The Rev. James Preston diaries - a Geraldine District, N.Z., circuit preacher - 1871.

His diaries are like a census of the Geraldine District.

James Preston, son of Vicar of Warcop, Westmorland, immigrated to Australia in 1853 and to New Zealand in 1855. He returned to England and married Anna Bradley on the Isle of Man in 1860. The couple returned to Canterbury on the `Harwood' in Sep. 1860. Ordained in the Church of England in 1870 and appointed Mission Deacon of Geraldine Parochial District and later Vicar of Geraldine and Curate of Burkes Pass.

The original diaries by the Rev. James Preston, the first vicar of Geraldine, are held by the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand. Nancy McLaughlin spent hours pouring over the diaries of James Preston back in the 1980s and transcribed the Geraldine section (nine years, 1871 - 1879), for the Canterbury Museum. She completed  the decade in 1984. The museum was presented with a typed copy of the transcript by Nancy in Feb. 1985.  Folder No. 1093. Nancy and the museum both have given permission for the transcription to be placed online. "Given the age of the diaries, they are now out of copyright. This also means that there are no copyright restrictions on the transcripts, as these are classified as copies of the original work. Should you or Nancy decide to publish the transcripts online we ask that you please inform your readership that the original diaries are in the collection of Canterbury Museum." The Canterbury Museum also holds a number of watercolours and drawings by Preston.

Nancy submitted a biography of Rev. James Preston for a NZSG essay competition held in 1990 and entries were deposited then by NZSG in the Alexander Turnbull Library.  Rev. James Preston emigrated (that is, the second time he emigrated!) on the "Harwood", along with his wife Anna nee Bradley. Anna was a first cousin of Nancy's 2x g-grandmother Agnes Caroline Bradley who had married Reginald Orton. And their son, also Reginald Orton, also emigrated on the "Harwood"...eventually settling in Pleasant Point.  

Staid / stayed. In modern English the past tense of the verb “stay” is “stayed”. Common Error.
connexion old Latin for connection

I left the spelling as is. "The form of spelling used by the Rev. James Preston was most irregular," wrote Nancy. Several surnames and place names are spelled incorrectly in the diaries e.g.

Capn (Captain)
Capn Clogstown
Gullingham (Gillingham)
Xmas (Christmas (surname)
Flapman (Flatman)
Goodwyn (Goodwin)
Haist / Hayhurst
Goslin (Gosling)
Holdon (Haldon)
Kelland / Celland
Kohn /Cohn
Landridge /Lankrogers
Pelvyn (Pelvin)
Rain (Raine)
Tomey (Tommey)

Alberry Station (Albury)
Ch:ch (Christchurch)
Rakia (Rakaia)
Waitui Flat (Waitohi)
Woodberry (Woodbury)

Typescript of extracts from diaries 1871 -1879 by Nancy McLaughlin, 1984. Folder 1093 2/85. Canterbury Museum, Christchurch.
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Jany 29th.... Started for Mr Acland’s at 8 o'clock. Called at Mr Jollie’s shearing shed – the man living there directed me to Scotburn. Got to Scotsburn by half past 12-o-clock. Called upon three of the people there and gave notice of the service, Messrs Ray, Heney and Irvin. Also called at Mr Jollie’s house, had dinner and went down to the school house to hold service at 3-o-clock. About 25 people present. I baptised two children, Mr Slack’s daughter and a little boy belonging to Boyd at the store in the Rangitata river bed. The name of Mr Slack’s was Jane Eleanor, the parent’s names Sharlottee Sara & William Upton Slack’ it was born on the 14th Decr 1870. Boyd’s child was born on the 29th of Decr 1870; father’s name was Samuel Boyd, the mother’s name Elizabeth Jane Heney was one of the godparents, the parents the others. I churched Mrs Boyd also. In the evening, went on to Mr Acland’s. Did not get there until half past six in the evening. Held service at 7-o clock; about 15 or 16 people present ……..
Jany 30th …. Started from Mr Acland’s station to return home. Called on my way at Mr W. McDonald’s station, also at Waddington’s house – saw his wife & daughter. Also called on the Barker’s. And nearer home, called on Budd and family; also Lasers –they are Wesleyans; also on another man –do not know his name – he has 4 children 7 and lives by the roadside near Timuka (sic). Travelled about 70 miles in the two days, Sunday and Monday.
Jany 31st, Tuesday .... I rode over to Milford to baptise some children. Baptised in all 4 children and called at the parents' houses. The names of the children were - William Medicott, the father's name Samuel, the mother's Martha; the child was born 29th day of Sepr 1870; - Also Frank Forbes Pardew, father's name Edward James, the mother Emma; the child was born on the 17th April 1870; - Also Frederic William, son of James McIlwrick and Georgina Susan McIlwrick; the child was born the 10th June; - Also Edmond Brakewell, son of John & Ellen Brakewell the child was born on the 29th of Jany 1869.

Wednesday 1st Feby..., At home. Called on Mrs Pelvin; her daughter sings in the Choir. She is a Roman Catholic but her husband is a Protestant. Called to see sick child; also Mrs Rutland who is near her confinement.
Feb, Thursday 2nd.... Called upon Mr Patterson. They are Presbyterians but his daughter sings in the Choir. Called upon Niel, English people, near river, first out of town.  The daughter said she was not a church person; the mother said they were and would come to church. Called at Binley's house; saw Mrs Binley. I hear she drinks a great deal. Called also a Tyson's house, did not see him. Called on Erwood; he has a deaf wife; he is cook at the Royal Hotel. He says he is a churchman. Called also in the evening on the waiter at the Royal Hotel, he being dangerous ill.
Feb 3rd .... Friday morning, went to see the waiter at the Royal Hotel again. He was much better in health and happier in regard to matters concerning his soul. Evening went with Dr Rayner to visit poor man who had been injured by a dray going over his body. His name was Sullivan; he was in a house belonging to a man called Furgison.
Saturday, 4th.... Went to see the child that was scaled. He


was much worse, getting weaker. Afternoon, crossed over the river and visited Kohn, a German; his wife was at home and told me that they were church people. Also called at Drew’s house. He is a Wesleyan; his wife says she is Church of England. I also called on Mrs Hornbrook.
Sunday the 5th.... Started about 9 o-clock for Geraldine. Held service there at 11 — about 60 people present, 14 or 15 Methodists. I baptised two children viz. Ellen Mary, daughter of Bridget and William Taylor Chapman. The child was born on the12th of April 1870. The Godparents were Betsey Radford, Frances Hawke,’ godfather James Radford. Also I baptised Frances, the daughter of William & Frances Hawke, born on the 5th of Augset1870, the godparents being Bridget Chapman, Eliza Annie Clarke and its father. I also churched Frances Hawke. W. Hawke insisted upon my taking 10/ - which I gave to the Temuka Church Debt... ........ Went to the Valley church, afternoon, held service at 3 o -clock; about 12 people present............ Held service at Temuka at half past six-o- clock in the evening — about 80 or 90
people present. I finished the baptismal service in connexion with Mrs Bryant’s child who was baptised by the Revd Cooper....Mrs Bryant’s child’s name is Daniel, the father’s name William, the mother, Mary. It was born 25th Novr 1870. (The godparents are Samuel Burrows, Mary Ellen Burrows, James Cain.)
Monday 6th.... Rain.
Tuesday 7th.... Mr Cooper called (from Scotsburn). Afternoon, I went over the river and called upon Olliver, Weavers, Acroyd, Greaves, Lea, Lyons, Shrimpton. Also saw Mr Myers.
Thursday 9th.... Started for Mr Tripp’s place. Called at Horsefalls, also at Hawkes, also at the School, Geraldine; also Mr Tancred’s, the blacksmiths and another house near. Went on to Pearson’s — saw his daughter. Called also at Glanville’s in the river bed; also on McKenzie under the hill. Got to Mr Tripp’s house by 5- o—clock. It came on to rain. I called to see a married couple on his place. Mr Tripp gave me 21/- towards Temuka Church Debt.
Friday 10th.... I baptised Jane McKay McLeod, daughter of William & Barbara McLeod, born 18th Decr 1870. He gave me 6/— towards Temuka Church Debt. Also baptised Isabella, daughter of James & Jannett McKenzie, born on the 4th of Febry 1871. Called on my way home at two McDonald houses - brothers; also James Pithie, James Read, the Revd L. Brown. I rode in the two days about 60 miles. The Revd Jackson was. at my house when I returned in the evening.
Saturday 11th.... Staid at home. Only called to see the little child that had been scalded. Mr Tancred called.
Sunday 12th.... Held service in Temuka Church at 11 o-clock, morning; about 100 people present. The volunteers were present. Gave notice that a regular offertory would be held from that date; explained the reasons why..... Afternoon, went to Geraldine; held service at 3-o- clock - about 40 people present ........ Rode in all about 20 miles. Called upon Read, near school, Geraldine; Dean near the river; Grimmer, storekeeper. Saw one or two more people outside of their houses.
Monday 13th .... Wet day. Called upon the woman with the scalded child -Emmerson's. The child much worse- I do not think that


