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'Lancashire Witch' passenger list.  London to Lyttelton 1863.

Passengers by The 'Lancashire Witch'
"Lyttelton Times", October 15, 1863

ArPassenger ticket for Henry and Elizabeth Hight in steerage.  Printed in the "Timaru Herald."rived - October 13, Lancashire Witch, ship, 1383 tons, West, from London. Passengers - Mr. and Mrs. Solomon and two daughters; Mr. and Mrs. Harris, three children and servant; Mrs. and Miss Carruthers, Messrs Rawlings, Gollin, Otway and Jones, and Dr McLean, surgeon superintendent. There was 329 Government assisted immigrants.
Images online under Canterbury. Full passenger listing  or here, and Horler and Murton info. Another passenger listing.

Shipboard Diaries

Three male passengers wrote diaries during this 1863 Lancashire Witch voyage to Lyttelton.  The Price and Carr diaries can only be read at the Canterbury Museum Library, and may not be photocopied due to their age so keen genealogy buffs made hand handwritten notes and have kindly forward the material and now the transcriptions are online. Each will open in separate windows so you can compare events. The original Carr diary is at the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington. 

    Arthur PRICE Steerage - family section
    Henry Thorne SHEPHERD Cabin - family history
    David CARR Steerage - single men.
'account is like a breath of reality'

Government Immigrants

Surname              First Name               Sex     Sps     Chd   Occupation 

Aidkin         Mary Elizabeth   F    Y       Carpenter                Cambridgeshire      
Aitken         Andrew           M    Y   3   Ploughman                Dunbartonshire      
Allan          Geo. Wm.         M    Y   2   Painter                  Middlesex                    
Allison        William          M            Carpenter                Perthshire          
Anderson       Andrew           M    Y       Ploughman                Forfarshire         
Anderson       Catherine        F            Dairywoman               Forfarshire         
Anderson       John             M    Y       Farm Labourer            Aberdeenshire       
Archibald      James            M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Stirlingshire                    
Baker          Jonathan         M            Farm Labourer            Chester             
Barnes         Anthony          M            Farm Labourer            Wiltshire           
Bartley        Thomas           M            Gardner                  Yorkshire           
Bates          Harriet          F            Domestic Servant         Lincolnshire        
Bates          Thomas           M            Gardner                  Lincolnshire        
Beattie        William          M            Farm Labourer            Lanarkshire         
Beaven         Sohpia           F            Dressmaker               Middlesex           
Beckingham     Ann              F            Cook                     Middlesex           
Belch          John             M    Y   1   Carpenter                Lanarkshire                    
Bellman        Charles          M    Y   1   Bricklayer               Middlesex           
Bennett        Edward           M    Y   4   Carpenter                Kent                
Bennett        John             M    Y       Carpenter                Shropshire          
Blanchet       Auguste          M    Y       Farm Labourer            Alderney            
Blyth          James            M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Forfarshire         
Bowmaker       John             M    Y   3   Carpenter                Durham              
Boyd           Emma             F            Laundress                Notts               
Brackenrigde   Alex             M    Y   1   Carpenter                Lanarkshire         
Brassel        Harriet          F            Domestic Servant         Surrey              
Brassell       George           M    Y   4   Farm Labourer            Surrey              
Brassell       John             M            Farm Labourer            Surrey              
Brassell       Robert           M            Farm Labourer            Surrey              
Brenner        George           M    Y       Farm Labourer            Caithness                  
Brinkmann      Fritz            M    Y       Farm Labourer            Germany		                            
Brown          Luke             M    Y   4   Farm Labourer            Leicestershire      
Buchamp        George W.        M    Y   3   Farm Labourer            Middlesex           
Buckett        Wm.              M    Y   1   Tailor                   Oxfordshire         
Budd           Wm.              M    Y   1   Farm Labourer            Staffordshire       
Butler         George           M    Y       Farm Labourer            Warwickshire        
Bush           William          M    Y   1   Carpenter                Warwickshire        
Butterwick     Margaret         F            Domestic Servant         Yorkshire           
Callaghan      Ellen            F            Domestic Servant         Middlesex           
Carey          Emily            F            Domestic Servant         Middlesex           
Carey          Sarah            F            Domestic Servant         Middlesex           
Carey          Thomas           M    Y   3   Shoemaker                Middlesex                    
Carr           David            M            Farm Labourer            Forfarshire         
Carter         John             M    Y   1   Farm Labourer            Kent                
Cass           Francis          M    Y   1   Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Cheeseworth    John             M            Farm Labourer            Cheshire            
Comyns         Alfred           M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Hants               
Comyns         Elizabeth        F            Domestic Servant         Hants               
Comyns         Sarah            F            Domestic Servant         Hants               
Cook           Emma             F            Domestic Servant         Leicestershire      
Coutts         Peter            M    Y       Ploughman                Perthshire          
Craig          John             M    Y       Farm Labourer            Caithness                    
Crow           Wm.              M    Y   4   Farm Labourer            Warwickshire                    
Crown          George           M    Y   3   Farm Labourer            Surrey              
Cullen         Jane             F            Domestic Servant         Lanarkshire         
Dalton         Henry            M            Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Dalton         Thomas           M    Y       Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Dawson         Henry            M    Y   5   Carpenter                Warwickshire                    
Dixon          S.A.             F            Domestic Servant         Surrey              
Dixon          Thomas           M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Surrey              
Doel           James            M    Y   5   Farm Labourer            Wiltshire           
Doughty        Ann              F            Domestic Servant         Warwickshire        
Dow            James            M            Carpenter                Perthshire          
Druffen        Mary             F            Domestic Servant         Scotland            
Duncan         Alex             M            Shepherd                 Kincardineshire     
Duncan         David            M            Shepherd                 Kincardineshire     
Duncan         Peter            M            Blacksmith               Forfarshire         
Dunkley        Thomas           M            Farm Labourer            Northamptonshire    
Duthie         Alex             M            Farm Labourer            Aberdeenshire       
Duthie         James            M            Farm Labourer            Forfarshire         
Dyer           Clara            F        1   Cook                     Middlesex           
Eadie          William          M    Y   2   Bricklayer               Perth                    
Edwards        Margaret         F            Domestic Servant         Aberdeenshire       
Elkers         Henry            M    Y       Farm Labourer            Germany                    
Elliot         Wm               M    Y       Gardner                  Surrey              
Evans          Benjamin         M            Farm Labourer            Montgomeryshire     
Falconer       James            M            Shepherd                 Caithness           
Fenton         Robert           M            Farm Labourer            Lanarkshire         
Fielding       Mary             F            Domestic Servant         Cheshire            
Fleming        Henry            M    Y   1   Blacksmith               Shropshire          
Gamble         Wm               M    Y   1   Gardner                  Yorkshire         
Gammie         James            M    Y       Blacksmith               Aberdeenshire       
Gernard        James            M            Farm Labourer            Aberdeenshire       
Giles          Richard          M            Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Gobbart        Anne             F            Domestic Servant         Germany             
Gobbart        Joham            M            Farm Labourer            Germany             
Goodman        John             M    Y   4   Farm Labourer            Trotts              
Grice          George           M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Hackett        Hannah           F            Domestic Servant         Oxfordshire         
Hall           Thomas           M    Y       Farm Labourer            Shropshire          
Harris         E.C.             M            Farm Labourer            Middlesex           
Harrop         James            M    Y       Carpenter                Kent                
Hellewell      Wright           M            Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Helliwell      Grace            F            Weaver                   Yorkshire                    
Helliwell      Hannah           F            Weaver                   Yorkshire                    
Helliwell      J.H.             M            Clothmaker/Weaver        Yorkshire                    
Helliwell      Thomas           M            Carpenter                Yorkshire           
Henderson      James T.         M            Farm Labourer            Perthshire          
Henderson      Janet            F            Domestic Servant         Perthshire          
Henderson      John             M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Edinburgh           
Henderson      John             M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Perthshire          
Hendrey        Alex             M            Carpenter                Perthshire          
Hick           Francis          M    Y   3   Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Higgs          Hannah           F            Domestic Servant         Gloucestershire     
Higgs          John             M    Y       Farm Labourer            Gloucestershire                    
Hight          Henry            M    Y   3   Farm Labourer            Notts               
Holland        George           M            Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Horler         John             M            Farm Labourer            Somersetshire       
Howard         Ann              F            Domestic Servant         Cheshire            
Huband         Eliza            F            Domestic Servant         Warwickshire        
Huband         George           M    Y       Farm Labourer            Warwickshire        
Huband         Henry            M            Farm Labourer            Warwickshire        
Hudson         Henry            M    Y       Farm Labourer            Warwickshire        
Hutton         Maria            F            Domestic Servant         Warwickshire        
Jacques        Thomas           M            Farm Labourer            Northamptonshire    
Jones          Edward           M    Y       Blacksmith               Worcestershire      
Jones          Henry            M    Y       Farm Labourer            Surrey              
Joyce          James            M            Shepherd                 Dunbartonshire      
Kirk           William          M            Miller                   Wigtonshire         
Koster         Behrend          M    Y   1   Farm Labourer            Germany                    
Knox           Margaret         F            Domestic Servant         Aberdeenshire       
Lamb           John             M    Y       Farm Labourer            Shropshire          
Leeder         Patrick          M    Y       Blacksmith               Cork                
Lindsay        Jessie           F            Domestic Servant         Fifeshire           
M'Cutcheon     Geo.             M    Y   1   Shoemaker                Lanarkshire         
M'Farlane      Elizabeth        F            Domestic Servant         Scotland            
M'Jackson      Helen            F            Domestic Servant         Buteshire           
M'Nicol        M.               F            Domestic Servant         Perthshire          
M'Williams     Anne             F            Domestic Servant         Carlow              
Manning        Wm.              M    Y   4   Farm Labourer            Gloucestershire     
Marshall       John             M            Farm Labourer            Lincolnshire        
Mason          Alex             M            Ploughman                Kincardineshire     
Mehrtems       Hemrich          M            Farm Labourer            Germany             
Meiehoff       Christopher      M            Farm Labourer            Germany             
Menzies        Adam             M            Plasterer                Lanarkshire         
Menzies        Chas             M    Y       Ploughman                Stirlingshire       
Mills          John             M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Lancashire          
Mills          Thomas           M    Y   2   Carpenter                Devonshire          
Morrison       Eliza            F            Domestic Servant         Surrey              
Munro          Betsy            F            Domestic Servant         Sutherland          
Munro          Robert           M    Y       Farm Labourer            Caithness           
Munton         Thomas           M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Leicestershire      
Murray         Jessie           F            Domestic Servant         Sutherland          
Muster         John             M            Farm Labourer            Leicestershire      
Muzzall        Thomas           M    Y       Carpenter                Sussex              
Oatley         Eliza            F            Dressmaker               Middlesex                    
Oram           Herbert          M            Painter                  Sommersetshire      
Otten          John             M    Y       Farm Labourer  	      Germany	                              
Pain           Eliza            F            Dressmaker               Middlesex                     
Pain           Mary Ann         F            Dressmaker               Middlesex                     
Pain           Ophelia          F            Dressmaker               Middlesex                    
Parsons        Thomas           M            Farm Labourer            Devonshire          
Paw            Clara            F            Domestic Servant         Oxfordshire         
Pelvin         Richard          M    Y   3   Farm Labourer            Kent                
Pierce         Wm. R.           M    Y       Farm Labourer            Lancashire          
Prestidge      Jesse            M    Y   6   Carpenter                Northamptonshire                     
Prestidge      Sarah            F            Domestic Servant         Northamptonshire    
Price          Henry            M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Gloucestershire     
Ray            Charles          M            Farm Labourer            Warwickshire        
Ridgway        M. A.            F            Domestic Servant         Warwickshire        
Robbie         James            M    Y       Ploughman                Forfarshire         
Robertson      Duncan           M    Y       Carpenter                Lanarkshire                    
Robson         Jane             F            Domestic Servant         Yorkshire           
Rogers         Hannah           F            Domestic Servant         Northumberland      
Rowbotham      Joseph           M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Notts               
Sayer          Joseph           M            Farm Labourer            Shropshire          
Shale          Helen            F            Domestic Servant         Warwickshire        
Shipley        Burton           M    Y   3   Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Simons         William          M            Farm Labourer            Leicestershire      
Smith          George           M    Y       Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Smith          Sophia           F            Domestic Servant         Lanarkshire         
Sneddon        Maria            F            Cook                     Stirlingshire       
Soames         Henry            M    Y   2   Bricklayer               Oxfordshire                     
Stanton        Bridget          F            Domestic Servant         Cork                
Sterling       David            M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Stirlingshire       
Steward        William          M            Clothmaker/Weaver        Yorkshire                    
Storey         William          M            Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Stouyer        Martha           F            Domestic Servant         Shropshire          
Strathes       Jessie           F            Domestic Servant         Lanarkshire         
Strauyrer      Joseph           M            Farm Labourer            Shropshire          
Sutherland     Hugh             M    Y   1   Carpenter                Renfrewshire        
Sutherland     William          M            Farm Labourer            Renfrewshire        
Tayery         Catherine        F            Domestic Servant         Lanarkshire         
Thomson        Thomas           M            Farm Labourer            Durham              
Thorold        Dorothy          F            Domestic Servant         Leicestershire      
Tracey         Edward   35      M    Y       Blacksmith               Middlesex          wife Lucy, age 35.  
Upton          Wm.              M    Y   1   Carpenter                Pembrokeshire       
Watson         David            M            Farm Labourer            Yorkshire           
Watson         Margaret         F            Domestic Servant         Scotland            
Watts          Annie            F            Domestic Servant         Wiltshire           
Webb           George           M            Farm Labourer            Wiltshire           
Wells          Richard          M            Ploughman                Lanarkshire         
Wells          William          M            Farm Labourer            Lanarkshire         
White          George           M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Aberdeenshire       
Welges         Frederick        M    Y   2   Farm Labourer            Germany             
Winter         Alfred           M            Farm Labourer            Leicestershire      
Winter         John             M            Farm Labourer            Leicestershire      
Winter         Michael          M            Farm Labourer            Leicestershire      
Yardley        Eli              M    Y   1   Printer                  Warwickshire        
Young          Elizabeth        F            Domestic Servant         Scotland                                          

