Nelson & Bays GenWeb - Nelson Evening Mail - 1885 to 1887 - Extracts of baptisms, births, deaths, marriages, and other events

Nelson Evening Mail

The following list of Names taken from extracts of birth, burial, and marriage notices and miscellanous notes of other events were extracted and kindly provided by Ted Wright. Actual images of the Nelson Evening Mail from 1866 through to 1900 can be found on the NZ National Library Website.

January --- 1885

Sat --- 03
Death---TREACHER, 1 Jan, John Charles, 21mths, only son of John and Grace Treacher
Mon - 05
TURNBULL, 3 Jan, Tasman St, wife of Andrew Turnbull, Registrar Supreme Court Nelson, son
CRISP - CORDER, 27 Dec, Robert, 3rd son of B Crisp of Nelson, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Frederick Corder, Brightwater

Thur - 08
MOREY, 3 Jan, wife of Walter Morey, a son
SADD, 6 Jan, Tadmor, wife of R S Sadd, surveyor, a daughter
Dennis Frost, Wakapuaka, 82yrs (32 in Nelson) died Wed 7th
A W BAIN and Miss Kate WARNER married at Christchurch (full description)

Sat -- 10
Death---CARSON, 9 Jan, Wellington Hospital, James Carson, 32, chief steward SS Rotorua
Death---ARKELL, 9 Jan, Tasman St, the Wood, Rosie, 31yrs, wife of the late John Arkell

Mon - 12
BURROWS, 1 Jan, Stanley Brook, wife of W F Burrows, a son
COTTON, 7 Jan, the Wood, Mrs Charles Cotton, a son
BAIN - WARNER, 8 Jan, Nelson, Adolph William, eldest son of Thos Bain, Sandhurst, Victoria, to Catherine (Kate) Mary, youngest daughter of John Warner, Brooklyns, Melbourne

Wed - 14
JENNINGS - GRACE, 3 Jan, Bishopdale, Rev C W Jennings, to Agnes Lavinia, 3rd daughter of Rev T S Grace, Tauranga

Thur - 15
Death---RUMBOLD, 1 Jan, Helen Elizabeth, 56yrs, widow of late John Rumbold
Mr BISLEY, Motueka, schoolmaster, suicide today

Fri --- 16
Inquest into death of Mr Frederick BISLEY, schoolmaster

Sat --- 17
HUMPHREYS, 16 Jan, Spring Grove, wife of J W Humphreys, a daughter

Mon - 19
Death---CLOUSTON, 10 Nov 1884, Sandwick Manse, Orkney Is, Rev Charles Clouston, 84yrs,uncle of Capt Clouston, Nelson
Death---THIN, 15 Nov, 1884, Birkenhead, Liverpool, Isabella Thin, 58yrs, sister of Capt Clouston, Nelson

Tue -- 20
Passenger list for SS Tongariro which left Lyttelton for London on Sat 17th
BOOTH - HALL, 8 Jan, St Pauls, Wellington, Robertson Stewart Booth, Nelson, son of the late Rev Patrick Booth, minister of the Parish Church of Innerleithen, Scotland, to Kate Hall, Wellington, daughter of the late William George Hall esq, London, England

Wed - 21
=== annual report of the Inspector of Schools
=== Nelson Fire Brigade reps --6 names

Thur - 22
JELLICOE - EDWARDS, 21 Jan, at res of the brides brother, A R Edwards, Leigh Jellicoe, 3 son of W E Jellicoe esq, late of the Madras Civil Service, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late George Edwards, Nelson
Death---COOMBS, 22 Jan, at his fathers res, Grove St, the Wood, James Francis, 13+1/2yr

Fri -- 23
COLLEY, 22 Jan, Milton St, the Wood, wife of W J Colley, a daughter
SATCHELL - O'LOUGHLEN, 22 Jan, Richmond, Dr William Morris, eldest son of the late Dr W C Satchell, Tunbridge Wells, Eng, to Edith Eliza, 2nd daughter of Matthew O'Loughlen esq, Richmond

Death---BLICK, 22 Jan, Toi-toi Valley, Alfred Blick, 55yrs
=== report of the wedding Satchell - O'Loughlen
=== Wesleyan Church appointments for all NZ

Sat --- 24
Death---WELLS, 23 jan, Toi-toi Valley, Elizabeth, 41yrs, wife of William Wells, late of Tisbury, Wilts, England
=== juvenile sports prize list

Tue -- 27
=== elections of School Committees

Wed - 28
Death---ROBERTSON, 28 Jan, William Robert, 17yrs, youngest son of John J Robertson

Thur - 29
HUDSON - HAYCOCK, 29 Jan, Nelson, George, only son of John Hudson, Kakaramea, Patea, to Sarah Ann, 4th daughter of Thomas Haycock, Richmond, Nelson

Fri --- 30
Death---HOUGH, 29 Jan, ahr, Collingwood St, William Hough, 77yrs

Sat --- 31
BREWERTON - SEYMOUR, 13 Jan, at res of Mr F Small, River Trce, John William Brewerton, Wakefield, to Ann Elizabeth Seymour, Brightwater
Death---MALLIN, 31 Jan, Bridge St, Michae Mullin, 72yrs

February --- 1885

Tue -- 03
Death---CRAIG, 30 Jan, Hospital, Ann Craig, 27yrs, late of Jackson Bay
Death---KEARNS, 2 Feb, Stoke, Charles Peter Kearns, 68yrs
Death---ADAMS, 2 Feb, at res of his son, Patea, Henry Adams, 65yrs
=== about K P Kearns

Wed - 04
TAYLOR, 4 Feb, ahr, Vanguard St, wife of W H Taylor, a son

Thur - 05
THOMASON - DELANEY, 2 Feb, at res of brides parents, Henry Thomason, to Esther Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James Delaney, Ngatimoti
HODGES - PARKINSON, 3 Feb, at res of brides parents, Sydney Benjamin Hodges, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Edmund Parkinson, Motueka
=== present rates of pay at Dunedin

Sat --- 07
NANNESTED - MOLLER, 2 Feb, Palmerston, Jacob von der Lippe Parelins Nannested, Palmerston, to Anna Elizabeth Moller, Nelson
Death---McNICOLL, 26 Jan, Wesleyan Parsonage, Blenheim, Harry Edgar, 5yrs, 3rd son of Rev David and Jessie McNicoll
Death---EDEN, 7 Feb, Wakefield, Robert Eden, 69yrs (from Darlington, Durham ?)
=== Harry MARTIN, son of Albin Martin -- death

Tue -- 10
=== figures for January =arrivals-- Auck-420 == Wellington-778 == Napier-2 == Lyttelton-15 == Dunedin-326 == Invercargill- 473 === departures = Auck-204 == Wellington-192 == Napier-1 == Greymouth-5 == Lyttelton-115 == Dunedin-3 == Invercargill-385

Wed - 11
Death---SMITH, 10 Feb, ahr, New St, James Smith, 56yrs, formerly HM 58 Reg

Thur - 12
FULLER, 11 Feb, Shelbourne St, wife of W J Fuller, a daughter

Sat --- 14
PHILLIPS - EVANS, 13 Feb, All Saints, Nelson, Henry Vincent Phillips, Nelson, 3rd son of the late James Phillips, Holborn Bar, London, to Sarah Ann, 5th daughter of S Evans of Leamington, England
PERCIVAL - POYNTER, 12 Feb, All Saints, Nelson, Arthur John, 3rd son of Richard Percival, Nelson, to Elizabeth Bower (Bessie), younger daughter of the late John Poynter esq, RM
=== PERCIVAL - POYNTER wedding write up ---- they then left for Hellensville (to live?

Mon - 16
BAYFIELD, 15 Feb, Mrs A D Bayfield, a daughter

Tue -- 17
ROBINSON, 15 Feb, Mrs E A Robinson, a son
=== John DRON, (Waimea W ??) funeral notice

Tue -- 24
CLARKE - KAY, 16 Feb, Brookshaw, Pigeon Bay, Rev Arthur Pickering Clarke, 3 son of Henry Pickering Clarke esq, Tuke Hill, Eng, to Blanchie Emmeline, 3rd surviving daughter of the late Thomas Kay esq, Brookshaw, Pigeon Bay

Wed - 25
Death---KNIGHT, 22 Feb, Richmond, Mrs Knight, 49yrs

Sat --- 28
Death---HARPER, 25 Feb, St John St, Nelson, Joan, 75yrs, relict of William James Harper
Death---HAYCOCK, 20 Feb, Kaiapoi, Christchurch, Henrietta, 46yrs, wife of Charles Haycock and daughter of George Saywell of Richmond
Death---McPHERSON, 24 Feb, at res of Mr Asquith, Pipitea Point, Wellington, John McPherson, late of Edinburgh, engineer on SS Lady Barklay

March --- 1885

Mon - 02
Death---MEARS, 1 Mar, Grove St, Louis Harold Mears, 3 mths

Wed - 04
Death---SHORTLAND, 8 Feb, Jessie Edith,12yrs, y/gest d/ter of John and Mary E Shortland
=== Nelson Horticultural Show prize list
=== man named Carmalletta killed in accident at the Ahaura

Thur - 05
MARTIN, 1 Mar, Hunangaroa, Wairarapa, Mrs J Martin, a daughter

Fri --- 06
=== description of the overland trip from Nelson to Westport

Mon - 09
Death---JENNENS, 6 Mar, at res of Mr Joseph Page, Rose Anna, 5yr 10mth, only daughter of Thomas Jennens
=== W M YOUNG, about 27yr, of Blenheim, drowned in the Pelorus River

Wed - 11
HARRIS, 11 Mar, Collingwood St, wife of Capt E P Harris, a son

Thur - 12
SUNLEY - RICHARDSON, 10 Mar, Wanganui, Ernest, 3rd son of R M Sunley esq, Nelson, to Charlotte, 2nd daughter of late James Richardson esq, Wanganui

Fri --- 13
GRIFFIN, 9 Mar, Tasman St, Mrs John H Griffin, a daughter
BEATSON, 19 Mar, Woodland Trce, Ngatimoti, Mrs D G Beatson, a daughter
=== licences issued in Nelson for the current year

Sat --- 14
RICHMOND, 13 Mar, Richmond Brook, Awatere, Marlborough, wife of F H Richmond esq, a son

Mon - 16
WEBSTER, 26 Feb, Melbourne, Mrs M P Webster, a daughter
LEGGATT, 11 Mar, wife of Dr A J Leggatt, a daughter
Death---WATKINS, 16 Mar, at res of her daughter, Mrs Wadman, Bridge St, Mary Watkins, 68yrs, relict of the late Joseph Watkins

Tue -- 17
MONRO - MACDONALD, 17 Mar, Nelson, Charles John, 4 son of the late Sir David Monro, to Helena Beatrice, eldest daugh of Donald Macdonald, Union B of Aust, Nelson
=== write up of above wedding

Wed - 18
Death---GILL, 17 Mar, Kelvin Grove, Todds Bush, Wakapuaka, William Gill, 74yrs

Thur - 19
Death---MILLER, 19 Mar, Alton St, Nelson, Sarah, 7yrs, youngest daughter of John Paul and Sarah Miller

Fri --- 20
=== George CANTON, 19 yrs in an accident at Aniseed Valley

Sat --- 21
Death---SPAIN, 20 Mar, Nelson, James Spain, about 86yrs
=== David FULKNER, Nelson, shipwright, bankrupt

Mon - 23
HEWETSON, 7 Mar, Kindal Grove, Upper Moutere, Mrs Joseph Hewetson, a daughter
===Doric left Wellington for London yesterday with Miss Andrews, Mrs J Monro, and Mr J C Andrew jun from Nelson
=== John HUMPHREYS, farmer, Dovedale, bankrupt

Wed - 25
Death---HILL, 25 mar, Waimea St, Henrietta Maria (Tottie), 22yrs, 6th daughter of Isaac Mason and Mary Hill

Thur - 26
VOSPER, 25 Mar, Vanguard St, wife of Thomas Vosper, a daughter

Fri --- 27
HORTON - McMILLAN, 20 Mar, at res of brides brother, Ferntown, Collingwood, Frederick, only son of William Horton, Surrey, London, to Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of Robert McMillan, Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Mon - 30
Death---KITCHING, 28 Mar, Hardy St, Fannie, 3wks, child of Archibald Kitching
Death---WAGSTAFF, 29 Mar, Spring Grove, Mary, 87yrs, relict of late Thomas Wagstaff
=== Mary Wagstaff came to NZ in the Bolton in March 1842

Tue -- 31
WORLEY, 28 Mar, wife of W F Worley, a son
=== Mrs Sarah PAGE, 78yrs, died on Mon 30, widow of William Page was one of the earliest settlers at Wakapuaka She has 6 grown children

April --- 1885

Wed - 01
GILBERT, 23 Mar, Motueka, wife of H E Gilbert, a son

Sat --- 04
Death---CHISHOLM, 2 Ap, Bridge St, Elizabeth Mercy (?), 63yrs, wife of D Chisolm
Death---STALLARD, 3 Ap, ahr, Panama Hotel, William Stallard, 45yrs
=== inquest into death of George INGHAM

Mon - 06
Death---HART, 5 Ap, ahr, Wellington Trce, Nelson, William Hart, 57yrs, late Bolton, Lancashire, England
Death---NEVE, 30 Mar, John William, 7yr 10mth, 2nd son of Anna Augustus Neve
Death---TWIST, ahr, New St, William Twist, 40 yrs

Wed - 08
WATTS - LEWES, 2 Feb, St Saviors, Maida-vale, London West, George Fowell, 3rd son of late Charles Fowell Watts, Nelson, NZ, to Ethel Mary, 2nd surviving daughter of the late William Frederick Lewes, late of Oak Hall, Wanstead, Essex, and Shanghai

Thur - 09
Death---GUNN, 7 Ap, Richmond, Norman Campbell, 7mth, son of Annie and D W Gunn
=== Hokitika to Christchurch by bicycle

Sat --- 11
=== Henry McKegney, 40yrs, labourer, --death Blenheim, Fri 10th --leaves wife and 4 young children
=== applications for leases

Mon - 13
GRAHAM - STEWART, 3 Ap, at res of Mr D M McRitchie, Edward Graham, to Maggie, 3rd daughter of James Stewart, shipwright, Port Nelson
Death---LLOYD, 12 Ap, at res of Mr S F Bolton, Trafalgar Sq, Alice Ellen, 13yr 9mth, 4th daughter of William and Susannah Lloyd
=== Francis Currin, james Goodman, J A Packer, R T Flowers, J K Gannaway --bankrupts

Wed - 15
FREEMAN, 14 Ap, the Port, Mrs W Freeman, a son
PETTIT, 13 Ap, Waimea St, Mrs Thomas Pettit, a son
Death---BARNETT, 14 Ap, ahr, Waimea St, Henry, 47yrs, 2nd son of William and Charlotte Barnett of Wakapuaka

Sat --- 18
GIBBS, 14 Ap, wife of R W Gibbs, Motueka, a daughter
Death---ROSS, 16 Ap,ahr, Upper Moutere, James Ross, 72yrs
Death---KELLY, 17 Ap, at his fathers res, Bridge St, Joseph, 6yr, eldest son of John and Emily Kelly
Death---NEWPORT, 17 Ap, Aniseed Valley, Walter Stephen, 5yr 8mth, son of Thomas Newport
=== Mr W HODDER, passenger for Nelson on the Coptic from London

Mon - 20
Death---MATTHEW, 19 Ap, at her mothers res, Renton St, Mary Ann Grant, eldest daughter of the late John Matthew
Death---BATT, 19 Ap, ahr, Wakefield, John Batt

Tue -- 21
Death---SUNLEY, 21 Ap, ahr, Sunnydale, Nelson, Robert Maxwell, 58yrs, youngest son of the late John Malthy Sunley esq, merchant, 71 Cornhill, London
=== a bit of a description of Nelson Town

Thur - 23
WAIT, 23 Ap, Thackwood, Wakapuaka, wife of R H Wait esq, a daughter
KEMPTHORNE, 22 Ap, Christ Church Parsonage, wife of Rev J P Kempthorne, daughter
Death---HARRINGTON, 17 Ap, at res of Mr T W Downes, Bulls, Caroline Adele, relict of the late Jas F Harrington esq, formerly Lower Hutt School and of Richmond and Clifton Trce Schools, Nelson
=== going through the Rai Valley by coach

Fri --- 24
Death---MEARS, 23 Ap, at res of F M Browerton, Motupiko Valley, Mary Ann, relict of the late Jonathan Mears
Death---LINES, 23 Ap, ahr, Hope, Thomas Lines, 83yrs
Death---MATTHEWES, 23 Ap, Kent Rd, Taranaki, Mr S Matthewes
=== obituary Thomas LINES

Sat --- 25
=== Christchurch university degree list

Mon - 27
James E CHALLIES death Westport
James WATT, cattle drover, death Westport

Tue -- 28
Death---MURCOTT, 24 Ap, Aniseed Valley, Thomas Murcott, 33yrs
Death---RANGER, 28 Ap, ahr, Cox St, Ashburton, James, youngest son of the late James and Ann Ranger, and son in law of Mr J Patching, Nelson
=== 16 candidates for the Waimea Rd Board

Wed - 29
Death---CONNOLY, 28 Ap, at the Taranaki Buildings, Mary Connoly, 72yrs
=== steamer Kaikoura arrived at Wellington with 364 passengers including 180 Gov immigrants for all parts --- Mr J E CULLEN is a 3rd class passenger for Nelson

May --- 1885

Sat --- 02
=== Dunedin Star reports on the labour market

Mon - 04
===Mrs W PAINTON -- attempted suicide at Wakefield
===divorce suit PRUSH V RUSH and PARKER

Tue -- 05
=== Charles Edward BUNNY, bankrupt
Death---MILLS, 5 May, at the Asylum, Nelson, Mary Ellen, 36yrs, wife of W H Mills, Superintendant of the Asylum
Death---EVES, 2 May, at fathers res, Bridge valley, Spring Grove, Thomas Albert Eves, 2yr

Wed - 06
=== names of Grand Jury
=== applications for crown leases

Thur - 07
HAMMERICH - WELLS, 5 May, Fedor Charles John (Theodore), only son of the late Charles John Henry Hammerich, Upper Moutere, to Mary Ellen, eldest daughter of William Wells, 88 Valley

Fri --- 08
Death---MURCOTT, 6 May, Georgina, 27mths, daughter of Thomas and Hannah Murcott

Sat --- 09
BROWNE, 5 May, Pier Hotel, Port, Mrs Browne, a son
Death---HOLLYMAN, 8 May, St Vincent St, Nelson, Eliza Ann, 27yrs, wife James Hollyman jun
=== results of examination of Nelson teachers
=== Carl W ENICH aged about 50-60yrs, drowned at Greymouth

Mon - 11
Death---DEVANNY, 10 May, at her fathers res, South St, Bridget Ellen, 18yr 4mths, youngest daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Devanny
Death---MACARTNEY, 10 May, Arthur Herbert, 36, son of the late W MaCartney, head of Constabulary, Ceylon
=== Stephen WELSH, storekeeper, Hatters Trce, Nelson Creek, Greymouth drowned 9th

Tue -- 12
Death---POLGLASE, 6 May, Brook St, Valley, Lillian, 3mths, twin daughter of Joseph and Caroline Polglase
Death---MARSHALL, 10 May, Johnsonville, Wellington, James Marshall, 65yrs
Death---MEECH, 8 May, ahr, Clyde Quay, Wellington, Henry Meech, 73yr, shipwright, RN

Wed - 13
ALEXANDER - THOMSON, 12 May, Nelson, Reuben B, 2nd son of Mr J Alexander, Motueka, to Jane, 2nd daughter of J P Thomson, Nelson

Thur - 14
Death---LAMMAS, 14 May, ahr, Richmond, John Lammas sen, 69yrs

Fri --- 15
===Hans BUSCH of Aniseed Valley or Wairoa Gorge ---- death

Sat --- 16
=== William Harvey will not be responsible for his wife Agnes Harriet Harvey's debts

Mon - 18
BRYANT, 18 May, Motueka, Mrs J Spence Bryant, a daughter
SOMERVILLE, 17 May, the Wood, wife of A F T Somerville, a daughter
Death---HOLLISTER, 17 May, Provicial Hotel, Samuel Arthur Hollister, 38yrs
Death---BURNS, 17 May, ahr, Washington Valley, Mary, 24yrs, wife of R Burns
===Robert C PARKER, maltster, Nelson, bankrupt

Tue -- 19
===Frederick GOLDNEY, killed in a fall of earth at Takaka

Wed - 20
===Selby CALLIGHAN dropped dead today in Auck, has relatives in Taranaki and 3 children at St Marys Orphanage, Nelson
=== wife of Thomas ThOMAS, funeral at Wairoa Gorge

Fri --- 22
===inquest into death of Mr John Ramage

Mon - 25
===Prospecting and mineral leases

Tue -- 26
HAYCOCK, 24 May, wife of G S Haycock, Hope, Waimea East, a son

Fri --- 29
SMALLBONE - WIMSETT, 25 May, Nelson, George Frank Bennett, eldest son of Edwin Smallbone, Nelson, to Annie Louise, 2nd daughter of Henry Wimsett, Nelson
Death---LLOYD, 28 May, Nelson Hospital, William Humphrey Lloyd, 50, late Collingwood

Sat --- 30
WANSTALL, 28 May, Wakefield, wife of W Wanstall, a son
Death---WANSTALL, 29 May, Wakefield, infant son of W and E Wanstall
Death---FAIREY, Brightwater, Herbert Ashton, 2yr 11mth, eldest son of Edward and Martha Fairey
Death---HEARD, 29 May, ahr, Waimea Rd, John Hart Heard, 46yrs, late of Collingwood
===Marriot SHEARD, 30yrs, death in Brunner Mine, Greymouth, leaves wife +7 children
===Mrs Ann Wyan HOOPER, 68yrs, widow, late of Nelson, died at the res of her daughter, Blenheim. Her first husband was Mr F B HADFIELD

June --- 1885

Mon - 01
Death---HOOPER, at res of her daughter, Blenheim, Ann Wyan, relict of late George Hooper esq, Nelson
===City of Nelson for May == births = 18 --death = 17 --marriage = 7

Tue -- 02
Death---WANSTALL, 2 June, Wakefield, Emily Margaret, wife of William Wanstall, Liverpool

Wed - 03
===Frederick Nelson JONES, saddler, Nelson, bankrupt
===applications for and forfeited leases

Fri --- 05
Death---SMALLBONE, 5 June, ahr, Waimea Rd, Edwin Smallbone, 60yrs

Sat -- 06
DONKIN - HEPBURN, 20 May, Masterton, Wairarapa, Henry, youngest son of the late Christopher Benson Donkin, to Catherine, youngest daughter of the late John Hepburn, Strabane, Co Tyrone, Ireland

Mon - 08
VOSPER, 4 June, Waimea Rd, Nelson, wife of William Vosper, a daughter

Tue -- 09
===wife of Mr Friend of Brook St, funeral notice

Sat --- 13
Death---HOLLYMAN, 12 June, James Hollyman, 55yrs
===inquest into death of James HOLLYMAN

Mon - 15
COLE, 13June, Quail Valley, Wakefield, wife of W H Cole, a son
Death---CROOKE, 15 June, ahr, Hardy St, Thomas Boyes Crooke, 34yrs

Tue -- 16
KIRTON, 15 June, Trafalgar Sq, Nelson, Mrs Kirton, a son
===Wellington labour market rates of pay
===discharge from bankruptcy = William Doreen of Havelock = David John Currin of Wakefield = William Galbraith of Wakefield = William George Currin, Wakefield

Wed - 17
Death---TOZER, 7 June, ahr, Grove Rd, Blenheim, Mary Anne, 65, wife of Henry Tozer

Thur - 18
DAVIES - RUSS, Spring Grove, Albert Newth Davies, to Emily Jane, daughter of J Russ, Bearcroft, Waimea West

