Fairlie Cemetery, South Canterbury, N.Z.

The Mackenzie District Council cemeteries database is online: Albury, Burkes Pass, Fairlie and Twizel Cemeteries. Pre 1884 people from Fairlie Creek were buried at Burkes Pass.  Find a grave has 166 headstones photographed as of April 2018. Interment.net is incomplete data obtained 27 Feb. 2020

Mackenzie District Council, PO Box 52, Fairlie
Offer a service for looking up burial enquiries. Albury, Burkes Pass, Fairlie and Twizel Cemeteries
Phone (03) 685-8514   country code for NZ 64   Fax (03) 685-8533  Email [email protected]

They accept these enquiries via telephone, email, walk ins off the street, and fax. They always endeavour to deal with these enquiries the same day.  The database is current. The Council do not charge any fees for looking up cemetery records. Probably get 15 enquiries a year. They have all 4 Mackenzie District cemeteries on our database i.e. Albury, Burkes Pass, Fairlie and Twizel.  We have 2025 burials listed on our database for the 4 cemeteries. Approx 1200 of these are for Fairlie Cemetery, and 200 Twizel, and approx 300 each for Albury and Burkes Pass. There is a fair percentage of plots in the older parts of the Albury, Burkes Pass and Fairlie Cemeteries which do not have headstones anymore (due to deterioration, damage and possibly vandalism?) so there are a few unmarked grave sites. Ross

There is a story that in the early 1930s there was a fire in the building where all the burial records were kept for Albury, Burkes Pass and Fairlie Cemeteries which totally destroyed all these records. They appear to have reasonably complete records prior to approx 1930 and then there is a very hazy vague period until approximately 1938 during which time there are hardly any burials recorded. After 1938 there are the "usual" number of burials recorded. It can be very disappointing having to explain to families who are searching for  burials in that eight year time frame that yes, their relative is quite possibly buried in the cemetery but without the records pinpointing exactly the date of burial or the plot location, it is very difficult to locate the grave. The earliest burial on record for Fairlie Cemetery is Helen Hall, who was buried on 19 July 1886. We do not have any concerns about the Fairlie Cemetery running out of space in the near future. We only average about 25-30 burials a year (ashes and full burials included) in the Fairlie Cemetery and do not consider that we will run out of room before the year 2030 at least.  

May 2017. Twenty trees at the western corner of the Fairlie Cemetery have been felled to create more burial space as the facility nears capacity. The Mackenzie District Council said the area would provide for up to 300 more plots to meet demand over the next 20 years. The trees, some of which were more than 80 years old, were mainly pines and Douglas firs.

Graves - Alexander Smart , Jessie Butters, _________,  James McLean

Afternoon May 2018 photo.

Afternoon May 2018 photo.

First burial

Record No: 1109
Family Name: HALL
Age: 3 years
Given Names: Helen
Address: Interment Date: 19/07/1886
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 3
Block: P1
Clergyman: A H McLean
Next of Kin William & Helen HALL

Early burials

Record No. 1104 HENNESSY Ellen
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 1
Block: RC
Age: 27 years
Interment Date: 28/09/1884
Next of Kin John HENNESSY (Husband)

Evening Post, 27 September 1884, Page 2
Determined Suicide by a Woman. Timaru, 27th September. The wife of a farmer named Hennessy, at Fairlie Creek, committed suicide this morning by cutting her throat from ear to ear with a razor. No cause is assigned. She was 25 years of age, and had no children.

Timaru Herald, 27 September 1884, Page 3 From other sources we learn that Hennessy's farm lies down the Gorge road, about a mile from the township, and that he and his wife had occupied it for five or six years. Both are described as steady and industrious people, and their neighbors are utterly at a loss to explain the suicide of the wife. Mrs Hennesay managed a small dairy, and after getting breakfast yesterday morning she milked the cows and set the milk away as usual. After breakfast her husband and the man mentioned by our correspondent, whose name, we are told, if Patrick McEvoy, went out to cart some straw to the byre. On their return the husband went to the home, and entering the bedroom to seek his wife was horrified to find her dying, in a pool of blood.  The razor she had used was identified by McEvoy as hip, and he found that the had turned his bag oat to obtain it.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 27 September 1884, Page 2 DETERMINED SUICIDE.
Timaru, September 27. The wife of a farmer, named Hennessey, at Fairlie creek, committed suicide by cutting her throat; from ear to ear with a razor. No cause is assigned. She was twenty five years of age, and had no children. [note extra e in surname]

Record No: 1110
Family Name: RICHMOND
Given Names: Agnes Christain
Interment Date: 21/12/1886
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 10
Block: P1
Clergyman: A H McLean
Next of Kin John & Annie RICHMOND

North Otago Times, 21 December 1886, Page 2
Timaru. December 20. A little girl named Richmond, two and a half years old, was drowned on Sunday evening at Silverstream, Fairlie Creek. She got into the race at Rooney's wool scouring works, and was carried under the shed. The child was in the water for 15 minutes. Daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Richmond. 

Record No: 1117
Family Name: ELDER
Age: 46 years
Given Names: MURDOCH
Address: Interment Date: 1/04/1887
Occupation: Highland Piper
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 7
Block: P1
Clergyman: A H McLean

Hawera & Normanby Star, 31 March 1887, Page 2
Timaru, March 31. Murdoch Elder was picked up yesterday on the road near Fairlie Creek, and died soon after. It is supposed that he fell from his horse.

