Nelson & Bays GenWeb - Nelson Evening Mail - 1875 to 1879 - Extracts of baptisms, births, deaths, marriages, and other events

Nelson Evening Mail

The following list of Names taken from extracts of birth, burial, and marriage notices and miscellanous notes of other events were extracted and kindly provided by Ted Wright. Actual images of the Nelson Evening Mail from 1866 through to 1900 can be found on the NZ National Library Website.

January --- 1875

Sat --- 02
=== Hadfield, F B --- funeral notice

Mon - 04
MUNCASTER, 30 Dec, Wellington, wife of George Muncaster, a son
HIGGINS - LEWIS, 2 Jan, at residence of father of the bride, Edward Robert Higgins, toMary Louisa, eldest daughter of Mr E Lewis, both of Spring Grove
Death--- HADFIELD, 1 Jan, ahr, Waimea St, Frederick brown Hadfield, 56yrs
=== John WALKER, road contractor dead in river, Inangahua
=== Caledonian sports results ===
=== Sworn in for Grand Jury duty ====

Tue -- 05
=== More caledonian sports results ==

Thur - 07
COLLINS - DOLAMORE, 1 Jan, Riccarton, Canterbury, NZ, William eldest son of WilliamCollins, Tonbridge, Kent, Eng, to Mary Louisa, eldest daughter of Rev D Dolamore, Nelson
===Unclaimed letters from Sept (very few )
=== names of jury

Fri --- 08
TOMLINSON, 7 Jan, Willesley, the Wood, Nelson, wife of William Tomlinson esq ofAuckland, a son
WORTHINGTON, 29 Dec, Charleston, Mrs T Knight Worthington, a son
DIXON - DUCK, 17 Dec 1874, Manners St, Wellington, Charles J Dixon, compositor,youngest son of late George Dixon, to Eliza Catherine, 2nd daughter of John Duck,Wellington
GRIFFITHS - ASTLE, 26 Dec, at his residence, Collingwood St, Nelson, John Griffiths,to Hannah, youngest daughter of late Charles Astle, both of Nelson
ROGERS - INWOOD, 31 Dec, Avonside Church, Christchurch, W W Brent T Rogers,Sydney, NSW, eldest son of W E Rogers of Christchurch, to Amelia Frances Inwood,only daughter of Henry Inwood, farmer, Christchurch

Sat --- 09
RUSS - HORN, 6 Jan, Appleby, Thomas Russ, farmer, Waimea W, to Alice, youngestdaughter of J P Horn of Appleby, Waimea E
Death---WAXMAN, 9 Jan, Albert Frederick Waxman, 44yrs

Mon - 11
FAIREY, 7 Jan, Washington Valley, wife of E S Fairey, a son
Death---SAYLE, 9 Jan, drowned at Akaroa, Randall Sayle esq, 26yrs
Death---PIPER, 11 Jan, Alma St, daughter, 6 mths, of Richard and Nancy Piper

Wed - 13
=== Court of Robin Hood -- officers

Thur - 14
TURNER - BERRY, 13 Jan, at residence of brides father, Thomas Turner, Seven Oaks,Kent, England, to Eliza, 2nd daughter of W H Berry, Nelson
PACKER - ALLEN, 13 Jan, Jabez Ambrose Packer, to Miss Sarah Allen, both of Nelson

Fri --- 15
FREETH - MITCHELL, 6 Jan, at residence of brides father, William Freeth, Picton, toMary Ann Mitchell, late of Nelson

Sat --- 16
WILLIS - HALLETT, 28 Dec, Havelock, Marlborough, William Willis of Pelorus Sound,Hannah Hallett, widow, late of Somersetshire, England

Tue -- 19
COTTON, 15 Jan, Grove St, Nelson, wife of Charles Cotton, a son
HEWITSON, 17 Jan, Kendal Grove, Upper Moutere, Mrs Joseph Hewitson, a daughter
=== Nelson Aux Fire Brigade, election of officers

Wed - 20
SINCLAIR - HODGSON, 20 Jan, Nelson, George Bell, son of late Donald Sinclair esq, solicitor, Nelson, to Rebecca Lee, 2nd daughter of W C Hodgson esq, Inspector ofSchools, Nelson

Thur - 21
===St Marys Schools prize list
=== News brought in to Westport by Edward Fletcher -- 5 men -- Peter Seaton = WilliamMiller = William Hall = Benjamin Roundlett and Nicholas, a Dalmation, betterknown as Teremakau were drowned in the Mokihinui River

Fri --- 22
Death---HENRY, 22 Dec, drowned from ship Michael Angelo William Henry, seaman,native of Demerara
LUCKIE, 18 Jan, Mackenzie Luckie esq, 53yrs, Capt of Michael Angelo

Sat --- 23 --- === Report of the voyage of Michael Angelo, arrived Fri 22 with emigrants
=== Orwell Creek Flat Mining --- unpaid shares

Wed - 27
ROSE - HARVEY, 27 Jan, residence of Mr B Allen, Grove St, John Frederick Rose,Takaka, to Miss Rhoda Ann Harvey, Moutere, Nelson

Thur - 28
Death---CURTIS, 6 Jan, Upper Clapton, Middlesex, Stephen Stuart Curtis esq, 64yrs
Death---DAY, 28 Jan, nelson, Ida Grace, 22mth, daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth Day
Death---PIERSON, Nelson, Amelia, 10mths, daughter of Peter and Minnie Pierson
=== Templars -- election of officers

Fri --- 29
=== List of Wesleyan Ministers and Stations in NZ
Death---BIGGS, 26 Jan, William, 4yr 2mth, eldest child of George Biggs jun,Upper Motueka Valley

February --- 1875

Tue --- 02
HOOPER - KINSETT, 1 Feb, at residence of father of the bride, James, eldest son of Edwin Hooper, Wakefield, to Sarah Jane, eldest daughter of Thomas Kinzett, Waimea S
MARTEN - ROGERS, 1 Feb, Wesleyan Church, Hardy St, Rev William B Marten,Wesleyan minister, Motueka, to Gertrude Frances Rogers, late of Christchurch

Wed -- 03
GILBERT, 27 Jan, Clifton, Motupipi, wife of George C Gilbert, a daughter
MOORE, 24 Jan, at Toi-toi Valley, Mrs C W Moore, a son
WEBSTER, 30 Jan, West Bank Terrace, wife of A G Webster, a daughter
SHAW, Usworth House, Usworth, Durham, 26 Oct, 1874, wife of Fred Shaw esq, anddaughter of late Jno Foster esq, Belme Park, Darlington, Durham and niece ofMrs George Taylor, Jesmond Farm, Takaka, a son
Death---FRENCH, 3 Feb, Provincial Hospital, Nelson, James French, 30yrs, of Dovedale
Death---BLACKETT, Windsor Villas, Robert Blackett esq, cousin of the late James Burnett of Nelson

Thur - 04
DELANEY, 26 Jan, at Motueka, Mrs John Delaney, a daughter
LEANING, 25 Jan, at Motueka, Mrs John Leaning, a son
==== Unclaimed letters from Oct 1874 ====

Fri --- 05
SCOTTER, 4 Feb, Napier, Mrs W G Scotter, a son
Death---LLOYD, 5 Feb, Hardy St, Nelson, William Humphrey, 7yrs, eldest surviving sonof William Lloyd

Sat --- 06
STAGG, 12 Jan, Coach and Horses Hotel, Nelson, wife of W Stagg, butcher, a son
Death---STAGG, 5 Feb, above address, John Ludwig, 25days, son of W Stagg
Death---LEVY, 27 Jan, Joseph Henry, son of Morris and Sophy Levy

Tue -- 09
CARD, 30 Jan, Picton, wife of A T Card, prop of "Press" a son (stillborn) and daughter
DREW, 7 Feb, New Plymouth, Taranaki, wife of Alfred Drew, a daughter
LAMMAS, 7 Feb, Richmond, Mrs J Lammas, a son
Death---SEDGWICK, 8 Feb, Nelson, Merrington Sedgwick, 30yrs

Wed - 10
HAASE, 9 Feb, Waimea St, wife of Edward Haase, twin sons

Thur - 11
BEATSON, 6 Feb, Ngatimoti, Mrs Arthur F Beatson, a son
YEO - GEORGE, 21 Jan, at residence of the brides father, Park Villa, Wellington Parade,East Melbourne, Peter, only son of the late Peter Yeo of Bristol, to Susanna Craig,eldest daughter of Hugh George, of the "Argus" Melbourne
Death---BAKER, 6 Feb, Remuera, Auckland, Rev Charles Baker, 72yrs

Fri --- 12
Death---TIBBLE, 6 Feb,Vanguard St, Niel Macaulay, 3mth, son of R and E Tibble

Sat --- 13
Death---CLUTTERBUCK, 6 Feb, Nelson, Edward, 18mth, only son of William andLydia Clutterbuck
Death---NEVILLE, 31 Jan, Akaroa, Canterbury, Rev E B Neville, late curate ofChrist Church, Wanganui

Mon - 15
=== Loss of the steamer Mongol and names of 15 crew lost

Tue -- 16
Death---HAASE, Feb 13, Waimea St, James and on Feb 15, Edward, infant sons ofEdward Haase
Death---MOORE, 15 Feb, Nile St East, Reginald Wybourne, 8mth, son of Ambrose E Moore

Wed - 17
NIPPERT - SHRODER, 15 Feb, Ranzau, Waimea E, Charles J Nippert, to WilhelminaJohanna Shroder
Death---KILGOUR, 17 Feb, Haven Rd, Margaret Ann, 9 mth, only daughter ofThomas and Elizabeth Kilgour

Thur - 18
VICKERS, 8 Feb, ahr, Brook St, wife of J Vickers, a daughter
SMITH - HASTINGS, 16 Feb, Blenheim, John Smith, formerly of Nelson, toEllen Hastings of Blenheim
Death---ANDREWS, 17 Feb, Thomas, 3rd son of M J Andrews

Sat --- 20
CRUMP, 3 Feb, Wesleyan Parsonage, Shortland, Auckland, wife of Rev John Crumpa daughter
BULLER - MILLS, Crailiston, Ferry Rd, Christchurch, William Boyce, 4th son ofRev James Buller to Catherine, only daughter of Wm Mills esq, Collector of Customs,Christchurch
Death---BOYD, 20 Feb, Nelson Hospital, Franklin Boyd, 50, native of Canada, late W CoastNZ
Death---JORDAN, 17 Feb, Richmond, George Gordon, 66yrs
Death---MACDONALD, 19 Feb, Helen J Macdonald, 32yrs, wife of Donald Macdonald, manager of Union Bank of Australia, Nelson

Mon - 22
FLETT, 21 Feb, Nelson, Mrs W Flett, a daughter

Tue -- 23
McCABE, 21 Feb, wife of W H McCabe, a son

Wed - 24
KNOCKER - MILLS, Wellington, Charles Bates, youngest son of the late Capt John
Bedingfield Knocker RN, to Fanny Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Thomas Mills esq,Capt NZ Malitia

Thur - 25
JACKSON - WILLIAMS, 20 Feb, Morris Jackson, to Miss Emma Williams, both Nelson
BATES - BLICK, 24 Feb, George Fenwick Bates, late of Newcastle, England, to Ellen,eldest daughter of Alfred Blick, Nelson

Fri --- 26
WYLIE, 25 Feb, Shelbourne St, Nelson, Mrs William Wylie, a daughter
GREEN - PARKES, 15 Feb, Havelock, Samuel Green, to Mary Jane, 2nd daughter ofGeorge Parkes, farmer, 88 Valley
FISHER - WARREN, 17 Feb, Onehunga, by father of the bride, assisted by Rev R S Bunn, brother-in -law of the bridegroom, Richard Hill, youngest son of Rev Thomas R Fisher,Alcester Lodge, Christchurch, to Alice Agnes, 2nd daughter of Rev John Warren, Onehunga
MOORHOUSE - MOORHOUSE, 24 Feb, at residence of the brides mother, Bronti St,James Moorhouse, to Miss Alice Moorhouse, 2nd daughter of Mrs Moorhouse
=== Nelson Regatta ===

Sat --- 27
Death---BRYANT, 26 Feb, Oliver Brodribb, 3 + 1/2yrs, youngest son of Lewis and AnnieBryant, River Trce, Spring Grove
Death---DRAPER, 21 Feb, Russell St, Annie, infant daughter of Robert and Emma Draper

March --- 1875

Mon -- 01
MARSHALL, 1 March, ahr, the Wood, wife of Capt Marshall, a son
Death---MASON, 28 Feb, at residence of Mr Foy sen, Mrs C L Mason, 42yrs

Thur - 04
COLLINS, 3 March, Hillside, Mrs H Collins, a daughter
McDONALD, 1 March, Harley St, Nelson, wife of John McDonald, a son
MURPHY, 4 March, ahr, Nile St E, wife of T R Murphy, a son
SMITH, 1 March, Forest Inn, Wakefield, wife of R M Smith, a son
BLINCOE - WELLS, 9 Feb, Wellington, Richard Blincoe, to Susannah Mary, eldest daughter of Mr W Wells, North Shore, Auckland

Fri --- 05
=== Horticultural Show prize winners

Sat --- 06
LEAVER, 27 Feb, at Mr Routs residence, Wakefield, Mrs Stephen Leaver, a son

Mon - 08
BERRY, 7 March, Toi-toi Valley, wife of Thomas Berry, a son

Tue -- 09
Death---SILCOCK, 8 March, Bridge Hotel, Spring Grove, Susannah Silcock, 50yrs,wife of S B Slcock
Death---BEATTIE 9 March, Percy Alexander, 3 + 1/2mths, son of James Beattie, Nat BNZ

Wed - 10
=== Registrar Generals figures for births and deaths for January ( 7 districts)

Fri --- 12
Death---WINDOVER, 7 March, Nelson Hospital, Esther, 40yrs, wife of Thomas Windover

Sat --- 13
Death---DAVIS, 12 March, Selwyn Place, Nelson, Charlotte, 29yrs, wife of Albert Davis
=== Gothenberg disaster --News from Australia names of lost and survivors

Mon - 15
EBERHARDT - CRISP, 27 Feb, at residence of the bridegroom, John Eberhardt,Nelson Creek, to Elizabeth Clemence, 3rd daughter of Mr B Crisp of Nelson
Death---CROCKWELL, 15 March, at residence of John R Mabin, Thomas R Crockwell,25yrs, late of Torquay, Devon

Tue -- 16
PLUMMER, 1 March, ahr, Stafford St, Hokitika, wife of T W Plummer, a daughter

Thur - 18
Death---JOHNS, 18 March, Clara, 2yrs, daughter of Mr I Johns, Trafalgar St

Fri --- 19
Death--- DALY, 18 March, Trafalgar St, Mary Edith, 4yr 10mth, eldest daughter ofJohn and Margaret Daly

Sat --- 20
GRANT, 19March, Vanguard St, Toi-toi Valley, wife of Robert Grant, a daughter

Mon - 22
Death---CLEAVE, 17 March, Nelson, wife, 27yrs, of William Ivey Cleave
Death---SAXTON. 21 March, Stoke, Priscilla Saxton, 64, relict of late John Waring Saxton JP
Death---STEWART, 20 March, Waimea St, Ernest William, son Mr W Stewart
Death---STAGG, 22 March, at residence of Mr T Chittenden, South St, William, 3yr 3mth, eldest son of William Stagg

Wed - 24
JOHNSON - JONES, 23 March, at residence of B Short esq, College Hill, Oliver Johnsonto Miss Louisa Jones, both of Nelson
Death---COFFEY, 15 March, Lyttelton, Elizabeth, 30yrs, wife of James Coffey

Thur - 25
McRAE, 24 March, Brookside, Kakaramea, near Patea, wife of R E McRae esq, a son
Death---BROMELL, 24 March, Collingwood St, Nelson, Beatrice Anne, 5yr 6mth, 2nd daughter of Mr T A Bromell, late of Havelock

Sat -- 27
JACKSON - ASKEW, 24 March, Nelson, Edward, youngest son of B Jackson esq, to Joanna, 2nd daughter of Thomas Askew esq

Mon - 29
BURTON, 21 March, Trafalgar Square, Mrs W G Burton, a son

April --- 1875

Thur - 01
Death---HOOPER, 31March, Mabel, 6 + 3/4mths, youngest daughter of G Hooper, Nile St W
Death---THOMAS, 31 March, Margaret, wife of Rev E Thomas

Fri --- 02
Death---MOWAT, 27 March, Altimarlock, Awatere, Marlborough, Alexander Mowat, 61yrs
=== Harmonic Society, officers

Mon - 05
TRASS - SEYMOUR, 3 April, Grove St, Nelson, Geo Trass, Wakefield, to Miss CarolineSeymour, Nelson

Tue -- 06
=== Unclaimed letters from December

Wed - 07
Death---DOBBS, 26 March, Nowtown, Christchurch, Arthur Acheson Dobbs esq, 69yrs, late of Castle Dobbs,Carrickfergus, Scotland A very old settler in the district

Thur - 08
Death---LYES, 15 March, Greymouth, Sarah Ann, 21yrs, eldest daughter of George Lyes,Wisb?ach, Somersetshire

Fri --- 09
WHITING, 8 April, Nile St E, wife of David Whiting, a son
MAJORIBANKS - MARSDEN, 7 April, Stoke, James Dinley Majoribanks, Sandgate,Kent, to Mary Eleanor, youngest daughter of Thomas Marsden, Isel, Stoke
Death---MOON, 6 April, Philadelphia Moon, 80yrs, spinster

Sat --- 10
GASSON - JENNENS, 8 April, at residence of the brides father, George Gasson, SevenOaks, Kent, England, to Emma Louisa, 3rd daughter of Charles Jennens, Grove St, Nelson
Death---BOYLE, 8 April, Nelson, William Boyle, 47yrs

Mon - 12
Death---HOOPER, 11 April, Toi-toi Valley, Thomas Hooper, 13yrs, stepson of Joseph Bradcock
=== Thomas Edward KELLY (a recent arrival by the Adamant) and James DOWNES, an oldresident of Washington Valley killed in an accident on Port Rd

Tue -- 13
=== Inquest into accident on Port Rd
=== Wilson DUKE --- missing at Collingwood

Wed - 14
=== David MOURN missing from the Lyttelton on trip from Blenheim to Nelson.He leaves a wife and large family in Blenheim

Thur - 15
MABIN, 11 April, wife of John R Mabin, a daughter
COBURN - BERRY, 14 April, Hardy St, Nelson, Thomas Brydne Coburn, 3rd son ofRobert Coburn esq, Otago, to Emma Mary Berry, 3rd daughter of W H Berry, Nelson

Fri --- 16
CHAYTOR, 12 April, Seaton, Upper Moutere, wife of Arthur Chaytor esq, a son
Death---BURFORD, 15 April, Cambria St, the Wood, George Arthur Field Burford, 5yr 8mthonly son of James and Martha Burford

Sat --- 17
HARPER, 13 April, wife of R H Harper, Bridge St, a daughter
Death---STEVENSON, 15 April, Waimea St, John, 4mths, son of Malcolm and AnnieStevenson
Death---MARTYN, 17 April, Nelson Hospital, William Martyn, 24yrs, late of Wellington

Mon - 19
Death---AVERY, 18 April, Nelson, Mary Ann, 64yrs, wife of James Avery
Death---SMITH, 19 April, Wakefield, Robert March Smith, 7wks

Tue -- 20
WOOD, 19 April, wife of Joseph Wood, a daughter

Thur - 22
COLE, 19 April, Quail Valley, Waimea Sth, wife of H T Cole, a son
THOMAS - TIMMS, 15 April, Wairau Valley, Frederick Thomas, to Sarah, 2nd daughterSamuel Timms

Fri --- 23
SHAW, 22 April, Hermitage, Brook St, wife of E L Shaw esq, a son
=== John Quigley and Miss Anne O'Neil of Colinton married Tue 29, April

Sat --- 24
PHILLIPS - CONSTABLE, 22 April, Hardy St, W Phillips, 2nd son of the late W Phillips, Lake Farm, Isle of Wight, England, to Harriet, eldest daugh of F Constable, Nile St, Nelson

Mon -- 26
SPEAR, 25 April, Nile St E, wife of F Spear, a son
Death---EDWARDS, 25 April, at residence of her mother, New St, Nelson, Harriet, 29yrs, wife of William Edwards, Lower Moutere

Tue --- 27
GARRIE, 25 April, ahr, Hardy St, Nelson, wife of P Garrie, a son

Wed - 28 ---- BEST, 22 April, Mrs H Best, a son, stillborn
Death---HARMAN, 28 April, ahr, Nile St E, Thomas Harman, 67yrs

Thur - 29
Death---BAIGENT, 28 April, Ashburton, Canterbury, Isaac, 24yrs, 3rd surviving son ofIsaac Baigent, Wakefield

