Nelson, New Zealand - A list of Names from this area

A List Of Nelson Names

Names from the Nelson and surrounding areas .1800's and early 1900's. More information can be obtained on the Holyoake, Ball, and Fowler names and a few of the others from.......Nola Moses

ADAMS, PERCY a Deerstalker in 1902
ADAMS, HENRY Solicitor in 1854
ALDRED, JOHN Rev, in Nelson 1843
ALDRIDGE, GEORGE with his wife in the Rotoiti area in the early 1900s
ALDRIDGE, VIOLET, NELLIE, FLORRIE,and GRACIE sisters, and daughters of the above
ANCELL, WILLIAM Chemist died 1937 aged 71
ANDREW, JOHN CHAPMAN was born in Yorkshire, the son of James and Jane Andrew.In 1876 he became the headmaster of Nelson College. His wife was EMMA FENDALL
ANDREWS, THOMAS the Village Constable at Waimea South
ANSTICE, JOHN SNOOK 1829--1917 arr Nelson from Australia in 1854 had a bakehouse.
ANSTICE, WILLIAM was a baker in Nelson 1887
ANSTICE, EDWARD son of William
ANSTICE, JAMES in Richmond 1907
ARNOLD, RITA Teacher at the "TopHouse"
ARNOLD, WILLIAM had a store at Brightwater
ARNOLD, LEWIS son of William b at Brightwater in 1882
ARNOLD, VIOLET dau of William b at Brightwater 1884
ARDLEY, ELIZA Riwaka census 1845
ARNDT, HERMINA 1885--1926 born near Queenstown she became a artist. Hermina married LEO MANOY from Motueka.
ASKEW, JOHN Riwaka census of 1845. drowned off Nelson in 1846
ASKEW, WILLIAM arr in Nelson 1842 died Riwaka 11th Sept 1873
ASTLE, CHARLOTTE b, 29th Jan 1861
ATKINS, THOMAS AVON b, 1904 Motueka
ATKINSON,ALICE MABEL 1864--1935 in Nelson 186
ATMORE,HARRY 1870--1946 born in Nelson, the youngest of 11 children
AVIS, JAMES a ferryman at the Waimea
BAIGENT, HENRY Timber Miller at Wakefield b, 1844 at Wakefield. married MARGARET WALLACE in 1866 . 2nd marriage to PHOEBE ATMORE. Henry died in 1929
BAIGENT, JOSEPH farmed at Owen River 1866
BAIGENT, EDWARD 1813--1892
BALL, MABEL MARY b, 1887, Nelson d,18th Nov 1959 at Masterton
BALL, CLAUDE EXCEL SWEETMAN father of Mabel and LOUISA STONE was his wife.
BALL, ALFRED b, 21st Sept 1884. Nelson
BALL, CHARLES married in Nelson. He was born in Onehunga,He was a tailor
BALL, ALFRED in Nelson 1882 when he became bankrupt.
BANFIELD, THOMASINE VIGORS b, 10th Dec 1872 ,Brooklyn
BANFIELD, LINDA SEGUS b, 3rd Jun 1874 Brooklyn
BANFIELD, ZELA VIROSE b, 9th Oct 1876 Brooklyn.
BANFIELD, MARION b, 8th Mar 1878 Brooklyn
BANFIELD, HONOR b, 9th Jan 1881 Brooklyn
BANFIELD, PAULINE b, 3rd Aug 1884 Brooklyn
BANFIELD, ESSICK KENRICK b, 29th Apr 1888 Brooklyn
BANFIELD, JU CARL b, 8th Mar 1889 Brooklyn
BANKS, BILLY had a mailrun thru Korere in 1918
BANKS, ARCHIBALD established a Brewery in 1860
BARLEYCORN, JOHN in Nelson early 1840s
BARNARD, GEORGE and THOMAS brothers from Adelaide.Thomas died in 1860
BARNETT, CHARLES EDWARD b, 1859 Takaka d, 1943 Riwaka marr ROSE ANN FOWLER 1882
BARTLETT, SARAH in Richmond 1850
BATCHELOR, GEORGE Bootmaker from Nelson 1865
BATE, RALPH at Riwaka
BATEMAN, BILL shot himself at the "Top House" in Oct 1894 after commiting murder
BATT, GEORGE was a Bullock Wagon Driver in the 1890s
BAXTER, JESSE married PHYLLIS MYRTLE EDWARD of Takaka ,Feb 1912. Jesse worked on various ships and was born Feb 1885 at Kaikoura.Parents were Margaret and Bothwell Baxter.
BEAMSLEY, Butcher at Murchison
BEATSON, JOHN GUTHRIE was a Lay Reader at St James, Ngtamoti1913--1937
BEATSON, WILLIAM 1807--1870 settled in Stoke in 1854. He died in 1870
BELL,THOMAS farmed at Murchison 1885
BELL, FRANK died from Peritonitis in 1905 while boarding at the Nelson College.
