Nelson & Bays GenWeb - Nelson Evening Mail - 1870 to 1874 - Extracts of baptisms, births, deaths, marriages, and other events

Nelson Evening Mail

The following list of Names taken from extracts of birth, burial, and marriage notices and miscellanous notes of other events were extracted and kindly provided by Ted Wright. Actual images of the Nelson Evening Mail from 1866 through to 1900 can be found on the NZ National Library Website.

January --- 1870

Mon - 03 -- GODDARD, 29 Dec, ahr, Russel St, Mrs Goddard, a son
SOLOMON, 2 Jan, ahr, Nile St West, Mrs S M Solomon, a son
==== Results of the Caledonian Games ====
Tue -- 04 -- WRIGHT, 4 Dec, wife of Thos M Wright, a daughter
PIKE, 29 Dec, at College Hill, wife of I H Pike, a daughter
Wed - 05 -- MABIN, 3 Jan, wife of John R Mabin, a son
RAY, 27 Dec, at Cobden, wife of R Ray, a daughter
Fri --- 07 --- Morris Cahill, jockey of Wellington ==== killed in a steeplechase accident at Hokitika
Mon - 10 -- Death--ROURKE, 3 Jan, Thomas Rourke, 27yrs
PLANK, 8 Jan, at Wakefield, Edward Plank, 20mths
=== Item ==David Clark, Wakefield, one of Nelsons oldest settlers in fatal accident
Wed - 12 -- HAMILTON, 11 Jan, Mrs Henry Hamilton, of Beachville, nelson, a son
GARDINER - POWELL, 8 Jan, at Upper Moutere, Mr Isaac Gardiner, to Mrs E Powell
Thur - 13 -- FISHER, 12 Jan, wife of Thomas R Fisher Esq, a son
Fri --- 14 --- == Riwaka v Motueka ---- cricket teams
Fri --- 14 --- REYNOLDS, 13 Jan, ahr, Shelbourne St, wife John Reynolds, a son
Sat---15-Death--BEATSON, 13 Jan, ahlr, Selwyn Place, William Beatson Esq, 62yrs
O'REILLY - BLACKWOOD, 15 Jan, by Rev Richard J Thorpe, Fleming Pinkstone
O.Reilly Esq, Dublin, To Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John O'Reilly Blackwood Esq,
Ballymenoch, Hollywood, County Down, Ireland
Mon - 16 -- BOURKE - MURPHY, Jan 8, at St Marys, Nelson, William Joseph Bourke, to
Miss Honoria Murrphy
PATCHING - FLEMMING, 11 Jan, by Rev E Thomas, John, eldest son of John Patching,
late of Nelson, to Fanny, 3rd daughter of George Flemming of Nelson
Mon - 17 -- Interesting ====== penny dinners in London
Tue -- 18 -- MOREY, 18 Jan, ahr, Nelson, wife of Walter Morey a son
== John Bunyan, barque arrived from London ==== passengers = Mrs Sarah Robbins,
William Robbins, Mrs Sarah A Elder, Henry Damon, Ezakiel Shannon,
Mrs Matilda Tingle and 3 children, Major and Mrs Erskin and 5 children,
Mr and Mrs Welsh, John Harris
Wed - 19 -- BETIE, 18 Jan, ahr, Stoke, wife of J Betie, a son
Thur - 20 -- MULES - BLUNDELL, 19 Jan, at St Michaels Church, Waimea West, by Rt Rev Bishop
of Nelson, assisted by Rev R J Thorpe, Rev Charles Oliver Mules, of Spring Grove,
Nelson, to Laura, 3rd daug of late Capt F H Blundell of HM Light Dragoons
Death--KEILL, 19 Jan, at Dovedale, Margaret, wife of James Keill
Fri --- 21 -- POWICK - LUCAS, 8 Jan, at resid of father of the bride, Thomas Powick of
Tua Marina, to Ellen Elizabeth, only daughter of Charles Lucas, farmer, Lower Wairau
Tue - 25 --- TAYLOR, 16 Jan, at Takaka, Mrs Frederick Taylor, a son
Death--COX, 21 Jan, at Spring Grove, Alfred Cox, of Northleigh, Oxfordshire, 52yrs
HODGSON, 23 Jan, at the Wood, Nelson, Alfred, 6mth, son of W C Hodgson Esq
Sat -- 29 --- ==== A trip to see the Flying Squadron at Wellington ==========
Mon - 31 -- Death--LAKING, 30 Jan, at Richmond, Mary Laking, 63, wife of Frederick Laking

February --- 1870

Thur - 03 -- WALCOT, 30 Jan, ahr, Trafalgar St South, Mrs R B Walcot, a son
BUCHANAN - ROBERTSON, 1 Feb, at Washington Valley, by Rev John Crump,
Peter Buchanan of Callender, Scotland, to Isabella, 5th daughter of of the late
Andrew Robertson, Glasgow, Scotland
FIVEN - JASPER, 1 Feb, Mr John Fiven , to Mrs Jasper, both of Nelson
Fri -- 04 ---- JOHNSON - FREEMAN, 1 Feb, by Rev E Thomas, James, youngest son of James
Collingwood St, to Grace Eliza, youngest daughter of the late Mr Freeman
PARMENTER - JOHNSON, 1 Feb, by Rev E Thomas, Alfred Parmenter, builder, to
Matilda, eldest daugh of James Johnson, Collingwood St
SPEAR - GALLAND, 1 Feb, by Mr W M Biss, Frederick Spear to Lucy Burfield Galland
Sat -- 05 --- CROSS - ASKEW, 5 Feb, at resid of father of the bride, J S Cross jun, eldest son of
J S Cross Esq, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James Askew, both of Nelson
Tue - 08 --- Death-BLACK, 6 Feb, in Grove St, the Wood, Helen Fraser, 5mth, daughter
of Henry and Helen Black
Wed - 09 -- HAYCOCK - ROBINS, 7 Feb, by Rev J A Taylor, John Haycock Esq, to Mrs Sarah
both of Hope
Thur - 10 -- PARMENTER, 10 Feb, at Russell St, the Port, Mrs W H Parmenter, a daughter
Death--LEONARD, 10 Feb, Mary Hannah, 8mths, youngest child of late William Leonard
=== Nelson Regatta race winners =====h
Sat -- 12 --- Death--HARPER, 12 Feb, at the Mitre hotel, Rosetta Mary Louisa, 17mths, only
of Mr and Mrs R H Harper
Mon - 14 -- HALES, 3 Feb, ahr, Nelson, wife of W H Hales, a son
HOGG, 6 Feb, ahr, the Wood, Mrs J Hogg, a son
Death--DIXON, 12 Feb, at Brook St, Alice, 5mth, daughter of D Dixon
HALES, 9 Feb, at Nelson, infant son of Mr and Mrs W H Hales
WOOD, 13 Feb, at Halifax St, Charles Thomas, 3 and half yrs, eldest son of
Joseph Wood
Tue - 15 ---- LAING,14 Feb, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs J Laing, daughter
Death-- DAVIS, 13 Feb, at Mrs Burn's house, Washington Valley, Jane Selanders, in
27thyr, wife of W Davis, photographer, Nelson
MORTON, 13 Feb, Richard Ramsey Morton Esq, 27th yr
SMITH, 14 Feb, Arthur Thomas, 5wks, son of Mr John Smith
MONRO, 20 Nov 1869, at Malaga, Spain, Henry Munro Esq, formerly a
Port Phillip settler and brother of Sir David Munro
Wed - 16 --- SMITH - WIN, 15 Feb, at Ranzau, by Rev J A Taylor, James Smith of Dovedale, to
Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Win of Ranzau
DOUGLAS - PARKES, 10 Feb, at house of brides father, by Rev William G Thomas,
William, eldest son of W Douglas, to Phoebe, 6th daughter of
Benjamin Parkes, both of Motueka
Thur - 17 --- PHARAZYN - GREENWOOD, 17 Feb, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone
William Pharazyn Esq, of Wellington, barrister at law, to Frances, daughter of
J D Greenwood Esq, Woodland House, Nelson
KEMP - GREENWOOD, 17 Feb, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone,
William George Kemp Esq, to Charlotte, daughter of J D Greenwood Esq,
Woodland House, Nelson
== Item === the double wedding of the Greenwood sisters ======
Fri --- 18 ---- STEWART - BLOOMFIELD, 17 Feb, at resid of brides mother, Spring Grove, by Rev
T E Bowen, Alexander Stewart, Nelson, to Miss Emma Bloomfield
Sat -- 19 ---- Death--KERWIN, 17 Feb, at Nelson Hospital, Isabella, 35yrs, wife of Patrick Kerwin,
Late of the West Coast
LAING, 14 Feb, at Dovedale, Peter Laing, 79yrs
NICOL, 19 Feb, at Alma St, Eric, 5mths, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Nicol
=== Court === Samuel Adams --- furious riding
T B Louisson, Samuel Wakeley --- allowing horses to stray
Richard Green, miner, Matakitaki --- vagrancy
Mon - 21 -- WARREN, 18 Feb, wife of Alfred Warren, a son
Thomas Gedddies, sluicer == Charleston Herald reports his death last week
Tue - 22 --- EVERETT, 21 Feb, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs Everett, a son
Wed - 23 -- NALDER, 3 Feb, at Takaka, wife of C W Nalder, a daughter
HARRIS, 19 Feb,ahr, Tasman St, Mrs Thomas Harris, a son
PRICE, 19 Feb, ahr, Lower Wakefield, Mrs W Price a son
SNOW, 23 Feb, at Toi-toi Valley, mrs Edwin Snow, a son
WHITWELL, 23 Feb, ahr, Cambra St, the Wood, Mrs Whitwell, a son
Thur - 24 -- Death--SHEET, 23 Feb, at Richmond, Eliza, 50yrs, wife of John Sheet
Fri --- 25 --- McKAY, 24 Feb, ahr, wife of John McKay, a daughter
Death--GILLSON, 14 Jan, in Patea Hospital, Joseph Gillson, in 44th yr
Sat -- 26 --- THOMPSON, 26 Feb,at Headingly, Richmond, Mrs T J Thompson, a son
YOUNG - AREY, 26 Feb, at All Saints Church, by Rev R J Thorpe, Henry Young, to
Miss Mary Ann Arey, both of England
Mon - 28 -- DECK - CARROLL, 22 Feb, at Wellington, by Rev R Ward,Samuel John, eldest son of
James G Deck, to Ann, 3rd daughter of the late Samuel Carroll, of London
NEAME - LODGE, 26 Feb, at resid of Rev Edward Thomas, Nelson, by rev John Crump,
John Edward Neame, to Matilda Jane Lodge

