McCormick Deering Tractors in the South Canterbury, N.Z. district in 1925

The C.F.C.A., Temuka, advertise the qualities of the McCormick Deering Tractor, and in evidence of its popularity publish the list of local users who are proving its worth.

W12 McCormick Deering 1936 with steel wheels with cleats. 10.6hp. 1700rpm. 2900lbs. 16.07 belt hp. The smoke stack is missing. Most were manufactured with rubber tyres but some were put out on steel wheels. Farmers with steep paddocks wanted the steel wheels. Had plenty of power and a long life. A serial number was located underneath the gas tank on the front support.  Photographed the serial number in Nov. 2017. GT got a camera in the space and had to take a few shots to get it lined up (couldn't get the eye to the view finder or the display screen) but did get the numbers: WS2068

Temuka Leader 27 March 1926 Page 2 Temuka & Geraldine A. & P. Assn
Officials. President, D.H. Paterson; vice-president, A. G. Macdonald; treasurer, G. W. Armitage; auditor, F. A. Joynt; hon. veterinary surgeon, G. Lennox; secretary, J. Kennedy; general committee, A. Bain, J. C. Bisdee, F. Charles, M. Charles, R. A. Dixon, W. F. Evans, G. Fletcher, L. J. Grant, J. F. Hayhurst, H. H. Hutcheson; D. E. Lewis, R. Macaulay, junr., A. G. Macdonald, A. B. Macintosh, R. Maddren, M. H. McLeod, L. A, Nicholas, D. Paterson, J. A. Paterson, A. Shaw, F. E. South, F. W. Tarbotton, H. M. Verrall, Geo. Ward, R. B. Williams, J. Wordsworth; finance committee, D. H. Paterson, G. W. Armitage, J. Kennedy; ground committee, R. Maddren, J. A. Paterson, F. W. Tarbotton, M. H. McLeod, A. Shaw, L. A. Nicholas, H. H. Hutcheson.

The beautifully situated grounds of the Winchester Domain were the scene on Thursday of one of the best Agricultural and Pastoral Shows held by the Temuka and Geraldine A. and P. Association. Last, year the infantile paralysis epidemic caused the Show to be abandoned, almost at the last moment, but nothing untoward marred the 1926 fixture, which was held in splendid weather. There was a very good attendance, not quite up to the record of 1924, when the late Prime Minister, the Hon. W. F. Massey, was present, but good enough to show that the popularity of the function has in no way diminished. The receipts in 1924 reached an easy, record for the Association, £197 16s 7d being taken, in comparison with £160 this year. The, entries this year, mainly owing to a drop of 311 entries in the domestic produce section, fell short of the 1924 record, which was only 52 short of the Timaru A. and P. list of entries the previous season. The sheep entry this year was practically equal to that of the last Show —111—as against 112, and cattle this year showed an increase from 72 to 78. There was a drop of ten in the draught horses class, and of nine in the light horses, but this was made up by an increase in hunters of 23. Field roots showed a drop in numbers from 125 to 112, but the quality of this year's exhibits was of higher order, a grower from the North Island expressing the opinion that this district was the best for root growing in the whole Dominion.

Trade Exhibits. Nowadays no Show is complete without exhibits of cars, and on this occasion the displays showed that the agents were taking full opportunity of demonstrating their cars to the public. Undrill's, of Geraldine, made a fine show of Rugby, Citroen, Studebaker and Star care, and Bennett Bros., from the same town exhibited a beautiful up-to-date model of the famous Fiat car. Dodge cars, were well to the fore, and were supplemented with Jewett, a Morris Cowley car and a Morris truck. Mr W. Hally, the Temuka agent for Fords, had an exceptionally fine array. The latest streamline Ford coupe was openly admired and a runabout and touring car clearly demonstrated what a boon Ford cars are to the general public. Comfortable, serviceable and at the same time low priced,, they are an excellent investment. A one ton tip Ford truck was the centre of those interested in transport, whilst the Fordson tractor of which forty are in use in the district clearly demonstrated its utility for agricultural purposes, Mr Hally's exhibit also included Oliver three-furrow ploughs, cultivators, and disc harrows. The C.F.C.A., Temuka agents for the International Harvester Co., showed to advantage a McCormick Deering tractor, and Booth Macdonald's exhibit included a Twin City tractor, a Ransome plough and other farm machinery. The S.C. Electric Power Board had an interesting array of all the latest devices and appliances relating to electric light and heating. The numerous side shows were a feature of the afternoon, not for getting the cheap-jack.

Temuka Leader 6th June 1925 McCormick Deering 10.2 h.p. with a wide belt pulley

Same tractor as above.

Temuka Leader 26 November 1925 page 3
Compare up-to-date farming with life on the land a quarter of a century ago. Thanks to the tractor, to the many types of agricultural machinery, to the motor car and truck, the work of the farmer has been raised from the level of drudgery and long dreary hours of hard work to efficiency and reasonable leisure. Country life is much more attractive nowadays, and that is an excellent thing for the nation as a whole.

Up to eight acres a day can be ploughed with a McCORMICK DEERING TRACTOR against three to four with a good six-horse team, and at about half the cost. It takes 40 too 50 acres to grow sufficient feed and to graze a six-horse team. In the same area is sown in wheat, the proceeds would cover the cost of a McCormick Deering tractor.

 Every tractor sold places at least six horses upon the market. Dispose of your horses while the prices are good. A 10/20 McCormick Deering tractor will do any six-horse work -will do it much better, and at a much lower cost, and in about half the time.

Bennett Bros. Geraldine Motor Garage.

The following progressive Farmers have purchased McCORMICK DERRING TRACTORS:-
Messrs W. ANNETT, St. Andrews
N. BELL, Southburn
BRENTON BROS., Geraldine
C. CHAPMAN, Pleasant Point
H. CHAPMAN, Waitohi
F. CHARLES, Hilton
J. CHARLES, Rangitata
D. COLBOURNE, Waikakahi
S. CONNOLLY, Seadown
A. J. DAVEY, Temuka
ELLERY BROS., Belfield
H. ELWORTHY, Craigmore.
J. HAYMAN, Fairlie
N. GEANEY, Makikihi
R. GEDDES, Redcliff
E. GREEN, Hilton
T. IVEY, Timaru
A. P. KELLAND, Fairview
E. KELLAND, Northdown
THOS. LYON, Waitohi
JNO. LYON, Waitohi
COLIN LYON, Pleasant Point
A. MARSHALL, Claremont
G. B. MATHIESON, Waitohi
J. MCDONALD, Geraldine
R. McLAY, Geraldine
J. MEYER, Makikihi
J. H. MITCHELL, Studholme
W. MOORE, Waitohi
J. MOORE, Waitohi
A.E. PANNELL, Geraldine
W. W. SEWARD, Hook
G. B. SHAW, Orton
G. SOUTH, Geraldine
C. J. STANLEY, Hunter
H. STEVEN, Seadown
F. SYMONS, Orton
P. R. TALBOT, Claremont
C. M. TALBOT, Claremont
R. TALBOT, Rangitira Valley
H. TALBOT, Rangitira Valley
L. TALBOT, Kakahu
W. TALBOT, Pleasant Point
J. TOOLEY, Otipua
S. UPRITCHARD, Peel Forest
A. S. WATSON, Rangitira Valley
F. M. YOUNG, Winchester

Ploughing up the past.

McCormick Deering 10-20 -d drawing not a photgrapgh.

McCormick-Deering 10-20 Power:
Drawbar (claimed): 10 hp
Belt (claimed): 20 hp

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