he will live 24 hours.
Tuesday 11th.... Called again; found the child dead. He had done with suffering for ever. The funeral to take place at 2-o-clock on the 15th. Went to the Valley; called at two houses on my road — one Church of England, one Scotch. Called in the Valley at Bull’s house — saw his wife; also at Grace’s house -saw Mrs Grace and her son. He is going to prepare for confirmation. Also called on the storeman — he is s churchman. Also at Mr Hardcastle's; he some children for confirmation.
Wednesday 15th....
At home. Saw Mr Forward & daughter; also Mr Massey from Georgetown — he is going to have his daughter baptised on the 19th, all being well. Buried Emmerson’s little boy. His name was Duncan Emmerson, died on the 13th of Febry, buried on the 15th aged 5years. Did not receive from his the 5/— fee; told Rutland about it.
Thursday.... At Home.
Friday 17th.... Called upon Mrs Heep, Royal Hotel, as she was not very well. She promised to give something to the Church Debt. Afternoon, went over the river on to the Flat. Called upon the old man in Ackroyd’s house, also on Ackroyd himself. He seemed dreadfully cut up about the death of his wife — she died suddenly outside the door one night. Called at Walker’s house - he has 8 children, one or two old enough for confirmation. Called upon Mr Kennaway, also on Young, a Scotch Church man; also on another Presbyterian — do not know the name now; also on Shepherd. I baptised his child as it was not well — the name Elizabeth, the daughter of George and Margaret Sara Shepherd, born Feb 1st 1871, baptised Friday Feb 17th 1871.
Saturday 18th.... Called at Gaffeney’s house; he is a Roman Catholic. Called at Irvin’s house; he is a Wesleyan. He is managing a farm for Rhodes.
Sunday 19th.... Went to Geraldine — held service there in the morning, 11 o-clock. About 50 people present. Went to the Valley — held service there, about 15 or 16 people present. I had the same sermon. Held service also at Temuka, 6½ evening — about 60 people present. Baptised, after the 2nd Lesson, Mary Ravendale, daughter of William & Jane Massey, born 25th Novr 1870, baptised on Sunday 19th of Feb 1871. ......... Collected at the offertory £1 6e 4d to go towards paying off the debt on the Church.
Monday 20th.... At home.
Tuesday 21st.... Went over the river to Georgetown. Called upon Mr Forward; Wadsworth. Called at Mr Massey's house - no one at home. Called also on Smith on the road by Mr Ormsby's also Benbow. Saw Mr Myers outside his house, also Shrimpton. Did not call.
Wednesday 22nd ...Went over to Georgetown again.  Called at Wyatt’s house, Massey's, and Furgison, Presbyterian; also at another house (Wesleyans). Wyatt had a little boy withy his finger just cut off with a spade. Went up to Milford. Called upon Mr Pillbrow; saw Mrs Pillbrow -she has a baby to baptise. Also called at Mrs McKay's house, the boiling down place (she is a Methodist).


Called at McIlwricks, the Inn; got from him 10/, promised, for the Church. Called at Brakewell’s; got 10/—, promised, from him for the Church debt. I called also on Smith (a Presbyterians). Evening, called upon Upton (he is a Methodist.)
Thursday 23rd....  Went over to call upon some people towards the Waihi district. Called upon Mr Goslin; Mr Gladstone — he gave, promised, me £1 for the Church debt; Mr Dunn, Presbytn; Mr Barker — he gave me 15/— for Church debt. Also called on Mr Young, Waihi Hotel; Bishop.
Sunday 26th.... Went in the morning to the Waihi school, 11 o-clock, held service, about 45 people present. I was very pleased with the singing etc. It was my first Sunday at the Waihi. From the Waihi I went to the Point; held service in the schoolhouse there, 3½ afternoon about 40 people present. Baptised two children, one belonging to Francis and Harriet Black; its name was Maud Hay, born 28th Apl 1869, baptised Feb 26th at the Point. Also a child of Edward A Flora Acton of Fordlands; its name Walter, born Sepr 4th 1870, baptised Feb 26th 1871. After leaving the Point I held service at Ackroyd’s house on the Waitui Flat. Got there about half past 7 o-clock, quite dark. About 30 people present. Had the new Methodist meeting house offered to me to preach in — a sod place that they have just put up, nearer the Point than Ackroyd’s house. I preached the same sermon at all the three places I received 14/3 from the congregation at the Point towards the Church Mission Fund. Paid it to Mr Rayner. Also £1 is 0d from Mr Acton after the baptism of his child, which he insisted upon my keeping for myself. I told him there was no fee for baptisms, and offered to put his name down for it to the Temuka Church debt, but he said no — if that was it, he would give something also to the Temuka Church.
Monday 27th.... Rain, S.W.
Tuesday 28th.... Rain. Cleared up a little in the afternoon. Went to call upon Emmerson who had lost a child lately. Also called upon Chapman, a gardener — he has some children to be confirmed. I also called upon McKenzie near Chapman’s house; they are Presbyterians.

Wednesday 1st (March).... A little rain. Went over the river. Called upon Elkers, a German, just over the river; also on Kahn a German. Both Church people. Elker’s wife is a Roman Catholic. I also called upon Langridge — he has a son for confirmation; at Mr Ormsby’s; also upon Bradford.
Thursday 2nd.... Called upon Mr Firth and Mr Parsons both Church people.
Friday 3rd.... Drove Mrs Preston over to call upon Mrs Tancred and Mrs Fish. Called also on the Roberts’.
Sunday 5th.... Held service at Geraldine at 11 o-clock in the morning.  Between 50 and 60 people present Went to the Valley; held service at 3 o-clock. My sermon was the same as Geraldine.  Present about 20. Came back to Temuka; held service at 6½ evening.
6th, Monday,... Rain.


7 March.... Went over the river to see Smith’s family. When I got there I found that their only child dead. He had been only 2 or 3 days. The father and mother were almost broken hearted, but they seemed to be religious people and looked to God for comfort. I did what I could by rending portions of the Bible to them.
8th March, Wednesday.... Was detained from going anywhere by my horse. Called to see Mr Barns (?), the Wesleyan minister, as I wished to keep on friendly terms with him and all the Wesleyams.Thursday 9th, 1871.... Smith’s child was buried in the Cemetery.
Friday 10th.... Started in the morning for the happy Point. Called upon Anderson's Presbyterian; next, Sanders, Church or England — he has a child to baptise; Bradley; Carthwright, Church of England — child to baptise; Botherway; Miller, Presbyterian; Tatam, Church of England; Gerkin, Church of England, a German; Watkins, the Public; Black, Church of England; Strachan, store, Presbyterian; Smith, Church of England — he has a baby to baptise; Halstead, fellmonger, Church of England; Jackson, near the school house, Church of England; Gregg, near school, Presbyterian; Worthington, Church of England, past school house; Mr Meek, Church of England. Staid all night at Mr Meek’s.
Saturday 11th.... Started from Mr Meek’s house. Called at Mr Acton’s; French, he is Church of England; Kee, Church of England; Collet, Church of England — a baby to baptise; Frazer — 2 children to baptise, a Presbyterian; Warne, a baby to baptise, Church of England; Aitken, a Presbyterian — I baptised his child; name of child Mary, born Nov 2nd 1870, baptised Saturday 11th of March 1871; father’s name Andrew, mother’s Ellen Gitken; W. Rayner, Church of England — he has a baby to baptise; R. Orton, Church of England
Sunday 12th.... Rain. Held service in Temuka Church. Only 3 or 4 there; did not preach the sermon. Did not go to Geraldine as no one would be at the Church. Went to afternoon service in Temuka Church; only 3 there. Mr Thompson read the service.
Monday 13th.... Rain.
Tuesday 14th.,,, Started to go to the Waihi Bush; went over the river by Mr Ormsby’s place. Called at Richard Sharp’s house near Dunsfords. I baptise his baby named Richard, of Richard and Margaret Sharp, farmers, born 4th Jany 1871. Called at Dunsford's house. Mrs Dunsford has rheumatic fever, William Wells (Scotch Church) lives near him also Mason. Tag (?). Called at Mein's house also — I think they are Methodists; saw Mrs Mein. Called at Even’s house - he is a Scotch Church man and his wife is a Church of England person. Saw them they have 4 or 5 children. Went over the river called a house - they are Scotch Church people. Did not call upon Smith (who has the sister wrong in her head) owing to not knowing where lived. Did not call upon either Celland or Meredith owing to both Celland and his wife being at Mr Ormsby’s house, and not knowing whether others were at home. Saw Mrs Celland at Mr Ormsby's. Names of others in the same neighbourhood -Willcox; Earl, Church of England; Anderson; and Boucher up the valley on the right hand side of Mr Ormsby's house. Saw Boucher on horseback going home.


