St. Mary's Churchyard Cemetery,
Esk Valley, St. Andrews, South Canterbury

St. Mary's 13 Nov. 2009. Looking east towards to coast.
An old silver birch shades the tall headstone with an urn and with a beautiful etched bouquet of flowers, is the 1911 headstone for Elizabeth Blair. [8c.]

St. Mary's, inland from St. Andrews, has a lovely small churchyard cemetery. The older part of the well maintained churchyard cemetery is clustered more or less with the newer headstones right behind the church. Digital photographs were taken of every headstone on a beautiful spring afternoon Friday 13th November 2009 by Margaret T. and Olwyn and updated by John W., January 2011 as there have been more interments and additions since the initial project which coupled with the cleaning in preparation for a cemetery tour, made unreadable headstones legible. Transcription from the photographs and reducing size of photos took another six hours to place them online.  In 2009 the headstones are very readable except a couple which was covered with lichen.  The 1892 Alexander was very easy to read and did not have any moss on the face. Why not? Compare it with 1970 No.3a. In January 2011 all the headstones were cleaned. The headstones were photographed row by row.  In Nov. 2009 there are 88 headstones naming 114 people. In January 2013 another recent headstones. Total 118. There are six memorial headstones in memory of veterans who died overseas plus two 2nd NZEF returned servicemen have headstones here.  Another website.

As of 13 Nov. 2009 there are six plaques on the foundation - are in memory of parishioners who have been cremated with their ashes either in the lawn or their ashes have been spread elsewhere but a plaque was fixed so family had a permanent place to visit. It was interesting to see the wide use of boulders with plaques. 
In January 2015 four new additions added photos of the recent headstones.

February 2015. The broken plaque for the Lyall boys was removed for repair in January 2015 and will be mounted in the Lyalldale Hall in due course. The boys were Presbyterians and would have had no affiliation to St Mary’s. Their father was the last manager of the Pareora before the sale so Lyalldale. The hall is an obvious place for the plaque.

The cemetery started as a parish cemetery only but has loosened the criteria to include all district residents in recent times.

George Lyall lost two son's in the Great War. Angus Lyall came back.  Four English daisies are to the right - it was springtime. All photos taken on 13 Nov. 2009.  There was one large flat white marble headstone broken, leaning up against the back of the church, this was the only broken headstone in the cemetery. The white marble was in three pieces and the grey inscription is made with flush lead lettering. The letters are chiseled into the stone and small holes are drilled in the groove and then lead is gently tapped into the letters. The gravestone is then polished smooth so the lead letters and the surface of the marble are flush.  

No. 89. Lyall

The Lyall plaque used to be on the wall in the Presbyterian Church in St Andrews. It probably was broken when being removed before the church was closed and pulled down in the 1990s. The Lyall plaque was not leaning against the back of the church in 2005.

In memory of Gordon Gilmour LYALL
Killed at Messines, June 7th 1917,
Aged 30
William Carnegie LYALL
Killed at Solesmes, [France] Oct. 11th 1918
Aged 30

Row 1, a.I found headstone markers made by:
S. McBride, was the monument maker in the 1910s and 1920.
Harding was the monument maker in the 1970s.
Aorangi was the monument maker in the 1990s.

In 2011 McBride's is still in existence and is now owned by Aoraki Funeral Home (previously Hall & Moore) and located in Mountain View road, alongside the funeral parlour. Their listing says McBride's Memorials, Aoraki Monumental Masons, so it possible either name might appear at the bottom of plaques. In 2011 Aoraki Monumental Masons still repair old headstone lead lettering.
Harding & Aorangi are now one firm, Aorangi & Harding and are still on the corner near the city cemetery.

New Zealand Tablet, 14 April 1904, Page 14
S. McBRIDE, TIMARU. Direct Importer of Marble and Granite Monuments from the best Italian and Scotch Quarries. A large stock of the Latest Designs to select from at lowest prices.

