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"MEROPE" 1875 from Plymouth via Timaru

South Canterbury NZGenWeb Project

New Zealand Bound

The ship anchored at Timaru on the afternoon of the 22nd September. The immigrants were landed on the following morning - on the voyage there had been 2 births and 3 deaths (infants) - and the numbers landed were as follows-  263 souls (equal 225 adults) one family however named Fisher 2 adults came on the ship to Lyttelton. There was but one nominated immigrant (single woman) for ChCh- and she remained at Timaru with her shipmates.

Press, 27 September 1875, Page 2
Arrived Lyttelton - Sept 26 Merope, ship, 1053 tons, Sutherland, from London via Timaru. Dalgety, Nichols and Co, agents.
Passengers: Cabin: Mr J.A. and Mrs Campbell and child, Mr and Mrs J.T. Lowe and 4 children, Mr and Mrs Leask, Messrs Maguire, E.T. Sumner [Timaru Herald reported Mr. E.T Summers], Kay, W.F. Howlett, Gorton. E. Leask [Timaru Herald reported Mr. T. Leask], Mrs Leask and child, Smith, George Temple.
Steerage: Mr and Mrs Wotherspoon and 11 children (for Timaru -second cabin passengers).
The fine ship arrived again in our waters yesterday, after a line passage. Timaru was reached, as already chronicle, in eighty-five days from Plymouth. The immigrants having been landed at Timaru, the Merope left on Friday night, and arrived yesterday at 10 a.m., and anchored off Stoddart's point. Her cargo is a large and valuable one. She is this trip in command of Captain Sutherland.

Timaru Herald report 24 Sept. 1875 page 3

SHIP MEROPE, FROM PLYMOUTH TO TIMARU Lyttelton Times Monday 27 September 1875
The Merope, from London, arrived ship, Timaru, 24 September 1875 with 264 (250 immigrants and 20 cabin) passengers. 81 single men, 43 married couples and 31 single women and 66 children. She is 84 days out from Plymouth. There were three deaths (children) during the voyage, and three births.

This fine composite vessel arrived in harbour yesterday morning, came to an anchorage off Diamond Harbour at 9.30 p.m. Her arrival at Timaru has already been notified, and the following account of the voyage is taken from the Timaru Herald; -The ship Merope, one of Messrs Shaw, Saville, and Co.'s line, arrived here yesterday from Plymouth, with immigrants.  The arrival of an immigrant ship being such an unusual occurrence here, the Merope attracted no little attention, She was first seen early in the morning to the southward, but did not reach Timaru till between two and three o'clock in the afternoon. Just before the vessel reached the roadstead the harbour-master went aboard and bought her to anchorage about a mile from the shore. Shortly afterwards a boat containing the immigration officer (Mr. F. Le Cren), the health officer (Dr M'Intyre), the Rev. E.A. Lingard, and other gentlemen, proceeded to the vessel. The health having found that no disease existed among the immigrants, cleared the vessel. An inspection of the immigrants and the vessel was then made, everything appearing to be in capital order. The vessel was well fitted up for the accommodation of immigrants, and the sleeping place being arranged on the most approved principles. From the Doctor, Mr Hassart, it was elicited that there had been but little sickness during the voyage, no disease of any serious nature had broke out. Three deaths of infants he stated, had occurred, one form tabes mesenterica, another from diarrhoea, and the third from premature birth. The births on board were two in number. The single men, who there are eighty, are study looking fellows, evidently use to hard work. The married men are clearly the right stamp for the Colonies. The majority of the men are agriculture labourers, the others mostly following useful trades. The single women, who came under charge of Mrs Bartropp, are healthy and strong in appearance, nearly all being domestic servants. The immigrants all appear to be in capital spirits, and they speak well of the manor they have been treated by the captain, doctor and others in authority. The Captain is Mr I. Sutherland, who was formerly in command of the Crusader, in which he made several trips to Canterbury.  The present is his first voyage in the Merope, and he speaks highly of her sailing qualities.  The voyage, he says was a very favourable one, extending over eighty five days. The Captains report as follows - "Left Plymouth at noon on July 1, wind Southwest. Continued so for three days. Afterwards, had light but favourable winds, which carried the vessel to the North-east trades. These were light throughout, and were lost in 11 North, when the usual light variable winds and calm prevailed for some days.  The Equator was crossed on the morning of July 27, in 27.30 West. Hence across the Southern tropics the wind came from S.S.E. to S.S.W., and in consequence the ship was carried so far West that several tacks had to be made before weathering the coast of Brazil, which was not finally cleared until August 8. The meridian of the Cape was crossed on August 23 in Lat. 45. From that till off the south coast of Tasmanian, which was passed on Sept, 13, strong west and South-west winds prevailed, several times amounting to a gale with very high seas. , the ship making good runs, often logging 300 and as much as 320 miles a day. From off Tasmanian, till making the Snares, which were sighted at 2.a.m. on Sept, 20; had light northerly winds mostly, calms prevailing during three days.  On Monday last light North-east wind was experienced, lasting till Wednesday, when a light South0west breeze sprang up, and continued until the ship's arrival at Timaru.  She will not, however unload any cargo here. The immigrants on board the vessel seemed very pleased to see visitors from shore, and the Rev. L.E. Lingard was perfectly loaded with correspondence, which he kindly took to post for them.  The immigrants will be landed this morning early, and conveyed to the Timaru barracks. Numbers of them will afterwards be taken to several country barracks.