BENFIELD, WILLIAM proprietor of a hotel at Richmond 1870--73
BENNETT, FREDERICK AUGUSTUS was in Motueka for a while died in 1950, aged 79
BENSEMANN, CORDT built the Upper Moutere Hotel and was granted a licence in 1857
BENTLEY, JAMES b, Scotland 1825 went to Aust for a few years then became a storekeeper at Nelson 1857 died at the age of 73
BERRYMAN, STANLEY at Motupiko 1909
BEST, CHARLES 1817-1892 Pioneer Farmer at Appleby. He was from Somerset, England
BEST, DANIEL drowned in the Waimea River in 1844 son of Charles
BETT, FRANCIS ARNOTT Doctor at Nelson ,from Dunedin He was b, 1873. d, 1957
BIGGS, ARTHUR and HUBERT at Motupiko 1909
BIRD, ANN d, 1891
BIRD, RUEBEN d,1850 He was Anns husband, when he died Ann took over the running of his Butcher Shop
BISHOP, GEORGE d, 1876 Nelson
BISHOP, WILLIAM 1st pioneer chemist to advertise in the Nelson newspaper in 1842
BISLEY, MARY CAROLINE (nee KARSTEN) 1836--1917 She was born in Germany and settled in the Moutere
BISLEY, JOSEPH husband of Mary. a baker. In 1873 he died of Typhoid Fever
BLACKETT, JOHN GEORGE a Provincial Engineer in 1870. he was b, 1852 d, 1885
BLAIR, JAMES assistant teacher 1891
BLAIR, JAMES (some one?) arr at Richmond in 1886, listed as being an accountant. died 3rd May 1920 aged 72. Also town clerk in 1889
BLECHER, JOHANN ERNEST was charged with arson in 1894 at Nelson. sentenced to 4 years hard labour and then deported
BLOWER, BENJAMIN moved to Wellington 1882
BLYTHE, MARK Maltster for 9 years
BOND, JANE ALICE School Teacher born in Nelson 1867 .Jane died 1956 aged 88.
BOND, WILLIAM THORNTON married Elizabeth Percy and sailed for N.Z in 1863 ran a newspaper in Nelson William died 12th Sep 1933 and his wife in 1911 aged 70. Jane was their Dau
BONNINGTON, GEORGE Chemist made the famous "bonningtons irish moss" died 1902
BOON, JAMES died 1918 aged 59
BOWDEN, THOMAS ADOLPHUS Vicar at Spring Grove. He was b, 1824 London and died 1906
BOYD, ALEXANDER lived in Richmond in 1897
BOYES, JOHN was a Constable in Motueka 1855--1866
BROAD, LOWTHER born Kensington, London, England was a resident magistrate in 1870 at Nelson
BROUGH, JONATHAN doing road work in the Nelson area in the 1880s. He died 1927 aged 88
BUCHANAN, PETER died 3rd Oct 1908 at Nelson aged 76
BUDGE, WILLIAM was a surveyor married Sarah McDonald 1845 died 20th Oct 1871
BURRELL, EDWARD FEARON Lay Reader at St James, Ngtamoti 1892--1903
BURN, ELLEN Riwaka census of 1845
BURN, WILLIAM Riwaka census of 1845
BURNETT, CLEMENT MARTIN b, 14th Sept 1884, Dovedale
BURNETT, JAMES a coalmining engineer b 1826 in England d,of typhoid fever 1872
BURNETT, ADA BERTHA b, 12th Jun, Dovedale
BUTLER, JAMES proprietor of a hotel in Richmond 1870-73
BRADCOCK, MARY ANN b 1860 d, 1869
BRERETON, WILLIAM was a Lay reader at St James, Ngtamoti 1879--1890
BRERETON, JOHN Sunday School Teacher at Ngtamoti 1884
BRERETON, JOHN drowned at sea 1890
BROCK, LUCY (nee KITE) propietor of several hotels
BROCKLEBANK, TOM worked in a store at Richmond
BROGDEN, JOSEPH in Nelson in 1847
BROUGHAM, RUBY MARY d, 7th Dec 1901 at Motueka
BROUGHAM,MARIA buried 2nd Nov,1845 at Motueka. She was the wife of JOHN BROUGHAM
BRUNNER, THOMAS Riwaka census of 1845
BRYANT, WILLIAM HENDERSON headteacher at Brightwater 1889
byrne, christopher
CALDWELL, ELIZABETH(nee Tait) and Thomas Pringle were pioneer settlers at Takaka
CAMERON, JAMES resident of Richmond in 1902
CAMPBELL, GEORGE HENRY house decorater, died March 1917
CANNING, CHARLES in the area 1871
CAREEK, STEPHEN 1st Harbour master at Nelson. was also a postmaster born 1815 and died in 1878
CARTER, ELIZABETH schoolteacher 1889
CHANT, WILLIAM brewer at Motueka.
