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"Ivanhoe" London  to Lyttelton 1864  with passengers for Timaru


From The Lyttelton Times 14 June 1864

"Marred by no fewer than 25 deaths among the passengers. Twelve of these caused by low fever.  She arrived at Timaru. From that port, on account of the sickness on board, she was ordered on to Lyttelton." Brett.

Voyage accounts

Arrived Lyttelton June 12, Ivanhoe, ship, 1034 tons, Dunn, from London.  Passengers - [26]  Mr and Mrs Tripp, three children and servant;  Mr and Mrs Warrington; Misses Paynter (2), Mr C. Williams, 4 children and servant;  Mr and Mrs Allcard, Miss Downs, Rev. E. H. Grainger,  Messrs W.H. Pettegrew, R. Bovey, W. Willoughby, M.C. Enyss, F. Back, C.R. Kennaway.  In steerage, 264 souls, equal to 213 statut� adults. 

The ship Ivanhoe, Captain Dunn, from London, arrived off the Heads at noon Sunday, after a passage of 108 days from Plymouth.  She sailed from thence on the 25th February, and experienced moderate weather during the rest of the voyage; called in at Timaru [11 June, 1044 tons] to land a number of passengers, the officials on ascertaining she had sickness on board recommended the captain to make for Lyttelton.  One of the boat crews from the beach boarded her and have had to come on with the ship.  On Sunday Captain Sproul considered it desirable to bring the ship up at the Heads until morning, and left Mr Norris, the coxswain, on board all night.  At nine o'clock Monday morning the health officer, accompanied by Dr. Rose, Captain Gibson, Mr. Graham (J.D. Macpherson's) proceeded down the harbour to visit the ship in one of the pilot boats, followed in another by Captain Sproul with a good supply of fresh provisions.  The Waipara, steamer, also received orders to anchor at Camp Bay.  On the health commissioners reaching the vessel they went on board and made a preliminary examination of the ship and passengers, and they deemed it advisable to order the ship into quarantine at once.  The vessel was towed up by the steamer to Camp Bay anchorage, and steps taken to land the whole of the passengers as soon as possible.  Mrs. C. Williams, the wife of one of the cabin passengers, died of fever on the passage out.  We may state for the information of friends of the passengers on shore that no dangerous case of sickness at present exists, and it is probable that not more than a week will elapse before both ship and passengers are admitted to pratique. The following is a list of deaths which occurred on board the Ivanhoe on her passage from England:  it is compiled from the official list furnished by the officers of health:

March 21	Shepherd	Sarah Ann	premature labour
March 26	Hobbs		James		apoplexy
March 28	Jordan		James		lyanosis
March 29	Jones		John		sunstroke
March 29	Moore		Susannah	low fever (first case)
March 29	Jackson		Philip		marasmus
March 29	Blake		Robert		convulsions (teething)
March 31	Jackson		Alfred		low fever
April 03	Smith		Rhoda		low fever
April 03	Atkinson	Emily		low fever
April 06	Middleton	Letitia		low fever
April 07	Brown		Alice		abcess on neck
April 12	Markham		George		low fever
April 24	Blakemore	George		low fever
May   06	Williams	George		low fever
May   08	Jebb		Margaret	diarrhoea
May   08	Jebb		John		low fever
May   09	Jordan		Alice		diarrhoea
May   12	Lake		Samuel		low fever
May   26 	Kant		Samuel		marasmus
May   28	Atkinson	Abigail		low fever
June  04	Woodford	Emily		low fever
June  06	Atkinson	Eliza		diarrhoea
June  07	Middleton	Mary Jane	marasmus
June  09	Crawford	John		marasmus 

The following births took place on board:-
Mrs Cath. Jordan, March 27th of a son
Mrs Mary Kent, May 7th of a son
Hannah Thompson, May 16th of a son

The following is a list of the Provincial Government immigrants:-
Columns represent surname, first name, spouse present, number of children, occupation, origin and remarks.

