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St Anne's, Pleasant Valley, Geraldine, New Zealand

The Church of St Anne's, Pleasant Valley, near Geraldine, N.Z.

This photo was taken on a lovely spring day, 6 Oct. 2009, by Margaret Todd.

Built in 1863 [sic], St Anne's is the oldest church in use in South Canterbury.  The timber used in the building being matai, kahikatea and totora was felled from the bush behind the church.  Originally the roof was of totora shingles.  The inside timber rafters and pews still bear the marks of the pitsaw and adze whilst the interior walls are the original clay and tussock pug.  The baptismal font and lectern are of excellent workmanship.  The work all voluntary by the early settlers including John Huffey. Rev. R. [Bob] Lowe. Posted on the outer door of the church in the 1970s.  

In 1862 it was decided a church was needed as Parson Brown was holding services in homes, sheds, and outdoors. Mr Grace donated half an acre of land and supplied all the timber for the building. Mr Hardcastle undertook to raise the balanced of the money needed to supplement the 200 pounds given by the Canterbury Provincials Council. St Anne's was built and the first service was held in February 1863 but a dance was held in the Church on the Saturday night before.

The church stands as a fitting tribute to the toil of this country's forefathers, and the quaint churchyard allows their stories to be kept alive, even though the characters have gone.

 The back view of the Church of St Anne's. Photo taken October 2004 by Winsome Griffin. The church has been recently painted.

The photo above shows the back of the church and  the cemetery is located directly behind the church. "Parson Brown" Laurence Lawson Brown conducted services in the community for a decade from 1865. The outside walls are protected by the weatherboards. The church is situated on Pleasant Valley Road, not very far out of Geraldine, towards Fairlie. Nearby is Talbot Forest, Geraldine and matai, kahikatea and totara and native song birds can be seen there. headstones
Photo inside taken 10 March 2013 by W.G.   sketch

Expect the door to be locked in this day and age.

Inside St. Anne's, 10 March 2013. Photo taken by Winsome G.

Press, 12 July 1865, Page 2
CONSECRATION. On Tuesday, the 4th inst., was consecrated, the little church of St. Ann's. in Pleasant Valley, in the district of Geraldine. The Bishop of Christchurch arrived at the entrance of the church-yard at eleven o'clock, and was there received by the Rev. L. L. Brown, B.A., who read the petition requesting his lordship to consecrate the ground and building. He was accompanied by Mr. Alfred Cox, churchwarden, and by nearly all the people resident in the neighbourhood. When the Bishop had agreed to the terms of the petition, a Psalm was read by the Bishop and people while they proceeded to the entrance of the church, when the usual consecration, service was celebrated. The Rev. L. L. Brown read the prayers, and the Bishop delivered short appropriate address; after which, the Holy Communion was administered, almost all of the congregation remaining to partake of it. The ground upon which this church has been built, is the gift of Mr. William Grace, senior, of Pleasant Valley, and the funds for the erection have been found by the Government grant, and by local offerings.

Temuka Leader 2 August 1900 Page 2 Pleasant Valley Church.
An interesting dedication service was held at the Pleasant Valley Church on Monday afternoon, when His Lordship Bishop Julius dedicated various gifts to the service of God. The little church at Pleasant Valley is quite an old landmark, having been built some 36 years ago. For years past, however, it has been in a rather ! baa state of repair, and about six months ago an effort was made to have it thoroughly renovated, which has now been done, the whole of the building outside having been repainted and the walls inside distempered afresh. Mrs Sercombe, of Woodbury, is deserving of much credit in connection with the great improvements which have been made in the church, having been busy collecting funds for the past six months towards furnishings for the altar, etc. This lady has kindly worked a beautiful altar cloth and a dossal, and given brass flower vases for use in the church, and put curtains round the chancel and curtained off the vestry. Besides this work she has made a handsome hanging for the lectern with a scriptural monogram on it. A beautiful polished altar cross was made by the Rev. S. Hamilton. With all these improvements the church is now a pleasant little place of worship. The service took place at 3p. m. on Monday, when the church was well filled. His Lordship took for his text Psalm S4 l .. " How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts." He showed that a church might not in itself be very beautiful, but it was made beautiful by association, and those who worshipped for a long time in one church became attached to it. If they took bad thoughts into a church they destroyed the beauty which it ought to have for them, and it was only those who were true worshippers really understood the beauty of a church. Amongst the congregation were parishioners from Geraldine and other parts, and several members of the choir of St. Mary's assisted the singing.

