South Canterbury War Memorials continued. - Pleasant Point Area.

South Canterbury, New Zealand
War Memorials continued
- Pleasant Point Area

Photo taken April 2007 by Margaret Todd.

Pleasant Point War Memorial

Our Glorious Dead
Their Memory Liveth For Ever
T. John Brosnahan
C.W. Sanders
G. Davies
R. Naughton
C. Childs
J.T. Steven
E. Friel
M. Saunders
A. Stumbles
H.J. Hinson
R.F. Aiken
J. Muir
E. Childs
T. Joseph Brosnahan
T.B. Fitzgerald
N. Maze
J. Cosgrove
W.A. Dunn
Returned Services
9 May 1995
The 50th Anniversary of the end of World War II
In Europe
1939 -1945
In tribute to those who served and in memory
of those who gave their lives.
1939 -1945
J.G.M. Bayley
T.M. Blakemore
H. Brosnahan
A. Campbell
O. Campbell
J.S. Cartwright
J.W.G. Caswell
J.E. Chapman
J. Connell
R.A. Crombie
D.B. Giles
H.A. Gould
R.J. Gould
F.W. Morrison
R. Morrison
A. Muir
W.A. Pelvin
E.J. Roberts
A.G. Sutherland
Returned Services
VJ Day
15 August 1995
In tribute to all who served New Zealand overseas and at
home throughout those years and in memory of those who
laid down their lives.

Location - 2007 April: The square obelisk monument with ivy leaves erected is situated in a park / playground on the corner of Halstead Road and Harris Street, Pleasant Point. It is opposite the Fire Station. Stonemason S. McBride. Writing only on two sides. 

ROLL OF HONOUR From Pleasant Point school district the following paid sacrifice:

1914-1918 War

R.F. Aitken
H. Botherway
C. Childs
J. Cosgrove
E. Childs
W. A. Dunn
R. G. Dunnage
A. Farquhar
W. J. Gliddon
S. Gibson
C. C. Halstead
H. B. Hinson
F. Hyde
N. Maze
D. A. McKay 
C. Saunders
M. Saunders
A. Saunders 
J. Stevens
A.E. Thompson

1939-1945 War
T. M. Blakemore
H. Brosnahan
P. Brosnahan
A. Campbell
D. C. Campbell
J. S. Cartwright
G. Caswell
J. E. Chapman
J. Connell
R. A. Crombie
D. B. Giles
J. Gillingham

H. Gould
R. Gould
E. Kee
E. Little
I. McKerchar
F. Morrison
R. Morrison
A. Muir
W. A. Pelvin
E. J. Roberts
A. G. Sutherland

Pleasant Point Cemetery: From SH 8 in the centre of Pleasant Point, take the unmarked road opposite Maitland Street up the hill to the cemetery. 
CHRISTIE, Henry Fowler 
Sapper, N.Z. Engineers Service No: 28701 
Date of Death: 29/12/1941 
S/o of Thomas and Annie Christie, of Allanton, Otago; husband of Celina Christie, of Pleasant Point 
Grave Ref.: 80-82. 

NZ Probates

Robert and Elizabeth Caswell (Williams) came to Sherwood Downs from Albury in 1919 with the kids Allan (Robert Allan Caswell b. at Springbrook, St. Andrews), Ellen (aka Ella), George and Harold. Allan & Ella had attended the Albury School. Their place was where the Sherwood Domain is located today, cr of Clayton Rd & Butlers Rd. George attended the Sherwood Downs School with the rest of his siblings. 162066 Pte Harold Gilbert Caswell enlisted in WW1 and was wounded in Italy and spent time in Bari. A. Coy, 26th Btn, 2nd N.Z.E.F., M.E.F. 16/8/44

