Smith in the Temuka Cemetery, South Canterbury N.Z.

Probate records       

As of March 2018 there were 110 Smith's listed in the Temuka Cemetery per TDC cemetery database.

  Row 114 Plot 391
 Smith, Agnes 19 Years 12 Feb 1909
 Smith, Ethel Pearl 39 Years 21 Oct 1930
 Smith, Francis Murray 77 Years 16 Apr 1961

Plot 223 Row 171 & 172
Smith, Albert of Clandeboye 30 June 1900 age 2 
s/o George & Mary Smith also their son George who died at Colombo 4th June 1916 aged 22 years.
also their father George Burnside Smith 12 Jul 1934
also their mother Mary Smith Smith 22 Nov 1938, aged 82 years, of Maude St., Temuka.
also Florence Elizabeth Smith 2 March 1949 aged 52 [* Feb. in database]
also Charles Hay Smith15 Jun 1968 aged 78. R.I.P.

George Smith otherwise known as George Burnside Smith of Temuka, farmer. Mary Smith, widow. Mary McPeak married George Smith in 1890. George Smith died 12 July 1934.  William Harte the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Timaru. G.B. Smith buried at the Temuka Cemetery headstone reads:
Albert Smith died 30th June 1900 aged 2 years.
George died at Colombo 4th June 1916 aged 22 years.
Also their father George who died July 12th 1934 aged 76 years.
Also their mother Mary who died Nov. 22nd 1938 aged 82 years
also Florence Elizabeth Smith who died March 2nd 1949 aged 52
also Charles Hay Smith who died June 15th 1968 aged 78. R.I.P.
1st NZEF 32585 Pte W.J.T. Smith Machine Gun Corps died 27 -2-1961 70 years.
Had three children alive in 1934:
Charles Hay Smith aged 42 years of Temuka b. 1891
[William James Taylor Smith aged 37 years of Hawipango in the provincial district of Nelson, farmer b. 1896 William James Tayler Smith and Euphemia Mary Cunnard aged 29 years wife of Thomas Henry Cunnard of Christchurch, railway employee. [?wrong WT.S.]

Timaru Herald 1 April 1920 Page 7 Soldiers Settlements
At a ballot held by the Nelson Land Board for the Golden Downs Estate, which has been bought by the Government for soldier settlement, J. N. White, of Temuka, drew Lot 1 of 1711 acres, and W. J. T. Smith, of Temuka drew Lot 3, of 932 acres. The blocks were selected under the renewable lease, with right of purchase. 

Timaru Herald, 31 December 1917, Page 6 ARRIVAL OF A HOSPITAL SHIP
William Jas. Taylor Smith, farm labourer (G. B. Smith. Temuka).

Smith, William Taylor 64 Years 27 Jan. 1961 of Cave. 1st NZEF 32585 PTE W.J.T. Smith Machine Gun Corps. Row 200 Plot 13. [Age 70 on headstone, age 64 in database]
Born 15 March 1896, Timaru. Father: Mr G.B. Smith, Temuka. Father George. Mother Mary. Both parents born in England. Did compulsory training at Albury.  Last employer C. P. Caunley, Fairlie, farm labourer. Discharged 28 march 1918 no longer physically fit for war service on account of gas poisoning. Born 15/3/1896. Atheist during WW2. Previous R.C. WW2 No. 3/12/1007. Last employer Mr W.A. Thomson, Cave, farmer. Died 27th Feb. 1961. Bother C.H. Smith, 64 Rayner St., Temuka.  DOD William James Tayler SMITH.

Press, 26 November 1938, Page 1
SMITH—On November 22, at the Little Company of Mary Hospital, Christchurch. Mary, widow of the, late George B. Smith, formerly of 54 Ormsby street, Temuka; aged 82 years. R.I.P. (Interred at Temuka on Thursday.)

12274 George Joseph Enzic Smith, LCE/Cpl. "C" Company, 12th Reinforcements. Born April 24 1894 farm labourer, for Mr Manus Rotherham, Orakipaoa, Temuka. D company 2nd S.C. Regt. 3 years. 5 7½" 127lbs. Enlisted 12th January 1916 at Trentham, aged 21 years. Lance-Corporal Smith died at the Military Hospital, Colombo from double pneumonia on the 4th June, 1916 and was buried the following day at Morella cemetery with full military honours. A party of the late comrades from the transport attended the funeral. From Brigadier-General F. Hackett Thompson, commander of troops in Ceylon.  Son of George and Mary Smith, of 45, Ormsby St., Temuka.