March --- 1870

Tue -- 01 -- MITCHELL, 28 Feb, At St Vincent St, wife John Mitchell, a son
Death--ROBINSON, at resid of his brother, Richmond, B G Robinson, 32yrs
=== Sworn in for Grand Jury duty =======
Thur - 03 -- CONWAY - REARDON, 25 Feb, at St Marys, Nelson, Rev Father Garin, William
to Susan Reardon, both of Nelson
Fri --- 04 --- == Arrived today Alpington from London === passengers = Mr Newton, Mr Tanner
== Reported missing from the Kennedy == Robert Nurse
Sat -- 05 --- Court === J Shepherd, J Bradcock, Thos Shortliffe, J Wakely, A Le G Campbell --
allowing cattle to stray
R Grant ---- using insulting language
Mon - 07 -- YATES - FOX, 26 Feb, at resid of John Brown, Molesworth St, Wellington, Sam,
youngest son of John Yates, to Miss Eliza Ann Fox, both of Wellington
Tue -- 08 -- BARLTROP, 7 Mar, at Nile St East, wife of Henry Barltrop, a son
DARKE, 6 Dec, at Fisherwick Place, Belfast, Ireland, Mrs Darke, a son
Fri --- 11 --- ELLIOTT, 11 Mar, wife of Alfred Elliott, a son
DODSON, 2 Mar, at Takaka Hotel, wife of A Dodson, a son
Mon - 14 -- CURNOW, 5 Mar, at Collingwood, wife of W H Curnow, a son
TASKER, 6 Mar, at Richmond, Mrs James Tasker, a son
Tue -- 15 --- HALL, 11 Mar, at Richmond, Mrs J H Hall, a son, premature
MEADOWS, 12 Mar, at Turf Hotel, Stoke, wife of T Meadows,a son
MOFFATT, 15 Mar, ahr, Hardy St, Mrs H Moffatt, a son
Death--HALL, 11 Mar, at Richmond, infant son of Mrs J H Hall
NATION, 14 Mar, at Christchurch, Alice, 15mths, daughter of W C Nation, and
granddaughter of Wm Nation of Nelson
Wed - 16 --- Death--YOUNG, 15 Mar, at Nelson, Bessie, 4mth, daughter of J W Young
Thur - 17 --- Henry Cleaver, son of Mr Cleaver, former landlord of the Plough Inn, Richmond, and
----- White both drowned in the Wairau
Robert Charles Hannah, 20mths, Cambria St, drowned
Fri --- 18 --- == A trip to Wangapeka ====
Sat --- 19 -- GIBBONS, 19 Mar, ahr, Cambria St, Mrs R G Gibbons, a daughter
Mon - 21 -- FOGDEN, 20 Mar, ahr, Grove St, the Wood, Mrs W F Fogden, a son
Tue -- 22 -- HOOPER, 19 Mar, ahr, Nile St West, wife of G Hooper, a son
Wed - 23 -- COCKRAM, 19 Mar, ahr, Waimea Rd, wife of John Cockram, stillborn son
WELLS, 22 Mar, at resid of Mrs W J Parker, Russell St Nelson, wife of Daniel Wells,
Pelorous Valley, Marlborough, a daughter
Fri --- 25 --- WEBLEY, 25 Mar, ahr, Alton St, wife of Henry Webley, twin sons
Sat -- 26 --- Funeral notice for wife of J Edwards, Shelbourne St
Mon - 28 -- Death--EDWARDS, 25 Mar, at Shelbourne St, Nelson, Jane, 43, wife of Joseph Edwards
Tue -- 29 -- GOODMAN- TALBOTT, 28 Mar, by Rev E Thomas, Robert J Goodman, to
Elizabeth Talbot, both of Motueka
=== Bankruptcy == Messrs Munro Brothers, sheepfarmers, Marlborough
=== Inquest === George Gadson died Sun 27 March
Wed - 31 -- TASKER, 28 Mar, at Richmond, Mrs Harry Tasker, a daughter

April --- 1870

please note April 01 to and including Ap 25 missing

Tue - 26 --- THOMAS, 24 Ap, ahr, Brook St Valley, wife of H C Thomas, a son
Death--MEREWETHER, 10Jan, Maria, wife of H Alworth Merewether, Esq QC, of Bowden
Hill, Wilts, and eldest daughter of Sir James Fellowes
Thur - 28 -- GUNTHER, 28 Ap, ahr Waimea Rd, Mrs Gunther, a son
BOWEN - COOKE, 27 Ap, at St Pauls, Spring Grove, Charles Hugh Webb
Bowen, eldest son of Rev W W Webb Bowen, of Camrose Vicarage, Haverford West,
Pembrokeshire, Sth Wales, to Florence Angela, 3rd daughter of late Major Cooke, HEICS
===Short account about Charleston and Brighton districts =======
=== Notice == Valentine Bunkell,miner, Bedstead Gully, Collingwood, will not be
responsible for his wife, Elizabeth Ann Bunkells debts
Fri -- 29 --- CHANT - EDEN, 21 Ap, at St Pauls, Spring Grove, by Rev C O Mules, William H Chant,
2nd son of W Chant, Motueka, to Louisa, 2nd daughter of T Eden, Waimea West
EDEN - LINES, 21 Ap, at St Michaels, Waimea West, by Rev C O Mules, Charles H Eden,
to Sarah Ann Lines, of Wakefield

May --- 1870

Mon - 02 -- COWLES, 29 Ap, ahr, Nile St East, Mrs E Cowles, a son
MACKAY - WILLEY, 27 Ap, at Blenheim, by Registrar, S L Muller Esq, Thomas, 3rd
son of James Mackay Esq, of Drumduan, Nelson, to Mary, only daughter of the late
John Willey Esq, London
Death--NEWTON, 2 May, at Nelson, Eliza, 32, wife of Thomas Newton
Tue -- 03 -- GAY, 30 Ap, ahr, Hardy St, Mrs John Gay, a son
Wed - 04 -- ADAMSON, 4 May, ahr, Collingwood St, wife of C Adamson, a son
TOWNSEND - GILLETT, 26 Ap, by the Registrar, Nelson, Matthew Townsend,
to Frances Elizabeth Gillett
Thur - 05 -- HUBBARD - MAIR, 21 Ap, at Oamaru, by Rev A B Todd, Frank, 2nd son of Charles
John Hubbard, to Marion Johanna Jemima Mair, adopted daughter of
William J Harper of Nelson
Fri --- 06 --- COLE, 2 May, at Quail Valley, Waimea South, Mrs W H Cole, a daughter
Tue - 10 ---- HAASE - HOUNSELL, 5 May, at resid of the bridegroom, by Rev W J Watkin,
John Edward Haase, to Emily Hounsell, both of Nelson
Sat -- 14 ---- Herbert Grooby who had been working on Salisbury Plain disappeared on the way
to Motueka last week
==Body of --- Moorhead, miner, missing for about a fortnight found 2nd May
in the Grey River
Mon - 16 --- JONES - THOMAS, 12 May, at the resid and by the father of the bride, assisted by Rev
P Calder, Edmund, eldest son of W R Jones, to Elizabeth Howell, youngest daughter
of Rev E Thomas
== A tailor named McKinley, formerly working in Nelson, jumped into the river
at Westport and was drowned
Thur - 19 --- Death--CALDER, 11 May, at Auckland, Capt Calder of the barque, Island City
FISHER, 18 May, Frederick Welby Fisher, infant son of Thomas Richard Fisher Esq
== Inquest ==Ralph Turner, 70yrs, Wakefield, died mon 16th
Thomas Welby, infant son of T R Fisher, death on wed 18th
Mon - 23 -- LUCAS, 22 May, ahr, Upper Bridge St, Mrs Josiah Lucas, a son
Wed - 25 -- Naylor, 25 May, Mrs George Naylor, a daughter
KINGHAM - HERON, 12 may, at Registrars office, Amuri, by G W Schroder Esq,
Registrar for the district, David Kingham of Ahaura, to Miss Catherine Heron of Waiau
Thur - 26 -- ALLDRIDGE, 23 May, ahr, Tasman St, wife of J Alldridge, a daughter
Fri --- 27 -- JOHNS, 24 May, Mrs Israel Johns, a daughter
LINDSAY, 11 May, at Upper Takaka, Mrs James Lindsay, a daughter
Death--JACOBSEN, 27 May, Emma, 48yrs, wife of Andreas Jacobsen, of Westport
== A letter from Thomas Grooby about Herbert Grooby
Mon - 30 -- SOWMAN - NICOL, 24 May, at his resid, Tasman St, the Wood, by Rev J Thomas,
Richard, 3rd son of William Sowman, to Janetta Kate, 2nd daughter of
James F Nicol, Nelson

June --- 1870

All June missing except for 1,2,3,4,11 -- nothing in these

July --- 1870

Fri --- 01 -- THOMAS, 30 June, at Vanguard St, Nelson, wife of Geo Thomas, a son
Missing girl, daughter of Mr W W Williams, Collingwood === note Wed 13 she is
reported as found and well ====
====Annual Education Rate -- will be received by === Alfred Hibble, Nelson =
Alexander Wragg, Clifton Trce, Suburban N = E Cresswell, Stoke = William Steer,
Waimea E = George Walker, Waimea W = Charles Knapp, Spring Grove =
H Benseman, Upper moutere = W Guy, Lower Moutere = E F Burrell, Motueka =
R Brown, Pangatotara = C P Pattie, Riwaka = J Baird, Motapipi = G Taylor, Takaka,
John Fisher, Collingwood = S G Rowley, Cobden = W A Kiely (Sgt Police), Westport
George Flower, Motupiko = George Young, Ngatimoti = Job Best, Dovedale
Sat -- 02 -- ===List of citizens requesting a meeting ==== C Elliott, Fras L Vickerman,
J R Dodson, Joseph Webb, R Preston Bain, D Isaacs, E Smallbone, R G Gibbons,
William Cooksey, A Scaife, Alexander Sclanders, James T Lowe, E Buxton and Co,
H E Curtis, James Tingle, Thos Mackay, W M Stanton, John Percy, Edward Everett,
M Lightband, P Cooke, Geo Bonnington, M M Webster, Joseph Paul, Joseph White
===Nelson Patent Slip Co - provisional directors === Thomas Renwick,
Alexander Brown, James Barnett, Arthur S Collins, James Cross, J R Dodson,
Henry Drew, Edward Everett, Thomas R Fisher, Thomas Freeman, J Henry,
Henry Hounsell, M Lightband, J R Mabin, Thomas Mackay, John Scott
Tue -- 05 --- Death--PALMER, 23 June, at the Kaikoras, Charles Palmer, for many yrs a resident
at Apleby, Waimea
Wed - 06 --- SHORE, 4 July, wife of J Shore, a daughter
=== Leases granted for gold mining =====
Fri --- 08 --- MILNER, 8 July, wife W Milner, Trafalgar St, a son
Sat --- 09 -- KINZETT - ELLIS, 1 July, at resid of Thomas Kinzett, Eighty Eight Valley, by Mr W M
Biss, G W Kinzett, to Miss Jane Ellis
MEAD - LOUDON, 7 July, at Foxhill, by Mr W M Biss, T W Mead, to Miss Elizabeth
Loudon, of Motueka Valley
Death--BONNINGTON, 8 July, Joseph Bonnington, 66 yrs
FARQUAHAR, 9 July, Mrs Elizabeth Farquahar, 41yrs
=== Suburban Nth Gold Reefs Prospecting Co === Prov directors ===
T C Batchelor, H E Curtis, W Hale, A Helps, T Mackay sen, J Sharp,
J W Tatton, John Thornton, W Wells
Mon - 11 -- MUNTZ, 10 July, at Arthingworth, near Richmond, wife of C A Muntz Esq, son, stillborn
Tue -- 12 -- HOOPER, 10 July, at Milton Grove St, the Wood, wife of Thomas Hooper, a son
Wed - 13 -- SUTCLIFFE, 11 July, at Pokororo, wife of John W Sutcliffe, twin sons, 1 stillborn
GARRARD - CASILL, 15 April, at resid of brides father, by Rev H H Cand, Wesleyan
Minister, Jacob Garrad, to Rebecca, youngest daughter of John Casill, Union St,
Balhain, NSW
Death--SUTCLIFFE, 11 July, at Pokororo, Georgina, 27yrs, wife of John W Sutcliffe
Thur - 14 -- JOHNSTON, 10 July, at Washington Valley, Mrs J Johnston, a son
KNIGHT, 13 July, at Westbank Trce, Nelson, Mrs A Knight, a son
GARRARD - CAVILL, 15 Ap, see Wed 13, change CASILL to CAVILL and
Rev H H Cand to Rev H H Gaud
JACKSON - BEST, 14 July, by Rev E Thomas, Mr Mello William Jackson, to
Miss Elizabeth Jane Best, both of Nelson
Fri --- 15 --- Death--SUTCLIFFE, July 13, at Pokororo, infant son, 2 days, of John Wm and the late
Georgina Sutcliffe
LITTLE, 14 July, at Nelson, Florence, 4th daughter of Mr and Mrs J K Little
=== Ploughing competition in Mr Saxtons paddock at Stoke === Prize winners and
commended === J Satherly, G Satherly, T Russ, W Russ, W Eyles, F Primmer,
W Biggar, M O'connor, J Leighton, C Gapper --- judges = Stratford, Bird, Songer
Sat -- 16 ---- PROSSER - TIDD, 22 June, at St Peters Church, Wellington, by Rev A Stock,
Samuel Prosser to Miss Elizabeth Ophelia Isabella, 3rd daughter of Thomas Samuel
Tidd, of Stoke, Nelson
Wed - 20 --- Death--COLEMAN, 19 July, at hospital, Edward Coleman, 65yrs, cabinetmaker
Thur - 21 --- DAVIDSON, 20 July, at Taupata, Golden Bay, Mrs E Davidson, a son
Fri --- 22 --- LAIRD, 21 July, ahr, Russell St, wife of A Laird, a son
BARTLETT - SCADDEN, 21 July at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnstone, C J Bartlett,
of Collingwood, 2nd son of the late Mrs E Bartlett of Nelson, to Miss E Scadden,
4th daughter of Richard Scadden of Nelson
BUCHANAN - SAUNDERS, Atabove-Bar Congregational Church, John Edgar Buchanan
of Shirley Warren, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of A Saunders, Esq of Aldermoor,
late Superintendent of Province of Nelson, NZ
Death-- HOLLIS, 13 July, at Hospital, Thames Gold Fields, Joseph Samual Hollis, 38yrs,
late of Nelson
RENWICK, 11 May, at Rochester Sq, London, Adeline, 51yrs, wife of
Hon T Renwick, of Nelson
STEPHENSON, 18 July, Mary, infant daughter of Wm Stephenson
Sat -- 23 -- PERCIVAL, 22 July,ahr, Brook St, wife of R Percival, a son
=== Item ==Adolphe Eisfelder, butcher, Hokitika, found dead in bed, Wed 13 July
Mon - 25 -- == Nelson Board of Works == nominations, nominators and seconders for members
to fill vacancies ====
Wed - 27 -- Death--McRAE, 24 July,at Waipapa, Station, W McRae, 45yrs, eldest son of the late
George McRae Esq, of Blarick, Marlborough
Sat -- 30 --- WIGZELL, 26 July, Mrs Jno W Wigzell, a daughter
=== Prisoners to appear in the Supreme Court ===== G H Winter, John Fielding,
Thomas Murcott, John White, Alexander McPherson, John Curtayne, Luke Morris,
Robert Woolf, Cornelius O'Connor, Michael Culhane, Daniel Lathum, John Kiernan