Looks like the three has been changed. Press, 7 October 1920, Page 3
At St. Anne's Church, Pleasant. Valley, a brass tablet to the memory of Mr and Mrs Thomas Hardcastle was unveiled by. the Rev. Harold Purchas, vicar of Geraldine, in the presence of a large congregation. The reverend gentleman paid a tribute to the pioneers, and spoke more particularly of the work of Mr and Mrs Thomas Hardcastle, who with their family, arrived in New Zealand in 1858, and made their home at Castlewood, where they were instrumental in the erection of the church there, which was one of the oldest In Canterbury. Mention was also made of contemporaries of Mr and Mrs Thomas Hardcastle, and of the sawyers who worked in the adjacent bush, of whom the only survivors are Mr Robert Taylor, of Geraldine, and Mr William Bennett, of Christchurch. The tablet bears the following inscription : "To the glory of God, and in loving memory of Thomas Hardcastle, of Castlewood, by whose efforts the church of St. Anne's was erected in the year 1865. Churchwarden 1867-1882, lay reader 1867-1882. Died at Timaru 1897, aged 80. Also of Caroline Hardcastle, his wife, who died at Timaru in 1913, aged 89. At rest."  

It was the second church in South Canterbury to be built but is the oldest in use on its original site. The first church, St Mary's, Timaru, was built in wood but later replaced by the impressive stone building we see today.  This church commemorates the name of Anne, wife of Rev. L.L. Brown. She is buried in the churchyard cemetery.  William Grace gave half an acre, a forest block, for the site and timber for the building.  Lt. Belford Woollcombe, the resident magistrate in Timaru, drew plans for a simple church to accommodate up to forty people and the timber was felled and pit sawn by locals. The church was built by John Huffey, a builder, and William Young, a carpenter, who both gave their services for free.  The church's completion was celebrated by holding a dance in it and the first baptisms are recorded as taking place here on 30th August, 1863; Athol Richard Meredith, Catherine Anne Bennett and Margaret Paterson. The first wedding took place on January 15, 1865, when William Chambers, a shepherd, married Mary Quaid. Bishop Harper performed the consecration 4 July 1865. By the 1880s the timber had been cut out in Pleasant Valley so the area's population decreased and became a farming community. The church in The Anglican Parish of Geraldine was renovated in 1934 with financial assistance from Mrs. Burdon. The outside cob walls are now protected by the weatherboards but those inside remain exposed. The community has continue to support church's preservation and it is now registered with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and has a category 2 rating. In 1962 extensive restoration was necessary and the NZ Historic Places Trust helped with the repairs. Pit-sawn weatherboards were replaced, the matai flooring was swapped with rimu, except in the sanctuary and supporting buttresses were added to the building's exterior. The building has been as used by various denominations for their services. Mildred Burdon died 26 August 1938.

St. Anne's Church is registered as category 2. Historic place of historical or cultural heritage significance or value.St. Anne's is 150 years old - Anniversary Weekend was 9 & 10 March 2013. The Bush walk was along the hill behind the church - QEII covenant. Lt. Belford Woollcombe, the resident magistrate in Timaru, drew plans for a simple church to accommodate up to forty people and the timber was felled and pit sawn by locals. The church's completion was celebrated by holding a dance in it and the first baptisms are recorded as taking place here on 30th August, 1863. Bishop Harper performed the consecration in 1865.

Timaru Herald 31/01/2013
St Anne's Church has reached another milestone and the people of Pleasant Valley plan to celebrate. The church turns 150 this year, which will be marked in style with a two-day celebration. The celebrations will get under way with A Day in The Valley on March 9. It will include a tour, exhibition, bush walk, an open day at the old school and playground, talks and home visits. The day will finish with a tea and dance at the Pleasant Valley Hall from 3.30pm. Festivities will continue on March 10, at 10.30am, with a service of thanksgiving and celebration. Bishop Victoria Matthews will attend the service to preach and dedicate a commemorative patchwork wall-hanging crafted by Marie Temple. St Anne's Church, built in 1863, is one of the oldest wooden churches in the Christchurch diocese. It was the second church to be built in South Canterbury. The building has been repaired over the years and in 1961 was in need of "extensive restoration". In 1962 the National Historic Places Trust helped with the restoration needed. Pit-sawn weatherboards were replaced and the matai flooring was swapped for rimu. Supporting buttresses were also added to the exterior. Convener Jan Hill has started preparations for the festivities, but requires help from the public. "We would like photocopies of photos, information for displays about Pleasant Valley life and people's memoirs. People have lovely memories of when they went to school and had bottles of milk."

Timaru Herald 11 March 2013
Locals, the bishop and descendants of the first pioneers at Pleasant Valley attended St Anne's Church 150th anniversary in the weekend. The Anglican church was built in 1863 by Thomas Hardcastle and Parson Brown using totara, kahikatea and matai wood with cob clay and tussock. It was known as the Orari Parish and pre-dated settlement in Geraldine. Eight of Mr Hardcastle's descendants took part in the anniversary events. Marie Temple, a descendant by marriage of Edwin Castle who lived in Castlewood, one of the original houses in the valley, made a wall hanging for the anniversary. Saturday started with a prayer and the unveiling of the wall hanging of the Four Peaks mountain range and the church, before a bush walk through the regenerated bush. It had been milled by the early settlers, and at one time, there were three mills in the area. Anniversary organiser and valley resident Jan Hill opened her 100-year-old home to visitors, some of whom had lived in it when they were young or had been born in it when it had been owned by a midwife. Yesterday Christchurch Anglican Bishop Victoria Matthews took a service in the church to conclude the celebratory weekend and bless the wall hanging, followed by a lunch. A special wall hanging was unveiled as part of St Anne's Church's 150th celebrations on Saturday. From left are Margaret Griffiths and Alice Robinson, and Marie Temple who made the wall hanging.