Record No: 0701
Family Name: WATSON
Age: 3 months
Given Names: Jeannie
Interment Date: 16/08/1894
Occupation: Infant
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 20
Block: P1
Clergyman: A H McLean
Next of Kin Alex & L M WATSON

Star, 27 August 1894, Page 2
Watson — August 34, at Station House, Fairlie, Jeannie, infant daughter of Laura May and Alexander Watson ; aged three months.

Record No: 1026
Family Name: WATSON Age: 3 months
Given Names: George Ross
Interment Date: 29/10/1895
Occupation: Infant
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 20
Block: P1
Clergyman: Rev. Cowie
Next of Kin Alex & L M WATSON

Record No: 1152
Family Name: MORRIS
Age: 23 years
Given Names: Samuel
Address: Interment Date: 7/07/1895
Occupation: Shepherd
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 24
Block: P1
Clergyman: REV COWIE

Record No: 1028
Family Name: MAHER
Age: 54 years
Given Names: John
Interment Date: 2/06/1896
Occupation: Labourer
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 2
Block: 6
Clergyman: Rev. HUISON

Star, 4 January 1896, Page 6
An inquest was held at Fairlie on Wednesday touching the death of a man named John Maher, who was found dead on the roadside near the township the previous evening. Evidence was given that deceased had been in the habit of visiting Fairlie at shearing time for seven or eight years past, and that on this occasion he had been about the township for a week; that he was seen and. spoken to by Constable Mullaney at 4p.m. on Tuesday, when he seemed to be well and sober, and that he was found lying dead at 6.30 pm. on the grass at the roadside, a quarter of a mile from the township. The jury, of whom Mr Siegert was foreman, returned a verdict that deceased died from natural causes.

Timaru Herald, 4 January 1896, Page 3 inquest
An inquest was held at the Gladstone Hotel, Fairlie, on Wednesday; touching the death of a man named John Maher, found dead on the roadside the previous evening. A . O. Gilmour, hotelkeeper, stated that he had known the deceased for the past seven or eight years He generally visited Fairlie about shearing time, and had on this occasion been about the place eight or ten days. Witness last saw deceased about 4 p.m. on the 31st, and he then appeared to be m his usual health. A. Cieighton a resident of Fairlie, showed that he found the deceased lying on his back on the grass beside the main road, about 6.30 p.m., and as he appeared to be dead, witness went straight to the police office and reported the matter, and returned with Constable Mullaney and helped to remove the body to the township. Deceased was lying on his back fully clothed, but with his hat beside him, and where he was not m the way of traffic. He appeared to have died quietly. Constable Mullaney gave a similar description of the situation and condition of the corpse when found. He found nothing to indicate the cause of death. The sun was very strong at the time. Had seen deceased about the township for a week, and spoke to him about 4 p.m., at which time he was quite sober, and made no complaint. The jury having viewed the body, returned a verdict that deceased had died from natural causes.

Record No: 0727
Family Name: MCKINNON Age: 49 years
Given Names: John
Interment Date: 16/10/1898
Occupation: Manager
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 1
Block: P3
Clergyman: REV COWIE
Next of Kin Angus & Mary MCKINNON

Timaru Herald, 17 October 1898, Page 4
There has just passed away, after a painful and lingering illness, at the comparatively early age of 49, a man who though not known to a great many of our readers, had yet a large circle of friends in the Fairlie and Burkes Pass districts, and was recognised by all who knew him as one who put the welfare of his employers first m everything he did, not leaving a stone unturned to further their interests. For ten years manager of the Three Springs Estate, near Fairlie, Mr John McKinnon may be said to have worn his life out in the service of the company he worked for. With a temperament given to worry too much, if things did not go quite right, he consumed in fifty years, vitality which should have lasted another twenty. With plain and often blunt speech, he conveyed to his hearers exactly what he thought, and if on occasions he gave offence no one so offended but must have realised that what he did or said was done with the object of safeguarding the charge entrusted to him with the wish at the same time to be just to all men. Prior to his late management he, in the late seventies, had charge of the Braemar Estate when that property was first bought from the Crown by a Dunedin syndicate, and while there m the earlier days of the settlement of the Mackenzie Country he with his wife, before proper roads were made, went through experiences such as do not fall to the lot of settlers nowadays. Coming to the colony in the early sixties he worked as a young man in the Lake District of Otago shepherding on Malvern Hills Station, and had many good yarns to spin of the early days when runs were worth £1 per head before the rabbits brought ruin to many a squatter. He leaves a widow and four children, two grown up. Residents in the Fairlie district and travellers on the road to Burkes Pass and the Mackenzie Country will long remember his kindly disposition and his wife's good-natured banter with all she knew.

Record No: 0999
Family Name: RIDDLE Age: 8 years
Given Names: John H
Address: Interment Date: 23/10/1899
Occupation: School Boy
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 14
Block: P4
Clergyman: Rev. J WHITE
Next of Kin John & Mary RIDDLE

Evening Post, 24 October 1899, Page 6
A boy named John Hamilton Riddle, aged eight years, has been killed at Fairlie, near Timaru, by a horse treading on his chest.

Otago Witness, 26 October 1899, Page 21
Sergeant Fraser received a wire on Saturday (says the Timaru Herald) from Constable Willoughby, Fairlie, as follows : — "A boy named John Hamilton Riddle, aged eight years, was killed to-day by a horse treading on his chest. An inquest will be held on Monday at Fairlie."