Fri --- 19
Death---ALLEN, 16 June, at res of his parents, Benjamin, 2nd son of B S and M A Allen

Mon - 22
NORGATE - BULLARD, 17 June, at res of the brides mother, Jabez Norgate, to Lucy, 3rd daughter of the late Thomas Ransome Bullard, Wakefield

Tue -- 23
LINTON, 22 June, at Mr Frosts, Trafalgar St Nth, wife of James Henry Linton, a son

Wed - 24
HUFFAM - JACOBSEN, 20 June, Timotheus Blake Huffam, to Jane, eldest daughter of Henry Jacobsen, Britannia Heights, the Port, Nelson

Thur - 25
Death---SNELLING, 24 June, at res of her parents, Harriet Ethel, 7yr 7mths, daughter of Samuel A and Harriet Snelling of Collingwood St
=== All Saints Sunday School prize giving
=== names of licensed cab proprietors
=== George H B MONRO, 27yrs in Wairau, died 24 June, Auck Leaves wife + 5 young kids

Tue -- 30
===Names of Nelson exhibitors in the Wellington Exhibition


July --- 1885

Wed - 01
=== London Today --- a long letter from London by Arthur Clayden

Thur - 02
Death---Leaper, 2 July, at res of Mr W T Wood, Shelbourne St, Miss Lucy Fanny Leaper, 22yrs, ekdest daughter of Mrs W T Good
MULES, 1 July, Parsonage,Brightwater, Charles William, 13yr 4mth, 2nd son of Ven Archdeacon Mules
=== funeral notice of Miss Leaper

Fri --- 03
WASTNEY - MACMAHON, 2 July, Registrars Office, Motueka, W Wastney, Wakapuaka, to Mary, 2nd daughter of B Macmahon, Riwaka

Sat --- 04
===names of new subscribers to Nelson telephone exchange this week = Mr H Dodson, private res Cleveland Rd = Dr Hudson, Nile St East = Dr Locking, private res, Waimea Rd, his surgery Trafalgar St = Messrs Smythe and Co --- total now 46
===the largest sheep owners and numbers of sheep in Marlborough and Kaikoura

Mon - 06
==applications, forfeited and refused leases

Fri --- 10
== new on tele exchange = Dr Leggatt, private res, Nile St = Mr H Honnsell, Bridge St

Sat --- 11
COCK, 11 July, wife of Henry Cock, a daughter
===report of Inspector of Prisons

Mon - 13
SHERWOOD, 12 July, wife of S F Sherwood, a daughter
ROBSON - WELLS, 11 July, Manse, Woolcomb, St, Wellington, Charles H O Robson, to Rosetta Amy Wells, Nelson

Tue -- 14
===Joseph WILKINS, baker, Nelson, bankrupt

Thur - 16
Death---DAY, 15 July, at res of her uncle, Francis Day, Toi-toi Valley, Ellen Mary, 8yrs, daughter of James Day

Fri --- 17
===Paul PIKE, labourer, Nelson, bankrupt

Sat --- 18
CLIFFORD, 17 July, Wellington, wife of George Clifford esq, a son
Death---JEFFREYS, 18 July, at res of her brother, Brightwater, Elizabeth Georgina (Lily), youngest daughter of the late Rev Charles Jeffreys, Dunedin

Mon - 20
BUNNY, 19 July, Kodah, Brightwater, Nelson, wife of C E Bunny, a son
LIVICK, 19 July, wife of Henry Livick, a son
Death---KITE, 19 July, Richmond, Mrs Thomas Kite, 71yrs

Tue -- 21
STAFFORD, 19 July, Annesbrook, wife of W H Stafford, a daughter
Death---CATE, 19 July, Renwick Cottage, Mrs Cate, 77yrs

Wed - 22
Death---BLACK, 21 July, Auckland Point House, Hilda Antoinette, 12mth, 3rd and youngest daugter of William and Rebecca Black

Thur - 23
Death---FROST, 22 July, Elder (?) May, 21mth, eldest daughter of Richard Frost, Beachville
=== Earl of Derby from London arrived in Wellington === 6 men drowned on 20 June on the way out = John McNight, ord seaman = John Brown, G Bahr, J Davis, W WiR lls A Bs and H N Fiske, apprentice

Fri --- 24
WESTRUPP, 24 July, Russell St, the Port, wife of J E Westrupp, a daughter
JILES - ROSS, 15 Ap, Registrars Office, Wellington, Wm Jiles, to Mary Clara, 3rd daughter of the late George Ross, Wellington
Death---BARTLETT, 24 July, ahr, Waimea St, Charles Bartlett, 82yr, late Washington Valley
===obituary to Charles Bartlett

Sat --- 25
Death---MILLS, 25 July, W H Mills, 39yrs, Super of the Nelson Asylum
Death---CLIFFORD, 23 July, Wellington, Jane, wife of George Clifton esq
===Funeral notice for Mrs Henry Collins of Vincent St

Fri --- 31
JOHNSTON, 31 July, Gisborne, Poverty Bay, wife of D Johnston esq, Collector of Customs, a son
Death---DANIELL, 31 July, ahr, Brook St, Anna, 71yrs, wife of H C Daniell

August --- 1885

Mon - 03
Death---DAYMAN, 1 Aug, ahr, Halifax St, William James Dayman, 32yrs
Death---WAITE, 2 Aug, Nelson Hospital, Reuben Waite, 62yrs, of the West Coast
===obituary Reuben Waite

Tue -- 04
Death---STAFFORD, 3 Aug, Annesbrook, Caroline Anne, 49yrs, wife late Hugh H Stafford
Death---ANDERSEN, 26 July, Sydney St, Wellington, Henry Edgar, 7mth, son ofC P and A Andersen, Toi-toi Valley, Nelson
===Port Sunday School prize winners

Thur - 06
===Gov lease, applications, refused and forfeited

Fr i--- 07
CRISP, 26 July, ahr, St Vincent St, wife of Robert Crisp, a daughter
Death---BRIND, 7 Aug, at res of her son, Alton St, Nelson, Eliza Anne, 69yrs, relict of the lateCapt William Darby Brind of the Bay of Islands

Sat -- 08
WEBLEY - POYNTER, 5 Aug, at res of the bride, Joseph Webley, to Mrs Ann E Poynter,both of Nelson

Mon - 10
===William SPARKS, about 60, Nelson, formerly of West Coast, found dead
===inquest for William Sparks

Tue -- 11
Death---ASTLE, 10 Aug, Cambria St, the Wood, Albert Charles, 15yr, 2nd son ofWilliam and Elizabeth Astle

Thur - 13
PETTIT, 12 Aug, wife of G PETTIT, a son, stillborn
Death---PINNY, 10 Aug, at her fathers res, Hopper St, Wellington, wife, 23yrs, ofF J Pinny, builder

Fri --- 14
Death---FLETCHER,13 Aug, ahr, Manuka St, Nelson, Charlotte Fletcher, 79yrs
Death---SATHERLY, 14 Aug, wife, 42yrs, of W Satherly, Waimea W
=== Robert TOVEY, butcher, found dead at Hope
=== Charles John BURCH, hotelkeeper, Riwaka, bankrupt

Mon - 17
Death---POOLE, 16 Aug, at parents res, Waimea St, Daisy Davison, 3yr 6mth, twin daughterof W F Poole
Death--- NESBITT, 17 Aug, at parents res, Grove St, the Wood, Rose, 12mth, daughter ofThomas Nesbitt
Death---HARFORD, 16 Aug, Brightwater, infant son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Harford
Death---BRIGHT, ahr, Upper Bridge St, Alfred Bright, 49yrs

Tue -- 18
SAYWELL - SUTTON, 17 Aug, Wesleyan Parsonage, William, eldest son of ThomasSaywell, to Clare, 3rd daughter of John Sutton, both of Richmond

Thur - 20
Death---GOULSTONE, 18 Aug, Bickley Park Rd, Auck, Mary Sayer, wife of Henry Goulstone

Mon - 24
MOORE - BALME, 22 Aug, Alexander Charles Moore, to Emily Minnie Balme, both of Nelson

Tue -- 25
Death---BURNS, 24 Aug, ahr, Nile St W, Robert Burns, 43, eld son of David Burns

Wed - 26
FURNEAUX - BEAGLEY, 19 Aug, Bishopdale Church, Mark Furneaux, Ipplepen, Devon,Eng, to Catherine, daughter of Henry Beagley, Nelson
=== Public Works estimates

Thur - 27
SAUNDERS, 24 Aug, Trafalgar St N, wife of G Saunders, a son

Fri -- 28
TATTON, 28 Aug, Hardy St, wife of A W Tatton, a daughter
BENDALL, 27 Aug, wife of A S Bendall, a son
MORICE - SHAW, 26 Aug, Nelson, Alexander Morice, 4th son of the late D R Morice,Advocate, Aberdeen, Scotland, to Ethel Malvina, eldest daughter of the late Bernard Robert Shaw, Capt HM 86 Reg

Mon - 31
BLACKETT, 29 Aug, ahr, Trafalgar St Sth, Mrs J G Blackett, a daughter
ELLIS - CONSTABLE, 22 Aug, res of W Phillips, Examiner St, Alfred Ellis, toEmily Myra, 2nd daughter of Mr F Constable, Nelson
CONSTABLE - SCOTT, 22 Aug, res of W Phillips, Examiner St, Frederick William, eldestson of F Constable, to Euphemia McIntyre, 2nd daughter of David Scott, Clifton

September--- 1885

Tue -- 01
FLETT, 30 Aug, Trafalgar St, wife of W Flett, a daughter
Death---HILL, 31 Aug, ahr, Waimea St, Isaac Mason Hill, 70yrs, late of Birmingham
Death---MABERLY, 30 Aug, Christchurch, Ada, 27yrs, 2nd surviving daughter of Dr Maberly
=== obituary Isaac Mason Hill

Wed - 02
=== Thomas Franklyn, Riwaka, deserted his wife

Thur - 03
REDGRAVE, 1 Sept, wife of A J Redgrave esq, a daughter
Death---KYNGDON, 28 Aug, ahr, Tregeare, Taranaki, Jane, widow of the late Richard Kyngdon esq, MD

Fr i --- 04
WEBB - BOND, 3 Sept, at res of Mr James J Garrett, Alton St, Alfred Webb, to Esther Smith Bond, both of Nelson
=== Town and Country football clubs
===obituary Samuel Kingdon

Sat --- 05
MARTIN, 4 Sept, Nile St E, wife of P Martin, a son

Mon -- 07
HART - BLACKMORE, 27 Aug, at res of the brides mother, Brook St, James, 2nd son of the late William Hart, Bolton, Lancashire, Eng, to Catherine A, 2nd daughter of the late G T Blackmore, Nelson
Death---STANTON, 6 Sept, Collingwood Hill, Nelson, Mary, 85yrs, relict of the late W M Stanton, Richmond, and mother of W M Stanton, Nelson (on Clifford, 1842)
Death---PASCOE, 7 Sept, Bridge St, Frank Pascoe, 57yrs

Tue --- 08
MANOY, 2 Sept, Motueka, wife of A Manoy, a daughter

Fri --- 11
Death---GUEST, Nelson Hospital, Anne Elizabeth Guest, 36yrs, daughter of late John TAYLOR of the Baton

Sat --- 12
DENTON - LINES, 9 Sept, Nelson, J H Denton, Nelson, to Annie Laura Lines, youngest daughter of B Lines, Wai-iti

Mon - 14
Death---BLACKETT, 13 Sept, John George Blackett, 33yrs,
===obituary J G Blackett

Tue -- 15
BISLEY - KARSTEN, 15 Sept, Nelson, E H Bisley, to L A Karsten, both of Nelson

Wed - 16
McRAE, 14 Sept, Bonovoree, wife of Roderick McRae, a daughter

Thur - 17
===list of people selected as judges to the Wellington Exhibition

Fri --- 18
GREAGER, 17 Sept, wife of C E Greager, a daughter

Sat --- 19
JOHNSTON - SCRIMGEOUR, 12 Sept, Gloucester St, Nelson, Andrew Johnston, Norway, to Mary Scrimgeour, Crieff, Scotland
Death---BEST, 19 Sept, Appleby, Elizabeth, 49yrs, wife of Chas Best and eldest daughter of Edward BAIGENT, Wakefield
=== obituary for Mrs Best

Mon - 21
AKERS, 19 Sept, Trafalgar St Sth, wife of J B Akers, a son
Death---SMART, 19 Sept, Bertram Robert, 9mth 2wks, son Alfred and Clara Smart

Tue -- 22
Death---SHARP, 21 Sept, Upper Bridge St, Jane Sharp, 20yrs

Thur - 24
===some of the award winners at the Wellington Exhibition

===names of Nelson cricket team
===more exhibition awards

Sat --- 26
JENNINGS, 25 Sept, wife of Rev C W Jennings, a son
===Australasian statistics for 1884
===officers of the Nelson Volunteer Fire Brigade

Mon - 28
Death---HAWLEY, 28 Sept, at his fathers res, Vanguard St, George Prentis Henry, 18mths, son of Augustus and Annie Hawley

Tue -- 29
Death---LOUISSON, 26 Sept, at her fathers res, Tasman St, Cecilia Mary, 3mth, daughter of Thomas and Isabel Louisson
===more award winners at the exhibition

Wed - 30
JARRETT, 20 Sept, wife of J W Jarrett, a son
===more people on the phone = Messrs Mellett = Lightband (Nile St) = Chisholm (chemist, Bridge St), brings the total to 57

October --- 1885

Thur - 01
===more results from the Wellington Exhibition
===Florence SHANNON, funeral notice

Sat --- 03
WIECHERN, 3 Oct, Cambria St, Nelson, wife of Otto Adolph Wiechern, a son

Mon - 05
RICHARDSON, 2 Oct, at the Beacons, the Port, wife of Ralph Richardson esq, daughter
CHALLIES - NEWPORT, 30 Sept, Appleby, Arthur, 5 son of H Challies, to Emma, youngest daughter of W Newport of Appleby

Wed - 07
Death---OXLEY, 7 Oct, New St, wife 64yrs, of T J R Oxley
===Mr ANGLESEY has a fatal accident at Tadmor

Fri --- 09
RICHARDSON - SEYMOUR, 8 Oct, Picton, George Billingley Richardson, Greenfield Hall, Flints, to Emily Katherine, eldest daughter of A P Seymour, Tynesfield, Wairau

Sat --- 10
Death---ALLEN, 10 Oct, at res of Mr Walter Fieldes, Cambria St, the Wood, Eliza, 77yrs, relict of the late Isaac Allen, of Birmingham, England

Tue -- 13
HOWARD - KINGSWELL, 12 Oct, Nelson, Charles Henry Howard, solicitor, Dunedin, to Eva Florence, 4th daughter of W B Kingswell, Invercargill
===Benjamin THOMASON, attempt suicide at Spring Grove

Wed - 14
SUISTED, 27 Sept, Mahakapawa, wife of F A Suisted, a son
Death---BUSH, 27 Sept, Sydney, Leonard Bentham Bush, 42yrs, eldest son of late Dr Bush
===Arthur CLAYDEN returns after a 12mth visit to Eng and brings 60 new immigrants

Thur - 15
McGAVESTON, 14 Oct, ahr, Riverdale, Ngatimoti, wife of J C McGaveston, a daughter

Fri --- 16
=== 4th page -- a visit to Salt Lake City and cooking recipes

Sat --- 17
Death---DEMMENT, 16 Oct, Richmond, Harold Craven, only son of the late T C Demment late of Reading, Eng
=== about Cable Bay
=== Robert EWART, Nile St E --- a funeral notice

Tue -- 20
===probate granted on will of Joseph Ford DUNCAN, farmer, late of Riwaka

Sat --- 24
Death---HUGHES, 24 Oct, ahr, Van Dieman St, Edward Hughes, 44 yrs
=== Norman WINSTANLEY, 14yrs, accident , shoots his 10yr old brother
=== people with a Nelson trout fishing licence = R S Booth = Thomas Friend = C H Webb-Bowen = John Glen = Charles Nalder = John Sistersen = F W Mills = V R Hackworth = W Hargreaves = J Prebble = C Ball = W F Ingle = F L Severne = R Rothwell = E A Sherwood = F E Severne = R W Kingdon = Conrad Saxton = G E Severne = George Raikes, J E Sherwood = E Moore = W R Walker = S Crabb = F W Nalder = J Oldham = F Cotterell = J C Andrew = J Rothwell = Mas?er Andrew = A White = J Cotton = C S Cross = C R Harley = M E Jackson = J Harvey = B S Clouston = A E Clouston = G L Thompson = J Cowie = R Catley = R Bird = J O Butler = A K Greenfield = J Smythe = R G Toulson = Wm Oldham = Percy Walker = Augustine Frank = J V Nalder

Mon - 26
RUFFEL, 25 Oct, ahr, Brook St, wife of H Ruffel, a son
Death---HUGHES, 24 Oct, ahr, Van Diemen St, Edward Hughes, 54yrs
=== John WINTER, 30yrs, living in Toi-toi Valley and married with 1 child has fatal accident at Washington Valley

Tue -- 27
=== inquest into death of John Winter

Wed - 28
Death---COLES, 23 Oct, Gloucester St E, Christchurch, Alfred William Coles, 36yrs, formerly of Nelson
Death---DAVIS, 27 Oct, Pigeon Valley, Sarah, 25yrs, wife of Owen Davis

Fri --- 30
BAKER, 30 Oct, at res of Mrs Blundell, Nile St, wife of Rev W G Baker, a daughter
=== divorce proceedings Colonel WALCOTT v Louisa WALCOTT (married Jan 1864)
=== John JAMES of Auck and Nelson, auctioneer, bankrupt

Sat --- 31
=== prize lists for Hope and Ranzau Schools

November --- 1885

Tue -- 03
===Nelson Borough for Oct = births = 21 == deaths = 10 == marriage = 3
===wedding of Miss LIGHTBAND to Mr NOAKES of Sydney

Wed - 04
GUNN, 30 Oct, ahr, Richmond, wife of D W Gunn, a daughter
NOAKES - LIGHTBAND, 3 Nov, Nelson, Walter Maplesden, youngest son of the late Richard M Noakes, Gads Hill House, Shorne, Kent, eng, to Jessie, eldest daughter of Martin Lightband, Nelson
=== Auck telephone exchange started with 26 --- 4 yrs later had 306
Wellington 31 2 192
Dunedin 56 3 329
Nelson 29 1 58
Cost was 9 pounds ($18) for the first year and then 8 pound a year ($16)
=== applications for leases

Thur - 05
SCAIFE - STACK, 4 Nov, Kaiapoi, Canterbury, Willis Ashton, youngest son of the late A W Scaife, Nelson, to Mary Emma, eldest daughter of Rev J W Stack, Kaiapoi
Death---GORRIE, 5 Nov, Helen, 79yrs, relict of the late James Gorrie
=== probate granted on the will of Eliza NEWMAN
=== report of the Inspector of Schools

Sat --- 07
Death---HUDDLESTON, 7 Nov, at Maitai House, wife, 67yrs, of Frederick Huddleston esq
=== fares Auckland to Honolulu = saloon - 35 pounds ----- steerage -- 18 pounds
Auck to San Francisco 40 20
Auck to Liverpool or Lond 66 to 71 32pounds 3 shillings 9pence

Tue -- 10
BOOTH, 6 Nov, wife of R S Booth, a daughter
WILLIAMS, 10 Nov, Haven Rd, wife of Henry Williams, a daughter
Death---POYNTER, 8 Nov, Elizabeth (Bessie) Ann, 38mths, only daughter of James and Mary Poynter
Death---TARRANT, 8 Nov, Lower Moutere, Ida Blanche, 9yrs, youngest daug of H A Tarrant
===George WILLIAMS, 11yrs, from St Marys Orphanage -death (mother from Napier)
=== various cricket teams named

Wed - 11
Death---GOODMAN, 11 Nov, ahr, Motueka, wife, 63yrs, of Thomas Goodman
=== Frances Maud, daughter of James McLEOD --- funeral notice

Thur - 12
Death---SCOTT, 12 Nov, David Tasman (Sonnie) 19yrs, eldest surviving son of the late Capt J A Scott, Maitai Banks

Tue -- 17

=== Alfred SMITH, farmer and cattle dealer, Murchison, bankrupt

Wed - 18
Death---FLAN, 18 Nov, Lily Frances Lebena, 3mth, daug of Frederick and Jessie Flan
Death---HARGREAVES, 18 Nov, Trafalgar St, Henry Hargreaves, 69yrs, eldest son of the late J Hargreaves of Leeds

Thur - 19
=== Motueka Horticultural Spring Show prize list

Fri --- 20
=== Waimea West School prize giving

Sat --- 21
=== M M SEDGWICK, carrier, late of Nelson, now Kaiwarra --bankruptcy

Mon - 23
=== account of visit to Champion Copper Mine

Tue -- 24
Death---RAIKES, 23 Nov, ahr, Kawai St, Henry Campbell Raikes, 62, late Bengal C Service
=== Henry HAMLING, Canvastown, Marlborough, bankrupt

Wed - 25
=== prize list for Nelson Horticultural Show

Fri --- 26
Death---WRAGG, Aberdeen, Scotland, Sir David Lyall Grant, 76, eldest brother ofA Wragg of Nelson
=== Maitai, Stoke and Brightwater prize shooting results

Mon - 30
NOBLE - CASS, 25 Nov, George Brebner, eldest son of Charles Noble to Sarah Matilda, eldest daughter of John Cass, late of Wanganui
Death---DOWNES, 30 Nov, at his mothers res, Washington Valley, William Downes, 21yrs

December --- 1885

Tue -- 01
BINGHAM - BISLEY, 1 Dec, Nelson, John Alexander Bingham, to Lois Jane M Bisley, youngest daughter of the late Edward M Bisley, both of Nelson

Thur - 03
===land leases

Fri --- 04
WATERS, 3 Dec, at the res of Mrs Frank, Brook St, wife of Thomas Waters, a daughter

Sat --- 05
Death---SENIOR, 4 Dec, Woodlands, Upper Moutere, Samuel Senior, 41yrs

Mon - 07
COCKRAM - MAJOR, 2 Dec, at res of the brides parents, John Gerriot Cockram,Bishopdale, to Margaret Ann Major, daughter of William and Mary Ann Puddicombe, of the Wood, Nelson
=== Nelson prize winners in the Wellington Exhibition
=== Ruapehu sailed from Plymouth 24 Oct -- passengers for Nelson = Mrs and Miss Marsden, Miss and Mr Wilkinson, Mr and Mrs Ogilby + 4, Mrs Duff + 2, Mr Steele
=== account of trip -- Blenheim to Nelson via the Pelorus and Rai Valleys

Tue --- 08
=== John Turner, jam maker, Nelson, bankrupt
=== terms of land leases

Wed - 09
BOON,3 Dec, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs James Boon, a daughter

Thur - 10
Death---OVEREND, 10 Dec, John Overend, 45yrs

Fri --- 11
JOHNS - MOORE, 9 Dec, Wanganui, I Johns, Trafalgar St, to Mrs A M Moore, Wanganui
=== successful Nelson candidates in Civil Service Exams = senior = C Major,R S Davidson === junior = J Munro, J McCullum, J E Milner, H S Whitehorn, T S Tarrant J W Mahoney

=== Town Schools prize giving ------

Bridge St Boys -- G Harkness MA, J B Sadd, F Worley and Miss Smart ---
std 6= George Stiles, Benjamin Gully, George Severne
std 5= George Budden, Charles Moore
std 4= Ernest Rees, William Milner
std 3= Frank Milner, Henry Adamson
std 2= Charles Miller, David McGavin
std 1= Harry Beck, William Perarie

Haven Rd Boys -- J L Hodgson, master
std 5= Frederick Amos, John Lyon
std 4= Albert Percy, Frederick Graham
std 3= Frederick Levestam, Malcolm Ancell
std 2= Charles Keeble, Herbert Frost
std 1= Thomas Cross, Andrew Hughes