August --- 1870

Mon - 01 --- MACNAIRN, 30 July, wife of William Macnairn, a son
REDHEAD, 12 July, at Kawaraw Gorge, near Cromwell, wife of George Redhead, a son
TOWAN, 7 July, at Grove Farm, near Cromwell, Otago,wife John Towan,a daughter
Death--LAMMAS, 31 July, at Richmond, Mary Oram, 24yrs, wife of Edwin Lammas
=== Sworn in for jury ======
Tue -- 02 --- RONALDSON, 31 July, at Wakarewa, Motueka, wife of Rev Ronaldson, a daughter
Death--WATTS, 1 Aug, Eleanor White, 48yrs, wife of T Watts, the Wood
Wed - 03 --- == Inquest === Mary Spanton, 65, found dead yesterday morning
Thur - 04 --- Death--CRUMPTON, 8 Aug, at Oaklands, Stoke, resid of her daughter Mrs J W
Saxton, Elleanor Crumpton, 81yrs
Sat --- 06 --- WEBLEY, 4 Aug, Mrs William Webley, a daughter
==Correction to a paragraph in the Examiner ---- Mrs Hopgood, 70yrs died in Hospital
from inflammation of the bowels ====
Fri --- 12 --- WIMSETT - JONES, 11 Aug, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone,
Thomas Martin Wimsett, 2nd son of Thomas Martin Wimsett, to Elizabeth Ann, eldest
daughter of William Jones, Bridge St, Nelson
Mon - 15 --- JACOBS, 1 May, at Castle Cary, Somersetshire, Eng, wife of Thomas Jacobs, a son
BAIGENT, 15 Aug, ahr, Church St, Mrs Baigent, a son
Death--JACOBS, 1 May, at Castle Cary, Somersetshire, Eliza, 37yrs, wife of T Jacobs,
and then on 10 May, the infant son of T and Eliza Jacobs
Wed - 17 --- WILSON, 15 Aug, Mrs H Wilson, a son
CHAPMAN - IRONSIDE, 21 July, at Longford, by Rev John Harcourt, assisted by
Rev N Bennett, Henry William, eldest son of I E Chapman, of Hobart Town, to
Sarah Louisa, 2nd daughter of Rev S Ironside, of Longford, Tasmania
Mon - 22 --- CROUCHER, 19 Aug, wife of J Croucher, Richmond, a son
Wed - 24 --- NALDER, 23 Aug, wife of F N Nalder, Nile St East, a son
LEECH, 10 Aug, at Richmond, Mrs A Leech, a son
Thur - 25 --- GRANT, 17 Aug, ahr, Motueka, Mrs W Grant, a daughter
Fri --- 26 ---- TOWNSEND, 21 Aug, in Bridge St, Mrs R Townsend, a daughter
Sat -- 27 ---- ==Names from the Magistrates Court === George Thomas, Mary Day, Richard
McRae,Ralph Richardson, W M Biss, Mrs Donaldson, G H Miller, Mrs Stuart,
Jessie Chapman
Mon - 29 --- Death--SIGLEY, 28 Aug, Sarah Ann, 67yrs, wife of Joshua Sigley

September --- 1870

Thur - 01 --- CLARKE, 31 Aug, wife of H L N Clark, a son
SIMPSON, 1 Sept, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs Robert Simpson, a son
Death--HARRIS, 31 Aug, Augusta, 22yrs, 5th daughter of Edwin Harris Esq, late of Taranaki
Fri --- 02 --- RICHARDSON - THORNTON, 1 Sept, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev R J Thorpe,
assisted by Rev G H Johnston, Mr John Moore Richardson, to Frances Ann,
only daughter of John Thornton
Mon - 05 -- == Returned to Nelson after a short visit to England === Mr and Mrs Charles Canning
== Martin Gibbs, lately employed at the signal station ==fatal accident Sat 3 Sept
Tue -- 06 -- DIX, 12 Aug, at Ballarat, wife of H R Dix, a son
FLETCHER - McGEE, 3 Sept, at the Manse, by Rev P Calder, Alexander Fletcher,
photographer, to Misss Catherine Reid McGee, both of Nelson
=== Inquest == son 16mth, of Hermann Fayen, Spring Grove ==drowned
== Wm George Hall, brother of H Hall, Waimea Rd, fell off the wharf at Greymouth
on Tue 30 Aug
Sat -- 10 --- NEWPORT, 9 Sept, wife of James Newport, Takaka, a son
Death-- CARTER, 7 Sept, at Lower Moutere, Louisa, 32, wife of Samuel Carter
Wed - 14 -- BENNETT, 6 July, at Elm Bank, Barnet, Herts, Eng, wife of George Bennett Esq,
a son
Thur - 15 -- Death--SOUTTER, 6 Sept, at Wellington, Emma, 38yrs, wife of William Soutter
Mon - 19 -- LOCKYER, 18 Sept, wife of William Lockyer, Brook
St, Valley, a daughter
Tue -- 20 -- DRAPER, 18 Sept, ahr, Russel St, wife of R Draper, a daughter
PALMER, 18 Sept, at Motueka, Mrs George Palmer, a son
Thur - 22 -- CARO, 21 Sept, at Christchurch, wife of D Caro, a son
Fri --- 23 --- EURE, 23 Sept, ahr, Harley St, wife of H Eure, a daughter
WRIGHT - AVERY, 22 Sept, by Rev E Thomas, Richard Thomas Wright, to
Miss Ann Avery, both of Nelson
LAWRENCE - ADAM, 12 Sept, by Rev E Thomas, Francis Lawrence, to
Miss Mary Adam, both of Nelson
Mon - 26 --- GOULSTONE, 24 Sept, at Bank NSW, wife of H Goulstone, triplets,
2 sons and a daughter
Tue -- 27 --- SHALLCRASS, 27 Sept, at Merton Cottage, Mrs Shallcrass, a son
Death-- CATE, 26 Sept, at Nelson Hospital, William Cate, 71yrs
Thur - 29 --- ROCHFORTH, 28 Sept, at Brook St, Mrs John Rochforth, a daughter
Fri --- 30 ---- SOWMAN, 25 Sept, at Hardy St East, Mrs William Sowman, a daughter
LAMMAS - HART, 28 Sept, by Rev E Thomas, Mark William Lammas, to Elizabeth,
youngest daughter of Richard Hart, farmer, Richmond

October --- 1870

Sat --- 01 --- Death--NEALE, 1 Oct, at Collingwood St, Charlotte, 3wks, daughter of J W Neale
PERCY, 30 Sept, at Russell St, John Thomas, 11mths, 2nd son of Edward Percy
Mon - 03 --- COOMBS - ROBINSON, 2 Oct, by Rev e Thomas, James Fieldes Coombs, to Ellen
youngest daughter of James Robinson, builder, Motueka
==== On 1 Oct -- Challenger, from London === passengers = Geo Newall, Miss Bridge,
Miss Kate Evans, Miss Louisa Morris, H W Langdon, Thomas M Skilton,
James Freeman, Mrs Freeman, Mr and Mrs Shaughnessey and infant, Misses
Shaughnessey (3), James Nolan, Thomas White, A White, Mr and Mrs Infild,
Thomas, Annie and Grounds Infild
Wed - 05 --- McRAE, 23 Sept, at the Glens of Tekoa, Hurunui River, Amuri, wife of G W McRae,
a daughter
Thur - 06 --- BERRY, 4 Oct, ahr, Mrs T Berry, a son
Death--JOHNSON, 5 Oct, at Beachville, Elizabeth Eleanor, 17mths, youngest daughter
of J and Charlotte Johnson
Fri --- 07 ---- Death--EYLES, 7 Oct, at Stoke, Daniel Eyles, 80yrs
HARRIS, 7 Oct, at Brook St, George John Harris, 9yr 10mth, eldest son of
George and Elizabeth Scott Harris
Sat -- 08 ---- MOORE, 7 Oct, wife of Ambrose E Moore, a daughter
=== John Dawkins, tailor, late of the North Island Malitia hung himself at Hokitika
on Wed night 5 Oct
Tue -- 11 --- AVERY - HAMMOND, 7 Oct, at Richmond, by Rev J A Taylor, Mr Avery, to Alice
eldest daughter of David Hammond
Thur - 13 --- HOCTON, 12 Oct, ahr, Washington Valley, Mrs Appo Hocton, a daughter
Sat --- 15 --- NUTTALL, ahr, Tasman St, wife of J Nuttall, a son
Mon - 17 --- MOUTRAY, 15 Oct,Bridge St, Mrs J C Moutray, a son
PALMER, 11 Oct, at Waimea West, wife of John Palmer, a son
Nelson Province Teachers Association ===== provisional committee ======
== Frank Simmons, Joseph Mackay, John Smith, Thomas Gilbert, C Richards,
A McIntosh, J T Smith, James Hodgson
== Bankruptcies in N Z for 1869 =====
== Edward Harnott Bullen, Ahaura died Sat evening 15 Oct ====
Tue -- 18 --- == Bankrupts == John McIntosh, Nelson, merchant has executed a deed of assignment
James Fowler jun, farmer, Motueka
James Bentley, merchant, Nelson
Thur - 20 --- HARPER, 18 Oct, ahr, Grove St, the Wood, wife of R H Harper, a son
Mon - 24 --- CAREY, 20 Oct, at Norman Hill, Onehunga, Wife of Capt Carey, a son
PARKINSON - JORDAN, 20 Oct, at Richmond, By Rev J A TaylorMr Parkinson,
of Dovedale, to Ann Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr Jordan of Richmond
Fri --- 28 ---- === Very large fire in Lyttleton == about 2/3 of the town -- about 4-5 acres
List of buildings lost and their occupiers
Sat -- 29 ---- BURNETT, 29 Oct, at College Hill, wife of James Burnett, a daughter, stillborn
Mon - 31 --- LEE - GULLY, 29 Oct, at Christ Church, by Rt Rev, Lord Bishop of Nelson, Robert
Lee Esq, Headmaster of the Bishops School, Nelson, to Fanny Thompson, only
daughter of John Gully Esq
Death--LADLEY, 29 Oct, at Spring Grove, Mrs Ladley, 54yrs

