Geraldine, South Canterbury, N.Z. Honour Rolls at the Library

Geraldine Honour Rolls

Arundel Roll of Honour

 Geraldine Library, Service Centre, 
Geraldine, South Canterbury, New Zealand

South Canterbury War Memorials

Arundel Roll of Honour

World War 1 1914-1918
In Memoriam
T.G.H. Boughton
J.H.H. Patrick
K. Tiney
W.J. Lorgelly
Greater Love Hath No Man than this
World War II 1939-1945
In Memoriam
R.C. Flower
M. Tavener
J. McComb
D.M.H. Tripp
H.M.H. Tripp
Greater Love Hath No Man than This
J.T. Ambler
L.N. Brown
D.M. Clement
A. Deverill?
H.E. Evans
S. Gould
W Ingles
C.G. Johnston
A.W. Pearce
G. Pithie
C.B. Sims
E.W. Belcher
D. Campbell
W. ?J. Elsom
D. Giles
D. Harold
R.J. Hampton?
W.H. Keen
D. Pearce
J.M? Ritchie
D.F. Sim
  C.L. Brown
D. Cormack
E.C. Hooper
J.C. Jenkins
W.S. Johnston
F.C.  Pratt
I.M. Ritchie
J. Stack
C.T.A. Simpson
E. Batman
?P. Harris
S. Jennkins?
L.D Johnson
D. McDonald
?D.W. Pratt
F. Stack
P. M. Tripp


The Geraldine Primary School Honour Roll.

The Geraldine Primary School old brick classroom block was demolished in the mid 1970s now this marble plaque hangs in the foyer of the Geraldine Public Library beside three other roll of honour boards.
The plaque was donated t the school by B.R. Macdonald, "Waitui"
To their Memory.

Ex-Pupils of this School
Who laid down their lives for the
 Empire in the Great War 1914-19

"Dulce et Decorum est pro Patria mori"

J. Brett
H. Bryant
A. Bennington
P. Burke
T.J. Boughton
S. Clements
S.C. Farnie
H. Hamilton
J.M. Hawke
J. Hagerty
P. Hay
J.M. Howard
J. Morrison
J. Mullaney
A. Maitland
A. Robinson
W. Russell
F.D Templer
E. White
Alex. Worner
G. Worner
Alf. Worner
H. Pierpoint
G.W. Loach
W.J. Davis
R.D. Herdman
J.R. Howard
I.O. White
L.T. Carver

Dulce et Decorum est  Pro patria mori -
"It is sweet and right to die for the fatherland."

Spelling mistake - Harold Stewart Pearpoint. Parents: Robert Henry and Adelaide Pearpoint, merchants, Geraldine. 

 Timaru Herald 26 April 1918 Page 3 This article
Anzac day at Geraldine. unveiling of Memorial. Yesterday afternoon there was a large gathering in the grounds of the Geraldine District High School to witness the unveilng of the marble memoral tablet presented by Mr B. K Macdonnld as a memorial to old boys of the school who have fallen in the war.

Mr T. Sherratt the Deputy Mavor in an appropriate speech, referred to the gift of the memorial by a son of the late Mr Angus Macdonad, and asked Mr B. R. to address them. Mrs Paterson then unveiled the memorial. after which Dr Hislop, as chair man, expressed the pleasure of the committee in taking charge of the

Dr Hislop, as chairman, then accepted a large framed photograph of Private A. Bird (presented by Mrs Herdman) the doctor stating that Bird had served grandly. He had heen twice wounded but was still fighting. The memorial reads: "Pupils of the school who laid down their for the Empire in the Great War 191419. 'Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.'' with the names of the following 'J Brett, H. Bryant, A. Bennington, T. Burke. T. J. Broughton, S Clements, F.C. Farnie, H. Hamilton, J. M. Hawke, J. Hagerty, P. Hay, J. Morrison, E. Mullanes, A. Maitland, A. Robinson, W. Russell, F D. Templer, E. White, Alec Worner, G. Worner, Alf. Worner, W. J. Davis, G. W. Loach.

Victoria I.O.O.F. Lodge No. 18
Roll of Honour

Killed in action
Bro. A.J. Waller

Also Served
Bennett, HJ.A.
Ellery F.R.
Goodeve, J.R.
Jones, W.E.
Martin, A.J.
Maxwell, A.C.D.
Tindall, A.J.H.
Turner, A.G.
Turner, T.
Undrill, H.E.
Waller, E.H.


The Roll of Honour
Victoria I.O.O.F. Lodge No. 18
Our Glorious Dead
1914 1918
The Great War

They Died That We Might Live

J.R. Howard
J.H.H. Patrick
A.J. Hammond
A. MacPherson
S.R. Smith
J.W.H. Bryant
W.S. Quaid
R. Maxwell
A. Maitland
R.O. Maister

H.W. Carter
W. Scott
G. Morrison
T.E. Squire
A.F. Pierce
W. Saunders
A. O'Neill
A.J. Johnstone
W. Annals
E. England
J. Lyons
J. Waters
H.J. Anderson
S. Bennett
H.W. Turner
J.W. O'Neil
H. Rock
R. Giles
H. Sherratt
E. Peterson

Roll of Honour Orari Bridge 1939 -1945

Killed in Action
Sergeant A.F. Morris
Private A.W. Morris
Sgt. J.H.R South
Cpl. Joyce Ford
Cpl. C. Lyons
Cpl. H.E. South
Pt. P.G. Brown
Stkr. L.R. Brown
Sgt. A.G. Brown
Gnr. E.M. Burke
Seaman Cook H.A.M. Coulter
Gnr. F.E. Ellery
Pvt. A.K. Ford
Pvt. R.R. W. Ford
Flt. Sgt. K.P. Ivey
Sgt. C.T. Johnston
Cpl. W.A. Johnston
Pte. G.H. Lewis
Dvr. P.C. Lyons
Pte. V. McCann
Gnr. N.R. South
Tpr. V.W. Stonyer

The other ANZACs. Nurses at war 1914 -1918. April 2016 photo.


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