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Timaru Herald Friday 19 November 1875
The ship Duke of Edinburgh, 1117 tons, Captain Mosey, from London, with immigrants for Timaru, arrived at Lyttelton on Wednesday last, Nov. 17, after a passage of 100 days. This being her third voyage to Lyttelton. She left Gravened at 3.am. on Sunday August 8; cast off tug at 5 p.m. off Dungeness, and proceeded down the Channel with light variable wind; landed pilot at Dartmouth on the 10th at 3 p.m. Took departure from the Start on Aug. 11, where we saw Company's ship Mataura, and Messrs Shaw, Saville and Co.'s ship Calypso. She had a good passage until reaching 22deg. south latitude, when she experienced a succession of gales, which continued till arriving at the meridian of Tasmania. When off the Snares on November 12th a heavy gale of a cyclonic nature prevailed. On Sept. 27, with fresh breeze and strong sea, ship going 8 knots, whilst at dinner, the alarm was given - "man overboard." Hove to and sent port lifeboat in charge of Mr Rowlands. second officer, who succeeded in picking the man up, none the worse for his immersion, excepting a wetting, and the boat was in the davits fifteen minutes after the alarm was given. The man was James Whealan. He kept himself afloat on his back, not seeing the lifebouy, which was picked up close to him. The immigrants, of whom there are 180, with two saloon passengers, arrived in good health, 36 being single girls, mostly domestic servants, and are of a superior class; they are, with a few exceptions, bound for Timaru. Two births and two deaths of children occurred on the voyage. The ship has a large cargo, and comes consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Company. The steamer Hawea went alongside the ship yesterday, and took the immigrants for Timaru onboard. 

19th. page 3
It was a little disappointing to the Timaru community that the Duke of Edinburgh went to Lyttelton instead of landing her immigrants at their destination. It will always seem a kind of slight for ships full of passengers and cargo for this place to sail right past us in fair weather, and forward passengers and goods ignominiously in a coasting steamer. But we fancy there is really very little to complain of. When a ship is only insured for a certain port, and her insurance would be void in case of damage arising elsewhere, her captain cannot be blamed if he studies the interests of his employers by keeping on the safe side.

Although the Agent-General had on his list a considerable number of experience and reputation men who had made many previous voyages in charge of immigrants with credit, and who had long been waiting for employment, Dr Hansen, a young man was appointed to the Duke of Edinburgh, who had literally no experience whatever of his work, was entirely unknown in the service, and was himself in a shattered state of health. having just emerged from a long and severe attack of typhoid fever, he wished to take the trip to recruit his strength. For the first half of the trip he scarcely left his berth, and suffered so terribly from se-sickness and debility...

The Union Steamship Company's fine steamer Hawea, 461 tons, Wheeler, called here yesterday, having on board the immigrants for Timaru from the Duke of Edinburgh at Lyttelton. She arrived here at 6 a.m., and after landing the passengers and luggage, left for Dunedin. She received excellent despatch, as was shown by the fact that she sailed at half-past eight.