November --- 1870

Tue -- 01 --- SHANNON, 1 Nov, ahr, Bronti St, wife of G V Shannon, a son
DAY - MURPHY, 20 Oct, at the Catholic Station, by Rev Father Garin, Francis Day,
to Annie Murphy, both of Nelson
Wed - 02 --- Death--FOGDEN, 27 Oct, at Nelson Hospital, Thomas Fogden, 70yrs
CONDELL, 1 Nov, at Stoke, wife of B Condell, 40yrs
Thur - 03 -- HAYCOCK - DRUMMOND, 29 Oct, at Richmond, by Rev J A Taylor, Herbert,
youngest son of the late James Haycock, to Jane daughter of Mr Drummond, Lower Moutere
COUPER - HAYCOCK, 29 Oct, at Richmond, by Rev J A Taylor, John Alexander, only
son of Daniel Couper, of Pelorus, to Amy Grace, youngest daughter of the late
James Haycock, of Richmond
Fri --- 04 --- ==Description of fire at Lyttleton ===
Mon - 07 -- CORRIGAN, 5 Nov, ahr, Royal Hotel, wife of H M Corrigan, a daughter
FIELDES, 5 Nov, ahr, Cambria St, Mrs Walter Fieldes, a daughter
GRANT - SIMMONS, 5 Nov, by Rev E Thomas, Archibald Grant, to Miss Louisa
Simmons, daughter of W Simmons, Nelson
HAINES - WALKER, 5 Nov, by Rev E Thomas, George Haines, to Miss Fanny Walker,
daughter of Charles Walker, farmer, Stoke
Death-- WAGSTAFF, 6 Nov, at Spring Grove, Thomas Wagstaff, 72yrs
Wed - 09 -- MACINTOSH, 7 Nov, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, wife of D Macintosh,a son
DAKERS, 8 Nov, at the resid of Mr Johns, Trafalgar St, Nelson, wife Dr Dakers,
a daughter, stillborn
HENDERSON - MOULDER, 26 Oct, at Trinity Church, Greymouth, by Rev G T N
Watkins James, only son of George Henderson Esq, Blenheim, to Agatha Susan, youngest
daughter of the late Joseph Moulder Esq, Endsleigh, Orange, NSW
Thur - 10 -- HUBERT, 4 Nov, at nelson, wife of T K Hubert, MD, a daughter
CHAMBERLAIN - HAYCOCK, 3 Nov, at the resid of James Delaney, Motueka, by Rev
W G Thomas, Thomas Chamberlain, to Elizabeth, daughter of John Haycock
Mon - 14 -- LEECH, 13 Nov, Mrs W Haydon Leech, a daughter
Tue -- 15 -- Names == Resident Magistrates Court === Richard Dolan, R Phillips, D Stewart,
A Black, J Mills, J McDonald, R Townsend, Frederick Thomason,
Elizabeth Mayo
Wed - 16 -- EMANUEL - EDWARDS, 5 Nov, at Registrars Office, Amuri, by G W Schroder Esq,
Registrar, John Emanuel, to Miss Mary Jane Edwards, both of Mt Parnassus Station, Amuri
=== Nelson Suburbs electors who put their names to a petition =======
J M Pierson, W H Turner, George Blanchett, Stephen Close, John Humphries,
William Rayner, Dennis Frost jun, Benjamin Gill, Henry Aldridge, Henry Flower,
Thomas Dodson, George Frost, John Powell, Kenneth Ross, John Bungate,
Robert Donald, Isaac Harvey, Thomas Blanchett, John Flower, C J Chamberlain,
A G Brock, H Fiven, E Malcolm, R Malcolm, James Shedy, Charles Walker,
Newman Boseley, John Fuller, John Walker, John Aldridge, James Mackay, A S Collins,
John Wastney, Daniel Slater, William Small, William Gill, Samuel Kingdon,
Alexander Wragg, John Flower, S B Silcock, Robert Hooker, A Edwards, J Cundy,
W Parker, B Condell, J Smith, F Giblin, E Cresswell, R Tear, D Norgate, John Bradley,
Thomas Tidd, John Morrison, W Wright, William Westley, Benjamin Lines, G Harper,
F H Gapper, John Haycock, John Smith, T C Batchelor, R Pollock, R Disher,
J H Sharland, Henry Dwyer, John Kidson, James Newport
Sat -- 19 --- CASTLE - COX, 19 Nov, by Rev E Thomas, George Castle, farmer, Richmond, to
Mrs Mary Cox, of Nelson
Mon - 21 -- BALL, 20 Nov, ahr, Port Fruit Garden, wife of R Ball, a daughter
TUCKER, 21 Nov, wife of George E Tucker of Nichol and Tucker, Bluff Harbour, daug
=== Sworn in, members for Grand Jury ======
Thur - 24 -- == Item === Henry Perry, 19yrs, digger, with a claim on the Maruia is thought to have
been drowned Fri, 11 Nov
Fri --- 25 --- Death--TARR, 25 Nov, ahlr, Washington Valley, wife of G Tarr, 76yrs
== Bankruptcy === John Disher, publican, Spring Grove
Richard Bradcock, labourer, Nelson
Sat -- 26 --- REARDON, 26 Nov, at the resid of Mr Berry, Shelbourne St, wife of J H Reardon
Maude Is, Pelorus Sound, a daughter
Mon - 28 -- Nelson and Motueka cricket teams
Wed - 30 -- PHARAZYN, 28 Nov, at Khandella, Kaiwara Rd, Wellington, wife of Wm Pharazyn
Esq, a daughter
Death--CLARKE, 21 Sept, at Bridgewater, Somerset, ran over by a railway train,
Frederick Ricketts Clarke, of Taunton, Somerset, brother of H L N Clarke of this city

December --- 1870

Thur - 01 -- CATLEY, 1 Dec, wife of J T Catley, a daughter
Death--SMITH, 1 Oct, at Nth Hallerton, Yorkshire, Lucy, 23yrs, wife of William Smith
and eldest daughter of late J B Hargreaves, of Nelson
Fri --- 02 --- BANNATYNE - ROSS, 1 Dec, at Trinity Church, Nelson, by Rev P Calder, Rev John
Bannatyne, Union Church, Picton, to Marianne Ross, widow, daughter of the late
Alexander Macdonald, of Blandfield house, Edinburgh
Sat -- 03 --- MACINTOSH, 2 Dec, at Nile St East, wife James Macintosh, bookbinder, a son
Death--JOLLIE, 30 Nov, ahr, Mount Peel, Canterbury, Francis Jollie Esq MHR
Mon - 05 -- BRADCOCK, 4 Dec, at Toi-toi Valley, Mrs Bradcock, a son
NICOLL, 4 Dec, at Toi-toi Valley, Mrs R Nicoll, a son
Wed - 07 -- PILLIET, 30 Nov, at Mt Leinster, Akaroa, Canterbury, Mrs W H Pilliet, a daughter
Thur - 08 -- Death--FLOWERS, 8 Dec, ahr, Spring Grove, Mr Flowers
Sat --- 10 -- == People who will loose their shares unless they pay outstanding call on them ====
J B Armstrong, --- Buchholz, W Conway, S Cohen, R G Gibbons, Harry Hall,
Henry Hammond, J Hollis, G Jones, J P Lowe, John McArtney, J T Pope, J Percy,
R W Stewart, T H Scott, W C Scott, Thos Oxley, W G White, P O'Dwyer
Mon - 12 -- MULES, 11 Dec, at the Parsonage, Spring Grove, wife of Rev C O Mules, a son
HARE - CROSSMAN, 1 Dec, at All Saints Church, Hokitika, by Ven Archdeacon Harper,
James Thomas, 3rd son of W M Hare, stationer, late of Geelong, Victoria, to
Anna Elizabeth, only daughter of J G Crossman, Toi-toi Valley, Nelson
KNYVETT - HORNEMAN, 23 Nov, at Motueka, by Rev Samuel Poole, assisted by
Rev Wm Ronaldson, John George Knyvett Esq, of Motueka Valley, to Frederica Jane,
2nd daughter of Major Horneman, JP, of Pangatotara
Death--GOULSTONE, 17 Dec, Cyril Thorpe, infant son of H Goulstone of Bank NSW
THOMPSON, 26 Nov, at Waikato, Auckland, George, 17yrs, eldest son of
George Thompson, late of Wakapuaka, Nelson
Wed - 14 -- McINTOSH, 12 Dec, ahr, Waimea Rd, wife of A McIntosh, a daughter
Thur - 15 -- Death--ERSKINE, 13 Dec, Ethel Annie, 5mths, daughter of Major the Hon E T Erskine
of Suburban North
WELLS, 14 Dec, at Halifax St, the Wood, Eliza, 49yrs, wife of William Wells
== Item-- results of Nelson College sports ==
Nelson College exam prize list ====
Fri --- 16 --- HARRIS, 15 Dec, at Annandale, Maitai, wife of Joseph Harris, a son
TREGEA, 9 Dec, wife of James Tregea, a daughter, stillborn
WEBLEY, 12 Dec, at Motupipi, wife of J Webley, a daughter
Death--LOWE, 15 Dec, at Nelson, son of J T Lowe Esq, 6wks
BRADSHAW, 11 Dec, at Collingwood St North, Christopher, 6mths, youngest
son of Mr and Mrs Bradshaw
== Inquest == John Harris Ching, 27yrs, drowned Wed evening, 14th Dec ===
leaves a wife and 3 children
== Bankruptcy ==Frank Rutter and Arthur Biddell, ironmongers, Nelson
== Town Schools prize list ====
Sat -- 17 --- Death--HOOD, 16 Dec, Jessie, 4mths, daughter of James Hood, Waimea Rd
Mon - 19 -- LOCKETT, 18 Dec, at Wakefield, wife of Capt Lockett, a daughter
== Bishops School prize list ===
Tue -- 20 -- CHING, 17 Dec, at Stoke, wife of late John Harris Ching, a son
Thur - 22 -- DOIDGE, 22 Dec, ahr, Stoke, wife of William Doidge, a son
=== Collingwood electors signing a petition asking Arthur Shuckburg Collins to stand
for election ===== C Henry, J Halcombe, William Stuart Forbes, Bart, (?),
W C Riley, Thomas A Cook, Thomas Miles, W Schater, Charles Landon ,
F O'Sullivan, E Jennins, James T Scrimgeor, Edward Dow, J Green, J D Baker,
W R Turner, William Green, Thomas Snow, John Cann, Francis McGrane, T L Gibson,
James Johns, William King, John Allen, D Angus, Reginald McGrane, George Heslop,
David McCracken, Matthew Barten, John Cann jun, W J Burnett, Henry Moore,
John Eyles, John Macmahon, Francis Roach, Valentine Bunkell, Sandy Gibson,
Henry Carlson, Hugh Ferguson, A Hardy (his mark), James Reilly, Edmund Gardner,
Charles Cates, Robert E Fellowes, S G Robinson, F T Hicks, James Bumforth,
F Taylor, John Jones, John S Capstick, Alexander Bord, Henry Clark, Edward Story,
John Gordon, W Rodgers, Thomas Driscoll, George Peters, Thomas B Scott,
James McGowan, T C Burton, E Derenn, Charles Kidson, F Stallard, Daniel McKenzie,
Thomas Heywood, Mont H Ellis, Robert Besgrove, J Bray jun, Henry Humphrey,
John Mitchell, J Hambrook, Frederick Harvey, William H R Nicholas, Stephen Harris,
E Field, John Murray, Thomas Jones, Charles John Percival, C E Austin,
Ernest James Tornes, John Taylor Pope, Peter Smith, William Butcher, David Farnest,
Nicholas Francis, Peter Williams, George Manuel, G W W Lightband, Frederick West,
Benjamin Earl, William Bray, John Bray sen, W Cole, George Joseph Hailes,
Robert McGillan, William Bairford, Frederick Sparrow, James Smith,
Joseph Breadmore, William Harvey, William Duncan, Thomas Bates, Daniel Bates,
Henry Bates, John Rogers, Thomas Scott, Thomas Sigley, Edward Ganning
Sat - 24 --- Report- child of George Frost aged 3 yrs, fell down a well at Wakapuaka and drowned
===== List of Nelson ratepayers and amount of rates due ==========
Mon - 26 - WRIGHT, 25 Dec, wife of Thos M Wright, a son, stillborn
JORDAN - HURST, 24 Dec, at All Saints Church, by Rev R J Thorpe, John Boughton
Jordan, to Miss Sarah Hurst, both of Nelson
Tue -- 27 - WOOLCOTT, 25 Dec, at Bridge St, Nelson, wife of E G Woolcott, a daughter
==== Items-- cricket teams- Hope, Spring Grove , Stoke and also boat races =====
Wed - 28 - PITT, 24 Dec, Mrs Albert Pitt, a daughter
Death--KARSTEN, 27 Dec, ahr, Collingwood St, John Christoph Martin Karsten, 61yrs
Sat -- 31 -- RENTOUL - BURT, 1 Dec, at Motupipi, by the registrar, J Tilby Esq, Walter Oudney,
3rd son of the late Major Rentoul, to Lucy, 5th daughter of H R Burt Esq, Motupipi