Wednesday 15.... Rain again. Went from Mr Ormsby’s house to Geraldine. Called at Dr Fish’s house, also on 2 single men on opposite side of river; also on Gabey, the next house. Called on Williams, Geraldine; also on Mitchell. Saw both Mustards (?) and wives. Mr Williams’ daughter will be a candidate for confirmation. Called upon Furgison — saw his wife. He is a Church of Scotland man; she is a church of England person. Called upon McKenzie at the Mill (Scotch church); also on Mr A. McDonald, and Mr McKenzie in the river bed near Mr McDonald’s. Called upon the Pearsons; their daughter, I fear, is sinking very fast. Left her some books to read. Called afterwards upon the two families of Heateleys; staid at their house for the night. Baptised a child belonging to each family, viz. Everina Ellen Augusta, daughter of Montgomery Emmerson Heateley and Louisa Heateley, born Jany 2et 1870, baptised March 15th 1871. Also I baptised Henry Herbert, son of Abraham Henry and Alice Jane Heateley. born Oct 25th 1868, baptised March 15th 1871 occupation of parents, farmers; name of place, Thornbury (?).
Thursday 16th.... Owing to rain, could not get to the Waihi Bush, so returned home. River very high. Called upon Mr Tancred; also upon Mr Barker and Mr Gladstone; also on a man called Robinson, a Church of Scotland man.
Friday 17th.... Rain.
Saturday 18th.... Bad day again.
Sunday 19th... Went to Geraldine Church 11 o-clock morning; about 40 or 50 people present. Collection at Geraldine 8s 3d. After noon I preached at Temuka, 3 -o-clock;  about 60 people present. My sermon was intended to comfort Smith and his wife who a short time ago suddenly lost their little boy. Collection at Temuka 15s 6d.
Monday 20th.... I went round the town and saw a few of my confirmation candidates.
Tuesday 21st.... I went over to Mr Gosling’s house; saw some of his family regarding confirmation. He has at any rate I think, three children for confirmation. Saw also Mr Young’s daughter, of the Waihi; also Mr Chapman’s family Asked them all to come over to the lecture I am going to hold Friday evening 6. Called upon Bishop, Waihi.
Wednesday 22nd.... Called on Mr Hornbrook; saw his two daughters regarding confirmation & promised to call and see then again on Saturday evening about 5 o- clock (all being well). Went also to Langridge’s house to hold Baptismal service. Baptised two babies, one, Cathrine Louisa, daughter of Cathrine Kohn & Frederick Kohbn of Temuka District, born 15 August 1870; godparents. John Langridge, Esther Langridge & Cathrine Kohn; the other child, Annie Elizabeth, daughter of John & Esther Lanridge, born August 6th 1869; godparents, father & mother and Mary Bradford. Went from Langridge’s house up to Mr Wood’s Milford to see his son & daughter regarding confirmation. Talked to them a long time — went over the Catechism and Confirmation Service with them. They promised to come to the lecture on Friday evening.
23rd, Thursday.... Went over to Geraldine; called upon Mr Tancred. Went & called afterwards upon Williams to gee his daughter concerning Confirmation. She, her parents thought, had not yet


received enough education, and I thought it better to wait for a time as the girl was young. Called upon Deanes regarding his son & daughter. Mrs Deanes was at home and said that both of them were desirous to be confirmed. I did not see the son, but went up to Mr Slack’s to see the daughter. She seemed very wishfu. to be confirmed. Called upon Mr Masling and Dr Fish. Saw Mrs Kirby about her daughters at Mrs Fish’s; they are not prepared . Do not use the use being Methodists. Called and staid all night at Mr Hardcastle’s. Examined his daughter and governess upon the subject and talked to them. They both intend to come forward. The governess has been brought up a Methodist. Called upon Grace, on 24th his son is going to be confirmed.  He seems very desirous about it.
March 24th, Friday.... Came home by Mr Slack’s and Mr Ormsby’s. Called at both places. Called also upon Boucher and Anderson. Saw Langridge’s son at Mr Ormsby’s; talked with him about confirmation. He will be confirmed  I think; he seems to understand what it means. Called also on Dunsford — his daughter has been confirmed. Got home in time to deliver a lectures in Temuka Church at ¼ past 6 on confirmation; present about 9 or 10 candidates, also Mr Wood, Milford.
Saturday 25th.... Called at Mr Heape’s; the son & daughter have not been confirmed, but do not know if they are prepared yet for it. Heard from Speedy as I was going out of the town that a man had dropped dead in the Royal Hotel at dinner time. Went to see Poly McKinlsy at Mrs Myer’s; she is wishful to be confirmed — had a long talk with her. Went to Mr Hornbrook’s; had a long talk with his daughters concerning confirmation. They both wish to be confirmed.
Sunday 26th.... Went to the Waihi School house; held service there — present about 30 people Went in the afternoon to the Point; had the same sermon. Present only about 15 or 16 people. I baptised at the Waihi, Lucy Esther, daughter of Mary Anne and Charles Bishop, born Jany 3rd 1870; godparents, the father & mother and Emma Harriet Wadsworth. Received at the Point towards Church Mission Fund, 5/6. Paid it to Mr Rayner the Church-warden.
Monday 27th.... At home. Evening, 9—o'clock, read burial service over the man who died suddenly at the Royal Hotel.
28th, Tuesday..... Went over the river. Called upon Kohn _ saw him and his wife. Also called upon Walker; saw Mrs Walker about her son’s confirmation. Called also on Smith who lost his little son,
the only child he had. Both he & his wife seemed to feel the loss dreadfully.
29th, Wednesday.... The Bishop came per coach.
30th, Thursday.... Want to see the Goslings about confirmation, also the Youngs, Waihi. Also saw Kirby's daughters at Mr McDonald's about confirmation.  also William Henry Exon at Mr barker's. Called at Bishop's.
31st, Friday.... Went to Mr Ormsby's to see Montague Langridge. Called at Benbow's; saw his daughter about confirmation; also Landridge about confirmation; also Frank Hill at Mr Ormsby's. Also I called upon Evens and Boucher and Mr Slack.


April, Saturday.,.. Called to see Mary McKinley at Mr Myer’s. Wet day.
2nd Sunday... Went to Geraldine. Wet day. The Bishop preached; not more then 20 people present. Holy Communion; about 6 communicants. At Temuka, aftern. 3.30, the Bishop preached and confirmed 14 candidates for confirmation. Their names were Robert Wood, William Gosling, Charles James Rayner, Edith Harriet Rogers, Gertrude Rogers, Caroline Wood, George John Mason, James Mason, Dionitia Elizabeth Hornbrook, Charlotte Isabelle Hornbrook, Sara Benbow, Annie Rayner, Richard William Hornbrook, Mary McKinley. I held service again 6—30 evening ........
3rd, Monday.... Called upon one or two people in Temuka and put up notices regarding the Bishop’s services on Easter Sunday, and also a meeting to be held on the 8th where the Bishop was to be present.
4th, Tuesday.... Went as far as Mr McDonald’s. Saw Susan Kirby regarding confirmation. Also called upon Wadsworth; his daughter was from home. Saw her mother; she told me that her daughter wished to be confirmed and that she would see to her preparation. Saw a boy at Mr Barker’s called William Henry Exon (he wishes to be confirmed and will look over his catechism). Also called upon Bishop & Budd and Howard.
5th, Wednesday.... Called upon Mr Wood and Brakewell. Wet day in the morning.
6th, Thursday.... Wet day. Rain all day.
7th, Friday.... Held services at Temuka Church at 11 o-clock, morning. Present about 40 people....... Afternoon I went to Geraldine; called at Deanes' house; saw Mrs Deanes about her daughter's confirmation. Called at Dr Fish’s house, also on Mrs Ford. Staid the night with Dr Fish.
8th, Saturday.... The Bishop came. Called upon 4 or 5 people in Temuka. The Bishop held a meeting in the Church at about 8 o-clock p.m.
9th, Sunday.... The Bishop at 11 -o'clock consecrated the Church. I presented the petition, the Building Committee all standing with me at the Church door. The Choir chanted the Psalm up the ile of the Church (they did it very nicely). The whole service with the Bishop's sermon wee very impressive. Present about 160 people. Afternoon, we went to Geraldine. There the Bishop held a confirmation service — 9 candidates as follows — Caroline Hardcastle, Susan Kirby, Elisa Kirby, Emma Wadsworth, Alice Rickard, William Henry Exon, I think William Deans, Montague Landridge, Frank Hill. There were present in the Church about 130 people.
Monday 10th, .... Called upon Downs just outside of Temuka. Went to the Waihi cricket match. Evening, attended the Wesleyan Tea Meeting.
Tuesday 11th .... Rain.
Wednesday 12th... Rain. Posted returns of marriages to the Government; also got Rayner to give me church accunte to send to Chch.
Thursday 13th.... West to Geraldine. Called upon Hawke on my road, also Dr Barker, also Mr Tancred.  Went to the Church to attend a