Allan      D.R.        Farm Laborer      Yorkshire                                                        
Atkinson   M.          Domestic Servant  Middlesex                                                        
Atkinson   M.          Domestic Servant  Middlesex                                                        
Atkinson   M.A.        Domestic Servant  Middlesex                                                        
Atkinson   T.     Y 4  Farm Laborer      Cavan                                                            
Bailey     E.          Dairymaid         Cornwall                                                         
Baker      P.     Y 1  Farm Laborer      Russia                                                           
Balfour    W.          Farm Laborer      Nairn          Former co. of Highland Region Scotland            
Bates      E.     Y    Painter           Derbyshire                                                       
Batson     H.          Farm Laborer      Devonshire                                                       
Beattie    A.          Domestic Servant  Fifeshire                                                        
Berry      T.     Y 1  Carpenter         Yorkshire                                                        
Borgfriede J.          Domestic Servant  Germany                                                          
Brake      C.     Y 4  Farm Laborer      Somersetshire                                                    
Brons      W.     Y 1  Farm Laborer      Prussia                                                          
Brown      A.     Y 5  Farm Laborer      Fifeshire                                                        
Brown      J.          Dairymaid         Antrim                                                           
Champniss  T.     Y 2  Wheelwright       Lanarkshire                                                      
Chaplin    F.          Farm Laborer      Devonshire
Clayton	   R.W.	       Carpenter	 Surrey                                                       
Collin     G.          Farm Laborer      Devonshire                                                                 
Collins    J.     Y 4  Farm Laborer      Pembrokeshire                                                    
Conway     J.          Farm Laborer      Cork                                                             
Conway     M.          Domestic Servant  Cork                                                             
Crawford   J.     Y 7  Ploughman         Lanarkshire                                                      
Cummins    A.          Domestic Servant  Tipperary                                                        
Darley     J.T.   Y 1  Farm Laborer      Isle of Man                                                      
Dearuth    H.          Farm Laborer      Suffolk                                                         
Ditford    C.     Y 4  Baker             Germany                                                          
Driscoll   H.          Domestic Servant  Kerry                                                            
Driscoll   Matthew     Farm Laborer      Kerry          Purchased land at Levels, married Sarah Kane.     
Fisk       J.          Domestic Servant  Surrey                                                           
Gold       W.     Y 1  Shepherd          Aberdeenshire                                                    
Goodwin    T.     Y 1  Farm Laborer      Mayo                                                             
Gordan     J.     Y 5  Farm Laborer      Ayrshire  
Hall	   R.	       Mason		 Aberdeen                                                       
Hammond    G.          Farm Laborer      Devonshire                                                       
Harris     C.          Farm Laborer      Middlesex                                                        
Harris     J.     Y 4  Shoemaker         Germany                                                          
Harris     Thomas      Farm Laborer      Middlesex      Lived on Canon St. Timaru                         
Hobbs      J.     Y 8  Farm Laborer      Herefordshire                                                    
Hopkins    F.          Farm Laborer      Devonshire                                                       
Huggins    B.          Factory Girl      Galway                                                           
Jackson    A.     Y 2  Farm Laborer      Middlesex                                                        
Jones      J.          Farm Laborer      Merionethshire Wales                                             
Jordan     W.     Y 2  Farm Laborer      Herefordshire                                                    
Kenney     M.          Domestic Servant  Antrim                                                           
Kent       E.          Domestic Servant  Sussex                                                           
Kent       W.     Y 5  Carpenter         Sussex                                                           
Kerr       C.          Blacksmith        Antrim                                                           
King       J.          Farm Laborer      Scotland
Lalor	   M.	       Constable	 Queen's County                                                          
Lawler     J.          Blacksmith        Carlow                                                           
Le Breton  A.          Domestic Servant  Jersey                                                           
Le Breton  A.          Domestic Servant  Jersey                                                           
Le Breton  F.          Farm Laborer      Jersey                                                           
Le Breton  F.     Y 6  Farm Laborer      Jersey                                                           
Le Breton  M.          Domestic Servant  Jersey                                                           
Lemson     J.          Domestic Servant  Cornwall                                                         
Markham    G.     Y    Farm Laborer      Yorkshire                                                        
McCullum   C.          Domestic Servant  Argyle                                                           