The burial records are with the Diocesan Archives in Christchurch as is the marriage registers as well. The cemetery headstones have been transcribed for the NZSG and for a five page booklet, Esk Valley-Bluecliffs St Mary's Anglican Church Cemetery, [Christchurch, 1978], located at the Christchurch City Central Library ANZC Family History Collection. This booklet is out of date - 33 years leaves a lot of room for dying!

The first interment (1880)

Is in the NE corner against the hedge [see first photo] The first burial was in 1880, a boy, Digby Lawrell. No. 1a. The rows are all north to south - although there is a kink in one line it is still that alignment.
Timaru Herald Published 7th October, 1880. Death
LAWRELL. On September 13th, killed accidentally at St. Andrews railway station, Digby Lawrell, aged 3 years and 11 months, eldest son of H. Lawrell (late Captain 100th Regiment of Foot).

Timaru Herald August 1878 Birth
LAWRELL - On July 7th at St. Andrew's, the wife of Captain Lawrell, of a son.

Row numbering starts in NE corner with first interment as [a] thence [b][c] along the row.
Rows numbered towards the front gate, i.e. westward.
Row 1 and 4 are still growing longer and growth of 11 & 12 can be expected.

Rows 1 and 2 with the Callaghan grave with the pink lilies. Rows 3 & 4  Rows 5 & 6 Rows 7 & 8  Rows 9, 10, 11, 12 
Row one starts in the far corner, the Digby grave.
Row 1 with the artificial pink lilies is the Callaghan grave 1o.

Born Oct. 6 1876
Died Sept. 13th 1880

In loving memory of Roslind Anne
beloved wife of William James McKEOWN
7th April 1969. Aged 65
also her beloved husband
William James McKEOWN
7th February 1973. Aged 70.

Rev. Canon H.J.W. KNIGHTS
20 -8-1880  -  20-11-1971

Canon Knights new consolidated headstone, 23 Dec. 2014, straddles both plots. Their two daughters ashes added. Canon Knights and his family have always used West as a middle name (not hyphenated), the name being the maiden name of his grandmother, Ellen West (1830-1905). The name was hyphenated by Canon Knights' nephew in the mid-20th century, and that line continues with the hyphenated name, whereas other members of the family (and associated families) continue to use West as a middle name. See guestbook. 2015 -01-011.

1d Violet L. KNIGHTS
19-2-1882 5-2-1960

1e these numbers are incised or in relief on small concrete headstones; assumed plot markers as they are in the oldest part of the cemetery.
1f 5 empty 28/08/15: These five plots are not empty as first thought.
1g 6 empty The incumbents are sadly unknown and we speculate that possibly they succumbed during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1919, had a rapid burial and headstones just never got erected.
1h 7 empty
1i  empty

George Wood SQUIRE
beloved husband of Nora & father of Robin & Barry
23rd Nov. 1968 Aged 49 years
Ever Remembered

1      l
1m 11
1n  12
1o  13

We remember with love
No.1435 4th Field Reg. 2nd NZEF
23-12-1911 - 8-9-1992
dearly loved husband of
Nancy Hay 16-11-1909 - 20-1-2002

Arthur Gentry PAGE
13-9-1949 - 31-8-1996
Dearly loved husband of Shirley

1r 18
1s 19Row1 -  s

In loving memory
Norman Hector (Norm) KERR
Died 20th Aug 1992, aged 59
dearly loved husband of Helen


In memory of Parishioners

In Loving memory of
Teresa Monica Scott
31-7-1938 ~ 19-7-2014
Loved Wife of
John Joseph Scott

Row 2

No. 2bIn loving memory of
beloved wife of
died Sept. 27th 1890
Aged 52 years
Also their son
died Dec. 1st 1892
Aged 22 years
S. McBride -monument maker

Timaru Herald Deaths
Sept. 1890: McALWEE. On the 27th inst, at Otaio, Catharine, the beloved wife of John McAlwee, aged 52 years.
Dec. 1892. McALWEE. On December 1st, at the Timaru Hospital, Ezekiel, third son of John McAlwee, of Lower Otaio, aged 22years.