Hampden St Boys and Girls --- F V Knapp, master
std 5= Wilfred Ernest Frank, Joseph Gilbertson
std 3= Emma Neale, Charles Edward Kelly
std 2= Mary Walker, Ernest Bright
std 1= Fritz Engel, Amy Leitch

Toi-toi Valley Girls -- Miss Gascoigne, Sunley, Newton and Bright
std 6= Harriet Stringer, Alice Jacobsen
std 5= Maud Harley, May Astle ---(note name shown as Mary but was corrected Sat)
std 4= Ethel Buckeridge, Jessie Sadd
std 3= Grace Lewis, Annie Dean
std 2= Catherine Wylie, Edith Sanders
std 1= Elizabeth Newman, Mary Laird
Infants 1st class = Bertha Gray, Jessie Cooper
2nd class= William Bisley, Herbert Sanders

Hardy St Girls -- Mrs Scott
std 5=Jane Cooksey, Gertrude Anstice
std 4= Amy Burford, Ethel McEachen
std 3= Annie Cooksey, Bertha Black
std 2= Lydia Scott, Annie Flett
std 1= Marie McEachen, Gertrude Moore

Brook St Boys and Girls --- Miss Cother
std 2= Meta Slatter, Bertha Bayliss
std 1= Mabel Frank, Percy Andrews

Port Boys and Girls -- Miss Cooke
std 2= Cornelia Goodwin, Leonard Johnson
std 1= Albert Everett, Minnie Parker

Sewing--Toi-toi Valley ---
std 6= Alice Johnson, Ismene Webster
std 5= Annie Sutherland, Ethel Buckeridge
std 4= Maud Harley, Florence Richards
std 3= Florence Cross, Ada Earnshaw
std 2= Catherine Taylor, Louisa Gay
std 1= Mabel McGee, Annie Braddock

Hardy St School ---
std 5= Annie Poole, Jane Cooksey
std 4= Maud Giblin, Adamant Roberts
std 3= Lavinia Crabbe, May Savage
std 2= Ida Fraser, Ada Bradley
std 1= Rosa Nalder

Brook St School
std 2= Maud F Harris, Mabel Sheather
std 1= Ethel Blick, Annie Milner

Port School

std 2=Alice Lake, Alice Kidson

Hampden St School
std 3=Esther Remnant, Mary Lineham
std 2= Mary Walker, Edith Blincoe
std 1= Esther Gilbert, Edith Pitt

Mon - 14
RICHARDSON, 6 Dec, wife of George F Richardson, a son
=== College sports results

Thur - 17
=== Nelson Girls College results
------ Emma Florence Ainsworth, DuxK E Hounsell, C M Catley, E E Johnson, G E Thorpe = A Hill = A F Johnson, E M Sealy = L A J Ainsworth = M Worsp = E P Rees = E M Baille, M E Smythe = E J Gibbs = M Mabin = F Hamilton = E A Edwards = G W Watson, L C Fell = F Coleman = J E Cuthbertson = C I Locking = H E Trolove = M I Mackay = C A Harris = K C M Hardcastle = E Coleman = M E Armstrong
Attendance = Flora Coleman = E A Edwards = T J Gibbs = M E Gray = F Hamilton = E E Johnson = M J E Kirton = M Mabin = M L Melhuish = F G Sealy
Music = J Broad = M E Smythe = G E Thorpe = E P Rees = M D Holloway =M L Melhuish = F G Sealy = G W Watson
Drawing = E Rees, A S Rochfort, E M Rochfort = A Trask

Fri --- 18
COOK - BROUGHAM, 16 Dec, Motueka, George Edward Cook, Upper Moutere, to Emilie Sarah Brougham of Lower Moutere
KEMP - MILNE, 17 Dec, Nth Shore, Auckland, Francis Kemp, Sydney, to Agnes Beatrice,daughter of John Milne, Holmhurst, Nth Shore
=== list of stockists of the Nelson Almanac

Sat --- 19
=== Mary Ann, daughter of Henry CARR --- funeral notice

Mon - 21
PERCIVAL, 21 Dec, ahr, Helensville, Auck, wife of A J Percival, a son

Tue -- 22
ELLIS, 21 Dec, Follingworth, Hope, wife of Stead Ellis, a daughter

Wed - 23
=== People sitting Scholarship Exams (for Nelson College)
Bridge St Boys ==Frederick Neave = George Snodgrass = Benjamin Gully =James Buchanan = George Severne = William Bray = Adam Thompson =David Graham = John Bond = Ernest Gilbert = George Stiles = Ernest Webster = Charles Wright
(Toi-toi Valley Girls) = Lizzie Hart = Margaret Hughes = Emily Street = Minnie Croucher =Annie Kelly = Marion Cameron = Augusta Robb = Alice Jacobsen = Ismone Webster =Percy Ellis
Hope = J Alfred Cowles
Richmond Boys = Jessie Knapp
Spring Grove =Minnie Lammas
Richmond Girls = Alice Palmer, Janet Palmer, Fanny Kidd
Hope = Agnes Eves
Lower Wakefield Girls = John Enright
Charleston Boys = Atherton Fletcher, George Riley
Pakawau = William Austin
Reefton = Robert Renton
Lower Moutere = Gilbert Curnow
Collingwood = John McCoy,
Lyell = Frederick Marris, Edward McElvie, William Barret, Henry Phillips,
Westport Boys = Annie Kenyon, Mary Parkinson
Dovedale = Emma Hunt, Georgina Corrigan
Motueka Girls = Jessie Oxley
Reefton = Annie Poole, Margaret Davidson, Helen Ross, Alice Jones
Westport Girls = Constance Scott, Henrietta Symes
Lower Takaka = Bridget O'Keeffe
Addisons Flat = Margaret Deck,

Lower Moutere
Marlborough ====== William Carter, Gilbert Pasley, Eustatius Griffiths, Benjamin Bayly
Blenheim Boys == Ernest Rutherford, Charles Matthewes, James Rutherford,
Havelock ====== ages are also given

Thur - 24
SUNLEY,23 Dec, Wellington, wife of E Sunley, a son
DALY - WEBB, 23 Dec, Owen Daly, Wellington, to Martha E Webb, 2nd daughter ofC Webb, Nelson

Thur - 31
BAIN, 22 Dec, Fernville, wife of A W Bain, a daughter
BAIGENT - WIN, 30 Dec, Dovedale, Samuel Edward, eldest son of late Alfred Baigent, Wakefield, to Edith, 5th daughter of John Win, Dovedale
=== Lower Moutere School prize giving
passed std 6= Reginald Hewetson, Robert Renton
std 6= Ruth Deck, Elizabeth Allen
std 5= Elsie Tarrant, Charles Limmer, Sarah Goodall, Edith Holdaway
std 4= W Squires, Arthur Kemp, Milly Boyce
std 3= Grace Tasker
std 2= Eliza Chant, Ellen Allen, James Starnes
std 1= Leonard Herrick, Merle Cresswell
preparatory = Selina Drummond, Horace Edwards
other prizes = Edith Holdaway = Margaret Deck = E Herrick = G Holdaway =L Kemp = May Drummond = Ellen Allen = A Kemp = Selina Drummond =E Allen = E Lines = Grace Tasker = L Holdaway = Robert Renton = R Deck = E Tarrant = L Holdaway = E Chant = James Allen

January --- 1886

Mon - 04
Death---BREWERTON, 17 Dec, at his sons res, Wai-iti, John Brewerton, 74yrs
=== Thomas PEYTON committed to the Asylum
=== Duncan SINCLAIR, 53yr, 5yrs manager Nat Bank, Blenheim, previously worked for Bank of NSW, Victoria Died Sun 3rd leaving a widow and 3 children
=== Dominico BARRATO, miner, Zala Town, Lyell, suicide Sat 2nd, -- widow and 1 child
=== Sheep runs with some infected sheep
Nelson sub division = R Ellis, Hazelbourne --- 400
  Ellis Bros, Gordon Downs -- 3500
  D Kerr, Motupiko --  3100
  Mrs Davis, Wai-iti 60
  T Livisey, Hope  70
  P (?) Weller, Hope   78
Motueka sub division = T A Bromwell, Motupiko 340

Tue -- 05
Death---JACKSON, 5 Jan, Mary Ann, 80yrs, relict of late Benjamin Jackson, Alton St

Fri --- 08
Death---MARTIN, 7 Jan, Wairoa Gorge, Catherine, 57yrs, wife of Hugh Martin jun

Sat --- 09
=== Charles, 12yrs and Herbert, 11yrs, Rutherford, both drowned at Havelock, Fri 8th

Mon - 11
HOUSE, 10 Jan, ahr, Shelbourne St, wife of F House, a daughter
Death---DARNELL, 3 Dec, Wanganui, Cuthbert William Nicholas, 20yrs, 2nd son ofB H Darnell esq, New Plymouth
Death---HARDCASTLE, 10 Jan, ahr, Nile St, Nelson, Edward Hardcastle, 49yrs, JP andlate District Judge and Resident Magistrate, Wellington
Death---BROWN, 10 Jan, ahr, Wellington, Andrew Brown, late of Shelbourne St
=== Joseph LUCAS --- reported as missing - left work in Aniseed Valley to walk to town to see a doctor
=== William EDEN (?) married, 2 children died in accident at Opawa River, Blenheim, 9th

Tue -- 12
SATCHELL, 10 Jan, Richmond, wife of W M Satchell, surgeon, a daughter

Wed - 13
Death---WEBSTER, 11 Jan, Melbourne, Mary, 11mths, only daughter of Malcolm and Janet Webster

Thur - 14
Death---SIMPSON, 12 Jan, ahr, Washington Valley, Archibald, 51yrs, 2nd son of the lateRobert Simpson
=== Richmond v Brightwater cricket

Fri --- 15
POYNTER, 14 Jan, wife of James Poynter, a daughter

Sat --- 16
Death---FISHER, 15 Jan, ahr, Waimea West, Ellen, 80, relict of the late Alexander Fisher
Death---FIELD, 16 Jan, Washington Valley, Percy Norman, 5 yr 4mth, youngest child of George Edwin and Bessie Annie Field
=== H Baigent, Waimea St is number 61 on the phone, L T Bowden and Co, Trafalgar St is number 62
Railway Wharf, is 63 ----- as yet the Hospital and Asylum are not connected
=== Annual Report of the Inspector of Schools

Mon - 18
Death---TREGEA, 16 Jan, Launceston, Tasmania, James Henry, 42yrs, eldest son of the late John Butson and Grace Tregea

Thur - 21
SPEAR, 21 Jan, Waimea St, wife of Frederick Spear, a son
RUSSELL - BLICK, 20 Jan, at res of the b/groom, Toi-toi Valley, Robert Russell, toMary Ann Blick, both of Nelson
=== William TOMLINSON, 2nd master at Auckland College, one time 3rd master at Nelson College. Spending Xmas with his wife and family at his mother in laws place (Mrs Kingdon) accidental death --- Inquest in Fri 22 paper
=== Friendly Societies -- people taking part in sports and their handicaps

Sat -- 23
Death---TISDALL, 14 Nov, Lahore, India, Bertha, wife of Rev W St Clair Towers Tisdall,formerly Incumbent of St Johns, Wakefield. Mrs Tisdall was a sister of Rev T B Madeean the present Incumbent of Greymouth

Mon - 25
BAIGENT, 24 Jan, Brightwater, wife of A Baigent, a son
Death---GORRIE, 24 Jan, David Gorrie, 41yrs
=== The Southern Alps

Thur - 28
BELL, 28 Jan, Belle Vue Villa, Nile St East, wife of Thos H Bell, a daughter
BARLTROP - BARNARD, 26 Jan, Sussex Sq, Wellington, George William, 4th son of Henry Barltrop, Nelson, to Emma Jane, eldest daughter of James Barnard, Newtown

Fri --- 29
ARMSTRONG, 27 Jan, Wellington, wife of Capt A Armstrong, a daughter
COLEMAN, 28 Jan, Ranzau, wife of William Coleman, a son

Sat --- 30
SCLANDERS, 30 Jan, Mrs James Sclanders, a daughter
SMALL, 30 Jan, River Trce, wife of Frederick Small, a daughter
Death---NEWTH, 30 Jan, Waimea West, Ann, 82yrs, wife of Mark Newth sen

February --- 1886

Mon - 01
=== John Hamilton (Greek), late storekeeper at Ahaura, sudden death reported yesterday by the Reefton News
=== Henry Batey, Coal Creek (opposite Greymouth) missing since Sat week
=== William King, Greymouth fisherman -- went fishing fri night -- not seen since

Thur - 04
BATT - ANSTICE, 30 Jan, at res of brides father, Arthur J Batt, to Rosa E Anstice, both of Nelson
Death---TAYLOR, 4 Feb, Washington Valley, William Austin, 10wk, son George and Ellen Taylor
=== applications for land leases = J Revell, Rintoul = R J Fellows, Waitapu = William Fauchelle, Takaka
=== lease forfeit = M E Gardner and W H Sutton, Waitakere
=== occupational licence refused = S Wratt, Rainbow Reserve = W F Stanley, Wangapeka

Fri --- 05
NEAL, 31 Jan, ahr, Tasman St, wife of R Neal, a daughter, premature

Sat -- 06
Death---RUTHERFORD, 5 Jan, Brightwater, Lenard, 3yr 6mth, son of George and Emma Rutherford

Mon - 08
=== candidates for Nelson Licensing Committee = Samuel Bolton = Edward Everett =Henry Douglas Jackson = John McArtney = John Pratt = John Scott = Francis Trask ==

Tue -- 09
Death---LAMMAS, 6 Feb, Richmond, Elizabeth, 38yrs, wife of John Lammas
=== Mrs William Plank - funeral will leave her late res for St Johns Church, Wakefield

Wed - 10
Death---HUDDLESTON, 9 Feb, Maitai House, Frederick Huddleston, 77 yrs

Thur - 11
Death---JONES, 9 Feb, the Port, Nelson, Harding Intermann, 6mths, son of F N andEmeline S Jones
=== Marion BURNS, widow, Nelson, bankrupt

Fri --- 12
LANGFORD, 11 Feb, School House, Waimea W, wife of Herbert Langford, a son
=== Herbert Russell marries Ethel Williams --- a fashionable wedding in Wellington
=== sketch of residence of a teacher in Greymouth district
=== nominated for Licensing Committee for Motueka district = Samuel Carter = James Samuel Edelsten = Thomas Goodman sen = Richmond Hursthouse = Charles Parker = Frederick Parker = Robert Pattie = Henry Rumbold

Sat --- 13
=== W JACKSON, killed by a fall of earth at Collingwood
=== Mr May, a passenger for Nelson on the SS Arawa, arrives at Pt Chalmers from Plymouth

Mon - 15
WALLER - CROSS, 13 Feb, Bishopdale, William Waller, chief officer of the USS CoHawea, 2nd son of Charles Waller esq, late of New Plymouth, to Emily Golconda, youngest daughter of the late harbourmaster, Capt James S Cross

Tue -- 16
McLEARY, 15 Feb, wife of John McLeary, Shelbourne St, a daughter
===William Henry Constable, painter, Nelson, bankrupt

Wed - 17
=== Mrs John SHARP, has fatal accident Tue 16th ------ inquest into the accident

Thur - 18
PRICHARD, 15 Feb, Hawera, wife of L E Prichard, a daughter
Death---PEARCE, 16 Feb, at res of Mrs Chiel, Elizabeth Pearce, 80yrs

Fri --- 19
Death---HOLLYMAN, 18 Feb, William John, 23yrs, 2nd son of the late James Hollyman

Mon - 22
=== Henry Brown will not be rsponsible for debts of his wife Mary Brown

Fri --- 26
HOOPER - BOLTON, 23 Fer, at res of the brides parents, Franklin St, Nelson, Francis,youngest son of E Hooper, Wakefield, to Rachel Mary, eldest daughter of S Bolton
Death---PERCY, 26 Feb, at res of Mr W Krahagan, Sydney Seamore, 2mths, son of the late Sydney Percy

March --- 1886

Mon - 01
HALLIDAY, 24 Feb, Kaikoura, wife of Constantine A Halliday, solicitor, a son
BALFOUR, 1 Mar, Nelson, wife of G Goldie Balfour, a daughter

Tue -- 02
=== unclaimed letters from Nov == Miss K A Catto = D M Holmes = Mrs Eliza Scott Harris = Mr and Mrs Harris

Wed - 03
Death---LANKOW, 28 Feb, at Tua Marina, Blenheim, wife, 27yrs, of H Lankow

Thur - 04
=== inquest into the death of George SNODGRASS
=== some results of shooting competitions

Fri --- 05
Death---SNODGRASS, 3 Mar, Nelson, George Barker, 12 yrs, son of Robert and Dorothy
=== more shooting results

Sat --- 06
=== more shooting results
=== Alfred SMITH, cattle dealer, Murchison, annulment of bankruptcy

Mon - 08
=== owners names of horses entered for Nelson Races
=== Alameda arrived at Auck from 'Frisco -- names 9 passengers for Auckland
=== leases, applications and refused

Tue -- 09
Death---BROWN, 9 Mar, at res of his daughter, Mrs Alexander Brown, the Port,John Brown esq, 76yrs(from Glasgow ?)

Wed - 10
Death---SEALY, 9 Mar, ahr, Hardy St, Nelson, William Byers Sealy, MD, 63yrs, eldestson of the late General Sealy
=== Nelson teachers successful at the exams held in Dec
=== the North Island Railways

Thur - 11
Death---KITCHING, 11 Mar, Grove St, the Wood, Grace Elsie, 2wks, daughter ofArchibald and S E Kitching
=== picnic at Wakefield

Fri --- 13
=== licences issued for the current year

Tue -- 16
GALLAND, 16 Mar, Blenheim, wife of J B Galland, a daughter
Death---MANN, 16 Mar, James Mann, 75yrs

Wed - 17
===Committee formed at Richmond to form the area into a Town District (about 1200 ac,99 householders and total population about 500) --- J G Harkness = C Saywell =J M Croucher = A G Brock = G Talbot = S FIttall = T R Hodder = C E Molesworth =J Petrie = R McRae = H Holdaway = E Cowles =

Thur - 18
=== routes proposed for the Nelson Railway

Sat --- 20
===Nominations for Richmond Commissioners ==Joseph Best = John Martin Croucher= Samuel Fittall = Joseph Hammond = Joseph George Harkness = Thomas Riches Hodder = Henry Holdaway = Thomas Hall Lammas = Roderick McRae = Arthur Mills = Charles Saywell

Mon - 22
Death---MUNCASTER, 21 Mar, ahr, Trafalgar St, Thomas, 47yrs, eldest son of the lateWilliam Muncaster, Douglas, Isle of Man
Death---MASON, 21 Mar, at res of John McArtney, Robert Mason, 81yrs, late of NSW
=== Phillip O'Brien, 85yrs, inmate of the Asylum died Sun 21 March
=== Robert Williams, miner, Collingwood, bankrupt

Tue -- 23
WEBB, 20 Mar, wife of Major W H Webb, a daughter
Death---McLEARY, 21 Mar, Felicia Sarah, 5wks, daughter of John and Sarah McLeary
Death---CUNNINGHAME, 22 Mar, at res of his brother, Wellington, William Frederick, 3rd son of the late John Cunninghame, Lifford, Ireland
Death---SIMMIS, 4 Mar, Hobart, Tasmania, Jane, 32yrs, wife of Joseph Simmis

Thur - 25
JENNINGS, 19 Mar, School House, Riwaka, wife of G C P Jennings, son, stillborn
KIRK - BARNICOAT, 24 Mar, Appleby, Richard Clement, 2nd son of Rev William KirkLower Hutt, Wellington, to Amy Frances, 2nd daughter of Hon J W Barnicoat, MLC,Richmond, Nelson
=== Elsie MILLICAN, daughter of Mr Millican, Tasman St, the Wood, her funeral will leave his place

Fri --- 26
McLAREN, 20 Mar, wife of J S McLaren, a son
DEE - FERRY, 20 Mar, George, eldest son of E W Dee, Nelson, to Charlotte Amy youngest daughter of John Ferry, Wanganui

Sat --- 27
=== Peter HIGGINS and wife, of Spring Grove, applied to adopt Sarah RAMSAY, Geraldine
=== Henry EURE, master mariner, Nelson, bankrupt
===Edward Samuel HOULT, Wai-iti, application for slaughter house license

Mon - 29
HOULT, 28 Mar, Brook St, Mrs S Hoult sen, a daughter
=== ascent of Mt Egmont

Tue -- 30
Death---HODGSON, 29 Mar, at his g/fathers (John Infield) res, Tom Hodgson, 4yr 8mth
===Frederick John HINGSTON, storekeeper, Nelson, bankrupt

Wed - 31
Death---HEWETSON, 28 Mar, Timaru, Walter Joseph,18yrs, 2nd son of ThomasHewetson, Upper Moutere

April --- 1886

Thur - 01
=== Motueka Horticultural Show, prize winners, judges, etc

Sat --- 03
=== names of School Districts

Mon - 05
=== property tax reviews

Fri --- 09
=== list of 1st and 2nd saloon pass booked on the Aorangi from Wellington to London

Sat --- 10
WALKER - PRATT, 7 Ap, Bishopdale, Nelson, William Robert, 2nd son of Capt Walker to Maggie, 3rd daughter of John Pratt, both of Nelson
=== William ATTWOOD, 84yrs, Wairau --death -- from Lincoln, Eng to Nelson 45yrs ago obituary

Mon - 12
Death---HUME, 9 Ap, Dixon St, Wellington, Richard Hume, 22yr, late Bank of Australasiason of Peter Hume, Lower Valley, Wairarapa

Tue -- 13
Death---SMALL,10 Ap, River Trce, Isabel Mary, 10wks, only daughter of Frederick and Sarah Small
=== names of passengers and crew (saved and lost) and more details of Taiaroa wreck

Wed - 14
PALMER, 13 Ap, Foxhill, wife of A J Palmer, a daughter
=== Mr WOOD, about 40yrs old, (apparently a remittance man) from Northampton, fatal accident at Stoke
=== Emily WALSH (married) arrested in Auckland,from Blenheim
=== up to date list of drowned and saved from Taiaroa and more news about the wreck

Fri --- 16
WEBBER, 7 Ap, wife of T B Webber, a daughter
Death--SAVAGE, 16 Ap, Constance Gertrude, 6yrs, daug of John and Harriet Ann Savage
=== Mr BURFORD, the Port is no 68 on the telephone
=== Henry McCARTHY of Notown death by accident thur 15 --- Greymouth
=== Coptic from Plymouth reached Pt Chalmers today -- Mr H S COWIE for Nelson

Sat --- 17
PHILLIPS, 11 Ap, Holborn Cottage, Collingwood St, wife of H V Phillips, a daughter
WEBBER, 7 Ap, wife of W F Webber, a daughter
Death---HANNAGAN, 20 Mar, Ngaruawahia, Auck, Clara Caroline Hannagan, 33yrs, late of Nelson

Mon - 19
=== Whitington LANE, 30yrs, married with 3 children, of Kaituna, accidently shot while going duck shooting at Havelock. Was with Harry DORREEN

Tue -- 20
=== George BELL --- application for slaughter house licence at Waimea West

Wed - 21
ALEXANDER, 16 Ap, Motueka, wife of R B Alexander, a daughter
=== George Fishenden RICHARDSON, cabinetmaker, Nelson, bankrupt

Sat --- 24
(Easter) RAWSON, 11 Ap, Motueka, wife of A P Rawson, a son
CLARKE, 22 Ap, Parsonage, Collingwood, wife of Rev A P Clarke, a daughter
GREEN - NIEMANN, 21 Ap, Spring Grove, Felix Matthew, youngest son of William Green, Richmond, to Mary Jane, only daughter of the late Ferdinand Niemann of Spring Grove
Death---HARLEY, 22 Ap, Nelson, Arthur, 45yrs, 3rd son of Charles Harley
=== Ruapehu arrived at Pt Chalmers from Plymouth, passenger list (about 75 names)