McDonald   J.          Farm Laborer      Inverness                                                        
McDougall  T.     Y    Farm Laborer      Fifeshire                                                        
McNamara   B.          Cook              Middlesex                                                        
McNamara   B.          Domestic Servant  Middlesex                                                        
McRae      A.     Y 8  Blacksmith        Germany                                                          
Medlan     E.          Domestic Servant  Dumfresishire                                                    
Medlan     E.A.        Domestic Servant  Middlesex                                                        
Merser     Z.     Y    Farm Laborer      Yorkshire                                                        
Middleton  D.     Y 4  Farm Laborer      Cavan                                                            
Miller     T.K.   Y    Farm Laborer      Germany                                                          
Mitchell   A.          Farm Laborer      Yorkshire                                                        
Moore      L.          Dairymaid         Cavan                                                            
Moore      S.          Dairymaid         Cavan                                                            
Morgan     D.          Shepherd          Montgomeryshire                                                  
Morris     J.          Shepherd          Galway                                                           
Murphy     H.          Domestic Servant  Galway 
Murphy	   P.	       Saddler	  	 Galway	
Murphy	   P. jun      Saddler	  	 Galway                                                           
Newman     C.          Governess         Middlesex                                                        
Newman     E.          Governess         Middlesex                                                        
Newman     S.          Governess         Middlesex                                                        
Norman     A.          Clerk             Middlesex                                                        
Norman     C.          Clerk             Middlesex                                                        
Patterson  W.     Y    Shepherd          Aberdeenshire                                           
Pepper     J.     Y    Farm Laborer      Down                                                             
Pepper     M.          Domestic Servant  London                                                           
Pepper     M.          Domestic Servant  London                                                           
Pepper     R.          Domestic Servant  London                                                           
Philip     J.          Farm Laborer      Aberdeen                                                         
Riedy      J.     Y 3  Schoolmaster      Northumberland 
Radford	   J.          Bricklayer	 Devonshire
Radford	   N.          Bricklayer	 Down 
Robinson   A.	       Tailor		 Antrim                                                   
Ross       E.J.        Domestic Servant  Somersetshire 
Ross       T.     Y    Farm Laborer      Yorkshire                                                        
Roundtree  A.          Domestic Servant  Cavan                                                            
Roundtree  J.     Y 4  Farm Laborer      Cavan                                                            
Roundtree  J.          Farm Laborer      Cavan                                                            
Roundtree  W.          Farm Laborer      Cavan                                                            
Sellars    S.          Domestic Servant  Derbyshire                                                       
Sheppard   G.     Y    Farm Laborer      Yorkshire                                                        
Smith      T.     Y 1  Farm Laborer      Yorkshire                                                        
Stewart    J.          Ploughman         Ayrshire                                                         
Stewart    S.          Domestic Servant  Lincoln                                                          
Taylor     E.          Farm Laborer      Aberdeen                                                         
Taylor     J.          Farm Laborer      Aberdeen                                                         
Wallace    W.          Shepherd          Montgomeryshire                                                  
Watters    J.H.        Farm Laborer      Devonshire                                                       
Wattin     M.          Domestic Servant  Middlesex                                                        
Webb       J.     Y 1  Tailor            Yorkshire                                                        
White      E.          Governess         Devonshire                                                       
Withell    J.     Y    Shepherd                                                                           
Withell    M.A.        Domestic Servant  Yorkshire                                                        
Withell    R.          Domestic Servant  Yorkshire                                                        
Wittebrook A.     Y    Farm Laborer      Germany                                                          
Woodfield  G.          Blacksmith        Northampton                                                      
Woodford   J.          Clerk             Middlesex                                                        
Woodford   J.     Y 7  Mechanic          Dorsetshire                                                      
Woodford   T.          Mechanic          Middlesex                                                        
Woodford   W.          Mechanic          Middlesex                                                                              
Analysis of Trades 
Farm labourers	47
Ploughmen	02
Shepherds	08
Bricklayers	04
Carpenters	04
Masons		04
Blacksmiths	05
Shoemaker	01
Saddlers	02
Miscellanous	11
Cook		01
Domestic Servants 21
Dairywomen	04
Governesses	03
Factory Girl	01
Summary of Nationality
England		37
Wales		03
Scotland	16
Ireland		17
Channel Islands	03
Other nations	07
Total		83