Temuka Leader 3 July 1900 Page 2
Smith. At Clandeboye, Albert Fyfe Smith, infant son of George and Mary Smith ; aged 2 years and 4 months.
[headstone Temuka Albert died 30th June 1900 also their son George who died in Colombo 4th June 1916 aged 22 yrs.]

Pte. William James Tayler SMITH, 32585, NZEF Specialist Company, Machine Gun Section, 20th Reinforcements, (Farm labourer) embarked 2nd January 1917. Western Front. Son of G B Smith of Temuka (formerly of Te Ngawai). Brother of George J E Smith (DOD, Colombo) Attended Te Ngawai and Cave Schools. Listed on Te Ngawai Monument. Returned.

 Smith, Albert Edward of Wallingford Rd 81 Years 16 May 1958 aged 81 years Row 104 Plot 411
beloved husband of Harriet Blanchard  Smith, 70 Years 17 Jul 1945

 Smith, Albert George Joseph  of 356 Main Rd, Temuka 11 Oct. 1980 aged 75 Row 263 Plot 41
also Irene Wanaka Smith 63 Years 2 Mar 1965

 Smith, Alfred George (Barney) of Friendship Lane 83 Years 22 June 2004 Row 602 Plot 52  2NZEF 35 BTN PTE 4911
also O.L. Smith died 16.10.2004 aged 80 yrs

 Smith, Alice Rita Emily 4 June 1981 aged 76 of Allnatt St. Row 263 Plot 47
also Henry Hugh Smith 77 Years 25 Oct 1970 aged 77 1st NZEF No, 61000
Enlisted 13th Nov. 1917, age 24 and 5 months. Born 14 Jan. 1883 in N.Z. Height: 5ft 10in. 150lbs. Farm contractor. Totara Valley, Pleasant Point. 33rd Reinforcements.
|Father of Henry Hugh Smith: Henry Foster Smith born England, Kakahu School. Presbyterian. Mother Mary Smith born in Ireland.
NOK in 1970: Mrs A.B.E. Smith, Grange Settlement, Temuka

 Smith, Annie Elizabeth 69 Years 5 Apr 1959 aged 70 of Railway Terrace
also Francis Joseph Smith 81 Years 3 Aug 1963 aged 81 Row 194 Plot 869

 Smith, Arnold Meredith 20 Feb 2013 aged 90 of Cass St 2nd NZEF 17070 Cpl  Row 601 Plot 64
also  Ona Betty Smith 4 Jul 2013 aged 89 yrs

 Smith, Arthur 75 Years 16 Apr 2015 of Elizabeth St. Timaru Ashes Beam Row 702 plot 149 b. 1 Nov. 1939

 Smith, Arthur 65 Years 1st Aug 1931 at Timaru, of Pleasant Point Row 80 Plot 577 born Isleburgh, Sheltand July 28th 1866
also Georgina Ferguson Taylor 85 Years 20 Jan 1950 at Pleasant Point. Born June 8th at Edinburgh.
also their daughter Charlotte (Lottie) Sinclair Cargill 30-10-1903   -   7-8-1992 w/o Arthur Weir Cargill

Smith, John 22 Sep 1958 of Clayton Station Row 71 Plot 2 eldest s/o the late Arthur & Georgina Smith Born Islesburgh, Shethland 25th Oct. 1893. Died Timaru.

 Smith, Arthur Lawrence 69 Years 30 Nov 1966 aged 69 of Hamilton St. Temuka,  late of Seaforth Highlanders
also Grace Smith  Nov 7 1977 aged 78. Row 265 Plot 912

 Smith, Barbara Anne 78 Years 27 May 2015 Ashes beam  Row 703 Plot 14 no photo
also Colin Holmes Smith 80 Years 30 Aug 2015

 Smith, Brian George 67 Years 13 Jan 2001 of 11 Regent St., Fairlie. Born 25-1-1933 Ashes Beam Row 701 Plot 70