CHANT, GEORGE, ELIZA, and EMILY in the Motueka Orphanage in 1882.
CHAPMAN, MARY b, 11th Apr 1850 Nelson
CHAPMAN, DAVID had a brewery in 1893
CHILDS, WILLIAM STEWART drowned in a boating accident May 1862
CHRISTIE, CHARLES died 21st May 1867 aged 44.
CLARK, DAVID and ELIZABETH (nee HOARE) arr Nelson 1841
CLARK, JAMES HENRY b, Wakefield 16th May 1878 d, 23rd Jan 1953 buried at Riwaka Cemetery.
CLARK, ANN ELIZABETH married Cecil John Tutbury 26th Jan 1905
CLEAVER, WILLIAM ran a hotel in Richmond in 1853
CLIMIE, DANIEL Engineer in Nelson
COCK, JOSEPH HENRY Merchant in Nelson. born 1855 at Calstock,Cornwall
COLE, THOMAS at the Owen River in 1866
COLEMAN, ROBERT blacksmith at Motupiko
COLEMAN, PHIL at Motupiko in 1909
COLEMAN, FRANK schoolteacher 1900-1916
COLEMAN, WILLIAM Mayor of Richmond 1913-14. William Coleman Snr was b, 1844 and arr Auckland 1864. Fought in the N.Z wars moved to Nelson 1880 and died 1918
COLLINS, JOHN and JAMES in Nelson in 1842
COLLINS, ARTHUR SHUCKBURGH born in England 1832 arr Nelson 1849 on the "Pekin"owned land
COOK, JAMES Riwaka census of 1845
COOK, GEORGE 1832--1905 lived at Riwaka in the area now known as" Cooks Corner"son of James.
COOK, WILLIAM taught school at Upper Moutere for 29 years till his death in 1886
CORRIGAN, DOROTHY ANNIE dau of James Randall Corrigan. she married Harry Atmore in 1936 and died at Hawera in Sept, 1976
COWLES, EDWARD b, London 1846 was a school teacher in Riwaka and Richmond. Married and had 12 children
CRESSWELL, THOMAS 1st death in Nelson and buried on "Fifeshire Island. Site of grave unknown .died of Typhus
CROUCHER, JOHN MARTIN b in Kent, England. Began a bakery in Richmond 1864
DARTNELL, WILLIAM and LUCY in Richmond 1850. William was a builder
DELANY, ESTHER An Organist at Ngtamoti from 1879--1885
DELANY, JOHN mail contractor in Motueka 1891
DELLOW, JOHN and sons were early packmen at Murchison. There were 5 Dellow brothers.
DELLOW, ANN married JOHN OXAM and had 14 children. They lived at Murchison. John was from Cornwall
DEMENT, WILLIAM b, 1814 in Jersey. was a bricklayer at Nelson
DEVANNY, MICHAEL d 1853 aged 25
DEVANNY, ANDREW died Oct 1898 aged 79 ELIZABETH his wife died 8 March 1898
DEVANNY, LAURENCE drowned in 1868.
DENT, WILLIAM Riwaka census 0f 1845
DISHER, JOHN had the "Star and Garter Hotel" in Richmond 1866
DIXON, GEORGE had a cordial factory
DODSON, JOSEPH became the 1st Mayor of Nelson in 1874
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM Riwaka census 1845
DRUMMOND, JOHN ERNEST b, 13th Sept 1862 Riwaka
DRUMMOND, DAVID Riwaka census 1845
DUNCAN, JOSEPH Riwaka census 1845
EASTCOTT, THOMAS Chemist from 1903 to 1925 when he moved to Kaikoura
EDWARDS, GEO Riwaka census was a boatbuilder.
EGGERS, FRANK in the Upper Moutere Cricket team in 1922
ELLERM, JOHN in Nelson 1842
ELLIOTT, CHARLES proprietor of the 1st newspaper in the South Island
ELLIS, JOHN in Nelson 1857
ELLIS, MAUD teacher at Brightwater in 1902
ELSON,GEORGE Chemist 1864--1869
EPPS, THOMAS Riwaka census 1845
EWERS, LAURIE and HARVEY in the Upper Moutere cricket team in 1922
EYLES,BOB Schoolteacher in the early 1900s was at Motupiko in 1909
FAIREY, EDWARD S in Richmond in 1882
FAWCETT, CHARLES in the Motupiko cricker team of 1909
FERRARS, THOMAS Riwaka census 1845
FIELD, THOMAS arr Nelson on the "Gypsy" 1854. He died 15th Feb 1899 aged 83
FITTALL, SAMUEL b, London 1837 married ETHEL HORLOR in 1864.He was the town clerk at Richmond 1902--1915
FIVEN, HENRY settled in Richmond 1847. He died in 1893
FLETT, CHARLES JAMES GORDON d, June 1st 1897 aged 1 year,3 months
FORD, GEORGE at Murchison
FOWLER, EDWIN Riwaka census 1845
FOWLER, JOHN Riwaka census 1845
FOWLER, JOHN DAVID b 5th April 1853 at Riwaka d, 2nd Nov 1924 at Ashburton.