After the landing immigrants and their luggage, the ship got under weigh on Friday night, the wind blowing from the Southward, made Lyttelton heads on Saturday night and anchored as above.

The following is a list of the Assisted Emigrants to Timaru:-
Columns represent Surname, given name, age, origin, occupation and remarks.
Reference: Passenger list National Archives Christchurch & South Canterbury Museum & Timaru Herald 6 Sept. 1875 page 3

Families and Children 
Batton		Wm		21	Devon		Farm Laborer
Batton		Jessie		22
Beswick		Hart		26	Cornwall	Blacksmith	Colonial nominated  [Beswarick]
Beswick		Maria		20
Burborough	Joseph		47	Oxon		Laborer
Burborough	Elizabeth	44
Burborough	James		19					Transfered to S.M.
Burborough	William		16					Transfered to S.M.
Burborough	Mary		14
Burborough	John		11
Burborough	Thomas		 4
Drake		Edward		41	Nottinghamshire	Laborer		(birth & death)
Drake		Catherine	33
Drake		Edward		17					Transfered to S.M.
Drake		Sarah		15					Transfered to S.W.	
Drake		Reuben		 2
Ellis		Mark		23	Yorks		Plaster		Colonial nominated
Ellis		Hannah		23					birth
Fifield		Jonas		35	Oxon		Laborer
Fifield		Caroline	35	
Fifield		William		14					Transfered to S.M.
Fifield		Fanny		 8
Fifield		John		 7
Fifield		Elizabeth	 3
Fifield		Joseph		 8/12
Fifield		John		38	Oxon		Laborer
Fifield		Ann		40			
Fifield		Edward J.	18			Carpenter	Transfered to S.M.
Fifield		Sarah A.	15					Transfered to S.W.
Fifield		Joseph		13					Transfered to S.M.
Fifield		Amy		 3
Fifield		Ellen		 6
George		Frank		29	Surrey		Hair Dresser	Colonial nominated
George		Ada		22
George		Ada		6/12
Hulbert		Alfred		23	Wilts		Blacksmith
Hulbert		Emma M.		22
Harton		Tho'		28	Devon		Sawyer
Harton		Sarah C.	27
Harton		Thomas		 6
Hawkey		Tom 		22	Cornwall	Shoemaker
Hawkey		Jane		21
Hollow		Henry N.	26	Cornwall	Joiner
Hollow		Lousia J.	24
Hollow		Lousia N.	 3
Hollow		Henry M.	8/12
Jarvis		John		31	Cornwall	Navvy
Jarvis		Jane		31
Johns		Frederick	21	Cornwall	Farm Laborer
Johns		Jane		18
Johnson		Cha's		22	Nottinghamshire	Farm Laborer
Johnson		Kate		22
Johnson		Osborne C.	6/12	
Killworth	George		23	Essex		Farm Laborer	Waimate
Killworth	Jessie		20
Karton		Thomas		28      Devon		Sawyer
Karton		Sarah A		27
Karton		Francis		 6
Karton		Wm		31	Devon		Sawyer
Karton		Sophia		30
Karton		Fred'k		 6
Karton		Anne		 4
Karton		Florence	 3
Langford	John		25	Kerry		Laborer
Langford	Ellen		25
Langford	Bridget		6/12
Leahy		B.J.F.		25	Dublin		Carpenter
Leahy		Eliz'th		25
Mann		Arthur B.	23	Cornwall	Laborer
Mann		Jinfor		24
Necklen		William Jnr	37	Dorset		Farm Laborer
Necklen		Elizabeth A.	26
Necklen		Henry J.	 6