James D  Richardson, photographer. Born in Auckland 1878; died 16 March 1942. He was a keen photographer and on his death, the negatives were willed to the Library and prints were supplied to the War Memorial Museum. 

Timaru Herald 4 October 1920 Page 8  [Bridget O'Riley married James Patrick Kalaugher in 1866]
There passed away last Sunday morning at Temuka, one of the old identities of South Canterbury, by the death of Mrs J. P. Kalaugher senr., of Geraldine. She was born in Bundoran, Ireland, on March 21, 1832. She landed in Lyttelton in the year 1857, and lived in Christchurch until 1859. She then came up country, and was engaged at the late Mr Alfred Cox's Raukapuka station. She was married in 1866 at St. Ann's Church, Pleasant Valley, by the Rev. Lawrence Brown. She had the happiness of being attended by and of receiving the latest rites of the Church from the Rev. Father Kimbell. She was buried on Tuesday morning at Geraldine, Dean Bowers attending at the burial service. A family of three mourn their loss- Mr Kalaugher, Auckland; Mrs E. Clements, Sydney; and Mrs H. E. Gillum, Temuka. [James died Oct. 28 197 aged 81. Bridget died Sept. 26th 1920 aged 87. R.I.P.]

Timaru Herald, 19 November 1875, Page 3
WILSON - HARDCASTLE. -On the 3rd instant, at St. Anne's Church, Pleasant Valley, by the Rev. James Preston, James Park, eldest son of Alexander Wilson, Esq., of Temuka, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Thomas Hardcastle, Esq.. of Castlewood, Pleasant Valley, Canterbury.

Timaru Herald 26th FEBRUARY, 1880 Marriage
BROWN - BENNETT. On the 9th February, 1880, at St. Anne's Church, Pleasant Valley, by the Rev. L.L. Brown, B.A., Henry Faber Brown, to Catherine Annie Bennett.

Star 7 October 1885, Page 2
Saunders - Green. Oct. 5, by the Rev James Preston, at St Ann's Church, Pleasant Valley, Geraldine, Francis Alfred Saunders, fifth son of the late Robert Saunders, Esq., Havlet Strand, Guernsey, to Francis Eliza Easton, fourth daughter of George Green, Esq., of Messing, Essex, England.

Timaru Herald March 1897 WEDDING:
TEMPLE - TINCLER. Mr. G. L. Temple, son of Captain and Mrs Temple, Pleasant Valley, and Miss Iola [sic] B. Tincler, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Tincler, solicitor, Dublin. At St. Mary's Church, Geraldine. [See details published 02/02/1897, page 2.]

Timaru Herald, 2 March 1897, Page 2
Mr A. L. Temple, of the firm of Smith and Temple, eldest son of Captain and Mrs Temple, Pleasant Valley, was married on Thursday to Miss Ida B. Tincler, eldest daughter of the late Mr Tincler, solicitor, of Dublin. The wedding took place at St. Mary's Church, Geraldine, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. J. Preston. There was a large attendance of the public, and the Church was well decorated for the occasion. The bride, who was given away by Mr R. T. W. Sercombe, of Rakonui, was attired in a very becoming dress of cream brocaded alpaca trimmed with cream satin and chiffon. She wore a wreath of orange blossom and veil, and carried a shower bouquet. The bridesmaid was Miss S. Larie (daughter of Mrs Sercombe), and Mr E. G. Temple acted as best man. In the afternoon Mr and Mrs Sercombe gave an "At Home," to which a large circle of friends was invited. The bride and bridegroom were the recipients of a great many presents, and left at 4.30 p.m. for Winchester.

Timaru Herald March 1900 Marriage
LEWIS - GREENALL. At St Anne's Church, Pleasant Valley, by the Rev. Staples Hamilton, David Elliot, second son of Mr Joseph Lewis, Winchester, to Ellen, eldest daughter of the later Mr John Greenall, Pleasant Valley.

Inside the porch.

Veronica Whall's first stained glass window in New Zealand "Two Angels in a Vine" which was donated by Mildred Burdon a friend of  Veronica Whall's aunt, Ethel H. Moffat, who the window commemorates is the alter window. Ethel was a sister of Christopher Whall a prominent stained glass artist in England. 

Inside the church is a plaque: "In memory of Rupert Theordore Walton SERCOMBE died March 1944, also of  Sophie Maria Eleanor his wife, died February 1940. They gave faithful and willing service to this church for many years. Erected by their old friends". 