Tue -- 27
ROWELL, 26 Ap, ahr, the Port, wife of William Rowell, a daughter

Wed - 28
JENNINGS, 26 Ap, Railway Cottage, Westport, wife of F H Jennings esq, a son
=== Miss Margaret RICHMOND, 3rd daughter of Mr Justice Richmond married to Dr FELL, son of the late Alfred Fell of Nelson
=== Grand jury members = Meeson = C A Muntz = W Rout JP = Harris = W H Turner =G Gillow = H Ledger = S White = W Glasgow = A D Bayfield = D Winton =W E Farrer, D McDonald = M Lightband = J H Cock = J Marsden = W N Franklyn= F Hamilton
=== Jury members = J Andrews = E Arnold = G Kinzett = W H Roberts = W Strange =A H Barltrop = R Small = E Fowler = P Archer = J Bush = and 2 others
=== Stoke School Committee == W Bigger = W B Condell = G Best = C Harley = C Mansen = W D Cresswell = A Harley
=== Nominated for Waimea Rd Board = Samuel Baigent = Samuel Clayden =George Fittall = Benjamin Lines = Charles Malpas = Joseph Price = John Win =

Thur - 29
===Census returns show population of Nelson City is 7,328 -- 3,579 males, 3,749 females + 14 Chinamen An increase of 535 since 1881
===Hope School Committee = F Kelling = R Paton = W Coleman = W Neumann = T Bell = W Jessop = H Lankow
===jury sworn in =T A Askew = A Karsten = F Small, M Gambitzki = W Simpson =D Price = J Taylor = D O'Leary = J Wastney = J Marshall = F J Templeton =W Stratfield
=== nominations for Spring Grove Road Bd = Andrew Baigent = William Eden =James Ives = James McMurray = Francis Neal = William Henry Nieman =John James Ricketts = George Silcock = John Thomas Snowden = Peter Kerr =Charles Masters
===Pokororo Road Bd = the only nominations = George H Slatter = David Flett =James Ross = James Chapman

Fri --- 30
===John DIMICK, application for a slaughterhouse license at Appleby

May --- 1886

Mon - 03
===election of East Takaka School Committee = T Baigent = I Franklyn = W I Cobb = A Barnett = C Lewis = W H Haines = C Schroeder
===Long Plain S Com = Hitchcock = Scott = McCallum = Staples = Spittal = Hitchcock jun = A E Longford
===Waimea W Rd Bd candidates = Robert Disher jun = Joseph Price = William E Russ = Charles Schwass = John Satherley = Thomas Edwin =
===Upper Motueka - Motupiko subdivision = John Arnold = Thomas Andrew Bromell = George Coleman = Louis Frederick Ellis William Gibbs = William Quinney
===Stanley Brook subdivision = James Crichton = John Frederick Kelling =John Arthur Wilkinson
===Tadmor subdivision = William James Kinzett = William Henry Phillips jun =Francois Frontin Rolet = Esmy Thomason

Tue -- 04
===passenger list of Coptic which sailed from Lyttelton on Sat -- lot from all over
Death---MOLESWORTH, 24 Ap, Commercial Hotel, Whangarei, Annie Ellen, 57yrs, wife of C E Molesworth, late of Richmond, Nelson, and daughter of the late John Terry esq, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England
===Riwaka Rd Bd = Richard Fry = Thomas Inglis = Daniel Bate = George Macmahon = Alexander Drummond

Wed - 05
PETTIT - RICHARDS, 1 May, res of the brides father, Frederick Charles, youngest sonof C Pettit, Nelson, to Mary Louisa, 2nd daughter of James Richards, Nelson
Death---COOMBES, 5 May, Grove St, the Wood, James Fields Coombes, 42yrs
===leases, --- applications, withdrawls, refusals

Thur - 06
FULLER, 5 May, Shelbourne St, wife of W J Fuller, a son
LORIE, 6 May, at Wilden, wife of Adolph F W Lorie, a daughter
LUCAS - OAKLEY, 27 Ap, at res of the brides father, the Port, Nelson, Robert Stepneyeldest son of the late Robert Lucas, to Julia, youngest daughter of Capt Joseph Oakley

Fri --- 07
POYNTER - PERCIVAL, 4 May, Nelson, Charles William, 2nd son of the late JohnPoynter esq, RM, of the Port,Nelson, to Marguretta S Percival, Brook St, Nelson
Death---LEACH, 7 May, Joseph, 24yrs, 2nd son of J C Leach, Collingwood St
=== Mrs Joseph BEST, Richmond, suicide
=== Montague Mardoc ELLIS has applied for a publicans licence

Sat --- 08
Death---LAMOND, 7 May, Nile St E, James Thomas Lamond, MA, 34yrs
Death---WATTS, 8 May, ahr, Bridge End, Anne Watts, 71yrs
===candidates for Takaka Rd Bd = W Baird = A McFarlane = J Newport = W Page =J F Rose, R Bartlett = J Reilly = J Cann

Mon - 10
KIDSON, 6 May, wife of John Kidson, Nelson Lighthouse, a daughter
Death---MARTIN, 10 May, ahr, Tasman St, the Wood, James Martin, 35yrs, late of Swansea, Sth Wales
=== Bushfords cottage, Brook St, Valley is no 69 on the Tele Exchange
=== list of law exam passes from March for all NZ
=== William RYAN and Patrick BYRNE, miners in fatal accident at Reefton
=== Albert WEBB, bootmaker, Nelson, bankrupt
=== S SAMUEL, Stephen CLARK, application for publicans licence

Tue -- 11
=== names of N Z passengers on the Rimutaka which left Auck for London, 6 May
=== James COFFEE application for publicans licence for a house at the corner of Bridge and Collingwood St
=== William Ralph SCOTT, application for publicans licence, Grove St, the Wood

Wed - 12
McDONOGH, 11 May, at res of Mrs Jessup, Washington Valley, wife of Christopher McDonogh, a son
=== Frank Buckingham, Nelson, application publicans licence for corner of Trafalgar and Bridge St

Thur - 13
Death---GULLY, 13May, at his fathers res, Trafalgar St Sth, John Charles, 21yrs, youngest son of John Gully esq
=== Francis Philip BROWNE, application for pub licence for the Port, Nelson

Fri --- 14
Death---INFIELD, 13 May, Annie, 23yrs, youngest daughter of John Infield
=== William Evans DEMPSIE, Stoke, application for a pub licence

Sat --- 15
Death---WREY, 15 Mar, ahr, Orchard Gardens, Teignmouth, Devonshire, England, William Long Wrey, 94yrs
=== obituary W L Wrey

Wed - 19
Death---BATTY, 13 May, at res of Mr Thomas Batty, Blenheim, Sarah, 21yrs, daughter of Matthew Batty of Greymouth

Mon - 24
FRAZER - CLARKE, 21 May, Nelson, William Christian Ernest, 4th son of John Frazer,Denmark, to Catherine Clarke, widow of Cornwall, Eng. (Flensborg, Schleswig-Holstein papers please copy)

Tue -- 25
KING - KIERNAN, 19 May, Bishopdale, George, only son of George King, Nelson toAnnie Marie, eldest daughter of Edward Kiernan, late of Tauranga
MELDRUM - WAXMAN, 13 Ap, Sydney, Thomas Brak Meldrum, surveyor, to Ada, daughter of the late A F Waxman, Nelson
Death---BAKER, 24 May, Edward, 17yrs, son of John and Harriett Baker

Thur - 27
SMALL - POYNTER, 24 May, at res of Joseph Webley sen, Alfred George, 2nd son of the late Jacob Small, to Annie Norwood, eldest daughter of late J Poynter esq, RM

Fri --- 28
CANTON - PAUL, 19 May, Appleby, George Young, 2nd son of George Canton, Hope, to Louisa, youngest daughter of Gerge Paul, Richmond

Sat -- 29
Death---SIGLEY, 28 May, at the Old Peoples Home, Mrs Sigley, 85yrs, formerly Mrs Macfarlane and mother of late Mrs William Akersten

Mon - 31
ALDRIDGE, 24 May, ahr, Vandieman St, Mrs George Aldridge, a son
RICHMOND, 30 May, Richmond Brook, Awatere, Marlborough, Mrs F H Richmond, son
WAIT, 31 May, Thackwood, Wakapuaka, wife of R H Wait esq, a daughter
=== list of imports and exports and total values for 1884 and 1885

June --- 1886

Tue -- 01
=== wreck of the Lye-E-Moon, Sydney Gives a list of passengers booked for Sydney, names of saved passengers and crew plus some details Expected to be 70-80 lost

Wed - 02
Death---WELLS, Blenheim Hospital, George, 55yrs, eldest son of Thomas and Jane Wells, Pelorus, Havelock, and brother of William Wells, Russell St, Nelson
=== William ROWELL remanded to the Asylum for 8 days
=== Foxhill School Committe elected = Joseph Holland = John Thompson = A J Palmer = David Thomas = J Duncan = T A Aldridge = T S Tidd
=== James McGREGOR, coroners inquest

Thur - 03
===Henry Black, Nelson, recently rode a bike from Petone to Masterton 58 miles in 9hrs 35 min
=== Annual Licensing Court --- licenses granted, renewed and transferred

Fri --- 04
Death---HARRIS,3 June, ahr, Russell St, Charles Harris, 49yrs
=== applications, refusals, and forfeited leases

Sat --- 05
Death---PIERSON, at her fathers res, South St, Minnie Gertrude, 2yrs, youngest daughter of Peter and Minnie Pierson

Mon - 07
===Nelson medal winners in the recent Wellington Exhibition

Tue -- 08
HILL, 1 June, Hillcrest, Newton, wife of E J Hill, a son
Death---GILL, Waimea Rd, Nelson, Ann 53yrs, wife of late Wm Gill, of Todds Bush, Wakapuaka

Wed - 09
Death---PEPPERCORN, 9 June, Nelson, James Alpress Peppercorn, 21yrs

Thur - 10
ROWE, 10 June, Waimea Rd, Nelson, wife of W E Rowe esq, a daughter
Death---BROAD, 10 June, Francis Rupert, 30mth, youngest child of Lowther Broad, District Judge
=== reports from various places on the Mt Tarawera eruption

Fri --- 11
===Henry LOVELL, an old resident of Nelson, sent to the Asylum
===more reports about the eruption

Sat --- 12
CHRISTIAN - STEERS, 17 Kay, at res of the brides parents, Stawell, Victoria, Martin, son of Martin Christian, coachbuilder, Nelson NZ, to Anna, daughter of Francis Steers of Stawell
===Hugh THOMPSON, son of Mr Thompson, settler of Richmond --death

Mon - 14
Death---MARTIN, 13 June, Sophia, 9yrs, daughter of George and Mary Ann Martin
=== eye witness account of the eruption

Wed - 16
===arrived at Auckland, the Waihora from Sydney --- 36 surnames
===Joseph SMYTHE, auctioneer, Nelson, bankrupt
===letter from a friend in Perth, Australia
===the Kimberly

Thur - 17
Death---COOPER, 16 June, Old Peoples Home, Joseph Cooper, 81yrs
Death---THOMPSON, 11 June, Hugh James, 37yrs, eldest son of T J Thompson, Richmond
=== land leases

Fri --- 18
WATTERSON, 15 June, Richmond, wife of H Watterson, a daughter
CAMPBELL - COTTERELL, 19 May, Wellington, NZ, Norman MontgomeryAbercrombie, son of the late Sir John Campbell, Bart, of Auchinbreck, to Isabella Sara daughter of the late Jerome Carandini, Marquis di Sarzano, and widow of the late George Cotterell
==Alfred BALL, butcher, Suburban Nth, bankrupt
===2 page supplement about the eruption

Sat --- 19
Death---ALDRIDGE, 18 June, Belgrove, Thomas Louis, 3mth, son of Thomas and Amelia Aldridge

Mon - 21
EDEN, 20 June, Bridge Valley, Wakefield, wife of T G Eden, a daughter
ANSTICE - KING, 20 June, at res of the bride, Hardy St, J S Anstice, to Sophia King, widow of the late E G King
RICKETTS - KIDSON, 17 June, at res of the brides parents, the Lighthouse, Nelson, John James Ricketts, to Eliza, 2nd daughter of John Kidson
Death---SCHUMACHER, 21 June, Frederick Schumacher, 72yrs

Wed - 23
MERCER, 18 June, Grove St, the Wood, wife of John Mercer, twins, a boy and girl
Death---LUNN, 17 June, Motueka, Laura Frances, 5yr 9mth, youngest daughter ofCharles and Mary Ann Lunn
Death---TROLOVE, 22 June, Seadale, Stoke, Edwin Trolove, 54yrs

Thur - 24
===Alfred HARVEY, killed while bush felling at Manaroa in the Pelorus Sound
===fancy dress ball at the College -- list of people and their costumes

Fri --- 25
===Miss Ada MOULDER, about 15yrs, death
===map of Rotorua region and detailed sketch map
===sketch of Wairoa township with some places named

Mon - 28
Death---CAPPER, 28 June, ahr, Brougham St, Wellington, Mrs Capper sen, 75yrs

Tue -- 29
Death---WALLIS, 29 June, Hulmer, Motueka, Katie Ironside, 23yrs, youngest daughter of the late Richard Wallis

Wed - 30
MONRO, 19 June, Lucerne, Switzerland, wife of Charles J Monro esq, a son
EDEN, 29 June, Sunny View, wife of W Eden, a daughter
===J T BARNICOAT, 29yrs, youngest son of Hon J W Barnicoat, Nelson, suicide
===John Saxon, farmer, Nelson, bankrupt

July --- 1886

Thur - 01
HOOPER, 30 June, Wakefield, wife of J Hooper, a daughter
ADAMS - KINGDON, 29 June, Nelson, John Langley Adams, 2nd son of late William Adams,Langley Dale, Marlborough, to Amy Edith, youngest daughter of late Samuel Kingdon,Willesley, Nelson
Death---FORD, 30 June, Waimea West, Charles Ford sen, 85yrs, native of Gloucestershire
===obituary Charles Ford

Mon - 05
Death---LUNN, 2 June, Motueka, William, 8yrs, youngest son of Charles and Mary Ann Lunn
===nominated candidates for the Nelson City Council = William Akersten = William Black = Samuel Bolton = Alfred Coleman = Peter Cooke = Moses Crewdson = Edward Everett = John Graham = Joseph Auty Harley = Thomas Halstead Harley =Robert Levien = James Keen Little = George Marshall = James Newport =William Phillips = Alexander Robertson = Thomas Hoyle Stringer = Francis Trask = William Tyree = Malcolm Mair Webster = (Alfred Greenfield returning officer)

Wed - 07
=== unclaimed letters from April = Mr H Mirams = G B G King esq = Fred Durlacher = Mr Earnest Olin
Mr Alfred PARMENTER, a resident of Nelson for about 30yrs died yesterday
=== Teacher appointments and resignations
=== Applications etc for leases

Thur - 08
Death---BATCHELOR, 7 July, New Plymouth, Uriah, 36yrs, eldest son of George and Charlotte Bachelor, Nelson

Fri --- 09
Death---CALDER, 8 July, at res of Mr T Fathers, Waimea Rd, Robert, 22yrs, youngest son of the late J B Calder
===smelting copper at the Champion Mine
===names of teachers at Nelson College for Boys
===names of some teachers at Nelson College for Girls

Sat -- 10
===Charles John BARTLETT, builder, Nelson, bankrupt

Wed - 14
===F SCHUMACHER, deceased

Fri --- 16
SOMERVILLE, 16 July, the Port, wife of A F T Somerville, a son
MARTIN, 16 July, Sea Side Farm, Stoke, Mrs C Martin, a daughter
===City Council elections -- winners --- Edward Everett = Robert Levien = Alfred Coleman = Francis Trask = John Graham = Joseph Auty Harley = William Akersten = Thomas Hoyle Stringer = Malcolm Muir Webster ====== missed out = Peter Cooke = Samuel Bolton = William Black = James Newport = William Phillips = Thomas Halstead Harley = William Tyree = Moses Crewdson = James Keen Little = George Marshall = Alexander Robertson

Mon - 19
Death---HENRY, 18 July, Russell St, Mary Ann, 8yr 7mth, 3rd daug, Peter and Ellen Henry

Tue -- 20
Death---CALDER, 20 July, at res of his brother, J M Calder, Renton St, Thomas, 35yrs, eldest son of the late J B Calder
=== John CORR, one of the earlier merchants here (Westport) died this afternoon
=== William CAMPBELL, miner and contractor, killed in accident at Westport

Wed - 21
SATCHELL, 18 July, Takaka, wife of Charles George Satchell, MRCS, LSA, a daughter
FRANK - McALLISTER, 21 July, Blenheim, George Henry,eldest son of the lateJacob Frank, Nelson, to Annie, 2nd daughter of John McAllister esq, Grove Rd, Blenheim

Thur - 22
WRIGHT, 19 July, wife of Rev A C Wright, a son
===Frank BROWN, journeyman, committed suicide at Riwaka last night

Fri --- 23
Death---PERCIVAL, 23 July, Christchurch, John Percival, 63yrs, late of Nelson
Death---ANSLOW, 23 July, ahr, Waimea St, Mary, 47yrs, wife of Thomas Anslow

Sat --- 24
Death---MOORE, 24 July, ahr, Manuka St, Nelson, Charles Moore, 82yrs

Mon - 26
Death---WOODWARD, 25 July, Harley St, Catherine Woodward, 11yr 10mth,
=== Richard HYLAND, farmer, Motueka, bankrupt

Wed - 28
WHITE - LINES, 24 July, Wakefield, Edwin Fitzwilliam, eldest son of Edwin White, Pigeon Valley, Wakefield, to Elizabeth Jane, youngest daughter of the late John Lines of Upper Wakefield

Fri --- 30
Death---PRATT, 29 July, ahr, Bridge St, Nelson, John Pratt, 52yrs

Sat --- 31
O'LOUGHLEN - WARNER, 14 July, Richmond, Arthur Herbert, youngest son of Mathew O'Loughlen, to Martha, youngest daughter of the late Richard Warner and adopter daughter of the late John JERVIS
===Ann Frances Mary GOULTER, wife of Cyrus Goulter of Hawkes Bay, died today.She was 3rd child of the late Henry Redwood (Blenheim news)

August --- 1886

Mon - 02
MURRAY, 31 July, ahr, Cambria St, wife of Charles Murray, a daughter
Death---MOORHOUSE, 1 Aug, Bronti St, James Moorhouse, 59yrs He leaves a wife and 3 children, the youngest a little over 1 mth
=== Borough of Nelson, July == 20 births == 9 deaths == 5 marriages

Tue -- 03
KEMPTHORNE, 2 Aug, wife of Rev J P Kempthorne, a son
===closed bankruptcies = George Fishenden Richardson, cabinetmaker, Nelson and Vincenzo Fama, baker, Nelson

Wed - 04
===applications for leases refused = H Burley, Island, Buller River = J G Walker, Island, Buller River = J Norman, Buller Dist = W Mailman, Buller Dist = C G Andrews, Buller Dist = F Gill, Buller Dist = J Fennell, Lyell = J Fitzgerald, Inangahua leases forfeited === E Carroll, Orikaka = J P Thomas, Maruia = A Accolino, Lyell occupation licence refused === H Hurford, Hampton Suburban

Thur - 05
===unclaimed letters from June = G Beswick, Horace Malcolm = Oliver Powell = Mr M A Ruck = Herbert Ray = Eli Smith = Mr W Sprouts
Death---WHITE, 30 July, Upper Buller, wife, 39yrs, of George White and daughter of James and Jemima Maule of Spring Grove

Fri --- 06
===list of winners of prizes and persons who donated them for the Nelson Carbine Club shooting competition (81 prizes)

Sat -- 07
BESLEY - YORK, 17 July, Nelson, W Besley, to C A York
===son of J G LASH of Rockville, killed in an accident (Collingwood news)

Tue -- 10
Death---THORP, 8 Aug, Burton Farm, Motueka, Mary, wife of Charles Thorp
===from the recent census ----- populations in prov districts and housing figures
===Emily Elizabeth, daughter of Mr THOMPSON -- her funeral wll leave his house,Washington Valley, Wed 11th

Thur - 12
NUTTALL, 12 Aug, Mrs Nuttall, twin sons

Fri --- 13
Death---SYMES, 11 Aug, at Stanley Brook, Nelson, Thomas A Symes, 69yrs

Sat -- 14
TOMLINSON, 14 Aug, Nelson, widow of late William Tomlinson, a daughter
===George MOULDER, 83yrs, arrived Nelson in 1842 aboard the Charles Forbes, diedMotupipi on Tue 10th

Mon - 16
Death---NICOL, 13 Aug, Old Mens Home, James Nichol, 76yrs

Tue -- 17
HANNA, 15 Aug, ahr, Maxwell Rd, Blenheim, wife of T H Hanna, a son
===Thomas PRICE, 83yrs, "village blacksmith" of Waimea West, died Mon 16th
===John LARGE, jeweller, suicide at Hokitika this morning
===Charles W LUCAS, Blenheim, will not be responsible for debts of his wifeCatherine Elizabeth Lucas

Thur - 19
Death---BETTS, 18 Aug, ahr, Bridge St, James Henry Betts, 70yrs
Death---GLOVER, 12 Aug, Mary Glover, 80yrs, mother of Mrs J Pownceby, Ghuznee St, Wellington, and of John Glover of Nelson
===from Nelson to Motueka in the rainy season

Fri --- 20
KENNING - LEOV, 18 Aug, at res of his father, Stoke, Richard, 2nd son of William and Lavina Kenning, to Emily Phoebe Margaret Leov, only daughter of Charles S L and Phoebe Leov
DIXON - KENNING, 18 Aug, at res of the brides father, Frederick Dixon, son of Daniel and Sarah Dixon, to Maria Kenning, daug of William and Lavina Kenning, Stoke

Mon - 23
DODSON, 17 Aug, Mrs H Dodson, a son
Death---EVANS, 22 Aug, Eliza, 82yrs, wife of William Evans, Tasman St, the Wood

Tue -- 24
Death---HOOPER, 24 Aug, Wakefield, Mrs Hooper,65yrs, wife of Edwin Hooper
Death---ARMSTRONG, 24 Aug, ahr, Vanguard St, Agnes Armstrong, 57yrs

Wed - 25
BONE, 8 July, Windsor, Eng, wife of Capt J E Bone, RMSS Tongariro, a daughter
Death---MOORE, 23 Aug, Christina Moore, 84yrs

Thur - 26
Death---HOWELL, 2 June, Great Ryburgh, Eng, Henry Howell, 86yrs, father of Mrs David BURNS, Waimea St, Nelson
Death---GORRIE, 26 Aug, Blenheim, Jessie, 14yrs, only daughter of James Gorrie, Nelson died at her aunts Mrs Hutcheson, Blenheim

