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Opawa Passenger List Lyttelton. Arrived Lyttelton 7 Dec. 1878.

The "Opawa"

Opawa Account of Voyage | Passengers for Timaru

The voyage from Plymouth to Lyttelton was not without excitement. There was the usual sea sickness, births, contagious diseases, a man overboard, rough weather and seas.  The Opawa was to have berthed at Timaru but was unable to get in to the port due to gale force winds. She dropped anchor in Diamond Harbour at 10 am on 7 December 1878.
Passengers for Lyttelton

Vessel  Depart port  Arrival port 

Intended Arrival Port 

Depart date  Arrive date 
Opawa  Plymouth Lyttelton Lyttelton 7 Sep 1878 7 Dec 1878





County Occupation
Families    Male Female Male Female    
Allan John 32       Dumbarsouth Ploughman
Allan Jane   26     Dumbarsouth  
Allan Thomas     inft   Dumbarsouth  
Barkle H F 23       Cornwall Farm Lab
Barkle Elinda   25     Cornwall  
Bennett Wm 31       Cornwall  
Bennett Mary   32     Cornwall  
Bennett Kelly C       4 Cornwall  
Bennett Janey L       3 Cornwall  
Broadbelt Alf 28       York  
Broadbelt Hannah   28     York  
Broadbelt Leah       6 York  
Broadbelt Edith A       2 York  
Chambers Jno 26       York  
Chambers UJ   26     York  
Chambers SA       2 York  
Chambers FW     9/12   York  
Davis Wm 27       Herefordshire Mason
Davis Emma   25     Herefordshire  
Davis Wm H     3m   Herefordshire  
Davis A       1 Herefordshire  
Doyle Murtha 42       Westford Farm Lab
Doyle Susan   29     Westford  
Doyle Anna       6 Westford  
Doyle J       5 Westford  
Doyle M       3 Westford  
Flintoff Francis 26       Yorks  
Flintoff Elizth   28     Yorks  
Flintoff C       7 Yorks  
Flintoff JR     5   Yorks  
Harvey Thos 21       Cornwall  
Harvey Mary   21     Cornwall  
Hayes Jno 24       Limerick Ploughman
Hayes Johanna   25     Limerick  
Hendton Jno 35       Armagh Farm Lab
Hendton Rose   32     Armagh  
Hendton Ellen   19     Armagh  
Hendton Joseph 13       Armagh  
Hendton Mary A       10 Armagh  
Hendton Micl     7   Armagh  
Hendton Jack     3   Armagh  
Hocking Jos 33       Cornwall Farm lab
Hocking Mary   33     Cornwall  
Hocking J       7/12 Cornwall  
Hocking W     7   Cornwall  
Hocking J     7   Cornwall  
Keane Peter 32       Limerick Farm lab
Keane Cathe   34     Limerick  
Matthews Wm 44       Cornwall Farm Lab
Matthews Mary   40     Cornwall  
Matthews W     11   Cornwall  
Miles Wm 33       Cornwall Farm lab
Miles Eliza   33     Cornwall  
Miles A       3 Cornwall  
Miles W       1 Cornwall  
Moyle Thos 26       Cornwall Farm lab
Moyle Fanny   26     Cornwall  
Moyle K J       1 Cornwall  
Newbury Reuben 26       Devon Baker
Newbury Sarah J   26     Devon  
Newbury A J       2 Devon  
Saunders H J 26       Oxon Ploughman
Saunders Rosa   25     Oxon  
Saunders F S       4 Oxon  
Saunders M L       3 Oxon  
Saunders J H         Oxon  
Sleard Edn 28       Yorks Shoemaker
Sleard Sarah A   27     Yorks  
Colonial Nominated Emigrants         
Brown Maurice 37       Kerry Farm Lab
Brown Julia   34     Kerry  
Brown J 14       Kerry  
Brown Cathne   13     Kerry  
Brown M     8   Kerry  
Brown L     4   Kerry  
Brown Pat     3   Kerry  
Cain Alex B 18       Kerry Farm Lab
Burns Wm G 25       Lanarksh Tailor
Burns Jean C   24     Lanarksh  
Burns Maggie       2 Lanarksh  
Burns Elizth S       6/12 Lanarksh  
Jessup Robt 41       Suffolk Farm Lab
Jessup Maria   39     Suffolk  
Jessup A H 16       Suffolk  
Jessup E M 15       Suffolk  
Parker Geo 54       Devon Tailor
Parker Caroline   53     Devon  
Murphy Tim F 23       Kerry Farm Lab
Murphy Mary   22     Kerry  
Murphy Ellen   20     Kerry Dairymaid
Single Men               
Beary Davis 21       Cork Farm Lab
Beary Jno 18       Cork Farm Lab
Came Geo 23       Devon Market Gardener
Came Jno W 22       Devon Farm Lab
Casey Jno 24       Waterford Farm Lab
Cunningham Eugene 22       Cork Farm Lab
Finton Andw 24       Sligo Farm lab
Flowers Thos 18       Cornwall Farm lab
Francis Fredk 18       Wilts Gardener
Frizzell Wm 18       Tyrone Farm Lab
Grigg Josh 22       Cornwall Farm lab
Hammond J W 38       Rutland Farm lab
Harris Albt 18       Cornwall Farm lab
Jenkin Jno 18       Cornwall Farm lab
Kean Wm 23       Cornwall Farm Lab
Lacy Thos 23       Limerick Ploughman
Leahy Patk 20       Kerry Farm Lab
Leaky Jno 23       Kerry
McCarthy S 21       Kerry
McDowell J 31       Antrim
McQuin Pat 15       Armagh  
McMeckin Jas 25       Antrim
McSealy Jno 19       Donegal  
Madigan Jno 24       Limerick Ploughman
Mawn Pat 24       Limerick  
Maynard W H 27       Warwicksh Gardener
Meighen W 32       Donegal Farm Lab
Patterson Jas 23       Tyrones
Pearce Jno C 22       Cornwall  
Shanahan Michl 25       Limerick Ploughman
Sharky Jno 20       Tyrone Farm Lab
Sheard Jas 23       Yorksh Shoemaker
Shepherd Wm 24       Yorksh
Thompson SI 21       Kerry Farm Lab
Tink RJ 19       Cornwall  
Triggs Geo 22       Hanls Linendrapper
Wright Jas 21       Armagh Ploughman
Colonial Nominated Emigrants        
Briggs Jno 30       Lancash Labourer
Keely Ed 25       Warwicksh Farm lab
Maloney Dennis 45       Limerick Farm Lab
Maloney Margt   24     Limerick Gl Servt
Maloney Wm 14       Limerick  
Maloney Margt   21     Limerick  
Rogers Mattw 19       Cornwall Bootmaker
Slattery Jno 20       Tipperary Farm lab
Transferred from Families & SW     
Brendron Joseph 13       Armagh  
Brown J 14       Kerby  
Cain Alex 18       Kerby  
Barkle WH 14       Cornwall  
Ellis Jno E 17       Cornwall Farm lab
Ellis WJ 19       Cornwall  
Single Women             
Triggs Charlotte   45     Devon  
Barkle Mary J   35     Cornwall Cook
Barkle Ellen   15     Cornwall  
Brennan Elizabeth   19     Queens Gl Servt
Cahill Ellen   21     Limerick Housemaid
Davies Eleanor   18     Lancash Gl Servt
Ellis Elizth   40     Cornwall  
Francis Rebbeca   15     Wilts Nurse
Hall Emma   17     Middlesex Cook
Hashings Margt   19     Derry Gl Servt
Hibbard Lill   24     Wilts  
McCarthy Emma   28     Middlesex Housemaid
Parkin E   38     Cambridge Nurse
Payne G   21     Middlesex Housemaid
Thomas Mary   19     Cornwall Gl Servt
Wells Maria   27     Staffordsh Housemaid
Windsor Eliza   30     Warwicksh Cook
Woodcock S   25     Linconsh Nurse
Wright S   18     Armagh Gl Servt
Colonial Nominated Emigrants        
Condor E   19     Cork Gl Servt
Condor M   19     Cork  
Hobbs Jane   30     Middlesex Laundrymaid
Justice Mary   20     Cork Gl Servt
Lowder SA   29     Warwicksh  
McCarthy Margt   19     Cork  
Riordan Annie   28     Kerry Dairymaid
Riordan Michl 21       Kerry Labourer
Stewart S   30     Downs Seamstress
Stewart E   34     Downs  