Fri --- 30
BROAD, 30 April, at the Maitai, wife of Lowther Broad esq, RM, a son
Death--- JOHNSON, 16 Feb, Loire, Leicestershire, Thomas Johnson, 81yrs, father of Mrs William Ball, Red Horse, Richmond

May --- 1875

Mon -- 03
GUERIN - WALLIS, 9 Feb, Littlehamcum, Exmouth, Frederick Charles Guerin, 3rd sonof late Thomas Guerin, Guernsey, to Maria Frances, only daughter of late George Oakes Wallis, Oakbrook, Derbyshire, England

Tue --- 04
SHEEN, 26 April, ahr, St Albans, Christchurch, wife of John Sheen, a son
Death---MARTIN, 3 May, Nelson Hospital, Henry S Martin, 50yrs
Death---STRONG, 3 May, ahr,Waimea St, Samuel Strong, 80yrs
=== Unclaimed letters from January
=== Obituary -- Samuel STRONG, one of Nelsons original settlers

Thur - 06
YOUNG, 5 May, Murray St Greymouth, Wife of A Young, a son
WILSON - FUNNELL, 5 May, at residence of Mr Spear, Nile St, Abraham Wilson,Nelson, to Miss Catherine Funnell, Moutere
Death---GORE, 25 April, ahr, Emerald Hill, Melbourne, Harriett, 53yrs, wife of JamesGilbert Gore, late of Nelson

Sat --- 08
COLEMAN, 7 May, Ravensdale, East Hamilton, Waikato, wife of W Coleman, a son
Death---BLACKMORE, 7 April, Adelaide, S Australia, James Newnham Blackmore, 38yrs
Death---WALCOT, 5 May, at residence of his parents, Christchurch, Ralph Bernard, 10yr 8mth, 2nd son of Hariett and R B Walcot and g/son of Mrs H Green, Nelson

Mon - 10
Death---THOMPSON, 11 Feb,1875, at residence of her niece, Usworth House, Usworth,Co Durham, Mary Thompson, spinster, 82yrs, aunt of George TAYLOR, Jesmond Farm, Takaka
Death---STORY, 21 Feb, Stanhope Trce, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Edward Story, 63yrs, late chiefclerk Bond Dept, HMS Customs, New/on/tyne , brother of Mrs George Taylor
===Inquest into death of James SCOTT, 73yrs, Nelson

Tue --- 11
===Inquest into death of Edward Bisley MARSHALL

Wed - 12
TALBOT, 11 May, Richmond, Mrs G Talbot, a daughter

Thur - 13
GREENLAW - HAWK, 4 May, Picton, Charles J G Greenlaw esq, Picton, youngest andonly surviving son of Rev Wm Greenlaw, Rector of Woolwich, Kent, England, toMary Elizabeth Maude, eldest daughter of Henry J Hawk esq, Picton

Mon - 17
FIRTH, 16 May, Mrs H Nelson Firth, a daughter
Death--- LAKING, 19 Feb, 1875, Penrith, Cumberland, England, Frederick AugustusLaking, surgeon, late of Richmond, NZ

Tue -- 18
Death---CAMPBELL, 15 May, Nelson Hospital, Duncan Campbell, 68yrs, late Upper Buller

Wed - 19
===Immigrant ship Hannibal, left London 19 March for Nelson with 133 immigrantsfor Nelson ----- names given
GIFFORD - GERRISH, 13 May, Richmond, Thomas Gifford, Upper Moutere, toKezia, 3rd daughter of the late Matthew Gerrish of Holt, Wilts, England

Thur - 20
Death---ALLPORT, 18 May, Stoke, Bertha Elizabeth, 7yrs, 2nd daughter of Alfred Allport
=== From the G R Argus (Grey River) of Tue from "up country" John BRENNAN drowned crossing the Inangahua, John REID killed by a falling tree and Mr BUCKLEY and Mr KILEY were killed about 1/4 mile from Lyell Junction by a slip

Sat --- 22
LIGHTFOOT, 21 May, Hermitage, Mrs Lightfoot, a son
Death---DICKINSON, 21 May, ahr, Nelson, W Dickinson esq, 82yrs, an "original landpurchaser" he came out by the Lloyds and formerly resided at Spring Grove

Mon - 24
AVERY, 22 May, Richmond, wife of S Avery, a daughter
Death---BAKER, 20 May, Parnell, Auckland, Hanna Maria, 73yrs, relict of the lateRev C Baker

Tue -- 25
McGAVIN - BETTS, 24 May, residence of the brides parents, Thomas McGavin, toElizabeth, 3rd daughter of A G Betts
NEWPORT - BETTS, 24 May, residence of the brides parents, Henry Newport, to Henrietta, 5th daughter of A G Betts
Death---BUNNY, 25 May, Alton St, Edward William Bunny, 54yrs, Registrar Supreme Court

Wed - 26
PATCHING, 24 May, ahr, Vanguard St, Toi-toi Valley, wife James Patching, a daughter

Thur - 27
DOBB - BURNS, 26 May, residence of brides mother, Washington Valley, Nelson,George Morton, eldest son William Dobb, Borobridge, Yorks, to Elizabeth Logan,youngest daughter of late John Burns

Thur - 28
JAGO, 27 May, ahr, Trafalgar Square, wife of James Jago, a son

Sat --- 29
KUMMER - ROOKE, 27 May, Wakapuaka, F G H Kummer, Picton, to Mia RenettaHesketh Rooke, eldest daughter of Thomas Hesketh Rooke, Sydney, NSW
Death---MACKAY, 29 May, at his daughters residence, Bronti St, James Mackay esq, JP, of Drumduan, 71yrs

Mon - 31
===Obituary of James MACKAY------- 3rd June paper an account of the funeral

June --- 1875

Tue -- 01
Death---YOUNG, 31 May, Nile St East, William Herbert, 4yrs, 3rd son of Samuel Young

Wed - 02
Death--- ATKINSON, 2 June, the Port, daughter, 6days, Frederick Atkinson

Thur - 03
=== Unclaimed letters from February

Fri --- 04
Death---BRYANT, 3 June, River Trce, Spring Grove, Arthur Ernest, 5 yrs, youngest surviving son of Louis and Annie Bryant
Death---NATTRASS, 4 June, Luke Nattrass, 72yrs
Death---BIRKETT, 4 June, at Taranaki Buildings, Nelson, Samuel Birkett, 81yrs

Sat -- 05
TWIST, 4 June, ahr, Church St, Mrs W Twist, a son
WILLIAMSON - NICHOLSON, 16 May, Wanganui, Hudson Williamson, eldest son ofthe late Superintendent of Auckland, to Catherine, relict of late W Nicholson esq,Wellington

Mon - 07
McDONALD, 5 June, Harley St, wife of G McDonald, a daughter
NICOL, 5 June, Collingwood St, Nelson, Mrs Nichol, a son

Wed - 09
LYNCH - HAGAN, 8 June, Wakefield, Ewan Lynch, Matakitaki, to Sarah, youngest daughter
of late James Hagan, Spring Grove
MORTON - BELL, 1 June, at residence of the brides father, Frederick Morton, of thePrairie, Queensland, to Margaret, eldest daughter of W Bell, Erina, Wairau Valley
PRIMMER - PATCHING, 9 June, at residence of the brides father, Vanguard St, Toi-toi Valley, John William, 3rd son of late Joseph Primmer, Richmond, to Mary, eldest daughter of James Patching of Nelson
Death---SHARP, 7 June, Spring Grove, Waimea South, Stephen Sharp, 85yrs ?

Thur - 10
NATION - TURTON, 8 June, Wellington, Arthur Tulloh, 3rd son of Colonel H M Nation,Parnell, Auckland, to Laura Louisa, 2nd daughter of H Hanson Turton, JP, Wellington
OTTERSON - TURTON, 8 June, Wellington, Henry, eldest son of late Francis Otterson,JP, of Rostrevor, Nelson, to Octavia, 3rd daughter of H Hanson Turton
Death---PAGE, 6 June, Takaka, Elizabeth Ann, 44yrs, wife of William Page

Sat --- 12
PITT, 12 June, ahr, Orawaiti Rd, Westport, Mrs Harry Pitt a son
WILLSON, 5 June, Lower Moutere, wife of Allan Willson, a daughter
Death---LIVINGSTON, 9 June, Wakapuaka, David Livingston, 57yrs

Mon - 14
===Meetings to elect members for Local Committees of Education for each district

Tue -- 15
Death---WAKEFORD, 15 June, at his mothers residence, Collingwood St,William Wakeford, 24yrs

Wed - 16
===Report of death of son of Mr Fairhall of Spring Grove

Thur - 17
Death---HINTON, 14 June, Nelson Hospital, George Hinton, tailor, 52yrs
Death---HOOKER, 14 June, Bank House, Wakefield, Margaret, 38yrs, wife ofRobert Hooker

Fri ---- 18
HARLEY, 17 June, ahr, Halifax St, Mrs T Harley, a son
Death---McDONALD, 16 June, Nelson, Janet Grace, 12days

Sat --- 19
Death---ATKINSON, 18 June, Custom House Hotel, the Port, Emma, 49yrs, wife ofJ C Atkinson
=== Appeal for Mrs LAKE, husband was master of the Success -- drowned last week

Tue -- 22
MYERS, 16 June, ahr, High St, Motueka, wife of J Myers, twins
Death---BURN, 22 June, at residence of his father, the Wood, John A Burn, 22yrs
Death---JAMES,22 June, at her fathers residence, Bridge St, Lillian, infant daughter ofMr James
=== Capt report of wreck of William and Mary on trip from Motueka to Patea ====Andrew MURRAY, 40, Ireland = Louis BATHURST, 28, Italy, = Hugh SINCLAIR, 22,
Scotland = Daniel ------, 28, Ireland = Capt James STEVENS ===

Thur - 24
=== Immigrants for Nelson on Collingwood, left London on 13 April
Death---ROWE, 23 June, at his fathers residence, Russell St, John, 23yrs, eldest son of George Rowe
Death---SIXTUS, 23 June, Minna, 20yrs, 3rd daughter of Charles Sixtus

Fri --- 25
MENZIES - LOCKHART, 6 April, Greenwich, Capt Alexander Menzies, of Croydon,(ship- Countess of Kintore) to Rachel Isabella Lockhart, 2nd daughter of N T Lockhart esq, Edinburgh

Sat --- 26
SAUNDERS, 23 June, Christchurch, Mrs Wm Saunders, a daughter
WADDY, 24 June, Nelson, wife of B O Waddy esq, a daughter
FINNEY - GRAHAM, 24 June, Nelson, Edward, youngest son James Finney, toMarion, youngest daughter of the late James Graham
Death---SIMPSON, 25 June, at resid of father, Washington Valley, Robert Simpson, 34yrs
=== Walter FULTON (AB on barque Melrose) drowned
=== Richmond School prize winners

Mon - 28
SCALES, 25 June, at her fathers residence, Waimea St, wife of Joseph R Scales, adaughter, stillborn
INNES - HEALY, 18 June, Christchurch, Francis Innes, to Margaret Mary, only daughter of Wm Healy, Nelson
Death---BADDELEY, 30 April, Bayswater, wife of General Baddeley, RE

Tue -- 29
GULLY, 29 June, ahr, Wakefield Quay, the Port, wife of P L Gully, a son
=== Vital statistics of principal boroughs of the colony

Wed - 30
MACKAY, 29 June, at the College, Mrs Mackay, a son
=== list of publicans who took out licences

July --- 1875

Fri ---02
STRONG - JOHNSON, 30 June, Nelson, Samuel Herbert, only son of late Samuel Strongesq, to Mary Johnson, late mistress of Hampden St School

Mon - 05
ADAMS, 25 June, Langley Dale, Marlborough, wife of William Adams jun, a son
WANN - TUNNICLIFFE, 26 June, Lower Wakefield, Alexander Wann, Collingwood, to Miss Jans Tunnicliffe, youngest daughter of Mr Tunnicliffe sen, Upper Wakefield
Death---CAVE, 1 July, Wellington, Edward Cave, 22yrs, eldest son late Charles Samuel Cave

Tue -- 06
=== Road Board Elections

Thur - 08
VOGEL, 27 April, Gloucester Place, Portman Sq, London, Lady Julius Vogel, a daughter
WILLIAMS, 4 July, Blenheim, Mrs Henry D Williams, a daughter
=== discovery of body of Henry DEWAR, miner, near Rochfort

Fri --- 09
JOHNS, 7 July, Mrs I Johns, Trafalgar St, a son
===Unclaimed letters from March
===Inquest Walter FULTON, drowned

Mon - 12
Death---WISE, 10 July, Retreat Inn, Motueka, Charles Wise, 59yrs

Thur - 15
Death---BAIGENT, 12 July, Wakefield, Edward Nelson, 7yrs, only son of Samuel Baigent

Sat --- 17
Death--- HOOPER, 15 July, Milton St, the Wood, William Bernard, 3yr 4mth, youngestson of Thomas Hooper
Death---O'CONOR, Leeson Park ? , Dublin, Cecilia O'Conor, 72yrs, mother of E J O'Conor

Mon - 19
NICE, 15 July, Motueka, wife of W Nice, a daughter
Death---WALSH, 19 July, Haven Rd, Nelson, Albert Earnest, infant son of W and E Walsh

Tue -- 20
Death---HAYNS, 19 July, Brightwater House, Wairoa, Fanny Stenson Hayns, 5mths
=== Vital statistics for June

Wed - 21
HADFIELD - GREEN, 21 July, Richard, 4 son of late F B Hadfield esq, to Fanny Smith, 4th daughter of Edward Green esq, the Sands
Death--- SCOTT, 21 July, Ada Helen, eldest daughter of William James Scott, Maitai Banks, Nelson

Thur - 22
=== John SMEATON (Scotland) died at Motueka Valley, on his way to Nelson Hospital

Fri --- 23
SIMPSON - MERCER, 20 July, at residence of the bridegrooms father, David Simpson, to Ruth, 3rd daughter of Mr S Mercer, Waimea E
JONES - GALLAND, 15 July, James S Jones, to Emily, 6th daughter of J Binfield Galiand
=== 18 July a boat with 4 people in was swamped on Takaka River - 2 escaped were R BARTLETT and J ROSE ----- 2 drowned were H SCHELTOUR and D ALLEN
=== describing a trip to the Baton

Sat --- 24
Death--LODGE, 23 July, Richmond, John Lodge, 61yrs
AYDON, 23 July, ahr, Bridge St, Nelson, Agnes Rosa Anne Aydon, wife of PhillipHenry Aydon, of Sandridge, Victoria, and mother of Frederick and Archibald R scow?

Mon - 26
=== Results of exam for University scholarships

Tue -- 27
Death---DENTIS, 25 July, Toi-toi Valley, Rosine, 5yrs, eldest daughter of Mr Dentis

Wed - 28 --- LAKE, 28 July, Nelson, Mrs Lake, widow of late Capt Lake, a daughter
Death---PALMER, 25 July, Hope, Waimea E, Harriett, 15mth, daughter of Job Palmer

Thur - 29
ADAM, 21 July, ahr, Russel St, Mrs William Adam, a daughter
Death---BRADSHAW, 26 July, youngest son of Thomas Bradshaw, Collingwood St

Sat --- 31
Death---MERCER, 31 July, Nelson, Thomas Martin,29yrs, eldest son of Samuel Mercer,Appleby
Death---WREY, 11 May, Ilfracombe, North Devon, Lady Wrey, 51yrs

August --- 1875

Mon - 02
FIELD, 1 Aug, Timaru, wife of George E Field, a son
Death---BRAITHWAITE, 1 Aug, Shortland, Auckland, Ellen, 72yrs, wife of A S Braithwaite

Tue -- 03
GUNN, 1 Aug, Glouster St, Toi-toi Valley, Wife of David W Gunn, a daughter
Death--- HANNAGAN, 2 Aug, ahr, Bronti St, James Hannigan, 37yrs

Wed - 04
Death---FROST, 4 Aug, Beachville, wife, 24yrs of Mr A Frost
WHEELER, 3 Aug, Shelbourne St, Frank Dodson, 26mths, twin son ofCapt E Wheeler

Thur - 05
HODGKINSON, 27 July, Wakefield

Fri --- 06
NEAL, 5 Aug, ahr, Tasman St, the Wood, wife of R Neal, a son
WOOLLEY - CROSS, 14 July, Reefton, George Woolley, to Alice, daughter ofRev E S Cross
Death---BECKHAM, 31 July, AHLR, Grafton Rd Auckland, Thomas Beckham, Dist Judge

Mon - 09
BURN - AUGARDE, 9 Aug, Nelson, Daniel, eldest son of Robert Burn, Nelson, to Therese, 4th daughter of H J L Augarde, late of Stock Exchange, London, and Addlestone,Surrey, England
=== John Henry RIDDER and William HENS shooting at Waimate when William Hens was accidently shot ===

Wed - 11
Death---HERRICK, 9 Aug, Joseph John, 26yrs, son of William and Julia Herrick, Range Farm, Lower Moutere
COPPINS, 10 Aug, Motueka, wife, 43yrs, of W Coppins

Thur - 12
MALCOLM, 12 Aug, Richmond Hill, Mrs Robert Malcolm, a daughter
Death---ROSANOWSKI, 11 Aug, Grove St, the Wood, Ottilie Rosanowskie, 9yr 5mth
=== Unclaimed letters from April

Fri --- 13
SHANNON - BUDDLE, 12 Aug, Hardy St, E Shannon, 3rd son of Graham Shannon esq, Antrim, Ireland, to Amy Sophia, 5th daughter of Rev Thomas Buddle of Nelson

Sat -- 14
LEVIEN, 13 Aug, Mrs R Levien, a son
SEDGWICK, 10 Aug, Waimea St, wife of late Meriton Sedgwick, a daughter
COCK - CHIGWIDDEN, 20 May, Denbigh Rd, Bayswater, West London, John H Cock, formerly of Nelson, eldest son of J Cock, Gunnislake, Tovistock, to Mary WebberChigwidden of Boconnoe, Cornwall

Mon - 16
Death---WHEELER, 14 Aug, Shelbourne St, Norman Luscombe, 27mth, twin son of Capt E Wheeler
SONGER, 15 Aug, Stoke, Naomi Esther, 75yrs, 3rd daughter of Abraham Emeney, Earl Stouham, Suffolk and wife of W Songer

Tue - 17
Death---FIELDER, 16 Aug, Nelson, Harry Walters Furlong Fielder, 5yr 4mth, only son ofH G Fielder
==== Mr J P RIVERTON -- death at Southland on Thur 12 A one time residentof Nelson Province

Thur - 19
HODGKINSON - WATSON, 18 Aug, Wakefield, Reuben Hodgkinson, of the Tadmor, to Anne Amelia, daughter of Jacob Watson, Wakefield
Death---WRIGHT, 18 Aug, Bridge St E, Oliver Seymour, 4yr, 2nd son of William Wright

Fri --- 20
WEBBER, 15 Aug,at residence of her father, Russell St, wife of T Webber, a son
Death---SCOTT, 6 Aug, Dunedin, Annie, 2yrs, youngest daughter of John Scott, engineer
===Names of members of Parliament

Mon - 23
HASLEM, 21 Aug, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs Charles Haslem, a daughter

Tue -- 24
STALLARD, 8 Aug, Collingwood, wife of F Stallard, a son
SANDERS - CHISWELL, 16 July, Campbelltown, Tasmania, William Scors Sanders,of Nelson, NZ, to Harriett Jane Chiswell, daughter of Henry Chiswell, Melbourne, formerly Tasmania
Death---CONOLLY, 15 Aug, Wellington, Alfred, 3rd son of E T Conolly esq, barrister-at-law Picton
EMPSON, 15 Aug, Maxwell Rd, Blenheim, Charles Empson esq, JP, 56yrs
ALLEN, 23 Aug, Nile St, Nelson, Edith Mary, 5yrs+, only daughter of Charles and Phoebe Allen

Wed - 25
Death---WAHLSTROM, 20 Aug, Adolph, 4mth, son of Adolph and mary Ann Wahlstrom

Thur - 26
Death---DICKSON, 26 July, C?nning St, Melbourne, John Dickson, 61yrs, formerly ofBridge St, Nelson
OTTEN, Westport, Lucy Ann, 31yrs, wife of Henry Otten, late of Nelson anddaughter of J Wadsworth, Wakefield
WESTON, 21 Aug, ahr, Bridge St, George Weston, 74 yrs

Fri --- 27
PYM - CLAYTON, 24 Aug, Wellington, Montagu Charles Lamb, son of Rev W W Pym ofWilliam and Radwell, Herts, to Fanny, 2nd daughter of William H Clayton esq,Wellington, NZ

Mon - 30
Death---JACKSON, 29 Aug, Alice Beatrice, 4yrs, 4th daughter of Mr A B Jackson

Tue -- 31
SHALLCRASS, 30 Aug, Mrs Shallcrass, a son

September --- 1875

Wed - 01
Death---HALE, 1 Sept, Frederick, 7yrs, 5 son of John Hale, Waimea Rd
=== Mr W Davis at one time photographer, Nelson, jumped from the steamer Haweabetween Manakau and Taranaki -lost