 Smith, Catherine interment 17 Jul 1903 no headstone Row 163 Plot 326
Smith, John interment 11 Jul 1896 no headstone Row 163 Plot 326 of Temuka

 Smith, Catherine A 6 Oct 1930 no headstone Row 205 plot 571 of Temuka

 Smith, Cecil David 4 Mar 1986 Rawhiti House, Geraldine Row 283 Plot 303. Born 1899

 Smith, Cecilia 81 Years 22 Feb 1942 of Hayhurst St, Temuka Row 93 Plot 342
 Smith, Matthew 91 Years 10 Mar 1931 aged 93
also James A. d. Sept. 5th 189_
also Mary Grant d. Sept. 24th 193_ aged 67
 Smith, Charlotte Elizabeth 17 Jul 1955 aged 77 Row 163 Plot 231
George husband of Charlotte Johnson d. 9th May 1912 aged 37.
also James W. H. Johnson 1906-1985

 Smith, Christina Campbell Black born March 12th 1865. Died 9 Dec 1951 of Timaru Row 80 Plot 558
also Gideon Anderson Smith born March 5th 1844 "Islesburgh" Shetland Isles, Died Timaru 28 Aug 1927 84 years

Gideon Anderson Smith formerly of Temuka and of Sawyers Bay, Otago, retired farmer. Died at Timaru 28 day August 1927 aged 83 [b. 1844]. Buried at Temuka Row 80 plot 559. Deceased was born at "Islesburgh," North Mavin in Shetland Isles, Scotland. His son Arthur Smith was born at Roxburgh, Otago. Gideon married Christine Campbell Black ELLIOT in 1892.  She was born March 12th 1865 and died in Timaru Dec. 9th 1951. Agnes nee Crossan, the first wife of Gideon, and Gideon Anderson Smith had:
1868 Smith Arthur in NZ
1870 Smith John Crossan d. 1939 aged 69
1872 Smith Agnes Smith m. Laurence Dalzill of Tuapeka on 7 June 1905 at Bald Hill Flat. John C. Smith. her brother, gave her away.
Agnes died  in childbirth on 15 December 1873 at Coal Creek, Mount Benger. Manslaughter charge against doctor.

Arthur Smith of Temuka was born at Roxburgh in Otago. Witness on will for Peter Johnson who was born in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. Feb. 1917.

At the Temuka Cemetery Plot 80 row 577.
Arthur Smith born Islesburgh, Shetland. July 28th 1866. Died Timaru Aug. 1st. 1931 aged 65 also his wife Georgina Taylor born Edinburgh June 8 1864 died pleasant Point Jan 20th 1950. and their daughter Charlotte Sinclair Cargill (Lottie) wife of Arthur Weir Cargill 30-10-1903 - 7-8-1992.
George Ferguson Smith born Shethland 4-3-1899 and died Dunedin 3-1-1975 aged 85 husband of Elise Oscaria  nee Warren 17-1-1904 - 22-4-1992.
John, eldest son of the late Arthur & Georgina Smith born Islesburgh, Shetland 25th Oct. 1893, died Timaru 20th Sept. 1958.

Otago Witness 6 February 1907, Page 35
Mr Gideon Smith, late of Teviot Downs, with Mrs Smith and their son, Mr Arthur Smith, are on a visit to the district, on the way to the Old Country. Mr Smith, it may be remembered, sold- out last spring to a Mr Rodgers, of Queenstown. Since that time he and his wife and son have visited the North Island, Canterbury, etc. They have now returned to see their many friends before leaving for the Old Country, where they intend to spend the winter, or rather summer. They all look well, and are quite pleased with their trip, but they reckon, the Teviot district is as good as any part of the colony. Our hearty good wishes go with the party, who deserve a real good time. Mr Smith was born in the Shetland Islands, and came to this district when a young man. By thrift, and good judgment he earned competence for himself. Mrs Smith, who is a daughter of the late Mr Mathew Elliot, of Mount Benger Station, was born in this district, as was also their son Arthur.

Otago Witness 5 February 1908, Page 59
Mr Gideon Smith's 12-14 Argyll is at present being garaged at Mr S. R. Stedman's. Mr Smith bought this car when on a recent journey Home, and after touring Scotland with his brother ,in it brought it out to New Zealand. He has since travelled over a lot of Otago country in the Argyll.