Voyage account

 H. H. H. Hanson, Surgeon-Superintendent

Another list- Reference: Family Search browse Timaru 1875

The Timaru Herald Wednesday 3rd November 1875 page 2

200 Immigrants by the Duke of Edinburgh
[Note this list was published before the vessel arrived in NZ and only 180 came out]
Families - 93
Barrie 		John 		23 joiner			Lancashire
Barrie 		Catherine 	23 
Batchelor 	Charles 	22 blacksmith's assistant	Surrey
Batchelor 	Mary 		19
Brooks 		Charles William 29 farm laborer			Kent
Brooks 		Margaret 	20
Brooks 		Charles A	 15m
Cockayne 	Edward 		22 farm laborer			Glostershire 
Cockayne 	Ellen 		21  						daughter infant
Carr 		Peter 		30 stonemason
Carr 		Ann 		22
Carr 		Mary 		infant
Fordham 	Lerr 		30 laborer			Cambridge
Fordham 	Emma 		30
Fordham 	Sarah A 	 5
Griffin 	Henry 		32 laborer			Hants
Griffin 	Annie 		35
Griffin		Laura		11
Griffin 	Jane 		 8
Griffin 	Frank 		 5
Griffin 	Eliza A 	 3
Hughes 		Jesse 		34 plaster			Derbyshire
Hughes 		Matilda		38
Hughes 		Maria 		 9
Hobbs 		George 		24 gardener			Middlesex
Hobbs 		Jemima		23
Hobbs 		George Henry 	infant
Hunter 		George 		21 laborer			Lanark
Hunter 		Jessie 		21
Hunter 		William 	infant
Hunt 		Henry 		22 bricklayer			Devon
Hunt 		Margaret 	23
Kennedy 	James 		22 excavator			Middlesex
Kennedy 	Ellen		21
Kennedy 	Mary 		infant 4m
Marriott 	Josiah 		30 farm laborer			Leicestershire
Marriott 	Elizabeth 	31
Marriott 	Alfred J 	 8
Marriott 	Amelia 		 5
Marriott 	Hephzibah 	 3
Marriott 	Herbert 	 1
McCready 	Thomas 		38 carpenter			Renfrew
McCready 	Jane 		28
McCready 	Alexander 	 6
McCready 	Margaret 	 4
Phillips 	Joseph 		28 laborer			Middlesex	Akaroa
Phillips 	Ellen 		29
Phillips 	Alfred 		 4
Phillips 	Ellen 		 2
Rothwell 	James 		34 laborer			Lancashire
Rothwell 	Elizabeth 	28
Smith 		Thomas 		24 farm laborer			Surrey
Smith 		Eliza 		22
Smith 		Thomas 		19m
Smith  		Olive 		infant 3m
Saussey 	James F 	29 blacksmith
Saussey 	Susan P		22
Saussey 	James William	 1
Smith 		Thomas 		37 laborer			Sussex		
Smith 		Sarah 		28
Smith 		Harry 		infant
Tapp 		George William 	40 carpenter			Sussex
Tapp 		Hester 		34
Tapp 		George 		10
Tapp 		Minnie 		 8
Thyne 		Martin 		40 farmer			Clare
Thyne 		Ellen 		35
Thyne 		Bridget 	11
Thyne 		Lawrence  	 8
Thyne 		Thomas 		 5
Thyne 		John 		 3
Tillet 		William 	44 blacksmith			Middlesex
Tillet 		Alice 		42
Tillet 		Matilda 	 6
Tillet		Eliza 		 4
Watts 		Norah 		45 wood sawyer			Berts		ChCh
Watts  		Martha 		40
Watts 		Martha 		11
Watts 		Florence 	 3						dead
Wilding 	William 	23 farm laborer
Wilding 	Eliza E 	22
Wilding 	Sarah E 	infant
Wakefield 	George 		26 miner			Glostershire
Wakefield 	Mary 		22
Wakefield 	Emily 		infant
Wakefield 	John 		24 laborer			GLostershire
Wakefield 	Emma 		22
Wakefield 	Frederick W 	 1						dead
Ward 		William 	40 laborer			Yorks
Ward  		Ann 		40
Ward  		Alfred 		18
Willows 	Robert 		29 engineer			Jersey
Willows 	Lady E 		35
Single Men - 62
Bonham 		Walter 		18 laborer			Middlesex
Boyle 		James William 	28 laborer			Yorks
Brosnan 	John 		20 farm laborer			Kerry
Brown 		John 		25 engine driver		Durham
Callow 		Thomas 		19 farm laborer			I. of Man
Constantine 	Charles 	25 joiner			Poland
Dent 		Charles 	48 farm laborer			Lincoln
Dobson 		Henry S 	18 farm laborer			Leicestershire
Dupre 		Henry A 	19 tailor			Jersey
Ellis 		John Joseph 	20 gardener			Yorks
Elsom 		George 		18 groom			Lincoln
Francis 	Michael 	22 farm laborer			Cornwall
Gethim 		John 		26 farm laborer			Wicklow
Greygoose 	Stephen 	18 laborer			Cambridge	ChCh
Grindle [Grundle] Henry 	29 farm laborer			Glostershire
Hembs 		John 		16 miner			Glostershire
Hogan 		John 		28 farm laborer			Kerry
Hooper 		Thomas 		24 farm laborer			Cornwall
Howe 		Patrick 	22 farm laborer			Clare
Hunter 		John 		21 breaksman 		        Lanark
Jones 		Edward P 	18 schoolmaster			Hants
Jordan 		Thomas 		22 farm laborer			Monaghan
Kavannagh 	Edward 		22 farm laborer			Kilkernny
Kavannagh 	John 		24 farm laborer			Kilkernny
Kennedy 	Michael 	21 farm laborer			Kilkernny
King 		Henry 		19 bricklayer			Suffolk			Colonial nominated
Lewis 		Thomas 		22 laborer			Middlesex
Locke 		Joseph 		24 farm laborer			Somerset
Look 		Robert 		26 farm laborer			Somerset
Magrath 	Michael 	25 laborer			Clare
Mahoney 	William 	18 farm laborer			Cork
Maloney 	Michael 	22 farm laborer			Clare
McCole 		James 		18 carpenter			Bute
McSweeny 	Morgan 		18 laborer			Cork
Nolan 		Thomas 		20 farm laborer			Kerry
Ogg 		William 	23 farm laborer			Lincoln
O'Connell 	Jonathan 	23 ploughman			Kerry
O'Connor 	Dennis 		20 farm laborer			Kerry
O'Connor 	John 		23 laborer			Kerry
O'Leary 	Thomas 		26 farm laborer			Kerry
Phelan 		John 		18 carpenter			Dublin
Pirie 		James 		21 farm laborer			Aberdeen
Price 		Thomas 		29 laborer			Tipperary
Probert 	George 		30 laborer			Glostershire
Pugh 		Charles William 23 smith			Hants		ChCh	Colonial nominated
Pugh 		Frank 		17 laborer			Hants		ChCh	Colonial nominated
Pugh 		George 		20 laborer			Hants		ChCh	Colonial nominated
Russell 	Robert 		21 breaksman			Lanark	
Sayle 		William 	22 farm laborer			I of man
Shewan 		David 		39 farm laborer			Shetland	Lyttelton
Slight 		James 		29 farm laborer			Larnark
Smail 		Joseph 		21 shepherd			Lanark			Colonial nominated
Thyne 		Patrick 	15 farm laborer			Clare
Thyne 		Martin 		15 farm laborer			Clare
Thyne 		Michael 	14 farm laborer			Clare	
Tomlin 		William 	16 tailor			Shropshire
Underwood 	George 		17 laborer			Norfolk
Verguson 	Jonah 		22 laborer			Norfolk
Wakefield	Richard		19 miner			Gloster
Wand 		Alfred 		18 laborer			Yorks
Westerley 	John 		23 laborer			Lincoln
Whealan 	James 		29 quarryman			Waterford
Williamson 	Thomas 		20 gardener			Cheshire