Passenger List Transcription Source: CH4/168 National Archives Wellington
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Press 17 July 1925 Page 13
MR JOHN ALLAN. The death occurred on July 10th at the age of 81 years of Mr. John Allan, of 237 Leinster road, formerly of Waikari, and a well-known farmer in North Canterbury. Mr Allan was born in Dumbartonshire, Scotlaftd, and with his wife arrived in New Zealand by the ship Opawa in 1878. For the first twelve months he was overseer at Mr Davis's property at Longbeach and then he started forming on his own account at Geraldine, where he lived for 17 years. He then took up a property at Waikari which he farmed for 20 years. He was a very successful farmer and his stock often topped the market at Addington. In Scotland he gained a reputation as a ploughman, and this he upheld in his farming work and on several occasions he judged at ploughing matches in Canterbury. He was a member of the Canterbury Land Board for about 15 years, and was a director of the Farmers' Co-operative Association, Ltd., for a number of years. He served on the Waikari County Council and was an active member of the Hawarden Agricultural and Pastoral Association, of which he was a past-president. He took a live interest in the affairs of the Caledonian Society. He was also a J.P. In recent years Mr Allan's health had been failing, and this became more pronounced as the result of injuries which he received in a fall from a tram-car about four years, ago. He is survived by a widow and family of sevenó Mrs J. Wallis (Papanui), Mrs D. Darroch (Waipara), Mrs L. Johns (Feilding), Messrs Alex. (Waikari), Thomas (Walton, Waikato), James (Dunsandel), and William Allan (late of Cheviot). Two sons (John and Robert) were killed in the Great War. The funeral took place at Waikari on the 12th instant and was largely attended.

Press 17 June 1941 Page 2 Mrs Jane ALLAN
A pioneer of Canterbury, Mrs John Allan. Papanui road, died recently. She was married in Scotland in 1876 and came to New Zealand in 1878, living at Waterton, Ashburton, for two years. In 1880 Mr Allan started farming on his own account at Geraldine, where he lived till he sold the farm in 1897. He then moved to North Canterbury and took up the property now known as Parkview, which he farmed successfully till his retirement to Christchurch. Mr Allan died 16 years ago. Mrs Allan lived in Papanui road for the last 23 years, and was loved by all who knew her for her goodness of Mart and happy nature. She leaves four sons, three daughters, and 16 grandchildren. The sons are Mr T. Allan (Auckland), Mr A. Allan (Waikari), Mr J. Allan (Dunsandel), Mr W. Allan (Taiko, Timaru) and the daughters are Mrs J. Wallis (Papanui), Mrs D. Darroch (Waipara), and Mrs L. Johns (Feilding). Two sons lost their lives in the Great War. The funeral took place at Waikari.

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