Private, 142067, John William George Caswell enlisted for Active Service and was attached to A. Company, with the 26th Canterbury and Otago Battalion, 6th Infantry Brigade of the 2NZEF. George left NZ on Active Service 15th May 1943. An air-graph letter dated 6th Sept. 1944 to Mrs Vera Caswell (wife of J.W.G. Caswell) c/o F.C. Cowles, Upper Waitohi, Temuka from (222980) James A. Linton, C.F., the padre attached to the 26th Battalion of the 6th Infantry Brigade, New Zealand Division in Italy "John's Company had made an attack towards the river Arno to the west of the town of Empoli on the night of the 11th-12th August. During the next few days, while holding their objective they came under intermittent enemy shell and mortar fire; and on the 13th John was hit by shrapnel and killed instantly. I buried him that same day at an advanced dressing station one or so mile behind the line, and the local Italians adorned his grave with flowers. There he will rest until later his body is moved to a permanent N.Z. War Cemetery.

Harold also wrote to Vera.
Dear Vera,
At this moment I feel it is my duty to pen a few lines to you. My only wish is that God will sustain you in our loss. It all happened so suddenly. George was with his Platoon making an attack when Jerry opened up with his mortar guns. The shells landed very thick amongst the boys. I believe George was caught with one which landed very close. I am certain he did not suffer. They managed to bring him out and have laid him to rest near where our Battalion head-quarters was situated. George was popular with his mates. Everyone wished you to accept their deepest sympathy. I am also writing to Ella giving the same details. I am posting his things along with a few of your letters which I thought you would prefer to have. There are a few things which are not fit to send so please don't worry over articles not enclosed. Well, Vera, there is not much more I can tell you, so I will close with one thought in mind that this wretched war is soon brought to an end and that George's death has not been in vain. God be with you and keep you.
Your Brother Harold. 

Sutherlands War Memorial

Photo taken by Margaret Todd, May 2007.

1914 -1918
Roll of Honour



Also Served

1939 -1945
Roll of Honour



Also Served

         Photo taken by Margaret Todd, May 2007.          Photo taken by Margaret Todd, May 2007.

Location - This plinth monument is situated next to the Sutherlands District Hall on the Pleasant Point -Fairlie highway.

Timaru Herald 6 December 1921 Page 8 THIER SOLDIERS HONOURED. UNVEILING of memorial.
Yesterday was an important day in the history of the Sutherlands district, when people from many miles around assembled to take part in the unveiling of a war memorial which has been erected in the grounds of the Sutherlands School. The weather was not ideal, being raw and cold, but this did not deter the residents of Sutherlands and contiguous districts from attending in large numbers, all being anxious to do honour to the men who had fought for thorn. The district is in the happy position of having provided fifteen men for the war and having received back fourteen of them. The memorial is in the form of a concrete block three feet square, with a marble slab let into the front of it, on which the names of the soldiers of the district are inscribed. The concrete block is nicely finished in cement, and is enclosed by an ironbark and jarrah fence. Mr J. McBride, of Timaru, provided the slab and did the lettering, and Palliser Bros, did the cement work. The names on the monument are Henry Mellon (killed), J. Boothby, J. R. Wall, F. Brown, J. Nichol, W. B. Honeywell, William John Blackwood, F. McKelvie, W. Chisholm, A. Lee, W. White, R. J. Esler, J. Esler, J. Ryan, and A. Savage.
    Yesterday's ceremony opened with the National Anthem, after which the chairman of the Memorial Committee (Mr W. J. Black) made a few appropriate remarks. He extended the sympathy of the whole district to the Mellon family in the great loss they had suffered in the death of Private Mellon, and went on to express the hope that it would never again be necessary to ask their young men to leave for the battlefields. Compared with other districts, Sutherlands was very fortunate in having lost only one man at the war, though they felt keenly the loss of that one. Those who had remained at home appreciated what their soldiers had done for them, and it was to place their appreciation on permanent record that they had met that day. The monument had been erected in the school grounds because it was felt that it would there convey to every boy and girl who went through the school a valuable lesson in loyalty to country and self-sacrifice for the general good. The monument would give a perpetual reminder of what the young men of the present day had done for this and succeeding generations, and would show also that their services had been appreciated. (Hear, hear.) The hymn, "O God, Our Help," was then feelingly sung, after which brief addresses were given by Mr T. D. Burnett, M.P., the Rev. Stanley Hinson, the Rev. J. D. Faulkner, Mr James Bishop, and Lieutenant H. Sheldon, the latter speaking on behalf of the Returned Soldiers' Association.
    Mrs Sams was called upon, as "the mother of Sutherlands," to unveil the monument, Mr Burnett making an address on her behalf. He referred to the power for good that Mrs Sams had been, and still was, in the district, and said that while they owed her a deep debt of gratitude they also owed more than he could tell to all the mothers who had reared sons to fight for New Zealand so valiantly as the New Zealanders had fought. (Hear, hear.) The monument having been unveiled Miss Mellon (sister of the soldier from Sutherlands who had lost his life at the war) placed a wreath at the base of the marble slab, and all the school children, led by their teacher (Miss Stewart) then filed past, reverently placing wreaths there also. This done, the solemn little ceremony concluded with "The Last Post," which was feelingly played by Bugler Jennings, of the Timaru Boys' High School. In the course of the speeches the district was congratulated upon the safe return of so many of its men. Mr Bishop had been asked to speak because he was the first chairman of the Sutherlands School Committee, and he expressed the hope that they had now reached the time when war would be no more. (Hear, hear.) Before the people dispersed the ladies of the district, with their accustomed hospitality, dispensed afternoon tea to all.