January --- 1871

Tue - 03 --- === Caledonian Games ----- results ====
=== Cricket match -- Waimea E v Stoke ===
Sat -- 07 -- WOOD, 6 Jan, wife of J Wood, Halifax St, a daughter
AUSTIN, 7 Jan, at College Hill, wife of A D Austin Esq, a daughter
MACKAY - WILKIE, 5 Jan, at the Mimosa's, by Rev Patrick Calder, Joseph Mackay, MA,
to Jessie, 2nd daughter of Wm Wilkie, Nelson
Death--RILEY, 5 Jan, at Collingwood, Mary, wife of John Riley
=== Inquest == James Hyde, Spring Grove --- drowned
Tue - 10 -- === Bankruptcy === Michael Billows, mariner, Nelson
=== John Kissling, manager BNZ, Blenheim died suddenly this morning
Wed - 11 - === Rai Valley, Motueka electors who want Sir David Munro to stand for election ==
H Redwood sen, H Redwood jun, James Kerr, Fred H Blundell, Mark Newth sen,
Edwin Thomas, Edward Challis, Job Russ, Patrick O'Connor, W McGown,
William Ratt, Joshua Bird, George Schewcher, J W Barnicoat, F D Greenwood,
W Chamberlain, W Egginton, W Taylor, James Fowler jun, John Fowler sen,
Alex Drummond, R J Foley, John Inglis, John Dron, William Bell, James Arnold,
Thomas Eden, William D Scott, James Tomlinson, Henry Richard Tomlinson,
Joseph Tomlinson, Charles Tomlinson, George Tomlinson, John Livingston,
James Gledhill, George Thorburn, John O'Connor, G S Bell, William Satherly,
Thomas Atkins, W Douglas, R Trew??as, Thomas Rowling, Edward Rowling,
Robert Pattie, C Thynne Thomas, E W Thomas, Charles Thomas, Henry York,
David Goodall, Thomas Goodall, Adolphus Dodson, E McNabb, W Scot,
Robert Staples, John Staples sen, F C Guerin, J McDonald, J Shipley, Samuel Pinny,
Charles Austin, Samuel Saxon, W Ronaldson, John Saxon, W B Wright,
David Jennings, William McCall, James Plumridge, C M Gascoigne, G Gooby,
E Gooby, R Lloyd, J M Code, G Code, J C McGaveston, George Remnant,
George Young, Walter Guy, Walter Funnell, George Canton, John Saxton jun,
J Parsons, Henry A Tarrant MPC, John Chamberlain, E Chamberlain,
T Chamberlain, John Egginton, Henry Nason, William Ryder, James Locke,
Robert Cross, W Giblin, Charles F Stafford, W Jones sen, R Wallis, John Alexander,
Joseph Foord Wilson, B Worthington, W H Jones, L Francois, Thomas Poole,
J Diggens, R Funnell, J Machonichie, W Satherley, William Wildman, Joseph R Sigley,
J Deblois, T Austin, James Bradley, Stephen Eglaton, Hamilton B White, W Cook,
Joseph Hewetson sen, Joseph Hewetson jun, Thomas Hewetson, George Bensemann,
Diedrich Wilkens, Frederick Sixtus, F Ewers, H Korte, C Hoffmann, W Sixtus,
F Blundell, J Watkins, B Walmsley, C Kelling, F Bensemann, William Best,
C H Bensemann, James Drummond, William Drummond, Henry Bensemann,
John Bensemann, T ?ade, J W C Heine, Nath Edwards, E F Burrell,Frederick Smith,
--- Stade, H E Curtis, J W Greenwood
Fri -- 13 --- KEMP, 12 Jan, Terrace, Wellington, the wife Dr Kemp, a son
WEBSTER, 8 Jan, wife of M M Webster a son
Death-- KERR, 31 Dec, at Sydney, Alexander Kerr, 43yrs, formerly manager of
Union Bank of Australia, Nelson
Mon - 16 - LAMMAS, 14 Jan, at Richmond, Mrs John Lammas jun, a son
Death--MONRO, Nov 3, 1870, in London, James Monro Esq, MD, late Surgeon-Major
to the Cold Stream Guards and brother of Sir David Monro
Tue - 17 --- == Nelson Auxiliary Fire Brigade officers ==== Joseph Carrard, Thomas Freeman,
J B Calder, J Lukins, --- Duckett, J Calder jun, J Akersten, J Jacks
Thur - 19 -- BONNINGTON - SAYWELL, 10 Jan, at resid of father of the bride, by Rev J A Taylor,
Herbert Bonnington, Gordon Downs, Motueka Valley, to Susan Quafe, daughter of
George Saywell, Richmond
Death--SOLOMON, 4 Jan, ahr, North Terrace, Adelaide, Mrs Moss Solomon, mother of
S M Solomon, Nelson
Fri -- 20 --- BEST - BEST, 19 Jan, at St Albans Church, Appleby, by Rev W D Rusz, John Best,
2nd son of Charles Best of Appleby, to Elizabeth Mary Best, of Nelson
=== Prize giving at St Marys School ==== Christopher Frank, H S Richards,
James Speed, M Cohen, W Blick, L Cohen, A J Berry, Josh Leach, Christina Frank,
Mary Kealy, Catherine Ryan, Josephine Frank, Elizabeth Thompson, Mary Gardiner,
Catherine Kealy, Emily Brunetti, Elizabeth Leach, Mary Yarrall ====
Mon -23 -- Death--BEALE, 22 Jan, at Wellington, Mr Beale, late clerk in Native Dept
Wed - 25 - CROSS, 23 Jan, ahr, Henry Cottage, the Rocks, Nelson, wife J S Cross jun, a daughter
Thur - 26 - ROSE, 23 Jan, at Spring Grove, wife of John Rose, a son
STAFFORD - FINNEY, 17 Jan, at Motueka, Charles T Stafford esq, late of Hyde Park Sq,
London, to Amelia Olympia, relict of the late Robert J Finney, of Panama
NORRIS - BORLASE, 24 Jan at St Pauls Cathedral, Wellington, by Rt Rev Lord Bishop
of Wellington, assisted by Rev W H Ewald, Henry Frederic Norris, eldest son of
H E Norris, Esq, Charmonth, Dorset, to Charlotte Emma, eldest daughter of
C B Borlase Esq, Wellington, NZ
Fri --- 27 --- PICKERING, 23 Jan, wife of Francis H Pickering, a premature daughter
STRUTHERS - BRADLEY, 26 Jan, at resid of brides father, William Struthers, late of
Westport, to Miss Lydia jane, 2nd daughter of Arthur Bradley, Stoke, Nelson

February --- 1871

Thur - 02 --- ANDREWS - LIVINGSTON, 1 Feb, at St Michaels, Waimea West, by Rev C O Mules,
Charles Andrews, to Miss Jane Livingston, Nelson
=== Item == Norwegian and Swedish immigrants arrived at Wellington on the Celoeno
on Sat ------- Gov doesn't know what to do with them now ======
Wed - 08 --- Death--ADAM, 7 Feb, at Hospital, Nelson, James Adam, 43? yrs, late of No Town,
Sat -- 11 ---- FISHER, 11 Feb, Trafalgar St South, wife T R Fisher Esq, a son
SADD, 12 Feb, wife of J B Sadd, a daughter
HUNTER - KERR, 9 Feb, at resid of brides father, by Rev E Thomas, Wm Hunter, to
Magdalene, eldest daughter ofDavid Ker of Waimea South district, Nelson
Mon - 13 --- PILKINGTON - AKERSTEN, 12 Feb, by Rev E Thomas, James Pilkington, to
Mary Lucy, daughter of William Akersten, of Hampden St, Nelson
Wed - 15 --- Death--BRIGHT, 14 Feb, Thomas Bright, carpenter, 63yrs, one of the first body of
settlers to Nelson, arrived in the Bolton in early 1842
Fri --- 17 --- CREAGH, 15 Feb, ahr, Russel St, the Port, wife of B B Creagh, a daughter
Death--ACKLAND, 6 Dec, at Nassau St, Soho, London, Mrs C Ackland, 63yrs,
sister of J B Sadd, Nelson
== Item === Paul Doran dies in an accident at Wangapeka on Wed 15 Feb ===
Sat -- 18 ---- MYERS, 9 Feb, at Motueka, Mrs J Myers, a daughter
==== Moutere Road Board rates payable by ==== Anthony, James = Alexander, John =
Aitken, Robert = Auty, William = Allen, Ben S jun = Barton, William =
Bensemann, C H + John + Henry + George + Fred + D + A = Barlow, W H =
Bockmann, J = Bosselmann, D W + William = Bruning, M = Buxton, Edward =
Best, Thomas + William = Brougham, John = Brown and Taylor = Chamberlain, John =
Cook, William = Cresswell and Holdaway = Collins, Arthur S = Clark, Gosling Henry
Claasen, John and H = Ching, R = Davey, Samuel = Samuel jun (arreas) =
William (arreas) = Darby, William = Drummond, James = Drummond, James and
Daniel = Drummond, James and William = Diggens, John = Duval,H =
Drogemuller, C = Evers, H J W = Eggers, H = Ewers, Frederick = Ewers, Henry =
Drogemuller, William = Edwards Bros = Fanzelow, H = Flett, James =
Funnell, Walter = Funnell, Richard = Funnell, Franklyn = Funnell, Mrs = Foote, R =
Garrard, Joseph = Gifford, Thomas = Gillett, John = Gay, Walter = Giblin, W (arreas)=
Gardner, Isaac = Holdaway, Charles = Herrick, W J = Hoffmann, C = Hartwig, G =
Hammerich, F = Heine, J W C = Hyland, Richard = Hewetson, J and Son =
Hewetson, Thomas = Hollis, J = Harvey, George = Hillmer, F = Jellicoe, Frank =
Jacka, Mrs = Jordan, J (executors of) = Jordan, George = Jordan, William =
Jellyman = Kelling, R C F = Kelling, Charles = Knight, --- = Koite, H =
Limmer, Stephen = Lock. James = Lines, George and Job (arreas) = Lankow, H =
Lange, H = Maund or Mitchell (arreas) = Neumann, H = Nagel, C = North, George =
Primmer, Jos = Primmer, Ben = Primmer, J W = Primmer, F = Perry, William =
Prestidge, H = Price, Thomas = Pilcher, -- -- Rose = Pilcher, F (executors of) =
Rose, H J C = Rover, H = Roberts, J T = Ross, James = Rennell, E G = Rout, George =
Rout, William = Stringer, --- = Sinclair, George = Schildhauer, A = Stade, Fred =
Stade, C = Stade, J = Strong, Samuel = Satherley, William = Story, H A =
Scholly , G and W = Stelly, P = Schwass, A = Steward = Sixtus, Charles =
Schwass, F or Seiboth, F (arreas) = Sixtus, William = Sixtus, Fred = Sixtus, G =
Sixtus, Christian = Seiboth, F = Senior, S and Hewetson, J jun = Tarr, --- =
Thorpe, Charles = Tarrant, H A = Tannant, Richard = Thompson, T J = Thomas, James =
Talbot, Robert = Tucker, M = Tucker, E = Van, H = Vyvyan, T H = Wilkins, D =
Wilkins, James = Wills, James = Williams, --- = Woodcock, Thomas =
Woodcock, Worthington = Woodcock, T K = Wooley, W = Wills, A F W =
Yarrell, -- =
===== plus in Wed 22 paper some additions ===== Hulpin, J (arreas) =
Foresters of Nelson = Knarston and Flett = Reimstedt = Dencker, Fred =
Dencker, William = Beuke, D
Tue -- 21 --- ANDERSON, 15 Feb, at Wellington, wife of J Graham Anderson Esq, a son
DUPPA - MILES, 17 Dec, at St Georges, Hanover Sq, London, by the Hon and Rev
E-? B??g, uncle of the bride, George Duppa Esq,of Hollingbourne, Kent, to Alice
Catherine, eldest daughter of P J Miles Esq, of Bolton St ?, london, and g/daughter of
Sir W Miles, Bart, of Leigh Court, Somerset
== Inquest === James Hughes found drowned at the Port, Nelson Last seen alive
10pm Sun night the 19 Feb
Fri --- 24 --- == Inquest === Mrs Elizabeth Marten, 53yrs, found dead ahr Thur 23
Sat -- 25 --- O'SULLIVAN - ELLIS, 21 Feb, at resid of the bride,Collingwood, Nelson, by Rev Father
Chareyre, Francis, 6th son of John O'Sullivan, Picton, to Grace Emily, widow of the
late C M Ellis of Collingwood
Mon - 27 -- CLEMENS, 26 Feb, ahr, Harley St, wife of G Clemens, a daughter
HODGSON, 25 Feb, Mrs James L Hodgson, a daughter