Record No: 1025
Family Name: SMALL
Age: 47 years
Given Names: James
Date Deceased: 21/08/1895
Interment Date: 23/08/1895
Occupation: Farmer
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 23
Block: R1
Clergyman: REV. TUBMAN
Next of Kin Catherine SMALL (wife)

Timaru Herald, 26 August 1895, Page 2
On Thursday, an inquest was held at Fairlie by Mr J. Wilson, J.P., acting coroner, into the death of James Small, a labouring man, 47 years of age. The evidence showed that the deceased left Fairlie on Tuesday evening to ride to his home, near Mr Nixon's, and he was found lying on the road unconscious by his son, at 8 p.m. A trap was got after some time and deceased was got home about midnight. Early on Wednesday morning Dr Dryden was sent for, but the serious nature of the case was not understood, and the doctor did not reach the house till mid-day, by which time Small was dead. The doctor in his evidence said he found no bruises on the body. Deceased might have fallen from his horse and ruptured a blood-vessel on the brain. The jury found a verdict of accidental death. Deceased had been some years in the Fairlie district, and leaves a large family, some of them now grown up.

Record No: 0988
Age: 45 years
Given Names: Cordelia
Address: Interment Date: 1/04/1900
Occupation: Wife
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 2
Block: A1
Clergyman: REV. HUISON

Otago Witness, 9 August 1900, Page 34
Condolence. — For several months past considerable sympathy has been felt for Mr F. R. Gillingham, chairman of the County Council, owing to the serious illness of his wife, who has been to the fore in promoting and helping any deserving object. Latterly it was thought that Mrs Gillingham's health was improving, and consequently the news of her death on the 2nd inst. came as a great shock. The deceased was interred on Saturday in the Fairlie Cemetery, where already two infant sons lie at rest. Notwithstanding the suddenness of her demise a fairly large concourse of friends and sympathisers attended to pay their last tribute of respect. Mrs Gillingham was of a quiet, unobtrusive nature, yet ever alert for good actions. She never tired in her efforts to alleviate the trials of her fellow creatures, consequently young and old alike looked up to her as more than a mere friend, consequently widespread sympathy is felt for Mr Gillingham in his bereavement. Mrs Gillingham possessed considerable literary attainment, and I understand she was a valued contributor to the columns of the Witness.

Wanganui Herald, 4 April 1905, Page 6 Fatal Trap Accident.
Timaru, April 3. A young lad named John Gillingham, son of Mr Sandham Gillingham, of Fairlie, was killed on Saturday night as the result of a trap accident. He was driving down a steep cutting with another lad and a lady, when the horse bolted and capsized the vehicle. John Gillingham died a few hours later. The other lad had his collar-bone broken, and the lady received injuries, rendering her unconscious for some hours.

Ashburton Guardian, 3 April 1905, Page 3
April 3 A distressing accident occurred at Winscombe, a few miles from Fairlie on Saturday evening, in which a life was lost and two persons injured. Jack Gillingham, son of Mr Sandham Gillingham, of Kingsbury, his cousin Allan, son of Mr F. R. Gillingham, of Fairlie, and Miss Pilbrow, of Temuka, were driving down the zigzag at Winscombe, when the horse bolted. The buggy was run into the bank at the roadside, and capsized, throwing the three out. Jack [John] Gillingham was injured so seriously that he succumbed to his injuries. Miss Pilbrow also sustained serious injuries, but fears are not entertained for her. Allan escaped with a broken collarbone. Dr Cook was quickly on the scene, and the sufferers were taken to Mr F. R. Gillingham's residence, where Jack died about midnight. Miss Pilbrow sustained slight concussion of the brain, but last evening was progressing very favourably. 

Record No: 0986
Family Name: GILLINGHAM Age: 14 years
Given Names: JOHN
Address: Interment Date: 1/04/1905
Occupation: School Boy
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 3
Block: A1
Clergyman: REV HUISON
Next of Kin Sandham & Annie GILLINGHAM  


In memory of Robert Gillingham of Fontnell 1855-1936
and his wife Katherine Beatrice 1862-1941.

John Sandham, only son of Sandham and Annie Louisa Gillingham. Died by accident April 1st 1905. Aged 14 years.
In memory of Dorothy, eldest daughter of Robert and Katherine Beatrice Gillingham who died December 16th 1905. Aged 16 years.

In memory of Frank Fairlie, beloved son of F.R. and Cordelia Gillingham who died July 12th 1908. Aged 16 years. 

In memory of David Henry Gillingham who died Oct. 26th 1905 aged 58 years.
and of his sister Sarah Frances Gillingham who died Dec. 25th 1905 in her 60th year.

 and of Annie, daughter of Stephen & Hannah Gillingham 1859-1943 

 Stephen Gillingham of Lambrook who departed this life August 12th 1892 in his 80th year.
Also of his wife Hannah Sandham who died January 19th 1897 in her 76th year.

 In loving memory of James Percy beloved youngest son of John & Harriet BRAY, accidently drowned on Christmas Day 1903 aged 13½ years. So full of health, that the bud of life, we dreamt not death was near. Alas, it came and called him home, from those he loved so dear. In loving memory of Harriet, wife of John Bray. Died 5th May 1937. Aged 70 years.

Record No: 0955
Family Name: JUNGE 
Given Names: Peter John
Address: Interment Date: 22/06/1906
Cemetery: Fairlie

Otago Witness, 26 June 1907, Page 55
JUNGE — In memory of my dear brother, Peter Junge, who died at Fairlie on the 21st June, 1906 ; aged 26 years. "May his soul rest in peace." — Inserted by his brother George.

'Tis now a weary; long , sad year
Since my dear Peter left me all in tears
From our dear home at Fairlie Creek
From suffering and pain to Death's long sleep
And Christ has taken him home above.
Where Death can never sever love-
Where Christ releases from all pain,
And parted us to meet again.