This gives a list of 121 assisted workers. The numbers listed in the newspaper are incorrect for a number of trades -e.g. shepherds 6; bricklayers 2; shoemakers 2; dom. servants 30; clerks 3; governesses 4; tailors 2; blacksmiths 4; mechanics 3; carpenter 3; painter/baker/constable/wheelwright/mason 1 each. With no "miscellaneous" these and the others as listed total 121.

Assisted Emigrants on the "Ivanhoe"

Transcribed from a handwritten copy of the assisted emigrants departure list and amended subsequently e.g. those who died on route have their entries noted "dead". Available at the National Library, Wellington.  No actual dates of preparation given.

"After deciphering the writing, checking the details, cross-referencing/cross-checking -  I'm not sure I'll get all the details to agree." Alan Davies. 23 Jan. 2001

Where, in the listings below, details do not differ from those above they have not been included. The listings are alphabetical – they were not so in the document. Some surname and first name spellings differ.

a) Married couples and children

Atkinson, Thomas 40: Eliza 38 (died) Mary Ann 19* Martha 18* Eliza Jane 16* Abigail 14* (died) Margaret 12* Emily 11 (died) Susan 6

Baker, Frederick 25 Prussia: Bridget 26 Frederick 2 William 3mths

Bates, Edwin 23: Mary Ann 23 (listed with the family of John Sellars)

Berry, Henry 25: Sarah H 23 Mary Jane infant

Borgfrede, Jette 50*

Brake, Charles 34: Elizabeth [nee Paynter]28 James 7 Alfred 5, John 3 [ b.26 Oct. 1860, lived at Dodson Ave, Milford Auckland in 1934],  Robert infant (died)

Brons, William 39 laborer: Dorothy 36 Hannah 7

Brown, Andrew 32: Christiana 33 Eliza 9 David 7 Catherine 5 Alice (died) Joan C 8mths

Champneys, Henry 28 Somerset: Eliza 29 Mary 5 Ann 3

Collins, Isaac 29: Mary 30 Mary Ann 5 Margaret 4 Elizabeth 2 Martha inf

Crawford, James 38: Jessie 36 Joseph 13* Margaret 11 Jane 9 Thomas 6 Andrew 4 Robert 2 John 2mths (died)

Darly, John Joshua 31: Hannah 28

Ditford, Christian 33: Mary 35 Frederick J 8 William 6 John 4 George 10mths

Gold, William 36 Forfarshire: Jane 29 William 5

Goodwin, Thomas 30 laborer: Bridget 28 Peter 2 John 1

Gordon, James 31: Mary 28 James 6 Mary 5 John 3 William 9mths

Harris, James 47: Charlotte 47 Thomas 19* Charles 16* Susan 9

Hirst, James R 24 mason Yorkshire: Rosa W 23 (new name)

Hobbs, James 46 Gloucestershire (died): Olivia 36 William 13* James 11

Frederick 10 Frank 9 Kate 7 Edward 5 John 4 Thornton 1

Jackson, Alfred 26 (died): Elizabeth 26 William M W 5 Felicia 1

Jebb, John 25 tailor Yorkshire(died): Ann 30 Margaret Ann infant (died) (new)

Jordon, William 26: Catherine 27 Louisa E 2 Alice A 8months (died)

Kent, William 40: Mary 39 Eliza 15* William 14* Henry 11 Lydia 7 Edward 4

Lake, Samuel 28(died); Fanny 20 (new name)