March --- 1871

Wed - 01 -- BRIND, 28 Feb, Mrs A H Brind, a daughter
Death--MILLS, 28 Feb, Samuel Edward, 21mth, 2nd son of John Mills, Alton St
HENRY, 1 Mar, ahr, Tasman St, Nelson, Mary, 37 yrs, wife of James Henry
Thur - 02 -- CARTHEW, 11 Feb, at New Plymouth, wife of Edward Carthew Esq, twin boys
HADDOW, 1 Mar, ahr, Washington Valley, Mrs William Haddow, a daughter
Sat --- 04 -- Death--THOMPSON, 4 Mar, Robert, 9wks, youngest son of Mr Thompson, Harley St
==Unregistered dogs ==== William Stavert, Frank Simmons, Henry Crawford,
Mary Scott, Joseph Ellis, John Whent, Samuel Wakely =====
Mon - 06 -- === Sworn in for Grand Jury duty
Petty Jury empanelled
Tue - 07 --- Death--GIFFORD, 5 Mar, at Stoke, Eliza Ann, 16yrs, daughter of Samuel and Eliza Gifford
==== List of names of Perseverance shareholders who have enough shares to qualify
as a director (about 36)======
Wed - 08 -- FRANCOIS - TALBOT, 3 Mar, by Rev W G Thomas, Louis Francois, to
Miss Sarah Talbot, both of Motueka
COPPINS - STAGG, 4 Mar, at Motueka, by Rev W G Thomas, W W Coppins, eldest
son of William Coppins, of Motueka, to Sarah Ann, 2nd daughter of Charles Stagg,
Waimea West
Death--HAYNES, 5 Mar, at Hardy St, Frank, 11wks, son of Thomas Haynes
FLOWERS, 7 Mar, at Wakapuaka, suddenly, Henry T Flowers, 68yrs
Thur - 09 -- ==== Item--Alexander Millar, school boy of Cobden, drowned recently
Fri --- 10 --- NEAVE, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs R Neave, a son
Sat -- 11 --- FAIREY, 9 Mar, at Nile St, Nelson, wife of T H Fairey, a son
Mon - 13 -- AITKEN - PORTHOUSE, 1 Mar, by Rev W J Watkin, John Aitken, late of St Monnace,
Fifeshire, Scotland, to Miss Jane Porthouse, Nelson
Death--COTTERELL, 11 Mar, at Crayfield, Nelson, Charles Edward Cotterell, RN, 78yrs
==== Item === Mr and Mrs Alexander Sclanders and family, long time residents of
Nelson, left on the Alhambra for England this afternoon
Tue - 14 --- ==== A trip to Collingwood
14 ?? TEPHCOATE, 12 Mar,ahr, Halifax St, wife of Thomas Tephcoate, a son
Thur - 16 -- SPEAR, 16 Mar, wife of Frederick Spear, a daughter
STACE - JOHNSTON, 15 Mar, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone, Walter
Maunsell Stace Esq, of Cloverside, Kaikoura, Marlborough, son of late Colonel Stace,
RE, to Julia, daughter of David Johnston Esq, Collector of Customs, Nelson
==== Court === Arthur Helps and Joseph Needham charged with furious driving ====
Sat -- 18 --- Death--CLARKE, 2 Mar, at resid of his nephew, R K Turner, Charles M Clarke, 68yrs,
formerly of Sydney
===== Court === William Gavin, carpenter, barque Malay, === theft
R K Turner, R Bray, -- Moore == cattle trespass
R Henry, L Manning, -- Bennett, A Helps, W R Cator, H Harman ===
unregistered dogs
H T Hall, Rising Sun Inn === breach of licensing act
Mark Blythe ===== maliciously damaging a dog
Mon - 20 -- Death--APPLETON, 17 Mar, at Milton-Grove St, the Wood, Bethia Hamilton, 58yrs,
wife of Rev William Appleton, and daughter of the late Capt Donaldson, Royal Navy
Tue -- 21 -- LIDGERTON - YOUNGER, 26 Dec, at the U P Church, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland,
by Rev J Mathison, Miss Agnes, daughter of Thomas Younger, Borough Surveyor,
and sister to Thomas Younger, of Nelson, to Thomas Lidgerton, shipbroker, son of
late Richard Robinson Lidgerton, late of Monkwearmouth, England
Thur - 23 -- Death--BEITT, 22 Mar, Louisa, wife of Henry Beitt Esq, JP, of Richmond
Fri --- 24 --- COLLINS, 22 Mar, at Hillside, Wakapuaka, Mrs H Collins, a daughter
LLOYD, 23 Mar, wife of H D Lloyd, Collingwood St, a son
HART - Davis, 15 Mar, at resid of Mrs Stanton, Collingwood St, by Rev E Thomas,
James Hart, farmer, Richmond, to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Rev John Davis,
sometime Minister of Bridge St Chapel, Nelson
Death--CROSSMAN, 24 Mar, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mr G Crossman
Wed - 29 --- ASTLE, 28 Mar, ahr, Harper St, the wife of W Astle, a daughter
Fri --- 31 --- GROSSMAN, 30 Mar, wife of Jacob Grossman, a daughter

April --- 1871

Sat --- 01 --- Death-- AIKEN, 1 Ap, the wife of George Aiken, Waimea Rd
HOWELL, 29 Dec, 1870, at Great R?burg, England, wife of Henry Howell, and
mother of Mrs David Burns of Nelson, aged 68yrs
===School Prize List == Takaka, Long Plain School === Herbert Langford, Jessie Scott,
Jessie Spittal, Jane Hitchcock, Annie Dodson, William Goldney, Isabella Scott,
Annie McCallum, Charles Hitchcock, Eliza Mary Walker, Alfred Dodson,
Archibald McCallum, H Langford, Margaret McCallum -- ----
schoolmaster Mr A Langford
Mon - 03 --- THOMSON, 2 Ap, Mrs W Thomson, a son
Tue -- 04 --- DODSON, 2 Ap, at Blenheim, wife Henry Dodson Esq, a daughter
PITT - TAYLOR, 30 Mar, at Church of Holy Nativity, Blenheim, by Archdeacon Butt,
Henry Pitt of Blenheim, solicitor, to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of late William
Taylor, of Nelson
Wed - 05 --- PHARAZYN - LOMAX, 29 Mar, by Rev W H Ewald, MA, at St Pauls, Thorndon,
Wellington, Robert, eldest son of Hon C J Parazyn, MLC, to Emily Waitbread Lomax,
widow, 5th daughter of the late W N Cole Esq, solicitor, London
Sat -- 08 ---- BENNETTS, 8 Ap, at Waimea Rd, wife of J J Bennetts, a daughter
==== No dog tickets ===== Robert Burns, Stephen Leaver, Abraham Palmer,
Daniel Godfrey, Henry Lovell, Elijah Fuller, Wm Lloyd, Richard Roberts,
James Blick, Adam Crowdis, George Wilkes, Charles King
Cattle trespass ==== George Thomas, Thomas Hunter
Mon - 10 --- DAVIS - JACOBS, 29 Mar, at Werescot, St Kilda, Melbourne, by Rev A F Ornestein,
Moss, eldest son of Hyam Davis Esq, of this city, to Leah, 5th daughter of Elias Jacobs
Esq, of Grandenz, late of Manchester
Death--PITT, 10 Ap, Annie Ida Ruby, 3mths, daughter of Albert Pitt Esq
REAY, 29 Mar, at Lampton Quay, Wellington, Mr John Reay, 38yrs
Tue -- 11 --- PERKINS - BLYTHE, 10 Ap, at the Baptist Chapel, Bridge St, by Mr W M Biss,
Charles Perkins, to Miss Sarah Blythe, both of Nelson
STEWART - WHITE, 10 Ap, at resid of brides father, by W M Biss, John Stewart, to
Miss Sarah White, both of Nelson
Fri --- 14 --- Death--MOORE, 13 Ap, at resid of Mrs Snow, Waimea Rd, Mabel Mary, 6mths,
daughter of Ambrose E Moore
Sat --- 15 -- CHRISTIAN, 14 Ap, ahr, Harley St, wife of M Christian, a daughter
Mon - 17 -- CORBETT, 15 Ap, Mrs W H Corbett, a daughter
Tue -- 18 --- Death--BAIN, 4 Feb, at Dublin, Lady Bain, 82yrs, widow of the late Sir William Bain RN
MOREY, 18 Ap, ahr, Nelson, wife, 26yrs, of Walter Morey, and eldest daugter
of E Green, of Nelson
Wed - 19 --- Death--WEBLEY, 18 Ap, Edward, 13mth, twin son of Henry Webley, Alton St
HAWDON, 12 Ap, at Christchurch, Canterbury, Hon Joseph Hawdon MLC, 57yr
Thur - 20 --- MURRELL, 19 Ap, at Dunedin, wife of E Murrell, twin sons
LLOYD, 18 Ap, at Upper Bridge St, wife of E Lloyd, a daughter
Fri --- 21 --- KENNING, 20 Ap, ahr, Stoke, wife of W Kenning, twin daughters
HODGSON, 21 Ap, wife of W C Hodgson, a son
Death--WRIGHT, 21 Ap, at Panama House, Nelson, Capt W R Wright, of Pangatotara,
Motueka, 67yrs
Item--- census figures ( population numbers) for Nelson province
Mon - 24 -- WHENT - BRAY, 20 Ap, by Rev E Thomas, John Whent, publican, to Mrs M A Bray,
both of Nelson
Tue -- 25 -- CHALMERS - SCOTT, 55 Ap, by Rev E Thomas, Alexander Chalmers, carpenter and
builder, to Miss Scott, both of Nelson
Death--STANTON, 21 Ap, drowned at Opotiki, Edward Stanton, late of Nelson
=== Bankruptcy === Avery Bros, flax dressers, Bridge St
Wed - 26 -- SCOTT - PAGE, 20 Ap, by Rev Richardson, W R Scott, Master of the ps Lyttleton,
to Miss Rebecca Page of Blenheim
Thur - 27 -- SIMMONDS - HOLDAWAY, 26 Ap, by Rev W J Watkin, at resid of the brides father,
Rev J A Simmonds, son of J Simmonds of Spring Grove, to Sarah, 2nd daughter of
John Holdaway of Richmond
Death--CLISSOLD, 21 Ap, S H Clissold, 4mth, son of Peter and Mary Clissold
Fri --- 28 --- === Insolvency==Beilby Walcot, writing clerk, Nelson
Vasila Mitri, a Greek -- fatal accident at Irishmans Creek, Lyell on Thur 14 April
=== The Valley of the Motupiko ===
Sat -- 29 --- LEVY, 27 Ap, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs Morris Levy, a daughter
Death--SOWMAN, 27 Ap, at Nile St, Nelson, William Sowman, 52yrs