Thur - 02
Death--- NUTTALL, 1 Sept, Edward Francis, 4mth 2wks, son of James and Margaret Nuttall

Fri --- 03
Death---STEWART, 1 Sept, Nelson, Winifred Alice, 15mth, only daughter ofRobert William and Ellen Stewart

Mon - 06
Death---KNYVETT, 6 Sept, at Cambria St, Nelson, Edmund Knyvett esq, 74yrs, of 88 Valley,Wakefield

Death---CARTHEW, 31 Aug, New Plymouth, Edward Carthew, 55yrs, barrister
Death---CROCKER, 27 Aug, ahlr, Tai Tapu, Joseph William Crocker, 47yrs, formerly ofNelson --- leaves a widow and 4 children
=== Names of immigrants on the Chile which is expected daily
=== licensing meeting -- transfer of licences
=== list of accepted tenders for work in Buller Valley

Thur - 09
Death---BROWN, 8 Sept, Richmond, Sarah Brown, 84yrs, mother of Mrs Walter Newport,Waimea W

Mon - 13
ARMSTRONG, 19 Aug, Mrs J D Armstrong, a son
MEEHAN - TYLER, 31 Aug, Wanganui, Michael, 2nd son of Michael Meehan,Wanganui, to Marion Grace,2nd daughter of William Tyler, Nelson

Wed - 15
ARMSTRONG, 9 Sept, Mrs J D Armstrong, a son
HUSTWICK, 14 Sept, Trafalgar St, wife of Thomas H Hustwick, a son

Thur - 16
WHITE 21 July, at Burntisland, near Edinburgh, Scotland, wife of Alex White esq, late of Ahoura, Grey Valley, a daughter
=== Part of a series NZ as it Is ----- Nelson City and Province

Sat --- 18
Death---ROGERS, 16 Sept, Temuka, Canterbury, William Edward Rogers esq, MD, late ofChristchurch and formerly of Sydney, father of Mrs W B Marten of Motueka

Mon - 20
MOORE - BURNS, 18 Sept, Edward, youngest son of Charles Moore, to Maggie, 3rddaughter of David Burns

Wed - 22
PICKERING, 22Sept, Waimea Villa, Nelson, wife of W P Pickering, a son
CORBETT - COLLETT, 31 Aug, Parnell, William, 2nd surviving son of William Corbett, esq, Parnell, Auckland, to Hannah Maria (Nannie), eldest daughter of William RickfordCollet esq, St Johns Wood, London

Thur - 23
SCOTT, 21 Sept, wife of Joseph Scott, Tasman St, a daughter
KITCHING - MERCER, 22 Sept, Wesleyan Church, Hardy St, Archibald Kitching, Nelson,to Sarah Ellen, 2nd daughter of Samuel Mercer esq, Appleby, Waimea E
INFIELD - ATKINSON, 22 Sept, All Saints Church, John Infield, to Helen, daughter of the late Mr Atkinson, Custom House Hotel, Nelson
=== death of son, 7yrs, of James WYLDE, Greymouth

Fri --- 24
EDWARDS - TAYLOR - 22 Sept, at residence of Mr Cullin, Toi-toi Valley, John Edwards,Nelson, to Mary ---- ?, eldest daughter of T Taylor, Richmond

Sat -- 25
COLLINS, 24 Sept, Hillwood, Suburban Nth, wife of A S Collins esq, a daughter

Mon - 27
WELLS, 9 Sept, Nile St E, Mrs T Wells, a son

Tue -- 28
GOULSTONE, 25 Sept, Bank NSW, wife of H Goulstone, a daughter

Wed - 29
Death---HAASE, 27 Sept, Joseph Harold, 21mths, son of Mr and Mrs E Haase

Thur - 30
NAYLOR, 30 Sept, Globe Hotel, wifee of George Naylor, a son
Death---KIDSON, 29 Sept, the Port, Nelson, John Kidson, 65yrs, formerly of Windsor, Eng
=== Account of trip of Chile to NZ

October --- 1875

Fri --- 01
Death---FROST, 1 Oct, Beachville, Charles William, 10wks, son of Alfred Frost

Sat -- 02
Death---LANGLEY, 30 July, Rev John Langley, 86yrs, (father of Mrs Adams, Wilden, Nelson) rector of St Marys and St Leonards-cum-Satwell, Wallingford, Barks, Eng

Mon - 04
Death---NOON, 4 Oct, residence of her brother-in-law, Margaret Noon, 25yrs

Tue -- 05
FOX, 3 Oct, Hardy St, the Wood, wife of Arthur J Fox, a son
HEATH, 3 Oct, Graham River, Ngatimoti, wife of John Heath, a daughter

Thur - 07
NALDER, 28 Sept, Nile St E, Mrs F N Nalder, a daughter
BOSSELMANN - CHANT, 7 Oct, Motueka, Ludwig Diedrich Bosselmann, to Frances Emily, daughter of W Chant, Motueka

Fri --- 08
THOMAS - BLUNDELL, 7 Oct, Waimea W, Godfrey J Thomas esq, son of late Colonel CThynne Thomas, to Emily Lydia, daughterof late Captain Francis H Blundell, HM 11thLight Dragoons

Sat -- 09
MORRISON, 9 Oct, at the Port, Mrs W Morrison, a son
Death---MARSH, 27 Sept, Grove Farm, Marlborough, William Marsh, 62yrs, formerly Nelson
Death---ALLPORT, 8 Oct, Stoke, Thomas Allport, 72yrs
===Henry Garnett, 70yrs found drowned near his residence at Spring Grove

Mon - 11
CLUTTERBUCK, 9 Oct, Nelson, wife of W Clutterbuck, a daughter
BARTLETT - WOOLFENDEN, 1 Oct, John Bartlett, Appleby, to Mrs E Woolfenden,Nelson

Tue -- 12
ROGERS - BUTT, 2 Oct, Blenheim, Alfred, 5th son of J R Rogers, Bexley Heath, Kent, toFrances Sophia, youngest daughter of Ven Archdeacon Butt
Death---PATCHIG, 12 Oct, Nelson, Benjamin, 6yr 4mth, youngest son James and Sarah Patching
=== details of wrecks for year ending June 30 1874

Thur - 14
GOSLIN, 10 Oct, Havelock, Mrs W Goslin, a daughter
SPENCER, 11 Oct, Milton House, the Wood, Mrs L Spencer, a son

Fri --- 15
WARD - ALDRIDGE, 2 Oct, William James Ward, Charleston, to Sarah Ann, dughter ofJob Aldridge of Nelson
Death---ASKEW, 8 Oct, CROIXELLES Harbour, Thomas Askew, 49yrs, of Nelson
=== Mataura ---names and trades of some of the immigrants ====

Mon - 18
KING, 11 Oct, Fortchester, Motupipi, Golden Bay, wife of R Blundell King, a daughter
LEITCH - KENNEY, 13 Oct, Presbyterian Church, John B Leitch, to Emma Jane, eldest daughter of Mrs Kenney, Waimea Rd

Tue -- 19
LAWSON, 16 Oct, Waimea Rd, wife of A P Lawson, a son
WELLS - CURBIN, 18 Oct, at residence of father of the bride, James Wells, 88 Valley,to Susanna, daughter of John Curbin, Wakefield
=== Inquest into death of Thomas Askew
=== Names of ladies and areas they cover for the Nelson Aid Society

Thur - 21
TENNENT - BOOR, 20 Oct, Nelson, Robert Collins Tennent, Bank NSW, Patea, 2nd son of late R N Tennent esq, Rio De Janiero, to Emily Mary, eldest daughter of LeonardBoor esq, MRCS, Nelson

Fri --- 22
Death---HECTOR, 21 Oct, David Carmichael, infant son of Dr Hector

Sat --- 23
Death---ROGERS, 12 Oct, Temuka, Edward Earnest, 4yr, son Edward and Isabella Rogers

Tue -- 26
BANNEHR - MEECH, 23 Oct, All Saints Church, Thomas Henry Bannehr, toJessie Maria Meech

Wed - 27
Death---TUNZELMANN, 25 Aug, 1875, at his temporary residence, Wiesbaden, Germany,Major Von Tunzelmann, 80yrs

Thur - 28
Death---SALMON, 6 Aug, 1875, Horatio John, 2nd son of H J Salmon esq, and nephew ofMr D CHISHOLM of Nelson In an accident at his fathers works, Drummond Rd,Bermondsey, London

Fri --- 29
Death---SIMPSON, 23 Oct, at her fathers residence, Russel St, Maggie, 12yr 8mth, 2nd daughter of R Simpson, stonemason

Sat --- 30
===John Wine FREEMAN, carpenter, Nelson, bankrupt

November --- 1875

Mon - 01
SMITH - MERCER, 23 Oct, at residence of the bride, Charles Smith, of London, England, to Mary Jane Mercer, eldest daughter of Samuel Mercer, Appleby, Waimate E
Death---MILLAR, 31 Oct, ahr, Nelson, Helen, 40yrs, wife of G H Millar

Tue -- 02
=== unclaimed letters from July

Wed - 03
FLEMING, 29 Oct, the Wood, MrsG Fleming, a daughter
WRIGHT, 27 Oct, Selwyn Place, Mrs Alfred Wright, a son
=== Part of the prize list for Richmond Agricultural Show

Thur - 04
Death---PITT, 3 Nov, Nelson, Harry Pitt, 35yrs, 2nd son of late Francis Pitt of HobartTown, Tasmania
=== Rest of prize list for Richmond Show

Fri --- 05
Death---STRANGE, 2 Nov, Nelson, Robert James Strange, 46yrs, 2nd son of lateRobert Strange esq, Devizes, Wiltshire, Eng

Sat -- 06
SCLANDERS, 4 Sept, at 10 Cedars Rd, Clapham, London, Mrs Alexander Sclanders, son
WHITING, 5 Nov, Nelson, wife of H Whiting, blacksmith, a daughter

Wed - 10
BURNETT, 7 Nov, ahr, Jenkins Hill, Waimea Rd, wife ofJohn E Burnett a daughter
PARKER - HARDING, 9 Nov, Ngatimoti,Frederick Parker, son of Charles Parker esq, to Ann Jane, relict of late George Harding MHR

Thur - 11
Death---SCOTT, 5 Oct (on ship Mataura) Jane 59yrs, wife of Thomas Scott, school master

Fri --- 12
MILNER, 7 Nov, ahr, Nile St E, wife of W Milner, a son
=== Tabitha Jane COOK (Mrs), death at Collingwood, Sun 7 Nov

Tue -- 16
AVERY, 1 Nov, Sevenoaks, near Collingwood, wife of John Avery, a son

Fri --- 19
TRENT, 30 Oct, Ahaura, Mrs Henry Trent, a son
FITZHERBERT - WATERHOUSE, 17 Nov, Wellington, William Alfred, eldest son ofHon William Fitzherbert, CMG, Superintendent of Wellington, to Fanny, eldest adopted daughter of Hon G M Waterhouse MLC

Mon - 22
Death---ABBOTT, 19 Nov, Takaka, Miss Emily Abbott, 18yrs, daughter of Henry Abbott, Junction Hotel
Death---HAMILTON, 21 Nov, Hugh Thomas, 20mth, youngest son of late Capt Hamiltonof the Emily
===Inquest into death of infant daughter of Mrs Mary Ann WOODMAN, Washington Valley

Tue -- 23
Death---NEWTON, 22 Nov, Nelson, Thomas Newton, 38yrs, vetinary surgeon
Death---WIX, 23 Sept, Broadwater Downs, Tunbridge Wells, wife,53yrs, of Samuel Wix esq

Wed - 24
ANDREWS, 22 Nov, wife of C Andrews, Collingwood St, a daughter
Death---STREETER, 24 Nov, at Taranaki Buildings, Richard Streeter, 62yrs

Thur - 25
NIPPERT, 25 Nov, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, wife of C Nippert, a daughter

Fri --- 26
=== Nelson Horticultural Show prize winners

Sat -- 27
SINCLAIR, 25 Nov, wife of G B Sinclair esq, a son
HAGAN - RICKETTS, 25 Nov, Wakefield, James, eldest son of late James Hagan, SpringGrove, to Bertha, 3rd surviving daughter of William Ricketts, Spring Grove
KIDSON - KITE, 27 Nov, All Saints Church, George henry Kidson, 3rd son of the lateJohn Kidson, Nelson, to Martha, youngest daughter of Mrs Kite, Motueka Valley
Death---FOWLER, 25 Nov, the Willows, Lower Wakefield, Mr James Fowler

Mon - 29
Death---BEATTIE, 14 Nov, ahr, Calder Cottage, Drummond St, Carlton, Melbourne, Marion,42yrs, relict of late Hobert George Beattie, and mother of Mrs A J Fox, Hardy St
=== William Drager, Lower Wakefield, a recent arrival ---- suicide

December --- 1875

Thur - 02
Death---PITCHER, 1 Dec, at residence of her father, Mr S Close, Happy Valley, Louisa,31yrs, wife of Wm Thomas Pitcher
Death---ALLPORT, 2 Dec, ahr, Stoke, Mrs Jane Allport, 70yrs

Mon - 06
DANE, 2 Dec,ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs William Frederick Dane a daughter
Death---EDWARDS, 5 Dec, wife, 34yrs of Alfred R Edwards, farmer, Lower Moutere

Tue -- 07
===Unclaimed letters from August

Wed - 08
KITCHING, 2 Dec, Waimea E, Mrs Archibald Kitching, a son
Death---DREW, 11 Oct, Templeton Rd, Highbury Vale, London, Henry Drew esq, 53yrs, formerly of Nelson

Sat -- 11
BRADSHAW, 7 Dec, ahr, Collingwood St, wife of Thomas Bradshaw, a son
Death---DELLOW, 8 Dec, ahr, Owen River, Upper Buller, John Dellow, 56yrs
Death---FORBES, 8 Oct, ahr, Burnhead House, Dundee, Rt Rev Alex Penrose Forbes, 58yrs,son of late Lord Medwyn, and g/son of Sir W Forbes of Pitsilgo ??

Tue - 14
MACKAY, 13 Dec, Wairarapa, Wellington, wife of Thomas Mackay esq jun, a daughter
Death---BIGGS, 8 Dec, Upper Motueka Valley, Frances, 53yrs, wife of George Biggs,late of Wakefield
=== prize winners at Bishops School
=== prize winners at College Sports

Thur - 16
FELL, 15 Dec, at Blenheim, wife of A Y Fell esq, a daughter
Death---HARLEY, 16 Dec, Grove House, the Wood, Nelson, Sarah, 65yrs, wife C Harley esq

Fri --- 17
GREIG, 2 Dec, Waimea Rd, Nelson, wife of Charles Greig, a son

Mon - 20
HOPE, 16 Dec, at Hope, Mrs Edward Hope, a daughter
Death---TAYLOR, 14 Dec, Takaka, Mr George Taylor, 60yrs
ROBERTSON, 18 Dec, at her fathers residence, Spring Grove, Ann Cecilia, 11yrs, daughter of James Robertson

Thur - 23
RUSS, 19 Dec, Waimea W, Mrs Thos Russ, a daughter
=== prize lists for Hardy St Girls = Hampden St = Upper Wakefield and Foxhill Schools = Haven Rd = Bridge St Boys

Fri --- 24
CLARKE - CHAPMAN, 21 Dec, the Wood, Nelson, Samuel S Clarke, to Miss Jane Chapman, eldest daughter of James Chapman, Brook St, Valley, both late of England
=== butcher shops displays, names of owners and some of the suppliers
=== St Marys School prize list

Tue -- 28
=== Abraham (Jerry) Voller --- inquest into death of
=== Nelson Regatta results
=== examination results

Thur - 30
RUFF - CAVE, 29 Dec, at residence of the brides mother, Waimea St, Robert Henry Ruff,to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr C S Cave
GIBLIN - CAVE, 29 Dec, at residence of the brides mother, Waimea St, Joshiah Giblin,to Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of late C S Cave
Death---BIGGS, 30 Dec, Surrey Cottage, Waimea Rd, Isabella, 65yrs, wife of Samuel Biggs
=== inquest into death of Clara Gibbs, 25yrs
=== inquest into death of Felix Wakefield

Fri --- 31
Death---GIBBS, 29 Dec, Ellengrove, Richmond, Clara, 25yrs, daughter of William Gibbs esq,of Totaranui

January --- 1876

Sat -- 01
CHRISTIE - BUSH, 30 Dec, Spring Grove, H F Christie, agent of BNZ, Patea, to HenriettaAlice, 3rd daughter of the late Dr Bush

Mon - 03
STANDISH - HOULD, 23 Dec, Longbeach, Canterbury, Frank Burgon Standish, Taranaki,to Fanny Hould of Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
HUMPHREY - MORTIMER, 31 Dec, Nelson, Henry Humphrey, of Nelson to Miss Catherine Mortimer of Blenheim
HUMPHREY - HUMPHREY, 31 Dec, Nelson, John Humphrey, to Miss Hariett Humphrey both of Nelson
=== Caledonian Sports results

Tue -- 04
NEWPORT, 30 Dec, at residence of her parents, Hardy St, wife of H Newport, a son
ECCLES - REDOOD, 25 Dec, Blenheim, Edmund Eccles, of Blenheim to Frances Cecilia,only daughter of Henry Redwood esq, Spring Creek
Death---NEWPORT, 1 Jan, at residence of her parents, Henrietta, 20yrs, wife of H Newport and 5th daughter of A G Betts

Wed - 05
WIX, 16 Nov, 1875, Richmond, Surrey, wife of A McKellar Wix esq, a son
Death---CLARK, 24 Dec, at his brothers residence, Parnell, Auckland, James David, 26yrs, late of Nelson, youngest son of late Capt Hugh Clark of Hobartown

Fri --- 07
ROBINSON, 6 Jan, ahr, Waimea Rd, wife of William Robinson, a son
=== Stoke School prize list == Edith Condell, Susannah Parker, George Rout == MinnieRout, Lucy Hyde == William Parker, Charles Parker, Georgina Harley, William Kenning == William Morrison, William Chisnell, Alice Rout, Emily Hyde === Bessie Borey, Sarah Parker, Rose Eyles == Charles Beattie, Alfred Allport,Edwin Bradley, Charles Taylor == John Jellyman, June Allport == Agnes Jellyman== John Jellyman ==
=== list of members of Parliament

Sat -- 08
BERRY - BUTLER, 6 Jan, Nelson, Frederick Warden de Berri Berry, eldest son ofF T Berry, Collingwood, to Mary Ann Butler, late of England
BEATSON - GUY, 4 Jan, at Motueka, Charles Edward Beatson esq, Hutt, Wellington, to Mary Alice, eldest daughter of Walter Guy, Lower Moutere

Mon - 10
FAULKNER, 8 Jan, the Wood, Nelson, wife of Henry Faulkner, late of Wahola (Otago) twin daughters
SIMMONDS - CLARKE, 4 Jan, at the residence of Mr J Pilkington, Beachville, Thomas George Simmonds, to Charlotte Ann Elizabeth Clarke, both late of England
LANGFORD - SIMMONDS, 8 Jan, at Spring Grove, John Alfred, 2nd son of J A Langford,storekeeper, Wakefield, to Clara, 3rd daughter of J Simmonds, Summerville, Waimea W
Death--STEWART, 9 Jan, Nelson, Alexander Stewart, 62yrs

Tue -- 11
Death---ALLEN, 9 Jan, Panama House, William Allen, 71yrs
Death---Alexander WILKIE while on a trip to Dunedin died there

Wed - 12
AUSTIN, 9 Jan, Rose Bank, College Hill, wife of A D Austin esq, a daughter

Thur - 13
LANGFORD, 12 Jan, ahr, Collingwood St, wife of W Langford, a daughter
MANTELL - HARDWICK, 10 Jan, Wellington, Walter Baldock Durant Mantell, to Jane Hardwick
Death---COOK, 12 Jan, wife, 58yrs, of W Cook, matmaker, Collingwood St

Fri --- 14
Death---GUNN, 13 Jan, Gloucester St, Nelson, Isabella Catherine, 5+1/2mths, daughter ofDavid and Amelia Gunn
=== Caroline arrived in the outer anchorage last night.At the wharf this morning with emigrants --- 152 for Nelson, 80 Westland, 69 Marlborough, 20 Taranaki
=== short account of the trip

Sat -- 15
DAVIS, 8 Jan, at Nile St East, Mrs Moss Davis, a daughter
MACEY, 8 Jan, Blenheim, wife of W H Macey jun, a daughter

Mon - 17
Death---FREETH, 16 Jan, at her uncles res, (James Smith, New St) Ada Freeth, 11+3/4yrs
=== Moutere v Riwaka cricket
=== Ngatimoti School exam results == George Remnant, George Carter == Jane Lloyd,Walter Harford, Eva Parsons == Jane Harford, David Remnant, Elizabeth Lloyd == Bertha Harford, Oswald Carter == second division - Charles Remnant, Emma Lines