Dawes 		Thomas		20 joiner			Dawes
Single Women - 42  image 17 pg22
Austen 		Ann A 		18 servant		Surrey		Colonial nominated
Beard 		Ann 		18 servant		Glostershire	
Beldy 		Mrs Alice 	30			Stafford
Bishop 		Emma 		19 servant		Glostershire	Colonial nominated
Bishop 		Julia 		15 servant		Glostershire	Colonial nominated
Curran 		Ellen 		21 dairymaid		Waterford
Challis 	Mary 		24 servant		Glamorgan	Timaru
Cregan 		Mary 		30 servant		Dublin
Dent 		Susan 		15 servant		Lincoln	
Dent 		Lottie 		11			Lincoln
Dent 		Grace 		 6			Lincoln
Evanns 		Margaret 	31 cook			Salop
Falvey 		Catherine 	30 washerwomen		Kerry			Colonial nominated
Falvey 		Honora 		12			Kerry			Colonial nominated
Falvey 		John 		 9			Kerry			Colonial nominated
Greig 		Jane 		33 servant		Bute		ChCh
Henderson 	Annie 		34 housemaid		Larnark		ChCh
McGillcuddy	H 		40 servant		Kerry			Colonial nominated
Marshall	Emily J		21 servant		Middlesex
Monlin		Alice		17 tailoress		Jersey
O'Connor 	Mary 		22 servant		Kerry
O'Shea		Mary		21 housemaid		Kerry
O'Shea 		Margaret 	19 housemaid		Kerry
Pugh 		Louisa 		45 laundress		Hants		ChCh 	Colonial nominated
Pugh 		Rachel 		13			Hants		ChCh	Colonial nominated
Ronane 		Mary		25 servant		Waterford
Scott 		Ada 		19 servant		Devon
Shewan 		Ann 		40 servant		Shetland	Lyttelton
Shewan 		Christina 	69 servant		Shetland	Lyttelton
Sinclair 	Eliza 		32 servant
Sinclair 	Wilhelmina 	23 servant
Sullivan 	Helen 		29			Kerry			Colonial nominated
Sullivan 	Honora 		 8			Kerry			Colonial nominated
Sullivan 	Daniel 		 6			Kerry			Colonial nominated
Sullivan 	Denis 		 3			Kerry			Colonial nominated
Switherbank 	Mary A 		17 servant		Jersey
Tapp 		Hester 		17 nurse		Sussex
Tapp 		Jessie 		16 servant		Sussex
Tapp 		Mary A 		15 servant		Sussex
Tillet 		Rebecca 	17 nursemaid		Middlesex	
Tillet 		Alice 		12 nursemaid		Middlesex
Tomlin 		Ruth 		22 housemaid		Shropshire
Tomlin 		Harriett 	20 cook			Shropshire
Colonial Nominated
Burton 		Samuel 		59 wool sorter			Glostershire
Burton 		Elizabeth 	39
Burton 		Ann 		 8