Barker, N.G.		d. Jul 3 1969	age 75	7/1044 1st NZEF PTE Canterbury MTD Rifles
Barker, Dorothy M.	d. Feb 22 1975	age 80
Brown, Andrew		d. Dec 18 1923	age 73
Brown, Elizabeth	d. Sep 18 1930	age 67
Smith, John Wilson	b. May 18 1836	d. Nov 20 1896	late of Bradford, Yorkshire
Brown, Rachel		d. Nov 03 1903	age 14 		child of Andrew and Elizabeth Brown
Brown, James		d. Feb 14 1905	age 19 		child of Andrew and Elizabeth Brown
Brown, William Andrew	d. Jul 17 1919	age 16		child of Andrew and Elizabeth Brown

Brown, Laurence Lawson	b. Feb 15 1889	d. Oct 11  1889
Brown, Eleanor Faber 	b. Jun 04 1848	d. May 24  1881
Brown, Anne Grey	b. May 23 1828	d. Nov 22 1893	

Brown, George Faber	b. Jun 18 1855	d. Aug 18 1894
Brown, Henry Faber	b. May 18 1851	d. Apr 8 1933
Brown, Catherine Anne	b. Dec 3 1863	d. Jun 29 1950
Bull, Mary		d. Jun 22 1887	age 51		wife of Thomas Bull
Bull, Thomas		d. May 1 1904	in his 78th year
Bull, John		d. Jun 12 1908	age 71
Burdon, Cotsford Mathew	b. Mar 27 1860	d. Jun 3 1920
Burdon, Mildred		b. Jan 27 1869	d. Aug 26 1938
Ebbett, E.P.B. 		d. Oct 15 1953	age 39		FT/Lieut   (AFC) RNZAF 70098
Hardcastle, Thomas	d. Jan 8 1897	age 80		also his wife
Hardcastle, Caroline	d. Nov 27 1913	age 90 years	Settlers in the Valley 1863-1882
Hardcastle, Catherine	d. Jan 1 1882	age 15		youngest child of Thomas and Caroline Hardcastle also
Hardcastle, Jane	d. Sep 6 1882	age 20		their third child

Howden, Thomas  	b. May 22  1865 d. 21 Apr 1883 	s/o Edward & Elizabeth Howden
Keen, William		b. 1864		d. 1937
Keen, Elizabeth		b. 1863		d. 1946

Keen, Elizabeth Jane 	aged 83 years
Keen, William		aged 73 years
Temple, Ida Emilie	b. 1873		d. 1953		wife of A.L. Temple and also her beloved husband
Temple, Arthur Leofric	b. 1869		d. 1956
Reesby Temple, Mary 	b. 1922		d. 1997		(Molly)loved wife of Malcolm
Smith, John Wilson 	b. May 18 1836 d. Nov 20 1896 	late of Bradford, Yorkshire possibly / probably illegible gravestone
Temple, L.C.M.		b. 1872		d. 1951
Temple, A.B.		b. 1871		d. 1952
Templer, E.D.		d. Feb 28 1982			7/434 1st NZEF SGT Canterbury MTD Rifles
Templer, Rose Agnes	b. 1895		d. 1952
Sercombe, Sophie M.E.	b. 1855		d. 1940
Sercombe, R.T. Walton	b. 1861		d. 1944
Shaw, Keith Maxwell 	b. 5 Nov 1920 - 17 Sept. 2008 	on wall
Webb, William		d. Dec 5 1916	age 78 years 	and his beloved wife
Webb, Edith		d. Jan 26 1962	age 86 years
Harries, Edwin L.	?89
Wilson Beatrice Lillian	d. Apr 27 1887	age 5	 	only and beloved child of James and Elizabeth Wilson
Withers, Percy Gideon	d. Apr 4  1951			1865-1951
Withers, Ellen (Nellie)	d. Jul 8 1936			1870-1936
Woods, Thomas Sydney	age 75

Woods, Lilian Joyce (Joy)	b. 16 Jan 1922	d. 26 Apr 1981
Woods, Fairlie Sydney (Syd)	b. 21 Jan 1914- 28 Sept. 2002 
I lift up my eyes to the hills.

Transcribed by Olwyn at the cemetery late in the afternoon, August 1999, and it was cold.
St Anne's entrance. 1999

Photos below and on next page taken April 2010 by M.T on a lovely autumn day and transcription update.

Gravestones since 1999 - edited by Margaret Todd 1st May 2010
44 Woods, Fairlie Sydney (Syd) 	b.31 January 1914 d. 29 September 2002 
					I Lift Up My Eyes To The Hills

45 Allen, Jocelyn Ruth 		(nee Temple) wife of Ted 1-2-1927  1-3-2000

46 Gualter, H Seymour 		18381 2nd NZEF Pte NZ Infantry d.5.11.1989 aged 88 yrs.
   Gualter, Mary C 			d. 21.4.2000 aged 92yrs

47 Shaw, Keith Maxwell 		5 Nov 1920  17 Sept 2008 dearly loved
   					husband of Margaret, beloved father of Catherine, Grandfather of Harry McDonough

48 Tanner, Dorothy Amy 		b. 1923 d. 1998
49 Tanner, Raymond Jack 		b. 1916 d. 2003 Married in this church 1972

50 McDonough, Catherine Margaret b. 1959 d. 1995 Precious daughter of 
   					Keith and Margaret Shaw, loved wife of Albert & devoted mother of Harry. Tragically taken aged 36

51 Temple, E Peter S 		b.22nd October 1921 d.2nd November 1997

52 Barrett, Graeme John 		beloved eldest child of Allynne Phillips Woods 
					b. 9-9-57 - d. 2.2.65 Suffer the little children to come unto me.