In loving memory of
William Robert SANDFORD
Died 6th May 1985. Aged 60
Dearly loved husband of Margaret
Also Margaret
Dearly loved wife and mother
Died 4th September 1984, aged 70.

Dearly beloved son of F.W. and Lizzie DRUMMOND
Born, Timaru, Aug. 9th 1890
Died Burnside Upper Otaio, March 1st 1891
Lost awhile our treasured love,
gained for ever safe above.

In loving memory of Lesley Ronald HUMM
1910 to 8th April 1988
Loved husband of
Alice Cecelia Lorraine HUMM
1915 to 17th April 2003
and their loved eldest son
Ronald William HUMM
1938 to 9th March 1998
Sadly missed by family and friends.

A McALWEE 1916

No. 2g Arden2g
In loving memory of our dear mother
Mary Ann ARDEN
died March 3th 1926
Aged 67 years
Also of our dear father
Died June 9th 1924
Aged 73 years
Peace, Perfect Peace

Loving memories of
Michael Ashley TAYLOR
Born 27-7-95 died 6.11.97
Beloved son of Joanne and Matthew
He had a smile that will live in the hearts of all forever. Amen
Aorangi - monument maker

In loving memory of Noeline Amy TAYLOR
Died 26th Sept. 1997 Aged 52
Dearly loved wife of Rex
Loved mother of Mark and Joanne
Generous of heart constant of faith.
Aorangi -monument maker

Archelaus Stephen HOSKIN
died 1930 - Aged 69

Ellen Louise HOSKIN
Died 1903 Aged 40 

In memory of Edward HOSKIN
died Nov. 17 1907
aged 40
also wife Lucy Jane
Died may 4th 1925
Aged 56
In death we shall not part


Their daughter Eileen
wife of Stewart King
plaque: in memory of    
Douglas Roy KING
8-5-1930 2-8-2009
Son of Eileen & Stewart King

No. 2n Collier2n
In memory of
Otaio Gorge
1878 - 1957
also his wife
Mary Jane
1877 - 1970
and their son
John Fraser
1910 - 1985
also Mary Isabell CURTIS
(nee Collier) 1907 - 1994
Loved wife of Alec

2n /ii
Their daughter Harriet Eva HARRISON 1908 - 1969

DONEHUE Leslie Glen
19-4-1890 - 27-11-1963
and his wife Madge Ethel W.
3-10-1893 - 25-7-1970
Their son
Wilford Ronald
27-10-1923 - 19-12-1998
Loved husband & father
Simon James
24-8-1956 - 11-7-1976
Loved son of Pat & Ron

Henry James STOWELL
Died Aug. 11th 1970. Aged 85
Elizabeth Ellen STOWELL
Died Oct. 18th 1976. Aged 84
In God's house for evermore my dwelling place will be.
Pilot Officer James
Killed in action 1943
Lillian Margaret

[Inside the church is a brass plaque in the memory of P/O James Stowell who was KiA in WWII, there because the bell was given by the family in 1947 in his memory.]

Row 3
No. 3a Risk3a
In loving memory of Lloyd Stanton
beloved younger son of
Donald & Cecilia RISK
died 18th Jan 1970 Aged 19 years

In loving memory of
Donald RISK
16-05-1906 - 17-10-1999
Loved husband of Cecilia

With love we remember
Eric George HENDRY
12th March 1993 Aged 9
dearly loved husband of
"God saw that he was weary the hill too steep to climb
so he closed his eyes and whispered peace be thine"
In loving memory of
Margaret Anne LONGMAN
17th Sept, 1950 - 6th March 2002
Dearly loved wife of Barry 