music practise. Present Mr Ormsby, Mr Tancred, Mrs McDonald and some of the Geraldine people. Called at Dr Fishes. Heard that Pearson’s daughter was getting much worse. Staid the night with Mr Ormaby. Went next morning in see Pearson’s daughter.
Friday 14th.... She was not sensible, quite light headed, taking no nourishment but Brandy. Found that she could take some black current water. It was no use my reading to her. In not think that she will live more then another week. I called on the 2 Heateleys, also on Mr A. McDonald, also Captn McPherson, also Mr McKenzie, also Kennedy the blacksmith, Geraldine — he is a Roman Catholic, his wife Protestant. Also called upon his next door neighbour Pool — he in going to move to Ashburton. Called at Mr Read’s, and Fords, When I got home I heard that there was to be a funeral on Saturday at about half past three o-clock.
Saturday 15th.... Called to see Mrs Rayner. She was very ill (with low fever). About 3 o'clock there was the funeral of George Dynes. He was some relation of Mr Hayhurst. There was a good many people present. Evening, James Pethie came to inform me of the death of his son, a little baby. His burial will take place tomorrow (all being well) at Geraldine at about 1- o-clock.
16th, Sunday.... Want to Geraldine in the morning. Present abt. 30 people Afternoon, I held service in Temuka Church at 3- o-clock. There were about 30 people present. At Geraldine I had a funeral — the child of James Pethie, aged 5 days. Received the funeral fee, viz. 5/—.
Tuesday 18th.... Called to see Mrs Rayner. She was a little better. R.R. Bradley called. Went to the Waihi; delivered notices about the Revd W.R. Cooper coming to the district to preach. Also called upon Mr Young, Howard, Robers & Budd. Called upon Mr Rayner to get him to nominate Mr Acland as member for the Synod.
Wednesday 18th (sic).... Had a good deal of business to transact in the town in the morning. Afternoon, went to Geraldine to hold to hold a Funeral service over S.J. Pearson, the daughter of Pearson on the Waihi.
Thursday 19th (sic).... Called on Mr Rayner, Tavinda, & Spooner.
Friday.... Went and called upon Neil outside of Temuka, by the river; also called upon Eagle — be has a family of nine children. Also called upon Celland and Smith i.e. Charles Smith, the brother of the man who was killed in Temuka by a fall from his horse. Also upon Anderson, Scotch Church. Also I called upon Smith near Mr Ormsby’s, and upon another Celland up the Valley and upon Meridith about 1 mile higher up the Valley. In all I called upon 9 people and rode about 35 miles.
Sunday 23d.... Preached at Temuka Church at 11 o-clock. a.m. About 30 people....... Afternoon, I went to the Point. Staid night at Mr Meek’s. Travelled about 12 miles.
Monday 24th..., Went on to Key’s and the people above. Called upon Acken, Collett, Warne, Seals Klee, French, Key, Anton, Jackson, and saw another man above Aitken’s house.
Wednesday 26th.... Went to Geraldine. called at Mrs Tancred's and Mr A. McDonald's.


Thursday 27th.... Went up to the Waihi Bush. Called upon Captain Mcpherson and the Pearsons who lost their daughter by consumption also upon Stonehouse whose child I baptised at Geraldine, also upon Taylor, and Flatman at the store; also upon Revd L. Brown; also upon Bird near Brown’s; and two more at the bottom of the terrace to the riverbed, one of them Williams, for whom I have to take a Bible next time I go up to the Waihi Bush. I got back to Mr Tancred's in the evening and came to Temuka about 10 o'clock p.m. In all I called upon 10 people and rode about 30 miles.
Friday Not atall well.
Saturday 29th.... Went up to Milford and called upon Mrs Wood who was very ill with low fever. Rode about 10 miles.
Sunday 30th.... Revd. W.H. Cooper at Temuka service, 11 a.m. with Holy Communion. I went over on to the Waitui Flat to hold service in a building put up there for public worship. Owing to rain did not hold service. Afternoon, it cleared up and I went to Key’s house above the Point. Had s small congregation for the afternoon service. Baptised Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas & Mary French, aged about 1 year. Got home at might having ridden in all about 30 miles.......

Monday 1st May.... In Temuka.
Tuesday 2nd.... Called upon Tavindea. Lost my horses -did not find it until the afternoon. Dr Fish called.
Wednesday 3rd.... Went over to Milford. Called upon Mr Wood. Found Mrs Wood much better. Called upon Mr E. Pilibrow who has a baby to baptise. I promised to call again next Monday. Called also upon Mr Parke; I have to baptize his baby also 3d Sunday in May. I called also upon Mr Hayhurst. Rd about 12 miles.
Thursday 4th May.... Went to Geraldine. Called upon Binley, Mr A. McDonald, Capn McPherson, Mrs McKenzie and her neighbour.
Friday.... Called upon Trengrove, Brown, Martin.
Saturday 6th May.... Staid the night at Mr Tancrad’s. Left Mr Tancrad’s house in the morning; got my horse from Mr Cooper. Called at Read's, Ford’s, Gabey’s, Taylor’s (the store), Peckham, Lewis. In Temuka called upon Bryant and Guy.
Sunday 7th May.... Went to Geraldine to hold service at 11 o-clock. There were present about 60 people. There were present in the Valley about 15 people. Evening service at Temuka 6-30. I had the same sermon as at the Valley Church. There were about 60 people present. Rode about 28 miles.
Monday 8th .... Rain. Went over to Mr Edward Pilbrow's to baptise his child and call upon a few people. Held a baptismal service at 3-o-clock. Called upon Mrs McKay and Mr Bill. Rode about 12 miles.
Wednesday 10th May.... Started for Mrs Jollie's place. Visited Hawke and one or two people in Geraldine, Read, Williams, Mitchell, McKenzie, Furgison, Capn McDonald. About 12 miles.


Thursday 11th.... Started for Peel Forest. Called upon Boyd, Goodwyn at Rangitata. Also at Scotsburn called upon S. Ray, Heney, Sorby, Griffin, Nott the schoolmaster, Irvin. Staid the night at Mrs Jollie’s. Called at the gardener’s house, Filley. Rode about 20 miles.
Friday 12th.... Started back. Had a very bad headache with sickness. Called at Ashby’s house on my way. When I got to Captn McPherson's house I felt so weak that I rested for 2 hours or so. About 4-o-clock I started again for home. Mrs McPherson was very kind, also the Captn. Rode about 25 miles.
Sunday 14th.... Held service at St. Saviour’s Church Temuka at l1 a.m. Present about 40 people I had the same sermon
at St Mary’s Church Geraldine. Present about 35. Rode about 12 miles.
Monday 15th.... Called upon Capn McPherson, Mr Tancred, Dr Fish, Mr Angus McDonald, and saw 3 or 4 of the inhabitants of Geraldine. Rode about 12 miles.
Tuesday 16th.... Called upon Mrs Wood who is ill of low fever, also upon Brakewell and McIlwrick and Pardew. Also saw some of the men at the mill — Forward.
Wednesday 17th.... I called upon Mrs Rayner; she is much better. Also upon Mr Myers and Mr Shrimpton.
Thursday 18th.... I heard that Popplewell was very ill; went over to see him. Found him better than I expected. Called also upon Lea and Greaves and Weavers and Clarkeson. Pratt was from home.
Friday 19th.... I called upon Plant & Klee, Temuka.
Saturday 20th.... I went over the river to see Popplewell — he was much better. Left him some books. Called upon Weavers also, and Clarkeson and Ackroyd, Olliver, Greaves, Kohn, Irvin, Hollowell.
Sunday 21.... I went to Geraldine and held service there at 11 o-clock in the morning There were present at St Mary’s Church about 40 people. I went in the afternoon to Temuka. I preached the same sermon. There were present about so people. The offertory was 10s 6d. I rode about 24 miles.
Monday 22nd...  went up to Mr Mason’s to hold a baptismal service. Baptised Cislep Edward, son of Thomas and Sara Parke, born Feb 14th 1871. The sponsors were the parents.
Tuesday 23d... Mr Cooper the clergyman came. I went over the river in the afternoon and called upon Kohn, Smith & Benbow. Rode about 5 miles.
Wednesday 24th. ... I went to Geraldine. Mr Cooper was there. We held service, Morning Prayer with Holy Communion. The offertory ammtd to 5s 1d. I went on in the afternoon to Mr Tripp's station. Staid with him all night. Went the next morning and visited 2 families of McDonalds, one Read, one Pethie, one McKenzie, also at Mr Tripp's station, McLeod. In the afternoon I went with Mr Tripp to Mr Acland's. Saw Irvin on the road. Staid all night at Mr Acland's.