Tue - 18
CONK, 16 Jan, Gloucester St, wife of C Conk, a daughter
Death---GREIG, 18 Jan, Nelson, John Thomas Rollison, 6wks, son Charles and Fanny Greig
=== David McBeath, drowned in the Maitai this morning --- leaves wife and 7 children
=== immigrant on the Caroline tells of their treatment onboard

Wed - 19
DAY, 17 Jan, Wakefield, wife of Frederick Day, a daughter, premature
THOMPSON - SMALL, 27 Dec, at residence of brides aunt, Blenheim, Charles Frederick Thompson, Grove Town, to Caroline, youngest daughter of Mr J Small, stone mason,Nelson
Death---PIKE, 18 July (?), Oaklands, Stoke, Priscilla Maria, 36yrs, wife of S H Pike

Fri --- 21
Death---FAYEN, 21 Jan, Spring Grove, Henry, 6wks, son of Mr H Fayen
Death---JENNENS, 20 Jan, ahr, Grove St, the Wood, Charles Jennens, 66yrs
Death---SEDGWICK, 20 Jan, Waimea St, Nelson, Alice Mary, 5 + 1/2yrs, youngest daughterof late Mr meriton Sedgwick

Mon - 24
MARJORIBANKS, 23 Jan, Isel, Stoke, wife of J D Marjoribanks esq, a son
Death---GORRIE, 23 Jan, Blenheim, Margaret Turnbull, 3mth, dau of James and Mary Gorrie

Tue - 25
Death---SINCLAIR, 25 Jan, Manuka St, Norman, 2 mths, son of G B Sinclair

Wed - 26
MOORE, 26 Jan, Nile St E, wife of Ambrose E Morre, a daughter
REDHEAD, 20 Jan, Kawarau, Gorge, Cromwell, Otago, Mrs G Redhead, a daughter

Thur - 27
PHILLIPS, 24 Jan, ahr, Ride Villa, Examiner St, wife of William Phillips, a son
=== Survivor of shipwreck of the Will Watch, tells his story

Fri -- 28
ADAMS - CARADINI, 1 Dec, 1875, Colaba, John Adams esq, Public Works Dept, Bombay to Elizabeth Mary, 4th daughter of late Marchese di Sazano, Modena, Italy
Death---McCleary, 27 jan, Parnell Rise, Auck, John McCleary, 50yrs

Sat -- 29
Death---CRONK, 28 Jan, Gloucester St, Nelson, Rebbecca, 12day, dau, Chas and Dora Cronk

Mon - 31
KEMP - COX, 28 Jan, at residence of Mr H Moffat, Edward Albert Kemp, to Louisa Cox (relict of the late H B Cox), both of Nelson

February --- 1876

Tue -- 01
=== A trip to Picton by boat

Wed - 02
HALL - SIMPSON, 2 Feb, Nelson, Thomas Hall, Geraldine Canterbury, to Cecilia,daughter of William Simpson, Moutere, Nelson
=== Charles Kertz, suicide at the Asylum

Thur - 03
Death---BATTERSBEE, 29 Jan, Crayfield, Edward Battersbee, 64yrs, late of H E I C service

Tue -- 08
WINTER, 3 Feb, Brook St, Valley, wife of W Winter, a son
Death---FIRTH, 6 Feb, Kaituna Farm, Havelock, Ethel M M Firth, 8mth 3wks

Thur - 10
WILSON - ARMSTRONG, 24 Jan, Havelock, Harry Wilson, to Emily Mary, youngestdaughter of John Armstrong, Nelson
Death---CLOSE, 10 Feb, ahr, Happy Valley, Suburban Nth, James Nelson Close, 33yrs
Death---GILL, 10 Feb, ahr, Todds Bush, Suburban Nth, Benjamin Gill, 45yrs
Death---SNOWDEN, 10 Feb, Spring Grove, Mary, 64yrs, relict of John Snowden
=== Annie Freeman, about 20yrs, daughter of Mr Freeman a carpenter at the Port, whilesailing with George Ford and William Allen was drowned

Fri --- 11
MacSHANE - BUDGE, 5 Feb, Blenheim, Henry Alexander, eldest son of the lateDr MacShane of Nelson, to Mary, 2nd daughter of the late W Budge esq
Death---CORBETT, 1 Feb, at Grey River Hospital, John Corbett, 46yrs, late member of theProvincial Council of Nelson

Mon - 21
HALL, 20 Feb, Kent Farm, Waimea West, wife of A B Hall, a daughter

Tue -- 22
BEAR, 21 Feb, Waimea St, wife of Thomas Bear, a son
PRICE, ahr, the Baton, Mrs C Price, a son
Death---HERRICK, 20 Feb, at his fathers residence, Range Farm, Lower Moutere,Leonard Cecil, 2yr 7mth, son of W John Herrick

Wed - 23
EDWARDS, 22 Feb, Sunnyside, Nelson, wife of Hon N Edwards, twins (son and daughter)

Fri --- 25
HOWARD - EYLES, 22 Feb, at resid of brides mother, Thomas Phillip Howard, toAlice, 4th daughter of late Wm Eyles, Richmond

Sat -- 26
CAMPBELL, 20 Feb, ahr, Alton Place, wife of R Campbell of Hokitika, a son

Mon - 28
Death---ROOT, 28 Feb, the Wood, Nelson, Mrs Sophia Root, 84yrs, sister ofGeorge Edwards, the Wood
=== Samuel Johnson (dead) and August Corsden --foreigners had a fatal fight at Westport

Tue - 29
=== Body of a tailor named Hickworth, arrived about 3-4wks ago from Nelson, found in the Opawa River, Blenheim

March --- 1876

Wed - 01
Death---MEARS, 28 Feb, at his fathers residence, Wakefield, David, 42yrs, 3rd sonJohn Mears
=== election of Nelson Institute officers

Thur - 02
=== prize list for Horticultural Show

Fri --- 03
BAILEY - HAYCOCK, 29 Feb, at res of brides father, Benjamin, eldest son of EdwardBailey, Holt, Wiltshire, Eng, to Marian Ada, 2nd daughter of Thomas Haycock, Ngatimoti

Sat -- 04
=== Unclaimed letters from Nov ==Mr H N Barnard = Mrs J C Naylor = Mary Ballon = George Temple = W B Thomson = George Wilson = Wm Edw Lynes =C J L McDonald
=== Break o Day Mining -- forfeit shares = William Schultz = Henry Wondram =Arthur D Bayfield, (?) = Morris Levey = Charles Marks = Samuel Gilmer =William Hindmarsh

Mon - 06
STAGG, 5 Mar, ahr, the Port, Nelson, wife of William Stagg, butcher, a daughter

Wed - 08
ARMSTRONG - SOMERS, Feb 2, Nelson, William Patrick, 4th son of John Armstrong,Nelson, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Samuel Somers, Trilee, Ireland

Thur - 09
GIFFORD, 4 Mar, Upper Moutere, wife of Thomas Gifford, a daughter, stillborn=== list of passengers for Otago on the ill fated Strathmore

Fri --- 10
NANCARROW - FOSBERY, 2 March, Hokitika,eldest son of JosephNancarrow esq, Chief Insp of Machinery to NZ Gov, Wellington, to Philippa Anna, 6thdaughter of Frank Fosbery esq, late of Curragh Bridge House, Adare, Co Limerick, Ireland

Sat -- 11
Death---ROBERTSON, 8 Mar, Albert Ernest, 5mth, son of William and Janet Robertson
=== wife of Thomas Scott, sawyer, Takaka -- suicide Thur 9 --- see report Fri 17 paper

Mon - 13
COBURN, 11 Mar, at residence of her sister, wife of Thomas Coburn, a son
=== George B Murray ordered to pay 7/- wk support for his child in Christchurch

Tue -- 14
WEBLEY, 12 Mar, Mr W Webley, a son
MORLAND - CARANDINI, 27 Dec, Henry Morland esq, Bombay, Fannie Ellen Hannah,2nd daughter of late Marquis of Sarzano, Count di Risi, Viscount Ferraris andg/niece of the late Cardinal Consalvi

Wed - 15
Death---FORBES, 13 March, Masterton, Kenneth MacDonell, 2nd son of Sir WilliamStuart Forbes

Thur - 16
=== Town v Country Butchers and Publicans v Brewers cricket matches

Fri --- 17
Death---JENNENS, 16 Mar, Halifax St, Alice Maud, 24yrs, wife of Joseph Jennens
Death---CLUTTERBUCK, 16 Mar, Waimea St, Elizabeth Louisa, 5mth, youngest daughter of William and Lydia Clutterbuck
=== Report on death of wife of Thomas Scott of Takaka

Sat -- 18
SIMPSON, 15 Mar, wife of David Simpson, a son, premature
Death---PURKISS, 15 Mar, at residence of Mr J Thornton, the Port, Nelson, Mrs FrancisAnn Purkiss, 85yrs
=== Mr John Siggelkow jun, in an accident at Richmond, Fri 17 -not expected to live(Mon 20 paper reports that he died on Sun 19)

Mon - 20
WILSON, 17 Mar, Stoke, wife of J S Wilson, a daughter
SWEET - CARTER, 18 Jan, Eton, E Sweet, eldest son of E D Sweet esq, late of Hillersdon Marlborough, to Gertrude Agnes, 2nd daughter of Rev W William Carter of Burnham and Eton

Tue - 21
BAMFORD, 20 Mar, the Wood, Nelson, wife of Edwin Bamford, Registrar SupremeCourt, a daughter

Wed - 22
BRIGHT, 21 Mar, Collingwood St, Nelson, wife of Robert Bright, a son
GREEN - COUSENS, 20 Mar, Motueka, George, eldest son of Charles Green, Motueka,to Johanna, 2nd daughter of late Mr Cousens
KELLY - FAULKNER, 9 Mar, Nelson, John Kelly, 3rd son of Joseph Kelly, Woodlawn,Co Galway, Ireland, to Emily, only daughter of late E Faulkner, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Mon - 27
FINNEY, 24 Mar, ahr, Alton St, wife of E Finney, a son
MARTEN, 26 Mar, wife of Rev W B Marten, Motueka, a daughter
Death---COOPER, 26 Mar, Arthur Willis, 7+1/2yrs, eldest son of Thomas W Cooper

Thur - 30
MARSHALL - MAY, 29 Mar, Alfred Marshall esq, to Elizabeth May of Nelson
Death---CARGILL, 29 Mar, on the steamer Alhambra, Raleigh Ansell Featherston, 8mth,son of Mr and Mrs John Cargill, Seaview, Dunedin

Fri --- 31
DONALD, 30 Mar, Bank House, wife of Peter Donald, a daughter
=== Impressions of the Karamea

April --- 1876

Sat --- 01
TAYLOR, 1 Ap, Russell St, wife of T R H Taylor, boatbuilder a son

Mon - 03
McDONALD, 30 Mar, Bridge St, Nelson, wife of John McDonald, a daughter
Death---PETTIT, 31 mar, Spring Grove, infant son of Mr R Pettit
Death---BUNNY, 1 April, St Bathans, Otago, Frederick John Bunny, 24yrs, 3rd son ofHenry Bunny esq, M H R, Wellington

Tue -- 04
FORBES, Masterton, Wellington, wife of Sir William Stuart Forbes, Bart., a son
WOOD, 2 Ap, wife of J Wood, a son
Death---HARFORD, 3 Ap, Hope, Anne, 69yrs, wife of James Harford
=== Man named HUGHES in an accident at Havelock on Sat 1 --- not expected to live

Wed - 05
CHRISTIAN, 5 Ap, wife of Martin Christian, a son
O'BRIEN, 4 Ap, at Enner Glynn, wife of Alexander O'Brien, Ngatimoti, a daughter
Death---CHRISTIAN, 5 Ap, ahr, Hardy St, wife, 36yrs, of Martin Christian
Death---JOHNSON, ahr, Upper Collingwood St, Nelson, James Johnson, 68yrs
=== List of immigrants on way to Nelson on the Fern Glen
=== Frank Perea (?) will not be responsible for debts of his wife Jane Perera (?)

Thur - 06
KUMMAR, 3 Ap, Auckland, wife of F Kummar esq, a daughter
Death---JACKSON, 6 Ap, Benjamin Jackson, Alton St, 75yrs
=== obituary Benjamin Jackson
=== Antoni Rose will not be responsible for debts of his wife Margaret Rose

Fri --- 07
CROSS, 3 Ap, Henry Cottage, the Cliffs, wife of J S Cross jun, a son
BURRELL, 29 Mar, Ngatimoti, wife of E F Burrell, a son
Death---McDONALD, 6 Ap, res of his mother, Hardy St, Nelson, William McDonald, 44yrs
Death---McBEATH, 6 Ap, res Mr J Macintosh, Nile St, Earnest Douglas, 9mth, son of the late D F McBeath
=== Hughes --- accident notice on 4 Ap --- has died leaving a wife and 4 children
=== Harry J Gilbert will not be responsible for debts of his wife Elizabeth Gilbert

Sat --- 08
=== unclaimed letters from Dec == Binks, Mr = Burnard, Harry M = Hall, John = Mares, Richard = McCalmont, John = O'Leary, Jeremiah = Shaw, Walter =Thompson, E T (2) = Tyrell, William

Tue -- 11
=== Inquest - Mary Ann Prebble death on Mon 10

Thur - 13
Death---RICKETTS, 12 Ap, Collingwood St, Elizabeth, 56yrs, wife of Ambrose Ricketts

Sat --- 15
BROWN - MARCH, 13 Ap, Nelson, Douglas James Brown, to Catherine Mary March,4th daughter of Thomas March esq, Auckland
SHANNON - VALENTINE, 7 Ap, Lower Hutt, William, 2nd son of Graham Shannon,Antrim, Ireland, to Emily Alice, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Valentine, Lower Hutt,Wellington

Tue -- 18
EVANS, 17 Ap, at res of her father, Mrs Charles Evans, wife of Capt Evans, ss Ladybird,a son
HURST - BETTS, 17 Ap, George Bendigo Hurst of Richmond, to Julie Jane, 4th daughterof A G Betts, Hardy St, Nelson

Thur - 20
ROBINSON, 16 Ap, wife of Edward Robinson, Cambria St, the Wood, a son
ORR, 23 Mar, Halifax St, the Wood, wife of E Orr, a son

Fri --- 21
BROAD - COLT, 20 Ap, 1875 ??, Spring Grove, Chas L Broad, 2nd son of the lateP Broad esq, Beechwood, Reigate, Surrey, to Ethel Geraldine, 3rd daughter of the lateCapt Colt HM 56 reg

Sat -- 22
GRAHAM, 21 Ap, Waimea St, Nelson, wife of James Graham, a son
LUCAS, 20 Ap, on board ss Taranaki, wife of S Lucas, Rangiora, Canterbury, a daughter
BLICK - ADDIS, 6 Ap, Tauranga, Auckland, Henry, eldest son of George Blick, Bronte St,Nelson, to Susanna Charity, youngest daughter of Daniel Addis, Opotiki
=== funeral notice == Mrs Joseph Bush of Aniseed Valley, funeral on Sunday

Mon - 24
=== Fernglen arrived Fri and landed immigrants on Sunday
=== wreck of the Strathmore

Tue -- 25
Death---CHRISTIAN, 13 Ap, Nelson, Jonathon, 8days, son Elizabeth and Martin Christian
Death---MACINTSH, 20 Jan 1876, William Macintosh, 80yrs, Cambridge, Eng, father of James Macintosh, bookbinder, Nelson

Wed - 26
Death---WELLS, 25 Ap, Nile St E, William Walter, 7mth, 6th son Thomas and Mary Wells

Thur - 27
LUCRE, 25 Ap, ahr, Waimea St, wife of James Lucre, a son
Death---SCHRODER, 24 Ap, at his fathers res, Ernest, 2nd son of Henry Schroder,20yr 5mth, of Ranzau, Waimea East

Fri --- 28 --- === Miss Burt, mistress at Long Plain School, Takaka, suspected drowned crossing the
Takaka River on Wed 26

May --- 1876

Mon - 01
HADFIELD, 1 May, wife of R Hadfield, a son, premature, stillborn
=== forfeit shares == Patrick O'Neil = George Mason

Tue -- 02
Death---BATEY, 16 Feb, Devonshire Trce, Sranwix, near Carlisle, Jacob Batey, 65yrs,late of Waimea East

Wed - 03
Death---HILL, 5 Feb, at the Vicarage, Piddington, Oxon, Cecilia Clinton, wife ofRev Charles Hill and 3rd daughter of General Baddeley
Death---HAASE, 2 May, at res of his daughter, Bridge St, Nelson, John Ludwig Haase, 69yr
=== funeral notice -- Michael Devanny, Hardy St, son of Andrew Devanny

Thur - 04
WILKINS, 3 May, wife of W C Wilkins a daughter

Fri --- 05
BUDDLE - HEWITT, 2 May, Manners St, Wellington, Joseph Forster, 4th son of Rev T Buddle, to Minnie, 3rd daughter of late Lieut Thomas Hewitt, RN, Dublin

Tue -- 09
=== unclaimed letters from Jan == Bushby, Joseph = Brown, Daniel = Coux, Henry =Edwards, Douglas = Kelly, James = Lockhart and Co = Nelson and Co, A L =Signore Pregmo = Bennett, J J
Death---LUCAS, 9 May, Nelson, Robert Lucas, 59yrs
Death---NICOL, 7 May, Collingwood St, Mrs Nichol, 40yrs
=== obituary -- Mr Lucas, senior proprietor of the Nelson Ev Mail

Thur - 11
HAASE, 9 May, Mrs Edward Haase, a daughter
GILL, 28 Ap, at Victory Sq, Mrs Carlin Gill, a daughter
McDONALD, 9 May, wife of George McDonald, a daughter
SCOTT, 10 May, Haven Rd, Mrs C W Scott, a daughter

Sat --- 13
NEVE, 10 May, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs Neve, a daughter

Mon - 15
MORRIS, 11 May, at res of her mother, Mrs Aldridge, Mrs Robert Morris, a daughter

Tue -- 16
=== Inquest --- Frank Churchill Simmons death

Thur - 18
GOOCH - SPITTAL, Motupipi, Edward Albert Gooch, youngest son of Caesar ThomasGooch, Brundish, Suffolk, Eng, to Jessie, youngest daug of James Spittal, Takaka
=== Daniel Wells, not responsible for debts of his wife Catherine Wells

Sat -- 20
Death---HOLLAND, 18 May, ahr, Stoke, George Holland sen, 77yrs (arrived on Bolton)

Mon - 22
Death---BURT, 3 May, Takaka, Jemima, 22yrs, daughter of Ann Burt

Tue -- 23
SHAW, 19 May, Greymouth, wife of Warden Shaw, a daughter

Wed - 24
SHEPPARD - LUCAS, 24 May, Percy Sheppard, to Emily Kate, eldest daughter ofCharles Lucas, both of Nelson

Sat --- 27
FLETCHER, 26 May, at the Limes, Collingwood St, wife of William Fletcher, a daughter

Mon - 29
RUFF, 14 May, wife H Ruff, a daughter

Tue -- 30
McGAVIN, 30 May, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs T McGavin, a son
CROSS - GREEN, 30 May, Christopher Smith, son of Capt Cross, Harbour Master, toAnne, daughter of E Green esq, The Sands

June --- 1876

Fri --- 02
=== names of rangers

Mon - 05
WHITING, 2 June, Nile St E, wife of David Whiting, a daughter

Tue -- 06
=== Unclaimed letters from Feb =E T Thompson (4) = Patrick O'Brien = George H Masters = Enoch Peppe = William Peppe = Mrs J Lewis = William Berdifield
MACINTOSH, 6 June, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, wife of D Macintosh, a daughter

Wed - 07
=== Obituary -- Joseph Henry Levien, Mayor of Nelson died today

Thur - 08
SPEAR - STANLEY, 6 June, Motueka Valley, Rev John Spear, Havelock, Marlborough, toAnne Augusta, 3rd daughter of John Stanley, JP, Tadmore Lodge, Motueka Valley
KING - HAINES, 4 June, Motueka, George Henry King, Renwicktown, Marlborough, toMiss Ellen Haines, adopted daughter of Mr W Auty, Motueka
Death---LEVIEN, 7 June, ahr, Trafalgar Square, J H Levien, 65yrs

Fri --- 09
=== some members of local Education Committees

Sat -- 10
RICKETTS, 8 June, Shelbourne St, Nelson, wife of W C Ricketts, a daughter
ATKINSON - YOUNGER, 10 June, William, only son of William Atkinson esq, ofMarchmont, Rangiora, Canterbury, to Isabella, 2nd dau of Thomas Younger esq, Nelson
=== members of local Education Committees for Motueka and Ngatimoti

Mon - 12
Death---BROOKS, 9 June, at res of Mr T Kilgour, Haven Rd, Daseymoor Brooks, 44yrs,wife of W Brooks, 88 Valley

