Saint Aidan's Church Cemetery KAKAHU
in the Parish of Geraldine

Cemetery neglected. Church no longer exists.

The Saint Aidan's Cemetery is a neglected churchyard cemetery in the Kakahu district near the intersection of Halls Rd and the Winchester Hanging Rock Rock not far from the Fairlie-Geraldine Highway. The church no longer stands. A large boulder with a plaque marks the spot along with a green swinging sign on a post. There are fourteen headstones remaining. Five placed after 1964 after the church was decommissioned. There may be other headstones no longer visible. From Geraldine drive 15km (nine miles) on SH79 towards Fairlie, go way past Gapes Valley Hall, look for bend in road, turn left onto Halls Rd, a shingle road. At 2km there is the lime kiln, built in 1881 and nature bush walks. Expect fantails. The previous landowner was Ian Morrison, pre 2008. Mr Morrison initiated the covenant before selling the land. Kakahu Bush is 900 acres of protected bush. Carry on across the one lane bridge and turn left at the T intersection and go about about 200ft and look for the green hanging cemetery sign. Map. Now at the T intersection if you turn right you would pass the old Kakahu Bush School building, it is on the right, and if you carry on in this direction you will pass the Richard Pierce monument and end up passing the Waitohi hall and either come out at Point or cross the Manse bridge and come out at Temuka, just follow the road. Be prepared for typical South Canterbury scenery with winding streams and gravel roads, various crops, valleys, green pasture, sheep, beehives, cabbage trees and limestone exposures and views of the Two Thumb Range. Beautiful anytime of the year. Cemetery headstones photographed in April 2014 by Olwyn Map  [notes I have added] I missed the headstone for Annie Parker Maxwell died 1910.

St Aidan's Church in the Parish of Geraldine stood here 1910-1964
To the Glory of God

April 2014 

Dr John Shaw Hayes beautiful headstone. Note the HALL plot with the black and white tiles.

Douglas Russell Jaumard LE CREN 1869-1950
[Parents were Margaret & Henry John LeCren]

In Memory of
Kenneth Hugh HARGREAVES (Snowy) 1901 -1985
Diana Francis [sic] HARGREAVES 1913-1985
[married  Dianna Frances Orbell in 1936]
[ "i for him and e for her"]

Charles beloved husband of Kate JOHNSON
Died 1st June 1921, Aged 68
Let not your heart be trouble
Also Kate

and their daughter
Fanny Elizabeth
died 23rd Sept. 1952
Aged years 73years
At rest.

Plague Johnson Johnson LeCren Hall Morrison Morrison Ramsey  Pierce Dr Hayes
 Rumsey Hall Hall Hayes

[Timaru Herald, 18 February 1913, Page 6
News of the death, of Mrs Coles, daughter, of Mr and Mrs Johnson, of Kakahu was learned with deep regret throughout the district, the deceased lady having been a great favourite with all who new her, by reason of her quiet and unassuming manner, and her readiness to assist every good cause. The funeral was very largely attended by friends from all parts of the district and Mr and Mrs Johnson were the recipients of many letters and telegrams from sympathetic friends. A memorial service was held, this being conducted by the Rev. Staples Hamilton, Vicar of Geraldine. He spoke very feelingly of the deceased and referred to her many sterling qualities of mind and heart, us well as to the great loss which her death would mean to the Church where she had been organist for over fifteen years, and had been a most valuable church worker generally. She had been an example to them all, and the memory of her useful and unselfish life would long remain with them. The hymn at the service were played by Mrs H. W. Bishop, of Pleasant Point, who also, played the hymns at the deceased's wedding (she had only been married a few months) and funeral. Deceased was buried in the Kakahu cemetery close beside St Aidan's Church, and just over the road from her mother's home. [Eliza Sarah Johnson married Henry William Coles in 1912.  In 1920 he married Helen Comber]

J.S. Hayes, M.D., of Temuka was a witness on the will of Thomas Richardson CROMPTON 26th July 1887.

In loving memory of
John Shaw HAYES, M.D.
For many years surgeon in Temuka.
Died September 23rd 1910
Aged 57
Life is mostly Froth and bubble
Two things stand like stone
Kindness in another's trouble
Courage in your own

[What this person is saying is most things in life don't really matter. Life, for the most part, is fragile, easily broken down to nothing, like a soap bubble. But two things do matter to the author. The first is helping someone else out in their time of need and the second is being strong during the hard parts of your life.]

Timaru Herald 26 September 1910 Page 1
FUNERAL NOTICE. Friends of the Late Dr Hayes, of Temuka, are respectfully informed that his Funeral will leave the Temuka Railway Station on arrival of tbe First Express from Christchurch onI MONDAY, 26th September, 1910, for the Kakahu Cemetery, via. Winchester. R. B. COMER, Undertaker.