Friday 26th.... I visited all the three cottages on Mr Acland's station, and started with Mr Tripp home again. Called on the road at the Accommodation House, Rangitata riverbed. Returned home by Mr Tripp’s. Rode in all during the three days about 70 miles.
Saturday 27th.... I called to see Mr Pattison was was very ill.
Sunday 28th, Whit Sunday.... I held service at the Waihi Crossing schoolhouse in the morning at 11 -o-clock. In the afternoon went near to the Point; held service there at 3-o-clock p.m. At the Waihi I had about 20 people present; the offertory was only 6s 4d. At the Point there were about 55 people present the offertory was for the cleaning out of the schoolhouse. My sermon was the same at both places......... I baptised at the Point schoolhouse Amos, son Hinman and Annie Jackson born the 27th of April 1870. The sponsors were Hinman and Annie Jackson, mark Saunders. Called upon Mr Acton and Mr Meek. Staid with meek all night.
Monday 29th.... I called upon Worthington, Jackson, Johnstone, Watki, Black, Halstead, Smith, Gammy (blacksmith), Gerkin, Grigg (Scth.), Orton, Anderson (Scth.), Botherway, Jones, Carthwright, Parr, Parkinson. I rode in the 2 days about 40 miles.
Tuesday 30th.... Rain. Called at one or places in the town.
Wednesday 3lst.... Rain. Went to call upon McKenzie the Veterinary surgeon. I baptised his baby Douglas Morton, about 3 months old. Present about 7 or 8 people. I rode in all to his house & back about about 5 miles.
    I rode during the month of May about 337 miles and called upon about 115 people.

Thursday 1st June....  I went up to Milford and called upon Mrs Wood - she was much better — also upon Medlicott and Gammock and Weddrel and James Pilbrow.
Friday, June 2nd.... I want over the river and called upon Popplewell. He looks very ill yet. And I called upon Clarkson next door. The other people living near were not at home. I next called upon Langridge. His neighbour Bradford were not at home, so I did not call but left a message for them. I next called upon Benbow and gave his daughter the Confirmation card that the Bishop left for her.
Saturday.... I walked up to see Mr Pattison; found him no better. Also I called upon Mrs Rayner the druggist’s wife; she is almost well again.
Sunday 4th June 1871.... I want to Geraldine in the morning. Held service there at 11-o-clock. Went to the Valley; held service there at 3. Afterwards I held evening service at Temuka 6—30. My sermon was the same at each place.
 Monday 5th.... In Temuka.
Tuesday 6th... I went up the country; called on my way at Mr Tancred's house, also on Mr A. McDonald’s. I next called at Taylor & Flatman's store. Saw Mrs Flapman (sic) and afterwards her husband. I called on Stonehouse and saw Trengrove who was working near. He is going also to build a house at the Waihi bush, and put up


a sawmill. I then went on to Mr Tripp’s house.
Wednesday 7th.... A 6-o-clock evening I held a service in D. McDonald's house. There were present about 20 people........
Thursday 6th.... I went around thebush and called again on Mr Flapman (sic). Stonehouse, Handcock, Williams -gave him a bible that I promised him before. Also I called to see Hammond higher up. I asked him about his children; he told that they all had been baptised before they came down to this neighbourhood. I arranged with Mr Flapman to have a service in his house on the 26th of June at 6 p.m.
Sunday 11th.... I went to Geraldine and held service at 11-o-clock. There were present about 12 or 13 people. The offertory was only 2s 7d as the day was wet. In the afternoon it rained very heavily. I held service at St Saviour’s Temuka at 3-o-clock. There were only 8 or 9 present. I did not preach a sermon but read the prayers.
Monday 12th.... Wet day. I called upon Mr Pattison. He was no better. I fear he will never get over his illness.
Tuesday 13th of June.... I went as far as Wadworth’s house to see Mrs Bishop’s child who is ill with low fever (found him very ill). Also Mrs Wadsworth’s mother was very ill, and Wadsworth himself though not in bed seemed very ill also. I called on Wooding who lives near, end Mr Barker, and Gladstone and Dunn and Shaw and Young and Curry(?), also I returned home again, I rode in all about 25 miles.
Wednesday 14th.... I went from Temuka around by the Waihi. I called upon Hawke, Down’s, Budd, Howard, Irvin, Gosling, Dunn, Chapman, McKenzie, Frazer, Niel, I rode in all about 15 miles.
Thursday 15th.... I went towards Geraldine and called upon Mr Pattison. Found him worse; much weaker. I also went as far as Hawke’s house on the road to Geraldine; round that all his children were such better in health. I also called on Mr Irvin at the School and attended a meeting in the school house in connection with a piece of land offered by Mr Inwood of Chch for a Church at the Waihi. As Mr Inwood required a Church to be built without delay, it was agreed to ask Mr Inwood to hold over a piece of land for 3 years to give the District time to build a house.
Friday 16th.... I went over the river and called at the Maori Pah, also upon Leach, Wyatt, Massey, Wadsworth.
Sunday 18th.... In the morning I went to Geraldine and held service there at 11-o-clock. There were present about 40 people. At Temuka I had the same sermon. There were present about 30 people, The offertory was about 8/—.
19th Monday ... I went up in call upon Tavindah also upon Popplewell. Also I went to Bill's house and held a baptismal service. I baptised his daughter her name was Alice Elizabeth, born 10th July 1869. John Bill, Marianne Russel, Leah Myers were the godparents.
20th Tuesday.... I went up to see Mr Pattison; found him a little better. The Bishop called.
21st Wednesday.... I started up the country. Called at Wadsworth's


house; found Mrs Bishop’s little boy much better; also Mrs Wooding and Wadsworth himself improving. I called at Mr W. McDonald' also at Chapman's house and Wilcox and upon Mr Ormsby. Staid the night with him. Saw his men on Thursday morning.
22nd Thursday.... I started from Mr Ormsby’s to go to Mt Four Peaks. I called on my way at Boucher's house, also on Mrs Slack; also on Mr Walker and Capn Clogson, Mt Four Peaks. Staid the night as Mrs Bull in his house had a little baby that she wished me to baptise. I held evening prayer in the house.
23rd Friday.... I baptised Mrs Bull’s baby, its name was Charlotte Mary. The godparents were Thomas Bull, Mary Bull, Catherine Young, it was about a week old. I also churched Mrs Bull. On my way home I called upon Mr Hardcastle, Mr Grace, John Bull, Mrs Roberts, Mr Bishop.
Sunday 25th.... I went to the Waihi Crossing and held service at 11-o-clock a.m. ........  At 3-o-clock p.m. I held service at the Point........ the same sermon as I presented at Geraldine on the 18th June. There were present about 40 people. The collection was 17/6. (Home Mission.) I baptised George Botherway, the son of George and Annie Botherway. Called upon Mr Orton; Meek.
26 Monday.... I left Mr Meek's house and called at Mr Acton's; also on W. Rayner, Gamey, Worthington, Young, Grigg, Jackson, Strachan, Watkins, Halstad, Black, Leicester, Tatham, Anderson, Carthwright, Botherway, Saunders, Smith who has a baby unbaptised. I baptised 3 babies on Monday; held a Baptismal service in M. Saunder's house. On my return I called upon Parr at the mill.
Tuesday 27th...In Temuka.
Wednesday 28th.... I went up to the Waihi bush to hold service in Flapman's house. Called on my way at Capn Mcpherson; Pearson. Got to Flapman's house in time for 6-o-clock service.  Present about 12 people. I left Flapman’s about 7—30 end got to Mr Tripp's about 8—30. Staid at his house all night.
29th Thursday.... Rather rainy. Left Mr Tripp’s house. Called upon S. McDonald, Bead, McKenzie, Slipper, Revd L.L. Brown, Bird, Warne, Scott, Williams, Bay, McKenzie near Mr A. McDonald’s, also upon Capn McPherson. Got home about 7—0-clcok evening, having ridden all round the Waihi Bush, about 30 miles in all .......
Friday 30th..., I was in Tenuka.
Travd 395 miles; visited 107 people; held 11 pbk services.

Saturday 1st July.... 5 visited Mr Patterson, Rayner, Guy.
Sunday 2nd of July... I went to Geraldine in the morning 11.There were present about 25 people; the offertory was 5s 10d......., it the Valley 3-clock I had the some text and sermon as I had at Geraldine......... At 6-30 p.m. I held another service at St Saviour's Church, Temuka. The sermon was the same as at the Valley Church.
3rd Monday.... I was in Temuka. I visited Klee, Batthery, Holloway.