Waitohi District War Memorial

One lone poppy on top step. Photo taken by Margaret Todd, May 2007.

In Honour of Our
Glorious Dead
Who Fell in the Great War
1914 - 1918

F.J. Annals
W.J. Davey
E.J. Gould
H. Hullen
A.S. McClintock
W. Overend
T. Perry
C.H.P. Rawstorn 
S.J. Smart
A.E. Talbot
B.H. Talbot
J. Wade
That Life is Long Which
Answers Life's Great End
Roll of Honour
1939 - 1945
V.J. Ackroyd
J.W.G. Caswell
R.A. Crombie

Lest We Forget

Photo taken by Margaret Todd, May 2007.             Photo taken by Margaret Todd, May 2007.   

Location - This monument is situated at the intersection of Spur Hut Road and McCully Road. Photos taken beginning of May 2007 by M.T. Waitohi War Memorial...another touching one out in the middle of nowhere with one lone poppy on it."

Press, 14 August 1916, Page 2
In the schoolroom at Waitohi on Friday evening, a most enthusiastic gathering was held for the purpose of saying farewell to eight men of the 17th Reinforcements. Mr H. S. McCully occupied the chair. A concert programme was given, songs being contributed by Mrs M. Cameron, Mrs J. Kelland, Miss Hutchison, Messrs H. McDougall and Walsh. Mr A. C. Buist gave a recitation and an exhibition of club swinging was given by Mr M. Cameron. At a suitable interval Mr T. Gunnion, chairman of the Temuka Patriotic Entertainment Committee, presented each of the eight men with a wristlet watch. A bountiful supper was handed round, after which the floor was cleared for dancing. The names of the soldiers are as follows: Privates G. Elsom, R. Goodeve, E. J. Gould, W. Harper, V. Johnson, D. Marshall, A. Overend, and W. A. Overend.