Fri --- 27
FRANKS - ROWSE, 17 Aug, Parsonage, Rangiora, Joseph Franks, AA (Oxon), 2nd son of Joseph Franks, West Bromwich, Eng, to Minnie Roberts, eldest daughter of Rev W Rouse, Rangiora
Death---WOODCOCK, 18 Aug, Mr Woodcock of Richmond, 74yrs
===unemployment meeting --- names and number of dependants = D Hurley, 7 = Thos Lynum, 7 = J Goodman, 8 = Phillips, 4 = Fuller, 5 = Butler, 6 = A Lee, 9 = A Carter, 3 = J Coombe, 3 = J Maxwell, 3 = W Vosper, 2 = Jessop, 2 = G Wise, 3 = Middlemiss, 3 = Barnett, 2 = Malone = W Cullen = W Frazer = Floyd = Burley = Burns = Nash = Edmondson = H A Coles
===Port Sunday School -- anniversary meeting ==Ettie Barnes = Florence Weir = Victoria Vendore = Alice Johnson = Maggie Laird = Amy Frost = Gertrude Barnes = Nellie Westrup = Henrietta Freeman = and Cornelia Goodwin gave recitations prize giving -- boys = George Lucas, Thomas Freeman, Robert Low = Arthur Pearcy, Albert Pearcy, William Robb = Harry Lucas, Harry Pearcy, Arthur Kidson = Robert Henderson, Ernest Osborne, William Westrupp ------- girls --- Gertrude Barnes, Alice Young, Maggie Lake = Annie Pearcey, Alice Johnston, Margaret Laird, Emma Frost and Emma Freeman (equal) = Ada Barnes and Nellie Westrupp, Lucy Lucas, Emily Wells = Ruth Westrupp, Lily Young, Cornelia Goodwin------ infants --- girls --- Rosa Wells, Mary Laird, Ettie Barnes, Ethel Henderson --- boys --- Frank Pearcey, Willie Parker--- others --- Florence Weir, Gertrude Barnes, Emily Wells--- to boys leaving --- William Vercoe, William Spier, Thomas Freeman, Robert Low --- to girls leaving --- Bessie Freeman, Ella Lucas, Jessie Vercoe
===John Frederick PAHL, farmer, Tadmor, bankrupt

Sat -- 28
===Frederick MAYHEW, formerly 2nd master at Blenheim borough school committed for trial for embezzling funds of the Spring Creek Rifles

Mon - 29
Death---KING, 29 Aug, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs Hannah King, 87yrs, 2nd daughter of John French, Ballingdon, Essex, and mother of George and Charles King, Nelson
===candidates for Dovedale Rd Bd = Job Best = Harold Lee Eban = Thomas Freeman = Thomas Hall = John William Hawkes = Alfred Jordan = Hugh Kenyon = James Rose = William Win = John Win = (Mark D Davies, returning officer)
===Waimea Rd Bd = Samuel Baigent = Samuel Clayden = George Fairhall = Joseph Gibbs = Benjamin Lines = William Painton = Joseph Price = John Taylor (Eliab Baigent, returning officer)

Tue -- 31
MILDON - MILLS, 24 Aug, at res of Mr R Rush, Waipawa, John W Mildon, brickmaker, Waipawa, to Maria Mills, 2nd daughter of John Mills, Alton St, Nelson

September --- 1886

Wed - 01
SADD, 27 Aug, Riwaka, wife of R T Sadd, a daughter

Thur - 02
HIGGINS, 1 Sept, wife of P Higgins, a son
HAMMOND - ROBINSON, 1 Sept, Ngatimoti, Walter, 2nd son of Mr J G Hammond, Waimea W, to Clara, youngest daughter of Mr R Robinson of Ngatimoti

Sat -- 04
FATHERS, 4 Sept, wife of T Fathers, a son
Death---BRESNIHAN, 4 Sept, at res of Mr Joseph Hoult, Wai-iti, Honora Bresinhan, 78yrs
Death---THOMPSON, 4 Sept, St Vincent St, Samuel James Thompson, 26mths, son of James and Ellen Thompson

Tue -- 07
HAWLEY - DUFF, 25 Aug, Christchurch, William James Hawley, H M Customs, Ch/ch, to Setitia, eldest daughter of the late J E Duff, Timaru
===people who donated money of materials for benefit of the Hospital Convalescent Fund = T Cawthon = Everett Bros = J Graham = D Ross = Mrs J S Anstice = Worgan Jones = R Frater = T Thomas = Mr Fleming = Loveday and Heyhoe = Dee and Son = Messrs Snow = Armstrong = Hart = Black and Son = Wilkie = Cock and Co = Beath and Co = Moyes = Shone = Sclanders and Co = Buxton and Co = Buxton and Co = Mrs Salter = H D Jackson = Mr Patterson

Thur - 09
Parker, 5 Sept, Haven Rd, Nelson, wife of W J Parker, a daughter
=== severe flooding

Fri --- 10
Death---GOOD, 9 Sept, Collingwood St, Ellen, 17yrs, 3rd daugh of William and Ellen Good

Sat -- 11
GRACE - ANDREWS, 23 June, George Frederick Grace, Curate of Holy Trinity, Margate to Caroline, daughter of James Andrews esq, Cliftonville, Margate
Death---GREIG, 11 Sept, at res of Mr Neale, Waimea Rd, Charles Greig, 41yrs

Mon - 13
Death---BROWNING, 12 Sept, Nelson, Mary Jane, 58yrs, wife of J S Browning
===Charles HODGSON, of Wellington and at one time Nelson, arrested in Nelson on a charge of embezzling money Came over from Wellington with a wife and one child Sat morning and was arrested Sat evening
=== George HOOPER, jeweller, Nelson, bankrupt

Tue -- 14
Death---CLOSE, 13 Sept, ahr, Wakapuaka, Stephen Close, 84yrs
Death---BURGASSI, 13 Sept, Nelson Hospital, Louis Burgassi, 52yrs (native of Italy)

Wed - 15
Death---OSBORNE, 14 Sept, Thomas Benjamin, 6yrs, youngest son of Benjamin and Emily Osborne, of the Clarendon Hotel, Nelson
===2yr old daughter of Mr P CROSS, Telegraph Dept, Blenheim, dead

Fri --- 17
Death---BEAVER, 17 Sept, at Custom House Hotel, the Port, Harry Pennington, 9yrs, youngest son of the late Charles Beaver
===inquest--Thomas OSBORNE, about 6yrs, run over on Sat 11th
===James HARRIS willnot be responsible for debts except those incurred directly by himor his wife Annie Harris

Sat --- 18
Death---BIRD, 18 Sept, Minnie Evelyn, 3mth, only daughter of Ruben and Annie Bird

Mon - 20
STANTON - WHITE, 31 July, Pyrmont, Sydney, NSW, T Campbell, eldest son of W D Stanton, Nelson, to Jane, eldest daughter of W White of Brightwater
Death---FATHERS, 20 Sept, Francis Calder, infant son of Thomas and Jean Fathers

Tue -- 21
===John TREASURE, a resident of Brunnerton, Greymouth, drowned in the Grey River ----- suicide, Sept 20th

Wed - 22
WASHBOURNE, 17 Sept, ahr, Waimea St, wife of Henry P Washbourne, a son

Thur - 23
BISLEY, 23 Sept, wife of E H Bisley, a daughter

Fri --- 24
===before the court = George Pankhurst = Johanna Polglase = John Sunley = Frederick Haase = George Frost = Dennis Hurley = Newman Boseley

Sat --- 25
Death---BOTTRELL, 24 Sept, Spring Grove, Letitia, 73yrs, wife of William T Bottrell
Death---HARGREAVES, 25 Sept, at res of her son William, Waimea St, Nelson, Sarah Hargreaves, 76yrs, widow of the late Henry Hargreaves She was born in Wetherby, Yorkshire, and came out on the Lord Auckland in 1842

October --- 1886

Fri --- 01
HALDANE - FELLOWES, 29 Sept, Takaka, John , eldest son of John Haldane, to Margaret, 5th surviving daughter of Mr R R Fellowes, all of Takaka
GROOBY - REMNANT, 28 Sept, Motueka, John eldest son of George Grooby, Pangatotara, to Emma, 2nd daughter of Christopher Remnant, Ngatimoti

Sat --- 02
Death---JENKINS, 2 Oct, Shelbourne St, Nelson, Henry Walmsley Jenkins, 36yrs

Wed - 06
===applications for leases = H C Jacka, Takaka = F B Burnett, Takaka = J F Cowin, Wai-iti = J Hill, Oparara = C J and W L Jeffries, Aorere = C Hall, Wai-iti = refused == A and J Ross, Waitahu == withdawn = J Johnson, French Pass == forfeit === John Phelan, Mawheraiti = Daniel O'Brien, Waitakere
=== occupation refused = E PAINE, Reefton
===timber cancelled = J W THOMAS, Motupiko
===land sales = C ANDERSON, Blacks Point = P KENNEDY, Waiwhero and Mawheranui

Thur - 07
MOORE - HUGHES, 7 Oct, Bishopdale, Nelson, Thomas Charles, 3rd son of Rev Precentor Moore, LLD, Rector of Middleton, Co Cork, to Emma Caroline Ada, 3rd daughter of Harry Hughes esq, formerly of Loughborough, Leisestershire
Death---BARLTHROP, 6 Oct, Alton St, Lizzie, 31yrs, wife of J L Barltrop
===Kaikoura arrived at Pt Chalmers today from Plymouth -- has Mr Ashwell = Mrs Baxter and child = Mr O'Donnel = Mr and Mrs Paul for Nelson
===Mr WILSON, Pelorus Valley, shot himself this morning -- leaves a wife and family

Wed - 13
Death---McHARDY, 12 Oct, Bronti St, Lilias, 70yrs, widow of James McHardy, Advocate, Aberdeen

Fri --- 15
===Robert AROA, about 40yrs, farmer Awatere district, about 25 miles from Blenheim, death --- leaves a wife and family and many relatives

Sat -- 16
Death---MARTIN, ahr, Nile St East, Fanny, 50yrs, wife of William Martin
===Henry CROYSDILL arrested in Nelson this afternoon ---- details Mon 18th
===Town v Brightwater cricket

Wed - 20
===Grand Jury members
===another jury sworn in
===another jury sworn in --- Thur 21

Fri --- 22
===Harry WEBB arrested at Blenheim today for deserting his 3 children, Albert, Etheland Harry, and returned to Nelson
Death---HUNT, 22 Oct, at res of her parents, Tasman St, Mary Catherine Laura Hunt, 20yrs, daughter of Michael Hunt

Mon - 25
===Michael CLEARY, 78yrs, farmer, killed in a fall this morning ---Blenheim news
===Mrs Blackett = Mrs McCartney = Mrs Street = the Misses Boor = Hunter-Brown = Bryant = C Bryant = Cuthbertson = L Jones = A Pitt = Sharp = Vickerman ---- Messrs Bryant = Ewart = A E Mabin = McLean = W S Snodgrass = Worley ----- all have passed the necessary exams and are entitled to receive the Diploma of the St John Ambulance Assoc

Wed - 27
CHUDLEY - OGILVIE, 19 Oct, St Johns Church, William E Chudley, Christchurch, to Janet F Ogilvie, youngest daughter of the late James Finlayson Ogilvie, Nelson
===S S Doric arrived in Wellington this morning from London --- Mr and Mrs Watson and 2 children = Miss Pr?ece (?) = Miss Courtney = Messrs F C Browning and Morcom for Nelson

Fri --- 29
Death---ROWELL, 28 Oct, William Rowell, 47yrs, the Port, Nelson, accidentally killed
===details of the accident

Sat --- 30
Death---PRIMMER, 27 Oct, Anne, 18yrs, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Primmer

November --- 1886

Mon - 01
===Mr E COOK, UpperMoutere -- death -- had been in charge of the state school in thedistrict for many years

Thur - 04
SHEPHERD - TROLOVE, 3 Nov, Stoke, John Phillip, only son of John Shepherd esq, Ferriby, Yorkshire, to Mary Georgina, eldest daughter of the late F W Trolove esq, Woodbank, Marlborough
===application for leases --- G N Wells and C Wells, Wangamoa = C P Rasmussen, Oparara = T A Price and J Price jun, Wai-iti = F B Barnett, Takaka forfeit leases --- C Pahl, Wangapeka = M P French, Waimea = T Hall, Inangahua = C C Jordan, Wai-iti = B Cropp, Wai-iti = M Green, Owen = R Mackay, Wangamoa = J Connelly, Reefton --- occupation leases cancelled --- R G Morrison, Tutaki = J Palmer, Sabine River --- sale crown lands --- G Broughan, Waitakere = W Richardson, 6 sections Reefton Town

Fri --- 05
===tenders for mail delivery accepted == Baton and Sherry River (weekly)--Patrick Gilroy == Brightwater and Waimea West (daily)--Leonard Palmer == E Takaka and Takaka (6 times a month)-- John Cann jun == Foxhill Station and Foxhill (daily)-- A J Palmer == Hope Station and Hope PO (daily)-- Charles Black == Lower Moutere and Ngatimoti (3 times a wk)-- Herbert Haycock == Motupipi PO and wharves at Motupipi and Waitapu (as required)-- Geo Cann == Nelson, Westport, Lyell, Reefton and Greymouth including delivery of mails at Blackwater, Little Grey Junction, Totara Flat, Ahaura, Camptown, Notown and Twelve Mile (3times a wk) -- through service Nelson to Greymouth performed in 2 days-- A Hall == Nelson and Wakapuaka (twice wkly)-- George Frost == Nelson CPO to railway station (as reqd) J Sharp == Nelson CPO and the Port (as reqd)-- J A Sharp == Richmond and Riwaka by coach via Upper Moutere and Motueka (3 times a wk)-- James Hunt == Riwaka Takaka (weekly)-- J Delaney == Sherry River and Motupiko, via Upper Motueka(twice weekly)-- Benjamin Harford ===== John Doige = J Griffiths = S Caldwell = H G Hill = John Cann jun ---- gives areas they covered and frequency and amounts of the tenders

Sat --- 06
Death---MABIN, 5 Nov, ahr, Nile St E, Fanny Jane Mabin, 43yrs
===Loyal Nelson Lodge -- cfficers installed ==W T Bond = T Faathers = T Vercoe = Miss Taylor = T Leonard = J Braddock = R Watson = Miss Barltrop = Mrs Carter = W Cheel = Miss Harford = E Richards = J Richards = Mrs Whiting = Miss Enns = S Ford
===Riwaka V Dovedale at cricket
===Riwaka = W Mickell = R Donald = E Askew = F Pattie = W Duncan = D Pattie = J Fry = G Duncan = D Mickell = J Cook = A Duncan
===Dovedale = J Thorne = H Humphreys = R Best = N Win = W Best = E Win = W Thorne = H Thorne = W Humphries = G Thomas = J Rose

Mon -- 08
ANDREWS, 3 Nov, ahr, Brook St, Valley, wife of William Andrews, son, stillborn
===Hope and Ranzau Schools prize lists -----
Ranzau === std6 - Caroline Wray == std4 - Frank Coleman, Rose Primmer == std3 = Daisy Coleman, Fanny Sutton, Kate Canton, Herbert Green, Herbert Blick, Gwindoline Humphries, Chas Canton, Alice Primmer == std2 - May Primmer, Lizzie Nieumann, Emma Kruse, Emma Eden, Elsie Sigglekow, Annie Coleman == std1 - Alfred Eden, Harry Bush, Adolophus Nippert (?), Frank Stagg== special prizes - Minnie Sutton, James Balck
Hope === std5 - Oscar Ellis == std4 - Thomas Kidd, Richard Reay == std3 - Eveline Palmer == std2 - Cyril Hill, Edward Kidd==std1 - Alice Busch, George Cross, Annie Kidd, Ella Smith == special prizes - Alfred Kidd, Arthur Hill

Wed - 10
Death---HAMMOND, 8 Nov, Richmond, Joseph Hammond, 72yrs

Thur - 11
ROBSON, 8 Nov, Russell St, Nelson, wife of Charles H O Robson of Farewell Spit, a son
FROST, 10 Nov, ahr, Beachville, wife of Richard Frost, a daughter
===John Willett WATTS, 2nd son of the late C F W Watts, died at Lansdown this morning (from Blenheim news)

Fri --- 12
LANGFORD, 11 Nov, Willow Creek, Takaka, wife of A E Langford, a son
===Synod opened yesterday ----- list of clerical and lay members present
===James LINTON, Nelson not responsible for debts of his wife Lydia Jane Linton

Sat --- 13
Death--WATTS, 11 Nov, Landsdown, Wairau Valley, John Willett Watts, 30yrs, 2nd son of the late C F W Watts
===East and Upper Takaka cricket team = A Barnett, Alf Barnett, F Barnett, Baigent, Bridger, Byrne, Hyland, G Fanchelle, W Fanchelle, Handcock
===Lower Takaka = G Gibbs, Emms, W Haldone, Satchell, F Taylor, E Gapper, Reilly, Morrison, Franklyn
===Richard HYLAND, farmer, Motueka, bankruptcy closed

Mon - 15
Death---SUTCLIFFE, 15 Nov, Ngatimoti, Sarah, 73yrs, wife of R Sutcliffe

Tue -- 16
LITTLEJOHN, 15 Nov, Laurel Bank, Mrs Littlejohn, a daughter
===obituary -- Mrs SUTCLIFFEarrived 1842 on New Zealand, leaves a family of 4, 3 in Ngatimoti, and 24 grandchildren

Fri --- 18
Death---ROWE, 18 Nov, Ann, 61yrs, widow of the late George Rowe

Mon - 22
Death---FIELD, 31 Oct, at res of his daughter, Sandhurst Victoria, Andrew Field,93yrs, formerly of Dublin, father of Thomas Field (of Wilkins and Field)
===George Vincent GIBBONS, 11 yrs, charged with stealing 2 guns belonging to Mr F G EDEN of Wakefield

Tue -- 23
CHITTENDEN, 20 Nov, ahr, Parera St, Nelson, wife of Lewis H Chittenden, a son
===Thomas CUMMINGS, butcher, Nelson, bankrupt

Wed - 24
HUMPHREYS, 23 Nov, Spring Grove, wife of J W Humphreys, a daughter

Thur - 25
GRAHAM, 24 Nov, ahr, Sunnyside, wife of H Graham, a son

Fri --- 26
DAPP - ADAMSON, 20 Nov, Nelson, William Dapp, farmer, Baton, to Isabella, 2nd daughter of William Adamson, late farmer of Port Allen, Carse of Gowrie, Perthsire, Scotland

Mon - 29
McDONAGH, 28 Nov, ahr, Alma St, wife of M B McDonagh, a daughter
Death---BOSELEY, 28 Nov, ahr, Wakapuaka, Newman Boseley, 64yrs

December --- 1886

Wed - 01
===Motueka Horti Soc Show ---- prize winners

Thur - 02
Death---GLASGOW, 1 Dec, Brooklands, William James Glasgow, of Old Court, Co Cork, Ireland and Brooklands, Nelson

Fri --- 03
===applications for leases -T Scott, Takaka = C Barrow, Motueka = J P E F Johansen, Motueka = G P Graham, Aorere= occupation leases refused - L O'Loughlen, Owen River = mineral lease surrendered - Johnson and Bayfield, Waimea= application for lease withdrawn - W Banks jun, Upper Ahaura = cancelled for non payment of rent - D J Mutton, Ohika = J W Palmer, Hope = G Grooby jun, Mt Arthur = T McPherson, Grey = Rogers and Baker, Waitahu= following leases ready for signature - W H Phillips jun, Wangapeka = H Phillips,Wangapeka = James Chandler, Wangapeka = John Porrata, Tadmor = A C Kinzett, Tadmor = William Snow, Tadmor = George Snow, Tadmor = Francis Healy, Tadmor = Frederick Rose, Motueka = Thomas Ford, Motueka = Thomas Ford, Motueka = A H Johnston, Motueka = A Chaytor, Motueka = J Cederman, Motueka = A W Hobbs, Whangamoa = J M Maclaren, Whangamoa = G and J Walker, Waitahu = J Duncan, Kaiteriteri = C Y Fell, Wai-iti = R R Fellowes, Waitapu

Tue --- 07
===unclaimed letters from Sept = Miss Harriet Hayes = Mr James Harris (2) = Mr M P Hamckens = Mr R Murray = H G Rolt esq (2) = Mr P Shaw = Mr George Wiseman = Daniel Garwood = Constable James H Phillips
Death---BRAY, 3 Dec, Washington Valley, Francis Henry Bray, 6yrs,
Death---McKELLAR, 6 Dec, at her parents res, Haven Rd, Mary, 28yrs, daughter of Ann and James Hart
===Evan Frederick JONES, Wakefield, saddler, bankrupt

Thur - 09
===Mrs Alfred BRIGHT -- funeral will leave res of her brother, G Fleming, Halifax St E

Fri --- 10
STEVENS - ANSTICE, 4 Dec, Wai-iti, John Morris, eldest son of Morris Stevens, Dunedin, to Martha, daughter of John S Anstice, Nelson
Death---BRIGHT, 8 Dec, at her brothers, Halifax St, Nelson, Mary, 44yrs, relict of the late Alfred Bright
===John ANDERSON in a fatal accident at Wakapuaka -- about 40yrs old, native ofFleetwood, Lancashire.Married, with wife and 5 children residing near Fleetwood. Had been living with Absalom Lyford at Cable Bay and were on their way home from Thomas Lyfords

Sat -- 11
Death---NEVIN, 7 Dec, at Carnuff, Belfast, Ireland, John Nevin esq, late manager of Messrs McArthur and Co, Auckland
===John McDONALD, brother of Donald McDonald, manager of Union Bank of Aust, Nelson was among passengers drowned when Keilawarra was sunk off NSW coast

Mon - 13
Death---HAASE, 13 Dec, at her daughters res, Waimea St, Meta, 73yrs, relict of F W Haase

Tue -- 14
Death---GRAVES, 14 Dec, at Old Peoples Home, Abel Graves, 83yrs

Thur - 16
===Nelson Girls College prize giving
regular attendance = Emma Florence Ainsworth = Clara Mildred Catley = Flora Coleman = Annie Hill = Matilda Isabel Kirton = Annie Ddith Kirton = Jessie Knapy = Minnie Lammas
drawing = Alice S Rochfort = Eleanor Mary Rochfort
music = Beatrice Atkinson = Eliza Mary Baillie = Millicent Arnold Boor = Clara Mildred Catley = Lily Constance Fell = Edith Jane Gibson = Mary Louisa Melhuish = Fanny Gertrude Sealy = Frances Theobald Snell
ordinary certificates = Lucy Gibbs = H E Trolove = A Kirton = C A Harris = K F Fell = E Coleman = E Bishop = J A Lavender = M Armstrong = I Locking = K Hardcastle = E Black = F Turner = E M Rockfort = E J Gibson = L C Fell = J E Cuthbertson = F Coleman = B Sutton = F G Sealy = E M Sealy = M Lammas = J Knapp = M Hughes = E A Harris = M J Gilbert = E J Gibbs = M E Fell = A B Catley = M A Boor = F T Snell = E C Field = A F Johnson = E M Baillie = A Hill = F Cooke = C M Catley = K E Hounsell = E T Ainsworth
scholarships = Kate E Hounsell = Clara M Catley