Record No: 0958
Family Name: STRANGE Age: 30 years
Given Names: Samuel
Address: Interment Date: 16/01/1907
Occupation: Shearer
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 11
Block: P9
Clergyman: S ORR - Presby Student

Otago Witness, 23 January 1907, Page 36
An accident of a very distressing nature, which resulted in the Death of a young man named Samuel Strange, 30 years of age, occurred in the shearing sited at Mr J. S. Rutherford's Mistake Station, Mackenzie Country, on the 14th (says the Timaru Herald). It appears that while shearing with machinery the man tripped and fell, the clippers entering his arm and inflicting a fearful wound before they could be disconnected. A message was sent down to the Tekapo Hotel to ring up for Dr S. J. Cook, of Fairlie. Meanwhile the wound was bound up, and the injured man was placed on a cart and a start made for Tekapo. On. the road the party was met by the doctor, who had gone up from Fairlie in a motor car, and on examination he found that through loss of blood and shock there was very little hope. The sufferer was taken on to the Tekapo Hotel in the motor car, and died there shortly after midnight. He appears to have no relations or friends in New Zealand, having come over from Victoria, where his parents reside, apparently for the shearing season. At the inquest a verdict of "Accidental Death " was returned.

 Erected to the memory of Samuel Strange, native of Horsham, Victoria who died through an accident at Mistake Station 14th Jan. 1907 aged 30 years. Erected by John Rutherford Esq. and the Canterbury Shearers Union. H.B. Hall, Timaru.

In loving memory of Charles Loomes died July 20th 1915 aged 71 years
Rose Loomes Died Oct. 21st 1931 Aged 73 years
Also their sons Wilfred died Jan. 10th 1900 aged 6 years
William killed in action Passchendaele, France Oct. 12th 1917. Aged 35 years.
Pro Patria.

In loving memory of
Henry Le CREN
died 4th Aug. 1938

and his wife Julia
(nee Fergusson)
Died 18th Aug. 1937
Those mortal remains lie here.

The McLean plot has some unusual headstones - crosses. A beautiful headstone but needs repairing, has a crack.

Timaru Herald, 18 July 1895, Page 2 Death
McLean — At Strathconan, Fairlie, on July 16th, Donald McLean, in his 82nd year.

Timaru Herald,
18 November 1901, Page 2 Death
McLEAN.— On November 16th, at Strathconan, Flora McLean, in her 89th year. The funeral takes place on Tuesday at 10 o'clock.

Otago Witness 17 July 1907, Page 51
McLEAN. On the 6th July, at his residence, Foyers, Allan Hugh McLean, son of the late Donald McLean, Strathconan, Fairlie; aged 54 years.

Timaru Herald, 8 July 1907, Page 6
ALLAN H. McLEAN. Mr Allan Hugh McLean, of Winscombe, Fairlie, died on Saturday morning, as the result of an illness which had prostrated him for some months. The deceased was a very old resident of the Fairlie district, his father, who died some years ago, being the first or one of the first agricultural settlers in that locality. Mr A. H. McLean was born at Geelong in 1853, and came to Canterbury as a lad with his father, who after being some time in the Rakaia was for some years manager of the Levels Estate for the Land Company. He then bought and farmed Strathconan, an extensive property on the left hand of the Fairlie line, opposite Winscombe. On the death of his father the estate was divided, the daughters taking Strathconan, and the son making a new home for himself. Mr McLean was of a retiring disposition, but did some useful service as a member of the County Council, and the Agricultural Association. He was a Justice of the Peace, and a leading member of the Presbyterian congregation; as an elder was a member of the Timaru Presbytery. He was one of the originators of the Mackenzie County Caledonian Society, and the local Masonic Lodge. Mr McLean was one of the most respected residents in the district, and he will be much missed. The funeral leaves the residence at 11 a.m. to-day, for the Fairlie Cemetery.

Timaru Herald, 28 May 1915, Page 6 DEATH.
McLEAN.—On May 27th, 1915, at her residence, "Ardgour," Sealy St., Timaru. Anna Jessie, daughter of late Donald McLean, formerly "Strathconan," Fairlie. By request no flowers.

Press, 7 January 1922, Page 1
McLEAN—On January 6th, at Timaru, Julia Mary Campbell McLean, youngest daughter of the late Donald McLean, of Strathconan, Fairlie.

Record No: 1153
FDonald McLeanamily Name: McLEAN Age: 81 years
Given Names: Donald
Address: Interment Date: 19/07/1895
Occupation: Farmer
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 18
Block: P4
Clergyman: REV COWIE
Next of Kin Allan McLEAN (SON)
Other Wife - Flora

Allan Hugh McLeanRecord No: 0960
Family Name: McLEAN Age: 54 years
Given Names: Allan Hugh
Interment Date: 8/07/1907
Occupation: Sheepfarmer
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 24 & 25
Block: P5
Clergyman: REV BLACK
Next of Kin Donald & Flora McLEAN

JuliaRecord No: 1066
Family Name: McLEAN
Age: 63 years
Given Names: Julia Mary C.
Interment Date: 7/01/1922
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 15
Block: P4

Record No: 1419
Family Name: McLEAN
Age: 65 years
[ Died 17th June 1912]
Given Names: UNA
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 17
Block: P4
Next of Kin Donald McLEAN (father)  