4th, Tuesday.... visited Mrs Grey, Mr Rogers, Heap, Bryant.
5th.... I went to the Point & visited Orton, Parr, Parkinson &Whitehead & Tavinder (Temuka). Rode about 14 miles. Parr was very ill.
6th.... I went to Geraldine. Visited Mr Young, Geabay, Dr Fish, Gabey (the old man), Mrs Meeting, Ford, Mr Kirby, Shiree, Mr Ormsby. Staid at his house all night — 17 miles.
7th Friday.... From Mr Ormsby’s houne I went up to the Waihi Bush. Visited on my way Read, Johnstone, Deane, Mille, Taylor, Grimmer, Pool, Kenedy, Capn McPherson, Flapman. At the Bush, Stonehouse, Trengrove, Mr Angus McDonald. Returned home by the Waihi school house.
8th Saturday.... Buried William Parr (aged 69 years) from near the Point.
9th Sunday.... Moring 11-o-clock I held a service at Geraldine. There were present about 40 people; the offertory was 13/10. In the afternoon I went up to the Waihi Bush (Flapman’s store) and held service. There were present about 14 I rode about 25 miles.
10th Monday.... I called upon Capn McPherson, Mr A. McDonald, Mr McKenzie in the riverbed, Mrs Peerson, Heatley, Mitchell, McKenzie the saw mill, Furgison, Williams, Peckham, Roberts. I rode about 15 miles.
Wednesday l2th.... I went over the river & called at Kohn’s house, also Irvin’s, Mrs Irvin’s mother was very ill. Rode to the Waihi Crossing, called upon Boward, also Gosling, also Mr Patterson — found him no better.
Thursday 13th.... I went to the Point; called upon the Parrs — found Mrs Parr very ill. Called upon Orton, also Kennnaway and Walker; also Hornbrook. I rode about 18 miles. I called also upon Leach and Popperwell.
15th.... I want to see Popplewell.
Sunday 16th... I held service in Geraldine. 11 a.m. Present about 40 people; offertory 15/6........ I had the same area at Temuka 3 p.m. Present about 20 people. Offertory 6/-.
17th Monday.... I rode as far as Waihi Township to meet Mr Gosling, Howard, Bishop, Young, for the purpose of choosing a site for a Church. After looking over the ground, sec. no 46 as marked on the plan was chosen. After looking over the grand, sec., no 46 as marked on the plan was chosen, and I wrote to Mr Inwood to that effect. I called also upon also Dr Baker before I returned home, Bishop and Roberts. I rode about 25 miles.
18th Tuesday.... I called to see Popplewell & Mrs Thompson.
19 Wednesday.... I called to see Popplewell's wife who was ill (confinement). I also called upon Wearvers, Lee, Greaves, also Smith, Benbow.
20th Thursday.... I called upon Wadworth, Wooding, Mr W. McDonald, Mr Tancard, Grimeer, S. Benbow, Dr Fish.


21st Friday.... I called upon Young (Valley), Grace, Mull, Hardcastle, Capn Clogstown. I rode shoot 25 miles.
Sunday 23rd.... I went to the Waihi Crossing to hold service 11 morning. Present about 20 people........ I went in the afternoon to the Pleasant Point; held service in the school house. There were about 40 people present. Offertory 23/2........ I baptised Malcolm the son of Reginald Orton during the service. I staid all night at Mr Meek’s. Rode about 21 miles.
Monday 24th.... I went up to Raincliff; called at a shepherd's house on the Raincliff Run. Got to Raincliff about 11-o-clcok. Went from there to Mr Gould’s. Baptised his child (about 18 months old). The name of the child was Jessie Gould. I also baptised at the same time Eliza the daughter of James Burgess. I called at Burgess’ house, also upon Aitken, Warne, Kollet, Hughan, French, Key, Acton, Orton. I rode in all about 35 miles.
Tuesday.... At Home.
26th Wednesday.... I called upon Mr Hornbrook.
27th Thursday.... I called upon McKenzie, Forward.
28th Friday.... Called upon Patterson — found him very ill. Went up to the Waihi Flat to hold service. Came in rain — owing to the rain did not hold service. I called upon Reed. Staid the night with Mr Tripp. I rode in all shout 25 miles.
29th Saturday.... I sent to Mount Peel. Called on my way at Scotsburn; spoke to the inhabitants about service on the Sunday at 3-o-clock. Called at Mrs Jollie's; found her home in Ch:ch: I staid all night at Mount Peel. Rode about 20 miles.
Sunday 30th.... I held service in the church at Mount Peel. I baptised at Mt Peel, Lucy Jane Clough, the daughter of Abner Clough (born the 29th June 1871), baptised the 30th July 1871. The mother's name was Ellen Clough, maiden name Regan. I left Mt Peel at 2-o-clock and owing to the rain did not stop at Scotsburn but came on as far as Geraldine. I staid all night with Dr Fish.
Monday 31st.... I reached  home having ridden from Mt Peel (about 35 miles).
The month of July, called upon 106 people, rode 423 miles, and held 10 services.

Tuesday 1st (August).... I went to the Tea drinking in the Scotch Church.
3rd Thursday.... I crossed the river and called upon Popplewell, Weavers, Clarkson, Pratt, Ackroyd, Landridge, Bradford (saw their blind daughter), Seal's, Mrs Thompson (who has cancer in the mouth). About 8-o-clock p.m. I went to visit Mr Patterson. Dr Rayner was in the house when I got there. He told me that he, Mr Patterson, was dying. I staid about half an hour and promised to return the next morning.
Friday 4th of August... I again called to see Mr Patterson - found him better. He could speak a little and was quite sensible. I staid with him some time, and then went up to Milford and called upon Brakewell, McIlwrick, Wood, Mrs Dynes who some little time ago lost her husband and now has lost all she possesses by


her house burned down. Called also upon Weddrell, Dr Dynes’ brother-in-law, James Pilbrow, Edward Pilbrow, Parke, Gammock, Meddlicotte. I rode in all about 20 miles. I called also upon Pardew and Hayhurst.
Saturday 5th.... Morning, I heard that Mr Patterson was dead. I went up to the house to call upon the family. I rode 4miles.
Sunday 6th.... I went to Geraldine and held service in the Church 11 a.m. Present about 40 people........ I went to the Valley afterwards and preached the same sermon. There were present about 15 people. 6-30 p.m. I held service in St Saviour’s Church, Temuka. There were present shout 40 people. I also spoke a few words in reference to Mr Patterson's death. The offertory was 10/1.
Tuesday 8th.... I attended Mr Patterson’s funeral. Also visited Popplewell, Weavers, Clarkson, Lee, also Myers.
Wednesday 9th.... I went to Timaru.
Thursday 10th.... I held a service on the Flat and baptised 4 babies. Called also upon Shrimpton.
Friday 11th.... I sent to the Waihi. Called upon Mr Roberts and Mr Gosling. 8 miles travelled.
Sunday 13th.... I went to Geraldine, corning service 11 a.m. Present about 40; offertory 7/— Afternoon services 3 p.m. St Savlour’s Temuka. Present about 40; offertory 7/1. My text & sermon at both churches was the same
Monday 14th.... I called upon Mr Whitehead.
Tuesday 15th.... I went across the river; called upon Kohn, Shepherd, Thomas, Hullen, Pierce.
Wednesday 16th.... I vent over the river and called upon Benbow.
Also I rode up to Milford; called upon Wood, Bill, McKenzie.
Thursday 17th.... I called upon Rutland.
Friday 18th.... I went to Geraldine. Went by Eagle’s house — called upon him.  Also upon Anderson, Celland. At Geraldine I called upon Hawke, Gabey, Dr Flsh, Brown, Gabey (the old man), Peckham, Mr Tancred, Bishop; at Waihi Crossing, Clark. Rode about 25 miles.
Saturday 19th.... I went over to the Maori Pah and distributed a dozen Prayer Books which were left by Mr Cooper for the purpose.
Sunday 20th.... I held service at 11-o-clock in St Mary’s Church Geraldine........  Present about 30; offertory 7/6. I visited on Sunday afternoon Mr Penicot, Klee & Rayner. 3-30 I preached at Temuka. Present about 40 people, offertory 11/1.......
Monday 21st.... I rode to the Point to see Saunder's wife who had been confined of two dead children. I called also upon Parr at the mill; also upon Mrs Glasson who was very ill with an abscess in the breast.
Wednesday 23rd.... I went up the valley to Mount Four Peaks. Called


on my way at Hawke’s, Bull’s, Laveris, Young, (saw young Grace). I called also at the store, also upon Mr Hardcastle and at Mount Four Peeks. Staid the night with Mrs Slack.
Thursday 24th.... Crossed the hills to Mr Ormsby’s; called upon Boucher in the valley near Mr Ormsby’s; also at Mr Ormsby’s, and on my way home at Benbow's.
Friday 25th.... I crossed the river and called upon Olliver, Ackroyd, Weavers and Popplewell.
Saturday.... I went over the river end christened Norton’s child Caroline. Also I went to see Ackroyd and Lee and Wyatt.
Sunday 27th.... I held service at the Waihi; present about 35 people; offertory11s 3d........ At 3-o-clock p.m. I held service at the School, the Point; present about 30 people; offertory 11s 3d (the same as the Waihi.) I had the same sermon also. Staid all night with Mr Meek.
Monday 28th.... I called upon Mr Acton, W. Rayner, Jackson, Gamney, Worthington, Grigg, Young, Watkins, Strachan, Black, Halstead, Smith, Jones, Anderson, Orton, Parr, Scott, Glasson.
Tuesday 29th.... Rain.
Wednesday 30th.... Rain & ill. Did not go to Waihi Bush.
Thursday 31st.... I called upon Smith & Benbow.
During the month of August I held 10 services and visited 102 people, travelled 286 miles, baptised 5 children.