3d  1 plinth for 5 people on 4 sides clockwise from north side
i/ In loving memory of
Died of wounds at Baupaume, France
Aug. 26th 1918. Aged 31
For King and Country

ii/ In loving memory of
second son of
Samuel & Nannie
Born 30th May 1885
Died 12th April 1892
"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Alexander headstone Nov. 2009iii/ In loving memory of
Born Nov. 12 1847
Died Jan 21st 1909
Thy will be done
and his wife
Died June 2nd 1933
in her 79th year
Peace, perfect Peace.

iv/ Also
Florence Marguerite ALEXANDER
Died July 16, 1949
Aged 68
July 7 1954
Frederick William Holmes ALEXANDER
aged 79

In loving memory of
Mary Jane ARDEN,
Died at Langlands
Lower Otaio June 3rd 1892
Aged 48 years
Timaru Herald, 4 June 1892, Page 2
DEATH. Arden — On Friday, 3rd inst., at Langlands, Otaio, Mary Jane, the eldest sister of Wm. Arden.

W. BARR 1893



E. WEBB 1901

Cicely Margaret
wife of
and youngest child of
Minnie and C.S. Bailey
Died 11th July 1968
Aged 84 years.

At rest together
Lloyd Douglas KENYON
17-10-1912 - 3-2-2003
Joan (Rae) KENYON (nee Appleby)
25-8-1915 - 11-4-2003

No. 3m. "Simply to thy cross I cling"3l
Dearly beloved wife of
Colonel C.S. BAILEY
late H.M. Devon Regiment
Died 3rd Feb. 1885
Aged 38 years
"Simply to thy cross I cling."

20-10-05 - 5-10-85
Robin Angus CAMPBELL
3-6-1948 - 2-8-2005
Loved and remembered by so many.

Campbell, Gladys Marjory
peacefully at Strathallan Life Care Timaru on Tuesday June 17th 2014 aged 94. Dearly loved wife of the late Angus, much loved mother and mother in law of Albert (Bert) and Carol, Colin and Janet (deceased), David and Helen, Robin (deceased) and Glenys, Anne and Steve Jenkins, Gill and Chris Finch. Adored and cherished nana and great nana of her 13 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren. A service for Gladys will be held at St Johns Anglican Church Wai-iti Road Timaru on Friday June 20th at 11am thereafter private interment at the Esk Valley Cemetery. Messages to 53 Coonoor Road Timaru 7910. Betts.

In loving memory of
wife of
Herbert Fullarton RANSONE
Bowden, Cheshire, England
"They rest from their irksome toils but their congenial activities follow them." Rev. XIV 13
"Let one more attest I have lived, seen God's hand through a lifetime and all was for best." R. Browning.

With love we remember
Colin Alexander HENDERSON
24th Dec. 1932 - 18th Sept. 1994
dearly loved husband of Nolene Patricia
plaque: Always in our hearts
Benjamin James HENDERSON
6-1-89 15-5-03
Aged 14
Loved and treasured son of Lesley and Guy

Marianne WHITE
Died Oct. 3rd 1885
Aged 63 years

Timaru Herald 7 October 1885, Page 2 DEATH.
White — On the 3rd of October, at Otaio, Marianne White, for thirty years a faithful servant and beloved friend in the family of J. C. Thierens, aged 60.

In loving memory of John
Dearly loved husband of
Robina McALWEE
Died Sept 1st 1946, aged 79
also his loved wife
Died Aug. 19th 1953 Aged 85
At Rest

Ben - collie dog. Onslow - ginger cat.
In loving memory of Gene Marlene WARWICK 1940 -2011 Dearly loved wife of Ray.
Always remembered
Sadly missed by family and friends. R.I.P.
[Gene Marlene WARWICK. Died 1/10/2011 in Dunedin [She was a girl Taylor from Otaio area. But lived all her married life near Kurow.]

Goddard 2012Mr and Mrs Goddard3s
David Roy (Dave) 5.10.1936 - 15.3.2007
Ann 16.4.1935 - 2.12.2001
Together in love for all eternity
 [David Roy & Ann GODDARD were a retired couple who lived on Esk Valley Road - so residents of area.] Dave was formerly of Baltonsborough, Dorset, Eng.]