Thomas McKie, died July 8th 1897, aged 54Record No: 1038
Family Name: MCKIE
Age: 54 years
Given Names: Thomas
Date Deceased: 8/07/1897
Interment Date: 11/07/1897
Occupation: Farmer
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 4
Block: P6
Clergyman: Rev. COWIE
Next of Kin Ellen MCKIE (wife)

North Otago Times, 12 July 1897, Page 2
The Timaru Herald of Saturday has the following : A well to-do farmer, named Thomas McKie, occupying land just over the river from Fairlie, was the victim of a gun accident on Thursday. So far an information has reached us, it appears that he went out with a gun during the afternoon on his farm, after hares, and late at night he was found dead beside a wire fence with a shot wound in his stomach, the gun resting against the fence in a position indicating that deceased was trailing it over or through after him when it went off. An inquest was to be held yesterday. Deceased's wife at present, and has been for some time, an inmate of the Timaru Hospital, and the loss of her husband in such way must be a great shook to her. Deceased, who was between 50 and 60 years of age, leaves also four young children.

Record No: 0967
Family Name: McGREGOR
Age: 59 years
Given Names: Mary
Date Deceased: 18/01/1909
Interment Date: 18/01/1909
Occupation: wife
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 8 & 9
Block: P6
Clergyman: CHAS MacDonald
Next of Kin Lewis MCGREGOR (husband)

Ashburton Guardian, 19 January 1909, Page 3 Obituary
One of the oldest pioneers of the Ashburton county died after a lingering illness at "Cora Linn," [sic: cora Lynn] Fairlie, on Friday, in the person of Mrs L. McGregor, aged 59, for many years a resident of the Springbnrn district in 1869. Mr and Mrs McGregor accepted a position on Clent Hills, Ashburton Gorge, where they remained at the back of the estate for a period of 7 years. They then settled in the Springburn district, where they resided continuously till about two years ago. The McGregor family will be long remembered m the Springburn and surrounding districts for their many acts of kindness, and for the genuine interest they evinced in the welfare of all who knew them. The deceased lady was a typical colonist, and was never better contented than when ministering to the needs of others. Mrs McGregor was a sister of Mrs Brown, Riccarton, and her brother, Mr Lewis Coutts is a resident of Gore, Southland. The funeral took place at Fairlie, on Monday, in the presence of a large number of friends and sympathisers. Very general regret has been expressed at Mrs McGregor's death by residents in the Springburn and surrounding districts. The deceased lady leaves a son (for several years clerk to the Mount Somers Road Board) and two grandsons, all of whom resided with her until the time of her death.

Alexander Smart died July 25th 1914, aged 57Record No: 0913
Family Name: SMART
Age: 57 years
Given Names: Alexander
Interment Date: 27/07/1914
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 1
Block: P2
Clergyman: REV J CRAIG
Next of Kin Alex & Barbara SMART

Jessie Butters died 16 Dec. 1916, aged 45. S. McBride, Timaru, headstoneRecord No: 1443
Family Name: BUTTERS
Age: 45 years
Given Names: Jessie
Date Deceased: 6/12/1916
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 3 & 4
Block: P2
Next of Kin Joseph BUTTERS (husband)

Margaret Hamilton died March 8th 1917Record No: 1422
Family Name: HAMILTON
Age: 83 years
Given Names: Margaret
Date Deceased: 5/03/1917
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 23
Block: P4  

Record No: 0969
Family Name: MOFFATT
Age: 74 years
Given Names: James
Date Deceased: 9/01/1910
Interment Date: 10/01/1910
Occupation: Stationhand
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 44
Block: P1
Clergyman: REV W J BLACK

Press, 13 January 1910, Page 9
Mr Jas. Moffatt, an old identity of Mackenzie Country, died at Fairlie on Sunday, aged 74. He came to New Zealand about 40 years ago, and after shepherding at Mt. Somers for some time and then farming at Kakahu for a while, he went into the Mackenzie Country, and was employed for many year on Haldon station.

Alice Dargon KEAY died June 21st 1920Record No: 1393
Family Name: KEAY Age: 57 years
Given Names: Alice Dargan [sic: Dargon] Date Deceased: 21/06/1920
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 41
Block: P2
Next of Kin John Alexander Keay (husband)  
In memory of Alice Dargon wife of John A. Keay. Died through the effects of an accident, June 21st 1920. Aged 57 years. Deeply regretted.
Also her husband John Alexander Keay born at Dundee, Scotland. Died Oct. 13th 1922. Aged 80 years. Hall.

William Robert Keay owned a property which he named “Corra Lynn”, 1,335 acres on Sherwood Downs, he took it over by Oct. 10th, 1881, it was originally part of the Sherwood Downs Station, 10 miles out of Fairlie. He owned it with his brother John Alexander Keay. John Keay had married Alice Dargon in 1885. Had eight children also. During the depression the Keay family walked off “Corra Lynn” after being there thirteen years. Wm R. Keay wife was Ellen nee Steel, married in 1877. The eight children were Elizabeth, Anne, William, Thomas, John, David and Ellen and Agnes. Note that John and William Keay named four of their children with the same first names. Robert William Keay b. 5 May 1847 in England. Father Andrew Keay and mother Agnes nee Sedgley. Arrived in NZ on the Huntress 21 April 1863, at age 16. Retired to Waimahia, Herekino, Northland. 