54 Temple, John David Hinson 	b.17-1-1925 d. 25-11-1995 Elder son of John and Natalie Temple (Timaru) and husband of Rachel (Dunedin)

55 Temple, Roger Grenville 	b.19-2-1924 d. 8-1-1991 second son of Edwyn G & Aileen M Temple(Gapes Valley) 
					and husband of Marie (Geraldine)
56 Barker, Norman Temple 		b.1927 d.2004

57 Hamilton, L C 			b. 1900 d.1971
58 Hamilton, S C 			b. 1897 (Ashburton) d.1979

59 Barker, George Temple 		b. 22-07-1924 d. 01-03-2005 Husband of Marie and Molly

FT/Lieut. E.P.B. Ebbett  A.F.C.

H. Seymour Gualter 18381 2nd NZEF N.Z. Infantry 

In loving memory of Jocelyn Ruth Allen
9nee Temple)
Dearly loved wife of Ted
1-2-1927______ 1-3-2000

E.D. Templer d. 28 Feb. 1982

Thomas and Caroline Hardcastle - settlers in the valley 1863-1882

Timaru Herald, Thursday 7 September 1882, Page 3
FUNERAL NOTICE. THE Friends of Thomas and Caroline Hardcastle are respectfully invited to attend the Interment of their late daughter Jane, at the Pleasant Valley Church on SATURDAY NEXT. The Funeral will leave Mr J. P. Wilson's house, Pleasant Valley, at 1 p.m.

Otago Witness, 14 January 1897, Page 25
Obituary- - Mr Thomas Hardcastle, an old identity in South Canterbury, died on Friday afternoon last at the advanced age of 80. Deceased was one of the earliest agricultural settlers in South Canterbury, having arrived in the ship Maori in 1858. The deceased was particularly well known in the Geraldine district, where he lived for many years, and his remains were interred in the little churchyard at Pleasant Valley, Geraldine, on Sunday afternoon.

Star 9 January 1897, Page 6 THOMAS HARDCASTLE.
Timaru Herald, 9 January 1897, Page 2
A very old settler, in the person of Mr Thomas Hardcastle, passed away at Timaru yesterday, at the age of eighty years. Mr Hardcastle arrived in Lyttelton in the ship Maori, Captain Petherbridge, on July 14, 1858, and resided for a few months at Kaiapoi. Shortly after his arrival in New Zealand he was appointed manager of the property now known as the Longbeach Estate, which was then owned by the late Mr J. E. Fitzgerald, and Messrs C. P. Cox, Hunter Brown, and G. Draper. After holding this position for about four years he took up land at Pleasant Valley, near Geraldine (he purchased the land from Mr Alfred Cox), and so improved it that his pretty homestead of Castlewood [669 acres] was known far and wide. For some years he devoted his attention to stock raising, and carried on a large dairy farm. In 1882 he sold the property, and since that time has led a more or less retired life in Timaru. Having been an enthusiastic follower of hunting in England, he was generally to be found at meets in South Canterbury. He took an active part in local government matters, and was for several years a member of the Geraldine County Council and the Geraldine Road Board. He was also a member and for some time Chairman of the Pleasant Valley School Committee. For many years he was a lay reader at St Anne's Church, Geraldine. He was much liked and respected for his upright character and for his kindly and courteous nature, as well as for his hospitality. He leaves a widow, [Caroline nee Hebb b. 30 Sept. 1824 in Leven, East Yorkshire, ENG] and grown-up family, consisting of three daughters and six sons.

A Kiwi Family Story On 17 October 1881 1038 acres of freehold land at Pleasant Valley, was sold at public auction, was subdivided into eight farms, this was land owned by Thos. Hardcastle, Esq. of Castlewood. see Timaru Herald, 13 October 1881, Page 3.

Timaru Herald, 12 January 1897, Page 2
The mortal remains of the late Mr Thomas Hardcastle were interred on Sunday afternoon in St. Ann's Churchyard, Pleasant Valley, the Rev J. Preston, an old friend of the deceased, performing the burial service. As no timely public announcement could be made, there was not a large attendance, but some of the old friends of the family were present from the Valley, Geraldine and Woodbury, and a few from Timaru.