Le Breton, Frances 41: Mary 46 Francis P 16* Mary 18* Ann E 14* Amelia 12* Adolphus 7 Alfred 3

McDougall, Thomas 28: Catherine 28

McRae, Archibald 38 Dumfrieshire: wife not named 38 Archibald 14* Elizabeth 12* Pamela 10 Andrew 8 Henry 6 Margaret 4 Jane 2 Richard 4mths

Markham, George 23 (died): Jane 19

Mercer, Zaccheus 25: Betsy 25

Middleton, David 29: Letitia 27 (died) Margaret A 6 William 4 John 2 Mary Jane infant (died)

Miller, Henry 28 laborer: Elizabeth 25

Paterson, William 30: Isabella 30

Pepper, James 22: Martha 20

Riedy, John 39: Eliza 39 Jane 10 Joseph W 5 Charles E 2

Ross, Eliza Ann 14* (listed with Darly family)

Ross, Thomas 34: Elizabeth 26

Roundtree, John 45: Mary 45 Walter 23* John 15* Anne 19* William 11

Sellars, John 34 soapmaker, USA: Elizabeth 30 George 11 Harriet 9 William 7 Andrew 6 John Robert 4 Elizabeth 2 (new name)

Sellars, Sarah 54*

Shepherd, George 27 laborer: Sarah Ann 28 (died)

Smith, Thomas 30: Rhoda 30 (died) Charles 3

Stewart, James 25* (listed with Gordon family)

Thomson, Maxwell 24 blacksmith Down: Hannah 24 son born on voyage (new name)

Withell, James 55 Yorkshire: Hannah 55 Rebecca 23* Mary Ann 18* William 13* Jane 10 (listed with Smith family)

Willbrook, Auguste 27: Maria 22

Woodford, James 43: Eliza 44 James D 17* Thomas C 15* William George 13* Eliza M A 6 Edith Jane 4 Emily Ann 4 (died) Kate Sarah 2

Totals noted on the document’s lists:
Adults: Male 42 Female 42;
Children: Male 39 Female 31;
Infants:12+2 (2 births = babies Kent & Thomson; baby Jordan died the day after his birth on 27/3)

Note: these totals are correct if:
James Stewart; J Borgfrede, S Sellars & E A Ross are not counted as adults
Jacob Harland and Nicholas Pepper below are added to the 37 male children
Sarah Ann Riseby below is added to the 30 female children.
The names of 14 unmarried men and 15 unmarried women were transferred to Single Men or Single Women’s listing below as appropriate their names are asterisked in the list above and indented in the list below - 12 seems to be the divider.
b) Single Men: 51, including Patrick Murphy jnr.

Note: those whose details are listed above are indented and simply have names replicated below; where details differ from the listing above they are given below

Allen, Richard 24 Devonshire

Balfour, William 30

Baskin, Harry 21 farm laborer Devonshire (new name)

Brodnick, Peter 22 shepherd Galway (new name)

Chaplin, Francis 21

Clayton, Robert 23 carpenter Surrey (new name)

Collier, George 25 farm laborer Yorkshire (Collin G? new name?)

Coneway, James 25 laborer (cf surname includes an "e")

        Crawford, Joseph 13 Edinburgh

Dearuth, Henry 29

Driscoll, Matthew 26

Hall, Robert 24

Hammond, George 17

Harland, Jacob 7 included with the 3 Peppers in the Single Women’s listing

        Harris, Thomas 19 laborer;

        Harris, Charles 16 laborer (father of both listed as being from Germany)

        Hobbs, William 13

Hopkins, Frank 19

James, Kerry 24 farm laborer Scotland (new name)

Jones, John 21 (died)

Kennedy, William 22 bricklayer Ayrshire (new name)

        Kent, William 14

Kerr, Christopher 40

Lalor, Michael 24

Lawler, Joseph 28

        Le Breton, Francis P 16

Macdonald, John 21

        McRae, Archibald 14

Mitchell, Alfred 25

Morgan, David 20 (died)

Morris, John 20

Murphy, Patrick 44 saddler Galway

Murphy Patrick 5 jnr (new names)