Timaru Herald 23 June 1920, Page 5 FATALITY AT FAIRLIE
DEATH OF MRS KEAY. On Saturday an accident happened at Fairlie, which unfortunately ended in the death of Mrs Alice Keay, wife of Mr J. A. Keay, Craigfrag, Fairlie. Mrs Keay was proceeding home in the afternoon, about 3 o'clock, in a trap which she herself was driving. At a gate on the roadway, which was opened for her by Mr S.P. Bray, and while in the act of passing through the gates, one of the portions suddenly swung to, frightening the horse, which plunged forward, throwing Mrs Keay violently to the ground. She was picked up and conveyed to her home, and a medical man was summoned from Fairlie, who ordered her immediate removal to the Hospital at Timaru. This was done by members of St. John Ambulance on Saturday, but the unfortunate lady succumbed to her injuries at 5 a.m. on Sunday.

In the next plot the headstone reads:
To the memory of Jackie Keay who was accidently killed at a boxing tournament in Dunedin on Aug. 4th 1919. Aged 21 years.
Also his brother Tom killed in Acton at Ypres in France Nov. 30th 1917. Aged 25 years.

In loving memory of Mary Helen beloved wife of A. Dorman. Died June 2nd 1923, aged 60 years.
Also their beloved son Charles Percy killed in action at Gallipoli, Dec. 18th 1915, aged 23 years. Thy will be done. Hall.
Arthur Dorman Died Dec. 26th 1934. Aged 76 years.

In memory of William Macdonald of Mackenzie County, who died June 3rd 1922 also his mother
Catherine Mary Macdonald who died Sept. 25th 1923 R.I.P.
and his father Alexander Macdonald who died Sept. 7th 1930. R.I.P.

Donald Grant born at Cabuie, Ross-Shire, Scotland. Died Ashwick Flat July 2nd 1925, aged 78 years. Record No: 0890
Family Name: GRANT Age: 78 years
Given Names: Daniel [sic: Donald]
Interment Date: 3/07/1925
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 38
Block: P2  

Record No: 1398
Family Name: GRANT Age: 89 years
Given Names: JOHN Date
Deceased: 22 June 1926
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 36
Block: P2
Born at Cabuie, Ross shire Scotland
died at Ashwick Flat 22 June 1926 aged 89 years
and his brother
Alexander GRANT
Born at Cabuie, Ross shire Scotland
Died Ashwick Flat 24th July 1926, aged 92 years.

Press, 25 May 1927, Page 4
The ordinary monthly meeting of the Canterbury Land Board was held: at the District Lands and Survey Office on Wednesday. Present: Messrs W. Stewart (chairman), Stowell, Gee, Henderson, and MacDonald. The following transfers received the Board's approval:
Block XV., Opuha, Ashwick Flat, 314 2r 9p, Donald Duncan Grant to Edmund Wilfred Allan.

Margaret Davidon born Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Died Nov. 20th 1928, aged 75 years. Jemima Davidson, d/o William & Margaret Davidson.  William Davidson born Inverness-Shire, Scotland. Died Sept. 12th 1934 in his 86th year.  
Record No: 1410
Family Name: DAVIDSON Age: 75 years
Given Names: Margaret
Date Deceased: 1928
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 25
Block: P2 
Next of Kin William DAVIDSON (husband)

Jane Moorehead GARDNER died 1924Record No: 1088
Family Name: GARDNER
Date Deceased: 1/02/1924
Interment Date: 3/02/1924
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 23
Block: P6
Next of Kin William GARDNER  

In loving memory of Harriet Louisa SEDDON wife of Thomas Rowley Seddon of Ashwick Station, Fairlie. Born October 22nd 1850 Died October 17th 1938. I will lift up my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.

Mary Litster RIDDLERecord No: 0372
Family Name: RIDDLE Age: 80 years
Given Names: Mary Litster
Interment Date: 21/09/1943
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 21
Block: P4
Next of Kin Late John RIDDLE

Record No: 0964
Family Name: RIDDLE
Age: 49 years
Given Names: JOHN
Interment Date: 11/05/1908
Occupation: Carpenter & Builder
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 22
Block: P4
Clergyman: REV D BLACK
Next of Kin Charles & Jane RIDDLE

Mary Litster Hamilton born in 3 Sept. 1863 Port Adelaide in South Australia married John Riddle in 14 July 1886. She died in 18 Sept. 1943 aged 80 in Fairlie.  John b. 1859. d. 23 Oct. 1899 in Fairlie. Children:
1887 Riddle Edith Mary married William Henry Cook 17 Sept. 1910
1888 Riddle David Bertram b. 27 Nov. d. 19 Feb. 1955 in Fairlie.
1891 Riddle John Hamilton
1893 Riddle Lizzie Margaret married Charles Rudd in 1917. Lizzie d. 1970.
1896 Riddle Helen Jane b. 12 Jan and died 1960 married Frank Burnet in 1919
1898 Riddle Allan b. 2 May in Fairlie.
1903 Riddle Gladys Litster, born 5 Jan. in Fairlie, a teacher, of Christchurch
Adopted daughter Aster Nathalie Riddle b. 1908. Died 23 Nov. 1943.