3tRuby Henderson 2012
Betts FH
[Alice Robina "Ruby" HENDERSON died 30/7/2012 at Talbot Park. She was a girl McALWEE an old Blue Cliffs district family. Buried 29th July 2012]

Row 4
In loving memory of
David Nelson WRIGHT
43223 1st R.N.Z.I.R.
Dearly loved eldest son of Philip & Evelyn
died of wounds (Vietnam)
19th March 1970. Aged 23.

Sacred to the memory of
Philip Nelson WRIGHT
called to Higher Service
8th Jan. 1981. Aged 65
Vicar 1968-74
and his wife
Evelyn Louisa WRIGHT
Died 10th June 2008. Aged 85

In loving memory of Ngaira Elizabeth SMITH
Beloved wife of
Charles Edwin
Died 25th Jan 1978. Aged 52.
also her beloved husband
Charles Edwin (Charlie)
Died 9th Feb. 1998 - aged 82

Christian Richard THOMPSON
5th Oct. 1981, aged 5
result of an accident
Treasured and precious son of
Kelvin and Pure Thompson
"The Kopje" Lyalldale
call me by my own familiar name.
I am waiting for you, one brief
moment and all will be as it was before.

In loving memory of
Eric Robert McCONNELL
"Finlay Downs"
Died 20th Sept. 1981 - Aged 71
Loved Husband of
Elizabeth Margaret
Fondly Remembered
Also his beloved wife
Elizabeth Margaret McCONNELL
Died 19th July 1991 Aged 79
"Be strong and of good courage."


Douglas Stanley TAYLOR
15th Dec. 1984 -aged 51
Here he lies where he longed to be
home is the shepherd home from the lea
and the horseman home from the hill.

4h In loving memory of Ilene Emily TAYLOR
Dearly loved wife and mother
Died 3rd May 1987 Aged 76 years
Stanley Norton TAYLOR
Dearly loved husband and father
Died 4th April 2000 Aged 90 years
In memory of
Ian Trevor TAYLOR
27-06-1946 - 11-08-2005
Loved son, brother and Uncle
Remembered with Love.

In loving memory of
Henry Gilbert TAYLOR
Died 8th February 1997 Aged 62
Much loved father and grandfather
Always in our hearts

Here lies
Maratha Joy NEWTON
Beloved daughter of Ron and Tani
29 October 1998
Until Jesus comes

With love we remember
James Keith BOWIE
30-12-1930 - 25-11-2002
of "Moanaroa" Otaio
dearly loved husband of Jan
Janice Mary BOWIE,
8-1-34 - 1-4-2010
Dearly loved wife of Keith, 82

In memory of
(Grandad Willie)
11-4-34 - 8-10-02
Beloved husband of Margaret

Barry James RAWCLIFFE of Broadacres
3-5-1946 - 18-1-2008
Adored Husband and Father
of Rachel, Charlotte, Kate, Gerard, Hayden and Benjamen.
Loved son of Jim and Nellie Rawcliffe (Eskvale) and loved brother of Marie,
Elizabeth and Robert. Loved and respected by his extended family.
Forever in our hearts.

In Loving
Memory of Gillian Catherine DRON,
18-5-1946 - 16-5-2010,
Dearly loved wife of Bob,
Loved Mum of Sharon and Peter.
Much loved Nana. 

Row 5
In Loving Memory of Lester Edwin DONEHUE
20-8-1929 - 24-10-2003
Dearly Loved Husband of Margaret Joyce, (loved Father of  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ )
Forever in our hearts.