Wed - 14
ELLIOTT, 14 June, wife of Alfred Elliott, a son
WATKINS, 10 June, ahr, Pavillion Cottage, Wakefield, wife of Joseph Watkins, a son
Death---WREY, 13 June, Blenheim, Walter Long Wrey, 45yrs, only son ofWilliam Long Wrey

Thur - 15
Nelson College football team

Mon - 19
Death---ROWBOTHAM, 18 June, at res of her son, Upper Bridge St, Elizabeth, 57yrs,wife of James Rowbotham, Stoke

Tue -- 20
=== forfeit shares = Conrad S Saxton = John Paul

Thur - 22
INFIELD, 20 June, Custom House Hotel, wife of John Infield jun, a daughter

Sat --- 24
DILLON - MONRO, 24 June, Nelson, Philip Gerald, 2nd son of the late Hon ConstantineAugustus Dillon, to Constance Charlotte, youngest daughter of Sir David Monro
OVERTON - KIRK, 6 June, Pitt St, Auckland, Frederick Overton, to Marianne Kirk
=== account of Dillon - Monro wedding

Tue -- 27
NALDER, 27 June, ahr, Nelson, wife of John V Nalder, a son
=== NZ immigrant figures for12 mths to 1st June 1876

Wed - 28
BEATSON, 24 June, Ngatimoti, Mrs D G Beatson, a son
HOPE, 26 June, Ranzau, wife of Orry Hamilton Hope, a daughter

Fri --- 30
=== letter tells of the drowning of Harry Morgan in the Buller River, Thur 22, June

July --- 1876

Mon - 03
=== Camperdown, from London with immigrants -- Nelson ones named (36) also has 233 for Marlborough and numbers for other places

Tue -- 04
RENTOUL, 18 May, Takaka, wife of W O Rentoul, a daughter
Death---ADAMSON, 30 June, Wangapeka, Ponsonby Adamson, 40yrs, miner, late of theWest Coast
Death---WIGZELL, 2 July, Ernest Percy William, 4yrs, son of J W and Elizabeth Wigzell
Death---WILSON, 3 July, Claremont House, Nelson, Charles Wilson esq, 57yrs, lateCeylon Civil Service, son of Admiral Wilson, Applewaithe, Westmoreland, Eng
=== accident that killed Ponsonby Adamson

Wed - 05
Death---JENNINGS, 2 June, Fernhurst, Pangatotara, Margaret Maria, 17yrs, 4th surviving daughter of David Jennings esq
KERR, 3 July, Rosebank, Mrs Alexander, a son
=== names of people in Takaka and their losses in very bad floods of 22 June
=== elections in various sub districts for members to Motueka Highway Board
obituary --- Chas Elliott who arrived in Nelson in 1842

Fri --- 07
BURFORD, 4 July, Cambria St, the Wood, Mrs Burford, a son
=== members of the Central Board of Education and reps of the sub districts

Sat --- 08
GIBLIN, 7 July, ahr, Harley St, wife of Josiah Giblin, a daughter, premature, stillborn
=== annual report of the Inspector of Schools

Tue -- 11
POLGLASE - GRIFFITH, 10 July, at res of father of the bride, Richard Jenkin Polglase,Melbourne, Victoria, to Rebecca, daughter of John Griffith, Wakefield

Wed - 12
=== unclaimed letters from March = John Titler = Albert Bigg = Mrs Balfour =A Bellamore = George Carder = Evan Evans = Capt Jessop (2) = Wm Edward Lynes= A Munro = J Morrison = John Rourke = C Reid = W G Sale = E J Thompson =Mrs Stone = Walter Shaw = Capt of the ship Madeline = A Waters

Sat -- 15
NALDER, 11 July, Longsdale Farm, Motupipi, wife of C W Nalder, a daughter
=== serious accident at Hokitika --- James Hill dead and Joseph Robers and Stewart Hillbadly injured

Mon - 17
RAY, 15 July, Grove St, the Wood, wife of H Ray, a daughter
Death---WEBLEY, 17 July, Amelia, 26yrs, wife of John Webley, Brook St

Tue -- 18
Death---RAY, 18 July, Emily Ruth, 2 days, daughter of Herbert and Elizabeth Ray

Wed - 19
Death---McGOWAN, 18 July, Charlotte, 58yrs, wife of William McGowan

Thur - 20
MULES, 20 July, Parsonage, Spring Grove, wife of Rev C O Mules, a son
Death---LEVETT, 17 July, Wanganui, Charles Levett, 36yrs

Fri --- 21
Death---MILNER, 9 May, Elmwood, Burnt Ash Hill, Lee, Kent, Eng, Alfred George, 18yrs,son of Thomas and Janet Milner

Sat --- 22
=== reading exam results = Bertha Newton, St Marys ; Kate Hollis, St Marys = Johanna Bensemann, Sarau ; George Cook, Lower Moutere = Gifford Bell,Jane Bell, Richmond Girls = Charles Holt, Upper Wakefield ; Nellie Fowler, LowerWakefield = Mary Bird, Motupipi ; Fanny Riley, Collingwood = Arthur Flynn,St Patricks ; Joseph Munro, Westport

Mon - 24
JACKSON, 22 July, wife of A B Jackson, a son

Tue -- 25
COWLES, 24 July, School House, Ranzau, Mrs Cowles,a son
PAHL - HARFORD, 20 July, Nelson, William Pahl of Rai Valley, to Harriet White, 3rddaughter of Edward Harford, Motupiko Valley
Death---BRUNO, 22 July, Nelson Hospital, John Bruno, 54yrs

Thur - 27
CHISHOLM - BRIND, 22 July, at res of brides brother, William Sedman, eldest son ofDuncan Chisholm, Nelson to Amelia Kate Brind, you daughter of late Capt W D Brind
Death---SCOTT,15 July, Melbourne, Robert, 29yrs, 6th son of Capt R Scott and brotherof Mrs Phillip R McRae, Blairich
=== names of competitors in a ploughing match at Richmond

Fri --- 28
MONK, 24 July, Dundas St (?) Nth Dunedin, wife of Horace D Monk, a son
Death---Stockwell, 26 July, Sarah Ann, 48yrs, wife of James Stockwell

Mon - 31
=== Dr Lee, for some time in practice at Motueka, died Sun 30

August --- 1876

Tue --- 01
GILROY, 14 July, at the Baton, wife of P Gilroy, a daughter
Death---TAPLING, 12 May, 1876, Kingswood, Dulwich, Margaret, 19yrs, only daughter ofT Tapling esq, of Thomas Tapling and Co, 1-8 Gresham St, London, and cousin to Arthur J Fox, Hardy St, the Wood

Wed - 02
SIMMONS - GILBERTSON, 27 July, at res of brides father, Haven Rd, H Simmons, to Margaret Smith, 2nd daughter of D Gilbertson, both of Nelson
Death---MORRISON, 1 Aug, at res of Hon Thomas Renwick, Margaret Morrison, 33yrs

Thur - 03
Death---CLUTTERBUCK, 2 Aug, Nelson, William Blacksley Clutterbuck, 46yrs

Fri --- 04
=== unclaimed letters from April = M Blackburn, Nelson = Capt McLaren, barque Woodbine = W Whitaker, Nelson = J White
SPEAR, 4 Aug, Alton St,wife of Frederick Spear, a son

Mon - 07
LEVIEN, 6 Aug, ahr, Nile St, Mrs Robert Levien, a son
==== obituary sudden death of Mr Humffreys on the 4th Aug, near Blenheim

Tue --- 08
WARD, 3 Aug, Nelson, wife of J Ward, a daughter
Death---ILSIETON, 11 June, Nelson, Vincent Ilsieton
Death---LEVI, 6 Aug, Dunedin, Jonah Levi, 35yrs native of London
=== T Kearns, Geo Newport, Austin Lines, John Gifford before the court for lightingfires on the public highway
=== Joseph Gledhill and James O'Connor each fined for furious riding through Richmond
=== Terence Maloney, miner at Lyell killed by a fall of earth on Tue 1

Thur - 10
FIRTH, 5 Aug, Kaituna Farm, Havelock, Mrd H Nelson Firth, a daughter
BRADCOCK, 7 Aug, ahr, Vanguard St, Mrs J Bradcock, a daughter

Fri --- 11
=== funeral notice for Mrs W Scott of Haven Rd

Sat --- 12
HUMFREY, 5 Aug, at the Hutt, wife of Capt Humfrey, a son
Death---THOMAS, 12 Aug, Staplegrove, Waimea W, Emily Lydia, 25yr, wife of Godfrey J Thomas esq

Thur - 17
Death---TAYLOR, 16 Aug, Nelson, Thomas, infant son of Mr T R H Taylor

Sat --- 19
HILDRETH - BRYANT, 17 Aug, at res of brides father, William Hildreth, of Mt Heslington, to mary Townsend, 2nd daughter of Lewis Bryant, River Trce

Mon - 21
=== English Composition competition for town public schools, results = Minnie Cooke,Hardy St = Maria Hill, Haven Rd = Emily Cooke, Hardy St = Frank Allen, St Marys Boys = George Barltrop, Haven Rd = William Thomson, St Marys Boys
BAIGENT, 8 Aug, Appleby, wife of Thomas Baigent, a daughter
=== Supreme Court jurors called
=== special jury sworn in

Tue -- 22
Death---GIFFORD, 20 Aug, Appleby, Waimea E, Mrs Jacob Gifford, 79yrs 9mth

Wed - 23
RONALDSON, 18 Aug, Parsonage, Picton, wife of Rev Wm Ronaldson, a daughter
STOWE, 11 Aug, Te Moano, Tinakori Rd, Wellington, Mrs Leonard Stowe, a son
KOGHAN - CAMPION, 13 Aug, Takaka, John Koghan, to Mrs Campion, both of Takaka

Thur - 24
BERREY, 24 Aug, wife of Thomas Berrey, a daughter

Fri --- 25
PRESTIDGE - GIBBS, 23 Aug, at res of father of the bride, Joel Prestidge, Motueka, toCharlotte, daughter of James Gibbs, Wakefield
WILKINSON - LOUDEN, 23 Aug, Foxhill, John Arthur Wilkinson, Stanley Brook, to Agnes, daughter of William Louden, Motueka Valley

Sat --- 26
Death---TAYLOR, 24 Aug, ahr, Jesemond Farm, Takaka, Mrs Taylor, 70yrs, widow ofG Taylor

Tue -- 29
BOURKE, 28 Aug, Upper Collingwood St, wife of W J Bourke, a daughter

Thur - 31
LEECH, 20 Aug, Waimea Rd, wife of J B Leech, a daughter
Death---LOWE, 30 Aug, Alice Otterson, wife of J T Lowe esq, Bronti St

September --- 1876

Mon - 04
GILBERT, 29 Aug, at Clifton, Motupipi, wife of George C Gilbert, a daughter
BROWN - JONES, 4 Sept, Nelson, William, eldest son of J Brown esq, Geraldine,Canterbury, to Sarah Annie, 2nd daughter of E F Jones, Nelson
=== nominators and candidates for City Council vacancies

Tue -- 05
GULLY, 5 Sept, the Port, wife of P L Gully, a daughter

Wed - 06
MOORE, 1 Sept, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs C W Moore, a daughter
WAKELIN - CANNING, 2 Sept, Wylie T Wakelin, to Mary, eldest daughter of J Canning

Thur - 07 ---
McINTOSH, 19 July, Wood St, Calcutta, Mrs John McIntosh, a daughter
MONRO, 7 Sept, Auckland Point, wife of Alex Monro, a son, stillborn

Fri --- 08
=== unclaimed letters from May = John Allen = J H Browne = R W Cary = E Durham = E Ellis = H Froome (2) = John Kirby = Stephen W Harris = F Lawrence (2) = William Edward Lynes = A May = Dr Perry = W D Robinson (2) = John P Speed = Walter Tuck = George Welch = Witham and Thornton
HAGAN, 6 Sept, Spring Grove, wife of James Hagan, a daughter
HIRD - AUGARDE, 6 Sept, William James Hird, Collingwood St, to Eugenie Marie,5th daughter of H J L Augarde esq, Nelson

Mon - 11
Death---OUTRIDGE,10 Sept, at Hospital, George, 25yrs,3rd son of R P Outridge esq,late of Nelson

Tue -- 12
GIBLIN, 12 Sept, Haven Rd, Nelson, wife of W Giblin, a son
Death---MONRO, 11 Sept, Auckland Point, Nelson, Elizabeth Caroline Sophia, 34yrs, wife of Alexander Monro esq

Wed - 13
COOK - FRY, 12 Sept, Motueka, Thomas Allwood Cook, Collingwood and Waitapu, to Sarah Ann, eldest daughter of Mr Fry sen, Riwaka

Fri --- 15
CLOUSTON, 14 Sept, wife of Henry Clouston, a daughter

Sat --- 16
THOMPSON, 16 Sept, W J Thompson, Collingwood St, a daughter
=== Inquest Edward Sims, 32yrs, death on board Lady Barklay, Fri 15

Mon - 18
Death---EDWARDS, 16 Sept, Edward Allen, 6mth, son of Nath Edwards esq
Death---TARR, 17 Sept, at res of William Taylor, Washington Valley, George Tarr, 84yrs
Death---SIMS, 15 Sept, Nelson, Eleazer Edward Sims, 32yrs, late of Hobartown

Thur - 21
WITNEY - FALLOVER, 11 Sept, George, eldest son of G Witney, to Sarah, youngest daughter of Stephen Fallover, Middlesex, England

Fri --- 22
Death---USIETON, 11 June, Nelson, Vincent Usieton

Sat --- 23
WALSH, 23Sept, wife of W Walsh, a son
JEFFORD, 4 July, Pages Mill, near Mayfield, San Francisco, wife Chas E Jefford, a son

Mon - 25
MURPHY, 23 Sept, Russell St, wife of T R Murphy, a daughter

Thur - 28
DARKE, 30 July, 15 Dublin St, Edinburgh, wife of J H B Darke esq, a daughter

Sat --- 30
JENNENS - ALLRIDGE, 30 Sept, at res of the b/groom, Thomas Jennens, to Rose Hannah, youngest daughter of Henry Allridge, the Wood, Nelson

October --- 1876

Mon - 02
MARSHALL, 2 Oct, wife of Capt Marshall, a son, stillborn
Death---WAGG, 2 Oct, Eleanor, 72yrs, wife of David Wagg, Collingwood St

Wed - 04
=== unclaimed letters from June = James Burnett = Archibald Byson = F Bunkewitz = Mr Cummings = Mrs Eskett = F Lawrence = W E Lyones = Ralph Hendra = Alfred Homewood = Thomas B Knight = Robert McNabb = Charles Owen (4) = Mr Pettit = Miss J T Stephens = Stuart and Co = Richard Wilkins = Capt Barnes ofbarque Ansdell

Thur - 05
ORGAN - SMITH, 4 Oct, at res of brides father, Charles Organ, of The Tatas, Clifton, to Margaret, youngest daughter of George Smith, Nelson
=== John Carter, died suddenly at Kumara last Thur 28 Sept

Mon - 09
SHORE, 8 Oct, Bridge St, Nelson, wife of James Shore, a daughter
Death---WILLS, 27Sept, Lower Moutere, James W Wills, 43yrs

Tue -- 10
HUNT, 9 Oct, Tasman St, wife of J Hunt, a daughter

Wed - 11
KNYVETT, 7 Oct, Milton St, wife of John G Knyvett esq, a son
Death---HEWETSON, 6 Oct, Upper Moutere, Ethel Mary, 1yr 8mth, youngest daughter of Joseph and Mary Anne Hewetson
=== Archibald Ogilvie, 16yrs = William Barltrop, 15yrs = Robert Henry, 14yrs =charged with burglary

Thur - 12
FOX, 11 Oct, Hardy St, the Wood, wife of Arthur James Fox, a son

Fri --- 13
RICKETTS, 8 Oct, Spring Grove, wife of J J Ricketts, a daughter
LANGFORD, 26 Oct (?), Spring Grove, wife of J A Langford, a daughter
JACKSON, 22 Aug, Richmond, Surrey, wife of Edward Jackson, a son

Sat -- 14
GALLAND - TYLER, 13 Oct, Globe Hotel, Thomas Burfield Galland, to Ellen Tyler, both of Nelson

Mon - 16
BEATSON - STRACHAN, 12 Oct, Manawatane, Ngatimoti, John James Beatson esq, Blenheim, to Mary Sclanders, eldest daughter of Benjamin Strachan
Death---CONWAY, 16 Oct, Nelson Hospital, Thomas Conway, 60yr, late of Motueka

Wed - 18
DECK, 18 Oct, Lower Moutere, Mrs G Deck, a son
Death---WEBB, 18 Oct, Selwyn Place, Jane Fletcher, 69yrs, wife of Joseph Webb
=== Charles Seik, engineer, recent arrival at Hokitika, suicide on Sat 14th

Thur - 19
Death---NASH, 18 Oct, Brook St, Sarah, 40yrs, wife of John Nash
CROSBIE, 18 Oct, Frederick, infant son of George Crosbie, Haven Rd, Nelson

Fri --- 20
Death---GILBERT, 17 Oct, Clifton, Motupipi, Ernest Channing, 4yrs, son G C Gilbert
=== George Pound, painter, one time of Nelson, before the court in Wellington

Wed - 25
=== John Palmer, 24yrs, Spring Grove, committed this morning to the Asylum

Thur - 26
SHERMAN - CRISP, 20 Oct, Greymouth, William Sherman, late of Cornwall, England, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr B Crisp, Nelson

Mon - 30
WESTRUPP, 28 Oct, ahr, Beachville, wife of W Westrupp, a daughter
HAMERSLEY - SNOW, 25 Oct, Te Aro, Wellington, Alfred St George Hamersley, 4th son of Hugh Hamersley esq, Pyrton Manor, Oxfordshire, to Isabella Maud, eldest daughter of Charles Hastings Snow esq, Langton Lodge, Wellington
=== Alonzo Walker -- charged disorderly person etc

Tue -- 31
HUDSON, 24 Oct, Richmond, wife of H Hudson, a daughter
DAVIS - SIMONSEN, 18 Oct, Synagogue, Christchurch, NZ, David Davis, 3rd son of Hyam Davis esq, merchant, to Leonore, eldest daughter of Martin Simonsen esq,Melbourne, Australia, formerly Hamburg, Germany
Death---PALMER, 16 Oct, Kaikoura, Marlborough, Emma, widow of Charles Palmer,late of Appleby, Waimea East, Nelson

November --- 1876

Thur - 02
=== "tremendous fire" in Blenheim
=== Nelson Agricultural Show (held at Richmond) prize winners

Fri --- 03
EBERHARDT, 3 Nov, Greymouth, wife of J Eberhardt, twin sons
=== unclaimed letters from July = John Bedo = F R Carden = Andrew Chrystal = H Frewin (2) = William Guling = G H Hill = John Hill = W E Lynes
=== John McCoig will not be responsible for debts contracted by his wife Henrietta McCoig

Mon -- 06
BURNETT, 30 Oct, ahr, Jenkins Hill, Waimea Rd, wife of John E Burnett, a son
GLOVER, 5 Nov, wife of John Glover, a son
Death---BERKMANN, 2 Nov, Anna Maria, 79yrs, wife of J H F Berkmann sen, formerly of Altona, Holstein

Tue -- 07
HALL, 3 Nov, Kildrummie, Lower Moutere, Nelson, wife of Thomas Hall, a daughter
PACKARD - WALLIS, 6 Nov, Nelson, James Packard, Motupipi, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr Wallis of Golden Bay
TURNBULL - KINGDON, 7 Nov, Nelson, Andrew Turnbull esq, barrister, Wellington,to Alice Eyre, 2nd daughter of Samuel Kingdon esq, Willesley, the Wood, Nelson
=== account of the wedding

Thur - 09
Death---SNOW, 8 Nov, Wanganui, Edwin Snow, 49yrs, late of Nelson

Fri --- 10
THOMPSON, 5 Nov, ahr, Grove Town, Blenheim, wife of C F Thompson, a daughter
COLEMAN, 10 Nov, at res of Mrs W R Waters, New St, Nelson, wife of W Coleman, East Hamilton, Waikato, a daughter
=== W Davidson will not be responsible for debts contracted in his name

Sat --- 11
Death---SIGLEY, 10 Nov, Herbert, 3yrs, son of Joseph and Ellen Sigley

Mon - 13
Death---SILCOCK, 9 Nov, Tau Tapu, Canterbury, Edith Rhoda, 11 mths, only daughter of William and Annie Silcock
Death---STOWE, Te Moana, Wellington, Leonard Ackland, 3mths, youngest child of Leonard and Jane Stowe

Wed - 15
Death---BOLTON, 14 Nov, Hednesford, Waimea W, Frances Martha Bolton, 24yrs,3rd daughter of Edward Bolton
Death---LANGFORD, 15 Nov, Waimea W, Louisa, 24yrs, wife of Walter Langford
Death---MILLAR, 15 Nov, Rocks Villa, Nelson, John Millar, 69yrs, civil engineer