May --- 1871

Thur - 02 -- HAASE, 2 Ap, at Melbourne, wife of John Haase, compositor, a son
WORTHINGTON, 16 Ap, at Upper Moutere, wife of T K Worthington, a son
MEADS, 2 May, at Nile St East, wife of William Meads, a son
NEUMAN - SCHWASS, 1 May, by Rev E Thomas, William John Neuman, to
Miss Louisa Henrietta Schwass, both of Waimea West
Wed - 03 -- BOURKE, 1 May, wife of W J Bourke, a son
McARTHUR, 2 May, ahr, the Port, Nelson, wife of Findley McArthur, a son
SENIOR - HEWETSON, 29 Ap, at resid of brides father, by Mr W M Biss, Samuel, only
son of Joseph Senior of Attercliffe, Sheffield, to Elennor, only daughter of Joseph
Hewetson of Kendal Grove, Upper Moutere
Thur - 04 -- HILL - JARY, 3 May, at St Albans Church, Appleby, by Rev C O Mules, William, 4th son
of Thomas Hill of Waimea East, to Mary Ann, 2nd daughter of Ja??ies Jary, Richmond
Death--WHEELER, 4th May, Jessie Maud, 10 and 1/2mths, daughter of
Capt E Wheeler, Shelbourne St
Mon - 08 -- DAVIS - CHAMBERLAIN, at resid of John Moore, by Rev P Calder, William Davis, to
Catherine Chamberlain, both of Nelson
Tue -- 09 --- BRAY, 7 May, Mrs Bernard Bray, a son
NALDER, 8 May, at Nile St East, wife of John Valentine Nalder, a son
Death--HORSFORD, 7 March, at Stanley, Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire, England,
John Horsford, aged 52yrs
===== Prize list for the Richmond Agricultural Show
James Baird drowned crossing the Motupipi River on Sat evening --6 May
Wed - 10 --- HOLLOWAY - THORPE, May 9, at All Saints Church, Nelson, by Rt Rev Bishop of
Nelson, assisted by Rev G H Johnstone, John Holloway, Bank of NZ, Nelson, to Anna,
4th daughter of the late Rev Richard Hall Thorpe, Hoyhton Parsonage, Lancashire
GRIFFITH - BURBUSH, 9 May, at resid of John Griffith, Wakefield, by Mr W M Biss,
Thomas Griffith, to Miss Ellen Burbush, both of Wakefield
Death--SAXTON, 28 Ap, at Christchurch, Canterbury, of typhoid fever, Charles, 3rd son of
the late Jno W Saxton Esq, of Oaklands, Waimea East, aged 33 yrs
Fri --- 12 --- Death--HODGSON, 12 May, infant son of W C Hodgson Esq, the Wood

May ---1871

Sat --- 13 --- Death--WEBLEY, 13 May, wife, 23yrs, of W Webley, cloth manufacturer, of this city
Tue -- 16 --- CUNDY, 14 May, at Richmond, wife of F Cundy, twins, stillborn
Thur - 18 --- NORTON, 17 May, in Wellington St, Mrs William Norton, a son
Mon -- 22 -- McRAE, 17 May, at Weldhill, Province of Marlborough, Mrs N McRae, a son
Tue -- 23 --- CRUMP, 12 May, at Taranaki, wife of Rev J Crump, a daughter
Fri --- 26 ---- Death--TUNNICLIFFE, 24 May, ahr, Upper Wakefield, the wife of Thomas Tunnicliffe sen, 62
LEECH, 24 May, ahr New St, Mrs Elizabeth Leech, 70, relict of late Jonathan Leech
Sat --- 27 --- Death--BIDDLE, at Upper Wakefield, E Biddle, 50yrs
BERRY, 22 May, at Westport, Rebecca Kesley, 49yrs, relict of Thomas Richard
Berry of Nelson
Tue -- 30 --- WATTY, 27 May, at Nile St East, at Nile St East, wife of P K Watty, a daughter

June --- 1871

Thur - 01 --- STOWE - GREENWOOD, 31 May, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone,
Leonard Stowe Esq, of Wellington, NZ, son of the late William Stowe Esq, Surgeon of
Buckingham, England, to Jane, 3rd daughter of J D Greenwood Esq, of Nelson
== Nebraska arrived Auck at 8 am yesterday from San Francisco with 11 passengers for
Auckland =====
Fri --- 02 --- GRAHAM, 1 June, ahr, Waimea St, wife of James Graham, a son
LUCKIE, 1 June, at Shelbourne St, Nelson, Mr D M Luckie, a daughter
WINTER, 26 May, at St Vincent St, Nelson, Mrs George Winter, a son
SEYMOUR, 5 May, at Picton, wife of H C Seymour, a daughter
Sat --- 03 --- FORBES, 3 June, at Bridgerd, Nelson, NZ, wife of Sir William Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes,
a son and heir
FRANK, 2 June, ahr, Tasman St, wife of Peter Frank, a daughter
Mon - 05 --- DONALDSON, ahr, Hardy St, wife of James Donaldson, a son
==== Divorce == James Thomas v Emily Thomas (formerly Emily Jolly, spinster of
Blenheim) --- Elijah Bythell, co-respondent ====
Wed - 07 --- CANNELL, 3 June, at Richmond, wife of Rev W Cannell, Wesleyan Minister, a daughter
FREEMAN, 6 June, at Spring Grove, wife of Thomas G Freeman, a son
Thur - 08 --- JACKSON, 7 June, ahr, Alton Place, wife Alfred B Jackson, a daughter
GANE, 27 May, ahr, Marlborough town, Wairau, wife of James Gane, a daughter
Mon - 12 --- BETIE, 7 June, ahr, Stoke, wife of John Betie, a daughter
PHILLIPS, 11 June, ahr, Mrs P Phillips, a son
Tue -- 13 --- JACKSON, wife of M W Jackson, a son
Wed - 14 --- WESTROP, 13 June, ahr, the Port, wife of JohnWestrop, a son, stillborn
Thur - 15 --- LEVESTAM, 14 June, Mrs H A Levestam, a son
Fri --- 16 ---- ROACH - CANN, 14 June, at Takaka, by J Tilby, Francis Roach of Collingwood,
to Agnes, 3rd daughter of John Cann, Takaka
GILROY - TAYLOR, 23 May, at resid of brides father, by Rev Father Chateyre,
Patrick Gilroy, late of Carick-on-Shannon, Ireland, to Jane, 2nd daughter of
John Taylor, Baton, formerly of Clapham, London
Death--FULLER, at Brook St, Valley, Harriet Jane, 16yrs, daughter of Elijah and Sarah
Jane Fuller
=== Election of new members for various Education Committees ====
Sat --- 17 ---- SOLOMON, 16 June, ahr, Nile St West, Mrs S M Solomon, a son
==== Court == Walter Harford, Lewis Wells, Joseph Richards, Andrew Loasby,
Edwin Thomas Mills, Evan Hargreaves, Arthur Henry Leaper,
Frank Ricketts, James Thomas Constable, William Henry Constable,
Thomas Woodworth -- youthful offenders charged with passing off
counters as half sovereigns
Tue -- 20 ---- FITTALL, 18 June, at Wakefield, wife of S Fittall, a son
Wed - 21 ---- MABIN, 19 June, wife of John R Mabin, a daughter
FLETCHER, 20 June, ahr, Nelson, wife of William Fletcher, a daughter
Thur - 22 ---- Death--MAJOR, 19 May, by drowning, George Major, 27, mate of the brigatine "FLIRT"
Fri --- 23 ---- Death--HALL, 22 June, ahr, Waimea St, Nelson, Ada, 27yrs, wife of J H Hall, and eldest
daughter of R Smart
Sat -- 24 ---- === A Russian, name unknown, found dead in his hut in Lightbands Gully,
Golden Bay, on Tue 20th
Mon - 26 --- Death--DAVIES, 25 June, at Maitai, Nelson, Thomas Davies, 70yrs
Tue -- 27 --- Death--CAMPBELL, ahr, Howard Place, Edinburgh, Margaret, Dowager Lady Campbell,
relict of late Sir Alexander Campbell, Bart, of Aberuchill, and of Kilbryde Castle,
Wed - 28 --- === William Beere, an old settler was killed on 17 May at Havelock
Thur - 29 --- WATKIN, 29 June, at Wesleyan Manse, wife of Rev W J Watkin, a son
=== John Mounce == burned to death on Fri 23 according to the Grey River Argus

July --- 1871

Mon -- 03--- McDONALD, 2 July, at Waimea Rd, wife of T McDonald, a daughter
Tue --- 04 --- WEBLEY, 1 July, wife of Joshua Webley, a son
COOMBS, 1 July, ahr, the Wood, wife of J F Coombs, a son
HECTOR, 3 July, at Wellington, wife of James Hector Esq, MD, a son
LLOYD, 3 July, ahr, Hardy St, wife of W Lloyd, a daughter
Fri --- 07 ---- Death--CLOUSTON, 6 July, Jessie Mitchell, infant daug of Henry and Mary Clouston
Sat -- 08 ----- SCOTT, 5 July, at Tasman St, Nelson, wife of Joseph Scott, a son
Mon - 10 ---
- Death--HANSON, 8 July, at Harley St, Nelson, Frederick Hanson, 4 yrs
Tue -- 11 ---- === Mr Manson Sinclair == serious accident, not expected to live ===
Wed - 12 ---- Death--SCHAFER, 11 July, at Collingwood, Sarah Ann, 38, wife of William Schafer
Fri --- 14 ---- SIMSON, 12 July, at Hopewell Cottage, Waimea Rd, Mrs James Simson, a daughter
Sat --- 15 --- GREEN, 14 July, ahr, the Sands, Stoke, Mrs E Green, a son
Mon - 17 --- Item----Death of Mr Mason Sinclair, Bronti St
Tue -- 18 --- JACKSON - HALPIN, at Cathilic Church, by Rev Father Chareyre, William, 3rd son of
late John Jackson, of Enfield, Middlesex, toBridget Mary, 3rd daugter of
Christopher Halpin, of Navan, County Meath, Ireland
Death--SINCLAIR, 17 July, Manson Sinclair, 26yrs
STREET, 17 July, John Street, 80yrs
Fri --- 21 ---- SMITH, 6 June, wife of James Smith, Dovedale, a daughter
MACLAINE, 10 July, at Erina Run, Marlborough, wife of Alexander Maclaine Esq, daugh
BOOKER, 12 July, at Blenheim, wife of W Booker jun, a daughter
PARKER - GIFFORD, 11 July, at resid of brides father, by Rev J B Richardson,
William B, 6th son of the late E S Parker Esq, JP, of Mt Franklin, Victoria, to Emily,
3rd daughter of Isaac Gifford, Spring Creek, Marlborough
MAXTED - HAINES, 11 July, at Blenheim, Richard Maxted, to Miss Eliza Haines,
of Blenheim
SHIRIFFS - McHUTCHESON, 11 July, at Blenheim, by Rev John Bannatyne, Rev
William Shiriffs, Presbyterian Minister, Blenheim, to Wilhelmina, daughter of
W McHutcheson Esq, late of HM Inland Revenue, Scotland
Sat --- 22 --- WHITING, 21 July, ahr, Nile St East, wife of Henry Whiting, a son
Mon - 24 --- CULLEN, 23 July, ahr, Washington Valley, wife of W G Cullen, a daughter
Tue -- 25 --- TUCKEY, 13 July, at Pipitea Point, Wellington, Mrs H E Tuckey, a son
Thur - 27 --- Death--WHEADON, 11 April, at South St, Crewkerne, John Wheadon, farmer, 64yrs
CAMPBELL, 20 April, at Thornhill, Scotland, Ann, 64yrs, wife of James Campbell
Fri --- 28 ---- THORPE, 27 July, at All Saints Parsonage, wife of Rev R J Thorpe, a son
Death--CLARKE, 9 May, at Weymouth, Dorset, W H J Clarke, of Bath, Somerset,
brother of H L N Clarke of this city
Sat -- 29 ---- TURNER, 29 July, ahr, Russell St, Haven Rd, wife of John Turner, a daughter
AVERY, 26 July, at Omaka, near Blenheim, wife of William Avery, a daughter
=== Ploughing competition at Richmond -- place getters === T Russ = G Satherley =
J Satherley = W Hill = C Eyles = W Biggar = and under 21yrs age ===
T Giblin = G Russ = --- Neale =====
Mon - 31 --- WHITEHORN, 22 July, at Havelock, Mrs Whitehorn, a daughter
GREENFIELD, 30 July, at Milton St , Nelson, Mrs Greenfield, a son
Death--SIGLEY, 31 July, at Toi-toi Valley, Charles Hepworth, 9 days, son of J Sigley
==== Nelson Board of Works -- nomination of members-- candidates, proposers
and seconders --- D Burns = J R Dodson = J Webb = C Elliott = J Hounsell =
H Levestam = C Y Fell = J P Cook = J Smith = D Burns = W M Stanton =
W Lane = W Jones = C Harley = W Thomson = W Bettany = J Haines ====
==== Sworn in for Grand Jury duty == H Beitt = H Lewis = T Cawthron = J Lewis =
G H Myers = J Watkins = C Watts = H Davis = D McDonald = J Scotland =
H Baly = H Martin = S H Pike = T R Hodder = J Gully = J H Levien = T Mackay
= D M Luckie = A Warren = J W Barnicoat =====