Newman, Charles 18 clerk Middlesex

Newman, Alfred 14 clerk Middlesex (new names)

Pepper, Nicholas 11 Down no occupation listed

Philip, John 22

Radford, James 19 mason

Robinson, Andrew 25 tailor Antrim

        Roundtree, Walter 23

        Roundtree, John 15

        Stewart, James 25

Tayler, Ewen 20

Tayler, James 18 (surname spelt with an "e")

Wallace, William 24 Northumberland

Walters, John H 16 (cf Watters)

    Withell, William 13

Woodfield, George H 24

        Woodford, James 17

        Woodford, Thomas 15

        Woodford, William George 13

c) Single Women: 45, excluding Sarah Ann Riseby
note under b) above applies.

        Atkinson, Mary Ann 19 Cavan

        Atkinson, Martha 18 Cavan

        Atkinson, Eliza Jane 16 Cavan

        Atkinson, Abigail 14 Cavan (died)

        Atkinson, Margaret 12 Cavan

Beattie, Agnes 28

    Borgfrede, Jette 50 no occupation listed (n.o.l.)

Brown, Isabella 51 (n.o.l.)

Burley, Eliza 28 Cornwall dairy maid

Coneway, Margaret 20

Cummins, Alice 18

Driscoll, Hannah 20

Fisk, Jane 14 (n.o.l.)

Higgins, Bridget 23

Kennery, Margaret 18

        Kent, Eliza 15

        Le Breton, Mary 18

        Le Breton, Ann E 14 Alderney

        Le Breton Amelia 12 Alderney

Lemon, Jane 28

McCallum, Christina 28

McNamara, Bridery 24 DETAILS!!

        McRae, Elizabeth 12 Dumfrieshire (n.o.l.)

Medlam, Elizabeth A 28 Middlesex

Newman, Sarah 51

Newman, Catherine 26

Newman, Emily 23

Moore, Lydia 19

Moore, Susanna 15 (died)

Murphy, Hannah 20

Pepper, Margaret 58 Down domestic servant

Pepper, Martha 20 Down domestic servant

Pepper, Rachel 17 Down domestic servant

Riseby, Jane E 34 Sussex (n.o.l.) (new name)

Riseby, Sarah Ann 3

        Ross, Eliza Ann/Jane 14 (n.o.l.) different second given names used

        Roundtree, Anne 19

Sellars, Sarah 54 (n.o.l.)

Smith, Elizabeth 27 Yorkshire domestic servant (new name)

Stephens, Ellen 20 Pembrokeshire dairy maid (new name)

Stewart, Sarah Ann 30

Wallin, Maria 21

Walton, Ann 23 Cheshire weaver (new name)

White, Emma 25

        Withell, Rebecca 23

        Withell, Mary Ann 18

Notations on numbers in the document

Male adults 90 Summary landed
Female adults 86 Families & Children 109
Male children 42 Single men   48
Female children 32 Single women   43
Infants 14
264 = 213 statute adults
less passages of schoolmaster and matron
Total adult passengers chargeable 198

The surnames that appear on the embarkation list but not in the newspaper but not may be transcription /spelling problems: Bailey/Beattie; Collin/Collier; King/Kerry; Norman x2 /Newman x2;Webb/Jebb

Deaths listed, but not named in passenger list: Philip Jackson, George Blakemore, George Williams, Samuel Kant.

Count in "The Lyttelton Times"
Cabin:                      26
Couples: 38+38 = 76
Single Men:           43
Single women:      40
Children:                96
                               255 souls steerage. Newspaper reads 264 souls/people in steerage
Deaths:                  25
Births:                   03
Note the two servants are not named and Dr Wood not listed as a passenger.

Charles Debenham Bennett's name is conspicuous by its absence as a passenger or an assisted emigrant - maybe he worked his passage.

