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Passengers for the Opawa, Timaru bound.  Arrived Lyttelton 7 Dec. 1878.

The "Opawa"

Opawa Account of Voyage | Passengers for Lyttelton

The voyage from Plymouth to Lyttelton was not without excitement. There was the usual sea sickness, births, contagious diseases, a man overboard, rough weather and seas.   The Opawa was to have berthed at Timaru but was unable to get in to the port due to gale force winds. She dropped anchor in Diamond Harbour at 10 am on 7 December 1878.
Passengers for Timaru.

Vessel  Depart port  Arrival port  Intended Arrival Port  Depart date  Arrive date 
Opawa  Plymouth Lyttelton Timaru  7 Sep 1878   7 Dec 1878


    Adults   Children    
Surname First Male Female Male Female County Occupation
Foster Wm 28       Devon Farm Lab
Foster Ann   27     Devon  
Foster HF     7   Devon  
Foster Jno     4   Devon  
Foster BM       1 Devon  
Harris Jas 35       Cornwall Farm Lab
Harris Cathe   22     Cornwall  
Harris Jno Jas     6   Cornwall  
Harris Mary J       4 Cornwall  
Harris Elizth A       1 Cornwall  
Meara Patk 32       Kings Co Farm Lab
Meara Mary   22     Kings Co  
Meara Jno     6   Kings Co  
Meara Patk     4   Kings Co  
Meara Mary         8/12 Kings Co  
Prentice Geo 26       Bedfordshire Farm lab
Prentice Sarah   26     Bedfordshire  
Prentice A     10   Bedfordshire  
Reaves Chas 23       Gloucestersh. Farm Lab
Reaves Margt   22     Gloucestersh.  
Reaves Eliza       4 Gloustersh  
Reaves Clara       2 Gloustersh  
Reaves Chas      7/12   Gloustersh  
Roberts Geo 33       Solofr Farm Lab
Roberts Elizth   33     Solofr  
Roberts Thiriga       9 Solofr  
Roberts Elizth       7 Solofr  
Roberts Mary A       2 Solofr  
Smale Thos 44       Devon Farm Lab
Smale Mary   38     Devon Gl Servt
Smale Emma   18     Devon  
Smale Mary J   16     Devon  
Smale Geo 13       Devon  
Smale ET     11   Devon  
Williams Jno 25       Devon Farm Lab
Williams Emma   24     Devon  
Williams Sydney J      5/12   Devon  
Colonial Nominated Emigrants      
Broomfield Benj 48       Kent Gardener
Broomfield Mary A   44     Kent  
Broomfield Joice   15     Kent  
Broomfield Alice       7 Kent  
Frudes Wm 52       Berks Platelayer
Frudes Mary   42     Berks  
Frudes AM 15       Berks  
Frudes AEA   13     Berks  
Frudes FJ 12       Berks  
Frudes LA       9 Berks  
Langford Alfd 31       Kent Labourer
Langford Mary   29     Kent  
Langford AJ     6   Kent  
Langford Margt       4 Kent  
Langford Wm     2   Kent  
Langford Hannah       1 Kent  
Pullick Jno 49       Middlesex Labr
Pullick Maria   44     Middlesex  
Pullick Ellen   18     Middlesex  
Pullick Geo 17       Middlesex  
Pullick Jas 12       Middlesex  
Pullick Wm     10   Middlesex  
Pullick Mary A       8 Middlesex  
Pullick Emily       4 Middlesex  
Pullick Ernest         6/12 Middlesex  
Single Men             
Andrews Jno 20       Cornwall Farm Lab
Blackshaw Thos 20       Lancash Farm Lab
Bloor Joseph 18       Staffordsh Farm Lab
Copping Jas 22       Cambridge Farm Lab
Copping Wm 25       Cambridge Farm Lab
Cronin Timothy 19       Cork Ploughman
Davey Jno 19       Devon Farm Lab
Dearlove David 20       Yorks Gardener
Eastwick Wm 18       Devon Farm Lab
Egan Thos 24       Limerick Farm Lab
Exworthy Thos 20       Devon Farm Lab
Grenfell Thos 20       Cornwall Farm Lab
Hocking Nicholas 30       Cornwall Farm Lab
Hogan Pat 25       Cork Farm Lab
Kearney Thos 20       Cork Farm Lab
Laffan Edmund 34       Kilkerry Farm Lab
Leonard Wm 23       Galway Farm Lab
McGann Jas 23       Staffordsh Ploughman
McNaughton Wm 25       Renfrew Gardener
Nolan Jno 30       Tipperary Farm lab
Minogue Pat 22       Tipperary Farm lab
Minogue Mary   19     Tipperary Gl Servt
Parker Jos 35       Somerset Gardener
Richards Chas 21       Cornwall Farm lab
Richards Jno H 23       Cornwall Farm lab
Richards Wm M 20       Cornwall Farm lab
Scollard Nicholas 24       Limerick Farm lab
Stack Rd 26       Kerry Farm lab
Trembath Wm 26       Cornwall Farm lab
Williams Alfd 20       Gloucestersh Farm lab
Nominated Colonial Emigrants      
Cremin Timothy 24       Cork Farm lab
Cremin Jno 22       Cork Farm lab
Carthbertson Jno 33       Tyrones Farm lab
Carthbertson Jos 27       Tyrones Farm lab
Carthbertson Dan 15       Tyrones Farm lab
Jennings Ed 26       Kings Farm Lab
Jennings Bridget   18     Kings GL Servt
Jones Chas 23       Glamorgansh Labourer
Kennedy Michl 21       Kings Farm Lab
Hinkley Pat 24       Kings Farm Lab
Single Women             
Bennet EJ   17     Cornwall Gl Servt
Burke Jane   25     Lancash Gl Servt
Clarkson Elen   12     Lancash Gl Servt
Cripps Ann   26     Middlesex Gl Servt
Cunningham EA   27     Tyrone Housemaid
Harris Louisa   20     Cornwall Gl Servt
Harry CJ   19     Cornwall Gl Servt
Hassett Ann   18     Guernsey Nurse
Kitto Jessie   21     Cornwall Gl Servt
Lawry Kate   21     Cornwall Gl Servt
Oreland Sophia   22     Middlesex Housemaid
Ragbould Mary   21     Worcestersh "
Sullivan Mary   25     Cork Dairymaid
Nominated Colonial Emigrants        
Burke Fanny   46     Kerry Gl Servt
Burke Richard 24       Kerry Shoemaker
Burke Francis 19       Kerry Shoemaker
Rernham Johanna   24     Tipperary Gl Servt
Rernham Sarah   22     Tipperary Gl Servt

Passenger List Transcription Source: CH4/168 National Archives Wellington
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