Total 420 souls
Above passenger list tally:    Sum: 418
Children: 119    Deaths children: 23    Births: 9
Adults not including spouse: 200    Sps = spouse present: 82     Deaths adults: 3

Reference: Page 76, W.H. R. Dale Album, Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, New Zealand (W.H. R. Dale Album is a book with newspaper clippings from The Lyttelton Times, passenger lists and voyage reports are in chronological order, photocopying is permitted).  The original embarkation register of the 1863 sailing of the 'Lancashire Witch', is at National Archives in  Wellington.

National Archives of New Zealand: IM CH 4/52
Transcript of the cover and 2 double pages of the Embarkation Register

Ship Lancashire Witch
Sailed 4th July 1863
Arrived 13th October 1863

Both pages headed:
ASSISTED EMIGRATION to CANTERBURY, NEW ZEALAND by the Ship ‘Lancashire Witch’ 1863.
Page 6: Families and Children [the 6 columns of costs not transcribed]

George	Brasell	45	Surrey		Farm Laborer
Janet	do.	36
Robert	do.	18	Age crossed through; entry endorsed Transferred to page 16
John	do.	16	Age crossed through; entry endorsed Transferred to page 16
Harriet	do.	13	Age crossed through; entry endorsed Transferred to page 22
Louisa	do.	11
George	do.	9
Emma	do.	7
Elizabeth do.	5
(Marginal note: Landed at Timaru)
George	Huband	43	Warwick		Farm laborer
Mary	do.	42
(Marginal note: Landed at Timaru)
William	Budd	21	Staffordshire	Farm laborer
Emma	do.	21
Emma	do.	Infant
(Marginal note: Landed at Timaru)
John	Carter	26	Kent		Farm Laborer
Emma J.	do.	26
Anne Mary do.	2
James	Doell	35	Wilts.		Farm Laborer
Maria	do.	35
Frank	do.	11
Ann	do.	8
Elizabeth do.	5
Frederick do.	Infant
Fanny do. 	10
[Family group is bracketed from James down to Frederick]
Henry	Elkers	28	Germany		Laborer
Catherine do.	27
(Marginal note: Landed at Timaru)
Page 22: Single Women
Ophelia	Pain	33	Middlesex		Dress-maker	Matron to Ship
Eliza	Pain	23	Middlesex		Dress-maker
Mary Ann  Allan	19	do.		Milliner
Clara	do.	21	do.		Dom. Servant
Hannah	Buckett	14	Oxfordshire	-----		Transferred from Page 2
Ellen	Shale	20	Warwickshire	Dom. Servant	Transferred from Page 2
Sarah Ann Dixon	34	Surrey		Dom. Servant	Transferred from Page 3
Eliza	Morrison  29	do.		do.		Transferred from Page 3
Hannah	Rogers	19	Northumberland	Dom. Servant
Harriet	Brasell	13	Surrey	-----			Transferred from Page 6
Eliza	Huband	18	Warwickshire	Dom. Servant	(Marginal note: Landed at Timaru)
Emma 	Cook	20	Leicestershire	Dom. Servant
Dorothy	Thorold	22	Leicestershire	Dom. Servant	(Marginal note: Landed at Timaru)
Sarah	Prestidge 28	Northamptonshire 	Dom. Servant	Transferred from Page 9
Elizabeth Comyns	14	Hants	-----	Transferred from Page 9
Sarah	do.	13	do.		-----		Transferred from Page 9

Evening Post, 24 May 1923, Page 9
Through the death of Mrs. Mary Gordon Millar Anderson, widow of the late Mr. Andrew Anderson, which occurred at her residence, "Shanzie," Leeston, last Wednesday, another gap has been made in the ranks of the early pioneers, says the Christchurch "Press." The late Mrs. Anderson was born in Alyth, Perthshire, Scotland, in 1838. Her father held a large farm in Scotland, known as Shanzie, near Alyth, after which her late home was called. Deceased was married in Alyth and soon afterwards set sail for New Zealand in the ship Lancashire Witch, and landed in Lyttelton in the spring of 1863 and faced her share of difficulties together with her husband. They had to walk across the bridle path to Christchurch and carry their belongings. They resided for two years in Christchurch, from which place they went to the Ellesmere district, and took up land in the Leeston township. They sold this property after a few years, and took up the larger farm known as" "Shanzie," which the deceased lady has resided on until her death. The land in those days was swampy, and their life was one of hard toil such as all early settlers had to endure, and nothing but perseverance carried them through. Mrs. Anderson was noted for her kindness of heart. She was a staunch supporter of the Presbyterian Church, having been present at the first Communion service held about fifty-five years ago. Her husband predeceased her by seven years. Mrs. Anderson leaves a family of five .ions and two daughters.