John RIDDLE & GladysRecord No: 1688
Family Name: RIDDLE
Age: 88 years
Given Names: Gladys Litster
Date Deceased: 6/09/1991
Address: Interment Date:
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 22
Block: P4
Next of Kin John & Mary RIDDLE

In Memory of Pilot Officer Bertram Challis Riddle lost on bombing operations over Nuremberg March 31st 1944, aged 22Record No: 1052
Family Name: RIDDLE
Age: 6 weeks
Given Names: Joyce Louise
Date Deceased: 8/10/1920
Interment Date: 8/10/1920
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 24
Block: P4
Next of Kin D B RIDDLE

Record No: 1421
Family Name: RIDDLE Age: 22 years
Given Names: Bertram Challis
Date Deceased: 31/03/1944
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 24
Block: P4
Son of David Bertram and Mabel Mary Riddle, of Fairlie  
[Mabel Mary DRIVER married David Bertram RIDDLE in 1915]

In Memory of Pilot Officer Bertram Challis Riddle lost on bombing operations over Nuremberg March 31st 1944, aged 22 

Pilot : Bertram Challis Riddle RNZAF
Service No: 424547
Royal New Zealand Air Force, 207 Squadron
Panel Reference Panel 263.
Model: Lancaster  LA523
Manufacturer: Avro
Serial number: LM436
Identifier: EM-G
Command: Bomber Command
Squadron: Squadron 207
Start airport: Spilsby
Start date: 1944-03-30
Destination: Nürnberg
Cause: Enemy Aircraft
Lost location: Freiensteinau

Evening Post, 11 May 1944, Page 6 MISSING ON AIR OPERATIONS.
RIDDLE, Bertram C, Pilot Officer. Mr. D.B. Riddle, Fairlie (f.)

Evening Post, 20 February 1945, Page 6
The following New Zealand air force personnel serving overseas have been reported casualties:
BAILLIE, William R., Flying Officer; Timaru.
RIDDLE, Bertram C., Pilot Officer; Fairlie.

Albert John Shaw died March 20th 1945Record No: 0403
Family Name: SHAW
Age: 28 years
Given Names: Albert John
Date Deceased: 20/03/1945
Interment Date: 22/03/1945
Occupation: Labourer
Cemetery: Fairlie
Plot 27
Block: P1
Next of Kin Late Mrs W M SHAW (mother) 

Charlotte BLACK 1888 - 1942
Walter BLACK 1870 - 1952


 Great War Veteran
23/1241 W.O.2
T.A. Wilson
Machine Gun Corps
Died 9-9-1946

23/1241 Wilson, Thomas Alfred, painter, Pound Rd, Fairlie. Employed by Arnold Cooper, Fairlie.
Died at Fairlie. Born London, England in 1878. Attested Trentham 19 May 1915. Age 36 6/12 on enlistment. Served 3 years and 239 days aboard. 5ft 9". Reported wounded 4 Oct. 1917 (G.S.W. Right thigh) Embarked for England 18 Oct. 1917. Returned to NZ via Remuera 12 Sept. 1919 from Torquay. NOK: Sister Mrs T. Keating 16 Langden Rd,  - Junction Rd, Highgate, North London. Mrs Julia Keating c/o A. Wilson, 530 Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, London, England (sister).
Marriage Rosina Rouse Bentley, Mitcham, Christchurch 23 March 1918 by Rev. T.H. Jameson.

Loving Memory of Agnes beloved wife of
Alfred Clarence WATERS
who passed away Jan. 30th 1925
Aged 47 years.
So loved so mourned.
Also her husband Alfred
who passed away July 9th 1942.
Aged 98 years.
Taylor & Son.

[Alfred Clarence Waters married Agnes Harvey in 1898]

The RSA section at the Fairlie Cemetery only has half a dozen headstones. 
64518 Major W.C.S. Brooke, Royal Artillery Died 17-6-1952 Aged 38
207887 A. Surridge 1939-45 & Korea SGT. Royal N.Z. Artillery Died 17.11.1985 Aged 61 years.
Great War Veteran 47087 RFM  R.W.W.J. Sadler Rifle Brigade Died 6-1-1953
2nd N.Z.E.F. 50351 Cpl E.M. Saunders N.Z. Infantry Died 11.12.1964 47 years
Great War Veteran 10/178 PTE E. Slow Wellington Reg. Died 2.5.1960
1st NZEF 24187 SPR A.M. Loomes Engineers Died 2.5.1962


 September 2022 FairlieCemetery and the flag flying at half staff for the Queen Sept. 12th 2022.

There are three Commonwealth burials of the 1914-1918 war and one of the 1939-1945 war at the Fairlie Cemetery. This cemetery is situated on the left hand side of Main Street (SH 8) just before Fairlie township, coming from Timaru.

Private Alfred James Hornblow, 18th  Reinforcements NZEF, service no: 29168, died aged 29, 8th August 1916 Block 2. Lot 10. His parents are buried here as well.  S/of James and Janet Crawford Hornblow (nee Taylor), of Geraldine, South Canterbury. Born at Kimbell. The Hornblow's  took up a farm at Ashwick Flat named "Speedwell" in 1891 and sold it in 1922 retiring to Geraldine. Jimmy Hornblow, Alfred's father came out from Wiltshire, England to Port Chalmers in 1871 as a member of  the ship's crew. 

Private, Canterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F. Service No: 6/513 
Date of Death: 15/08/1921 Age: 38 
S/o Catherine McConnell, of Fairlie, Canterbury. Born at Millers Flat, Otago. 
Grave Ref. Block 2. Lot 22. (Presbyterian Portion.) 

RUSSELL, John Richard Clayton 
Rifleman, N.Z. Rifle Brigade. Service No: 24/561 
Date of Death: 30/11/1918  Age: 35 
S/o Mrs. B. M. Russell, of High St., Bedford, England. Born in England. 
Grave Ref.: Block 1. Lot 46. (C. of E. Portion.) 

Leading Aircraftman, Regiment: Royal New Zealand Air Force. Service No: 4217075 
Date of Death: 04/01/1946  Age: 21 
S/o William Frederick Sevicke Jones and Eileen Marie Jones, of Fairlie, Canterbury. 
Grave Ref.: 41. 2. 