Friday 1st(September).... I called upon Cohn, Elkers, Pennycot, Pelvyn. Bode about 5 miles.

Saturday 2nd.... I called upon Erwood, Weavers.
Sunday 3rd.... I held service at Geraldine 11 a.m. Present about 35; offertory 6/—. At 6-30 evening I held service at St Saviour’s Temuka; present about 40 people........ I held service in the Valley, also the same text (as at Geraldine.) ........
Monday 4th,... I went to Geraldine; visited Mr Tancred, Furgison, McKenzie & Heetley. Staid at Mr Tancred’s.
Tuesday 5th.... I called upon Captn McPherson, Mr A. McDonald, Furgison, McKenzie near Mr macDonald's, Mitchell, Williams, Mills, Johnstone, Grimmer, Reed, Gabey, Piercie, Peckham, Roberts, Lewis.
Wednesday 6th, I went to Geraldine again. Called at the Tancreds and Fishes.
Thursday 7th.... At home.
Friday 8th of Sepr.... I crossed the river; visited Ackroyd, Weavers, Popplewell, Clarkson, Hornbrook, Langridge, Bradford, Benbow, Smith. Also in the evening  Rogers, Wilcox, Meason, George, Dr Rayner’s family. Gave them all notice about the sacrament on Sunday.
Saturday 9th.... I called upon Mr Wood, Hayhurst, Pardew, Brakewell, Heap


Sunday 10th.... Mr Stack held service in St Saviour’s Church Temuka 11 a.m. Present about 80 people. Admind the Holy Communion, 17 communicants with Mr Stack & myself. Offertory for Assisted Parishes Fund 23s 6d. Offertory, evening, for Church expenses, 11—1. Mr Stack conducted the service in the evening 6—30; present about 50 people. At 4-o-clock p.m. held service at Geraldine. Baptised 2 children, Mrs Heetley’s baby and Mrs Mill’s........
Monday 11th.... I called upon Massey, Gleason, Weavers, Popplewell, Grieves, Lee, Parsons.
Tuesday.... I went to Geraldine. Attended Mr Stack’s service at 11 a.m. Holy Communion, 7 communicants. I called upon McKenzie, Heetlay, Capn McPherson, Mr A. McDonald, Mr McKenzie (in the river bed); also Pearson - found him very ill. Saw Mr Montague Heetley. Called on Mills & Dr Fish.
Wednesday 13th.... I called upon Mr Ormsby, Evens, Celland, Meredith. I baptised Meredith’s baby. I called also upon Mein & Dunsford & Mr Hay, Sharp.
Thursday 14th.... Called upon Hayhurst.
Saturday 16th.... I crossed the river end called upon Walker, Kenneway, Parr, Scott, Parkinson.
Sunday 17th.... I went to Geraldine; held service 11 a.m. Offertory 15s 7d; present about 40 people. At St Saviour’s Temuka in the evening. Present about 30 people.
Monday 18th.... I called upon Mrs Patterson & Rutland.
Tuesday 19th.... I went to Geraldine. Called upon Tancred, Caps, McDonald, Mrs McKenzie, Mr Heetley, Williams, Mills, Capn Ware, Grimmer, Deanes.
Wednesday 20th.... At home.
Thursday 21st..,. I crossed the river and called upon Kennaway, Vincent, Shepherd, Mullen, Thomas, Ray, Pierce, Walker; in Temuka, Bryant.
Friday.... I called upon Glasson, Gafney and Rhodes farm, Nicholson.
Sunday 24.... I held service at the Waihi 11 a.m. Offertory 7/6. Present about 30 people. ....... I called upon Bishop & Young. In the afternoon I held service at the Point 3 p.m. Present about 30; offertory 9/6. My sermon was the same as at the Waihi.
Monday 25th.... I called upon McKay, Mr Wigley, Aitken, Warn, Frazer, Klee, Kollet, Key, French, W. Rayner, Acton. I rode in the 2 days about 50 miles.
Wednesday.... Rain
Thursday 28th.... I called upon Bryant & Neal
Friday 29th.... I went to the Waihi Bush. Called upon Capn Ware, Dr Fish, Brown, Flapman, Trengrove, Stonehouse. Rode about 25 miles.


Saturday Sep 30th.... I left Dr Fishes and called upon Mr Martin, Sampson, Gabey, Gabey’s son.

Sunday 1st Octr 1871.... I held service at Geraldine; present about 40 people. Offertory 6/9. Baptized Taylor’s child. Owing to illness I could not go to the Valley to hold service, but staid at Dr Fishes. Evening I felt better. Got home again in time for the service at 6—30. There were present about 45 people; the offertory was 7/6 .........
2nd Monday.... John McBratney & Georgina Carthew were married by me in St Saviour’s Church Temuka. Afternoon I visited Mrs Wood - Milford, - Mcllwrick, Brakewell, Pardew.
Tuesday 3rd.... I went over the river to call upon Weavers. Found him better in health but no better in circumstances. His wife wanted 5½ yards of calico for sheets, 4 yds of calico for baby clothes, 3 yds of flannel for baby & a bottle of castor oil. Mr R... ordered them for her at Mr Pelvyn’s. I called also upon Popplewell. As it came on rain I returned home.
4 Wednesday.... I rode out to the Waihi. Called upon Cliff, Mr Roberts, Kelland, Clarkson, near Gosling, Gosling, McBratney.
5th Thursday.... I rode over the river and called again at Weaver’s house, Ackroyd, Popplewell, Pratt, Hornbrook, McKenzie.
6th Friday.... I rode to Geraldine. Called upon Capn Ware.
8th.... I held service at Geraldine 11 a.m. Present about 45 people. Afternoon, 3 p.m. I held service at Temuka. On my way to Temuka I baptised 3 babies, viz, James Gabey, Henry Budd, Phoebe Emma Hawks. The offertory at Temuka was about 18/—. Present 60. I went to call upon Mason after the service.
9 Monday.... I went to see Pearson who is very ill. Called upon Howard who has a bad hand, also Young who is recovering from a severe illness, also on Fish, Capn McDonald, Pearson - found him very ill. I went as far as Mr Tripp’s & staid all night. Rode about 30 miles.
10th Tuesday.... I left Mr Tripp’s in the morning. Called upon McLeod at the station S. McDonald, Head, Pethie, M. Heetley and H. Heetley, Pearson, McKenzie in the river bed, McDonald near the bush, Mr A. McDonald, Capn McPherson, Read in Geraldine, Mills. Rode about 30 miles.
11th Wednesday.... I was not well.
12th Thursday.... I was not well.
13th Friday.... I rode to the Orari. Called upon Kelly, Dunn, Barker, Gladstone, Clarke.
14th Saturday.... At home.
15th Sunday.... I held service at Geraldine 11 a.m. Present about 30 people........ 3 p.m. I held service at St. Saviour's Temuka. I preached the same sermon; present about 40 people. After the service I went over the river & called upon Palmer & Smith. I baptized Palmer's little child called Jane. Rained ....


16th Monday.... I called upon Tavender, Spooner, Radford.
17th Tuesday.... I crossed the river; called upon Benbow, McCullock, Wright (another man, I do not know his name), also Sharp and Mr Hay. Came in evening rain.
18th Wednesday,... I called upon Langridge, Walker, Kennaway & Vincent, Young, Kohn. Rode about 12 miles. Met a man with latter from Mr Tripp. Answered it at Wilcox’s.
21st Saturday.... I went to Geraldine to attend the funeral of John Bethune who was drowned in the Rangitata. I called upon Ash, Kirby, Cape Ware, Grimmer, Capn McPherson, Mr A. McDonald, Brown.
22nd Sunday.... I held service in the morning 11 a.m. in the School house Waihi Crossing. The offertory amounted to 5s 3d ....... Present about 30 with children. At 3.30 I held service at the Point; present about 40 people; the offertory was 15/l0....... Baptized Walker's baby on the 22nd.
23rd Monday.... I called upon Mr Hayhurst.
24th Tuesday..., I called upon Dyson, Rayner & Whitehead.
25th Wednesday.... I called upon Rayner.
26th Thursday.... I went to Geraldine with Mrs Preston to see the new home. Called upon Mr Tancred, Capn Ware, Dr Fish.
27th Friday.... I went over the Rangitata and baptized Coppin’s baby, then rode up the river to the new bridge. Saw Smith the contractor & called at Boyd’s and Goodin’s. Crossed the river per boat to see Mrs Bethune, then west on to Mount Peel. Rode about 40 miles.
28th Saturday.... I called upon McLeod, Irvin, Clough.
29th Sunday.... I held morning service in the Church Mt Peel; present about 20 People (Mr & Mrs Acland were not at home.) Afternoon I held  service at Scotsburn in the school house. There were present about 30 people. Evening I held service at Mr Tripp’s station. Present about 25 people..... I held the same text & sermon on the Waihi Flat in Donald McDonald’s house on Monday evening, 30th of Oct.... Present about 30 people. On Sunday and Monday I rode in all about 30 miles. On Monday I called upon McLeod, Pethie, McDonald, Slipper, Revd L.L. Brown, McKenzie, Salt, Bird. Also I baptized Donald McDonald's child, also Salt's baby.
3lst Tuesday ....  on my way home at H. Heetley's and M. Heetlley' (Pearson - found him very ill), Mr A. McDonald, Capn Pherson, Mr Tancred, Mills. Rode in all about 30 miles.