Jonathan BAKER was a laborer who came from Macclesfield in Cheshire. He married Ann Earnshaw in 1867 in Christchurch. They had 13 children, one died at 13 from drowning; they lived in the ChCh area and Ohoka, Kaiapoi area's. Jonathan was a plate layer, ganger, on the Railways almost till his death from what I can understand, he and wife Ann both died in 1905 in ChCh living in the Merivale area. Son, Thomas, my G.Grandfather, was a wool classer as was brother James, the other brothers that I know about were a railway worker who is buried in Timaru and another ended up farming in the Woodbury area and is buried there. I don't know what happened to the others.

Eventually, Thomas Baker (father) brought into the Scour and eventually owned it.  Info. on the family appears in local district history books. When my grandparents grew old and moved out of the family home into a place in Geraldine that was the last of the Baker's in Winchester which is a shame as they were involved in a lot of things in the area, in fact my cousin has somehow managed to get the wee street by the Wolseley Hotel renamed to Baker St. Thomas seemed to be quite successful and my Grandfather Jack grew up in ChCh and eventually moved to Winchester to learn more of the Wool trade, scouring etc. at McCaskill's who owned the scour then, he boarded with them, and eventually that became the family home when Jack, must have brought it, opposite the school on the Main Rd. He also worked in Waimate.
Information courtesy of Vicki Baker. Posted 29 May 2007.

Ellesmere Guardian,
12 March 1898, Page 2
On Wednesday last, Mr John Bennett, an old identity of Canterbury, but for most of the time a resident of the Ellesmere district, passed away at his residence at Leeston. The deceased came to New Zealand m the "Lancashire Witch," landing in Lyttelton in October 1863. Previous to his arrival in the Colonies, Mr Bennett had served in the Royal Navy. While wearing the uniform of the "blue jacket," he was, for a few years, stationed m Chinese "waters, and several times saw active service while cruising in the vicinity of the land of the rising sun. Upon reaching New Zealand, however, he took up the building trade, and was thus engaged until about seven years ago, when a trivial accident, attended with most disastrous results, however, made him an invalid for the rest of his days. At the time of the accident, the aneurism which resulted was, by several prominent doctors, expected to terminate with fatal results within a few weeks. Contrary to these expectations, however, after remaining in an almost unchanged position for over three years, he recovered sufficiently to be able to walk about, and has continued to take daily walks for the past three years. He recently caught a cold/however, and aggravated by this source of irritation, most painful symptoms developed, and at about midday on the 9th inst, death mercifully ended his sufferings, which had been intermittently severe from the first accident. Deceased was one of the first Oddfellows to take practical interest in establishing the order in New Zealand, and belonged to the Loyal Leeston Lodge since its inception. He was also a member of the Masonic fraternity. He was known to be a most kind father, and loving husband; and, during his long term of residence m the Ellesmere, established an unassailable title to that noblest of claims, an every day honest man. His funeral, which is announced in another column, will be conducted under the auspices of the Loyal Leeston Lodge of Oddfellows. Deceased leaves a widow and a grown-up son and daughter to lament his loss.

Auguste and Elizabeth Blanchet arrived on the "Witch" as a newly married couple soon raised a family in Timaru. They were from Alderney, Channel Islands. There is a spelling variation with this surname and first name in the newspapers when compared to the passenger list. In 1863 Auguste was a farm labourer aged 21 and his wife Elizabeth was 20. He sank wells in Timaru. Augustus was also a member of the Loyal Orange Lodge. No. 13 in 1900.
Timaru Herald, 4 December 1869, Page 2 The following tenders, for keeping eight wells in ropes, buckets, &c. (per annum), were opened : A. Blanchett, 12 pounds.
Timaru Herald, 2 March 1870, Page 2 The following accounts were presented to the Council : A. Blanchett, quarter's salary for keeping wells in repair, 3 pounds

Year born 		Mother  	Father
1869 Blanchett John 	Elizabeth	Augustus 		died in 1928 aged 59
1877 Blanchett Thomas 	Elizabeth 	Augustus 		
1882 Blanchett Louisa  	Elizabeth 	Aryushes Ferdinand 

Timaru Herald, 8 July 1874, Page 3 Death
Blanchet. On July 6th, at Timaru, Harriet, the second child of Augustus and Elizabeth Blanchet, aged 7 years.

Timaru Herald 26 Jan. 1882 Birth
BLANCHETT On the 31st December, at midnight, the wife of A. Blanchett, of a daughter.

 A F Blanchett, died aged 80 and was buried at the Timaru cemetery on Wednesday, 15 March 1922 in the general section Block D Plot 51. His wife Elizabeth was buried Saturday, 2 January 1915 at the age of 74 in Plot 51. They have one headstone. Harriet was buried 8 July 1874, aged 7 in plot 52 with Rev. Lee officiating.

Wanganui Herald, 20 June 1900, Page 3 Orange Blossoms.
A very pretty wedding took place today in the premises of the local Bank of New South Wales. The contracting parties were Mr Alexander Halligan, so well known in athletic circles in Wanganui, and Miss Harriet Blanchett, third daughter of Mr A. F. Blanchett, of Timaru. The bride was attired in a cornflower-blue dress, with cream facings, and a white picture hat. Miss Maud Halligan acted as bridesmaid and wore a blue dress with black facing. Mr C. M. Burrell assisted the bridegroom. The happy couple were the recipients of between sixty and seventy handsome and valuable presents, testifying to the high esteem in which they are both held throughout this district. The wedding ceremony was conducted by the Rev R. M. Ryburn. Mr and Mrs Alexander Halligan left by this afternoon's train on a trip to Napier, a large number of friends meeting at the station to see them off.

Timaru Herald, 29 June 1876, Page 2
Funeral Notice. The friends of the late Mr J.J. Burrows are respectfully informed that his remains will leave the residence of Mr A. Blanchett, Timaru, at 2 p.m. on Friday, June 30th, for the place of interment. Robert Taylor, undertaker.

George BRASELL was born in Buckinghamshire in 1816, the 9th of Thomas Brasell's 16 children and the 4th child of his father's second marriage. George married Harriet Harding in 1842 at East Claydon and their first 5 children were born in Buckinghamshire. The firstborn, Thomas, died at Quainton in November 1847 aged 3 years. George & Harriet moved to Barnes in Surrey about 1852 and George junior, Emma and Elizabeth were born there. Harriet died of consumption in 1859 and is buried in the Churchyard of Saint Mary in Barnes. George married Janet Thomas, his housekeeper, in April 1863 and the family sailed for New Zealand on the 'Lancashire Witch' 4 months later. They landed at Timaru in October and lived in the town until George bought 44 acres at Pareora in November 1867. He died there in 1912, aged 95.

George's married children lived in and around Timaru, except for John, who went to Duntroon, and Louisa, who married Nathaniel Barton and lived in Christchurch.
The spouses of the first generation are as follows:
Robert m. Eliza Emily Lane
John m. Mary Jane Smith
Harriett Jane m. (1) William Bebbington and (2) Robert Campbell
Louisa Brassell m. Nathaniel Barton in 1867
George m. Amy Chivers
Emma Brassell m. Charles Saxon in 1872. Charles died in 1889 aged 57.
Elizabeth died unmarried in 1880 aged 23.

All the present-day Brasells in New Zealand are descended from the original George and even the John Brasell who settled in the Hutt Valley in the 1890s turned out to be George's nephew.
I am Jane Curry, great granddaughter of Harriett Jane Brasell and Robert Campbell. I will be pleased to share the family data I have collected over the past 15 years and delighted to receive updated information. Posted 12 Aug. 1999

From Macdonald's Dictionary: George Brasell, farm lab, with wife and 4 children, of Surrey arrived by the Lancashire Witch. he settled in St. Andrews. Bresells Rd at St. Andrews is named after him.

Harriett Jane Brasell married William Bibbington in 1867
Harriett Brasell married Robert Campbell in 1878

CAREY: Thomas and Emily Carey were passengers on the Lancashire Witch along with their five children: Emily, Sarah, Charles, Mary and George. All survived the journey. Emily Carey died at Gloucester St, on 13th Feb, 1888 and is buried at Linwood, and Thomas Carey died at Hanmer Street, Avonsie, Christchurch on 25th Sept 1898 and is also buried at Linwood.

The Star Tuesday 14th February 1888 page 2
The friends of Mr Thomas Carey are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late Wife, Emily Maylon, will leave his residence, 189, Gloucester street west, To-morrow, February 15th, at 2.30 p.m. for the New Cemetery.
H. Furhmann,
Undertaker,109, Colombo street.

 Sarah married William Matthews in 1867 at Newtown NSW Australia. Sarah and William lived at Kangaloon near Bowral NSW where they had all eight  
children.  She died in 1908 and is buried at Rookwood NSW. Her brother Charles married Mary Moore in Bowral NSW, in 1882. He died in 1916 at Bowral.
Apparently George married (nee Martin) and had three daughters. He opened a shoe shop in Kaiapoi in 1901.