Ashburton Guardian, 28 November 1913, Page 2 MRS THOMAS HARDCASTLE
Press, 28 November 1913, Page 4
Another of the pioneers of Canterbury passed away yesterday at Timaru in the person of Mrs Hardcastle, widow of the late Mr Thomas Hardcastle, at the advanced ago of 89 years. The deceased lady was born at Leven, near Beverley, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and came to New Zealand with her husband and the elder portion of their family in the ship Maori, arriving at Lyttelton in July, 1858. After a short time spent at Kaiapoi arid at the Springs station, the late Mrs Hardcastle resided for four years at Longbeach where her husband was manager, and when the now noted estate was in its wild, natural state. Twenty years were spent in Pleasant Valley, the well-known homestead, Castlewood. Mr Hardcastle then retired to live in Timaru, where he died in 1897. The late Mrs Hardcastle was a strong-minded, practical woman, well fitted for the life of a pioneer. She was devoted to her home and family, and was much respected by all who know her. Though confined to her bed during the last few years, the deceased lady's mental faculties remained unimpaired to the last, and yesterday she passed away peacefully. Of a family of twelve children she leaves three daughters and six sons, a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She will be buried on Saturday in St. Ann's Churchyard, Pleasant Valley, beside her husband and two of her daughters.

Eleven of their thirteen children were born in Pleasant Valley, Geraldine. The oldest two died before the parents arrived in New Zealand and Thomas is now buried with two of his daughters who died, aged 15 and 20, in 1882 and a grandchild. The little church in Pleasant Valley was erected mainly by his exertions, and while at Castlewood he assisted as lay-reader to maintain regular services.

Thomas Hardcastle, 40, Nottingshire, labourer & mechanic, paid 55 pounds for the family to come out to Canterbury arriving in Lyttelton 14 July 1858 in the Maori.
Ages from passenger list. Caroline, wife- 33
1. John, age 10,  b: Sep. 1846 in Beverley, East Yorkshire, ENG.
2. Thomas, age 9,  b: abt. 1848 in Newark, Lincolnshire, ENG.
3. Elizabeth, age 7,  b:  abt. 1850 in Newark, Lincolnshire, ENG.
4. Cresser, age 5,  b:  abt. 1852 in Newark, Lincolnshire, ENG.
5. Caroline, age 4,  b:  abt. 1853 in Newark, Lincolnshire, ENG.
6. Edward, age 2,  b: ABT 1855 in Newark, Lincolnshire, ENG.
7. Charles, age 1, b: MAR 1857 in Newark, Lincolnshire, ENG.
8. Jane b:  abt. 1862 in NZ
9. Catherine  b:  abt. 1867 in NZ

Evening Post, 11 June 1925, Page 13
The wedding of Miss Dorothy Hardcastle, M.A., of the staff of the Timaru Girls' High School, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hardcastle, of Timaru, to Mr. Thomas Wooding, son of Mr and Mrs. J. Wooding, of Woodbury, South Canterbury, took place at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, recently. The bride's dainty gown was of soft white satin, very, simply cut, and with the slight drapings held to the left side with handsome pearl ornaments. There were hanging sleeves of georgette, and a spray of orange blossoms was on the left shoulder. The long tulle veil was held in place by a bandeau of satin ribbon tied in a butterfly bow at the back of the head, with two trails of orange blossom meeting at the front. The shower bouquet was of white chrysanthemums, pink roses, and pink carnations, tied with silver ribbon, and the bride wore a long pearl necklet, the gift of the bridegroom. The veil was lent by a friend, and worn over the face. The bridesmaid was Miss Frances Wooding, in a becoming frock of mauve moire marocain, and a hat of mauve and silver, the bouquet carried being of lemon chrysanthemums and mauve and lemon daisies, with streamers of gold ribbon. Two little maids, who were flower girls, Winsome and Naumai Squire, were in charming frocks of embroidered white organdi, and had bandeaux and butterfly bows of mauve tulle tied at the side of the head, their posies being of white and lemon chrysanthemums tied with mauve ribbons. They also wore pearl necklets, the presents of the bridegroom. The wedding reception was held at the Goode Intente Rooms, when a large number of relatives and friends attended the wedding breakfast. Later the bride and bridegroom left for the North, the bride wearing a brown and fawn tweed costume, smart brown hat, fur-trimmed coat, and with a lovely bouquet of violets tied with purple ribbons, presented by the girls of Form IV. of the High School. A pretty attention offered to the bride at the church by the girls of the school was the presentation to her of a silver horseshoe tied with white satin ribbons. Mr. and Mrs. T. Wooding are taking a motor tour in Marlborough before returning South.   

William and Edith Webb

Percy Gideon Withers 1865 - 1951

Thomas Sydney Woods

There are no dates on Thomas Sydney Woods' headstone.
Thomas Sydney Woods b. 1878 Balclutha d. 24.04.1953 74yrs.