FOWLER, LESLIE KARL b 25th Sept 1885 d, 26th June 1972 of Riwaka
FOWLER, HENRY Riwaka census 1845
FOWLER, STANLEY mail contractor in 1900
FRANKLYN, ARTHUR from Wakefield brought the Top House Hotel in 1895
FRATER, CHARLES in Motupiko in 1909
FRY, HENRY Riwaka census 1845
GANAWAY, JAMES bought a brewery in 1884
GIBB, ALBERT of Wakefield gained 1st prize at the 1911 Dog Trials
GIBSON, MARY AGNES from Scotland b,Oct 1832 married William Stewart Childs in 1858
GIBSON, MARTHA married Charles Ball in Nelson 9th July 1887
GLEN, JOHN b, in Scotland. Came to N.Z from Adelaide in 1884, Moved to Nelson 1892. died in 1920
GOODYER, SARAH married CHARLES DOWNIE and had several children at Murchison. He owned a bullock team and live to the age of 96. He died in 1939
GORMAN, THOMAS died 24th March 1909 aged 37
GOWAN, WALTER at Motupiko in 1909
GRAHAM, JAMES Riwaka census 1845
GRAHAM,JOHN b, Nelson 1843 died, 1926.His parents were JAMES and MARIA
GRANVILLE, VICTOR a veterinary from Nelson 1883
GREEN, MATTHEW in the area in 1859. at Richmond in 1896
GREEN, FELIX at Richmond in 1883
GRIFFITH, ALAN at Motupiko in 1909
GRINDLE ,family had the Kohatu Hotel
GROOBY, ELIZABETH b, 1854 Motueka, d, 1885 at Pangatotara
GROOBY, FRANCIS drowned in the Moutere River in May 1858
GROVE,JAMES in the area in 1880
GROVE, FANNY married John Davis Norriss 4th March 1885 at Wairau
HADFIELD, EVERED RODGERS b, 4th Mar, 1897 Awaroa.
HADFIELD,FREDERICK established a Chemist Shop in Nelson 1858
HAGGITT, CHARLES a deerstalker in 1902
HAMILTON, JAMES in Nelson 1884
HAMMOND, HENRY at Richmond 1861
HANDYSIDE, HENRY surveyor who later became one of the 1st farmers at Murchison
HARFORD, ANN in Richmond 1850
HARFORD, JAMES road contractor from Richmond
HARKNESS, WILLIAM sold 500 ewes in 1865
HARLEY, THOMAS and brother JOSEPH started a brewery in Nelson. Joseph died 1906.
HARGREAVE, HENRY, JANE and SARAH in Nelson in the 1840s
HARVEY, HENRY THOMAS buried at the Sandy Bay Cemetery 19th Feb 1953
HARVEY, CYRIL in the Upper Moutere cricket team 1922
HART, RICHARD and MARY at Richmond 1850
HAWTHORN, JAMES in Richmond 1920
HAYDEN, GEORGE b, 1815-17 England died 7th Nov 1910
HAYCOCK, HENRY occupied the "Red Horse Inn" in 1883
HAYCOCK, MARY married EDWARD BATEUP in 1882 and had 3 sons and 5 daughters
HEATH, THOMAS ran a hotel 1909-11
HEINE,PASTOR and ANNA with dau ELLEN lived at Uper Moutere in 1853
HERDMAN, MARGARET d, 4th Nov 1869
HERWIN, GEORGE at Rotoiti in 1899
HIGGS, RICHARD and his brother WILLIAM. William died in 1918
HILL, ANNIE teacher at Brightwater 1899
HILL, HILDA assistant teacher 1905
HINGSTON, GEORGE grocer at Foxhill
HINGSTON, INEZ WITHEY b Dec 7th 1891. d Jan 18th 1981 aged 89
HOARE, JOSEPH in Nelson 1842
HODDER, THOMAS and brother EDWIN were in Richmond in 1858
HODGSON, ELIZA d, 2nd May 1870 at Nelson
HOGG, JOHN ran a brewery in Nelson 1894
HOGG, GEORGE in Nelson 1896 died March 1941
HOLDAWAY, THOMAS his house burnt down in 1890
HOLDER, FRANCIS a Lay Reader at St James, Ngtamoti 1898--1925
HOLDER,FRANCIS born West Indies 1841 died 1925. Had a coach service between Foxhill and Nelson
HOLMES, RICHARD JAMES b, 1888 Sandy Bay, Riwaka married Violet Holyoake 1920
HOLLAND, FRANCIS WALESBY died 1944 aged 80
HOLLAND, JOSEPH b Nov 1850 at Wakefield d Nov 1925 aged 75 His son ERNEST d 1929 aged 48
HORN, ETHEL b, 1878 Sandy Bay, Riwaka married Richard Holyoake
HOLYOAKE, EMILY ELIZA b, 30th Oct 1844 Riwaka
HOLYOAKE, CATHERINE b, 9th Oct 1846 Riwaka
HOLYOAKE, ALICE b, 17th Dec 1848 Riwaka
HOLYOAKE, GEORGE JAMES b, 28th Oct, 1850 Riwaka
HOLYOAKE, THOMAS b, 16th July 1851 Motueka
HOLYOAKE, CORNELIUS b, 4th June 1853 Riwaka
HOLYOAKE,CLARA LOUISE b, 23rd Jan 1858 Riwaka
HOLYOAKE, RICHARD aged 99 and wife MARY aged 89 lie at rest in the Sandy Bay Cemetery.