Thur - 16
CHATTOCK, 16 Nov, Wakefield, wife of Richard Chattock, a daughter
JOHANSEN - LEECH, 16 Nov, Motueka, E F Johansen M D, to Elizabeth Alice, 2nddaughter of James Fogg Leach, Motueka
=== Total births and deaths for various towns and years 1874 and 75 and Oct 1876

Fri --- 17
=== Toi-toi Valley Sunday School prize giving = Bessie Hall, Minnie Webster =Edith Boor, Florence Moor = Nellie Burnett, Selina May = Janet Burns, Florence Ross = Lily Bolton, Matilda Blick = Maggie Webster, Mary Tibble === Herbert York, David Burns = Harry Neale, Frank Allen = Sidney Cockram, Charlie Ross = John Blinco, Herbert Foy = Willie Stephens, Charlie Gillet

Sat --- 18
MUNCASTER, 18 Nov, wife of George Muncaster, Collingwood St, a son, stillborn
WILSON, 17 Nov, at the Pelorus, wife of James Wilson, a son
McCARTHY - TAYLOR, 14 Nov, at brides residence, Tracy McCarthy, to Emma Mary, 3rd daughter of John Samon Taylor, both of the Baton
Death---JOHNSON, 17 Nov, Nelson, John Johnson, 39yrs, late of the Lady Barklay

Mon - 20
PEARSON, 19 Nov, wife of G Pearson, Bank Cottage, a daughter
SENIOR, 15 Nov, Woodlands, Upper Moutere, wife of S Senior, a son
Death--- AKERSTEN, 19 Nov, at Nelson Hospital, Francis Errick Akersten, 47yrs
Death---ELLIOTT, 19 Nov, Eliza Martha, 71yrs, relict of James Elliott

Wed - 22
Death---BONNINGTON, 12 Nov, Springfield Rd, near Christchurch, Harriet, 72yrs,relict of the late Joseph Bonnington of Nelson
Death---LUXTON, 11 Nov, Southbridge, Canterbury, Robert Willoughby Luxton, 30yrs, eldest son of Robert Luxton, Brushford, Nth Devon
=== Alexander Brooks died at Hokitika

Thur - 23
Death---MARSHALL, 15 Nov, Johnsonville, Wellington, Mary, wife of Jas Marshall

Sat --- 25
=== John Bradley, Stoke had a serious accident

Tue -- 28
Death---PRATT, 28 Nov, Herbert Edward, 4yr 4mths, only son of John and Mary Pratt, Bridge St, Nelson
=== Nelson Horticultural Show prize list ===

Wed - 29
DAY, 29 Nov, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, wife of F Day, a son
JAGO, 29 Nov, ahr, Washington Valley, wife of Sydney J Jago, a son
STALLARD, 28 Nov, wife of W Stallard, a daughter
WISE - MUNDAY, 28 Nov, Nelson, George Wise, contractor, to Caroline, youngest daughter of Capt Francis Munday, Gwennap, Cornwall, England
=== more Horti Show prizes ===
=== John Burrell, Josiah Buttress, W Stallard, Henry Barnett, W C Harley fined for allowing horses to stray

December --- 1876

Fri --- 01
=== Wakefield v Nelson cricket

Sat -- 02
Death---KING, 1 Dec, Taranaki Buildings, Nelson, Richard King, 88yrs, late of Wakefield
=== serious accident to Mr Israel Picard while at Mr Best's farm, Appleby

Mon - 04
KELLY, 2 Dec, ahr, Collingwood St, Nelson, wife of John Kelly, bookmaker, a son

Tue -- 05
NICHOLSON, 28Nov, Altimarlock, Awatere, Marlborough, wife of J Nicholson esq,twins (son and daughter)

Wed - 06
POPE - FELL, 17 Oct, Parish Hall, Kempsey, Worcestershire, England, William Pope esq, jun, of Oakfield, Crediton, Devon, to Fanny, eldest daughter of the late Arthur Fell esq, formerly of Nelson and sister of Rev H S Fell
=== William Brimmer, Henery Walters, George Christian, Charles Ball, Claude Ball boys charged with bathing in the Maitai River between 8am and 8pm
=== Jury members = Thomas Harley = Henry Flower = Thomas Snowdon = John Schwass = C Smith = George McDonald = John Robb = W Songer = Patrick Leahy =David Whiting = Robert Boddington = W Lines ==== called but challenged = Joseph Stewart = W Wratt = John Glover = J R Sigley = C Best = G Fleming =Henry Young = Henry Webley = John Braddock = Robert Henry = F Main = Alfred Amos = Joseph Bolton ====== Grand Jury duty = C Hunter Brown = Hodder = Symons = Stafford = Sclanders = Watkins = Dodson = W Oldham = R McRae = H Buckeridge = A Scaife = H B Darnell = F H Blundell, C A Muntz = W Wastney = H Goulstone = T Nicholson - C Canning = A Grundry

Thur - 07
Death---EDWARDS, 7 Dec, Eliza, 70yrs, wife of George Edwards, the Wood

Sat --- 09
=== unclaimed letters from August = E Cross = W C James = Isaac Landall = F Lawrence = David Miller = Timothy O'Keefe = Mrs Ross = John Smith = Edward Ward = J C Wilson

Mon - 11
WESTRUPP, 7 Dec, the Port, Nelson, wife of John Edward Westrupp, a daughter

Tue -- 12
CHAYTOR, 11 Dec, Seaton, Upper Moutere, wife of A Chaytor esq, a daughter

Wed - 13
THORPE, 12 Dec, All Saints Parsonage, wife of Ven Archdeacon Thorpe, a son
=== Arthur Wellington Barnett, teacher at Stoke school about to leave the province
=== Waimea Northern School prize list = Hester Satherly, Sarah Challies = William Ford = Florence Hammond, Sarah Mercer, Edward Rogers = JeremiahO'Connor, Sydney Sutherly, James Challies = Alice Hammond, Annie Sutherly, Emily Russ and Herbert Ford (equal) = Bertha Russ, Bridget O'Connor, Ellen Russ = Nora O'Connor

Thur - 14
KING, 10 Dec, Collingwood, wife of W King, a son
=== Nelson College Sports results
=== Bishops School prize list
=== Nelson College prize list

Sat --- 16
HANNAGAN, 16 Dec, at her mothers resid, Bridge St, wife of Daniel Hannagan, a son

Mon - 18
SCOTT - CARLING, 12 Dec, at res of brides mother, Courtenay Place, Wellington, Edward Scott, Wellington, to Minnie Hamilton Carling, late of Nelson
=== vital statistics for various centres for Nov == Nelson = 20 births, 8 deaths

Tue -- 19
TARRANT, 17 Dec, Abbs Court, Lower Moutere, Mrs Henry Alex Tarrant, a daughter

Wed - 20
FIELD, 20 Dec, Timaru, wife of G Field, a son
Death---GARDNER, 3 Dec, Christchurch, John Gardner, 42yrs, late of Nelson
Death---COLEMAN, 19 Dec, Nelson, William Coleman, 78yrs
=== St Marys Boys prize list ==Joseph Brunetti, Sydney F Sherwood, Francis Everett =Ernest Everett, Leonard Derungs, Edward Buckeridge = Herbert Littlewood, Leonard Allen, Lewis Allen = Charles King, Alexander Higgins, William Brighten = John Adams, Bernard Frank, Wilfred Bethwaite = Thomas Flockmann, Hugh Corrigan,Ernest Fleming === special prizes = Joseph Brunetti = Ernest Everett = George King= Henry Bethwaite = Sydney Sherwood = L Frank = Edward Cannavan = J W Askew = Leonard Derungs = Francis Allen = J Bartell = Joseph Shepherd = Charles King =
Bernard Frank = W Webley = F Allen = R C Gowland = Thomas Bright = W McConnochie = Charles Thomas = Adolph Frank
=== St Marys Convent School == M Ward = M Pratt, F Batchelor = Josephine Frank, Bertha Newton, Katie Hollis = Annie Leach, Rose Frank, Florence Batchelor = F Littlewood, B Gardiner, Selina Kelly = Emily Mackay, M Newton, Jessie Chubbin = Mary Kennedy = A Haynes = Blanche Richmond, J Frank = Mary Ward, Maria Pratt,F Littlewood = Bertha Newton = Beryl Simmons = Ada Haynes = K Hollis = C Batchelor = A Pratt ==== Second Division = Matilda Chubbin = Mary Hunt, Sarah Levi, Mary Farrell = Harriet Salter, Mina Levestam, Sophia Levi = Sarah Scott, Lilly Millar, Marion Levi = Georgina Corrigan

Thur - 21
===Mr Marsden sen, Stoke --- account of death

Fri --- 22
=== Town Schools prize giving = Bridge St Boys == Basil Connell, George Hunter = Charles Jonston, John Bolton = Henry Campbell, Joseph Dreyer = Francis Allen = John Webster, John Louisson = John Larking = Frederick Dixon, William Rose = Henry Skilton, James Sadd = William Jennens, Frederick Elvey = Arthur Young ==
=== Haven Rd = Jane Salmond, Bella Robb, George Barltrop, Maria Hill, J Thompson = Bertha Blackmore, Jane Lloyd = Sarah Freeman, Margaret Robb, Louis Spottswood, John Kerr = Jane Russell. John Cooper, William Flowerday = George Tibbett,John Corbett, John May, Marion Paul === Junior Div = Edith Flowerday, James Millroy, Thomas O Hodgson = Mary Thompson, Kate Kelly, Annie Salmond =Bella Robertson, Edward Rule, Leonard Greeham = William Vercoe, Bessie McVicar = Josephine Pollock, Oscar Wimsett = Emily Blackmore, Robert Gillon, Jas Trail, John Christian
=== Haven Rd Branch School == Helen Simpson, Constance Barnes = William Robertson,Francis Lowe, Agnes Pearcy = Jessie Wells, Francis Wells, Ella Gerrard = Jessie Adam, Edith Johnston, Agnes Stewart = Robert Lowe, Emma Turner, George Kidson = Isabella Stewart ===
=== Hardy St Girls == Elizabeth Leach, Henrietta Percival, Ada Amos = ElizabethPoynter, Priscilla Stringer, Emma Carr, Emma Leach = Eliza Waterhouse = Rose Hargreaves = Ada Tregea = Rachael Bolton = Martha Young ===
2nd Div ==== B Cooke, E Bentley, E Hingston = A Astle, J Bond, B Walkling = E Johnson, G Bond, E Amos = E Moyes, C Young, S White = A Hargreaves, A Nalder, = M Mills, J Gilbertson, C Batchelor = B Cooke, A Chapman = A Berry, A Lusher, M Haycock = M Waterhouse, K Hunter, E Harris = J Mills, F Cooke, J McArtney
=== Hampden St School == Henry Kelly, Spenser Tucker, Clara Ross = Joseph Henry, James Stringe = Frederick Kelly, Florence Ross, M Sedgwick = Pamela Bolton, Ellen Hall = John M Sunley = William Tucker = Hannah Hall, John Burns ===
2nd Div ==== Susan Broadwood, Harold Kelly = Maggie Graham, Robert Sedgwick, Lily Bolton, Louisa Hall = Walter Tuck, Alex Sutherland, John Goodman =Ifreda (?) Kelly, Sabina Metzenthin =====
=== Toi-toi Valley === Louisa Orsman, Matilda Ingham = Alick Grant, George Cullen,Ruth Knight = John Mackintosh, William Cooper, Frederick Crahagen = Emily Oarsman, Ernest Webster ====
=== Preparatory School == George Avery, C Nalder, J Scott, Alice Wood, Emily Fieldes, Lily Savage = Alfred Gibbs, Arthur Harley, Halstead Harley, Emily Nash, Lily Brighten, Jessie Astle = Ernest Lightband, Ernest Haynes, John McConachie, Charles Moore, Richard Rothwell, Conrad Cox = Leonard Thomas, Frederick Orr, Samuel Levy, Frank Paul = Angus McArtney, John Livick, Edward Patterson, John Harris, Henry Webley, William Scott = Alice Jennings, Shara Chapman,Emily Johnson, Maude Lloyd, Mary Anne Roberts, Jessie Eure, William Kiely,Arthur Trantvetter, Alfred Avery, Arthur Paap = Margaret Patterson =Euphemia Hargreaves, John Aldridge

Sat --- 23
ROBINSON - LEWIS, 21 Dec, East Takaka Church, Edward A Robinson, 2nd son of the late J P Robinson esq, Superintendent of Nelson, to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of H Lewis, Spring Creek, Takaka
Death---MARSDEN, 21 Dec, at Isel, Stoke, Thomas Marsden, 66yrs (arrived 24/12/1842)
Death---ROWBOTHAM, 22 Dec, Stoke, James Rowbotham, 54yrs
=== describing the Christmas display of meat and telling who raised it
=== Bartholomew MURPHY, fireman, Nelson, bankruptcy

Tue -- 26
Death---DYSON, 24 Dec, Wartley Wood, Wakapuaka, W Dyson, 65yrs
Death---SHAW, 23 Dec, ahr, Waimea Rd, Elizabeth, 63yrs, wife of Joseph Shaw
Death---TUCKER, 22 Dec, Pangatotara, Marianna Caigou, wife of Elija Tucker

Wed - 27
BANKS, 23 Dec, Lower Wakefield, wife of Robert Banks, a daughter

Thur - 28
BROWN, 27 Dec, Wakapuaka, William Brown, 37yrs
=== candidates for Takaka Riding Council

Fri --- 29
PAGE - CANN, 21 Dec, East Takaka Church, James, 2nd son of William Page of Waitapu,Adeline Catherine, youngest daughter of John Cann, Takaka
Death---WITHER, 28 Dec, Richmond, Mary Wither, 23yrs
=== Foxhill School -- Mr H Ladley, master == Mary Ann Boddington, Edward Holland =David Gardner, Albert Boddington = Jane Gardner, Duncan Galbraith = George Boddington, Robert Holland = Phillip Fissender, Charles Robertson = Amelia Smith, Lily Tidd = Mary Ann Nesbit, Frederick Dixon = Emma Hunt, Mary Ann Smith =
=== Upper Wakefield --Mr Coombes, master == Charles Hoult, Annie Lines, Ada Lane, Alice Nichols = Charles Riordon, Ivanhoe Tunnicliff, Edward Norris = ThomasMcFarlane, Rowena Ribet, Fanny Eden ===
== Miss Ladleys division ==Florence Savage, Charles McFarlane, Lucy Tunnicliff = Margaret McFarlane, Elizabeth Savage, Ernest Riordon = Edward Hoult, Emma Brown,Lizzie Young = Nora Riordon, Lucy Eden, Jane McFarlane
=== Provincial and Governors Scholarship exams

Sat --- 30
Death---BELLIARD, 29 Dec, Waimea, West Coast, Rev Father Belliard, 43yrs
Death---BRADCOCK, 30 Dec, at residence of his father, Nelson, George, 2yr 6mths, 5thson of Mr J Bradcock
=== James AVIS, one of the old Nelson settlers, and for sometime living in Waimea W, died at Picton last Tue 26th

January --- 1877

Mon - 01
HUMPHREY, 26 Dec, Havelock, wife of Henry Humphrey, a daughter

Tue -- 02
HUMPHREY, 1 Jan, Nelson, wife of John Humphrey, a daughter
MURRAY - LEISTER, 29 Dec, G B Murray, to Annie Leister
Death---MARINO, 29 Dec, Nelson, Tamiti Marino, 80yrs, Cheif of Ngati -Turangapeke
=== Caledonian Sports results

Wed - 03
Death---SCAIFE, 11 Nov, 1876, at his fathers res, Chatsworth House, Newington, Hull, Yorkshire, Eng, Thomas, 43yrs, 2nd son of Thomas Scaife and husband of Mrs M E Scaife, Toi-toi Valley, Nelson

Thur - -04
GREIG, 1 Jan, Waimea Rd, wife of Charles Greig, a son
Death---GIBLIN, 3 Jan, Haven Rd, Nelson, Charles Wallen, 3+1/2mth, son of Mr W E Giblin
=== notice == funeral for Margaret, wife of John Chubbin, late of Patea, will leave his resNew St, on friday
Fri --- 05
GREAGAR, 4 Jan, wife of C Greagar, a daughter

Sat -- 06
PRICHARD - VIPAN, 1 Nov 1876, Sutton, Isle of Ely, Rev Richard P Pritchard, MA,Vicar of Wilburton, Cambridgeshire, to Annie, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Vipan esq, Sutton House, Isle of Ely
SCOTT - HARRIS, 6 Jan, Nelson, Thomas Scott, to Rosa Caroline Harris, from Edgbaston, Birmingham, Eng
Death---ADAM, 5 Jan, Nelson, Margaret, 18mths, daughter of William Adam

Mon - 08
GRAVES, 7 Jan, Westport, Mrs J Graves, a son
Death---NAYLOR, 8 Jan, Nelson, George,15 mth, son of George and Louisa Naylor
=== Pangatotara School prize giving = Sarah Limmer, H Grooby = M A Grooby = E Limmer, J Hale, G Clifford = SE Hale, L Limmer
Tue -- 09
=== unclaimed letters from Sept = John Cross = H R Crocker = Mrs W Harrison = Mrs George Jackson = Thomas McGraven = Timothy O'Keefe
Death---THORPE, 8 Jan, Walter Dunville, 4wks, youngest son of Ven Archdeacon Thorpe
=== Larrys Creek Mining, Robert Tapley, manager --- forfeit shares =Henry Wlson = Robert Lees = John Jones = Edmund Adnett

Wed - 10
PRIMMER, 10 Jan, Richmond, wife of John Primmer, a daughter
=== Charles Beaver will not be responsible for debts of wife Mary Beaver

Fri --- 12
SHANNON, 2 Jan, ahr, Wellington, wife of William Shannon, a daughter
SHANNON, 8 Jan, ahr, Wellington, wife of G V Shannon, a daughter
PALMER - LADLEY, 10 Jan, Spring Grove, A J Palmer, Foxhill, to Lucy Anne, youngestdaughter of the late James Ladley, Spring Grove
SKALLIE - ALDRIDGE, 11 Jan, at res of the brides father, Thomas Skallie, of Auckland, to Ellen 5th daughter of Job Aldridge, Nelson
STEPHENS - PRIDEAUX, 8 Jan, at res of James Penny, Gloucester St, George Stephens,to Emily Prideaux, both of Nelson

Mon - 15
HEWETSON, 12 Jan, Lower Moutere, Mrs Joseph Hewetson, a daughter
=== Nelson Interprovincial Regatta entrants

Tue -- 16
=== William Herman Brown --inquest into his death Mon 15th

Thur - 18
=== Annie Simpson not responsible for debts of husband John Simpson

Fri --- 19
Death---LAMMAS, 18 Jan, George Cook Douglas, 6yrs, eldest son of John and Elizabeth Lammas

Sat --- 20
MITCHNER, 19 Jan, Waimea Rd, wife of Walter Michner, daughter

Mon - 22
=== G H Bullard and ? A Thompson, both of Nelson were 1st and 2nd in senior Civil Service Exams
=== Ngatimoti School prize list = George Carter, George Remnant, Jane Lloyd, Emma Remnant = Jane Harford, Thomas Carter = Priscilla Remnant, David Remnant = Laura Canton, Emma Lines
=== Lower Division = Unis Canton, Francis Harford ==== Others = Jane Lloyd, Walter Harford = Martha Lines, Emma Remnant, George Remnant, Mary Canton

Thur - 25
=== The Lyttelton arrived at Blenheim from Wellington today with 50 immigrantsex the Leicester
WHITING, 21 Jan, wife of Henry Whiting, blacksmith, a son
JAMES, 25 Jan, wife of John James, a son
BEER - PICKERING, 19 Jan, Richmond, George Meluish Beer, eldest son of G W Beer, late of Nelson, toLucy, youngest daughter of Mr W Pickering, Richmond

Fri --- 26
TENNENT, 25 Jan, Nelson, wife of Robert Tennent esq, a daughter

Sat --- 27
Death---SULLIVAN, 27 Jan, Nelson, William John Sullivan, 35yrs, native of NSW

Wed - 31
=== William STAGG, butcher, Nelson, bankruptcy

February --- 1877

Thur - 01
=== Thomas Hunter, dealer, Nelson, bankruptcy

Fri --- 02
=== Anniversary Fete,sports results

Sat --- 03
Death---PLANK, 2 Feb, Wakefield, Mary Georgina Gerish, 31yrs, wife of James Fowler Plank

Mon - 05
BROWN - MOORE, 3 Jan, at res of the bride, Robert L Brown, Collingwood, to Minnie Moore, formerly Prahan, Melbourne
McCARRTHY - GOODMAN, 20 Dec, Registry Office, Auckland, Harry Arthur McCarrthy, Auck, to Annie, eldest daughter of J P Goodman, Nelson