Nationality -

English 132
Scotch  20

Irish  46
Welsh 1

Channel Islanders 5
Polish 1

Total souls 205; equal to 179 statute adults

Summary -
Male adults 96
female adults 66

male children 16
female children 18
infants 8

 I don't have proof (cert etc) but Daniel King's second wife was Ann Beard.

Timaru Herald 4 March 1932
Mrs Anne King, widow, of the late Daniel King, passed away on Monday at her residence, Maude Street, after a short and painful illness, at the age of 76 years.
    The late Mrs King was born at Littledean, Gloucestershire, England, and came to New Zealand at the age of 18 years, in the sailing ship "Duke of Edinburgh." She landed after a rough voyage, lasting over three months.
On arrival, Mrs King went into barracks for a short time, afterwards receiving an appointment at Rangitata, where she met her late husband, who predeceased her twenty years ago. Since her marriage, the late Mrs King has resided in the Temuka district, and endured the hardships of the pioneers. She was held in high esteem by a large circle of friends, and always willing to help a neighbour in times of illness or distress. Her late husband twice married there being six children of the first marriage and eight of the second. Those of the second marriage include five girls and three boys, namely, Mesdames F. Selby (Dannevirke), W. Hoare (Christchurch), W. Peters (Dunedin), C. Thomas (Orari), H. Gillum (Dunedin); and Messrs James King (Temuka), A. H. King (Timaru), and F.E. King (Timaru. There are 32 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.


Photo, taken in 1892. George & Caroline Rose (nee Boston) with their children, Elizabeth Rose, George Markham, & Esther Grivan. George is Maria's g-g-grandfather. Maria received the photo from Gregory S. who has been doing the Elsom tree. Caroline at age 4 came with her parents Jeremiah Marchant Boston, 26, currier, & Mary, 24, nee Hart and their other daughter, Elizabeth, age 6, immigrated on the Dilharree 1874 from Bedfordshire. Mary died and Jeremiah remarried Eliza Jane Morris. Jeremiah and Eliza are both buried at Temuka. Posted 17 Nov. 2010.

ELSOM, George, born in 1857. Married Caroline Boston in January 1888. George Markham b. 1888, Elizabeth May b. 1890, Esther Girvan b. 1892, Charles Henry b. 1893, Willie b.1895  and Clarence Howard was b. 1899. George Elsom, of Winchester, died at age 71 July 10 1927. He is buried at the Temuka Cemetery. Caroline Rose died in 1943.  Son Clarence Howard Elsom, 5 Taylor St., was a Timber Yardman when he died July 4th 1953. He is buried a Timaru.

January 1888 Timaru Herald
ELSOM - BOSTON. On January 17th, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, by the Rev. W.F. Thomas, George Elsom, to Caroline Rose, second daughter of Jeremiah Boston, Waitohi Flat.

Private George Markham Elsom, WWI, Serial No. 27253 was a labourer when he enlisted. He served with the 17th Reinforcements, J Company  NZEF and embarked from Wellington 25 September 1916. 

Charles Henry ELSOM - WWI service record in online - Archway.
Charles was born in Temuka, attested into the 2nd South Canterbury Regiment, N.Z. was a Presbyterian, a butcher, a farmer, was single with black hair, dark complexion and blue eyes, 20 years old, 5' 7 and 162 lbs with good physical development and vaccinated in infancy. On enlistment when he joined the army for the period of the war and Norman FitzHerbert witnessed the signature of this recruit. He served overseas for four years and 32 days with the No. 1 NZ Engineers Field Company. He arrived back in NZ on the Lahita? from Liverpool in November 1919 and discharged 1 Feb. 1919, on termination of period of engagement. His discharge rank was a sergeant. Was in Egypt 1914-15-16, Balkan 1915 and Western Europe 1916-1918. His address was 189 Kilmore St., CHCH. George, his father, of Winchester was listed as his NOK. He received the Military Medal for acts of gallantry in the field 15 October 1917 and granted leave to Paris 10 March 1918 and rejoined unit 21 March 1918. Also received  the 1914-15 Star, British War medal and the Victory Medal and the Gallipoli lapel badge and Gallipoli medallion were authorsised 9 Oct. 1967. He embarked for Gallipoli 12 April 1915, at that time he was a Lance Corporal and left Gallipoli 13 August 1915, sick and admitted to the Hospital Ship Saldidia? and was taken to Malta. He died in Christchurch 2nd December 1979.

