature: Training
Departure airport: Ohakea AFB
Destination airport: Ohakea AFB
Crashed near Ohakea. The Harvard was on a instrument flying exercise when it dived out of a steep turn and struck the ground.

GILL, John Thomas 
Lance Corporal, Canterbury Mounted Rifles, NZEF Service No: 7/48
Age: 31 
Date of Death: 17/01/1917 
S/o Robert and Anne Elizabeth Gill, of Ocean View, Rosewill, Timaru. Born in Waikuku. Served at Gallipoli. 
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead 
Grave Ref.: 189. (Methodist Portion.) 

Rifleman, N.Z. Rifle Brigade. Service No: 78884 
Date of Death: 14/06/1921 
S/o Maria Henry (formerly Guttery), of Wilkin St., Waimate; husband of Isabella Guttery. Born at Wario. 

Private, N.Z. Training Unit. Service No: 82088 
Date of Death: 25/09/1920 Age: 22
S/o Sam and Kate Keenan, of Upper Hook, Waimate. Born at Waimate 
Grave Ref.: 418. 

McALEER, John Joseph 
Sergeant, Royal New Zealand Air Force Service No: 391412 
Date of Death: 03/02/1943 Age: 22 
S/o John McAleer, and of Jessie McAleer (nee Russel), of Morven, Canterbury. 
Grave Ref.: 535. 

MORTON, George 
Gunner, Regiment: N.Z. Field Artillery Service No: 7/1871 
Date of Death: 08/02/1919 Age: 34 
S/o George and Mary Morton (nee Campbell), of Morven, Canterbury. Born at Morven. Served in Egypt and on the Western Front. 
Grave/Memorial Reference: 750. (Presbyterian Portion.) 

STEVENS, Ronald 
Private, NZ Infantry Service No: 50365 
Date of Death: 01/01/1945 Age: 29 
S/o Thomas Henry Stevens and Lillian M. Stevens, of Timaru

Lieutenant, N.Z. Armoured Corps 
Date of Death: 20/05/1946 Age: 32 Service No: 600700 
S/o Ernest Henry and Susan Mabel Wright, of Willowbridge, Canterbury; husband of Leone Francis Wright, of Willowbridge. 
Grave Ref.: 191. 

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