Margaret Williams, great, great granddaughter, of Thomas and Emily, wrote I am still researching when Sarah and Charles came to Australia. The passenger lists are incomplete which makes it difficult. Posted 8 Dec. 2004

Ellesmere Guardian
, 7 February 1906, Page 2
On Saturday evening about twelve o'clock, Mr John Craig, of Stoney Gully, passed over to the great majority with startling suddenness. During the last year he had been m better health than for years previous During Saturday he paid a visit to a neighbouring farm, was m good spirits, and to all appearance, m more than usual physical vigour. He retired to bed with no feeling of pain or weakness. Near the hour stated he breathed his last without a moan or struggle that would indicate the approach of death. Mr and Mrs Craig (nee Catherine Henderson) came to New Zealand in 1863, and came from Caithness, Scotland, m the ship Lancashire Witch. He commenced working at Homebrook, subsequently removing to Stony Gully, where he has resided ever since. Mr Craig was universally respected, and had a kindly disposition that made him many friends and no enemies: He had a kind word for all and a frown for none. When the news of his death became known there was a general feeling that the district had lost one of its best and most charitable residents. His whole life has certainly been m the way of uprightness and brotherliness. He was a consistent and peace-loving member of the Presbyterian Church since its foundation, where all were his friends and well wishers, and where his loss will be greatly felt. Mr Craig leaves behind a wife, two sons, eight daughters, and twenty five grandchildren to mourn his departure,- but they may rest assured that they have the fullest sympathy of the whole community in this their hour of bereavement and sorrow. As the deceased had been attended by Mr Withers, an inquest was not considered necessary. At the close of the service on Sunday morning at St John's Presbyterian Church, the Rev R. W. Jackson very sympathetically referred to the sad event, and spoke highly of his Christian character, which was of a highly exemplary type. The funeral took place yesterday, and was very largely attended, the burial service being conducted by the Rev R. W. Jackson.

New Zealand Tablet, 13 July 1899, Page 19
Another old colonist and staunch Catholic (writes our Christchurch correspondent) passed away on July 1 in the person of Mr. G. D. Cronin. The deceased arrived in Lyttelton on October 3, 1863, by the ship Lancashire Witch. He was immediately engaged by Messrs. Holmes and Richardson, the contractors for the construction of the railway to Christchurch. On the completion of the line and their handing of it over to the Government, Mr. Cronin was taken on in the service, and remained a railway official until the time of his resignation, at the beginning of 1898, owing to an illness which was the ultimate cause of his death. At the time of his resignation Mr. Cronin was senior railway official in Canterbury. The deceased always entertained a great love for religion, and was one of the oldest parishioners of the Pro-Cathedral, one of his sons being baptised on the opening day of the original church in Barbadoes street. The final illness of Mr. Cronin was of 20 months 1 duration, and he had latterly been most assiduously attended by the Rev. Father Richards, who also celebrated a Requiem Mass for the repose of his soul and afterwards officiated at the grave. Whilst the remains were being conveyed from the church Miss Fuaston, the organist, played the Dead March in Saul. Mr. Cronin leaves a wife, two daughters, and three sons. Two of the family were born in New Zealand. All are married and settled in the Colony. R.I.P.

 DALTON, Thomas
Ashburton Guardian, 23 September 1913, Page 6
The death occurred yesterday of Mr Thomas Dalton, of "Kelk Lodge," (North-East Belt); aged 78 years. Mr Dalton, who was a' colonist of 50 years', standing, was a native of Kelk, Yorkshire, England. After spending four years in Canada, as a young man, he returned to Yorkshire and married and with Mrs Dalton sailed for New Zealand in the ship Lancashire Witch in 1863. For a number of years Mr Dalton resided at Rangiora, and the country being practically in its virgin state, he experienced many of those difficulties incidental of pioneer life. In 1876, Mr Dalton took up a tract of country in its native state in the Wakanui district, which he successfully farmed until about five years ago, when he disposed of his farm and- retired, residing up till the time of his death in Ashburton. During the past three years he had not enjoyed the best of health, but it was not till eight weeks ago that he was compelled to, take to his" bed. Mr Dalton was one of those sturdy and determined pioneers who contributed so largely to the progress of the Dominion. He was a thoroughly practical farmer, a good father, and a sterling friend. A few months ago Mr and Mrs Dalton celebrated their golden wedding. He was the father of a large family (six sons and four daughters), all of whom, are married and settled in various parts of the Dominion.

Ashburton Guardian, 24 July 1919, Page 5
There passed away, at her residence, North-East Belt, Ashburton, aged 70, an old and respected colonist in. the person of Mrs Charlotte Dalton, a native of Yorkshire, England. Mrs Dalton arrived with her late husband in the. Lancashire Witch in 1863, settling in the Kaiapoi and Rangiora district for a number of years, and experiencing the trials and difficulties incidental-to. the early days of the Dominion. In 1876, after suffering great hardships and losses in the big Waimakariri flood, they moved to the Wakanui district, taking up a tract of land in its native state, which they successfully tanned until advancing years compelled them to reside in Ashburton. Mrs Dalton was ready to assist the sick, suffering, and unfortunate, and many a neighbour in the early days reaped the benefit of her skill as a nurse. Her husband predeceased her six years ago. She leaves six sons and four daughters and 24 grandchildren. The sons include William Dalton, farmer, Ashburton.

ELKERS -that is four in the same plot.
Henry Elkers, a farmer, aged 84, Temuka was buried Friday, 26 July 1918 Temuka Cemetery in Block 7 Plot 433.
Catherine Elkers, aged 92, was buried Monday, 15 September 1924, in the Temuka Cemetery in Block 7 Plot 432.
William Henry Elkers, a Civil Servant, aged 33, was buried Tuesday, 31 October 1922, in the Temuka Cemetery in Block 7 Plot 433.  A grandson.
William Elkers, aged 11, was buried in the Temuka Cemetery in on Thursday, 16 January 1879 in Block 7 Plot 433.
George Elkers, of Lyttelton, died aged 78, Saturday, 23 September 1950, was buried in in the Temuka Cemetery in on Saturday, 23 September 1950 in Block 7 Plot 433.

Timaru Herald, 30 June 1885, Page 2
Naturalisation.  Letters of naturalisation have been issued to Henry Elkis, farmer, of Temuka.

Henry was 28 years old when he arrived in Timaru via England from Germany with his wife Catherine, aged 27. He was a labourer. 

Press 17 September 1924 Page 5
TEMUKA. Another of the few survivor 3 of the original settlers of South Canterbury in Mrs Catherine Elkis, passed away at Timaru on Saturday last at the ripe ago of 92 years. The funeral took place at the Temuka Cemetery in the presence of a large concourse of descendants and friends. The deceased was married in England, and with her husband arrived in the Dominion in the ship Lancashire Witch in 1861. At Epworth they bought a farm, which they successfully conducted for 55 years, and subsequently sold some eight years ago. On the death of her husband in July, 191, Mrs Elkis collapsed from shock, and though maintaining full possession of her mental faculties to the last, she was bedridden and lived with her daughter, Mrs E. Egan, of North street, Timaru, until her death. In connexion with the funeral ceremony Requiem Mass was celebrated by the Rev. Father Egan (of St. Bede's) a grandson of the deceased, at St. Joseph's Church. He also officiated as the graveside, being assisted by the Rev. Fathers Fraher (Temuka) Hurley and Barrow (Timaru). The pall-bearers were deceased's two sons, a grandson and Mr John Hayes. The deceased left a family of two sons, two daughters and eight grandchildren, the sons and daughters being Mr John Elkis (Ma. Waro), Mr Geo. Elkis (Timaru), Mrs E. Egan (Timaru), Miss Amy Elkis (a Sister of St. Joseph in the Sydney Convent).

Elliott, William, Farmer, Bennett's. Mr. Elliott owns 200 acres of land, which includes twenty acres of leasehold. He was born at Dorking, Surrey, England, in 1838, and became gardener for Sir Benjamin Brodie. In 1863 he came to Lyttelton by the ship "Lancashire Witch." For a year he was gardener to the Hon. Leslie Lee, at Rangiora, and afterwards followed his occupation independently as a gardener for a number of years. About 1872 Mr. Elliott took up the first part of his property in the Bennett's district, and has since increased his holding. He served for two terms as a member of the Carleton school committee. Mr. Elliott was married on the 10th of March, 1863, to the [Elizabeth] daughter of the late Mr. John Lewis, of Flowton, Suffolk, England, and has six daughters. Posted Jan. 2012. Janet is researching this family.

Elizabeth and William ELLIOTT who settled in Bennetts Junction - 200 acres of nursery growing fruit trees - which are gradually being chopped


'South Canterbury - A Record Of Settlement' Oliver A. Gillespie, published by South Canterbury Centennial History Committee, 1958. Reports 125 landed at Timaru including a Henry FLEMING and wife who settled at Fairlie, South Canterbury. They were Mrs. A. J. Davey's grandparents. The Timaru Herald was established as a weekly 11 June 1864.

The Weekly Press - 2 June 1920 Death
FLEMING - on 28 May at res. of George Vernon Forrest, 327 Manchester st, Jane, widow of Henry Fleming, aged 79 years, (Lancashire Witch 1863) [She was 23 when she came out.]

Evening Post, 16 March 1935, Page 11 MRS. W. OCKENDEN
[Maria Jane Elizabeth
Hatton married Walter Ockenden in 1863]
An early pioneer in the person of Mrs. W. Ockenden passed away at her residence in Wellington today, in her 95th year. Mrs. Ockenden arrived in New Zealand in 1863, haying sailed from England in the Lancashire Witch. The ship carried 500 single women and a matron. The voyage took 91 days. The immigrants landed at Lyttelton, and walked over the bridle track to Christchurch. Married to Mr. Ockenden in the same year at Christchurch, Mrs. Ockenden later moved with her husband to the Manawatu, and lived through some anxious times at Foxton and Palmerston North during, the Maori uprisings. While they were living at Foxton the residents were moved to Wellington by the Government, and Mrs. Ockenden and her husband lived here for several years. Mr. Ockenden was an inspector of timber construction during the building of the Rimutaka railway, and while he was so employed, they lived at Pakuratahi. The family later spent many years at Masterton. On the death of her husband Mrs. Ockenden moved to Wellington, where, she resided until her death. She leaves a family of two sons and four daughters; Messrs. W. Ockenden, Lower Hutt, and R. Ockenden, Lyall Bay, Mesdames B. Ginders, Wellington, A. Gannaway, Auckland, and D. Livingstone, Taihape, and Miss C. Ockenden, Wellington. There are nineteen grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.