Fri --- 17
SWEET - WATTS, 18 Oct, St Mary Abbots, Kensington, Harry E Sweet, 2nd son of E D Sweet, B?ttramsley, Lymington, Hants, to Mary Kate Audain Watts, youngest daughter of the late C Fowell Watts of Nelson, NZ
=== Nelson Town Schools
Bridge St School = Mr Harkness, H/master --- 1st div -- C J McEachen = John Nixon = Hector Sutherland -- 2nd div -- std5 -- Ernest Rees = Wm Rumbolt --std4 -- Frank Milner = Geo Sadd-- std3 -- F S Johns = Thos Bird
Hampden St School = F V Knapp, Master ---std5 -- Joseph Gilbertson = Arthur McConchie-- std4 -- Geo Miller = Albert White -- std3 -- Sarah Heyward = Edith Blincoe -- std2 -- Esther Gilbert = Edward Hird -- std1 -- Cecil Bear = Oliver Wright -- prep class -- Walter Burns = Florrie White
Haven Rd School = James L Hodgson, Master ---std5 -- Albert Pearcy = Geo Glover -- std4 -- Fred Levestam = H Adamson --std3 -- Chas Keeble = Walter Penny -- std2 -- Isadore Brown = Andrew Hughes --std1 -- Wm Brandford = Thos Tibble --prep class -- Harry Hunter = Harry Rowell
Toi-toi Valley == 1st div -- Miss Gascoigne -- std6 -- Jessie Sadd = Edith Rees -- std5 -- Margaret Laird = Fanny Barrer -- 2nd div -- Miss Sunley -- std4 -- Jessie Baigent = Constance Newman -- std3 -- Catherine Wylie = Blanche Rees -- 3rd div -- Miss Newton -- std2 -- Eliza Newman = Mabel McGee -- std1 -- Maud Sweeney = Annie Strawbridge -- junior div of std1 -- Miss Marris = William Besley = Gertrude Kelly -- prep class -- Nettie Levestam = Wm Laird
Hardy St Girls --- Mrs Scott --- std5 -- Amy Burford, Ethel McEachen -- std4 -- Fanny Biss = Bertha Black -- std3 -- Lydia Scott = Edith Clark -- std2 -- Rose Nalder = Florence Wright -- std1 = Emily Clark = Edith Packer -- prep class = Dora Scholtz = Lena Igglesden
Brook St School --- Miss Colher -- std2 -- Mabel Frank = Percy Andrews-- std1 -- Inez Slatter = Fred K Stuckey -- prep class -- Phillip Toms = Elsie Andrews
Tasman St School -- Miss Smart-- std2 -- George Gordon = Harry Finney -- std1 = Edward McGaven = Hardy Kitching -- prep class -- Ernest Chapman = Fred Clark
=== Sewing prizes ===
Toi-toi Valley === std6 = Edith Rees = Ethel Buckeridge, std5 = Ada Foy = Ethel Daly, std4 = Eliza Foy = Constance Newman, std3 = Hilda Greager = Blanche Rees, std2 = Emma Spencer = Annie Braddock, std1 = Ida Jacobsen = Lily Cameron
Hardy St === std5 = Eugene Dee = Annie Poole, std4 = Julia Wright = Jessie Black, std3 = Annie Rothwell = Amy Haase, std2 = Florence Gibbs = L Beck, std1 = Amy Moore = E Pyke
Brook St ===std2 = Esther Chisholm, Cecilia St John, std1 = Mabel Newport = Ellen Guy
Hampden St = std3 = Daisy Mitchener = Edith Blincoe, std2 = Bessie Shirtliffe, std1 = Priscilla Lineham = Florence Haase, prep class = Rosy Wright = Alice Shirtliffe
====Bishops School results also

Sat -- 18
BELL, 17 Dec, Cambria St, the Wood, Nelson, wife of E Bromley Bell, a son
===special prizes for town school students =======
Bridge St School == David Graham = C Wright = H Sigley = W Christian = G Stiles = Ernest Rees = William Milner = Arthur East
Toi-toi Valley == Annie Kelly = Augusta Robb = Alice Johnson = Emily Street = Eliza Sadd = Rose Kelly = Maud Harley = Daisy Little = Kate Nalder = Ismene Webster = Ethel Buckeridge = Minnie Croucher = Beatrice Newman = Rose Ancell = Harry Miller = Arthur Wildman = Minnie Uren = William Smith = Emma Neale = Mary York = Fanny Hughes = Maud Bright = Jessie Baigent = Edith Sanders
Hampden St School == Wm Poole = Geo Haslam = Percy Turner = Bertie Masters = Louis Andrews = Douglas Jackson = Ellen Young = Grace Chapman = Archie Bolton = Percy Best = Julia Shirtliffe = Mary Gribble = Walter Cooke = Frank Greenslade = Bertie Friend = H Hudson = Fanny Hale = Connie Best

Tue -- 21
===obituary for Archdeacon BUTT who died in Blenheim

Wed - 22
PAGE - FLETCHER, 21 Dec, Nelson, Charles, 4th son of Mr W Page to Emily Ann, 3rd daughter of Mr A Fletcher, both of Takaka
===Christ Church Choir scholarships ==Henry Hobden = Louis Garrard = Ernest Gilbert = Graham Jackson = Harold Moore = Frank Hobden

Thur - 23
===St Marys High School prize list

Fri --- 24
PICKETT - BISS, 22 Dec, Harry John, 4th son of Gilbert Pickett, to Sarah Agnes, 3rd daughter of William Biss

Tue -- 28
JOHNS - BLICK, 25 Dec, at res of the brides father, Henry Thomas Johns, to Alice Sarah, 2nd daughter of Mr J Blick of Nelson

Wed - 29
BURDEKIN - SADD, 29 Dec, Edward Blake, youngest son of J Burdekin esq,Scarborough, Eng, to Ida Agnes, 2nd daughter of J B Sadd, Nelson
Death---BERRY, 28 Dec, Wakapuaka, Eliza, 55yrs, wife of W H Berry
Death---ROBERTS, 18 Dec, ahr, Manakau Rd, Auckland, Elizabeth, 35yrs, wife of B C Roberts, late of Nelson
===Joseph BUSCH will not be responsible for debts of his wife or her children

Thur - 30
===Girls Industrial School ==== C Rothwell = Catherine Broderick = Agnes Callaghan= Emily Reardon = Rose Anna Ferrens = Margaret Bremaham, 5class = Emily Reardon = Mary Callaghan = Annie Tobin, 4class = Josephine Ferrens = Mary Cowan = Rosie Cowan = Agnes Young =Alice Moore = Mary Simatti, 3class = Agnes Callaghan = Winifred Lally = Norah Brown = Harriett Rothwell = Mary McCusker = Josephine Houlahan = Theresa Young = Mary Hanlon =Martha Brown, 2class = Julian Krakowski = Mary Heaton = Ada Hymes = Annie Broughton = Ada Ryder = Mary Lindman = Maria Lindman = Mary Tudor = Whilomens Ferrens, 1class = Annie Wolfbourne = Maudra Gramamatics = Mary Isaacson = Rose AnnaMcGreedy = Kate Mary Lucy, others = Rose Anna Ferrens = Margaret Dooly = Nora Fahey = Mary Simatti =Mary Callaghan = Agnes Young = Martha Brown = Elizabeth Fowler = Charlotte Rothwell
====St Marys Select School (girls) === L O'Brien = A Guest = M E O'Brien = Mary Meston, 6class = B Riordon = L O'Brien = N Fahey, 5class = E Young, 4class = E James = A O'Malley = M Minogue = M O'Brien, 3class = A James = N Gaul = K McCabe = K Minogue, 2class = E Keely = E Carruthers = K O'Brien = J Sweeney, G Minogue = M Bradley, others = N Fahey = Carruthers = E James = E O'Brien = James

Fri --- 31
ROWE - SCOTT, 28 Dec, at res of the brides parents, Henry, only son of the late J H Rowe and g/son of Mr R Smart, Nelson, to Martha, 2nd daughter of John Scott, Washington Valley, Nelson
ELLIOT - HALE, 29 Dec, Bishopdale, John, eldest son of Samuel Elliot, Caversham, Dunedin, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Hale, Nelson

January --- 1887

Mon - 03
===unclaimed letters from Oct = Mrs Frederick Allen Green = Mr Joseph Pinder =Mr E Painton = J H Phillips = Mr James Hugh Mercer = Mrs Jesse Rowell
Death---MELHUISH, 2nd Jan, ahr, Hampden St, Nelson, Mary, 35yrs, wife of Robert T Melhuish

Tue -- 04
COLEMAN - WRAY, 29 Dec, Appleby, Peter, youngest son of the late Peter Coleman, Waikato, Auck, to Anne Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of the late John Wray, Stafford, Eng
Death---GARRARD, 4 Jan, ahr, Haven Rd, Joseph Garrard, 51yrs
===obituary for Joseph Garrard

Thur - 06
HALL, 6 Jan, wife of R B Hall, a daughter
Death---OSBORNE, 6 Jan, Clarendon Hotel, Emily Gertrude, 4yr 11mths, daughter of Benjamin and Emily Osborne

Fri --- 07
PEART - DRUMMOND, 3 Jan, at res of Mrs Peart, Vanguard St, Nelson, Cuthbert George, eldest son of the late Joseph Peart of Alston, Eng, to Helen, youngest daughter of the late John Drummond of Lower Moutere
HERMON - MACKAY, 6 Jan, Clifton Trce, Nelson, Rev Reginald Hermon, Charleston, to Flora Mackay, 6th daughter of James Mackay esq, Drumduan
=== Names and ages of all the pupils who sat for the scolarships = all aged about 12 -15
Bridge St Boys=== C McEachen = John Bond = Charles Wright = George Stiles = J Nixon = W Christian = H Marshall = H Nalder = C Milroy = J Foy = H Sutherland = D Henry
Toi-toi Valley Girls= == Minnie Croucher = Annie Kelly = Alice Johnson = Ismene Webster =Ada Thompson = Gertrude Heaps = Maggie Barnett = Ethel Bucheridge = Maude Slatter
Richmond Boys=== J A Cowles = James Petrie = W Green = H Ruffell
Foxhill=== G Gaulkrodger
Lower Wakefield Boys === L Baigent = G Fairhall = C Best
Stoke === B Biggar
Upper Wakefield === R Hoult
Lower Wakefield Girls === Gertrude Baigent = Esther Eves = Bertha Whitehorn = Lilian Thomas = Annie Baigent
Brightwater === Janet Palmer
Reefton === C A Craig
Motueka Boys === A Douglas
Pakawau === R Riley
Westport Boys === Edward McElwee = F W Marris
Collingwood === G Curnow = L McGinnity
Lyell === J W McCoy = Annie Inglis
Blacks Point === F Lawn
Charleston Boys === T Butterworth
Lower Takaka === F Fabian
East Takaka === W Champion = Amy Barnett
Long Plain === D McCallum
Lower Moutere === Ruth Deck
Motueka Girls === Fanny Jordan = Alice Bisley
Charleston Girls === Kate Williams = Margaret Enright = Annie Quin = Julia Fair
Riwaka === Emma Cederman
Marlborough Scolarship contenders
Havelock === E Rutherford = C Matthewes = Jas Rutherford
Blenheim === E Pasley = W Stace = Emily Millington = S Griffiths = L Griffiths = Mary Farmar = R Wanden = H D Crump = Amelia Hustwick = Kate McLauchlan = Lily Falconer
Tua Marina === D'Arcy Chaytor
Wairau Valley === Alex Maclaine
===Sat the temp, wind, cloud and rain details are given for the previous week

Tue -- 11
THOMPSON - BEST, 2 Jan, Thames, Auck, by the father of the bride, Frederick Augustus, 3rd son of Thomas John Thompson esq, Headingley, Richmond, Nelson, to Lillie Thompson, 6th daughter of Rev Edward Best, formerly of Belfast, Ireland
DOUGLAS - FAWCETT, Auck, William Douglas, eldest son of the late Wm Douglas, Ilkey Hall, Ilkey, to Elizabeth Emily Fawcett, youngest daughter of the late Stephen Fawcett, Walton House (?), Burley, in Wharfedale
===obituary == Moses Crewdson, Nelson
===Christina BUSCH made application for a protective order against her husband Joseph Busch

Wed - 12
===applications for leases == C and W W Lineham, Karamea = D G Beatson, Mt Arthur = W W Hadfield, Totaranui = T Heath, Mt Arthur = H Parry, Pakawau
leases forfeit == F G and G W Fox, Steeples = G Mason, Haupiri = D L Cochrane, Haupiri and Pohaturoa = G Remnant, Ngatimoti = T Ellis, Tadmor = G W Kinzett, Tadmor = E Webley, Gordon = T Carter, Motueka
leases cancelled == C Bennett, Matakitaki = M Fagan, Materi = M Green, Leslie
occupation licences refused == J Moore, Lankys Creek, Reefton
forfeit -- rent not paid == H H Busch, Aniseed Valley = W Dron, Waimea West = C Smith, Wangapeka = C W Green, Ngatimoti = D Ferguson, Waiwhero andMawhera-nui = C Stratford, Wai-iti = P Coleman, Wangapeka = J T Hart, Inangahua = J Smith, Moyueka = W F Stanley, Wangapeka = J Grooby, Motueka = E C Stanley, Hope = C Haye, Cobden = H Herring, Waitakere = J McDonnell, Kawatiri = T Grooby sen, Motueka = W Wratten, Motueka = E Phelan, Steeples
mineral leases forfeit === P O'Connor, Waitakere = A D Bayfield, Maungatapu = W H Webb, Maungatapu
mineral applications withdrawn === D Johnston, Aniseed Valley = W Johnston, Parapara

Fri --- 14
TAUNT - SPEIRS, 11 Jan, at resid of the bride, Toi-toi Valley, James Clark, 3rd son of the late William Taunt, Ayreshire, Scotland, to Christina, youngest daughter of John Speirs, engineer, Nelson

Sat -- 15
Death---ROBERTS, 14 Jan, wife, 30yrs old, of C Roberts -- died suddenly Collingwood St Mrs McConkey, Selwyn Place is her sister
===annual report of the Inspector of Schools --- as a supplement

Mon - 17
BRYANT, 14 Jan, wife of J S Bryant, Motueka, a daughter
===Louisa EYLES, charged with abandoning a female child under 2yrs old
===Amelia McGEE, charged with setting fire to a building

Wed - 19
HAWLEY, 19 Jan, Vanguard St, wife of A J Hawley, a daughter
Death---MERCER, 16 Jan, Grove St, Phillis, 7mths, twin daughter of John and Annallinson Mercer

Thur - 20
Death---NUTTALL, 19 Jan, Tasman St, the Wood, Vincent T Nuttall, 5mths

Fri --- 21
===Friendly Soc Sports ---- names and handicaps of contenders

Tue -- 25
===people who signed a request for Mr Joseph A HARLEY to stand for the Nelson Council = Alex Robertson = William Cooksey = F Liley = Fredk Main = Vincenzo Fama = Jas Hamilton = J R Dodson = Geo Lorimer = Robert Simpson = W R Walker =J Wilson = W H Webb = Geo Harper = W Good = H T Hall = J Canning = Phil Toplis = A S Atkinson = F St John = A N Batchelor = Percy Adams = A T Jones = A Amos = Henry Hounsell = C S Sharp = R Gilmer = John McArtney = William Tregea = W Darby = William Dement = G B Vause = D Burn = George Thompson = T Devine = H Wimsett = T Wimsett = Moutrie and Crosbie = J C Moutray = Elizabeth Moutray = E W Dee and Son = Francis Trask = William Healy = William Snow = Everett Bros = John Cann

Wed - 26
Death---YARRALL, 26 Jan, ahr, Cambria St, the Wood, Thomas Yarrall, 66yrs

Thur - 27
CALDER, 24 Jan, wife of J M Calder, a daughter

Fri --- 28
===Samuel THOMAS, blacksmith at Murchison ---- accidental death Sat 22nd

Sat -- 29
Death---SANDERS, 29 Jan, St Vincent St, Harriett, 40yrs, wife of William Sanders

February --- 1887

Tue -- 01
Death---OWTRAM, 30 Jan, Hillmore, Wakapuaka, Charles Percival, 2nd son of Charles Henry Owtram esq, Surbiton, Surrey

Wed - 02
Death---SUTER, 10 Dec, Castle Hill, Maidenhead, Eng, Elizabeth Ann, relict of the late Richard Suter esq
JESSOP, 2 Feb, Waimea St, Eveline Rose, 6mths, daug of James and Alice Jessop
===obituary Mr Owtram

Thur - 03
Death---WILSON, 2nd Feb, Charles, 20yrs, eldest son of Marmaduke and Mary Wilson of Waimea St --- drowned in the Maitai River
===account of the drowning
===Matriculation Exams --Nelson students passes == arithmetic and science == P Caro = M S Cooke = A G H Baillie = D Sinclair = E M Baillie = Edith C Field ( name as corrected in fri 4th paper)science == A Hill = F J Cooke arithmetic == L Davidson = C Major = H Cowx = G Rutherford

Fri --- 04
===Anquetil F T Somerville charged with neglecting to register the birth of a child

Sat -- 05
===unclaimed letters from Dec = Rev George Bayley = Mr Wm Boyd = Mrs Jas Henry = Mrs jessie Rowell = Mrs Werner
===Mrs John JESSUP (Etty), of Washington Valley ---suicide Fri 4th
===over 60 names of people who donated to Christ Church parish church fund, Nelson
===Licenses issued by the council ==
Drivers of vehicles licensed to carry passengers = Joseph Braddock = John Spencer = George Thomas sen = Charles Thomas sen = Peter Buchanan = Fredk Wm Haase = James Hollyman =William McConkey = William Fowler = William Sutton = William Lockyer sen = William Lockyer jun = Chas Thomas jun = John McCormack = Oswald Nesbitt = William Hargreaves = Edward Edwards = William Bourke = Joseph Haycock = John Astle = Richard Thomas = Albert Webb = James Andrews = Archibald Kitching = Geo Thomas jun = John Harling = Joseph Gay = Henry Mellett = Wm Henry Johnston = John Roberts = David Whiting sen = David Whiting jun = Wm Bradcock = Robert Bright = Wm F Hargreaves = Edward Lennon = Robert Simpson = Fred Simpson
Vehicles licensed to carry passengers === Joseph Bradcock = John Spencer = Peter Buchanan = James Hollyman = James Penney = William Lockyer (2) = Richard Thomas (3) = William Bourke = Archibald Kitching (3) = George Thomas jun = David Whiting = Geo Thomas sen (3) = William Sutton (2) = Fredk Wm Haase (2) = John Gray (2) = John McCormack = John Astle = John Harling (2) = Henry Mellett (2)
Drivers of vehicles licensed to carry goods === S Wyborne Clark = Robert Crisp = Benjamin Crisp - Nathaniel Crisp = Oliver Uren = James Holbrook = Frederick Dixon = George Jarrett = Thomas Hargreaves = J Duffy Armstrong = James Way = James Haynes = James R Sharp = William Cooksey = Alexander Grant
Vehicles licensed to carry goods ==== S Wyborne Clark = Thomas Hargreaves = Benjamin Crisp (2) = Jas D Armstrong (5) = Jas Richard Sharp (2) = William Cooksey (3) = Susannah Grant (2)
Plumbers ==== Joseph Robt Sigley = Thomas H Stringer = John McArtney = Thomas WYarrall = John Graham = Joseph Clark = James Henry Jessop = William Ferris Poole
Kerosene ==== Henry Hounsell = L T Bowden and Co = Robert Levien = Sclanders and Co Malcolm M Webster = William Wilkie = J H Cock and Co (2) = Henry V Phillips = Burchard Franzen
Borough stage carriage === Joseph Gay (2)

Mon - 07
KIRK, 4 Feb, Petone, Wellington, wife of R Clement Kirk, a son
===Arthur AVERY, son of John Avery, resident of Spring Grove, drowned in the Wai--iti

Tue -- 08
Death---WATERS, 12 Dec, Cambridge, Eng, Benjamin Waters, 82yrs, father of the late W R Waters of Nelson

Wed - 09---Hollyman, 8 Feb, Trafalgar St, Nelson, wife of J W Hollyman, a daughter
Death---AVERY, 6 Feb,Arthur John, 17yrs, son of John and Mary Ann Avery, Spring Grove drowned in the Wai-iti
===nominated for Licensing Committee for Stoke === Charles Ching = John Martin Croucher = Samuel Fittall = Joseph George Harkness = Henry Holdaway = Thomas Hall Lammas = Roderick McRae - Joshua Frederick Papps = George Talbot

Thur - 10
Death---FLAMANK, 2 Feb, at Hamiltons, Otago. Rev Henry Flamank, 52yrs
Death---GIBBS, 9 Feb, Paris House, Hobson St, Auckland, Charles Gibbs, 42yrs, son in law of E Baigent esq of Wakefield
===George Edward LEVIENS funeral will leave his late resid, Brook St, tomorrow
===Henry BUDDEN, seedsman, Nelson, bankrupt
===Licensing Committee for Wangamoa district === William Henry Alborough = George Frost = Charles Henry Martin = Robert Henry Wait = George Bell Sinclair

Sat -- 12
===one of the latest census returns --- gives employment figures and jobs
===Charles SCHELTZ taken to hospital thur 10th but died on fri 11th
===nominated for seats on the Nelson Education Board === John Graham = Joseph George Harkness = David Linsay = Joseph Shephard = Andrew Burn Suter (Bishopof Nelson)
===nominated for Wai-iti Licensing Committee === Isaac Baigent = George Fairhall = Frederick Hall Jones = George Wm W Lightband = Joseph Price = William Painton = Thomas James = William Rait = Thomas Tunnicliffe = John Winn

Mon - 14
LORIE, 6 Feb, ahr, Wakefield, wife of Adolph W Lorie, a son
Death---LORIE, 13 Feb, Wakefield, Willie, only son of Adolph and Ellen Lorie
Death---ROBERTS, 13 Feb, Brightwater, Eva, 5mths, youngest daughter of C C Roberts

Tue -- 15
===William BLACK, commission agent, Nelson, bankrupt
===application for leases ===E J C Tunnicliff, Wai-iti = H M Field, Aorere = J W Miles, Aorere = Frank James, Waitapu = Henry Miles, Aorere ===applications refused === W Dickie, North Beach, Cobden = J McPherson, N Beach, Cobden = J Pettingson, Inangahua = J Condy, Inangahua === and all for Red Jacks, Mawheranui = T Parkinson = J Baybut = R W Parkinson = S D Cordson == and W Murphy, T Fisher both No Town, Mawheranui === F J Davis, Algie andHanson, M Roche, all Nelson Creek, Mawheranui===application for lease withdrawn === J F McNabb, Kaiteriteri ===occupation license refused ===B Gough, Aorere = M McKay, Amuri

Wed - 16
WORLEY, 15 Feb, ahr, Trafalgar St Sth, Mrs W F Worley, a daughter
===about 40 names of church members

Thur - 17
HENDRY, 16 Feb, ahr, Tasman St, wife of A Hendry, a son
===Mrs Henry RUSS, wife of William Russ, farmer, Waimea W, accidental death at Hoults Valley, near Foxhill She was returning home from her sister, Mrs E Griffiths's -- was daughter of Sydney HIGGINS, Spring Grove === inquest fri 18th paper
===Land Board-- names mentioned === Mr Cowlishaw = A Hills = E J O'Connor = Z Horne = J Gilmer = T Bailie = James Russell = John Gilmer = John Marshall = W Best = R Edgar = J Edgar = A Hall = S Baigent = E Carton = T Plaskett = J McGillicuddy = J Stevenson = T O'Regan = T Cochrane = W Hindmarsh = E Willis = G Escott = J Cornwall = E Lawn = J Williams = W Beard = J Wearne = J Schillerman = W Bolitho = T Bolitho = J Bolitho = John Reid

Mon - 21
Death---KITCHING, 20 Feb, ahr, Tasman St, Nelson, J H Kitching, 63yrs

Sat -- 22
===Tim Simmons, eldest son of the late Frank Simmons, at one time principal of theNelson College, suicide this morning

Wed - 23
KAVANAGH - ROUT, 22 Feb, Wakefield, Dermot, son of the late J W Kavanagh, Prof of mathmatics, Dublin University, to Louisa Emily, daughter of William Rout esq, The Willows, Stoke, Nelson

Thur - 24
Death---STAFFORD, 22 Feb, Annesbrook, Adelaide Constance Caroline, 19mth, daughter of William H and Adelaide C Stafford
Death---KENT, 24 Feb, at the Old Peoples Home, William Kent, 74yrs

Fri --- 25
Death---MERCER, 25 Feb, Grove St, John, 8mths, (twin) son of John and Ann Allinson Mercer

Sat -- 26
GROOBY, 30Jan, Pangatotara, wife of James Grooby, a daughter

March --- 1887

Tue -- 01
LUMSDEN - LORIMER, 1Mar, Nelson, at resids of the brides parents, George Lumsden, to Edith Lorimer
Death---WHENT, 27 Feb, ahr, Russell St, Mrs John Whent, 77yrs
===John LAMMAS, blacksmith, Richmond, bankrupt