HOLYOAKE, RICHARD d, 30th Aug 1893 at Takaka
HOLYOAKE, JAMES GEORGE d, 29th March 1932
HOLYOAKE, ELIZA (nee KIMBLE) d, 3rd May 1912 at Riwaka.
HOMES, HENRY in Richmond 1911
HOOK, ALFRED FRANK ran a hotel 1900--7
HOOPER, GEORGE had a shop 1865/66. also was a brewer.died April 1884
HOOPER, NATHANIEL b, 10th July 1870
HORNIG, JOHN at Richmond 1890s
HUDSON, THOMAS had the "Red Horse Inn" at Richmond 1866
HUBBARD, HENRY had the "Elephant and Castle" at Richmond
HUGHES,MARTHA ANN from Wakefield married LYVIAN WARNE a Cornishman. they had at least 5 children
HUNT, JAMES Mayor of Richmond 1910-13
HYLAND, RICHARD at Richmond in 1885
HYDE, LAWRENCE GALPIN was the grandson of the infamous "Dr" James Hyde
INGRAM, JOHN resident of Richmond 1892
INWOOD, RITA died at Motueka 3rd May 1904
JACKSON, BENJAMIN and son HENRY were shoemakers in the 1800s
JAMES, NED built Tarndale House abt 1860. later owned by JOHN KERR
JAMES, JOHN in Nelson 1857
JAMES, JACK wagon driver at Murchison in the 1890s
JAMES, JOHN and SARAH in Richmond 1850
JENNENS, MINA in Nelson 1915
JESSOP, ANNIE Schoolteacher at the TopHouse school in 1899 she was from Hope .
JESSOP, THOMAS road contractor at Richmond 1890
JORDON, FANNY assistant teacher at brightwater 1895-1901
KELLING, CARL had land that was purchases for a school in the Moutere in 1908
KELLING, FEDOR at Richmond 1862
KERR, THOMAS ( no relation to John and David)kept a accomadation house called the "Do Drop Inn" Lat he had the Hampden Hotel in Murchison in 1873
KITE, THOMAS had the " Plough Inn" in 1852 at Richmond
KNAPP, CHARLES policeman at Brightwater
KNIGHT, CHARLES in Richmond 1912
LAKING, FRANCIS a Doctor in 1886
LAMMAS, JOHN Blacksmith at Richmond
LAMMAS, MARK at Richmond 1884.
LAMMAS, THOMAS H at Richmond 1882
LANGFORD, EDITH HARRIET b, 29th July 1874 Nelson
LANEY, EDWARD Bread and Biscuit Maker in Nelson died 1867. His son WILLIAM d 1866 aged 24
LAWN, GEORGE schoolteacher at Murchison.left in 1909 to teach elsewhere
LAWSON, WILLIAM ran a brewery and boarding house 1918
LEIGH, CATHERINE widow in 1908
LEONARD, PETER charged with burglary at Nelson Dec 1842
LESTER, WILLIAM JAMES married LYDIA CLATTERBUCK an Australian girl. They lived in the Murchison area and raised 13 children
LEWIS, RUTH assistant teacher at Brightwater in 1905
LEWIS, ELIZABETH VICTORIA married James Henry Clark Motueka 13th Oct 1872. She died 21st May 1918 from Carcinoma of the Stomach.
LINDSAY, DAVID Riwaka census 1845
LINES, BENJAMIN a Foxhill Brewer
LITTLE, JAMES K in Nelson 1878
LLEWWLLIN, DONALD IRVING a Lay Reader at the St James, Ngtamoti from 1929--1967
LODDER, WILLIAM Riwaka census 1845
LONGLEY, NAT built the present Top House Hotel in 1889.