In Loving Memory of Harry Bell Spearman, born 1883 died 1945.
Also his Beloved wife Annie Catherine born 1884 died 1980.
Also their Son William Mathias JOHNSTONE born 1914 died 1993.
attached plaque Edward Spearman JOHNSTONE, 13-12-1909 - 24-6-1994.
At Peace and with Love

In Memory of Janet HENDRY, born14-4-1834 died 3-1-1909

Jessie BAIN died 1900
Aged 30

Ida Majorie BRUCE died 1898 aged 5

Row 6
In loving memory of Sandra Leigh DONEHUE
Dearly loved daughter of
Joyce & Lester
26th Jan. 1973 aged 8
Ever Remembered
Harding - monument maker

Benjamin Gerald
Aged 18 months 3-3-73

In loving memory of Elizabeth Mary (Betty)|
Thomas Lilienthal DALE

In Loving Memory, Janice Helen WATSON, 1926-1968

In Loving Memory of Charles HENDRY who departed this life
March 13th 1919 aged 74 years

In loving Memory of Charles M. HENDRY
Died 7th January 1951
Also his beloved wife Louisa died 10th October 1973
[Louisa Wheatley married Charles Meyer Hendry, eldest son of station manager. She died in 1973 at age 102 years.]
Plaques- In Loving memory of Stella D. CURTIS 3-4-1909 - 13-6-1995
Loved wife of Jim and daughter of Charles and Louisa….
In Loving Memory of
John James CURTIS [Jim] 15-1-1910 - 6-12-1995
Loved Husband of Stella


In Loving Memory of our dear father David HAMPTON
Died Jan.10th 1915
Aged 87 years Also our dear mother Elizabeth HAMPTON
Died June 1st 1902
Aged 71 years. At Rest

Row 7
Row 7 a7a

Harding - monument maker

7d /i
Rosamond Mary
wife of
of Otaio

wife of
John Hutton Grigg
of Longbeach

In loving memory of
Died 10th Feb. 1955
At Rest


In loving memory of Thomas A. VALLANCE
Died July 27th 1902
Aged 2 years and 9 months
"Asleep in Jesus"
Row 7 e. In loving memory of Thomas A. VALLANCE
 In loving memory of
Died Feb. 26th 1914
Aged 86 years
S. McBride - monument maker

Row 8

In loving memory of
57509 Trooper
Beloved son of Joseph & Annie Hampton,
late S. Cant. M.R.
died in Egypt
May 20th 1918
Aged 26 years
S. McBride - monument makerRow 8a

In loving memory of Annie
beloved wife of Joseph HAMPTON
Died Sept. 20th 1953
aged 68 years
Also Joseph HAMPTON
Born June 1st 1860
Died Nov. 9th 1944No. 8c Blair.     

In loving memory of
beloved wife of
Dec. 11th 1911
Aged 71 years
Her end was peace.
William BLAIR
Died July 11th 1914
In his 84th year.
Erected by her family

8d W. Blair 1914

Row 9
Carne Airini Rhodes ROLLESTON of Blue Cliffs and Timaru,
born 1st Jan 1924 died 30th Nov 1988
and her husband John William ROLLESTON of Timaru,
born 15th April 1912, died 23rd April 1993


In Loving memory of Mazzie Pierrepont,
Beloved wife of William Ernest MILLS,
Taken to Rest Sept 8th 1956

In Memory William Ernest MILLS
Taken to Rest Feb 28th 1941

William John husband of
Mary LAVERS Died Jan 31 1932
Aged 56 years

Row 10Row 10 a
Loving Memory of
Isaac Moorhead THOMPSON of Lyalldale
Died 5th Aug. 1983 aged 78
"Sadly missed"
In loving Memory of Dorothy Eileen Nesta THOMPSON
Died 5th November 1987
Aged 82
Sadly Missed

In loving memory of
6-11-1916 - 29-2-2000
Jack PERKINS (Priest)
9-12-1912 - 10-2-2003
God has them in his care. We have them in our hearts.