Mt Benger Mail, 11 April 1917, Page 3
Official advice was received by Mr Robert M. Smith, Coal Creek, last week, that his eldest son Private Gideon Smith was killed in action in France on March 24th. Private Gideon Smith, who left New Zealand with the 15th Reinforcements, was a native of Roxburgh, where he lived until the family removed to Coal Creek some years ago. The deceased soldier took an active part in Lodge affairs occupying the position of First Chief Ranger of the Forresters' Lodge, Court Roxburgh, and in former years was well known in local Rugby circles, being a member of the Coal Creek fifteen.

 Smith, Clara Millicent 50 Years 24 Dec 1958 aged 50  of 398 King St., Temuka Row 72 Plot 11
also her husband Ronald Francis Smith 64 Years 14 Apr 1978 aged 64
also their eldest son  David Francis Smith 61 Years 16 Oct 1997
 Smith, Colin Talbot 67 Years 15 Nov 1996 aged 66 of John St., Temuka Row 285 Plot 1109
Margaret Leah 55 Years 21st May 1991

 Smith, Donald Meredith 76 Years 2 Sep 1986 of Gammack St, Temuka Row 283 Plot 234
husband of Evelyn Mary Smith 1 Jul 1995 aged 79

 Smith, Doris Marie 98 Years 22 Nov 2016 Row 230 Plot 85 of Hewlings Place, Temuka wife of
  John William George Smith 81 Years 23 Nov 1998 2nd NZEF 70725 W.O.2. 35th BTN

 Smith, Edith Marion 48 Years 31st Jan 1925 Row 115 Plot 489 wife of T.G. Smith

 Smith, Isaac 63 Years 3 Sep 1916 Row 11 Plot 165
  husband of Smith, Sarah 82 Years 13 Nov 1954, of Waitohi. Row 92 Plot 166
 Smith, Edna 9 Jul 1907 no headstone listed on parents headstone in next plot Row 82 Plot 164 but beside [all three *row numbers off  in database. They are side by side.]
also her infant daughter Edna Rhodessia died July 9th 1907
Harriett Smith 36 Years 17 May 1890. In plot but not listed on Isaac's headstone.

Timaru Herald, 5 September 1916, Page 9 Mr ISAAC SMITH
The late Mr Isaac Smith, who died at Temuka on Sunday morning, 3rd Sept., was born at Sandown, Isle of Wight, in 1853. He came to New Zealand in the Blairgowrie in 1875 and reached Timaru by surf-boat. Arrived at Temuka, he lived for a while with his sister, Elizabeth, Mrs Henry Voyce. [Elizabeth SMITH d/o of William SMITH and Elizabeth (Betsy) DRAKE, came out on the Crusader to Lyttelton in 1874 with 5 children] He was employed by the railway as a platelayer until three years before his death. While in this employment he helped to form the railway between Temuka and Timaru. He had been connected with the Temuka Presbyterian Sunday School for 38 years, and was superintendent for 35 years before his death. He was a diligent worker for the Sunday School, and his loss will, be felt keenly. He was a member also of the School Committee and the Presbyterian Church. He leaves four sons and five daughters to mourn their loss. He was very popular with all with whom he came in contact, and his death is keenly felt by a large number of friends.

Blairgowrie sailed from London May 29th 1875 and arrived Lyttelton August 22nd 1875
Smith, Isaac 22 Hants Labourer and wife Harriet 22.

Children of  Harriet and Isaac Smith
1875 Rebecca Mary m. Walter Hobbs in 1905
1877 Charlotte Minnie m. Wm Cone
1878 Alice Jessie m. Wm James Sinclair Shields in 1909
1883 Horace John m. Annie Roulston in 1910
1887 Stuart [I bequeath to Stuart my watch]

In 1895 Isaac Smith married Sarah Cain. Children of Sarah and Isaac SMITH:
1895 Smith William [I bequeath to William my two rings] d. 4 Apr 1972, Temuka
1898 Smith Fashoda m. Ernest Krause in 1917
1902 Smith Samuel [I bequeath to Samuel my bicycle]
1906 Smith Maddesrona Zepthina (Modderine Zepthina) m. Frank Goodeve in 1928
1907 Smith Enda Rhodesse  d. 5 Dec. 1907 Temuka

Isaac, beloved husband of Sarah Smith died Sep. 3rd 1916 aged 63 years. Also her infant daughter Enda Rhodessia died July 9th 1907 and of Sarah beloved wife of the above died Nov. 13th 1954 aged 82 years. At rest. Also in the same plot is Harriett Smith, date of interment 17 May 1890 aged 36.