Press, 24 September 1910, Page 10 OBITUARY
Dr. John Shaw Hayes, of Temuka, who has been suffering from a serious illness, died at Christchurch yesterday. The late Dr. Hayes arrived in New Zealand about 1876, and was appointed resident surgeon at the Christchurch Hospital. He resigned thin position to take over the practice of the late Dr. Ovenden at Kaiapoi, but the negotiations falling through, he went south to Temuka, and entered into partnership with the late Dr. Cumming. On Dr. Cumining's death Dr. Hayes took over the joint practice, which he conducted ever since. For many years he was Government medical officer to the Maoris at the Arowhenua pa, and was also president of the South Canterbury Medical Association. He paid a visit to England in 1893, and while there married Miss Caroline Barklie, daughter of the Rev. John Knox Barklie, formerly of Moira, County Down, Ireland, and now of Geraldine, New Zealand. Some seventeen months ago Dr. Hayes retired from practice, and went to live on his property at Kakahu, coming to Christchurch for treatment when illness overtook him. He took a great interest in sport, was a keen angler and good shot, and for several years was connected with the South Canterbury Acclimatisation Society. He leaves a widow and one daughter survives. The funeral leaves Temuka on Monday on the arrival of the first express from Christchurch. [02 Feb 1893 (parish church Moira by the dean of Dromore uncle of the groom and the Revd Canon HAYES chancellor Dromore cathedral and cousin of the groom) Caroline Georgianna BARKLIE third daughter married Dr John Shaw HAYES MD of Temuka mid-­Canterbury third son of the Honourable Justice HAYES]

John William HALL
Died July 20 1937 Aged 59 years

In loving memory of Thomas beloved husband of Elizabeth HALL
Died July 18th 1924
Aged 81 years
Also his wife
Died Oct. 23rd 1931
Aged 74 years
Peace, Perfect peace.

In loving memory of
Lawrence Thomas
belated son of
George & Fanny HALL
Died March 9th 1913
Aged 4 years
Darling we miss thee

In loving memory of
Ada Helen beloved wife of
Died Dec. 3rd 1918
Aged 25 years
In life was Beauty, Truth, Goodness and Love.
[Ada Helen Pierce married Ernest George RUMSEY in 1916. In 1922 he married Elizabeth Toomey]

In loving memory of
Stephen Henry
beloved husband of Helen PIERCE
Died Oct. 14th 1938 at 78 years
Also his wife Helen
Died  Nov. 15th 1944 Aged 82 years.
[Helen Emma Elizabeth Rooke married Stephen Henry Pierce in 1884]

In Memory of our son and brother
Grant Anglem MORRISON
Tragically killed in Griffith N.S.W.
on 23rd August 2004. Aged 34 years.
Till we met again. Love Mum.

Kelvin Ian Anglem MORRISON
Son of Catherine
Stillborn 7-11-1996

Adeline Margaret RAMSEY
born in Newport Scotland
18 Aug 1918 -23 Jan 1997
A special, special lady
"Isn't this a party"

Walter Max Hendrie (Heinricht)
Born in Glasglow Scotland
10 Dec 1912-15 Aug 1990
Minister of the Church of Scotland
A Gentle, Wise & Loving Man
Also in memory of their cherished infant daughter
Jennifer Mary Elizabeth

Timaru Herald, 25 April 1910, Page 3
The annual meeting of the parishioners of St. Mary's, Geraldine, was held on Thursday evening. There was an excellent attendance, and the vicar, Rev. S. Hamilton, presided. A new church at Kakahu would be finished next week, and opened in the first week of May. The vicar gave details of the cost of the Kakahu church, showing that there would be a deficit of about £70, but he hoped most of that would be met on opening day, next Tuesday week.

Timaru Herald, 5 May 1910, Page 6
OPENING OF NEW CHURCH. A considerable gathering of Kakahu residents on Tuesday attended the interesting ceremony of the formal opening of the newly erected Anglican Church, by his Lordship Bishop Julius, so large in fact, that many were unable to find room in the building, mid had to stand outside and listen at the open door and windows. The church, which is to be known as St. Aidan's, is 25ft long by 18ft wide; the studs are only 9ft but a high pitched roof gives a sense of loftiness. It is of wood. The exterior walls are weatherboard for a three feet up and above that of painted embossed steel in imitation of '"rough-cast," relieved by a few vertical battens in Venetian led. The interior walls are match-lined in rimu, and is well lighted. The builder was Mr B. Richardson, of Orari, Mr W. Fleming of Geraldine being responsible for the plumbing and painting. The ministers of Geraldine and Fairlie and the Geraldine choir took part in the service, Miss Hughes officiating as organist. His lordship preached an appropriate sermon from I. Cor. xii., 27, "Now ye are the body of Christ, and severally members thereof." He urged the need for cultivating, the sense of fellowship, of unity, and especially urged the need for fellowship in worship, condemning the idea that it was as easy and as profitable to worship at home as at church. The people of Kakahu had therefore been wise in providing a means for worshipping together, and he urged them to make full use of it. After the dedication service, the burial ground attached to the church, which, had been legally vested for the purpose, was consecrated.
    A luncheon, prepared by the ladies of the district, was then partaken of in a large marque, and this was followed by a sale of work and amusements which were made a source of revenue. Favoured by pleasant weather the ceremony and its adjuncts passed off most successfully. Various gifts made to the new church were the altar by Mr Wedenby, dossal by Miss Tripp, lectern by Rev. S. Hamilton, prayer desk by Dr Hayes, organ stool by Mr Weaver, prayer stool by Mr Dunn, cross by Miss Acland, for fittings (two guineas) Mr Tripp, alter dish Rev. G. Nanson, alms-bag Miss Breeds.