Wed - 02
===Henry John STEVENS, hotel keeper, Riwaka, bankrupt

Thur - 03
===unclaimed letters from Jan == John T Carr = Mr Daniel Garwood = Master Edward JHanson = Mr C Henderson = Mr D A Johnstone = Mrs D A Johnstone = Miss Jute = Mr E Painting = Mrs J A Skevington (3) = Mrs James Smallwood
===leases === applications, refused etc ==== W J Reilly and J Reilly jun, Takaka = T Hume, Takaka = E Freeman, Motueka = J Newport, Takaka = B Rogers, Reefton = J Reid, Mawheraiti = Cowlishaw and Hill, Ngakawau = Z C Horne, Kawatiri

Fri --- 04
Death---NEVE, 3 Mar, Margaret, 8yr 5mth, 5th daughter of Anna and Augustus Neve

Sat --  05
Death---Richmond, 5 Mar, the Cliffs, Nelson, Major Matthew Richmond, CB, MLC, 86yr

Mon - 07
POYNTER, 6 Mar, ahr, Wanganui, wife of C W Poynter, a son
===obituary Major M RICHMOND

Tue -- 08
BENTLEY, 24 Feb, Brook St Valley, Nelson, wife of John William Bentley, a daughter

Wed - 09
Death---SHRODER, 8 Mar, wife, 30yrs old, of August Shroder
===new JPs == Mr J P Shephard, Belgrove = Mr H D Jackson, Nelson

Thur - 10
===inquest into the death of William Arthur FELLOWES, on Mon 7th -- son of R Fellowes of the Globe Hotel, Waitapu Inquest held at Collingwood
===Alfred Joseph ROSENBERG now known as Alfred Joseph BROWN, notifies that he is changing his name to Alfred Joseph Brown Rosenberg

Fri --- 11
PETITT, Nelson, 11 Mar, wife of F C Petitt, a son

Sat -- 12
Death---PRIMMER, Mary Ella, 5yrs, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Primmer
===Henry HARVEY, sec to the Harbour Bd, Hokitika, drowned 11 Mar

Mon - 14
FIRTH - COOMBS, 10 Mar, at All Saints Church, Robert G H Firth, to Minnie, daughter of the late Thomas R Coombs, School master, Ranzau
Death---Andrews, 13 mar, ahr, Grove St, Nelson, John Andrews, 59yrs

Tue -- 15
BAYFIELD, 14 Mar, Mrs A D Bayfield, a daughter

Wed - 16
Death---Roberts, 16 Mar, Old Peoples Home, Richard Roberts, 65yrs
===the Doric left Plymouth on Jan 30th and arrived at Wellington early this morning. Mr, Mrs and Master Munro, Mrs Howe and Messrs Lawson and Robinson for Nelson
===John Currie MOUTRAY and Robert Martin CROSBIE, ironfounders, Nelson(Moutray and Crosbie), bankrupt

Fri --- 18
===Village Festival (at Nelson) --- has names of exhibitors
===plan of the building allotments for sale in the Wood, Nelson

Mon - 21
HOULT, 19 Mar, wife of S Hoult, a daughter
Death---STEWART, 21 Mar, at the resid of her niece, Mrs Armstrong, Bridge St, Mrs Margaret Stewart, 90yrs (arrived on the Bolton 45yrs ago)
===list of horses for the races and names of the owners
===William Snow, tailor, Nelson, bankrupt

Tue -- 22
Death---BELL,21 Mar, Cambria St, the Wood, Bromley Oak, 3mth, son of Edwin Bromley and Annie Bell

Wed - 23
===Frank JAMES charged with robbing Patrick CONWAY, at Mr MALONES boarding house, Collingwood St

Thur - 24
Death---HUNTER, 24 Mar, ahr, Halifax St, Nelson, Alexander Hunter, 54yrs
===obituary in Fri 25 paper --- Hunter arrived in NZ in 1842

Fri --- 25
===Joseph and Mary MALLAMO adopt a daughter of Henry COLLINS, laborer, Nelson

Sat --- 26
GILBERT, 24 Mar, wife of W C Gilbert, a son
===Mr H V PHILLIPS is number 60 on the telephone exchange

Tue -- 29
===results of examinations for Nelson teachers -- named == Emma Florence Ainsworth = Frederick William Worley = Edward Boswell = Buchanan Blair = Selina Mary Anna Tunnicliff = Sarah Ada Haynes --- this is the corrected name from Thur 31paper

Wed - 30
CUNNINGHAM, 29 Mar, Wellington, wife of John Cunningham, a daughter

Thur - 31
KERR - SHALLCRASS, 30Mar, Merton Cottage, Nelson, the resid of the brides parents, William George, 2nd son of the late Walter Kerr, Upfield, Waimea W, to Eliza Davis, only daughter of Robert Shallcrass

April --- 1887

Fri --- 01
===Nelson Borough, for March = births-21 = marriages-7 = deaths-11
===before the court == Israel Johns = Ribert Gilmer = S Grant = T H Dickenson = J Coffee = R Thomas = R Bell = William Emms = Thomas Shirtliff --- all forallowing water to waste and Mary Brown, drunk

Sat -- 02
BENNETT, 31 Mar, Gloucester St, Nelson, wife of Wm Bennett, a son
Death---SMALLBONE, 1 Ap, Reginald Oscar, 1yr, son of George and Annie Smallbone
Death---HONNYWILL, 28 Jan, ahr, The Grange, Gloucestershire, England, William Henry Honnywill esq, 67yrs

Mon - 04
TENNENT, 2 Ap, at Wanganui, wife of Robert Tennent esq, a son

Tue -- 05
Death---RAIT, at Mrs McConkeys, Selwyn Place, John Rait, 48yrs, of Murchison

Wed - 06
BEATSON, 2 Ap, Woodland Trce, Ngatimoti, Mrs D G Beatson, a daughter
Death---GILMORE, 25 Feb, Colorado Springs, William Blunt Gilmore, 39yrs
Death---GRANT, 6 Ap, Waimea St, Mary, wife of David Grant
===applications for leases == J Rose, Wai-iti = William Hart, Waimea = J H H Eggers, Wai-iti = W E Lyons. Motueka
===occupation licenses refused ==J Wilson, Nelson Creek = E Rosser, Takaka = J Price, F Currin, J Brough, all in Owen district
===lease refused ==C E Barnett, Takaka

Thur - 07
LUCAS - FIELD, 5 Ap, at resid of the brides parents, Albert Augustus, youngest son of the late Robert Lucas, Britannia Heights, Nelson, to Alice Mabel, eldest surviving daughter of Thomas Field of Examiner St, Nelson
Death---CLAYSON, ahr, 44 Bath Rd, Margate, Kent, Eng, Mary Anne, 40yrs, wife of Stephen Clayson, and sister of Mrs Branford of Nelson
Death---HANSON, 7 Ap, at resid of Mr J Polglase, Alex T Hanson, 7mth
===John McCORMACK, cab driver, fatal accident yesterday, 6th, leaves a wife and 6 children, the youngest, a baby, died this morning -------------inquest into the deathEaster-------------

Sat -- 09
Death---HOLLIS, 7 Ap, Foxhill, James Hollis, 83yrs, one of Nelsons oldest settlers DAVY, at Amerley, Eng, Caroline, youngest daughter of Rev S Davy and niece of Mr R Smart of Nelson

Tue -- 12
Death---JONES, 9 Ap, Wanganui, Leonard Henry, 33yrs, 2nd son of Henry I Jones

Thur - 14
Death---SIMMS,11 Ap, Vanguard St, James Henry, 5mths, youngest son of J W Simms
Death---PAPPS, 6 Ap, Richmond, Alice, 1yr, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Papps

Fri --- 15
===Joseph SYKES, hotelkeeper, Nelson

Sat -- 16
Death---ZUCCANI, 16 Ap, at resid of Wm Songer, Richmond, E Zuccani jun, son ofson of Ernest Zuccani, manufacturer, Brick Lane, Spitalfields, London
===renewal of prospecting licenses = J Gilmer, M M Webster, both Ngakawau
===crown grant to = Capt Humphrey at Waiti
===application refused = H Field
===lease application granted = W H Green, Buller Valley

Tue -- 19
===during the last 30yrs, 36,000 coal miners have been killed by accidents in Gt Britain and more than 2,700,000 have been injured
===William LOCKYER jun, milkman, Suburban Nth, Nelson, bankrupt

Wed - 20
TAYLOR, 20 Ap, Nelson, wife of W H Taylor, a son
===called for Grand Jury = J Sharp = W N Franklyn = D Winton = W Bethwaite = J H Cock = J Marsden = W E Farrer = G Talbot = J Oldham = A Hamilton =H Ledger = A Johnson = J Meeson = A Somerville = F Hamilton = A Brown = J Harris = A Bayfield, C A Muntz = T Raine = D McDonald
===another jury = Gardner Hunter = W Ray = R Weir = J Marshall = H Mellett = T Capper = D Haslem = W Wratt = T Hargreaves = F Bamford = W Foster = J Hagan
===notice of hearings for discharge from bankruptcy of === John Currie Moutray = Robert Martin Crosby = John Lammas = Evan Frederick Jones = William Snow

Thur - 21
===Robert Corse committed suicide at Dobson, near Greymouth, Wed 20th ---- leaves a wife and 4 children (unable to get work)

Mon - 25
Death---LINES, 22 Ap, Ngatimoti, Walter Albert, 3yr 8 mth, 2nd son of George andSarah Lines

Tue -- 26
===William Campbell Barnett, butcher, Nelson, bankrupt

Wed - 27
BOLTON - POWER, 21 Ap, Adelaide Rd, Wellington, John Curtis, 3rd son of S Boltonof Nelson, to Annie, 2nd daughter of T Power, Wellington

Thur - 28
GRACE, 25 Ap, Kodah, Brightwater, wife of Rev T S Grace, a son
HIGGINS - RUSS, 21 Ap, at Havelock, Sydney Emmery, 3rd son of Sydney Higgins, Spring Grove, to Bertha, adopted daughter of Job Russ, Waimea West
===members elected for following School Committees ==Collingwood = Long Plain =Lower Moutere = Motupipi = Ngatimoti

May --- 1887

Mon - 02
Death---KARSTEN, 2 May, Myra Pearl, 4mth, 3rd daughter of Albert and Sarah Karsten
===population and area of the road and town districts in Waimea, Collingwood, Buller and Inangahua Counties
===School Committee elections -- Upper Moutere = Fern Flat = Hope = Lower Takaka

Tue -- 03
===unclaimed letters from March == Messrs Crawford and Spalding = Alured J D Carr esq = C E Fellows = J S Hanson = Mrs D Sormain
Death---FREEMAN, 2 May, Dovedale, Phillip Freeman, 39yrs

Wed - 04
Death---BEIT, 24 Mar, London, John Beit, formerly of Nelson

Thur - 05
REVELL - COLES, 5 May, Nelson, Charles Revell, to Helen Coles
ROUTLEY - KNOTT, 20 Ap, Lower Hutt, William, eldest son of james Routley, Devonshire, to Mary J, eldest daughter of John Knott, Linconshire, Eng
===about the wedding of Miss Phyllis RENWICK to Alexander HAMILTON, manager of the National Bank, at Nelson today

Fri --- 06
===application for leases ==J H H Eggers, Wai-iti = W E Lyons, Motueka = J Burne,Takaka = A J Harmond jun, Rintoul
===occupation leases refused == J W Jones, Ahaura = J B Cressey, Ahaura =H F Field, Seaford

Sat -- 07
ADAMS - CARTER, 1 May, Masterton, Edwin Adams, Havelock, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Alfred Henry Carter, Nelson
HAMILTON - RENWICK, 5 May, Nelson, Alexander Ferrier Hamilton, Nat B NZ, to Phyllis Carruthers Renwick, niece of the late Hon Dr Renwick, MLC
===East Takaka School Com election
===names of contractors for Council work

Mon - 09
VOSPER, 9 May, Nelson, wife of William Vosper, a son
STRINGER - CALDER, 23 April, Nelson, John A Stringer, Nelson, to Catherine, youngest daughter of the late J B Calder, Nelson

Tue -- 10
Death---PARKER, 9 May, Stoke, James Parker, 92yrs

Wed - 11
HARRIS, 10 May, Bush Tavern, the Wood, wife of Thomas Harris, a son
KENNING - GOOD, 28 Ap, at resid of brides parents, William, 3rd son of William Kenning, Stoke, to Jane, eldest daughter of William Good, Collingwood St, Nelson
===nominated for Riwaka Rd Bd == George Macmahon = Cornelius Holyoak = Joseph Duncan = Charles Fry = Richard Fry

Fri --- 13
===William Morrison MacFARLANE, lodging house keeper, Nelson, bankrupt

Sat -- 14
ATKINSON - RICHMOND, 12 May, Bishopdale, Edmond Tudor Atkinson, barrister of the Supreme Court, to Anne Elizabeth, elder daughter of J C Richmond esq, MLC
RICHMOND - MACDONALD, 12 May, Bishopdale, Maurice Wilson Richmond, barrister, Supreme Court, to Flora Hursthouse, daughter of the late A C P Macdonald esq

Mon - 16
SHERWOOD, 14 May, wife of S F Sherwood, a son
===W S MUNDAY, Registrar of births etc, Westport, suicide on Sat 14th

Tue -- 17
PARKER - ANSTICE, 14 May, Selwyn Place, John Boyes Parker, to Annie, 5th daughter of J S Anstice

Wed - 18
===wife of George CHAPMAN, her funeral will leave his res, Nile St E tomorrow

Fri --- 20
POOLE - LLOYD, 17 May, Blenheim, Frederick William, eldest son of John Poole, to Jane 2nd daughter of William Lloyd, Nelson

Sat -- 21
WAIT, 21 May, Thackwood, Wakapuaka, wife of R H Wait esq, a son

Mon - 23
LINES, 14 May, Woodstock, Ngatimoti, wife of W Lines, a son
Death---SIGNAL, 21 May, ahr, Upper Taranaki St, Wellington, Louisa, wife of W Signal and daughter of J Wilkins of Nelson

Tue -- 24
===over 60 Maori place names and their meaning

Fri --- 27
LIMMER - DEMMENT, 21 May, Kendal Grove, Upper Moutere, George Limmer of Tottenham Rise, Lower Moutere, to Caroline, relict of the late T Craven Demment of Richmond and daughter of the late Henry Sutton, Reading, Berkshire, England

June --- 1887

Wed - 01
SUTTON, at Richmond, wife of Thomas Sutton, a son
===Nelson borough ---May--- births = 14 marriages = 7 deaths = 6
===Thomas HARRIS, 63yrs, native of Portsmouth, served in the English Navy, thought to have a brother George Harris somewhere on the Buller or West Coast died at Motupiko, Tue 31st

Thur - 02
RAIKES - DECK, 1 June, Motueka, Henry Campbell Raikes, Okiawa, son of the late Henry Campbell Raikes, Bengal Civil Service, to Alice May, eldest daughter ofJames George Deck, Lower Moutere

Fri --- 03
JENNINGS, 1 June, School House, Riwaka, wife of G C P Jennings, a son

Sat -- 04
Death---FRAZER, 2 June, Hannah, daughter of David and Eliza Frazer

Mon - 06
Death---LINEHAM, 4 June, May, 6yrs, youngest daughter of Thomas and Mary Lineham
===application for leases ==J T Catley, Takaka = W C and M Campion, Takaka = R Elford,Oparara = C E Bennett, Takaka = A Robinson, Ngatimoti = T A H Baird, Aorere = H Byrne jun, Takaka
forfeit == G Snow, Tadmore = T Ford, Motueka = J Cederman, Motueka = J M McLaren, Whangamoa = A W Hobbs, Whangamoa = Bayfield and Johnston, Whangamoa (mineral lease)
refused == S Barr, Reefton = A Smith, Owen dist

Tue -- 07
===Edgar Arundel LEWIS, insurance agent, Nelson, but now res in Wellington, bankrupt

Wed - 08
Death---ARNOLD, 8 June, Foxhill, Joyce, 69yrs, relict of late John Arnold
===James White KINZETT, farmer, Wakefield and William Mollison, contractor,Wakefield, co-partners, bankrupt

Thur - 09
FRANKS, 8 June, Waimea St, wife of Joseph Franks, a son
Death---HINGSTON, 8 June, at resid of her son, Waimea St, Charlotte, 85yrs, relict of the late Frederick Hingston of Queensland

Fri --- 10
Death---WIX, 9 June, Nelson, Cecil Walter Lewis, 11yr 6mth, 2nd son of Arthur McKellarand Emma Wix

Tue -- 14
===John Patrick WARD, dairyman, Wakapuaka, bankrupt

Wed - 15
CLARK - BURLACE, 31 May, Hawera, Walter Bentham, 2nd son of Walter Whitmore Clark esq, Conway House, Breakspear Rd, St Johns, London, SE, to Eliza Jane, 5th daughter of the late William Burlace, Spring Grove, Nelson
Death---SHORT, 26 May, Sydney, NSW, Elizabeth, 54yrs, wife of Benjamin Short

Thur - 16
===land assessed for leasing = A Woodfield, Pakawau = F H Rose, Motueka = W E Lyons, Motueka = T H T Eggers, Wai-iti

Sat -- 18
MORRISON - HUGHES, 10 June, Wellington, Alexander Morrison, chief engineer S S Coptic, only son of the late John Morrison, Dundee, Scotland, to Frances Mary Shaw,eldest daughter of Henry Hughes, MIME, formerly of Tintendo House, Leicester, and Hyde Park Trce, London

Wed - 22
===names of original settlers who sat down to a dinner celebrating Queen Victoria's Jubilee===
  W Ferris                              Nelson          Indus,
Mr and Mrs Pickering Richmond         Fifeshire   1842
Mr Blick                                Nelson          Indus           1843
  Mrs Blick                              "                   Bolton            1842
Mr Crisp                             "                    Mary Ann         "
Mrs Hill                               "                   Bolton                     "
Mrs Kidson                             "                    Bolton                     "
Mrs W Newport           Appleby          Bolton                     "
Mrs Dean,                    Nelson         Mary Ann          "
Mr Wells                               Waimea            Olympus           "
Mrs Graham sen          Nelson          Lloyds                    "
Mrs Gill                               Wakapuaka        Sir C Forbes          "
Mrs Rose Dovedale               "                   " "             "
Mrs Win                            " "               " "            "
Mr Day                             Nelson         Stains Castle 1844
Mr Watson                   Wakefield  Clifford            1842
Mr Griffith                             "                  T Harrison         "
Mr Russ                           Waimea West  Sir C Forbes           "
Mr Chapman                 Bishopdale           Prince of Wales "
Mr H Redwood                  Marlborough        " " "         "
Mr and Mrs Ricketts       Spring Grove    Bolton                      "
Mrs Hewitt                            Nelson          Phoebe            1843
Mr White                            Richmond         Bolton             1842
Mr Barnett                           Wakapuaka      T Harrison         "
Mr Wigzell                            Nelson                   Phoebe           1843
Mr Harford                          Richmond           Bolton                   "
Mr Beddington                Wakefield    Mary Ann         1842
Mr Panton                         Nelson           Clifford                   "
Mr Higgins                          Spring Grove    Mary Ann      "
Mr J Knapp                        " "        Olympus       "
Mr W Brown                Nelson           T Harrison        "
Mr W Askew               Riwaka                  Indus                    1843
Mr H Ford                         Waimea West  Clifford           1842
Mr D Burns                        Nelson                   Mariner 1850
Mr R Burn                                "                   Lord Auckland 1842
Mr H Hudson                      "                   Indus                "
Mr J Richardson                      "                  Mary Ann        "
Mr Goodman                        Motueka      Phoebe          1843
Mr D Mullins              Nelson                  Mary Ann    "
Mr Cresswell              Stoke                " "              "
Mr R Tannant            Moutere       " "             "
Mr Noden                      Motueka                Prince of Wales   1842
Mr Avery                      Nelson                 Martha Ridgeway "
Mr G Batchelor                     "                 Sir C Forbes      "
Mr T Wells                      Brightwater      " " "   "
Mr J Bungate                     Wakapuaka      Will Watch       "
Mr A Gibson                     Nelson                 Clifford                    "
Mr Mercer                     Appleby                Indus                    1843
Mr J Win                     Dovedale                T Harrison         1842
Mr W Win                               "                 " "               "
Mr Marley                    Collingwood        Sir C Forbes     "
Mr James Kerr         Waimea W        Fifeshire                "
Mr T Gifford                    Moutere               "                "
Mr J Davis                   Dovedale                 Eagle      "
Mr McGee                   Nelson                Martha Ridgeway "
Mr Rose                             Dovedale     Prince of Wales   "
Mr Andrews                   Waimea W       Bolton                   "
Mr T Kinzett          Wakefield      T Harrison         "
Mr W Hounsell          Nelson                Mary Ann         "
Mr Waterhouse                  "                M Ridgeway        "
Mr J Taylor                           "               T Harrison         "
Mr R Sutcliffe                   Ngatimoti       New Zealand         1841
Mr Biggs                            Tadmor                 Will Watch         1842
Mr Rowling                    Riwaka              " "               "
Mr Songer                  Waimea               Whitby        1841
Mr T Eden                           Nelson                Phoebe         1843
Mr W Newport                  Appleby               Sir C Forbes         1842
Mr Franzelow                  Waimea    Skiolt                    1843
Mr Coombes                  Nelson              Lord Auckland  1842
Mr E Green                          "                       "         "         "
(last name was missed from this days paper but published in thur 23rd paper)

Thur - 23
Death Wagg, 19 June, at Richmond, wife 68yrs, of David Wagg
===Henry O'Brien DECK, late of Melbourne, Victoria and now of Motueka, gives Notice that he is applying to be registered under the Medical Practitioners Act
===Frederick Nelson JONES, saddler, Nelson, bankrupt

Sat -- 25
MACE, 22 June, Foxhill, wife of Frederick George Mace, a daughter
Death---BRYANT, 24 June, Motueka, Lily, 32yrs, wife of J S Bryant

Mon - 27
Death---BAKEWELL, 26 June, Dovedale, Rose Alexandra, 24yrs, wife of John Bakewell

Tue -- 28
Lewis - Brown, 14 June, Wellington, Alfred Maurice, 2nd son of L H Lewis of London, to Mary Annie, only daughter of the late Andrew Brown, Nelson

Wed - 29
===names of old settlers who replied that they were unable to be present at the dinner ==Henry Fry sen = Eliza Hagen = A M Garin = W Atkinson, Rangiora = J Arnold = W Wratt = T Foy = Mrs Hargreaves = S Cox = R Tomlinson = Mary Robinson = S M Jacobsen, Christchurch = W Wells = J Armstrong, Blenheim = T J Thompson = A G Jenkins = John Mears = Mr Lightband = Mrs Marsden = W McGowan = W Williams, Collingwood = J Andrews = J W C Heine = T Rowling = J Staples sen= John Livingston = C Kelling = W Mercer = C Best = Joseph Simmonds = C Thorp = E Baigent = Alfred Saunders, Christchurch = J W Schroder, Marlborough= Charles Gaukrodger = J D Greenwood, Motueka = William Fox, Auckland

Thur - 30
Marsh - Thomas, 30 June, Robert George, eldest son of the late George Marsh, Canterbury, to Mary Ann (Minnie), eldest daughter of George Thomas, Nelson
===disastrous fire in Blenheim, about 50,000 pounds damage

July --- 1887

Fri --- 01
RICHARDSON, 30 June, at The Beacons, the Port, wife of Ralph Richardson esq, daughter
Death---ASHCROFT, 30 June, Alton St, Sophia, 50yrs, wife of George Ashcroft, manager of Nelson railway

Mon - 04
Death---FRAZER, 3 July, Nelson, June, 20yrs, 2nd daughter of David and Eliza Frazer (eldest daughter had died suddenly only about a month ago)
===obituary, Dr Lewis Keele HORNE, born Isleworth, on the banks of the Thames, England, died on Sun 3rd
===great fire in New York ---- 1,600 horses and nearly all the cars burnt (New York cab company)