Henry VOYCE b. 1841 in Colwall, Hereforshire, England died 11 June 1926 in Temuka aged 85. He married Elizabeth SMITH, daughter of William SMITH and Elizabeth (Betsy) DRAKE. Elizabeth died 9th Aug. 1922 aged 79 years. Rosina Rebecca died 12 April 1922 buried Temuka Cemetery. The family arrived at Lyttelton 31 Dec. 1874 on the Crusader. Henry 33 a platelayer from Oxford, Elizabeth 32, Lousia M. 9, Rosina R. aged 7, William aged 5, Henry aged 4, Jessie (f) aged 3 and Edith aged 9 months. William SMITH was born Abt. 1805 in Ryde, Isle Of Wight, Hampshire, England. He married Elizabeth (Betsy) DRAKE on 12 Jun 1830 in Brading, Hampshire, England.

Smith, William 76 Years 6 Apr 1972 Row 266 Plot 855 1st NZ No. 73526
38th Reinforcements. 2nd Bn. Cant. Regt. 2nd Coy. Private. Discharged 11/7/1919.
Mother Mrs S. Smith, 24 Wallingsford Rd, Temuka. P & T Clerk, N.Z. Govt. Presbyterian.
Born at Temuka 8 Nov. 1895. Died Geraldine 4 April 1972.

 Smith, Elaine May 69 Years 26 Jul 2012 . Born 5-5-1943. Ashes Beam Row 701 Plot 66 w/o Robert Keith Smith

 Smith, Eleanor Margaret 80 Years 31 Dec 2017 of Madden St. Winchester. Ashes beam Row 700. Plot 73.
 wife of Mervyn Allan Smith 58 Years 1 March 1993

 Smith, Elizabeth 48 Years 6 Apr 1916 of Temuka no headstone Row 151 Plot 72.

 Smith, Elizabeth 46 Years 18 Mar 1932 of King St. Row 53. Plot 174.
 Smith, Walter Henry 71 Years 30th Sept.1955 of St Leonards Rd, Temuka [*72 years on headstone] 

Temuka Leader 19 March 1932 Page 2 MRS ELIZABETH SMITH
With comparative suddenness the death occurred early on Friday morning of Mrs Elizabeth Smith, wife of Mr W. H. Smith, at the age 46 years. Deceased was well-known and liked in the district, and the news came as a great shock to many. She had had an affection of the throat for some years, but the trouble did not become serious until about a week ago. A daughter of Mr and the late Mrs T. Earl, Mrs Smith was married at Christchurch 23 years ago, and has resided in Temuka ever since. Besides her husband, she leaves two sons, Harry and Earl. The funeral will take place at the Temuka Cemetery to-morrow.

 Smith, Eva 15 Jan 1935 of Meadows Settlement. no headstone.  Row 61 Plot 11

 Smith, Eva Cole 55 Years 13 May 1952 Born 1896. Wife of William James Munro Smith 1900 - 1944 of Seadown, aged 44 Row 50. Plot 649
 wife of William James Munro Smith 44 Years 13 Aug 1944 born 1900. Row 50 Plot 649
 Smith, Furneaux 74 Years 2 Jul 1957 aged 74 of Ewen Rd, Temuka Row 22 Plot 22
husband of Elizabeth Jane d. June 26th 1969 aged 74 [* not in database]
Smith, Rex Lindsay 79 Years 17 Apr 2008. Of 19 Lindsay St., Timaru. Not on headstone but in database. Same plot 22.