Fairlie Sydney Woods & Lilian Joyce Woods

William HOWES b. 1850, UK, d. 1925 Nelson, NZ and his wife Caroline (nee TURNER).William and Caroline left Gravesend in London on 10 February 1874 on the sailing ship Atrato, arriving in Lyttelton in New Zealand on 8 June 1874. Before William and Caroline left England, they had already arranged to work in Pleasant Valley, near Geraldine, and their new employer met them at Timaru. Eleven of the thirteen children were born in Pleasant Valley, Geraldine. The oldest two died before the parents arrived in New Zealand and the second child Peter, was not officially named as he died at the age of 5 days.  Three died young and are buried in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, the graves are unmarked.  Posted 22 Jan. 2002.
John b. 1876 d. 1883
Peter b. 1883 d. 1883
Stanley b 1890, d 1890.

Reference: Online. At the conclusion of a formation flypast to commemorate the end of the London-Christchurch Air Race on Thursday 15 October 1953 there was a mid air collision over Wigram. The RNZAF De Havilland DH.104 Devon crashed into a paddock about 200 yards from NZ1811 and was destroyed. Flight Lieutenant Edwin Ebbett, AC1 Brian Keogh and AC1 Eric Melrose killed and the aircraft was destroyed.

Searching for the wine in old St Anne's by Peter McLauchlan
St. Anne's Church (Pleasant Valley)  oldest church in South Canterbury still in regular use.
Series: Canterbury sketchbook The Press, 1995 Jan. 28, Weekend, p. 16 From: Christchurch City Libraries

This photo was taken on a lovely spring day, 6 Oct. 2009, by Margaret Todd. 

Timaru Herald 20 December 1919 Page 7 BUTTERS  WALTON
A very pretty wedding was solemnised in the Anglican Church, Pleasant Valley, on Wednesday, 10th December, when Miss Violet Louise Walton only daughter of Mr and Mrs W. G. Walton 'The Pines' was joined in holy bonds of matrimony to Mr Joseph Butters, only son of Mr J. Butters, Sherwood Downs. Rev. Canon Hamilton was the officiating clergyman. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked charming in a wedding dress of ivory voile, handsomely silk embroidered, with a becoming tulle veil and orange blossoms. She also carried a sheaf of Arum lilies, with satin streamers. As the bride entered the church the sweet strains of the Bridal March came from the organ, which was presided over by Mrs Vucetich. The bride was accompanied by her cousin Miss Hodgkinson, of Upper Riccarton, as bridesmaid, who was prettily attired in a check costume, and leghorn hat, lined with blue, and daintily trimmed with black velvet ribbon and pink posies, and carried a beautiful bouquet. Mr G.H. Walton acted as best man. After the ceremony, at the residence of the bride's parents, "The Pines" a sumptuous wedding breakfast was tastily laid out and partaken of by the assembled friends. The Rev. Canon Hamilton proposed the toast of the newly-wedded couple, wishing all happiness, health and prosperity in their married lives, and especially referred in eulogistical terms to the many services rendered by the bride in officiating at the musical portions of the church services in the district. The bridegroom suitably responded. Several toasts were honoured, and all present spent a most, enjoyable time. The happy couple received numerous congratulations and many handsome presents, including a number of cheques. The bridegroom's present to the bride was a lovely gold pendent, encasing amethyst and pearls and to the bridesmaids, a handsome gold bangle. The bride's travelling costume was of grey tweed with saxe blue hat. The happy couple left by motor car en route for the north.

Sarah Louisa HODGKINSON b. 1865 (parents Sarah and Charles Hodgkinson) and Walter George WALTON (parents William and Mary Ann Walton) married in NZ 1888. Children:
1889 Walton Charles William
1890 Walton George Heathcop
1892 Walton Violet Louise
1895 Walton Walter Alfred
1903 Walton Lawrence Stuart

Charles Hodgkinson (1826-88) was the verger of St. Peters, Riccarton 1861 and 1863. He was a gardener of Riccarton. He wife was Sarah Mellor? He died 20 June 1888 aged 62. His wife Sarah died 20 Dec. 1995 aged 70. Both buried at the churchyard Upper Riccarton Cemetery. Sarah Louisa married at St. Peter's, Upper  Riccarton 26 June 1888, Walter George Walton, lab. of Woodend s/o Henry W. & Marcy Ann Heathcote. Ref. Macdonald Dictionary.

Lyttelton Times 17 July 1877 Page 2 Death Hodgkinson July 10, at Makikihi, Joseph, second son of Charles Hodgkinson, of Upper Riccarton. aged 23.

10th December 1919 at Chalmers Church, Timaru, Joe Butters married Violet Louise Walton, the sister of Charles Walton who married Joseph's sister 10th March 1920.

