Kakahu Bush District Hall

April 2014. Photo by Olwyn. 

Kakahu District Hall An older photo with a different colour scheme.
(Kakahu Bush School 1884-1938) Jessie Mackay was a teacher at Kakahu Bush School 1887-90 when Miss McKay left due to a severe illness and Ashwick Flat 1893-94. Bullocky Jones' children went to school here.

Press, 3 July 1890, Page 4
Presentation.—On Friday evening, at the Kakahu Bush school, Miss Mackay was presented the Rev. W. White, on behalf of the parents and friends connected with the school, with a handsome bracelet and brooch on the Occasion of her resigning her position as mistress of the school. He expressed, the hope that her intended trip to Sydney would benefit her health. Mr Buchanan returned thanks on behalf of Miss Mackay.

Timaru Herald, 2 July 1890, Page 2
A very pleasant evening was spent in the Kukahu Bush schoolroom, when the parents and friends conceded with the school assembled to present Miss Mackay with a token of their esteem and affection. The proceedings were commenced by those present partaking of an excellent tea provided by the ladies of the neighbourhood, after which the Rev. W. White, in the name of the subscribers, presented Miss Mackay with a handsome gold bracelet, set with pearls and diamonds, and a grouse's claw set with silver and cairngorms in the form of a brooch. In doing so he took occasion to speak of the regret the people of Kakahu Bush felt at losing Miss Mackay from their midst and of the affection felt for her, and also to express the hope that her intended trip to Sydney would result in her complete restoration to health. Mr Buchanan returned thanks on behalf of Miss Mackay, after which a long and varied programme of songs was gone through to the entire satisfaction of the audience. After the usual vote of thanks to the ladies who provided the tea, to the singers and to the Rev. W. White for presiding, the meeting separated.

Timaru Herald, 25 March 1895, Page 3 KAKAHU BUSH
A very pleasing event in the usually quiet life of Kakahu Bush residents, took place in the schoolroom on March 21th. Mr Burn, who has been master of the school during the past three years, successfully applied for the mastership of the Hilton school. The inhabitants resolved that Mr and Mrs Burn should not sever their connection with the school without some substantial recognition of their services rendered to the district. A purse of 13 sovereigns was speedily, collected, and presentation made in the Kakahu Bush School. Mr S. E. Graham, who made the presentation on behalf of the subscribers, expressed regret that Mr and Mrs Burn were leaving the district, whilst congratulating Mr Burn on obtaining a more lucrative appointment. The inhabitants of the district could not allow them to depart without expressing their appreciation and thanks for the many services they had rendered to the school, and in a social sense to the district. Mr Graham concluded by most heartily wishing them health, prosperity and success in their new sphere, Mr Burn feelingly responded, and said that whatever they had done in the past had been a labour of love, and he sincerely thanked them for their kindly expressions of esteem and regard. After the presentation came the inevitable dance which the young people thoroughly enjoyed and kept up with spirit till daybreak. The school was full to overflowing and abundant refreshments were most hospitably provided by the ladies of the district who deserve special praise. " Auld Lang Syne " brought one of the most enjoyable of evenings to a close.

Press, 9 November 1914, Page 5 KAKAHU BUSH
Mr and Mrs Johnston, at their residence, Kakahu Bush, on Tuesday, were the recipients of a purse of money on the eve of their departure for Burwood. Christchurch. Mr and Mrs Johnston are very old residents, having been thirty-three years in the district. The presentation was made by the Rev. Canon Hamilton, of Geraldine, on behalf of the church and residents. Mr Hamilton made complimentary reference to Mr and Mrs Johnston's sterling: qualities, and the great support they had given to the church and the services, and said they would be greatly missed at Kakahu and he wished them every success in their new sphere of life. Mr Johnston, on behalf of himself and Mrs Johnston, suitably replied, and thanked them all, especially Miss Thomson and Mr Campbell for all the trouble they had gone to. If any of the residents came to their new home they would always be made welcome, and Kakahu and its people would ever have a warm corner in their hearts.

Photo taken by Olwyn April 2014

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand page 1045
Miss Amy Evans, Teacher in charge at Southburn, was born at Pareora, and educated at the local school, where she served her pupil-teachership. She was for two years at Waituna Creek school, and afterwards four years at Kakahu Bush, before taking up her duties at Southburn in October, 1902. 

Timaru Herald, 15 April 1902, Page 2
At a special meeting of the Timaru South School Committee on Saturday evening the Education Board's recommendation of Miss Evans as assistant teacher was approved. Miss Evans is a daughter of Mr B. Evans, Pareora. She served her apprenticeship at Pareora School, was afterwards infant mistress at Waituna Creek, and at present is sole teacher at Kakahu Bush School. 

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