Thur - 07
PATTIE - WEBSTER, 5 July, at resid of brides parents, Robert, 2nd son of Robert Pattie, farmer, Riwaka, to Bessie, eldest daughter of M M Webster, Nelson
JEFFREYS, 7 June, wife of F Jeffreys, Kawai St, a son
===population of new electorates

Fri --- 08
===Esther Elizabeth LIPSCOMBE, nurse, Nelson, bankrupt

Mon - 11
BUCKLAND, 10 July, wife of R G S Buckland, clerk in charge of Eastern Extension Telegraph Cos's Station, Cable Bay, Nelson, a daughter
SAXON, 10 July, wife of J B Saxon, a daughter

Tue -- 12
Death---CHISHOLM, ahr, Bridge St, Duncan Chisholm, 71yrs native of Inverness, Scotland

Wed - 13
BRIGHTON - FANSELOW, 15 June, at resid of S B Lush esq, Seafield View, Auckland, William Arthur, 2nd son of the late W Brighton, to Mary Dora, 4th daughter ofH Fanselow, Hope Nelson

Thur - 14
Death---KEEN, 12 July, ahr, Richmond, John Keen, 58yrs, of Bedlow, England

Fri --- 15
Death---JOHNSTON, 14 July, ahr, Haven Rd, Amelia, wife of David Johnston esq, JP, Nelson
===John ROSE, Waimea W, charged with forgery
===Alexander McLEOD, dairyman, Wakefield, charged forgery, uttering and larceny
===George CUMMINS, charged with cruelty to animals
===J M PACKER, fined for allowing a horse to stray
===William COOKSEY, charged with assaulting John Robert SHARP, a carter who wascharged with using insulting language
===Joseph BUSCH charged with using insulting language to Amelia WAKEFIELD
===a few names of electors of the Waimea - Picton electorate -------- William Brownlee = William Price = William Perry = E Simonsen = F Lemine, JP = William Taylor = G Crichton = C Pickering = G Congdon = W Thornhill = W Farnell = J H Dalton = W H Dalton = R W Pope = A W Dillon = T Linton = J Wheadon = V C Vinnimore = T Trury, JP = James McMillan = C B Jarvis = T Auchram = J Maher= C W Smith = M Richersten = J Brownlee = C Horton = C Inman = John Aherne = H Boyd = Charles Pope = H G Tosswill = Jabez Wills = R B Kidd = C Homan = F Houghton

Sat --- 16
Death---SCHWABE, 9 July, Auck, Alice, 26yrs, wife of H I Schwabe, only daughter of I Pearse, Wakefield, Nelson

Mon - 18
===William Howard STAFFORD, farmer, Upper Moutere, bankrupt

Fri --- 22
EDRIDGE, 21 July, Taueru, Masterton, Wellington, wife of E Edridge, a son, stillborn

Mon - 25
CAIGOU - ALEXANDER, 23 July, at resid of the brides parents, Motueka, Charles, eldest son of the late Charles D Caigou, MD, of Victoria, to Sarah, eldest daughter of John Alexander of Motueka

Tue -- 26
===Morris LEVY, master mariner, Nelson, bankrupt

Wed - 27
===funeral of James Robert, son of R J PHIPPS, will leave his resid, Wakefield ChurchValley, tomorrow

Sat -- 30
Death---LIVICK, 30 June, at his mothers resid, Milton St, the Wood, Thomas, 24yrs, 3rd son of the late Mr J Livick

August --- 1887

Tue -- 02
===Mrs PARKS, 72yrs, wife of B Parks died Thur 28th She came out on the 1st expedition ship the Martha Ridgeway ---- from Motueka Herald

Wed - 03
Death---HAYCOCK, 1 Aug, Hope, Ethel Mary, 4yr 7mth, 2nd daughter of George and Emma Haycock

Thur - 04
Death---NEILSON, 2 Aug, Elizabeth, wife of Alexander Neilson, Wai-iti

Fri --- 05
Death---LANGE, 5 Aug, Old Peoples Home, Mrs Sophia Lange, 66yrs

Wed - 10
KINGDON - CURTIS, 9 Aug, Cathedral Church, Roger William Willesley Kingdon esq, son of the late Samuel Kingdon esq of Willesley, to Annie Evelyn, eldest daughter of Herbert Evelyn Curtis esq
KEYWORTH - BILLING, 10 Aug, All Saints Church, George Herbert, 2nd son of Dr Keyworth of Nelson (late Birmingham, Eng) to Gertrude Billing, only daughter of Mrs W J Jobson, Auckland
Death---LEVIEN, 9 Aug, resid of her mother, Brook St, Lilian Harriet, 11yrs, 3rd daughter of the late Capt George Levien
Death---BARBER 9 Aug, Waimea St, Nelson, Susan Jane, wife of Fountain Barber of Christchurch
Death---VICKERMAN, 8 Aug, Auckland, Sophia, 28yrs, wife of Charles R Vickerman
Death---PIERSON, 9 Aug, ahr, South St, Peter George Pierson

Fri --- 12
===Port Sunday School prize giving (Gertrude Barnes and Beatrice Cross among others not mentioned, singing and reciting)
Girls 1st class (Mrs Rogerson) = Edith Johnson = Augusta Robb = Alice Young = Constance Barnes
2nd class (Miss Daniel) = Gertrude Barnes = Emma Freeman = Annie Pearcey
3rd class (Miss Simpson) = Alice Johnson = Emma Frost = Florence Weir = Nellie Westrupp
4th class (Miss Luckins) = Lucy Lucas = Millicent Kidson = Cornelia Goodwin = Henrietta Freeman
5th class (Miss Robb) = Lily Young = Mary Laird = Ettie Barnes
Boys 1st class (Miss Burton) = George Lucas = William Robb = Albert Pearcy
2nd class (Miss Law) = HarryLucas = Henry Pearcy = George Clarke
3rd class (Miss Field) = Frank Smith = William Westrupp = Herbert Robinson = Leonard Johnson
4th class (Mr Decarle) = Ralph Johnson = George Johnson = John Westrupp =Frank Pearcey = Arthur Wildman = Bertie Young
Infants (Miss Gibbs0 = Carrie Wildman = Phoebe Smith = Daisy Osborne = Annie Weir = William Laird = Ernest Johnson

Mon - 15
===Major ERSKINE --my wife left home nearly 1 mth ago I will not have her back or be responsible for her debts
===prize giving at Presbyterian Sunday School (about 80 )

Wed - 17
===Grand Jury sworn =
===members of another jury =

Thur - 18
===occupation licenses granted = E Rosser, Takaka = E Dellow, Hampden =C Lewis, Barons Creek, Takaka = Lewis and others, Sams Creek, Takaka
===refused == G W Riley, W Wanganui
===postponed ==James McLaughlin, Steeples
===other names mentioned == G Perotti = T Wilkinson = J P Kilgour = H Costley = J Kirton = T Rose = Walker Bros = W Longney = D Remnant = Arthur Baigent = R Freeman = R Alcorn

Sat --- 20
===funeral of William CONDELLS infant daughter will leave his resid, Stoke, tomorrow

Mon - 22
Death---OXLEY, 21 Aug, ahr, New St, Thomas Jefferson Randolph Oxley, 70yrs

Wed - 24
===Claude Exel Sweetman BALL, hairdresser, Nelson, bankrupt
===a trip on the Waitapu

Thur - 25
GUY, 20 Aug, Sunny Brae, Ngatimoti, wife of John A Guy, a son
FENDALL - BONNINGTON, Charles Donald, 2nd son of W C Fendall esq, South Canterbury, to Georgina Elizabeth, eldest daug of the late Joseph Bonnington, Nelson
JUDGE - PERKS, 24 Aug, Nelson, James Arthur Judge, eldest son of James Judge, Maidstone, Kent, to Amelia, 3rd daughter of Joseph Perks, gas engineer, Greymouth
Death---SIGLEY, 23 Aug, Gisborne, Adeline, 14 yrs, only daughter of Joshua and Helen Sigley
Death---BOYES, 22 Aug, Motueka, Jane Mary, 75yrs, widow of the late John Boyes and sister of the late Mrs Charles Harley of Nelson

Sat --- 27
===David HENDERSON (elderly) lost his life in a fire, early this morning, Blenheim
===Mr WINTER, editor Marlborough Times, badly injured (died later)

Wed - 31
PHILLIPS, 30 Aug, Collingwood St, wife of H V Phillips, a son

September --- 1887

Thur - 01
Death---REYNOLDS, 1 Sept, ahr, Shelbourne St, Mary, 55yrs, wife of John Reynolds
===Nelson City, for Aug == births = 25 marriages = 9 death = 10

Fri --- 02
GIBBS, 31 Aug, wife of Richard W Gibbs, Motueka, a daughter
===account wedding H D VAVASOUR, to Miss Bertha Eleanor Mary REDWOOD, at Marlborough

Sat -- 03
ADAMS, 2 Sept, Rosebank, Nelson, wife of J L Adams, a daughter
MACKAY - JACOBSEN, 31 Aug, resid of brides father, William, 4th son of R Mackay esq, Wellington, toHenrietta, 2nd daughter of Henry Jacobsen, Britannia Heights, Nelson
Death---BURNS, 2 Sept, ahr, Waimea St, Nelson, David Burns, 76yrs
===obituary, David Burns

Mon - 05
Death---CHALLIES, 4 Sept, ahr, Waimea West, Edward Challies, 58yrs

Tue -- 06
WORTH - KESSELL, 16 Aug, William T Worth, Wellington, to Carrie, 2nd daughter of John and Mary Ann Kessel, Nelson
Death---REMNANT, 3 Sept, Ngatimoti, Jane, 53, wife of George Remnant
===obituary --Alfred DOBSON, Blenheim, died this morning
===leases, applications, withdrawls, refused, etc

Thur - 08
===George Batters (or Batiers) VAUSE and Frederick VAUSE, saddlers and co-partners, of Nelson, bankrupt

Mon - 12
Death--- HILL, 11 Sept, at her home in Wellington, wife of Edwin J Hill (of Chas Hill and Sons of Nelson)
Death--- MERCER, 11 Sept, at resid of her father, Appleby, Rosanna, 18yr, youngestdaughter of John Mercer

Thur - 15
KNYVETT, 15 Sept, Motueka, wife of H P Knyvett, a son

Fri --- 16
Death---NEAL, 16 Sept, Brightwater, Francis, 3mth, son of Francis and Ellen Neal

Sat --- 17
Death---SOMERVILLE, 16 Sept, at resid of Mr Shipley, Collingwood St, William Somerville esq, 23yrs, late of Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Tue -- 20
STANDRING - STRINGER, 12 Sept, Compton Villa, Richmond, Christchurch, Rev James Standring of Nelson, 2nd son of the late William Standring of Bury, Lancashire, to Amelia Alice, eldest daughter of Richard Stringer of Manchester, Eng
MOLESWORTH - AIREY, 19 Sept, Richmond, Charles Edward, 2nd son of the late Thomas Edward Molesworth, MD, surgeon R N, to Katherine Marianne, 3rd daughter of Rev Robert Airey, Vicar of Kirk Santon, Isle of Man
===Henry Augustus FREEMAN, carpenter, Nelson, bankrupt

Wed - 21
===Thomas Maddock, 76yrs, died today Arrived in Nelson on the Sir Charles Forbes in 1842 Maddocks Bush, Waimea is named after him ---Blenheim News

Thur - 22
McRAE, 21 Sept, Bonovoree, wife of Roderick McRae, a daughter

Sat -- 24
===names of Nelson residents on the Buller electoral roll (40 names)
===obituary Mrs BUSCHEL, 88yrs, Wairoa Gorge She arrived with her late husbandand young family in 1842 (native of Bavaria)

Mon - 26
Death---BARTLETT, 25 Sept, ahr, Appleby, Eliza, 65yrs, wife of John Bartlett

Tue -- 27
Death---BAIGENT, 26 Sept, Pigeon Valley, Annie, wife of Arthur Baigent

Wed - 28
===Nelson Rowing Club --- officers and trophy winners

Thur - 29
Death---BROUGH, 29 Sept, Grove St, wife, 34yrs age, of Thomas Brough
Death---LIMMER, 28 Sept, Tottenham Rise, Lower Moutere, Stephen Limmer, 71yrs

Fri --- 30
===John JACOBS, taxidermist, Nelson, bankrupt

October --- 1887

Sat -- 01
===William DEAR, builder, Nelson, bankrupt

Tue -- 04
COLEMAN, 28 Sept, Ranzau School House, Nelson, wife of Peter Coleman, a daughter
Death---COLES, 3 Oct, ahr, Waimea Rd, Samuel Coles

Wed - 05
Death---NEWPORT, 4 Oct, ahr, Richmond, William Alex Newport, 37yrs, 4th son of the late Joseph Newport, Appleby

Thur - 06
STONE, 5 Oct, 1885 (??), Nelson, wife of J E Stone, a son
Death---SMITH, 5 Oct, Richmond, Henry August, 5yrs, youngest son of Robert Martinand Ellen Smith
===leases, applications, forfeit, etc

Fri --- 07
===unclaimed letters from July === W H Jackson = Richard (?) Richards = J H Snow
Death---BUTLER, 5 Oct, at resid of his daughter, Ngatimoti, Thomas Butler, 78yrs
Death---SMITH, 6 Oct, Newstead, Mrs Elizabeth Smith, 87rs
Death---STOCK, 7 Oct, Stoke, Norman, 8mth, twin son of Arthur and Minnie Stock
===inquest --William James WEMYSS, 72yrs, drowned Wed 5th in the Wairoa River.It is believed that he has no relatives in this country

Sat -- 08
Death---AVERY, 7 Oct, Richmond, Ellen, 15yrs, eldest daughter of Stephen Avery

Mon - 10
Death---JESSOP, 9 Oct, Hope, Mary Ann, 80yrs, wife of W Jessop

Wed - 12
SHARP - COLLINS, 3 Oct, Kawhia, Kaikoura, 3rd Oct, John, son of John Sharp esq, Fellworth, Nelson, to Erica Catherine, daughter of A S Collins esq, Mt Tyffe, Kaikoura
Death---WINNING, at resid of Mrs Branford, Washington Valley, Archibald Winning,30yrs, late of Glasgow, Scotland

Fri --- 14
THORN - HUMPHREYS, 12 Oct, Dovedale, Walter, 3 son of John Thorn, Dovedale, to Frances Jane, eldest daughter of Capt John Humphreys, late H M 24th Foot Reg
===Miss Fanny POOLE, married F Baddeley at Motueka 13th --- details of wedding

Sat --- 15
BURDEKIN, 14th Oct, Paterangi, Waikato, wife of E B Burdekin, a son
BADDELEY - POOLE, 13 Oct, Motueka, Frederick Atkins Charles, eldest son of Major Baddeley (late Capt H M 40th Reg), to Fanny, youngest daughter of Rev S Poole, MA, of Motueka

Tue -- 18
Death---GARDINER, 13 Oct, Broadfields, Canterbury, Margaret Gardiner, 89yrs, widowof the late William Gardiner of Nelson
Death---GREEN, 8 Aug, Keyford, near Frome, Somersetshire, Richard Green, 75yrs,cattle dealer, for many years a resident of Richmond, Nelson, NZ
STAFFORD, 29 Aug, Mt Edgcumbe, Sydney Rd, Guildford, Major General W J F Stafford, CB, retired Bengal Staff Corps, eldest son of the late Major General John Stafford, formerly of the 31st Reg
WHITE, 4 Oct, Sydney, Rev William Athenry White, late of Picton

Fri --- 21
Death---REVELL, 20 Oct, Wakefield, James, 19yrs, youngest son of W Revell, Wakefield
Death---HACKWORTH, 20 Oct, Hadlow, Timaru, Ethel Maude, 21yrs, 3rd daughter ofJames Hackworth, Dunedin
===Walter Thomas GOOD, builder, Nelson, bankrupt

Mon - 24
===Coptic arrives at Pt Chalmers from Plymouth today --- Mr and Mrs Davis and 7 children = Miss Wakeham and Miss Stevens for Nelson

Tue -- 25
Death---TAYLOR, 21 Oct, at resid of his wifes father, Ngatimoti, John Fermin Taylor, 33yrs, Baton

Wed - 26
Death---FRITZWILLIAM, 26 Oct, Ruby Freda, 6wks, daughter of Arthur and Jane Fritzwilliam, Cambria St, The Wood

Fri --- 27
SEED, Carterton, BNZ, wife of Frank Seed, a daughter
Death---FURNESS, 22 Oct, Dillon St, Blenheim, Marjory Furness, 3mths

Sat --- 29
===James Clark, pioneer on the West Coast, died Oct 28th --from Hokitika news

November --- 1887

Tue -- 01
Death---Guy, 27 Oct, Moutere House, Motueka, Leah, 60yrs, wife of Walter Guy
===Peter LEVY, local constable attains retiring age, (60yrs)

Wed - 02
===unclaimed letters from Aug == Mr John Burns = Mr Jos Clarke = Mr John Falconer = A R W Furton = J Johnstone esq = G Keato = Miss Annie Mills = Mr J Nicholson = Mrs Fanny Rhodes = Mrs J Rhodes = Mrs S A Richardson = Mary Thompson = Miss C Waite = Mrs J K Waite = Capt, barque, Lochnager

Sat --- 05
Death---KITCHING, 4 Nov, Grove St, The Wood, Percy, 4mths, son of Archibald Kitching
===Mr Simon BUCHHOLZ, died in Melbourne, Thur 3rd He was well known to many in Nelson and Motueka districts

Mon - 07
SCLANDERS, 6 Nov, Mrs James Sclanders, a son

Fri --- 11
===John George BRADDOCK, miner, Collingwood, bankrupt
===John Henry Diedrich Beuke and Christian Denecker nominated for Council Moutere riding
===Daniel Bate = Robert Pattie = James Samuel Edelsten nomiated Motueka riding

Sat --- 12
WINSTANLEY - MUNTZ, 7 Nov, Wellington, John Sydney Winstanley, to Annie Eliza Muntz, eldest daughter of C A Muntz esq, Richmond, Nelson
Death---EDWARDS, 12 Nov, infant daughter of John Edwards, Shelbourne St

Mon - 14
ROBINSON, 12 Nov, Mrs E A Robinson, a son
Death---SHERWOOD, 13 Nov, ahr, Nile St East, Nelson, John Sherwood sen, 77yrs, formerly H M 16th Lancers
===obituary John Sherwood
===George Henry Kidson = William Henry Phillips jun = William F Stanley = nominated Wangapeka riding
===Victor GRANVILLE, hotel keeper, Nelson, bankrupt

Wed - 16
===names of a large number of contributors to the picnic for Nelson and Richmond Fire Brigades and Salvage Corps
===NZ Baptist Conference with names of reps from the different districts

Mon - 21
THOMAS - KINZETT, 19 Nov, Registrars Office, Wakefield, Joseph, 2nd son of the late William Thomas, Kent, Eng, to Frances Mary, 3rd daughter of Thomas Kinzett,Wakefield
Death---SHEA, 20 Nov, Wakefield, Constance Ellen, 3yr 2mth, youngest daughter of Thomas and Mary Shea

Tue - 22
===list of share holders in Wareatea Gold Mining Co

Wed - 23
SUTCLIFFE, 19 Nov, Ngatimoti, wife of John W Sutcliffe, a daughter
===George William PAHL, farmer, Tadmor

Thur - 24
Death---GORRIE, 23 Nov, Mary Anne, 35yrs, wife of James Gorrie

Fri --- 25
CROSBIE, 25 Nov, wife of R M Crosbie, a son

Sat --- 26
MARTIN, wife of P Martin, a daughter
Death---DOUGLAS, 25 May, ahr, Vanguard St, Esther, 39yrs, wife of W Douglas

Mon - 28
Death---TOVEY, 27 Nov, ahr, Richmond, Caroline, 63yrs, wife of William Tovey sen

Tue -- 29
Death---COUPER, 19 Nov, Pelorus Valley, Amy Grace, 37yrs, wife of John Couper and youngest daughter of the late James Haycock

Wed - 30
WILLIAMS, 30 Nov, ahr, Haven Rd, Nelson, wife of D Williams, a daughter

December --- 1887

Thur - 01
INTEMANN, 30 Nov, ahr, Step?yville, wife of A H Intemann, a son

Fri --- 02
===leases --applications == F, F W and J T Constable, Waitapu = D Rayner, Waitapu = F G Sparrow and E Sparrow, Takaka = D Scarlett jun, Oparara = G J Cooper, Karamea ==== surrendered == H J King, Island No5, Waimea Rd mineral withdrawn ==A J Breen, Reefton

Sat -- 03
TOWNSEND, 1 Dec, Mrs G A Townsend, Hope St, Nelson, a daughter
Death---PASSMORE, 3 Dec, Shelbourne St, Sarah, 72yrs, relict of the late Mr Passmore (Sarah Shaw Passmore ---trustees are Hannah and Harriet Shaw)

Mon - 05
===unclaimed letters from Sept = H J Blythe = C H Beresford = C E Bellows = H Gabiles = John Renshaw = John Waite
===Kaikoura arrived at Wellington Dec 3rd from London --- has 550 passengers for NZ, 248 are nominated immigrants, with 9 for Nelson and 5 for Marlborough

Tue -- 06
THOMPSON - KELLING, 29 Nov, Motueka, Henry Plinck Thompson, Closeburn, Upper Moutere, 2nd son of T J Thompson esq, Headingley, Richmond, to Charlotte Henrietta, 2nd daughter of Charles Kelling esq, JP, Broadlands, Upper Moutere

Wed - 07
Death---CAWTE, 25 Nov, ahr, Picton, John Cawte, 74yrs, Mahakipawa, formerly Nelson
Death---SIMPSON, 7 Dec, Nelson, Mary relict of Robt Simpson, Washington Valley

Thur - 08
SMITH, 7 Dec, School House, Upper Wakefield, wife of T G Smith, a daughter
===St Marys Orphanage at Stoke has 176 boys accommodated (no names)

Fri --- 09
LUCAS, 8 Dec, Britannia Heights, Mrs A A Lucas, a son, premature

Sat -- 10
===John TAYLOR, 18yrs, killed in an accident at Dovedale, Fri 9th

Wed - 14
===places the 1888 Nelson Almanac can be bought

Fri --- 16
===Prize lists for === Sacred Heart School == St Marys Select == St Marys Industrial=== Prize lists for === Foxhill School

Sat --- 17
===music played at St Marys Schools prize giving and names of persons who performed
===Horace ANDREWS applies for a license to slaughter cattle at premises ofJoseph Andrews, 88 Valley, Wakefield

Mon - 19
===prize giving at the Boys College

Tue -- 20
MARTIN, 17 Dec, Sea Side Farm, Stoke, Mrs C Martin, a son
===prize giving at the Girls College

Wed - 21
===funeral for late Mrs FORD will leave for Waimea W Cemetery tomorrow

Thur - 22
FORD - BROWNING, 22 Dec, Nelson, William Justice Ford, to Katherine Macey, eldest daughter of J S Browning esq
Death---KIRK, 21 Dec, Ashfield, Richmond, Maurice Clement, only child of RichardClement and Amy Francis Kirk and g/son of Hon J W Barnicoat

Fri --- 23
DODSON, 16 Dec, wife of H Dodson, a son
Death---FEARNLEY, 7 Dec, Melbourne Manasseh Fearnley, MA, formerly of Nelson

Tue -- 24
BROAD, 25 Dec, Mrs Lowther Broad, a son

Wed - 28
MILLS - FRANKLIN, 27 Dec, Nelson, George, 2nd son of the late John Mills, Christchurch, to Jessie, youngest daughter of the late Robert Franklin, Sussex, Eng

Thur - 29
Death---HORN, 29 Dec, Takaka, Alfred Horn, youngest son of James P Horn
===Mr G F GRIERSON of Manchester, Eng, has just arrived from England and intends to settle in Nelson

Sat --- 31
LEVY - CUMMINGS, 26 Dec, Nelson, Michel Levy, eldest son of Peter Levy, to Clara, 2nd daughter of the late George Cummings, Wakapuaka

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