LOUDEN, WILLIAM Blacksmith at Motupiko
LOVERIDGE, JOHN settler in Nelson 1919
LLOYD, AUGUSTUS in Nelson 1842
LLOYD, WILLIAM ran a coach service 1867
LUCAS, SAMUEL In Richmond 1867
LUNN, HENRY Riwaka census 1845
MADIGAN, EDWARD KIMBLE b, 23rd Mar 1867 Riwaka
MADIGAN, EMILY ALICE b, 28th Dec 1868 Riwaka
MADIGAN, JAMES LACY b, 24th Nov 1872 Riwaka
MADIGAN, MARGARET CLARA b, 2nd Dec 1874 Riwaka
MADIGAN, KATHLEEN LACY b, 14th Dec 1878 Riwaka
MADIGAN. LOIS JOSEPHINE b, 5th Jan 1881 Riwaka
MADIGAN, JOHN DE LACY b, 1st Dec 1883 Riwaka
MADIGAN, EILEEN b, 7th Apr 1886 Riwaka
MAHONEY, Rev J.B arr from Ireland 1875
MARTIN, jAMES d, 9th May 1859 at Motueka
MARTIN, SABINA (James wife) d 8th May 1864 at Motueka
MARTIN, HORACE (son) d, 31st Mar 1864 and EMMA (dau) d, 18th June 1861
MARTIN, BILL at Motupiko in 1909
MASON, CATHERINE d, 24th Aug 1900 at Riwaka
MASON, THOMAS CHARLES butcher at Nelson 1883
MATTHEWS, WILLIAM opened a butcher shop in 1856
MEAD, ARNOLD had the Lake Rotoiti Mail Run 1908--1909
MEAD, BOB at Motupiko in 1909
MEAD, THOMAS at Foxhill 1888
MERCER, SAMUEL Riwaka census 1845
MICKELL, WILLIAM Riwaka census 1845
MILES, CHRISTOPHER CHARLES was a hotel assistant 1918
MILLARD, ROBERT at Waimea West in the 1890s
MILLS, RICHARD in Nelson 1842
MILLAR, WILLIAM in Nelson 1842
MILLIGAN, MABEL married a CHARLIE GATE. Charlie was a postmaster
MOCKLER, GEORGE in the area in 1912
MOFFAT, HARRY LOUIS was a goldminer in Otago, Buller , also at Murchison
MORRISON, WILLIAM Riwaka census 1845
MORLEY, GEORGE in Nelson early 1840s
MOSS, GEORGE at Takaka 1894
MULLENS, VERNON at Richmond in 1898
MCAULIFFE family lived in Murchison
MCCONKEY, horse trainer at Richmond
MCCONOCHIE,b 27th July 1897 at Glenhope. His parents were from Glasgow, Scotland
MCNABB, ALBERT VICTOR b, 1882 Sandy Bay, Riwaka
MCNABB, ROBERT Riwaka census 1845
MCMAHON, BERNARD Riwaka census 1845
MCNEE, THOMAS Scotsman from Australia and Storekeeper at Murchison
MCNEE, ROBERT and son ARTHUR in the Murchison area
MCRAE, DONALD W in Richmond 1914
MCSHANE, ALEXANDER a doctor at Nelson 1841 ,died in 1849
NALDER, CHARLES d, 25th June 1874 Nelson
NEWTON, HANNAH d,29th Oct 1875 Nelson
NEWTON, MARY ANN d, 23rd March 1894 Nelson
NEWTON, THOMAS d, 22nd Nov 1875 Nelson
NIXON, JOHN in Richmond 1847. He returned to Wanganui in 1853
NORRISS, JOHN DAVID b, 4th May 1858 at Nelson d, 16th July 1936 Wakapuaka, Nelson
OBRIEN, MORGAN arr Richmond 1895
OGG, ALEXANDER land surveyor at Nelson 1852
OLIVER, ARTHUR ROBERT owned land at the Golden Downs in 1861 and the Motueka Valley
OLOUGHLIN, HENRY a Postmaster at Owen River in 1886
OLOUGHLIN, EDITH married William Morris Satchel in 1885.
