Main South Road and George St, Timaru , N.Z. c. 1888 & 2002

Main South Road (Stafford St.) and George St., Timaru, New Zealand
 c. 1888, 1908,
2002 & 2011

The Main South Road is now Stafford St. On left of photo is the old Club Hotel which was pulled down quite a few years ago and is now a Chinese Restaurant.  The photo is looking south, the building next to the Club Hotel was possibly incorporated in the Hotel at some stage, and the next taller building was the National Bank, which is still standing. On the right is now the old Govt. Life building which had Gabites Menswear shop underneath, which is now a small cafe.  If you make a turn left you will see the Railway Station. 1899 1915

Stafford Street South, 1915

On the left heading south is  is the Club Hotel then the
National Bank, National Mortgage, Regency Coy?, Union Bank, and Bank of NSW

Stafford St looking south. Photo taken on a wet April 28, 2002. Courtesy of Han Freeke.
Stafford Street, Timaru looking south April 2002.

Below. Same intersection looking up Stafford St. heading the opposite way. Alliance Assurance building on the right. 1900s. On the back of the postcard: The Star Series G.D. & D. London. Printed in Bavaria.

Frank Duncan Tourist Series 3017

Stafford St. pre 1908
On the back of the postcard: The printer was G. W. Hutton & Co. 
The card was postmarked at Timaru 25 NO 08.

Stafford St looking north with the BNZ building to the left. Photo taken  on a wet April 28, 2002. Courtesy of Han Freeke.
Straight ahead is Stafford Street, Timaru April 2002. Pedestrians only.  Cain's Terrace is the street to the right, up a small incline, ends at Strathallan St. 
George St. runs through the intersection left and to the right (out of photo) past the Landing Service Building which is now Timaru' information Centre and on down to the Railway Station.

25 Nov. 2011 Morton's
Taken from outside MAY"S Cake Shop
May's Tea & Coffee House

NZ Truth 10 May 1928, Page 6 Morton's Manner
Every one in Timaru knows Morton and Pearson, that staunch firm that is part and parcel of South Canterbury. And, by the same token, the good folk of Timaru think a lot of Harold Morton, big man in the business. For Harold is one of those useful men found in every community good natured, capable citizens ever ready and always willing to do anything for the public good. Further, as if to spoil it all, we must add that Harold is just about one of the keenest auctioneers in the South Canterbury district. He is always there with a little ready and original wit to speed the lagging sale. When not engaged in the rather pleasant pastime of making money, Harold Morton finds quite a lot of pleasure in flicking a fly over the glassy surface of a trout stream. He has accounted for many a big fellow. And, of course, he knows one or two fish stories that really are fish stories. Altogether a very useful man in Timaru.

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