Star 28 April 1908, Page 3
DENT  April 27, at the residence of his son-in-law, Chamberlain Settlement, Charles Dent; aged eighty-two. At peace.

Found on the 1871 census at Caistor , Torganby , Lincolnshire :
Charles Dent M 44
Jane Dent F 14 (Daug)
Susan Dent F 11 (Daug)
Charles Dent M 9 (Son)
Charlotte Dent F 7 (Daug)
Jane Dent F 71 (mother) 

Charles Dent b. 1827 Nettleton, Lincolnshire, Eng., d. 1908 Chamberlain Settlement, NZ at the home of his son-in-law. He came to NZ in 1875 on the Duke Of Edinburgh and landed in Lyttelton. He then moved to Arowhenua where he farmed until 1880 and then moved to Charing Cross. Charles was married to Eliza Caunt 1851 Thorganby or Switderly, Lincolnshire, Eng. Charles also had a brother David with whom he lived before marrying Eliza. They are in the 1851 census together. 

Duke Edinburgh to Lyttelton Nov. 1875
Charles Dent 48 from Lincoln
Susan Dent 15
Charles Dent 13
Lottie Dent 11
Grace 6

Charlotte Dent married James Yeatman 1894. He was living in Ashburton, a Sunday School teacher, Baptist Church. 

Christchurch City Library Church Register Cards
James Yeatman  &  Charlotte DENT  m.  6 June 1894  at  Primitive Methodist Church,  Greendale.
ages:  24/28,   occ: farmer/dressmaker.    born:  Stoke, Dorsetshire/Thorganby, Lincolnshire.
parents:  John & Priscilla Yeatman,  nee CARTER,  farmer.
Charles & Eliza Dent, (deceased)   nee CAUNT  farmer.
witness:  Joseph Horner Dent,  Greendale;    Annie Priscilla Yeatman,  Greendale. 

Joseph Horner DENT b: Abt Jun 1854 in Caistor, Lin, England
Married: Alice Edith Brougham 4 July 1906 in Charing Cross, Malvern, Canterbury, New Zealand 
He aged 52 she aged 38. Alice Edith b. 1868 and died 1951. Buried Waimairi Cemetery, CHCH.
Josephine Amy Elizabeth DENT b: 6 Jul 1907 in New Zealand

Joseph Horner DENT
Birth: 1853 in Caistor, Lin, England
Note: Vol 7a Page 583
Death: 10 Jun 1944 in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Note: Online Folio 21698 Age 90
Burial: 12 Jun 1944 Waimairi, Christchurch, New Zealand
Note: Age 91
Event: resided 4 Jul 1906 Charing Cross, Malvern, Canterbury, New Zealand
Occupation: Farmer
Event: resided 1944 Papanui, Christchurch, Cby, Nz
Note: 111 Mays Rd, Christchurch
Probate: 4 Jul 1944 Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Father: Charles DENT b: Bef 1831 in England, UK
Mother: Eliza COURT [sic] b: Bef 1831 in England, UK

Photo taken May 2020 by Bev.
Waimairi Cemetery, photo May 2020.

Joseph H Dent, age 20, arrived in Lyttelton on the ship Geraldine Paget, 27 Dec 1874. He was a groom from Lincoln, with him was Jane Dent age 17. Was Jane his wife? What is written in the column to the left of their names?

Star 19 November 1875, Page 2
Public Library. A case of books for the reference library has arrived in the ship Himalaya, and there is one on board the Duke of Edinburgh for the circulating library. The former contains 157 volumes, the cost of which was 205 pounds and the latter about fifty volumes, which cost, 26 pounds. Both cases will be landed at an early date.

13 December 1875, Page 2
Steam Planing Machines.- By the Duke of Edinburgh have arrived, for the Provincial Government, two steam planing machines, with all the newest improvements. To give some idea of the weight of the machines it may be mentioned that the beds alone weigh nearly eight tons each. They will be fitted up in the new engineering sheds in course of erection in Christchurch.