RUSSELL, John Richard Clayton - WW1 24/561 - Army
Born at Windsor, Surrey, England 22 Dec. 1882
Father J. Clayton Russell, High St, Bedford, England
John Russell was the son of John Clayton Russell and Blanche Morris Russell nee Batley, of High Street, Bedford, England
Have you served in any military force? Bedford Engineers England 7 years and Cadet corps attached to East Kent Regt (Vols)
Occupation: Station hand.
Enlisted 22 April 1915 in Timaru. Attested Trentham 28 April 1915. Age 32 and 4 months.
2nd Btn 3rd NZRB. Rank: Rifleman
C of E. 6ft. 147lbs
Embarked for France 6 April 1916
Embarked HS Maheno 8 March 1917 for NZ
Medals to Mr R.B. Gillingham (Attorney) (Fontmell, Fairlie), P.O. Box 143, Fairlie, Canterbury.
Discharged 18.6.1917 No longer physically fit for war service on account of illness contracted on active service.
Total service 4 years and 52 days.
Proceedings of a Medical Board assembled at Drill Hall, Timaru. Major G.E. Gabites, N.Z.M.C. and Major D.D. Dryden, N.Z.M.C.
Dysentery, chronic nephritis, deafness. The Board recommends the soldier be discharged.
Died at hospital, Fairlie, 30th Nov. 1918, of influenza, lobar pneumonia, cardiac failure, age 35. John has a headstone at the Fairlie cemetery Bock 1 plot 46 erected by his parents and also a RSA plaque.

Timaru Herald Tuesday 2 August 1887 pg2
We mentioned some time ago of a tombstone which Mr McBride, monumental mason if Timaru, was making to the order of Mr Donald McMillan, of Tekapo, and to be erected to the memory of Mr Murdoch Elder, late piper to the Mackenzie County Caledonian Society. It is now erected in the Fairlie Creek Cemetery, and reflects great credit on the maker, the workmanship is really all that could be desired. The total cost, including erection, is 21 pounds, and there is a credit balance to the memorial fund of 2 pounds 11s, which the Committee have wisely decided to hand to the widow.

FROM FAR AND WIDE by Mike Crean [The surname Crean is Irish & actually pronounced Crane.]
14 February 2004 The Christchurch Press
The sense of loss is similar among the graves of Fairlie Cemetery, a few kilometres further inland. But loss of a different kind dominates here. Fairlie Cemetery contains an unusually high proportion of graves of returned servicemen. References to sons and brothers killed in the wars, their bodies lying in foreign fields, are common on the headstones of family plots in New Zealand graveyards. Some of the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who came back and died later are remembered on standard-sized returned services headstones, their name under the silver fern, accompanied by their service number. Perhaps Fairlie contributed a higher than normal number of men to the wars, or perhaps the idyllic rural town attracted many veterans in their retirement years. Around a central grove of trees and a flagpole lies a growing circle of headstones. One part of this ring is designated the RSA Service Section. Most of the men buried here served in World War 2, while elsewhere in the cemetery lie the departed veterans of World War 1 and the Korean War. Among other graves is that of John Richmond jun, "who met his death at Mount Cook Hermitage on 22nd February, 1914, in an avalanche as guide there with his mate D. Thompson and one Mr King, a tourist". The Fairlie man was 30. Opposite Richmond's grave is that of Jackie Keay, "who was accidentally killed at a boxing tournament in Dunedin on 14th August, 1919, aged 21 years". Keay's brother, Thomas, was killed in action at Ypres, France, in 1917, aged 25. One can barely imagine the grisly death of Samuel Strange, "Native of Victoria, who died through an accident at Mistake Station" in 1907, aged 30. His headstone was "erected by John Rutherford Esq. and the Canterbury Shearers' Union". The name on one simple headstone catches the eye - John E. J. Lovelock. No, this is not New Zealand's greatest runner of the pre-World War 2 era. It is his father, who died at Fairlie, where he managed the Mount Cook Motor Company, in 1923. He was 55. His son, Jack, was then 13. Jack Lovelock won the 1500 metres final at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He was killed in an accident in New York in 1949.

Press, 9 September 1926, Page 9
The death is recorded of another pioneer. Mr William Bain, in his 71st year. He had been farming and stock dealing in the vicinity of Fairlie for over forty years. His father, with a family of four sons and three daughters, settled in the district about 53 years ago, and the surviving members of the family are still well-known residents there. Mr W. Bain was well known and respected by a large number of friends and acquaintances. He was one of the founders of the Mackenzie County Caledonian Society, and officiated as judge of Highland games, at Caledonian gatherings throughout the district for many years. His own dexterity at Highland games in his youthful days was hard to surpass. He was also one of the founders of the Mackenzie County: Agricultural and Pastoral Association, and a frequent and successful exhibitor his knowledge, of all classes of stock was very complete. The large concourse of people that assembled at the graveside to pay their respects to the deceased was ample proof of his popularity. Many of those present travelled from remote districts of Canterbury and Otago. It was a typical Highland funeral. Piper George Cowan led the cortege from the main road to the grave playing appropriate laments. Mr Bain left a family of three daughters to mourn their loss. His wife predeceased him about ten years ago.

Jock Richmond, Hermitage guide, got caught in an avalanche in 22nd Feb. 1914. He was born at Silverstream, Fairlie, a native of South Canterbury. He lived at Willowbridge. Had only been guiding two years. Splendid physique.

Press, 3 September 1894, Page 3
Watson — On August 24tb, at Station House, Fairlie, Jeannie, infant daughter of Laura May and Alexander Watson, aged three months.


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