James Gammie, blacksmith, age 27, and wife Helen, age 27, were from Aberdeenshire. James soon after arriving purchased a house and land in Sandie town, part of section No. 1959 ( by 1865). They later settled in at Pleasant Point and later Cave. Helen Coutts m.  James on 9 Dec. 1862 in Newmachar, Banffshire, SCT.  James was born 19 Oct. 1834 in Monquhitter, Aberdeenshire, SCT.  Helen died at the age of 42 years, 5 April 1877. She is buried in the Pleasant Point Cemetery - Section B Block Plot 2 Beam.  James Gammie died 1916 in Pleasant Point. Children:
1. Ann b: 19 Feb. 1866 in Timaru buried at St. Mary's, Esk Valley. Died 1953
2. Margaret  b: 16 July 1867 in Pleasant Point
3. Jane  b: 1871 in Canterbury died Sept. 1903, age 32. buried at Pleasant Point.
4. (stillborn baby)  b: 19 Aug. 1876 in Pleasant Point
5. Jessie
6. Elspeth
7. Isabella

Timaru Herald, 23 April 1879, Page 4
James Gammie, of Pleasant Point, farmer, filed for bankruptcy 22nd April 1879.  In June 1879 he sold out - sold 337 acres of freehold land at Orari, being R.S. No. 28,658, 277 acres of which are ploughed. 2 sections at Kakahu. 5 Sections at Pleasant Point Township, on one is the comfortable residence at present occupied by Mr William Eames; on another a Blacksmith Shop, occupied by Mr. W. Allen. He also sold 33 head Quiet store cattle, 5 draught mares and gleding and a pony. He also sold 3 farm drays, 1 single plough, 1 buggy, one McCormick reaper and binder, 1 Reid and Gray reaper, 2 sets of harrows and 1600 bushels of seed oats and 30 bags wheat.


June 1887
MARFELL - GAMMIE - On the 23rd April, at Woodville, North Island, Richard Marfell, late of Cinderford, Gloucestershire, to Margaret, third daughter of James Gammie, farmer, Cave.

March 1890
ARMSTRONG - GAMMIE. On March 28th, at the residence of the bride's father, Riverside, by the Rev. Wm. Whyte, John Armstrong, the Cave Station, fourth son of the late John Armstrong, Westerkirk, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, to Elspeth (Elsie), fourth daughter of James Gammie, Riverside, the Cave.

March 1891
FYALL - GAMMIE - On the 25th inst., at Trinity Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Wm. Gillies, Andrew Fyall, eldest son of John Fyall, of Errol, Perthshire, Scotland, to Jessie Gammie, fifth daughter of James Gammie, Farmer, Riverside, Cave.

Monday 29 June 1891 Marriage
HAMPTON - GAMMIE - On the 16th June at Trinity Presbyterian church, by the Rev. Wm. Gillies, Joseph Hampton, of Eskbank, Otaio, to Ann (Annie), second daughter of James Gammie, farmer, Riverside, Cave.

April 1898
OBORN - GAMMIE. On April 7th at Elloughton Grange, the residence of Wm. Grant, Esq., by the Rev. Wm. Gillies, Arthur, eldest son of Mr G.A. Oborn, Timaru, to Isabella, seventh daughter of Mr James Gammie, Cave.

Annie Gammie married Joseph HAMPTON 16 JUN 1891. They settled in Esk Valley, St. Andrews.
1. Bertie Leathem HAMPTON b: 20 JUL 1891
2. Elizabeth Ellen HAMPTON b: 14 AUG 1892
3. Margaret Annie HAMPTON b: 22 NOV 1893
4. Vida Isabel HAMPTON b: 26 APR 1903
5. Agnes Russell HAMPTON b: 25 Oct. 1908.

Suzie wrote "I believe James owned 50 acres at Pleasant Point when it was known as "Hodsock" He was a Blacksmith at "The Levels" and was Postmaster at Pleasant Point. His daughter, Margaret, was a governess at "The Levels" in 1881-86 where she met Richard Marfell and left the district to marry in the North Island." [They had and has seven sons and one daughter. They first went to the N.I. but settled on The Firs, the Starborough Settlement, at Seddon] Margaret died 21 July 1950 ‎(Age 82)‎ Seddon, Marlborough, NZ. Richard died 25 July 1939 ‎(Age 75)‎, Blenheim, Marlborough, NZ. He had come out to NZ in 1881 at the age of 16. He was born 31 May 1864 in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, ENG. His brother Alfred had immigrated to NZ in 1875 at the age of 18 and started off as a was a farm worker in South Canterbury. Richard had arrived in 1881 and for eight years he worked with his brother, Alfred, who was managing a farm near Timaru. Then he married and moved to the North Island to gain more experience and finally obtaining his own place near Seddon.

Marlborough Express, 25 July 1917, Page 5
Mr R. Marfell, of Seddon, has received advice that his son, Private P.A. Marfell, was admitted to, the Brockenhurst Hospital on July 11, suffering from a gunshot wound in the left forearm and a severe fracture of the left thigh. [He was with the 21st Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company]

Mr. Andrew Fyall , who has been overseer at Totara estate since 1892, was born in Scotland in 1855, and from his earliest days has been accustomed to outdoor pursuits. Mr. Fyall arrived at Port Chalmers in 1884 by the s.s. Florida, and was employed at the Levels station, South Canterbury, till 1892, when he received the appointment be now holds as overseer at Totara. Mr. Fyall served for seven years as a member of the Totara school committee. He was married, in 1891, to a daughter of Mr. James Gammie, of Pleasant Point, Canterbury, and has three sons and four daughters.

HIGHT: Henry Hight was born 1835/1836 in Broughton, Northamptonshire, son of Samuel Hight and Mary Ward. His wife, Elizabeth Mee, was born in Burton Latimer, Northants and baptised on 22 June 1837 at nearby Finedon Wesleyan Church, daughter of Thomas Mee and Harriett Barker. The couple were married in 1857/1858 in either Burton Latimer or Kettering. Henry worked in England on his father's and uncle's farms, and as a gardener. They had a son and two daughters before emigrating to New Zealand on the Lancashire Witch. The 'Nottinghamshire' reference in the original shipping list appears to be an error for 'Northamptonshire'. On arrival in Canterbury, Henry took up the position of head gardener on the property of Mr Watts Russell at Ilam; he later worked for Mr Henry Lance at Halswell and then farmed in the Rolleston/Weedons area. During this time he and Elizabeth had a daughter at Ilam, a son at Halswell, and two daughters and a son at Rolleston. In 1874 the family moved to Brookside, where Henry had purchased a 184 acre farm called 'Crystal Fountain'. The land was then covered with flax and raupo, and was so covered with swamp and stumps that it could not be reached by horse. Henry drained it and planted pasture, gardens, and orchards. The two youngest children, a daughter and a son, were born here. Obit.

Henry established a herd of Shorthorn cattle in 1878, and he was a very successful breeder of milking Shorthorns, winning a prize for the best butterfat producing cow. In 1889 he was running 600 sheep, and his stock won over 200 prizes at A&P shows. Elizabeth signed the 1893 Women's Suffrage petition.  Henry and Elizabeth retired to St Albans Street in Christchurch by 1909. He died at home on 16 July 1913; she died at home on 14 May 1919. They are buried in the churchyard of St. Paul's, Papanui, Christchurch. Information courtesy of Suzanne Website

Ashburton Guardian, 19 May 1919, Page 6 OBITUARY.
The late Mrs H. Hight, whose funeral took place on Friday at the Papanui Churchyard, was the relict of the late Mr Henry Hight, of Brookside. The deceased was a native of Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire, and with her late husband came to New Zealand in the Lancashire Witch, in 1863. Shortly after their arrival, they resided at Riccarton, her husband being gardener for the late Mr Watts Russell, of 11am. Eventually they settled for a number of years at Weedons, and in 1875 removed to Brookside, where they made their home in a rough swamp, which, by their efforts, skill, and industry, was soon converted into a very desirable property. The hardships that were then inseparable from pioneer life were bravely endured and overcome. They retired to St. Albans in 1899, where Mr Hight died six years, ago. The deceased had a family of five sons and six daughters, and leaves forty one grand-children, and sixteen great-grand-children. Of this large family, one son and nine grandsons have served in the war, four of whom have made the supreme sacrifice. The surviving members of the family are Mr Albert Hight (Timaru), Mr T. G. Hight (Whangarei), Mrs John Watson (Ashburton), Mrs Joseph Watson (Willowby), Mrs P. Frampton (Wakanui), Mrs H. H. Holland (Waikari), Miss M. Hight (St. Albans), Miss M. L. Hight (late head teacher Lyndhurst School), and Private James Hight, now returning from the front.

Edward JONES and Louisa Harper were married 17 May, 1863 at Stourbridge, Co.Worcestershire, England in the parish of Old Swinford. After arriving in New Zealand they had eight children from 1864 to 1878. Their eldest child, Emma Louisa Jones, had a daughter Dora Winifred who married into the DUFFEILD family in New Zealand.