ORCHARD, CHARLES a postmaster and storekeeper in 1862
OROURKE, TOM was a wagon driver in Murchison
OTTERSON, FRANCIS in Richmond 1843
PACKARD, JOSEPH travelled to Motupiko with12 head cattled in 1850 ( with Alfred Wilson)
PAINTER, ALEXANDER Riwaka census 1845
PALMER. JOHN established the "Volunteer Arms Inn" abt 1844
PAPPS, JOSHUA FREDERICK was a wheelwright in 1890. b, England 1848 married 1874 and had 6 children. 2nd marriage to BERTHA WIN produced another 6 children
PARKER, brothers HENRY and HORACE d, 1866 and 1867. sons of
PARKER, EDMUND b, 10th Dec 1851 at Motueka
PARKINSON, JESSE arr from England in 1863 on the "Bard of Avon" lived at Dovedale
PATTIE, CHARLES PATTERSON d, 5th July 1890 at Riwaka
PATTIE, THOMAS d, 1874 at Riwaka
PELICHET, CHARLES Riwaka census 1845
PETRIE, JAMES b, 15th Mar 1839 at Aberdeen, Scotland.Postmaster at Richmond 1914--1929. James died in 1930 aged 91. His wife was ELLEN (nee CURTIS) children were George, Ellen and James
PETTIT, ELIZABETH b, Glasgow d, 20th March 1931
PETTIT, THOMAS b, 1858 d, 6th July 1934 at Wellington.
POOLE, THOMAS Riwaka census 1845
POYNTER, JOHN at Nelson in 1854
PRATT, EMMA b, 1869 d, 24th Jan 1896
PRICE, THOMAS Blacksmith at Waimea West 1844
PRICHARD, EVAN Chemist at Nelson 1855-1862. He died in 1880
PRESTIDGE,GEOFF in the Upper Moutere cricket team 1922
RAIT, JOHN and MARY had a accomadation house between Rotoiti and Tophouse in 1872
RAWLINGS, WILLIAM RUSSELL and wife MARY and son .left N.Z for South America in the 1850s where William met his death
REARDON, JOHN drowned abt 1895
REDWOOD, HENRY arr from Sydney with 33 horses in July 1851
RHODES, IANTHE died in 1916 as a result of a accident
RICH, THOMAS ginger-beer and lemonade maker in the 1850s. He died 8th June 1858 aged 40
ROBERTSON, HENRIETTA b 1843 in Glasgow marr JOHN MCCULLOCH Dec 1864 at Nelson. 2nd marriage was to JOHN MCCOIG in Dec 1873
ROBERTSON, PETER BUCHANAN d, 19th Oct 1905 aged 33.
ROSE, JAMES Riwaka census 1845
ROSE, JOHN had a store in Brightwater in 1863
ROSS, DAVID Baker and Carrier at Nelson 1843
ROWLING , THOMAS joined the "Nelson City Rifles" in 1873
ROWLING, THOMAS stone mason from Cornwall d 20th June 1894 aged 75 husband of
ROWLING, ELIZABETH (nee PASCOE) who d, 23rd Aug 1885 aged 62 at Riwaka.
RUNDLE, RICHARD arr from Taranaki in 1843 intending to start a flour mill
RUSHTIE, ANNA Schoolteacher
RYAN, JOHN at Richmond in 1866
SATCHEL, WILLIAM MORRIS in Richmond 1884. He was a doctor and left Richmond in 1892
SATHERLY, JOHN at Waimea West 1890s
SAUNDERS, GEO Riwaka census 1845
SAUNDERS, ALFRED was a flour miller at Nelson in 1851
SAXBY, JACOB A church minister 1912-14
SAYWELL, CHARLES ( son of George). Came from Wellington. He was a undertaker and carpenter in 1872. He died in 1897
SCUTTER, SUSAN married George Hayden 5th Sept 1857
SHEAT, ALFRED Mayor of Richmond 1907-10
SHEPPARD, WILLIAM Riwaka census 1845
SHEARY, JAMES in Richmond 1915
SHERWOOD, JOHN E. Cordial maker abt 1899
SHERMAN, WILLIAM in Richmond 1905
SIGGLEKOW, GILBERT ,ERNEST and REUBEN in the Upper Moutere cricket team 1922
SIMPSON, JOHN 1817--1898 and SARAH 1829--1910
SINCLAIR, DONALD Police Magistrate in 1845
SMITH, GEO Riwaka census 1845
SMITH, THOMAS had a brewery 1846-1853 He died in 1853
SMITH, JOHN teacher at Brightwater 1860-61
SMITH, ROBERT M of the " Forest Inn" at Wakefield 1876
SONGER, WILLIAM His house burnt down in 1890
SPANGER, PAUL contractor for mail from Nelson to Motueka 1860
STANTON, ALFRED b, 29th April 1847 at Nelson
STANTON,JOSEPH storekeeper 1888
STANTON, WILLIAM Constable and storekeeper at Richmond 1845--54 died aged 69 in 1865
STEPHENS, SAMUEL d 26th June 1855. One of the 1st English settlers in Nelson.