Timaru Herald, 10 November 1919, Page 8 WAITOHI
One of the most memorable gatherings ever held at Waitohi took place last Thursday evening, when the ceremony of presenting gold, medals to forty-five returned soldiers took place. The gathering was organised by the Waitohi Flat Presentation and Memorial Committee, of which Mr H. S. McCully is chairman, and Mr W. Moore hon, secretary. The schoolroom was beautifully decorated and all the arrangements made reflected credit on the Committee. The purpose of the meeting appealed to all the people of the district, and fully 300 were present, including visitors from other districts. An enjoyable concert programme was provided, singers, instrumentalists, and monologuists having been enlisted from various centres, and each and all were well applauded. At the conclusion of the concert the returned soldiers were assembled in the front seats, and addresses of thanks and welcome home were made by Mr H. S. McCully, Mr Torepe (chairman of the Arowhenua Native Committee), and Mr Gunnion (Mayor of Temuka). Mr Gunnion, who thanked the Committee for giving him the honour of doing so, presented the medals which were pinned on the first three by Mrs Gunnion, the rest by various young ladies. The following is a list- of the returned soldiers whose names were called
Privates A. M. Allen, Garret Allen, Peter Allen, John Baker, H. Chapman. Corporal Stewart D. Baxter, Privates C. E. Bradford, J.R. Cowles, Daniel Connel, Sergeant Ernest Davey, Privates G. M. Elsom, M. Fitzgerald, D. Fitzgerald, R. Goodeve, F. Goodeve, G. J. Gould, Con Hannifin, Owen Hannifin, Jer. Hannifin, M. Hullen, James Hughes, J.S. Hughes, U. Harper, U. Hutchison, V.G. Johnson, G. M. Johnston, John Lamb, George Looker, Charles McAteer, James L. McAteer, D. Marshall, Lieutenant William G. McClintock, M.M., Privates Martin McGill, John O'Niel, Sergeant Harold O'Niel, Privates A. Overend, Lieutenant Warne Pearce, R. Pearse, J. Stratford, T. Stokes, A. Stokes, F. Talbot, C. Talbot, James Tilford, Harold Traves.

One man had came down from Wellington to be present. In a few cases of absent men the medals were received by relatives or friend's. After the presentations the company joined in singing "Soldiers of the King" and "For they are jolly good fellows." Lieutenant Warne Pearse, on behalf of all the men, returned thanks to the committee, the speakers and the public for their kindness, and for their mementoes of the war. He also thanked, the ladies of Waitohi for the much valued parcels sent to the front and the chairman, Mr McCully, for keeping the patriotic spirit well alive. The chairman announced that the Committee had collected about 160 pounds during the last few weeks and had 100 pounds in hand towards the cost of a memorial to the ten local men who had made the supreme sacrifice. Individual memorial certificates had been prepared and these would be delivered to the relatives of the fallen men. A meeting would be held shortly to consider the form of memorial. The names of the men who had lost their lives are: Privates William John Davey, Rangitira Valley; Edward James Gould, Waitohi Flat; Henry Hullen, Waitohi Flat, Alexander Stewart McClintock, Temuka; William Overend, Timothy Perry, Waitohi; Cecil H. P. Rawstorn, Timaru; Stanley Joshua Smart, Waitohi. Second Lieutenant Arthur Ernest Talbot and Private Basil Herbert Talbot, Rangitira; Private John Wade, Winchester Road.

Mr C. J. Talbot, M.P., arrived after the presentation,, was called upon for a speech, and he made a few remarks appropriate to the occasion, expressing gratification that the district was to have its own memorial, and congratulating the Committee on having such a fine gathering. The chairman moved a vote of thanks to the concert performers, the speakers, and the Mayor and Mayoress of Temuka for their assistance. The ladies then served an excellent supper, after which the young people resumed dancing.

Timaru Herald, 27 March 1918, Page 2
A Gazette Extraordinary was issued yesterday containing the names of men in the First and Second Divisions called up for service with the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces.
*Rawstorn, Cecil Harold Packman, ploughman, Upper Waitohi.
Ross, John Duncan, musterer, Burke's Pass.
Roundhill, William Kerton, labourer, 6 Melton Road, Timaru.
Siegert, James Francis, farm hand, Poplar Downs, Kimbell.
*Tate Thomas., farmer, Sutherlands.
Walker, Harold Vivian, draper's assistant, Geraldine
Walsh, Richard Augustine, labourer, Woodbury.

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