Cyclopeadia of New Zealand Canterbury Vol. 3: Edward was employed as carriage builder, Sydenham Carriage Works, Colombo Street. Mr Jones arrived in the Colony in 1863 by the ship Lancashire Witch and is a native of Stourbridge, Worcestershire. He learnt his trade under his father in England and on arriving in New Zealand worked at his calling for various employers for about five years before starting on his own account in Tuam Street, Christchurch. This business he conducted for about ten years, selling it out then and purchasing the present concern in 1880. Mr Jones has made many improvements in several classes of vehicles, especially in four wheelers, vans and steel framed roadsters, and imports steel and other requisites. The premises cover about a quarter of an acre of ground.

Christchurch  Press 8 Nov. 1912 p. 5. 'Mr Edward Jones, JP., a well known local coach-builder, died yesterday at his residence, 35 Byron Street, Sydenham. He arrived in the year 1863 and was well known in political and civic matters, having been on the Sydenham Council for 25 years, on the Sydenham School Committee for 15 years and president of the Sydenham Club for 37 years. He was also an officer in Orange and Oddfellow lodges and was chairman for the Hon. W P Reeves when he was elected to represent a Christchurch seat. Mr Reeves presented him with a set of books on political subjects on his leaving for England to take up the Agent-Generalship. He leaves a widow, four sons and three daughters.' Information courtesy of Geoff Green. Posted 18 May, 2000

Henry JONES who emigrated to Timaru, New Zealand in October l863 from England. Henry had married Ann Wiseman in Scarborough on 29th March l859. They appear on the 1861 census for York, living with Ann's widowed mother, Elizabeth Wiseman. According to that census Henry was a 27 year old "fisherman" born in Epsom, Surrey. His wedding certificate has his father as William - a labourer. Henry and Ann settled in NZ to raise their children: They had 4 sons, Henry (1864) William,(1865) Fred (1872) and Thomas (1873). Also they had one daughter Lucy, born 1870. Only William left NZ and moved to Rockhampton, Queensland where he married an Irish girl and had 8 children. Lucy married Adam Adamson, Henry and Fred stayed single and Thomas married Annie O'Donnell.

LEADLEY - They were on the vessel but their name does not appear on the passenger list.

Ashburton Guardian, 13 November 1901, Page 2 Death
At Winchcombe street, Christchurch, on November 12th, Mr G.W. Leadley (Father of Mr G. W. Leadley, Wakanui), in his 79th year.

Ashburton Guardian, 17 April 1896, Page 2 Death
At Christchurch. on Friday, April 17, after a long and painful illness, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of G. W. Leadley, of Wakanui. Aged 36. "So He giveth His beloved sleep."  

Dr Duncan McLean
Timaru Herald
, 13 September 1871, Page 2   27th.
It is with deep regret we have to record the demise of this gentleman, which took place at his residence, Timaru, on Monday last, on Sept. 11th. The deceased gentleman has resided in Timaru since the year 1863 or the early part of 1864. He had, previous to that date, paid a flying visit to the Colony in the ship Echunga then landed immigrants in Timaru, and Dr McLean went back to England in her, returning in 1863 in the Lancashire Witch, in which vessel he was also in official charge as doctor. This vessel also landed immigrants at Timaru. On board the Lancashire Witch there were, all told, nearly 500 souls, and on getting into the tropics, scarlet fever, in a most virulent form broke out. Thirty-three deaths occurred, and at one time there were 250 cases of sickness on board. It was then that the sterling qualities of the good doctor shone forth, for he was the only physician on board, and besides having to combat with a dread disease, his means for doing so were sadly crippled, the stock of medicines running short, and the vessel having to put into Simon's Bay, Cape of Good Hope, for a fresh supply. As a passenger by that unfortunate vessel tells us "By day and by night Dr Mclean was unremitting in his attention, and doing all one man could possibly do to stem the fatal tide of disease which was sweeping the vessel. To the children especially he was most kind and many a young life was saved by his thoughtful and preserving care. Frequently he supplied them with delicacies out of private means, which otherwise were not procurable." When a good man dies the community at large suffers. A wife and a family of four young children are left to mourn his loss. 

Duncan McLean, LFPS 1861. Regd under NMO in Timaru 6 Feb 1864; under 1867 Act 14 May 1869: Timaru. Came from Springburn, near Glasgow. Died in Timaru from TB 12 Sept 1871 aged 31. Father of Dr HJ McLean. Collection includes newspaper clipping from Timaru Herald (18.11.1948) describing Dr McLean's voyage to NZ as ship's surgeon on the Echunga, and his medical practice at Timaru until his death. Collection held at The Cotter Medical History Trust.

New Zealand Herald, 17 February 1925, Page 10
Hamilton. Monday. An early arrival in the Dominion, Mr. Joseph Martin, of Puketaha, passed away in the Waikato Hospital this morning. Mr. Martin was born in County Down, Ireland, in 2840, and served his apprenticeship in the ironmongery trade. He arrived at Lyttelton in the ship Lancashire Witch in 1863, and was employed by several Christchurch firms. Seventeen years ago he came to the Waikato and took up farming pursuits at Waingaro and Puketaha. Mr. Martin was a life-long member of the Baptist Church, and was an office bearer at Christchurch and Hamilton. He is survived by a widow and two daughters, Miss Martin and Mrs. W. H. Worster, of Puketaha. The funeral took place to-day, and was largely attended.

Star (Christchurch) 22 May 1922 Page 8
The death is announced of Mr George Mehrtens, of Kaiapoi, at the age of eighty. The late Mr Mehrtens was born in 1842, in the province of Hanover, Germany, and he was engaged in country pursuits until coming to New Zealand by the ship Lancashire Witch in 1863. He followed various occupations in Ohoka until 1868, when the country was covered with flax, raupo and scrub, and when there was not a road in the district. Later on he purchased a farm of 142 acres, which he brought into a state of excellent cultivation. Mr Mehrtens retired from active work some time ago. He was married in 1867 to a daughter of Mr H. Deetjen of Hanover. 

Thomas MILLS was a carpenter from Newton Abbot, Devon. He was baptised there on 23 March 1827. His parents ran the Dartmouth Inn. His wife was Susanna Parsons from the St Erney/Landrake area of Cornwall. She was born 10 March 1839 in Poldrissick and her family were farmers. The couple were married in Exeter on 20 April 1859 and lived in London prior to their voyage on the Lancashire Witch. The passenger list shows they travelled with two sons Thomas and Henry. Thomas was born in Pimlico, London on 12 Dec 1859. He died in Timaru on 21 Oct 1863, less than 2 weeks after arrival and seems to have been a further casualty of the illness on board. Henry is totally unknown to any descendants and though listed as a male was possibly actually their daughter Mary who was born in Islington, London on 2 July 1861. Her passage to New Zealand is otherwise a mystery. They also sailed with Susanna 15 year old brother Thomas Harris Parsons jnr. Another child, William, was born on board ship on 16 Sep when it was in the Southern Indian Ocean.

The Mills family settled in Sandietown, Timaru where Thomas operated as a builder and contractor. He was probably responsible for several of the early buildings in Timaru. He features in an intriguing court case in the Timaru Herald of Sat 9 Sep and 16 Sep 1865 where he was wrongly accused of theft and subsequently tried unsuccessfully to sue for damages for false imprisonment.

Thomas Harris Parsons jnr was the person featured in the Timaru Borough Council minutes of 12 May 1874 and the Timaru Herald of 13 May in connection with the construction of a powder magazine at Patiti Point. Thomas did not believe the plans were satisfactory.

The Mills family were joined in Timaru in 1865 and 1867 by Susanna parents, Thomas Harris Parsons and Mary, and all of her siblings: Phillipa Thompson and her husband George, James and his wife Betsy, Mary Betsy Lang and William Moses. Thomas Mills advanced Susanna parents fares. James Parsons operated a blacksmith and iron foundry in Church Street.

About 1879 the Mills family moved to Christchurch where Thomas was a contractor and in 1882 to Taranaki where he took up farming. Two of his sons played rugby for Taranaki and one, Hugh, became an All Black. Several of the Mills descendants still live in that province.

The Parsons also all left Timaru by the mid 1880s. Thomas Harris Parsons snr. joined the Mills in Taranaki, his wife having died in Timaru in 1879. The Thompsons went to Christchurch and James and Thomas, who had married James sister-in-law, went to Australia, first to Sydney then Western Australia. William Moses also visited Australia but ended up in Auckland. Mary Betsy Lang married James Spence in Timaru and they also moved to Taranaki, settling in New Plymouth. Information courtesy of Paul Bickerstaff great-great grandson of Thomas Mills, posted 28 October, 2007.

Thomas MUNTON married to Catherine Bird at Waltham on Wold, 26 Aug, 1858. They left England with their two daughters, Elizabeth Ann and Eliza. Thomas Munton was in poor health, and the sea voyage and life in NZ was recommended by a Dr. Shortly. After arriving in Lyttelton, Thomas died (1863)

Catherine remarried a William Musson in 1865. William was a close friend of Thomas and they had been to school together in Waltham-on Wold. Catherine had 2 sons and 2 daughters to William and died on 3rd June, 1904, Canterbury. Elizabeth Ann was born in 1861 and married James Walter Smart at age 17 St James, Cust. She died 26th Dec, 1934 at Christchurch. James Walter Smart died in 1926 in Christchurch. Information courtesy of Cathy Dale. Posted 28 Dec. 1999 Cathy wrote: If I can help anyone with this line of research, I would be most pleased to forward any information on, either via email or post. Update Oct. 2004.