Tue -- 06
=== disastrous flood at Motueka

Wed - 07
=== unclaimed letters from October =W H Bishop = Edmund Collins = James A Campbell = Halton Davis = S Isaacs = Richard Mant = Dr H Williams
Death---SCHROEDER, 6 Feb, Ranzau, Eliza, 2yr 6mth, only daughter of Charles and ElizabethSchroeder

Thur - 08
Death---FLETCHER, 24 Jan, Pakawau, Mary Emma, 42yrs, wife of John E Fletcher
=== reports of flood damage in various districts
=== son, about 11 yrs old of Mr Byford, drowned in the flooding in Marlborough

Fri --- 09
=== pool of players to select a cricket team to play English team = T Eden, W Eden,E Fowler, S Fowler, W Fowler, C Knapp, K Knapp --Wakefield ==== Alfred Coles,Criss Cross, H Cross, J Firth, H Halliday --- Nelson Club ==== Motueka = J Boyes,J Delaney, R Ellis ==== Spring Grove = Fayen, Hyde === + D Barnett, W Bird,C Halliday, H Knapp, Saxon, Tunnicliff

Sat -- 10
AVERY - ROSE, 9 Feb,res of brides father, William Avery, Blenheim, to Eleanor, eldestdaughter of John Rose of Nelson
BRAY - CLARK, 7 Feb, at the res of the bride groom, Tasman St, John Bray to Mary AnnClark, both of Nelson

Mon - 12
SIMS, 9 Feb, Haven Rd, Nelson, wife of the late E E Sims, a daughter
CHITTENDEN - MACEY, 11 Feb, Lewis Henry, youngest son of G Chittenden, toMary Ann, 2nd daughter of William Macey, both of Nelson
=== more about the flood damage

Tue - 13
DICKINSON - GIBBS, 12 Feb, Registry Office, Nelson, Samuel Dickinson, 2nd son ofFrancis Dickinson esq, Wheatlands, kent, Eng, to Matilda, youngest daughter of William Gibbs esq, MHR, of Totaranui
Death---JENNINS, 6 Feb, Fern Hill, Picton, Alfred Eardley Bowden, 3yr 6mthand7 Feb, his brother Sydney Bowden, eldest son of Edmund and FlorenceJennins
=== Wanaka excursion

Wed - 14
DELANEY, 3 Feb, Motueka, wife of John Delaney, a daughter
Death---JOHNSON, 31 Jan, Sunny Bank, Upper Takaka, Nelson, Thomas C Johnson, youngestson of the late Samuel Johnson

Thur - 15
BENSEMANN, 9 Feb, Upper Moutere, Mrs John Bensemann, a daughter
McCLEARY, 14 Feb, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs John McCleary, a daughter
Death---DOWNE, 15 Feb, Nelson, William Downe, 37yrs
Death---MONRO, 15 Feb, ahr, Newstead, Sir David Monro, 64yrs

Fri --- 16
ROCHFORT, 15 Feb, Tasman St, Nelson, Mrs John Rochfort, a daughter

Mon - 19
MILNER, 16 Feb, ahr, Nile St E, wife of W Milner, a daughter
GUEST - REMNANT, 15 Feb, Lockner Farm, Orinoco Valley, John Guest of the Baton, toJane Elizabeth, eldest daughter of George Remnant, Ngatimoti

Tue -- 20
Death---BURNETT, 19 Feb, Nelson, John Edward, 31yrs, eldest son of Richard Burnett,Dovedale
D eath---DAY, 24 Jan, Grove St, the Wood, Amy, 23mths, youngest daughter ofJohn and Catherine Day
Death---SCOTT, 19 Feb, ahr, Bridge St, Rose Hannah, 43yrs, wife of John Scott, builder
=== funeral notice for Frederick, son of Mr S B SILCOCK

Wed - 21
Death---McARTNEY, 20 Feb, Wellington, Mr Andrew McArtney, late of Nelson
Death---TIDD, Stoke, Thomas Samuel Tidd, 56yrs
=== accidental death of a son, 11yrs old of Mr Jennins, Marlborough

Thur - 22
GIBBS, 28 Jan, Stanley Brook, wife of Wm Gibbs, a daughter
GUNN, 21 Feb, Richmond, wife of D W Gunn, a son
LEWIS, 21 Feb, Geraldine, Canterbury, Mrs Thomas W G Lewis, a son
BAYFIELD - BUSH, 21 Feb, Spring Grove, Arthur D'Oyly (?) eldest son of the lateArthur Bayfield, Lyttelton, Canterbury, to Georgina Charlotte, 2nd daughter of the late Dr Bush of Nelson
Death---ROBERTSON, 13 Feb, Sydney, NSW, William Robertson, late of Invercargil, NZ
Death---STAPP, 21Feb, at res of Mr F Gillett, Toi-toi Valley, Emma, 42yrs, wife ofMajor C Stapp of Taranaki

Fri --- 23
=== Notice of funeral of wife of C P Kearns of Hope

Sat --- 24
=== Inquest into death of Mary Kearns, wife of C P Kearns

Mon - 26
DAVIDSON, 6 Feb, Taupata, Golden Bay, Mrs Davidson, a son

Tue -- 27
BROWN, 25 Feb, ahr, Collingwood St, wife of D J Brown esq, a son

Wed - 28
GRAHAM, 4 Feb, Karamea, wife of George William Graham, a son
Death---COCK, 2 Jan, 1877, Gunnislake, Calstock, Cornwall, Capt Joseph Cock, 60yrs, former managerof Dun Mountain Mining Co, Nelson

March --- 1877

Thur - 01
JACOBS - SIMPSON, 28 Feb, at the brides res, Collingwood St, George Jacobs, toMrs Simpson, both of Nelson
Death---FINNEY, 28 Feb, Edward Hugh, 11mths, son of Edward and Marion Finney

Fri --- 02
=== Immigrants to NZ during June to Dec 1876 = Otago = 1353--- Canterbury = 1340--- Wellington = 736--- Westland = 227--- Taranaki = 114--- Nelson = 104---Marlborough = 96--- Auckland = 654---Hawkes Bay = 554
=== P O PEARCE, accidental death near Collingwood, Wed 28 Feb He leaves a widow
=== Nelson Horticultural Soc Autumn Show results
=== Donations to Motueka Relief Fund

Sat -- 03
DAVIDSON, 1 Mar, Grove St, the Wood, wife of William Davidson, a daughter
Death---PIERCE, 1 Mar, Collingwood, Pierce Owen Pierce, 42yrs, youngest son ofP O Pierce, Carnarvonshire, Nth Wales
Death---WHITING, 2 Mar, David John, 6wks, son of Mr H Whiting
=== unclaimed letters from Nov = Miss S Burns = A C Ballance = John Edwards =S Isaacs = Capt Lerak = John L Liley = Joseph Smith

Mon - 05
Death---Mc GLASHAN, 24 Feb, Hospital, Invercargill, John McGlashan

PAPPS, 4 Mar, Richmond, wife of J F Papps, a daughter

Wed - 07
=== John MacDONALD was charged with assaulting and beating Amy ASTLE, daughter ofWilliam ASTLE -- Elizabeth Astle, wife of William and mother of Amy was chargedwith assaulting and beating John Macdonald

Thur - 08
PICKARD, 7 Mar, Vanguard St, wife of Israel Pickard, a daughter
Death---GRUTT, 3 Mar, Greymouth, Alfred Thomas Grutt, 42yrs, eldest son of CharlesThomas Grutt esq, South Yarra, Melbourne

Fri --- 09
GANE - NEWMAN, 1 Mar, Marton, G W Gane of Patea, to Miss A Newman, 2nd daughterof John Newman of Rangitikie

Sat -- 10
THOMAS, 7 Mar, Motueka, wife of F G Thomas, a son

Mon - 12
LOWE - BERRY, 10 Mar, at the brides res, Washington Valley, Thomas Marshall Lowe,to Jane Elizabeth Berry, both of Nelson
=== Stoke Rifles shooting for district prizesCornelius Haynes Butler, gentleman, Trafalgar St = Charles Clarke, Minister, Kawai St =Alfred Stranger Leathes, insurance agent, Vanguard St = Mary Ann Colyer, gentlewoman, Bronti St === listed on the Nelson City valuation list

Tue - 13
GIFFORD, 10 Mar, Upper Moutere, wife of Thomas Gifford, a daughter

Thur - 15
TIMMS, 30 Dec (?), ahr, Wairau Valley, wife of Richard Timms, a son

Fri --- 16
Death---SMALL, 15 Mar, at East Hamilton, Waikato, Harry Small, eldest son of the lateWilliam Small of Suburban Nth

Sat -- 17
SIMON, 6 Mar, ahr, Grange St, Dunedin, Mrs James P Simon, a daughter

Tue - 20
Death---BAKER, 20 Mar, Nelson Hospital, James Baker, 38yrs

Wed - 21
MARTIN - WILLS, 19 Mar, at res of brides father, Holstein, Upper Moutere,John R Martin, Hawkes Bay, to Elizabeth RosaleenWills, eldest daughter ofAlbert Frederick William Wills
=== Frederick Mills (a boy) and Thomas King charged with furious riding

Thur - 22
=== Assesment Court at Spring Grove == objectors to their assesments == Sarah Nicholson, Woodstock = Thomas Nicholson, Stoke (2) = Robert Edmunds,Spring Grove = W M Stanton = Abraham Wills, James Jary, W E Cross, Waimea E =Christopher Frank, John Jordan, Waimea W = W Rout, Eliza Cole, Waimea East = S H Pike, Stoke
=== We the inhabitants of Pangatotara etc -- signed by --- Henry Inwood = Eliza Inwood =Thomas Grooby jun = Elizabeth Grooby = George Grooby sen = David Jennings =Tolina Chapman = Susannah Inwood = Emma Grooby = John Grooby sen =J D Knowles = Eliza Bridge = Maria For E Jennings = James Chapman =Charles Malpas

Fri --- 23
JENNENS, ahr, Grove St, the Wood, Mrs Thomas Jennens, twins, a son and daughter
=== Mr ROBINSON, 67yrs, died in Sydney His widow still lives in Nelson

Sat -- 24
=== Thomas Blenerhasset, Spring Grove, committed to the Asylum

Mon - 26
Death---JOHNSON, 25Mar, Beachville, John Horace, 10wks, son of the late John Johnson
=== George TOMLINSON at Waimea West, Sat 24, death (son of Richard Tomlinson)

Tue - 27
PILLEW, 26 Mar, wife of E T Pillew, a daughter
SCHROEDER, 21 Mar, Ranzau, Waimea E, wife of Charles Schroeder, a daughter

Wed - 28
POWELL, 25 Mar, Allington, wife of S Powell, a daughter

Sat --- 31
CURNOW, 23 Mar, Collingwood, Golden Bay, wife of William H Curnow, a daughter
RUFF, 30 Mar, ahr, Hope St, Nelson, wife of H Ruff, a daughter
Death---WILLIAMS, 28 Mar, at res of her daughter, Mrs Jacckson, Tasman St, the Wood
Death---Sarah Ann, 53yrs, wife of Capt WILLIAMS, Collingwood

April --- 1877

Tue - 03
=== Francis Robert RIVES (the younger) of Nelson, no occupation, bankruptcy
=== about the Northampton (immigrant ship) and the trip out from England
BRYANT - FUNNELL, 3 April, at res of Lewis Bryant, Spring Grove, James Spence Bryant, to Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of Walter Funnell, Lower Moutere
Death---BOLTON, 4 April, Hednesford, Waimea W, Elizabeth, 49yrs, wife ofEdward Bolton esq
=== obituary for Mrs Bolton --- was daughter of late H Redwood esq, and one of earliest settlers
=== 33th anniversary of the Nelson School Soc and some details

Thur - 05
=== unclaimed letters from Dec = John Burrow = W Burns = W H Clarke (2) =Mrs G Jackson = Mrs E Lake = John Meharry = J Neal = W H Passmore =H Williams
Death---HENRY, 26 Mar, at res of her brother in law, J Henry MHR, Charleston,Mrs George Henry, 3rd daughter of the late A Armstrong esq, Southsea, Hants,and formerly HM 13 Light Dragoons and 87 Reg
=== a trip to Tadmore

Fri --- 06
KITCHING, 31 Mar, ahr, Bridge St, Nelson, wife of Archibald Kitching, a daughter

Sat -- 07
=== Koranui Coal Mining Co ----- provisional directors

Mon - 09
DILLON, 20 Mar, Cannes, France, wife of Phillip Gerald Dillon esq, a daughter
EYLES - MYTTON, 7 April, Richmond, Chas Eyles, Richmond, to Miss Amelia Mytton,of Ngatimoti
MYTTON - EYLES, 7 April, Richmond, Edward Mytton, Ngatimoti, to Miss Anna Eylesof Richmond

Tue - 10
BLENNERHASSETT, 8 Ap, wife of T Blennerhassett, a daughter
=== assets and liabilities of Francis Robert Rives (the younger) Waitoa Cattle Station(Auck) and Allington Farm (47 names mainly business men)

Wed - 11
SINCLAIR, 10 Ap, wife of G B Sinclair, a son
=== town butchers V country butchers cricket

Thur - 12
YARRALL, 11 Ap, Nelson, wife of T W Yarrall, a son

Sat -- 14
=== Thanks to Motueka Relief Committee from --- William Mickell = James Mickell =Joseph Duncan jun = George Barrow = D Sutherland = John Dunbar Duncan

Mon - 16
GORRIE, 14 April, wife of P Gorrie, a son
=== Grand Jury members

Tue -- 17
PASCOE, 14 April, wife of Frank Pascoe, a son
ELKINGTON - BLANCHARD, 16 April, Nelson, James, eldest son of late Capt Elkington,35 Reg, to Annie Elizabeth, 3 daughter of G Blanchard, east Cowes, Isle of Wight
=== John KERR, 2nd son of David Kerr, Motupiko Valley, had a serious accident in theWai-iti Bush --- not expected to live (his aunt Mrs Morrison lives near Foxhill)

Wed - 18
HEWSON, 18 Ap, wife of R Hewson HMC, a son

Thur - 19
HALE - LAWRENCE, 7 Ap, Blenheim, Alfred Henry, 3rd son of William Hale, Nelson,to Emily Lawrence, Blenheim
=== Borough of Nelson -- March = 20 births and 9 deaths (6 were unde 1yr old)
=== John Infield, hotel keeper, Nelson, bankruptcy

Fri --- 20
Death---ALLDRIDGE, 20 Ap, ahr, Halifax St, Henry Alldridge, 58yrs
KERR, 19 Ap, at res of Mr Morrison, Foxhill, John, 23yrs, son ofDavid and Margaret Kerr, Motupiko Valley

Sat --- 21
FAYEN, 20 Ap, Wairoa, Mrs H Fayen, a son

Mon - 23
EDRIDGE, 22 Ap, Brook St, Valley, wife of E Edridge, a son
HUMPHREY, 21 Ap, Waimea Rd, wife of C Humphrey, a son, stillborn
Death---KERR, Hawick, England, Andrew, 2nd son of the late John Kerr
=== committee of members of German Lutheran Church of Nelson -- F Schumaker =C Harling = Rother = W Neumann = H Schroeder = H Korte = D Wilkens =Rev Heine = Rev Meyer
=== William KEVAN committed to the Asylum
=== Richard HICKLAND, waggoner of the West Coast

Tue -- 24
SCOTT, 22 Ap, ahr, Cambria St, the Wood, wife of Capt W R Scott, a daughter
Death---McLEAN, 19 Ap, at sea onboard SS Albion, Herbert John, 11 mths, son of Duncan McLean, Greymouth

Wed - 25
Death---TOMLINSON, 24 Ap, Waimea West, Dorothea Mary, 68yrs, wife ofRichard Tomlinson
Death---LUDLAM, 5 Mar, Maida-vale, wife of A Ludlam, Hutt, Wellington and daughterof the late Col Globes, Yarralumla, NSW

Thur - 26
SCHULTZ, 26 Ap, Beachville, wife of Frank Schultz, a daughter
=== Dr Leighton Kesteven intends to apply to be registered and practise at Waimea

Mon - 30
OTTERSON, 26 Ap, Wellington, wife of Henry Otterson, a son
SPEARS, 27 Ap, St Peters Parsonage, Havelock, wife of Rev John Spear, a son
=== George Walker, miner, Wakamarina, Marlborough, bankrupt

May --- 1877

Tue -- 01
=== unclaimed letters from Jan = David Allison = Henry Anmer = H Froome =Patrick Hickey = Thos M Hamilton = Malcolm Macqueen = Evan Ray = WilliamRobinson = L A Wilson = John Walker = C I Young

Wed - 02
WILLS, 26 Ap, Lower Moutere, wife of the late J W Wills, a daughter
WHITE, 28 Ap, Ngatimoti, wife of Alexander White, a daughter
JENNINGS, 2 may, ahr, Nile St W, wife of James Jennings, a son
=== Alexander Wilkie, Edmund Parker and William Henry Jones to be presented withCaledonian Soc silver medals for saving life during the Motueka floods
=== Robert Brown, formerly Globe Hotel will not be responsible for debts of his wifeMinnie More Brown

Thur - 03
Death---FRANK, 2 May, Brook St Valley, Florence Fanny, 14wks, youngest daughter ofJacob and Mary Frank

Sat --- 05 --- BOLTON, 4 May, Norwich Nursery, wife of S Bolton, a son
MADDOCK - CAVE, 30 Ap, at res of brides mother, Harley St, Charles Maddock,Blenheim, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late Charles Cave

Mon - 07
Death---ROBINSON, 6 May, Washington Valley, Mary, wife of JohnRobinson, engineerof p s Charles Edward
Death---DEE,, 7 May, Collingwood St, Beatrice May, 22mths, youngest daughter ofE W and Lydia Dee

Tue -- 08
=== William Glover, Nelson, owner and master of the schooner May, of Nelson, drowned

Sat --- 12
McLACHLAN - HODGKINSON, 11 May, John McLachlan, to Evelyn, 5th daughter ofMr Hodgkinson, Wakefield
Death---BONNINGTON, 11 May, St Albans, Christchurch, Mary Ellen Bonnington, 27yrs
=== William SONGER (the "father of Stoke") married Mrs Mary HUBBARD, of Richmond at Stoke last Thur 10th He came from Stoke Eng in 1841 -- each person 61yrs old

Wed - 16
Death---TUNNICLIFF, May 16, Upper Wakefield, Henry John Tunnicliff, 49yrs
=== Thomas William JAMES, about 8yrs, son of John James -- death in Bridge St, Tue 15
=== James SHORE, landlord of Privincial Hotel, one time constable in Nelson, death 15th

Thur - 17
MACMAHON - BOYCE, 15 May, Motueka, at res of brides parents, John,4th son ofB Macmahon JP, Riwaka, to Annie, 5th daughter of W Boyce, Motueka

Sat --- 19
=== 2 children, 3yrs and 18mths of Mr Barclay, proprietor of the Awatere Hotel,Marlborough, died from scalding

Tue -- 22
REMNANT, 20 Mar, Ngatimoti, wife of Christopher Remnant, a son
FELL, 22 May, Blenheim, wife of A G Fell, a daughter

Wed - 23
CLARKSON - BOUNDY, 22 May, Hardy St, William Clarkson, to Jane, only daughter ofJames Boundy, Nelson
=== Thomas Conway and George Shepherd -- forfeit shares

Mon - 28
Death---COTTRELL, 28 May, Charles Edward Cottrell, MRCS, 43yrs
Death---GARNER, 25 May, Nelson, Henry Garner, 43yrs
=== receipts of the various railway lines in NZ

Tue -- 29
NEVE, 28 May, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs A Neve, a daughter

Thur - 31
BEAVER, 22 May, ahr, Nile St E, Mrs C Beaver, a son
Death---McKENZIE, 30 May, at res of Mrs Jacobs, Mary Ann, 43yrs, wife ofJames McKenzie, late of Collingwood

June --- 1877

Fri --- 01
Death---LEWIS, 31 May, at res of H White, Washington Valley, Thomas William GoulstoneLewis, 25yrs

Mon - 04
MELVILLE - NISBET, 3 June, at res of the bride, William, youngest son of Mr J WMelville, Walthamstow, Essex, Eng, to Annie, eldest daug of W Nisbet, Grove St, Nelson
Death---BESGROVE, 3 June, Nelson Hospital, Oliver Besgrove, 27yrs

Tue -- 05
=== unclaimed letters from Feb = Samuel Ashton = Mrs Cann = Mary Conner =Wm Wallace Clough = Henry Hunt = Mrs Houlston = Laura Heath = S Isaacs =C Lambert = Margt Maison (2) = Mrs Marklaw = Henry Palmer = J Worster

Wed - 06
WEIR, 4 June, wife of Robert Weir, a son, stillborn

Thur - 07
MACKAY, 29 May, Nelson College, Mrs Mackay, a son

Fri --- 08
HAYCOCK - PALMER, 6 June, Richmond, Charles Gerrick, 2nd son of Thomas Haycock,Ngatimoti, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Job Palmer, Waimea E
=== Local Committees of Education --- elections to replace retiring members ---- some more in Sat 9 and Mon 11 papers