Necklen		Elizabeth	 2
Necklen		Mary		5/12
Power		Richard		26	Kings		Laborer
Power		Mary A.		23	
Power		Mary		 2
Power		Anne		 1
Pye		George		23	Devon		Farm Laborer			
Pye		Eliz'th		29
Pye		Mary J.		 8
Pye		George		 5
Pye		Martha		 3
Pye		Louisa		 1
Roskilley	George		22	Cornwall	Butcher
Roskilley	Eliz'th		22
Sturges		Wm		30	Northampton	Laborer		for Waimate
Sturges		Ann		24
Sturges		Emily		9/12
Stanton		Wm		28	Cornwall	Navvy
Stanton		Emily		24
Stone		John		35	Kent		Printer
Stone		Susannah C.	38
Stone		Susannah C.	11
Stone		John		 9
Stone		Louisa M.	 8
Stone		George A.	 6
Stone		Harry		 5
South		George		35	Northampton	Laborer
South		Susan		32
South		John		 9
South		George		 6
South		Alfred		 3
South		William		8/12					died
Tee		Thomas		48	Northampton	Farm Laborer	Waimate
Tee		Mary		47
Tee		Lydia		17					Transfered to S.W.
Tee		Clara		14					Transfered to S.W.
Tee		Thomas		11
Tee		David		 9
Tee		Ada		 7
Thomas		John		35	Monmouth	Farm Laborer
Thomas		Susannah	35
Thomas		Eliz'th		 3
Thomas		Wm A.		 1
Triggs		John		39	Cornwall	Farm Laborer
Triggs		Eliz'th A.	33
Triggs		Annie		 9
Uren		Wm		26	Cornwall	Farm Laborer
Uren		Mary		24	Yorks		Farm Laborer
Treffery	George		26	Devon		Laborer		[Treffry]
Treffery	Amelia		28
Treffery	Olvelina	 3
Treffery	Charlotte J.	 10/12					died
Wakelin		Henry		32	Northampton	Farm Labourer
Wakelin		Jane		23
Wakelin		George		 3
Wakelin		Martha		 1
Warren		Thomas F.	23	Cornwall	Farm Laborer
Warren		Alice		22
Warren		Elizabeth A.	 infant	
Watts		David		26	Berks		Carpenter	Waimate
Watts		Charlotte	27	
Watts		Wm		 2
Watts		Harry		 1
Whealon		Martin		34	Clare		Farm Laborer
Whealon		Mary		31
Whealon		Kate		16					Transfered to S.W.
Whealon		James		14					Transfered to S.M.
Whealon		Morty		13					Transfered to S.M.
Whealon		John		10
Whealon		Bridget		 5
Whittaker	Wm J.		21	Yorks		Tailor
Whittaker	Fanny		19
Additional families from the South Canterbury Museum list - paying steerage passengers
BISHOP		George		40			Labourer  	for Waimate
BISHOP		Mary		41			
BISHOP		Mark		12 
BISHOP		Elizabeth	 5 
BOWDEN		William		29	Devon		Shoemaker
BOWDEN		Mary		21
BOWDEN		Frederick	19	Devon		Navvy 		for Waiamte
BUSSELL		John		42	Devon		Shepherd
BUSSELL		Susan A		37			
BUSSELL		William		17
BUFSELL		Mary 		16
BUFSELL		Agnes		14
BUSSELL 	John		12  
BUSSELL		Thomas		11  
BUSSELL		Edwin		 9  
BUSSELL		Kate 		 7  
BUSSELL		Bertha		 5  
BUSSELL		Clara		 3 
BUSSELL		Alice		9/12 
FISHER		George		24	Essex		Carpenter
FISHER		Jessie		25
FISHER 		Harry           18mths
GILES 		Joseph		29      Devon		Farm laborer	for Waimate
GILES		Sarah		27
GILES 		John		 5  
GILES		Samuel	 	 2  