The builder was Mr B. Richardson, of Orari. Benjamin Richardson, a joiner, from Orari, with his son William Hans Richardson building the St. Aidan Church in 1910. The opening was in May 1910. No longer at the site. Was the building shifted? To where? There is only 18 headstones in the cemetery. Dr. James Shaw Hayes of Temuka who died September 23rd 1910 has this inscription on his headstone: The cabbage tree might be still on the hill. Mullin still there in the grounds. Mullein is naturalised weed, usually found in open areas and it is one of the first plants to grow in a place that has burned or disturbed and is often to be found growing on roadsides in dry soil so it is a 'pioneer plant'. It does not like shade. Mullein is biennial, and at the end of the second year the plant dies. The rosette of downy leaves survives through winter and the flower stalk grows the second year and flowers in the summer, 1" yellow 5 petal flowers. The seeds do not disperse very far rarely. Seeds can survive almost any conditions and can last up to 100 years. Since mullein can't grow in shade, the seeds can lay in the soil, waiting until plants around them die or are removed.

William Hans Richardson on the left, born at Orari 28 February 1891 helped build the church. He died Hastings, N.Z. 28 June 1941. His father Benjamin Richardson, a joiner, who built the church was born 7 Sept. 1861 in New Zealand. Christened 25/12/1862. Died at Lyttelton 28 April 1927 at age 68 and buried at Sydenham plot 46 Block 3H. Wordsworth Street, Sydenham Christchurch. 11 April 1901 Mr Richardson's tender was accepted by the S.C. Board of Education for reflooring the South Orari School for £10. Photo courtesy of Raywyn Aug. 2016.

Benjamin's first wife was Hanshen Katherine PETERSON, married in 1890. She died 17 January 1901 in Temuka and buried there with no headstone. Benjamin did not know how to spell his wife's first name. Her father Hans Frederick Ludwig Peterson who died 29 May 1921 in Geraldine. Benjamin Richardson (lived in Orari) married 21 July 1901 (his second wife) Frances Catherine Mary PEPPER b. 1869 Brighton, England and she came out here approx 1876. She died 21 July 1942 in Christchurch.

Timaru Herald, 31 October 1893, Page 2
Letters of naturalisation under The Aliens Lot, 1890, have been issued to Hans Petersen, platelayer, Temuka.

Hanchene [sic] Hamshan [sic] Hauchen [sic] - Hanchen Catherine and Benjamin RICHARDSON. Children:
1891 William Hans m. Minnie KAY in 1913 and Alice Elizabeth Taylor in 1926
1893 Dora Harriet  m. John William O'Neill in 1915
1895 Rose Catherine m. Henry Thomas Clinch in 1913
1897 Emma Annie m. Stanley John Clinch in 1913
1899 Benjamin Thomas m. Gertrude Hollyoke Olive Toomey in 1920


Timaru Herald, 1 May 1911, Page 7
ST. MARY'S, GERALDINE. There was a good attendance at the annual meeting of parishioners on Thursday night last, when the Vicar, the Rev. Staples Hamilton, presided. In his report the Vicar alluded to the past year, as an eventful one. There had been 43 christenings, 12 marriages and 9 burials. The new church at Kakahu which cost £330, was opened free of debt.

Press, 17 May 1911, Page 7
A painful accident happened to one of the children of Mr E. O'Neal, Kakahu road, on Sunday. While the paronts were away at church some of the children were feeding the horses over the fence, when one of the younger children wandered away and got through the fence and in amongst the horses, and one of them kicked her, breaking her leg.

Wairarapa Daily Times,22 July 1919, Page 4
Timaru Herald, 22 July 1919, Page 9- detailed
A Timaru telegram says that Pleasant Point was saddened by the sudden death yesterday of the Rev. J. T. Gunn, Presbyterian minister, who came only a few weeks ago from Roxburgh. He had held a morning service at Kakahu, and was to have taken one at the Point in the afternoon. As he did not turn up a car went for him, and he was found, lying dead beside his bicycle, from heart failure. He leaves a widow and five children.   

View from the road in April 2014.

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