Mon - 11
CRONK, 11 June, Gloucester St, wife of Charles Cronk, a daughter
HURST, 10 June, Richmond, wife of G B Hurst, a daughter

Wed - 13
BANNEHR, 10 June, wife of T H Bannehr, a daughter
JONES - BATCHELOR, 9 June, office of the Registrar, A T Jones, Nelson, to Maria,2nd daughter of Mr G Batchelor, Nelson
LANGFORD - SIGLEY, office of the Registrar, Motupipi, Arthur Edward, 4th son ofJohn Alfred Langford, Wakefield, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of John William Sigley,Takaka
=== occuring in Golden Bay in the last 2-3wks ---
  Elisha Ellis (immigrant on the Fernglen) drowned
  Clark, a storekeeper at Slateford, missing since Sun 3rd June
  Mr Beadmore, Takaka Valley settler, serious accident, not expected to live
  Mrs Heywood, Takaka Valley, died at the tea table last week
  Oliver Besgrove, from near Collingwood, died in Nelson Hospital a few days ago
  Mrs McKenzie, Collingwood, died recently leaving a large young family

Thur - 14
WIN - LLOYD, 13 June, Dovedale, George Griffith, eldest son of Mr W Win, Dovedale,to Annie, daughter of Mr R Lloyd, Ngatimoti

Fri --- 15
MOORE, 15 June, Nile St E, wife of Ambrose E Moore, a son

Sat --- 16
DAVIS, 12 June, Nile St E, Mrs Moss Davis, a daughter
TOMLINSON - HAGAN, 14 June, Wakefield, Charles 5th son of Henry Tomlinson,Waimea W, to Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of the late James Hagan, Spring Grove
Death---BETTS, 16 June, ahr, Hardy St, Alfred George Betts, 52yrs

Mon - 18
HILDRETH, 15 June, res of Mr Heslington, Mrs William Hildreth jun, a daughter
DARBY - McDONALD, 1 June, Christchurch, William Darby, Timaru, eldest son of W Darby, Nelson, to Jane, only daughter of late Kenneth McDonald esq, Dingwall, Rossshire, Scotland

Tue -- 19
=== Alexander Maclaine, stockdealer, Nelson, bankrupt

Wed - 20
BAKER, 19 June, High St, Motueka, Mrs Joseph G Baker, a daughter
=== arrived at Wellington, barque Wennington from London with 38 Gov immigrants

Thur - 21
TRASK, 20 June, ahr, Collingwood St, Nelson, Mrs F Trask, a son
WALKER, 19 June, wife A N Walker, a daughter
WILSON, 20 June, Stoke, wife of J S Wilson, a daughter
=== in court charged with removing fencing = James Eginton, 18yrs old = William Cassidy, 17yrs = Henry Jones, 14 yrs

Fri --- 22
SIMPSON, 20 June, Washington Valley, wife of David Simpson, a daughter

Sat -- 23
CHING - JELLYMAN, 21 June, Stoke, Henry, 5th, son of Richard Ching, to ElizabethHannah, 4t daughter of Enoch Jellyman, both of Stoke
Death---NICHOLLS, 22 June, Annie, 22yrs, wife of S W Nicholls, of the Ship Hotel
Death---PEEL, 27 Ap, 21 Bloomfield Trce, Pimlico, Frank Steers Peel, eldest son of thelate Capt Spencer Peel, 1st Royal Reg

Mon - 25
DOVTHELL, 20 June, ahr, Washington Valley, wife of Andrew Dovthell of Westporta son, premature, stillborn

Tue -- 26
=== notice Catherine Margaret, daughter of Mr Chubbin, Highbury Place, Trafalgar St Swill be buried tomorrow

Wed - 27
SHAW, 20 June, Reefton, wife of Mr Warden Shaw, a daughter
WINTER, 25 June, Collingwood St, Mrs Geo Winter a daughter

Thur - 28
===Passenger list for the Queen Bee sailed from London for Nelson on 20 April
HARFORD - HYDE, 25 June, at res of the bridegroom, Hope, James Hartford, toMrs Elizabeth Hyde of Spring Grove
ESCOURT - BARTLETT, 22 June, at the Registrars Office, W E Escourt, to EmilyBartlett, both of Nelson
Death---THOMSON, 27 June, Christina, 38yr, wife W Thomson, confectioner, Trafalgar St
Death---SMALL, 13 June, Tua Marina, Wairau, Joseph, 22yrs, 3rd son late William Small, Stoke

Fri --- 29
=== from Greymouth -- on Mon 25th, evening, Michael KINSELLA, miner, Mrs Margaret McINERY, of Nelson Creek and her 2 children, and a young woman BridgetFITZSIMMONS left in a canoe to cross the river to Blackball Creek. It is certain that all are drowned
DAVIDSON - ELLIOTT, 19 Ap, Abbottabad, Punjab, India, Capt John Davidson, Assist-Adj General of the Punjab Force, to Anna Elizabeth Lloyd, eldest daughter of late Thomas Elliott esq, Dolhaidd, Carmarthenshire
Death---DYER, 20 June, Selwyn Trce, Auckland, William Dyer, 81yrs, MRCSE
=== Advert --- all items are 6d (5c) --- 1/4 tin sardines = tallow candles = 6 lb salt =6oz blue = 1lb sago = 1lb rasins = 1lb currants = 1/2lb Colemans mustard =3/4lb canary seed = 8 cakes of blacking = 12 washing powders = 3lb washing soda = 4 reels of cotton = 10 bootlaces = 1/2lb mixed lollies = 1/4lb tea = 9lb potatoes = 9lb carrots = 9lb swedes

Sat --- 30
ADAMS, 30 June, Tresillian, Wakapuaka, wife of Acton Adams esq, a daughter
Death---WOOD, 28 June, at res of her son, Joseph Wood, Halifax St, Mrs Sarah Wood, 83yr
=== Richard THOMAS drowned in Maruia River last night, Fri 29th
=== Richmond Gov Schools exam results == Boys School-- 1st class = Ernest Holdaway,Fedor Kelling, William Bryant, John Harkness, Thornton Malcolm, Kobert Saywell, Albert Tovey, Arthur O'Loughlen == 2nd Class = Ernest Thompson, Charles F Muntz,Daniel Gifford, George Brock, Robert Bell == 3rd Class = Edward Tovey, WilliamWilkes, Charles Hanmond == 4th Class = Albert Wilkes, Ernest Talbot, WilliamCorby, Vernon Thompson == 5th Class = Alexander Reid, Edward Hudson, GeorgeHudson, David Walker == 6th Class = Herbert Sutton, Hayes Croucher, Stephan Avery, George Tovey, Albert Biggar
Girls School === 1st Class = Laura Thompson, Louisa Saywell, Emily Gifford ==1st Class 2nd div = Beatrice Neale, Alice Burton ==2nd Class = Rose Croucher,Agnes Sutton, Anne Haase == 3rd Class = Ellen Sutton, Lucy Brock, Gertrude Kean,Emily Lessty == 4th Class = Emma Hammond, Janet Pollock, Florence Lammas,Edith Sutton == 5th Class = Ellen O'Connel, Bertha Sutton, Cecilia Corby, ElizabethDavidson == 6th Class = Kate Keen, Edith Lankow , Fanny Friend ==7th Class = Alziere Bell, Annie Read

July --- 1877

Mon - 02
BATT, 30 June, wife of Henry Batt, Wakefield, a son
GILMOR - GAPPER, 1 July, Edward Gilmor, West Meath, Ireland, to Amelia Elizabeth,2nd daughter of Francis Gapper, Lower Wakefield

Tue -- 03
GIBLIN, 30 June, ahr, Harley St, wife of J Giblin, a daughter, premature, stillborn
McCLELLN - PONSONBY, 12 Ap, Bayswater, John McClellan esq, of the Hythe, Egham,Surrey, to May, daughter of the late Capt W B Ponsonby, Spring Field, Cumberland, Eng
=== Henry Conrad LAMPP, 11 mths, son of Joseph Lampp of Hope, death Mon 2nd.Inquest in Wed 4th paper

Wed - 04
NIPPERT, 4 July, wife of Charles Nippert, a son

Thur - 05
=== unclaimed letters from March = Joseph Cook (2) = B Gregory = L Isaacs =Miss Maria Hill = Colonel Morris = Alfred Rickets = William Watts
=== J W WIGZELL died at Wanganui this morning He was a long time member of theNelson Volunteer Fire Brigade

Fri --- 06
ADAMS - FISSENDEN, 5 July, Richard Adams, to Miss Ellen Fissenden, both of Nelson
=== Mrs Levi JAMES (Mary), 88 Valley, found dead in bed == Inquest in Sat 7th paper ==
=== Annual report of the Inspector of Schools

Sat -- 07
=== Kumara -- serious accident, Fri 6th -- 4 men buried while working a claim So farQUINLIVAN has been got out, KELLY can be heard speaking, but it is feared that COONEY(has a wife and family) and KILEY are dead --- Kelly later died

Mon - 09
=== Evan DAVIS, Quail Valley hung himself this morning, leaves a wife and young family

Tue -- 10
Death---PHILLIPS, 8 July, School House, Lower Wakefield, Mary Helen, 22yrs, wife ofW H Phillips jun, of the Sherry

Fri --- 13
HODGSON, 12 July, ahr, Washington Valley, Mrs J L Hodgson, a son

Mon - 16 --- === list of jury members and witnesses

Tue -- 17
HARRIS, 16 July, Mrs George Harris, a daughter
SELLON, 6 May, Rectory, Kent Church, Mrs Melville Sellon, a son

Wed - 18
EVERETT - DREW, 17 July, at res of Mr Everett, Stafford House, Edward Everett jun,to Miss Alice Jane Drew, only daughter of Mr and Mrs James Drew, Nelson
=== jury sworn and challenged

Fri --- 20
Death---CARTER, 19 July, ahr, Waimea Rd, Nelson, near the Hospital, John Carter, 58yrs, from Preston, Lancashire, England

Sat --- 21
SMALLBONE, 15 July, Mrs Smallbone, a son
Death---DAVIS, 21 July, ahr, Bridge St, John Davis, 48yrs, late of Charleston

Mon - 23
HIRD, 22 July, wife of W J Hird, a son
PASLEY, 23 July, Opawa, Canterbury, wife of R C Pasley esq, a daughter

Wed - 25
Death---DOULL, 24 July, at Hospital, Helen Doull, 24yrs

Thur - 26
BLINCOE, 18 July, Nth Dunedin, wife of Richard Blincoe, a son

Fri --- 27
BRIGHTEN, 26 July, ahr, Nile St, wife of Charles Brighten, a son
NEWPORT - KINZETT,26 July, the Strand, Wakapuaka, George, eldest son of James Newport, Landour Run, Brook St, Valley, to Elizabeth Ann, eldest daughter of Mr Kinzett, Wakapuaka

Sat -- 28
THOMSON,28 July, at Mr Bells, Waimea W, wife of A Thomas, Baton, a daughter

Mon - 30
TRENT, 30 July, ahr, Collingwood St, wife of H Trent, a son
BELLAMORE - PAUL, 29 July, Thomas Henry Bellamore, to Miss Rose Anna Paul, bothof Nelson
GALWAY - HARGREAVES, 28 July, at res of Mr H Trent, Collingwood St, Nelson,Christopher, son of late Edward Galway esq, JP, of Doon, Co Clare, Ireland, and nephew of Major General Galway, CB, to Edith Bertha, 4th daughter of the late J BeanlandHargreaves of Nelson

Tue -- 31
BRANDFORD, 30 July, Cleveland Cottage, Washington Valley, wife of James Brandford, a son

August --- 1877

Wed - 01
COOKE - BOUCHER, 31 July, Nelson, Charles T Cooke, Christchurch, to Mary ABoucher of Nelson

Thur - 02
Death---RONALDSON, St Johns Parsonage, Milton, Dunedin, Grace Matilda, 11mths,daughter of Rev William and Arabella (?) Ronaldson
Death---FLEMING, 28 July, at res of her sister in law, Blenheim, Mrs Isabella Fleming,58yrs, late of Nelson

Fri --- 03
CAMPBELL, 8 July, ahr, Wells St, Hokitika, Mrs R Campbell, a son
Death---MORRISON, 2 Aug, William Morrison, 62yrs, Foxhill

Sat --- 04
=== James Ingle Elkington, Apple Tree Farm, Waimea Sth, gentleman, bankrupt

Mon - 06
BROAD, 5 Aug, wife of Lowther Broad, District Judge, a son

Tue -- 07
=== unclaimed letters from April = Samuel Ashton = James Cook = John E Ganderson =Charles Godden = H G Hill = J Hall = James Keary = Mrs G Lloyd = Miss NManning = G H Masters = Mrs Jane McMurray = Miss M O'Halloran = G A Palmer(3) = William H Passmore = Samuel Pearce = Mrs S Shillam = Miss M Stalker

Wed - 08
===Queen Bee runs aground on Farewell Spit, midnight Monday Nelson passengersstill aboard
WAKELIN, 5 Aug, ahr, Waimea Rd, wife of T R Wakelin, a daughter
ANDREWS, 14 July, Ashburton, Canterbury, wife of G W Andrews, a son

Thur - 09
Death---BUSH, at her sons res, Russell St, Mrs Bush, 77yrs
=== report on wreck of the Queen Bee --- 2 boats full of passengers and crew are missing
=== T Protheroe, Nelson, not responsible for debts without written order from me

Sat --- 11
OLVER, 6 Aug, Grove St, the Wood, wife of W Olver, a son
O'BRIEN, 10 Aug, Ennerglynn, wife of A O'Brien, a son
=== wreck of the Queen Bee --- both boats found, 1 man drowned, 2 missing, rest safe

Tue -- 14
BETTANY - JOHNS, 9 Aug, at res of the brides father, Tinakori Rd, Wellington,James Henry Bettany, Nelson, to Emily Jessie Johns, 2nd daughter of F G Johns esq

Wed - 15
VENDORE, 14 Aug, ahr, Beachville, Nelson, wife of N Vendore, a son
Death---BULLICK, 29 May, Rectory, Ardkeen, Co Down, Ireland, Rev Alexander Bullick
Death---BAYLIS, 12 Aug, res of her father, Globe Hotel, Maud Louisa, 4yr 10mths,2nd daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Baylis

Thur - 16
WEBBER, 7 Aug, at res of Mr Wells, Russell St, wife of T W Webber, a daughter
Death---BATCHELOR, 15 Aug, Westport, Thomas Charles Batchelor, Suburban Nth, Nelson

Fri --- 17
NICHOLLS - GAPPER, 15 Aug, res of brides father, Wakefield, Joshua Charles, eldestson of Joshua Nicholls, to Florence Emily, 3rd daughter of Francis Henry Gapper
THOMPSON - PEEL, 24 July, Hobartown, Tasmania, John Thomas Thompson esq,surveyor of Nelson NZ, to Catherine Mary, 2nd daughter of John C Peel esq, Hobartown
GIRLING - CLARKE, 16 Aug, at Mr Farmars res, Blenheim, William Baker Girling,Blenheim, to Elizabeth Clarke, late of Nelson

Sat -- 18
SHARPE - GILL, 15 Aug, at res of Mr F Merritt, the Wood, Jane, widow of the lateBenjamin Gill, Todds Bush, Suburban Nth, to George Sharpe, Spring Grove

Tue -- 21
RUSS - BURNETT, 21 Aug, at res of Mrs Burnett, Washington Valley, Jacob Russ, toMrs Catherine Burnett, Nelson

Wed - 22
Death---SIGGELKOW, 22 Aug, Frederick, 22yrs, 3rd son of John Siggelkow (name inFuneral notice the same day)

Thur - 23
Death---BANNEHR, 21 Aug, Jessie Maria, 10wks, daughter of T H and J M Bannehr

Fri --- 24
WILLIAMS, 23 Aug, Washington Valley, Nelson, wife of Henry Williams, a daughter

Sat --- 25
WEEKS, 24 Aug,, Nile St E, Mrs H J Weeks, a daughter, stillborn
Death---HUNTER, 24 Aug, ahr, Waimea W, wife, 45yrs, of Gardner Hunter

Tue -- 28
FRY - TALBOT, 27 Aug, Motueka, Henry Fry, Riwaka, to Ann, daughter of Daniel Talbotof Motueka
=== John KERR killed by an explosion at Greymouth
Wed - 29
DOIGE - WALKER, 24 Aug, at the res of the brides father, John Doige to Hannah, 3rd daughter of Charles Walker, Toi-toi Valley, Nelson

September --- 1877

Sat --- 01
McVICAR, 26 Aug, Nelson St, Wellington, wife of W McVicar, a daughter
PETTIT, 1 Sept, Spring Grove, wife of R Pettit, a daughter
Death---ABRAHAM, 17 June, Bournemouth, Caroline Harriet, wife of the Rt Rev BishopAbraham, late Bishop of Wellington
Death---CARTER, 31 Aug, ahr, Waimea St, Nelson, , John L Carter, 68yrs

Mon - 03
FELTON - COOKE, 1 Sept, Wakefield, George Felton esq, to Sophia Augusta, 4thdaughter of the late Major T W Cooke, HEICS
JAMES - SKILTON, 3 Sept, at res of Mrs Johnson, Beachville, Frank James, toMiss Jane Mary Skilton, both of Collingwood

Tue --- 04
=== unclaimed letters from May = John E Ganderson = Frederick Jennings = W Keller =J W Marshall = T Newton and Co = Col H M Norris

Wed -- 05
REDGRAVE - BURTON, 27 Aug, Westport, Andrew James, only son of A E Redgrave esq, Sydenham, England, to Catherine Emma, eldest daughter of the lateGeorge Natt Burton esq, Taranaki, NZ
=== Mr Pamariki PARK, Wellington, married Mere KITAKITA, (a late pupil of the Motueka
Native School) at Motueka on Wed 29 Aug

Thur - 06
MARTEN, 21 Sept (?), Ashburton, wife of Rev W B Marten, a daughter
KITCHING - PERCIVAL, 4 Sept, Arthur Richard Kitching, to Catherine I Percival,both of Nelson

Sat --- 08
Death---ADAMS, 6 Sept, ahr, Alma St, Jane, 48yrs, wife of Richard Adams
Death---FRAZER, 8 Sept, ahr, Shelbourne St, Hannah, 69yrs, relict of the lateCapt David Frazer

Mon - 10
HADFIELD, 8 Sept, at Rose Villa, Waimea St, wife of R Hadfield, a daughter

Thur - 13
SHERMAN, 4 Sept, Nelson Creek, Greymouth, wife of W Sherman, a son

Sat --- 15
YARRAL, 9 Sept, Nelson, wife of H Yarral, a son
DANE, 13 Sept, at Toi-toi Valley, wife of W F Dane, a son
CLEGHORN - MOSSOP, 8 Sept, Picton, George Cleghorn, MRCS, Eng, of Blenheim,to Harriet Louisa, eldest daughter of Charles Mossop esq, Chelsea, Eng

Mon - 17
=== Richard MOSS accidentally shot Sun 16th Blenheim
DREW, 3 Sept, wife of A Drew, a son
WASHBOURN 14 Sept, Nelson, Mrs H P Washbourn, a son
=== Jury sworn in == John Newbury = John Cockram = David Gilbertson = David Gregg= George Redworth, G W Hurst = G Rowbotham = H D Jackson = John Keene =W V Salter = Louis Sheather = S B Johnson

Tue -- 18
Death---TREGEA, 18 Sept, Collingwood St, Grace, 59yrs, wife of John Tregea

Wed - 19
BURN, 17 Sept, wife of D Burn, a son

Thur - 20
GARRETT - McARTNEY,20 Sept, George Evered Garrett, to Harriett McArtney, both of Nelson
=== inquest into death of Dr John BLIGH

Fri --- 21
Death---DISHER, 21 Sept, Dunedin, Thomas William, 27yrs, 3rd son of Robert Disher

Sat --- 22
BEATSON, 18 Sept, Ngatimoti, Mrs D G Beatson, a son

Mon - 24
=== William HOLMES, baker and confectioner, Nelson, bankrupt
=== Charles MATTHEWS, Karamea, married Miss TUTTLE, Sat 22 (Rose Bank Farm)

Wed - 26
ENGEL, 26 Sept, ahr, Wakefield Cottage, wife of Mr Engel, a son
Death---PENNY, 16 Sept, Blenheim, Anne, 32yrs, wife of Aaron Penny

Fri --- 28
CHISHOLM, 27 Sept, ahr, Hardy St, wife of W S Chisholm, a daughter

Sat --- 29
HAYBITTLE - BURNS, 29 Sept, at res of Mr R White, Collingwood St, William George,eldest son of R Haybittle, Wellington, to Robertina, 3rd daughter of the lateWilliam Burns, Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotla

October 1877 to December 1879, to come.

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