In loving memory of
Charles Reginald Levett WILLIAMS
77456 2nd Lt. NZ Artillery, 2nd NZEF
7-2-1920 - 28-7-2005
Dearly beloved husband of
Linda Beryl WILLIAMS
13-9-1917 - 10-1-2007
Their beloved daughter
Susan Lynne WILLIAMS
12-7-1949 - 27-10-2005
Their Youngest Grandson,
Marc Matthew MURRAY,
23-9-1998 - 29-1-1999
Treasured Son of Anne & Alan 

10d Anne Murray
Their Beloved Daughter, Elizabeth Anne Murray, 27 – 2 - 1952 ~ 21-7-2013,
Treasured Mother of Daniel, Benjamin, Nicola & Marc

In Memory of Maud Helen,
Beloved wife of R.B. WILLIAMS

Arthur Williams straddles 10e/10f

             In Memory of
Arthur John Levett Williams
443266 21st Battalion NZEF
Loving Husband of Phyllis May
14-11-1922 ~ 1-7-2014

In memory of
Reginald Bealey
Beloved husband of M.H. WILLIAMS

Row 11
In loving memory of Runa Shirley RATHGEN
18 June 1995 aged 64
dearly loved wife of Murray
life is not forever, love is
Forever in our hearts
Gone from home, but not gone from our hearts

Raymond John RATHGEN
Tragically taken in a diving accident
30th October 2002 Aged 40
Remembered with love
Loving Memories last forever

Mark Geremy RATHGEN
9-4-1984   1-9-2009
Dearly Loved Husband of Monique,
Adored Father of Max & Chloe;
We will all ways miss you Dad
Cherished son of Peter & Marilyn
Much loved brother of Shona, Karen & Graeme.
Loving memories last Forever

Row 12
12a. Three plaques
Robert James McKEOWN
Loved son of Robin and Jannette
17-7-1960      1-4-2001
Loved brother of Sue & Mandy
Loved triplet of Christine & Debbie

In loving memory of
Christopher James Robin McKEOWN
12-12-29   7-5-79

In loving memory of
Jannette McKEOWN
20-3-1929 5-2-2003
Dearly loved wife of Robin
Loved mum & Gran

Around the foundation of the church
The plaques on the church foundations are for ashes which generally will be below / out in front of them but there could be some that have had the ashes scattered elsewhere, over the farm for instance. However there are ashes interred in grave plots; I think all of the R12 McKeowns' are ashes, and quite a few at the end R4 are too.

No. 8784
In loving memory of
Barbara Jane BARTOS
1948- 2005
Loved daughter of Bill and Joyce Cocks

Treasured memories
Brendon Christopher O'DONNELL
Died 12-7-83, aged 4½ weeks
Loved son of Phillip & Debbie

Edward Stafford FURBY
died 19-10-1987 Aged 69
Loved husband & father
"With Christ"

Edgar Harold John McALWEE

Ruth Gibson McALWEE
(nee Brown) 1930-1993
Aorangi - monumental makers.

In loving memory of Peter Kenard TENNENT
of Otaio
14-6-1918  -  8-6-1978
Loved father, husband and PK

The entrance gates. 13 Nov. 2009

South CanterburyGenWeb Project Home Page
Posted 1st April 2010. Updated 28 August  2015.

Source: World Connect
•Birth: 31 JAN 1831 in Magherana, Waringstown, County Down, Northern Ireland
•Death: 01 JUN 1902 in Otaio
•Burial: 04 JUN 1902 Esk Valley Cemetery, Bluecliffs
•Immigration: 14 MAY 1859 Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand
•Note: 'Victory' a barque of 579 tons, sailed from Gravesend on the 20th Jan. 1859, and arrived at Lyttelton on 14th May 1859 with 198 immigrants. The ship was under the command of Captain Stephens.
•Residence: Esk Valley
•Emigration: 20 JAN 1859 Gravesend, Kent, England
•Christening: 03 APR 1831 Holy Trinity Church, Waringstown, County Down, Northern Ireland
Father: Joseph LEATHEM from County Cavan, Ireland
Mother: Esther WATSON
Marriage David HAMPTON b: 27 SEP 1829 in Co. Down, N. Ireland
•Married: 04 Dec. 1858 in Waringstown, Co. Down, N. Ireland