 Smith, George 83 Years 19 May 1929 of Main Rd, Temuka. Row 155 Plot 516.
husband of Maria Smith 77 Years  July 31st 1925

 Smith, George 86 Years 10 May 1927 of Temuka. Row 104. Plot 410.
 husband of Elizabeth Ellen Smith 63 Years 25 Nov 1911 [*Elisabeth in database]

 Smith, George Daniel 65 Years 9 May 1977
 Smith, George Joseph 74 Years 22 Dec 2002
 Smith, Harry Victor 93 Years 1 Dec 2003 Row 283 Plot 246
 Smith, Renee Olga 81 Years 29 Sept. 1985

  Smith, James 17 Dec 1918 aged 96 years Row 113 Plot 248
 husband of Janet Smith 18 Sep 1902, aged 77. Erected by their son Charles Smith

 Smith, Jessie 95 Years 4 Sep 2006 of Levens Lane. Row 266. Plot 870.
wife of  William Lawrence Smith 65 Years 26 May 1972

 Smith, Jessie Ann 1 Years 13 May 1891 Row 41 Plot 56.
daughter of  William Smith 60 Years of Pareora 6 Oct 1908 and Mary Smith
also their son John William Smith who died Feb. 4th 1910 aged 24 years. (in rather poor health for some time committed suicide) [listed as Smith, Male in database Row 41 Plot 57]
Mary Smith died Mary 17th 1937 in her 84th year.

Temuka Leader 8 October 1908 Page 2
Many residents in the Temuka district will regret to hear of the death of Mr William Smith, a former resident of Temuka, which took place after a long operation in a private hospital in Timaru on Tuesday, after a long and painful illness. The late Mr Smith was a Yorkshireman, and we believe came to the colony about 30 years ago. After living at Ashburton he came to Temuka, and took up a small farm on the, Factory road, which he carried on until about five years ago, when he went on a larger farm at Pareora. Mr Smith was a kind, upright, honest, conscientious man and earned the respect of all who knew him. He was a prominent member of the Primitive Methodist Church and was a valued local preacher of that body. For very many years he was superintendent of the Primitive Methodist Sunday School and carried out his duties with great zeal and earnestness. He leaves a widow and six children — two sons and four daughters to mourn his loss. The funeral will take place tomorrow (Friday), leaving Mr W. J. Lister's residence, Bank Street, Timaru at 11a.m, and arriving at Temuka at 1 p.m.

William Smith late of Southburn near Timaru - Farmer. Died at Nurse Morris' Private Hospital at Timaru 6th Oct. 1908. John William Smith and James Yeatman, of Albury, farmer, executors of will. Wife Mary Smith. Niece Emma Smith. Beaken Smith - son.

 Smith, John 17 Apr 1958 of Broadfields, Seadown age 3_ years Row 23 Plot 48 eldest s/o John and Jane Smith
 Smith, John Desmond 4 Sep 1928 Row 28 Plot 509.

 Smith, John Raymond 7 Apr 1949 Row 110. Plot 735. L.A.C. No. 429022 R.N.Z.A.F. Younger son of Frederick John and the late Constance Mary Sterndale Smith aged 25 years. Born Leven, Fife, Scotland.

 Smith, John Saunders 81 Years 3 Apr 1971 Vernon St., Winchester. Row 252. Plot 1049.
husband of  Mary Josephine Smith 93 Years 16 Feb 1985. R.I.P.

 Smith, John Thomas 22 Feb 1923 of Rakaia. No headstone. Row 155. Plot 597.
 Smith, Josephine 13 May 1895 aged 30 years Row 113. Plot 253.
also Frederick Ernest died 9th August 1895 aged 2½ years [not listed in database but on headstone]
Smith, Mark Saunders 23 Jul 1946 of Winchester [not listed on headstone but in plot]

 Smith, Kate Alice 11 Feb 1964 Row 262 Plot 26 Myra Hula Macdonald 24th July 1989 aged 87 listed on headstone.

 Smith, Lois Marion 6 Jul 1994 Row 53 Plot 433
Smith, Roland Stayers 73 Years 7 Oct 1974 [headstone incomplete DOD not listed for Roland] Roland has his own headstone in the RSA section Row 190 Plot 720 2nd NZEF 9936 CPl. NZ Medical Corps. [A four digit number means he signed up in 1939.]

 Smith, Louisa 28th Feb. 1907 aged 49 of Winchester Row 143 Plot 353. w/o Henry E. Smith

Louisa Smith of Winchester, widow, died 28th February 1907 aged 49. Undertaker Richard Bevin Comer, of Temuka. Wife of Henry E. Smith of Waihi Villa, Winchester in the county of Geraldine, woolclasser. Brother-in-law Arthur J. Shallard, wheel right of Linwood, CHCH. Niece Kathleen De Rinzz. Nephew ____ Young. [Arthur James Shallard married  Ellen Young in 1894] Henry Edward Smith b. 1854 married Louisa Young in 1877.