Charles William Walton married Frances May Butters in 1920.
Charles W. Walton NZEF 49660, Canterbury Regiment, died 23 Jan. 1960, buried Geraldine, War Pensioner. May Frances WALTON buried at Geraldine, died 26 Aug. 1960 aged 63. Address 42 Wilson St., Geraldine.
Charles was born at St. Andrews, near Timaru 27th May 1889 to Louisa and Walter WALTON. Father W.G. Walton, Pleasant Valley, born in Christchurch. Mother born in NZ. 
Private Charles Walton, farm hand, Pleasant Valley, Geraldine, last employer, Mr Hayder, Woodside, N.Z. C of E. Born 27 May 1889.
Attested 1 March 1917 at Timaru.
Complexion: Ruddy. hair dark. Eyes grey. 5ft 4 and a quarter inches. C.I.R. Enlisted at age 27 and ten months. Service 1 year and 319 days.
Disembarked Devonport 16 Aug. 1917. Marched in 2nd C.I.R. at Sling. 27 Sept. 1917 left for France. 27 Sept. 1917 marched into Camp at Etaples. 9 Oct. 1917 joined battalion in field.
Discharged 21 March 1919. 30 Sept. 1919 Reported Missing. Prisoner of War. Unofficially reported Wounded. Released 9th Dec. 1918. Arrived Ripon. Reports at N.Z.C.A. Codford 12 Jan. 1919. Embarked 12 March 1919 per Cornthic for NZ from Tilbury. Disembarked Lyttelton April 22 1919.
After discharge c/o Mr Morris, Clayton Station, Fairlie.

NZ Marriages - 1892 Jessie Bisset married  Joseph Butters.  Children of Jessie and Joseph Butters:
1895 Butters Frances May
1893 Butters Joseph

Otago Witness 13 December 1916 Page 37
BUTTERS. On December 6, at Fairlie, Jessie loved wife of Joseph Butters, and fourth daughter of the late William and Agnes Bissett, of Kaitangata. Deeply regretted. Aged 45. Buried Fairlie.

Jessie had died in 1916 and her husband Mr J. Butters to try and cheer up his daughter put on a 21st birthday party for her and invited her best friend Emma Snushall. Two Joseph Butters married in NZ in 1919. The son and the father remarried. Joseph Sr. married Emma in 1919 and had four sons. Ernest "Ernie" Gowans Butters born 1920 to Emma Louisa and Joseph Butters. Walter James Butters, brother to Ernest. Wattie married Audrey Fairlie Butters. Wattie, farmer, Sherwood Downs, died 2 Dec. 1956 at Timaru.

1919 Emma Louisa Snushall married Joseph Butters. Emma L. born 6 Sept. 1899. Died 1973.
Timaru Herald 15 October 1919 Page 6 BUTTERS SNUSHALL. On October 1st, at Chalmers Presbyterian Manse, Timaru, by Rev. Harries, Joseph Butters, Fairlie, to Emma Louisa Snushall, Fairlie.
Timaru Herald 12 March 1921 Page 8 BUTTERS. At Geraldine, on March 10th, the wife of Joseph Butters jnr., Orari, of a daughter. Both doing well.
[Son Joseph Francis Butters, painter, Timaru died 12 Sept 1974 aged 51, WW2 N.Z. Armoured Corps, 2NZEF. Daughter Jessie Louisa Butters. Son Robert Walter Butters]
Geraldine Cemetery: Joseph Butters died 27 Jan. 1957 aged 90.  Loved husband of Emma Louisa Butters. Emma died 8th July 1973 aged 74.

Joseph Jr. married Violet Walton in 1919 and his sister May Butters married Charles Walton, in 1920, Violet's brother. So a brother and a sister married a sister and brother.
NZ Marriages - 1919 Violet Louise Walton married Joseph Butters (born 1893). Joseph was a labourer of Waimate. Violet born at St. Andrews, south of Timaru, died 5th Oct. 1941 at Waimate. Witness to her will was Iris Caffie White of Waimate, Hospital Sister on 25th Sept. 1941.

Press, 7 October 1920, Page 3
At St. Anne's Church, Pleasant Valley, a brass tablet to the memory of Mr and Mrs Thomas Hardcastle was unveiled by the Rev. Harold Purchas, vicar of Geraldine, in the presence of a large congregation. The reverend gentleman paid a tribute to the pioneers, and spoke more particularly of the work of Mr and Mrs Thomas Hardcastle, who with their family, arrived in New Zealand in 1808, and made their home at Castlewood, where they were instrumental in the erection of the church there, which was one of the oldest In Canterbury. Mention was also made of contemporaries of Mr and Mrs Thomas Hardcastle, and of the sawyers who worked in the adjacent bush, of whom the only survivors are Mr Robert Taylor, of Geraldine, and Mr William Bennett, of Christchurch. The tablet bears the following inscription "To the glory of God, and in loving memory of Thomas Hardcastle, of Castlewood, by whose efforts the church of St. Anne's was erected in the year 1865. Churchwarden 1867-1882, lay reader 1867-1882. Died at Timaru 1897, aged 80. Also of Caroline Hardcastle, his wife, who died at Timaru in 1913, aged 89. At rest."

Waimate Cemetery:
Joseph Butters 18 Oct. 1962 aged 69.
Violet Louise Butters died 5 Oct. 1941 age 49.

"history has been left undisturbed as that wee country church is now one hundred and fifty years old."

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