Alan Davies wrote:  The family records note that, Charles Debenham BENNETT, arrived on this voyage ex London after service in the 21st Hussars in India. I have seen a number of references to his arrival on the "Ivanhoe", including in "The Cyclopedia of New Zealand" that was published before he died. However, the passenger list makes no reference to him as either a passenger or in steerage. He stayed little time in Canterbury, heading off to New Plymouth to join the Armed Constabulary.

Bio. notes on Charles Debenham BENNETT:
Born 25 July 1835 at Worcester, the 5th child of Joseph Bennett (a hosier and glover) of Worcester and Jemima Debenham of Depden, Suffolk. He was educated at Christ's Hospital, London ("Bluecoat School"), from 1845 to 1850; apprenticed to a London warehouse firm until 1858 when he joined a cavalry corps attached to the East India Company before going to India; purchased his discharge in 1863 and arrived in Lyttelton on the Ivanhoe on 12 June 1864. Soon went to Taranaki and joined the Military Settlers; in 1868 joined the Armed Constabulary and took part in 8 actions between 1868-69 associated with the New Zealand wars; retired in 1878. Became Town Clerk of Gisborne before resigning to become a partner in an auctioneering firm. In 1898 he was the senior partner in founding a new merchant and commission agency. He was a Gisborne borough councilor in 1879 and Mayor in 1882.  In 1875 he married Jessie Dunlop, the 5th of James Dunlop and Sarah Cole who arrived in Poverty Bay in 1850 after having landed in Wellington on the Lalla Rookh in March 1849. He died at Gisborne on 10 March 1903, survived by his wife, three sons and three daughters. Information courtesy of Alan Davies. Charles was his great grandfather. Posted 10 Jan. 2001

Robert Bovey arrived at Lyttelton on the Ivanhoe in June 1864 as a cabin passenger. He was a Devonshire man, from Buckfastleigh, and had no experience with NZ farming. On Feb. 6th 1864 Charles Reed, of Devonshire, England, gentleman, agreed to engage Robert M. Bovey, of Devonshire, farmer, as overseer and general manager over the sheep, stations and other property belonging to him in the Middle Island of NZ, for a period of five years from the date of Mr Bovey's arrival on the station on Ashburton river and pay for his travel arrangements. He was employed by Charles Reed as a manager on Westerfield. Reed was a perfectionist and required elaborate bookkeeping. Dismissed 20 Aug. 1868, claimed wrongful dismissal. It came down to a court case and R.M. Bovey secured 491 pounds damages. LT 16 March 1869. Grigg immediately engaged him. Bovey went for a trip to England and returned in the Charlotte Gladstone with a family in 1871. He bought a farm at Templeton called Oakland in Feb. 1872. He and his wife and children left in the Rangitiki 11 March 1877. Robert Michelmore BOVEY and wife Emily Margaret nee Russell had a son Robert Edward BOVEY born in Timaru in 1871 who was brought up in Littleham (Exmouth). Daughter Mary Michelmore BOVEY born in NZ in 1873.
1875-1880 freeholder at Prebbleton NZ. 1881 farmer of 301 acres at Baddaford House, Staverton, England.
Son 21153 Corporal Robert Edward Bovey of the 27th (Devonshire) Company, 7th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry was in the Boer War.

Press 30 March 1874 Page 2
At the Arowhenui, Glaston Yards, we held a sale on account of R. M. Bovey, Esq., on the 19th instant, and disposed of 3400 ewes and wethers, at for  ewes, each 4s 2d; merino wethers, 5s 9d each.

Temuka Leader 11 May 1909 Page 3 MATTHEW DRISCOLL
A sad occurrence look place on Sunday morning at Downs, Mr Matthew Driscoll, another old settler, being found drowned in a pond near his house. The old gentleman had been in rather feeble health for some time past, and it is supposed that he accidentally fell in and lost his life. Mr Driscoll was born in County Kerry, Ireland, in 1836, and was brought up to farming. In 1864 he came to New Zealand in the ship Ivanhoe, landing at Lyttelton. After working for some time in Christchurch he went to the West Coast diggings, but soon returned to Canterbury. In 1867 he went to Timaru, and two years later he took up 45 acres of land on the Levels, gradually increasing his holding to 500 acres, which he farmed until his death. Mr Driscoll was for a time a director of the Canterbury Farmers´┐Ż Co-operative Association. In 1867 he married Miss Sarah Kane, of County Kerry, Ireland, and leaves a widow, five sons, and six daughters to mourn his loss. His death will be regretted by a wide circle of friends.;