Sutherland brothers on the Lancashire Witch.
Hugh and William Sutherland
were brothers from Portree on the Isle of Skye, Inverness-shire, Scotland. William was born 24 March 1839 and came to NZ as a single man, a farm labourer.  Hugh was born about 1829, married Mary CAMERON in Renfrew, Scotland on 7 June 1861.  They came to NZ together with their first daughter Marion.  Marion was one of the many children who died on the voyage on 23 Sept 1863 of "marasmus" at the age of 7 months. Hugh and Mary first settled at Timaru where seven of their children were born. A further two were born in the North Island after they moved to the Mercer / Rangariri area where they farmed for many years. Hugh died 29 September at Te Kauwhata and is buried at Huntly along with his wife Mary who died 31 May 1907. Information courtesy of Gillian.  Gillian does not know much about what happened to William but is working on it. Knows more about Hugh as he was her gt gt grandfather. Posted 24 Nov. 2002

Evening Post, 3 December 1889, Page 2
We take the following list of missing friends from Lloyd's Weekly William Brown and wife left Mears-Ashby, Northamptonshire, 16th September, 1878, and were last heard of near Canterbury father, mother, brothers, and sisters all inquire. George and Louisa Venerables went to New Zealand in 1863 in the Lancashire Witch five years ago they were in Canterbury; their brother William asks.

Richard PELVIN (1821 Gravel Pits, Kensington  - 1902 Timaru)  Obituary.  Educated in England, he joined the army January 1837 and in October sailed as a guard on the convict ship 'Moffat' to join his regiment quartered at Sydney.  Later duty took him to Norfolk Island.   In 1841 sent to India, rank now full corporal and did not return until 1853 to England.  He served next in Malta during the Crimean war (rank Sergeant) before returning to serve in both England and Ireland.  He married in 1856 Elizabeth Beake ( 1825 Somerset - 1914 Timaru) and on applying for army discharge 1/7/1863. The Pelvins and their four children under 6yrs immediately left from Kent to sail to New Zealand on the 'Lancashire Witch'.  He and Elizabeth were hospital attendants.  Richard stated - "Doctor MacLean was a thorough gentleman. I have known him send his dinner from the cabin table The doctor and I were about day and night, though he could scarcely crawl, as he was ill himself."  The Captain rewarded Richard with 5 pounds.  In Timaru his first colonial job was Barrack Master at the Immigration Barracks and his wife assisted him in his duties. Richard was also Drill Instructor of the volunteers in 1866. e then   bought land at Claremont where he built a stone house and became a farmer.  In 1876 he bought 400 acres and in 1882 bought another 440 acres in the Redcliff district. He was a member of the Ikawai School Committee. They had seven sons and two daughters.
Their inscription at the Timaru Cemetery reads: 
Richard, husband of Elizabeth Pelvin, late Colour Sgt of H.M 51st regiment, d. May 3, 1902 age 83.
Also his wife Elizabeth d. Oct 15th 1914, age 89.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 21 May 1902, Page 2
A very old soldier died at Timaru the other day in the name of Sergt.-Major Richard Pelvin. When a mere lad of 16 he enlisted and at one time or other in his long career had served in Norfolk Island, India (where he was stationed in the stirring times of the forties), Malta, and Ireland. After five years service in the West Kent Militia at Maidstone, Sergeant Pelvin decided to migrate to New Zealand and landed at Timaru in 1863, and as a colonist he proved himself to be as valuable as he was a soldier in the armies of King George IV and of Queen Victoria.

My g-grandfather Richard Pelvin, a retired British Army soldier, travelled on the Lancashire Witch -in  his autobiography dated 30 Oct. 1889, North Waitaki he states -
      "I was in the West Kent Militia and I thought it time for a change so I made up my mind to immigrate somewhere. Mrs Pelvin and I had a talk about the matter, and as it happened, a minister of the gospel had been giving a lecture on New Zealand at a village called Penbury just outside Tunbridge Wells, so I thought I would see him and have his advice. He strongly advised me to go to Canterbury, New Zealand as he said it was a better place to immigrate to than Nelson, where he had come from. I went to Charing Cross, saw Mr Marshman, the agent for Canterbury and he had no objection; so I applied for my discharge from the Militia which I got in July 1, 1863 and went on board the Lancashire Witch and sailed from East India Docks on July 2nd. Mr Marshman made me a constable and our doctor took me under his wing. Doctor MacLean was a thorough gentleman. I have known him send his dinner from the cabin table to some of the sick ones (we had 26 deaths on the voyage) to see if he could tempt any of them to eat. The doctor and I were about day and night, although he could scarcely crawl, as he was ill himself. However we arrived at Timaru at last and landed on October 10th. The Captain made me a present of 5 pounds. I now had to commence a new career in New Zealand with a wife and four small children, on a bare piece of tussock, which we have worked to the best of our ability and succeeded to a certain extent.
      Mr Wollcombe (Resident Magistrate) very kindly put me in charge of the immigrants that landed in Timaru, there were nearly 200 in all, until they could get employment, which kept me at the immigration barracks for nearly 6 months, then I took my family to the piece of land that I had previously purchased from the Government, 40 acres, about 4 miles from Timaru, where I first commenced my career as a colonist."

Timaru Library Index - Richard Pelvin came from Kent with his wife and four children. He settled at Claremont and built a stone house on his farm. He put in his first crop with a spade, cut it with a scythe and threshed it with a flail. He was a drill instructor for the Volunteers in 1866.
       Pelvin and his wife were hospital attendants on the Lancashire Witch and he was appointed Barrack Master when the immigrants arrived in Timaru. Belfield Woollcombe wrote to the Provincial Secretary ; "I have found Pelvin most efficient, and having been a sergeant in the army is fully capable of doing the duty."

Many of Richard's descendants were no doubt influenced by his long army career spanning from Jan. 1837 to July 1863 and again after his arrival in South Canterbury on the Lancashire Witch, when he trained volunteers. Walter was the son of Arthur Ernest Pelvin 1876 - 1943. Arthur was 9th child of Richard. Walter's (Wattie) three other brothers were in the army; Ernest on coast watching duties with a Canterbury Regiment, Les went to Egypt; Herbert to Italy with the 11th Reinforcement and Wattie No 496685, was assigned to the POW Camp at Featherston.               

Bruce Fawthrop Pelvin was son of Alfred Pelvin (1861 - 1921). Alfred was the 4th child of Richard Pelvin. His mother was Mary Robertson nee Bruce 1863 - 1926, dau. of James Fawthrop Bruce and Ann Garvey nee Calder, mill owner, Waimate. Bruce's brothers - Henry (Harry) William Pelvin, was eldest son of Alfred Pelvin, trade blacksmith, 8th Reinforcement WW1. Died Rannerdale Home 11/11/1925. Death attributable to being gassed WW1. Worked as a harvester mill hand, farm hand and was a popular dance musician. Younger brother was Richard (Dick) Pelvin, service WW1.Both Bruce and Walter were grandsons of Richard Pelvin.

Information and dairies courtesy of Winsome Griffin.  Please contact Winsome if you have further information you would like information on the above families. Posted 19 Aug. 1999 and updated 23 March 2002.

Jesse PRESTIDGE was born in the Northamptonshire village of Moreton Pinkney c.1830, he worked as a carpenter.  He married Jane Dunkley who came from West Haddon, Northants on 12 April 1852 at St Andrew's Church, Rugby, Warwickshire where six children were born to them - five boys and a girl.  Jesse and Jane decided to emigrate to New Zealand and Sarah, Jesse's younger unmarried sister, who worked as a domestic servant, decided to accompany them on the long voyage.  Jane's brother - Thomas Dunkley (who married Alice Prestidge - she was Jesse's Auntie although only ten years older than him) also decided to go with them all as his two infant sons and wife Alice had tragically died, leaving him alone. Thomas Dunkley succumbed to illness on board the Lancashire Witch and died from scarletina maligna. He was buried at sea on 5 September 1863.

Jesse and Jane Prestidge from Rugby, England and their family: Thomas, Walter, Henry, Jesse Jnr, Edward, Mary Jane. Jesse and Jane went on to have three more children, all boys, after their arrival in New Zealand - Samuel and Charles were born at Christchurch and Joseph was born at Hororata. Should anyone want to know about "The Moreton Pinkney Prestidge's" I would be only too happy to help. Sheila Titcombe 2 July 2000

Burton Shipley  1838 -1911Shipley. Half a dozen families were from Nafferton, England (a village on the Yorkshire Wolds.) Conditions and wages were poor for farm labourer and advertisements for labourers in New Zealand caught the attention of the families. Passengers from that area included: Robert Holland grandfather to Sir Sidney Holland (National Prime Minister of NZ 1949-1957).
Burton Shipley. His great grandson also called Burton Shipley still farms in Ashburton and is married to Jenny Shipley, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand. Jenny Shipley received the distinguished companions of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year Honours list Dec. 31 2002. She spent 15 years in politics.  Became an MP in 1987 and was a cabinet minister between 1990 and 1997. She became New Zealand's first woman prime minister on December 8, 1997 (National Party). She held the top job till December 1999. 