Single Men and Women 
ADKINS		  George	17	Carpenter 	Warwick
ANDREWS		  Ellen		17	Housemaid 	Devon
BARRY 		  Michael  	23	Farm Labourer 	Tipperary
BARTRUP		  Ellen 	40	Housemaid 	Essex
BARTRUP		  Larry J 	 5	 		Essex
BENNETT		  Charles  	24	Brickmaker 	Yorks	for Waimate
BENNETT		  Frank		21	Sawyer 		Yorks	for Waimate
BIRD		  Thomas	19	Farm Labourer 
Bowden		  Frederick	19      Navvy
BOWERS		  Thomas P.	24	Farm Labourer 	Carlow
BROWN		  Jessie	17	Servant 	Devon
BROWN		  Nannie	21	Housemaid 	Kings
BURGESS		  John		20	Porter 		Antrim
BYRNE		  John		23	Farmer 		Carlow
CAHILL		  Laurence    	24	Farm Labourer	Galway
CAHILL		  Michael  	21	Farm Labourer 	Galway
CARROLL		  Jane  	18	Servant 	Kings
CAVERLEY	  Mary A	30	Laundress 	Middlesex C. nominated Canterbury  2952
CHEGWIDGEN	  Eliza		27	Dairymaid 	Cornwall
COFFEY		  James		24	Farm Labourer 	Kerry
COMMINS		  John		28	Farm Labourer 	Galway
CONDEL		  William	21	Labourer 	Carlow
CONNELL		  Margaret	20	Dairymaid	Kings
CORBETT		  Robert	23	Farm Labourer 	Down
COX		  Emily		16	Servant 	Devon
CRONIN		  William	15	Herdsman 	Cork
CODLIN 		  Clara 	27	Housemaid 	Essex
DOROTHY		  Elizabeth	26	Servant 
DUNSTAN		  Mary		22	Servant 	Cornwall  near her confinement
DWYER		  John 		22	Labourer 	Kings
FANNEN		  John		27	Farmer 		Carlow
FENNESSEY	  Catherine	20	Servant 	Cork
FENNESSEY	  Thomas	22	Farm Labourer   Cork
FINCH		  William	27	Farm Labourer 	Essex
FORD		  William  	25	Ploughman 	Devon
GANNING		  Hugh		21	Farm Labourer 	Devon
GILMOUR		  John		26	Farm Labourer   Down
GRENFELL	  Richard	21	Carpenter 	Cornwall
HALL		  William  	20	Farm Labourer 	Cornwall
HANNA		  Alex		20	Farm Labourer 	Down	
HARVEY		  Frederick	22	Platelayer 	Essex
HENNESSY	  James		22	Labourer 	Carlow
HORTOP		  Charles	20	Farm Labourer 	Devon 		for Waimate
HOSKING		  Ulta		22 	Farm Labourer   Cornwall
HOSKING		  Jane		36	Servant 	Cornwall
HOSKING		  Emily		14	M -- Servant 	Cornwall
HUDSON		  William	18	Farm Labourer 	Oxon		for Waimate
HUME		  Arthur	26 	Farm Labourer 	Wicklow
HUNT		  Emma		21      Wife 		Cornwall	Colonial nominated
HUNT 		  Emma 		6/12			Cornwall	Colonial nominated
HYDE		  Isaac		34	Navvy 		Hants
KEANE		  Joseph John	21	Farm Labourer 	Cornwall 	for Waimate
KERR	  	  William 	31	Farm Labourer  	Armagh
KERR	  	  James 	23	Farm Labourer  	Armagh
KIRBY		  Osmyn		22	Farm Labourer 
LEHANT		  Melanie	22	Servant 	France
MAHONEY		  Dan		21	Farm Labourer 	Cork
MARSDEN		  Frederick 	22	Brickmaker 	Yorks
McGONIGLE	  Daniel	24	Constable 	Donegal
MITCHELL	  Samuel 	25	Farm Labourer 	Cornwall
MITCHELL 	  Thomas	19	Farm Labourer 	Cornwall 	for Waimate
O'CONNELL	  Margaret	20	Dairymaid 	Kerry
O'CONNELL	  Patrick	25	Farm Labourer 	Kerry
O'LEARY		  John		20	Ploughman 	Cork
O'NEIL		  Alexander	20	Farm Labourer 	King
O'NEIL		  Alexander	23	Farm Labourer 	Kings
PEACH		  Alfred G	20	Labourer 	Dorset
POUND		  Thomas	21 	Labourer 	Kings
PRESTON		  Emily		24	Housemaid 	Devon
PRIOR		  Reuben A	28	Farm Labourer   Wilts		for Waimate
PURCEL		  Mary		17	Housemaid 	Kings
PURCELL		  John		26	Labourer 	Kings
RAYNEL		  Alexandrina	20	Servant 	Alderney
RICHARDS	  Phillip	20	Farm Labourer  	Cornwall	for Waimate
ROTHWELL	  Henry		22	Labourer 	Carlow
ROWE	  	  James L	21	Blacksmith 	Cornwall	for Waimate
SAMUEL	  	  Michael	22 	Farm Labourer 
SCANNELL	  Michael W	22	Farm Labourer	Cork
SEWARD	 	  William	28	Dairyman 	Down
SHANKS	  	  John		21 	Labourer 	Devon
SKEDGWELL 	  William	20 	Labourer	Devon 		for Waimate
SMITH	  	  Susie		20 	Housemaid 	Essex
SPENCE		  Samuel	30	Labourer 	Down
SULLIVAN	  Cornelius	22	Farm Labourer 	Cork
SULLIVAN	  John		20	Farm Labourer 	Kerry	Colonial nominated Timaru 443
TANGEY		  Jane		31	Servant 	Cornwall
TAYLOR		  David		20	Farm Labourer	Down
THOMAS		  Thomas	22	Farm Labourer	Cornwall	for Waimate
UREN		  John		19	Farm Labourer	Cornwall	for Waimate
WARREN		  Jonathan	18	Farm Labourer 	Cornwall
WHITTINGHAM 	  William	27	Blacksmith 	Essex
WILLIAMS	  John		19 	Farm Labourer 	Cornwall
WILLIAMS	  Henry		23	General Laborer Cornwall
WILLOUGHBY	  William	30	Carpenter   	Kilkarney
WORTH 		  Ellen		22	Servant 	Cornwall
WORTH 		  Thomas 	47	Farm Labourer 	Cornwall
WORTH 		  Elizabeth J	 7		 	Cornwall
WORTH 		  Thomas 	18	Farm Labourer 	Cornwall
WORTH		  William Jas	 6			Cornwall
English 		203
Irish 			 58
Welsh 			  1
French 			  1
Channel Islanders 	  1
Total Souls 		264