The LE BRETON family from Jersey settled in Christchurch where Francis worked at his trade as a tailor. The three boys appear to have followed in their father footsteps.  Francis senior died in Christchurch in 1891 and his wife in 1905. All the children married but Adolphus died without issue in 1895. Alfred John emigrated to Sydney, Australia about 1880 and married a couple of years later. Some of his offspring still live there today.
Francis LE BRETON b. 30/6/1822.
Wife was Mary nee LUCE b. 31/8/1817.
Children that came to NZ were Mary b. 15/10/1844;
Francis Philip b. 18/4/1847;
Ann Elizabeth b. 28/10/1849;
Amelia Luce b. 7/12/1851;
Adolphus John b. 24/11/1856
Alfred John b. 24/5/1860.
Information courtesy of Charles Le Breton. Posted June 14 2000
Family history

Star 9 December 1895, Page 3
Obituary. By the death of Mr Henry Champness on Saturday we have lost another of those worthy pioneers who, by their energy in the early days, founded this city. Mr Champness arrived in the colony by the ship Ivanhoe in 1864, and followed the occupation of a wood-turner. He worked the first steam- lathe fitted up in Christchurch, and was so expert at his trade that he was known as the model turner. In the exhibition of 1882 his work gained the highest awards, and for some time it was on view at the Christchurch Museum, being removed from there for the purpose of sending it to the Chicago Exhibition. The old Provincial Council Chamber, the Bank of New Zealand, Messrs Strange and Co.'s and many other places contain examples of his skill. He leaves a wife and grown-up family to mourn their loss.

COLLINS - they came on the Ivanhoe in 1864, settled in Georgetown, near Temuka. Isaac Collins came from Narberth, Pembrokeshire. He had a fellmongery / wool scour at Georgetown. Five more children were born after the family's arrival in Temuka. Isaac Collins died in 1875 as a result of an accident in the Opihi river. His dray, fully laden with 11 wool bales and pulled by 3 horses needed assistance to cross the river and so with the help of 4 other horses and another man, he was attempting to get across when the current of the river swept him under the dray wheel and he was run over across both legs. His injuries were severe and he never recovered despite managing to get to the other side. He died 2 months later. Information courtesy of Jude Elliot. Posted 16 Feb. 2002

TRIPP: C.G. Tripp married Ellen Shepherd Harper, daughter of Bishop Harper. Ellen had come out to New Zealand in 1856 with her family on the Egmont. Tripp had come out earlier on the Royal Stuart. Tripp settled in South Canterbury in 1856 acquiring the Orari Gorge Station, South Canterbury. 

Tripp, Ellen Shephard. My Early Days. Christchurch. Whitcombe and Tombs, 1916. 21p Wife of Charles George Tripp, sister of Emily Acland. The book includes reminiscences of early days at Mt Peel and Orari Gorge. There  is a copy at the McMillan Library, Canterbury University.

1853 Lloyd's Register
Master:  Captain W. Henderson
Rigging:  Ship; sheathed in yellow metal and partly in felt in 1853; fastened with copper bolts
Tonnage:  892 tons using old measurements and 1,094 tons using new measurements
Construction:  1853 in Dumbarton
Owners:  Aikmans
Port of registry:  Glasgow
Port of survey:  Clyde
Survey:  Australia

The Star, Christchurch. Wednesday 9th January 1895 page 2 
Drowned in the lost ship Ivanhoe, between Seattle, Puget Sound and San Francisco, Frederic James Grant, journalist of Seattle, Washington State; aged thirty-two. Second son of Alexander Grant, of Zansville, Ohio, United States, and nephew of James Grant, of Dunsandel, New Zealand.

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