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Arrival of the Rangitiki at Lyttelton, NZ Dec. 1880


South Canterbury NZGenWeb Project

New Zealand Bound

Gravesend to Lyttelton after a passage of 101 days
December 1880

Shipping: Lyttelton. Arrived.
Dec. 7 - Rangitiki, ship, 1225 tons, Milman, from London. New Zealand Shipping Company, agents.

Timaru Herald Thursday 9 December 1880

Arrival of the Rangitiki
A little overdue, the New Zealand Shipping Company's well known ship Rangitiki mTimaru Herald  Dec. 9th  1880 page 1ade Lyttelton yesterday afternoon, Dec. 7th 1880. A great many of the friends of her commander, Captain Milman, and some of the passengers, old "colonials," returning to the more congenial climate of the "Britain of the South," went off to welcome the good ship into port. The passengers, numbering about fifty [64], had a most eulogistic opinion to give both the ship, her officers, and the voyage they had made. There was an entire absence of serious sickness amongst them during the passage and the only incident necessitating medical skill was of a congratulatory character, namely, the birth of a daughter of Mrs Murray, one of the steerage passengers, on last Saturday night at midnight. Theatrical entertainment, concerts, and the periodical issue of the Rangitiki Press, pleasantly counteracted the otherwise dullness of the voyage, and with the almost continuous fine weather, helped to make the time pass cheerily. Before the ship anchored the passengers mustered aft and presented the captain and his chief officer each with a testimonial expressive of their esteem for those gentlemen. Captain Milman is an old visitor to Canterbury, as also is the chief officer, Mr Canise, last here in the Waimate. The second officer is Mr Cleveland, and Mr George Butcher returns as chief steward. One very old colonists returns to New Zealand by the ship, viz., Dr William Donald. The Rangitiki has some choice Leicester rams, and one thoroughbred mare aboard, and they arrive in excellent condition. She berthed at the Gladstone pier on the morning of Wednesday 8th.

Following are the chief items of the passage:-
Left Gravesend on August 28th at 7 a.m., and was off Beachy Head at midnight, passed the Lizard on the 31st, thence nothing but S.W. winds to Maderia, and had the trades from there to 14 N.; S.W. again from there to Equator, crossed the Equator on October 4th, 31 days from the Lizard, and southerly winds through the S.E. trade belt to 22 S. On October 23rd, passed within sight of the settlement on Tristan D'Acunha; passed the meridian of the Cape, November 1st, the Lenwin November 28th, and the Snares last Saturday. The entry at the Customs was made last night, and the ship will be at once discharged, and loaded for Home, sailing this month.

A list of the passengers appeared in the Christchurch newspapers The Star, The Press, The Lyttelton Times and the list in the Timaru Herald was from The Press. Spelling of the passengers surnames varied slightly in all the newspapers.

The following is a list of her passengers from the Timaru Herald:-
Saloon: 17
Davie 		Mrs
Davie 		Miss Emily C
Davie 		Miss Edith M
Davie 		Miss Marion E
Davie 		Miss Bessie M
Donald 		Dr William
Donald 		Mrs Rose
Fletcher 	Mrs Catherine
Fletcher	Mr Charles
Fletcher 	Mr Harry
Fletcher 	Miss Annie
Fletcher 	Miss Emily
Hardwick 	Mr Charles E.
Palethorpe 	Thomas Mr
Palethorpe 	Mrs and infant
Sadler 		Mr George
Steerage: 47
Atchley 	Wildergrave (Waldegrave)
Briggs 		James
Briggs 		Priscilla J
Brownlie 	Thomas
Brownlie 	Elizabeth
Brownlie 	Elizabeth A
Burgess 	Adam
Burr 		Joseph
Burr  		Anne
Burr  		Mary
Burr  		Harold
Burr 		Henry
Chandler 	Simon
Chaplin 	Agnes E
Chaplin 	Charles
Chaplin 	Emily
Chaplin 	Charles H.
Chaplin 	George A
Chaplin 	Charlotte
Chaplin 	Wilfred T
Chaplin 	Walter J. (infant)
Crealand 	Sarah Ann
Dark 		Hannah
Gabites 	Mary
Gates 		Edward
Haggeston 	George
Hillier 	Edward
Leslie 		Alexandriane
Leslie 		Violet
Leslie 		Ethel
Martin 		Margaret
Morgan 		Thomas
Morgan 		Eliza
Morgan 		Emma
Morgan 		William James
Morgan 		Eliza Anne
Morgan 		Frederick
Mossler 	Rosina
Murray 		Thomas
Murray 		Sarah and infant
Neave 		George
Ower 		Jeannette
Ross 		William
Ross 		Mrs
Ross 		Alexander
Ross 		Ellen (infant)