Other Merope links:
The Timaru  Herald September 6 has a full list of names, ages and occupations.
Passenger list 1870 to Lyttelton
A photo of the Merope appears in the National Maritime Museum catalogue volume 2  Merchant Sailing Ships 1976  G2262. and White Wings Vol. 1. page 89. She was a full rigged clipper of 1050 tons built in 1870 and completed eighteen voyages to New Zealand.  She mostly sailed from London Docks but on several occasions departed from Glasgow.

Evening Post, 4 October 1875, Page 2
Timaru. 4th October. The Herald's special London correspondent, writing on the 6th August, says : � "Both Sir Julius Vogel and Dr. Featherston were abroad recruiting their health, and the agency was in the sole charge of Mr. Walter Kennaway. The ship Edinburgh, 2000 tons, was to sail that day direct for Timaru with immigrants." The Merope's people are rapidly finding employment at good wages. There is a good deal of building going on here in stone, brick, concrete, and timber.

North Otago Times, 18 November 1875, Page 2
Timaru. November 17. A woman named Drake, one of the immigrants per Merope, had been committed to the Lunatic Asylum by the Resident Magistrate, and was left in charge of her husband in the barracks awaiting removal. At 8 o'clock last night Drake went out for a moment, when his wife locked him out. On the door being broken open she was found to have killed her son of two years old, almost severing the head from the body with a razor, and to have cut her own throat severely. She is in a dying state. This is the second case of lunacy from the Merope.

The married men are clearly the right stamp for the Colonies.


Assisted Emigration to Timaru
Name: Hart Beswick
Event: Passenger
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Origin: Cornwall
Occupation: Blacksmith
Estimated Birth Year: 1849
Ship : Merope
Departure Date: 30 Jun 1875
Arrival Port: Timaru
Arrival Date: 22 Sep 1875
Maria 20 from Cornwall


The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Canterbury]
Councillor Tom Hawkey has been a member of the Timaru Borough Council since 1894, and represents the South-east Ward. He was born in 1853, in Cornwall. England, apprenticed to the boot trade, and arrived in Timaru, by the ship Merope, in 1875. Since about 1882 he has been in business at the southern end of Timaru. He served for a number of years on the South Timaru school committee, and was at one time chairman. Mr. Hawkey was married, in 1875, to a daughter of the late Mr. C. W. Beswetherick, of St. Andrews, and has had six sons and seven daughters. One son and two daughters have died. photo