1st Novr Wednesday.... I went with Mrs Mrs to Timaru.
2nd Thursday.... I called upon Hayhurst.
4th Saturday I went to Geraldine. Called upon Dr Fish, his mother having died suddenly. Also Capn McPherson, Mr Martin, Pearson, Mills. Staid night at Capn McPherson's.
5th Sunday... I held service in St Mary's Church Geraldine at 11 a.m.


Present about 35 people....” At 3—0—clock I read the burial service over Mrs Johnstone, Dr Fishe’s mother. Owing to the funeral being late I could not hold any service in the Valley. At 6-30 I had the usual service in St Saviour’s Church Temuka........Present about 35 people; Offertory only 4/—.
6th Monday.... called upon Glasson and Gaffney and at 4-o-clock I read the funeral service over Mrs McKay’s little boy who died of diptheria. Called upon Erwood.
7 Tuesday.... I went to Milford; called upon Mr McKay, Wood, E. Pilbrow, J, Pilbrow, Weddrel, Brakewell, Pardew, Meddlicote, Parke, W. Hawke. Rode in all about 25 miles. Called also upon Gammock. Saw Mr Cox at his house.
8th Wednesday.... I went up the Kakahu Valley. On my way I called upon Eagle, found he had low fever; Anderson, Smith, Evens, Tagg (baptised his baby), Bell, Kelland & Hill, Boucher, Slack. Rode about 25 miles.
9th.... Left Mr Slack’s house. Called upon Hardcastle, Grace, Bull (not at home), Young (not at home), Dr Fish, Capn Ware, Mr Tancred, Lewis, Roberts. 22 miles.
10th Friday.... At home.
12th Sunday.... Went to Geraldine; held service at 11 a.m...........present about 40 people. The offertory was in aid of the Melanesian Mission — 13/6. Evening, 3-o-clock, St Saviour’s Temuka. Present about 40 people. I had the same sermon as at Geraldine. Offertory 12/4. Called in the evening at McBratney’s.
13th Monday.... At home.
15th Wednesday.... I went to see Mrs Cain who is dying. Found her very near her end. I called also upon Gosling, Russel, Bill, Dunn, Chapman, Frazer, Tavender.
16th Thursday.... I went to Geraldine. Called upon Mr Roberts, Fish, Capn Ware, Brown, ......
17th Friday.... I called upon Langridge, Bradford, Kohn, Benbow, Smith. Kohn had his eye very much damaged.
18th Saturday.... I called upon Bryant, Guy.
19th Sunday.... I held service at Geraldine 11 a.m. Rain. Present about 8 people........ I held service at the Valley 3 p.m. Present about 9. Rain. I held the same sermon. I held service at Temuka 6-30. I had the same sermon. Present about 30 people.
20th Monday.... I called upon 4 or 5 people in Temuka.
21st Tuesday.... I called upon 3 people in Temuka.
23rd.... I moved my family to Geraldine.
26th.... I held service at the Waihi Crossing 11 a.m., school house. ...... Present 20 people. At 3 p.m. I held service at the Point school house ....... present about 35 people; offertory 7-10. At Mr Wigley's station I held service at 7 o-clock; present about 20 people.


27th Monday.... I called on my way hone at Merydith’s, Kelland's Bell’s, Ormsby’s — attended his T. dinner in the evening.
29th Wednesday.... I want to Temuka; called upon Whitehead, Wilcox, Rogers, Klee, Forward, Thompson, Mason.
30 Thursday.... Rain. Daring the month trav. 304 miles, held 10 services, visited 77 houses; total attendance at service 272.

1st Dec Saturday 1871.... I called upon Grimmer, Duane, Bead, Williams, Mille, Mitchell, Taylor.
2nd Dec Saturday.... I called upon Johnstone, Capn McPherson, McKenzie, Furgison, Pearson, Heateley, A. Heateley, old Mrs Smith.
3rd Sunday... . I held service at Geraldine Church; present about 40people. The offertory was 7a 9d .......I held service in the Valley at 3 p.m.; present about 15 people At 6-30 I held service at Temuka; present about 40 people. The offertory was 6/-. Dr Rayner was present.
4th Monday.... I called upon Dr Fish & Trevor.
5th Tuesday.... Called upon McKenzie (mill), Furgison, Mrs Irvin near the river, Mr Deane, Mr Tancred. I went also to call upon W. Earle & his brother; also Chapman — I have to baptize Mrs Chapman’s baby on Saturday. Rode about 15 miles.
6 Wednesday.... I went to Temuka. On my way I called upon Young, Waihi; Dunn, Young, Niel, Cliff, Chapman — Mrs Chapman was very ill; McKenzie near Temuka, Mr Thompson, Whitehead, Wilcox, Forward. (Left confirmation papers with Young & Forward.) I also called upon Hawke & the Patterson. Saw Mrs Russel.
9th Saturday.... I sent over to Chapman's. Called on my way at Wilcox s.
10th Sunday... I held service at Geraldine 11 a.m. Present about 10 people...... At 3 I held service at Temuka; present about 14........ The congregations were small at both churches owning to rain.
12th Tuesday. ... I went to the Waihi. Bush. Called upon Scott, Revd. L. Brown, Handcock, Bird, Trengrove, Stonehouse, Faris, Flapman & Taylor; Heetley — Mrs Heetley was ill, also her little boy. I called upon Pearson — he appeared getting worse. I also called upon Captn McPherson.
14 Thursday I went to Temuka; called upon Gosling, Mrs Chapman (ill), Dunn, McKenzie, Rayner, Whitehead, Myers, Wyatt, Lee, Grieves. I baptized both Grieves’ and Hullen’s babies. Called upon Mrs Murphy — she was very ill, inflammation of the lungs.  Also called in to see .... Rogers who was very ill. I called at Mr Thompson's and staid the night with him.
15 Friday.... I went to the Waihi Flatt. Called upon Bedford, Langridge, Walker, Kenaway, Young, Thomas, Seals, Sharp, Tomey, Wilcox near Geraldine.
Sunday.... I held service at Geraldine a.m.; at the Valley 3 p.m., at Temuka 6-30........ Present about 35 at Geraldine, about 40 at Temuka, about 15 at the Valley Church.


18th Monday.... I went to Milford. Called upon Mr Wood, Pilbrow, Parke, Gosling, Dunn, Wadsworth, Gladstone, Barker.
19 Tuesday.... I went to Temuka. Called upon Whitehead, Rogers (his daughter is very ill), Klee, Mason. I married Renner to Miss Rayner. Also I baptized at the Waihi, Clara the daughter of John Kelland.
22nd Friday.... I went to Waihi Bush & held service at Mr Flatman’s store. Present about 14 people. I called on Capn McPherson, Pearson, Heetley, also his brother Montgomery Heetley. I also called upon Trengrove, Merideth, Stonehouse & Faris.
24th Sunday.... I went to the Waihi Crossing; did not hold service owing to there being no congregation. 3-30 I went to the Point; held service in the school house present about 20; offertory 4/6. 6—30 I held service across the river; present about 35
25 Xmas day.... 11 a.m. I held service in Geraldine Church; present about 40 people. My text was from St Luke II, 10 & 11 verses, Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy — & explaining the good tidings to all people.
27th Wednesday.... I went to Temuka. Attended a children’s tea gathering which was conducted by Mr Thompson. Called upon some people.
30th Saturday.... I went to Mount Peel. Called at Irvin’s, Mrs Jollie’s — the Run. Rode 20 miles.
31.... I held service in the Church Mount Peel. Present about 35 people I held service at Scotsburn 3-30. Present about 30 people. I had evening prayer in Mrs Jollie’s house at 8 p.m.
Summary for Dec 1871 - Services held 14; number attending 408; baptisms 3; parochial visits 104; miles travelled 293.

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