Press, 5 September 1940, Page 1
SMITH—On September 4, at Paroa, Henry Edward Smith; in his 87th year. (Late) of Winchester and Geraldine.)
SMITH—On September 4, 1940, at Paroa, Greymouth, Henry Edward Smith, late of Geraldine; in his 87th year. Interment To-day (Thursday). September 5, at Geraldine. [Henry Edward Smith married Kate Woodward in 1911. They had a child Norah Elizabeth Smith in 1913. Buried in the same plot is Alick H.W. Smith 1912-1988 (Alick Henry Woodard Smith b. 2 Jan. 1912), Margaret Smith 1916 -1986, Kate Smith 1884 -1981]

 Smith, M J 3 July 1918 of Temuka. Row 171 Plot 34 wife of Robert Smith.
Robert born March 9th 1853. Died June 29th 1918, late of Smithfield, Winchester. [* headstone reads that this is Robert's DOD]
also George Arthur Smith born May 1865 and died May 1888, late of Winchester.
also Bernard Smith Srgt. 9th Reinforcements eldest son of G.A. B.A. Smith killed in France 11th Dec. 1917 aged 31 years. 10/3741
Smith, Mary Jane 21 June 1944 Row 171 Plot 34 of Studholme St. Temuka, age 85
  George Arthur Edward SMITH age 27. 2nd Batt. Rifle Brigade son of  George Arthur Evans SMITH,  France. 24/286

Smith, Mabel Elizabeth 30 May 1950 aged 38  Row 165 Plot 801
Smith, William Died Jan. 7th 1943 aged 70 years. Row 165 Plot 502  [*again plots are side by side]
Smith, Norman 9 Dec 1902 Row 165 Plot 502 No headstone, with William.
 Smith, Mark Lawrence 25 May 1960 of Four Peaks, Geraldine. Row 23 Plot 57.
  Smith, Mary 8 Sep 1907 no photo  Row 0 Plot 0 [* Where is she buried?]
 Smith, Mathew John 53 Years 14 Nov 1950 of Timaru Row 160 Plot 671 Great War Veteran  NZEF 78256 Tpr. M.J. Smith N.Z. Mounted Rifles. [* 54 in database. 53 on headstone]  Born at Seadown 6th July 1897. Farm labourer. 154lbs. 5ft 9¾".  Enlisted 12 Oct. 1919 age 20 and 3 months. Eyes blue. Hair brown. Trooper N.G. Machine Gun Squad. Mother born in Scotland. Father: Matthew Smith, Seadown. Presbyterian. Born in Scotland.

 Smith, May Gavin 5 Nov 1989 aged 70 years of Ormsby St. Temuka
Smith, Samuel 21st Feb 1986 aged 83yrs

 Smith, Muriel Cordelia of Studholme St., Temuka, 57 Years May 30th 1951 age 58
also Robert Evans Smith 23rd June 1953 aged 74.
 Smith, Owen Lawrence 18 Aug 1994, aged 50, of The Pines, Geraldine. Row 286 Plot 1065

  Smith, Ronald George Andrew 72 Years [73 in database, 72 on headstone] 29 April 1992, of Wilmhurst Rd, Temuka. Row 220 Plot 49. 2nd NZEF 19722 L/Cpl 26th Battn.

 Smith, Shirley Fea 65 Years 10 Sept. 1997 of Kellands Hill Rd, Ashes Beam. Row 701 Plot 22. [DOD 26 Apr. 1997 in database]

 Smith, Stuart 69 Years 5 Jan 1957 of Temuka Row 21 Plot 11. No headstone.
 Smith, Walter Earl 83 Years 31 Mar 2008
 Smith, William 12 Oct 1889 of Temuka Row 163 Plot 226. Same plot as Sarah Johnson 12 Oct. 1885 and Annie Johnson who died 21st Oct. 1900. Smith not on headstone. 
 Smith, William Patrick H. 69 Years 9 Dec 1995 Row 230 Plot 78 2NZEF 654174 Pte W.P.H. Smith NZ Military Forces

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