Timaru Herald, 10 April 1909, Page 5
The funeral of the late Mrs Tom Hawkey will take place, at 2 o'clock to-morrow afternoon. Mrs Hawkey, a native of Cornwall, left Home for New Zealand in the Merope in 1875, a few days after marriage, and had lived in Timaru ever since arriving in the colony. She was a valued member of the Primitive Methodist Church, and with her husband took an active interest in the South School. Mr Hawkey and his family have the sympathy of many sincere friends of both older and newer days, in their bereavement. [Priscilla Hawkey wife of Tom Hawkey died April 7 1909 aged 54. Their son Leslie Gordon Hawkey was killed in action in France October 8th 1918, aged 21 years. Tom died Nov. 23rd 1922. Their daughter Janie died June 9 1885 aged 9. Alma died 5 April 1932.

William Henry Karton married Sophia Wilkins in Devon. Lived near Exeter in the County of Devon

Children of Sophia and William Karton born in NZ
1875 Karton Emily
1877 Karton Sidney William  d. Sept. 7 1954
1878 Karton Violet m. William McPherson in 1896
1880 Karton Leonard died Nov. 7 1955
1883 Karton Anna
1886 Karton Lily interned 6 Feb. 1887

Timaru Herald, 1 January 1903, Page 2 DEATH.
KARTON On Nov. 21st, 1902, at Johannesburg, South Africa, Frederick H. W., eldest son of Sophia and William Karton; aged 32. Deeply regretted.

Timaru Herald, 7 February 1916, Page 7
The deaths are announced this morning; of an elderly husband and wife, Mr and Mrs William Karton, the former dying on Saturday, the latter on Sunday.

Timaru Herald, 7 February 1916, Page 6
KARTON  On February 6th, [5th] 1916, at Timaru Hospital, William Karton, late of Woolcombe Street, in his 74th year. At Rest.
KARTON  On Sunday, February 6th at the residence of her daughter (Mrs Hayes), Browne Street, Sophia, widow of the late William Karton; aged 72 years. At rest.

Florence Karton married William Tutton in 1887
Annie Karton interned 30 April 1883 aged 14

Timaru Herald, 29 July 1882, Page 2
An Elopement Case. At the Dunedin Police Court on Thursday a man named Robt. Knight was charged with stealing some bedding, the property of William Karton, of Timaru. Mrs Karton stated that her husband had been in the habit of abusing her, and the accused, who had lodged with them, leaving for Dunedin, the determined to go with him. She said to him, When you go, Bob, I will go with you, and you can board with me I think we "can get on all right." She had six children, whom she took with her, and she said she took the bedding to make sure of having something for the children to sleep on. Accused admitted that he had helped to pack up the things and forwarded them to Dunedin, and when accosted m Dunedin by Karton he said Mrs Karton was m his house. The Magistrate said accused appeared to hare acted like a fool, but without any intention to commit a felony. His foolish action might hare ended m his being sent to gaol, but under the circumstances he thought he should be doing wrong to send him there. The case would be dismissed. A similar case was heard at the last Supreme Court sessions at Timaru, with a very different result.

Sarah Ann nee Pearce bc 1847 and Thomas Edwin KARTON  c.1848 were also passengers on this voyage of the Merope along with their six year old son Francis. Thomas was a brother to William Karton, another passenger. Children born in NZ.
1876 Karton Clara Ellen
1879 Karton Gilbert

James ANGUS and his wife Jane FORBES arrived on the James Nicol Fleming into Port Chalmers in Oct. 1870. Their daughter
Magdalene Smith ANGUS b 1871 in NZ married Francis Thomas KARTON in 1893 in Victoria
Children of Magdalene and Francis Thomas KARTON
1895 Karton George Francis
1896 Karton Thomas
1897 Karton Douglas
1900 Karton Daphne            Daphne Magdalene Karton m. William Ross Hay in 1923
1901 Karton Annie Sutton


George and Sarah South arrived in Timaru with their three sons. They later had five more sons, all but one settled in the Geraldine / Winchester area. John and Elizabeth South lived at Croughton on Woodbury Rd, named the village after the town in Northhamptonshire from whence the family came.


David Taylor, attended the Pioneer Day in Temuka Dec. 1926