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand 1903
Shipley, Burton, Pine Farm, Charing Cross. Mr. Shipley was born at Foston, Yorkshire, England, in 1837, and is a son of the late Mr. William Shipley, a farmer, of Foston. He was educated at private schools in his native village, and was afterwards engaged at farm work in the neighbourhood. In 1866 he sailed for New Zealand, and, shortly after landing, went as shepherd on a farm near the Rakaia Gorge. Then he spent about six years upon various farms at Templeton, and later on took up property at West Melton, where he farmed for five years. He was for two years shearing sheep and driving threshing machines, and, in 1875, went to Courtenay as manager of an estate for Colonel Brett. Mr. Shipley held that position for four years, but resigned it in 1879 to take up land at Charing Cross, of which he was one of the earliest settlers. His property, known as Pine Farm, was taken up in sections, and broken in from its rough native state. Its area is upwards of 900 acres; it is highly improved, and is devoted chiefly to sheep grazing and grain growing. Mr. Shipley has been married twice. His first wife died in 1868, leaving one son. In 1873 he married Miss Thompson, formerly of the North of Ireland, and of this marriage, there are three sons and seven daughters.

Press, 17 September 1934, Page 12
MR WILLIAM 'SHIPLEY Mr William Shipley, an old resident of the Greendale district, and who had farmed there for many years, died at his residence, "Pinehurst," on Saturday morning at the age of 74 years. Mr Shipley was born at Napperton, Yorkshire, and came to New Zealand with his parents, Mr and Mrs Burton Shipley, in 1863. The family settled in Greendale about 55 years ago, and he lived there for the whole of this period, except for seven years that he lived in Christchurch. Mr Shipley's experience in farming was very extensive, as in addition to his estate at "Pinehurst," he owned the "Glenlee" station in Marlborough and "New Park," Eiffelton. This he later sold to the Government, and it was subdivided for returned soldier settlements. For many years Mr Shipley was a member of the Greendale Baptist Church, and for a time was president of the Canterbury Auxiliary of the Baptist Union of New Zealand. During the war, Mr Shipley gave active assistance to the Young Men's Christian Association, and undertook canvasses for funds in both North and South Canterbury for the war work of the association. He was also a strong supporter of the New Zealand Alliance. In 1888 Mr Shipley married Miss Edith Adams, a daughter of Mr and Mrs T. W. Adams. He leaves a family of three daughters, Mesdames R. Quinn (Eiffelton), A. H. Partridge (Hastings), Miss Shipley (Greendale), and two sons, Messrs A. B. Shipley (Timaru), and N. W. Shipley (Greendale). The funeral will leave "Pinehurst" this afternoon at 2.30.

William Storey. His son, Percy Wright Storey, was a former South Canterbury All Black
Margaret Butterick, from Yorkshire, married Thomas Bates, a passenger, on 31 May 1864 Parish Church, Kaiapoi. 
Witnesses: Henry Dalton and Jane Robson. Jane was also a passenger and from Nafferton.

Poverty Bay Herald 22 August 1935 Page 5
Mrs Annie Watson, who died at Christchurch in her eighty-fourth year, came to New Zealand with her family, Mr and Mrs Henry Smalley, in the ship Lancashire Witch in 1863. Deceased was a well-known social worker in Christchurch.

Grey River Argus, 10 September 1867, Page 3
IF this should meet the eye of ROBERT RUSSELL, a native of Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland ; came out to Canterbury in the Lancashire Witch in 1863, was last heard of on his way to the West Coast, he is kindly requested to write to his friends at home, or to his brother in Oamaru. Any information concerning the above will be thankfully received. Address John Russell, Totara, Oamaru, Otago.

(from "Lyttelton Times" of Saturday Oct 17,1863)
Considerable apathy appears to exist on the part of the authorities in dealing with the present large arrivals of immigrants. "Lancashire Witch" came in on Tuesday last with 420 passengers and the "Victory" with 200 more is now outside the Heads, yet not a soul has been landed from the former vessel at the time we write this. Report says that the immigrants were to be landed in Camp Bay, but that the houses recently erected there were found to be unfit to receive them. We hear also that the Immigration Officer in Lyttelton is incapacitated from ill health ,but these can hardly be considered sufficient reasons for keeping 400 people confined to the limits of a ship one hour longer than necessary. (reprinted in "Lyttelton Times" in their issue of Oct 18,1913)
Information courtesy of Cathy Dale. Posted 28 Dec. 1999

The Lancashire Witch

Master: Captain J. Mollison
Rigging: Ship; sheathed in felt and yellow metal in 1855
Tonnage: 1,386 tons
Construction: 1854 in Quebec, using oak and tamarack
Owners: D. Dunbar
Port of registry: London
Port of survey: London
The same entry appears in the 1857 edition. Captain Mollison and the Dunbar fleet were regular visitors to Australia and New Zealand.

In 1856 Lancashire Witch, 1368 tons, from London, via Australia, arrived in Wellington on July 20th. She had left Gravesend on 4 April 1856. Brought 226 passengers, including 149 men of the 65th Regiment to Wellington.  Assistant Surgeon Birkett of the 74th Reg; A. S. Molison was the "Witch's" Commander. Another vessel of the same name, a ship of 1574 tons, made several voyages to New Zealand in the sixties.  Details given in White Wings, Vol. 1.   Reference: 'White Wings'  Vol. 2  She was eleven years off the stocks when she commenced trading to New Zealand.  She was owned by Firnie and Co. of Liverpool, and in 1863 was chartered by the Shaw, Savill Co. Reference: White Wings by Brett. Vol. 1. Arrived Lyttelton Oct. 13 1863 and July 29 1867.

The Illustrated London News     April 27, 1867: LANCASHIRE WITCH,
"The ship Lancashire Witch, 1574 tons register, sailed recently from London for Canterbury NZ, with a full complement of cabin passengers, and about 110 in the steerage. Of the latter 85 were Government passengers, and amongst them 52 single women, to whom free passages were given."  

Southern Cross, Saturday June 3rd 1865 Page 4
The Lancashire Witch arrived Auckland June 2 1865 under the command of Capt. George King with 490 passengers. She left Start Point on the 13th February.  The Lancashire Witch was in Auckland about nine years ago, but since then has been entirely refitted at a cost of 22,000 pounds.  She belongs to Messrs. Seymour, Peacock, and Co.; and has been chartered by Messrs. Shaw, Saville, and Co. She is consigned to Mr. W. Graham. Dr. Wills, the father of the famous Australian explorer, has come out as surgeon of the ship. A volunteer brigade was organized during the voyage, and the members regularly drilled by Sergeant-Major Roberts. All the passengers are sent out by Captain Daldy.  Twelve children have died during the voyage, and there have been five births. 

The Illustrated London News     Jan. 30, 1858
"We take the following from the Overland China Mail of Dec. 16:-
The two squadrons are to act in concert, and, in token of the alliance, the British, on the 13th, hoisted the French, and British, flags at the main on board the men-of war.... As nothing is further from probability than that Yeh will surrender unconditionally, the assault on the city, it is pretty evident, will take place in the course of a few days. All the marines are in the river, and a  portion were to land on the Honan side. The artillery are on board the  troop-ship 'Moresfoot', ready to start. The party of Engineers arrived by mail-steamer, with, it is said, four companies of the 59th Regiment, are under orders to embark on board the LANCASHIRE WITCH, and about 300 hundred of the Chinese Coolie Corps go up in the

From the "Lyttelton Times", October 17, 1863

The Lancashire Witch is still off the quarantine ground.  The arrangements of the authorities are not completed for bringing the immigrants ashore in Lyttelton or taking them around to Christchurch, and they refuse to land in Camp Bay.  It is reported that fifteen went ashore on the Quarantine Ground on Wednesday night after the ship was admitted to pratique, and found the place deserted, no person in charge to receive them, nor any provisions for their subsistence.  After finding  their way to Rhode's Bay they arrived in Lyttelton on Friday afternoon half famished.  This delay has caused great dissatisfaction amongst the passengers.  We hear that the Health officer condemns the buildings erected on the quarantine ground as not suitable for the intended.

"Lyttelton Times" December 8 1863

"...with the assistance of the light breeze from the north-east, the Brother's Pride was brought up just astern of the Lancashire Witch..."

Location of Counties

Channel Islands: Alderney
Ireland: Carlow & Cork
Scotland: Aberdeenshire, Buteshire, Caithness, Dunbartonshire, Lanarkshire, Montgomeryshire, Pembrokeshire, Perthshire, Renfrewshire, Stirlingshire

White Wings Vol. 1. "She was a full rigged ship of 1574 tons...made her first passage to Lyttelton in 1863, and the 420 immigrants who embarked at London experienced a very trying and anxious time.  Shortly after her departure scarlet fever broke out, and before reaching Lyttelton three adults and 23 children had died and were buried at sea... Called at Capetown for fresh provisions...Owing to disease on board neither saloon nor steerage passengers were permitted to land.  93 days to Timaru and 96 days to Lyttelton.

(The details in White Wings Vol. 1. is the above excerpt referring to the voyage to Camp Bay, Lyttelton from London via Capetown and Timaru in 1863 under Captain West so the tonnage is either quoted wrong in the 1863 The Lyttelton Times newspaper or in the 1924 White Wings Vol. 1. as both extracts the newspaper and White Wings   Vol. 1 refer to the same voyage.  She was chartered by the Shaw, Savill Co in 1863. She left London July 5, 1863.)

The Frederick W. Wallace - Record of Canadian Shipping 1786-1920. Lancashire Witch; tonnage 1574, year built 1854; built at Quebec, New Zealand Packet. 1887, owner: Hulkin Callao.

Log of Logs Vol. 1 by Ian Nicholson.  Page 295. "The wooden clipper ship Lancashire Witch, built in Quebec in 1858. From a lithograph after T.G. Dutton."  The black & white photograph of the Lancashire Witch is the same picture as offered in colour by NZ Print Warehouse

NZ Print Warehouse : Commercial site. Prints of immigrant ships and town views recorded by early settlers including the Lancashire Witch  by T.G. Dutton.

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