STRACHAN, ALEXANDER and MARY at Ngtamoti in 1890
STAFFORD, EDWARD WILLIAM drowned in the Wairau River in Apr 1853
STONE, LOUISA married Claude Ball In Nelson 1882
STRIKE, GEORGE in Nelson 1882
STRINGER, SAMUEL b, 1877 Sandy Bay, Riwaka, married in 1908
SUTCLIFFE, RICHARD Lay Reader at St James, Ngtamoti 1881--1898
SUTHERLAND, ALEXANDER built the 1st horse bridge at Lake Rotoroa
SUTTON, JOHN and WILLIAM at Richmond in the 1880s
SWAINSON, HERBERT in Richmond 1902
SYMES, ADELAIDE school teacher 1917-19
TALBOT, GEORGE Mayor of Richmond 1892-1903
TARRANT, HENRY ALEXANDER a Lay Reader at St James, Ngtamoti 1874--1898
TATTON, J.W a Nelson gold buyer in 1863
THOMAS, REGINALD G in Richmond 1912
THOMASON, KEZIA d, 30th Jan 1926 Nelson
THOMAS, HORACE in the Motupiko cricket team 1909
TIDD, THOMAS S arr Nelson 1842
TIMMS, SELINA married Joshua Papps in 1874 and had 6 children
TOMLINSON, JACK was 8 years old in 1899 when his parents had the TopHouse Hotel from 1899--1919. JACK died in 1987 at the age of 96.
TOMLINSON, FRED built a school in 1884
TOWERS, THOMAS d, 4th Jan 1851 Motueka aged 48.
TRAVERS, WILLIAM in Nelson 1857
TROWER, GEORGE owned the Owen River hotel for a while
TUFFNELL, ALBERT RAINBOW arr at Nelson from Wanganui in 1915
TUNNICLIFFE,GEORGE WILLIAM b, 26th May 1864 Waimea South
TURNER, ANDREW at Nelson 1842
TURNER, CHARLES in 1871 brought his wife and 6 week old dau to Nelson from Pelourus on horeback
TUTBURY, RICHARD Riwaka census 1845
TUTBURY, CECIL JOHN b 15th May 1878 d 23rd Jan 1953 and is buried at the Riwaka Cemetery
WADSWORTH, WILLIAM made his 1st trip from Nelson to Wakefield in Feb, 1843
WADSWORTH, MARY assistant teacher at Brightwater 1907-14
WADMAN, SAMUEL in Nelson 1860
WAGG, DAVID was a tailor in Nelson, also a Methodist Preacher. died 1904 aged 86
WALKER, GEORGE farmed in the Murchison area
WALKER, JOHN became a skipper and worked on various ships
WALLIS, RICHARD carrier in 1859
WALSH, SOPHY REBECCA b, abt 1853. d, 1938
WANSTALL, WILLIAM arr Nelson 1877
WARD, CYRIL a Richmond Chemist 1917
WARD,JOHN had a shop in 1858
WARREN, HENRY owned land at Richmond
WATSON, WILLIAM Snr a Scotsman came to N.Z from Tasmania,lived in the Murchison area with his wife and sons Robert and William in 1872
WATSON, DAVID in Richmond 1863
WATT, CHARLES Riwaka census of 1845
WEARING, GILBERT had a shop in 1909
WELLS, ALBERT VINCENT b, 28th Oct 1881
WELBY, ANN WYAN d, 30th May 1885
WEST, HENRY established a Pharmacy in Nelson 1908. He died in 1950 at the age of 78
WEST, ULRIC son of Henry died in 1958
WHALE, NATHANIEL Schoolmaster at Riwaka in 1845
WHARTON, GEORGE E Chemist from 1921--1944
WHINDLEBANK, JOHN Riwaka census of 1845
WHITE, DAVIS Riwaka census of 1845
WINTER, LEONI AMANDA b, 7th Oct 1902, Takaka
WILSON, JOSEPH FOORD and his wife SARAH were removed from the Pangatotara Cemetery on the 27th July 1891 by order of the Colonial Secretart and intered at the Motueka Cemetery
WILSON, ALFRED travelled to Motupiko with 12 cattle in 1850
WISE, EDWARD buried 17th Nov 1870 aged 1 year,4 months.son of CHARLES WISE
WITHER, CHARLES BIGG arr N.Z 1843 and was in Nelson 1856
WOOLF, ALBERT EDWARD b, 1895 Motueka
WOOLF, CORA LYDIA ASTEN b, 10th Jul 1897 Marahau
WOOLF, GLADYS AMANDA b, 1923, Nelson
WOOLF, OLIVE MELODIE b, 12th Sept 1924, Nelson
WOOTEN, DAVID carpenter at Waimea.
WRATTEN, LLEWELLYN d, 25th Dec 1883 Motueka son of
WRAY, ALFRED GEORGE established a upholstery business in 1885
WRIGHT, WILLIAM in Nelson 1842
YOUNG, WILLIAM CURLING drowned in the Wairoa River Aug,1842

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