August --- 1871

Tue -- 01 --- McVICAR, 30 July, ahr, Trafalgar Sq, Nelson, wife of W McVicar, a son
Wed - 02 --- === Alhambra arrived at Bluff with passengers for Dunedin, Lyttleton and Wellington
Thur - 03 --- ADAMSON, 3 Aug, at Collingwood St, wife of Charles Adamson, a son
Fri --- 04 --- GARRARD, 4 Aug, ahr, Haven Rd, Mrs Joseph Garrard, a son, stillborn
=== Mrs Aylmer, a recent resident of Nelson died on the Rangitoto on her way to
=== Central Board of Education -- members and district they represent ====
Tue -- 08 --- LIGHTBAND, 3 Aug, Mrs M Lightband, a daughter
WOODHOUSE, 7 Aug, Mrs John Woodhouse, a daughter
Death--ROSE, 6 Aug, at Spring Grove, Richard Glover, 6mth, son of John Rose
Fri --- 11 --- RICHARDS, 10 Aug, at Nile St East, wife of James H Richards, a daughter
Sat -- 12 ---- LIGHTBAND, 6 Aug, at Collingwood, wife of G W W Lightband, a son
==== Court === James Kearse = Alfred Carter = Henry Rough = drunk and disorderly
and assaulting Hugh Carrigan
=== James Thomas, charged by Emily Thomas, his wife, unlawfully
deserting his children
Mon - 14 --- McINTOSH, 12 June, at No 1 Middleton Row, Calcutta, wife of John McIntosh, a son  
Wed - 16 --- Death--SIMPSON, 16 Aug, at Washington Valley, Nelson, William, 4+1/2yrs, 2nd son
of James Simpson
Thur - 17 --- HARLEY, 11 Aug, wife of J A Harley, a daughter
Fri --- 18 ---- LEE, 15 Aug, wife of R Lee, a daughter
Death--DROGUET, 17 Aug, at St Marys Convent, Nelson, Madam Presoiine Droguet,
Sister Mary St Stanislaus Joseph
=== Nevada arrives in Auckland, ---- passengers for Auckland and Melbourne
Sat -- 19 ---- Death--SNOWDEN, at Hope, Waimea East, George Edward Snowden, 27+3/4yrs
Mon - 21 --- HAYCOCK, 16 Aug, ahr, Appleby, Waimea East, Mrs H Haycock, a daughter
Death--HODDER, 9 June, at Staines, England, Henry Hodder Esq, 68yrs
=== Mr and Mrs Domett passed through Nelson on way to England He was one of
Nelsons oldest settlers ----- few details of his life
Wed - 23 --- PELLEW, 20 Aug, Mrs E T Pellew, a daughter
Fri --- 25 ---- DOUGLAS, 26 Aug, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, wife of W Douglas, a son
Sat -- 26 ---- === Report of mortgage land sales and prices received ====
Mon - 28 --- BURNS, 22 Aug, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs Robert Burns, twin sons
HORNE - ANTHONY, 26 Aug, by Mr W M Biss, James P Horne, Waimea, East, to
Miss Mary Ann Anthony, of Upper Moutere
Tue -- 29 --- JONES, 16 Aug, at Bank NSW, Charleston, wife of Hugh Jones, a daughter
Wed - 30 --- CLARKE, 6 Aug, at Mississippi Villa, Havelock, wife of Charles A Clarke, a daughter
Thur - 31 --- Death--AUSTIN, 31 Aug, Edwin Austin, 51yrs, of Waimea Rd

September --- 1871

Sat --- 02 --- BARTLETT, 4 Aug, at Collingwood, Mrs H Bartlett, a son
SMITH, 1 Sept, at the Forest Inn, Mrs Robert M Smith, a son
Mon - 04 --- === Mary Elizabeth Lovegrove, 9yrs, at Kekerangu on Mon evening 30 Aug --drowned ==
Tue -- 05 --- CAMERON, 3 Sept, at resid of Mr J Shepherd, Waimea Rd, wife of George Cameron
of Hokitika, a daughter
BLINCOE, 3 Sept, ahr, Waimea Rd, wife of Francis Blincoe, a son
=== Bankrupt -- Edwin Smallbone, writing clerk ===
Wed - 06 --- DONKIN - JENNINGS, 4 Sept, at All Saints Church, Nelson, by Rev R J Thorpe,
Herbert Donkin, to Ellen, 6th daugh of William Jennings, the Wood, Nelson
Thur - 07 --- CHANT, 5 Sept, Waimea West, wife of W H Chant, a son
Death--HURLEY, 7 Sept, Margaret Hurley, 61yrs, Collingwood St, Nelson
Mon - 11 --- HIBBLE, 8 Sept, Mrs A Hibble, a daughter
Tue -- 13 --- ===Nebraska arrives Auckland from San Francisco, 12 Sept == 15 passengers Auckland
Thur - 14 --- Death--SINCLAIR, 13 Sept, ahr, Bronte St, Donald Sinclair Esq, 69yrs
Fri --- 15 ---- BURLACE-POTE, 14 Sept, at Stoke, wife of William Burlace-Pote, a daughter
GUEST - TAYLOR, 12 Sept, at Pokororo, by Rev S Poole MA, Thomas Guest, of Baton,
to Miss Ann Elizabeth Taylor of Baton
== Fatal boating accident == Mr Webber and Miss Caroline Reynolds of Nelson,
missing and Annie Leaver, 16mths, drowned == ( inquest in Sat 16 paper )
Sat -- 16 ---- Death--WILKINS, 7 July, at Calne, Wilts, England, Lydia Fanny, 25yrs, sister of
W C Wilkins of Nelson
REYNOLDS, 14 Sept, drowned Nelson harbour, Caroline F Reynolds, 20yrs,
g/daughter of Adam Wallace Elmslie Esq, of Montabella, Ellenborough Park,
near Weston Super-mare, Somersetshire
Mon - 18 ---- ==== W Wastney, MPC, died early this morning He has resided in Suburban Nth for
more than 25yrs
==== Adelina Evans, 45yrs, (married) gored to death by a cow at Shakespeare Bay,
near Picton. Only recently moved there from Takaka Valley ==
Wed - 20 ---- Death--WROUGHTON, 17 July, at Dum-Dum, India, Colonel Frederick Turner Wroughton,
CB, Bengal Infantry, aged 51yrs
HANDCOCK, 13 Ap, at Clonmed, Ireland, Tobias Handcock Esq, 27 Reg,
79yrs, father of Mr Handcock of Takaka
Thur - 21 ---- RICHARDSON, 20 Sept, ahr, the Port, wife of J M Richardson, a daughter
Fri --- 22 ---- Death--BUSBY, 15 July, at Anerley, near London, James Busby Esq, of Waitangi,
Bay of Islands, formerly British Resident in NZ, aged 72yrs
Mon - 25 --- GRUNT, 17 Sept, at resid of her father, Nelson, wife of Archibald Reacock Grant, daugh
Tues - 26 ---
=== Bankruptcy == John MUNRO, publican, the Grove, Marlborough
== George HARRIS, writing clerk, Nelson
Fri --- 29 ---- RENTOUL, 19 Sept, at Fortchester, Motupipi, wife of Walter O Rentoul, a daughter
Sat -- 30 ---- WAKELIN, 29 Sept, ahr, Waimea Rd, wife of James Robert Wakelin, a son

October --- 1871

Mon - 02 --- === Mrs Rohloff, wife of Carl Rohloff, baker, Hokitika --- death ==
Tue -- 03 --- MYERS, 3 Oct, wife of Morris Meyers Esq, a son
MILLS, 4 Sept, at Hopai, Pelorus Sound, wife of T H Mills, a daughter
Wed - 04 --- WINTER, 29 Sept, at Brook St Valley, wife of Wm Winter, a son
=== Jackson, shoemaker, Blenheim, --- suicide ===
=== Mr Joseph Kilgour, Greymouth ---- death ===
STEVENS, 1 Oct, ahr, Waimea Rd, wife of Richard Stevens, a son
Fri --- 06 --- WHEELER, 6 Oct, at Shelbourne St, wife of Capt Wheeler, a son
Tue - 10 ---- === Isador HAMMEL, driver of one of Lewis's mail coaches drowned in the Opawa River
near Blenheim, on Fri 6 =====
Thur - 12 --- WARREN, 9 Oct, at Nile St East, wife of Alfred Warren, a son
Fri --- 13 ---- BEATSON, 8 Oct, at Ngatimoti, Mrs Arthur Beatson, a son
GUEST - TAYLOR, 12 Sept, at Pokororo, by Rev S Poole, Thomas Guest, 3rd son of
John C Guest,of Kent, Eng, to Miss Ann Elizabeth Taylor, eldest daughter of
John Taylor, Baton Hotel, formerly of Clapham, England
Sat --- 14 --- === Nevada arrived Auckland on Thur 12 from San Francisco -- passengers for Auckland
and Pt Chalmers
Mon - 16 --- Death--EVES, 14 Oct, late of Spring Grove, William Eves, 65yrs
Wed - 18 --- DRANE, 14 Oct, ahr, Alton St, Mrs J G Drane, a daughter
Sat --- 21 --- EDLESTEN, 9 Oct, at Riwaka, wife of J S Edelsten, a son
Fri --- 27 ---- === Alhambra, arrived today at Bluff from Melbourne -- pasengers for Otago and
Wellington and for Nelson == Mr Warmoll
Mon - 30 --- GARRARD - WASTNEY, 28 Oct, at St Andrews Church, Suburban Nth, by Rev G H
Johnstone, Thomas Garrard, Nelson, to Miss Mary Wastney, Suburban Nth
Tue -- 31 --- === People supporting a Foxhill railway scheme ==== M Myers = James T Lowe =
Wm Stavert = Robert Lucas = John Thornton = H Goodman = William Healy =
Wm H West = Thomas R Fisher = William Evans = Thos Askew = Henry Baly =
John R Mabin = George B Sinclair = Joseph H Levien = Robt Burn =
Geo Bonnington = Eli Barnes = Fras J Blundell = J W Wigzell = S M Solomon =
George Harper = Peter Cooke = John Jervis = J P Speed - Edward Buxton and Co =
James P Black = Theodore Wm Rentoul = Thos Newton = A Hibble = H C Wilson =
John M Richardson = H G Gouland = W Milner = H J L Augarde, John Pratt =
Henry Drew = Thomas McDonald = Alfred B Jackson = John Tregea =
Jno Moutray = A W Scaife = W Harper = H Davis, W Russell = T S Wymond and Co
= T Cawthron ====

November --- 1871

Thur - 02 --- Death--BUDGE, 30 Oct, at Blenheim, William Budge, surveyor, aged 55yrs
Fri --- 03 ---- BARTLETT, 21 Oct, at Collingwood, wife of Charles Bartlett, a daughter
GILBERT - CROUCHER, 31 Oct, at Motupipi, by Rev W G Thomas, George C Gilbert,
to Grace, youngest daughter of John Croucher, Wellington
Sat --- 04 --- Death--GUNN, 3 Nov, at hospital, John Gunn, aged 44yrs
Mon - 06 --- SHEATHER, 4 Nov, wife of L Sheather, a daughter
Tue -- 07 --- PARKER, 4 Nov, ahr, Stoke, wife of William Parker, a son
Thur - 09 --- DELANEY, 7 Nov, at Motueka, Mrs John Delaney, a son
O'REILLY - BLACKWOOD, 24 Oct, at St Marys Church, Auckland, by Ven Archdeacon
Maunsell, Caleb Barnes O'Reilly Esq, youngest son of the late C B O'Reilly Esq, Dublin,
and g/son of the late Fleming Pinkston O'Reilly `Esq, treasurer for the County of Meath,
Ireland, to Sophie, 2nd daughter of John O R Blackwood Esq, Ballymenoch House,
Holywood, County Down, Ireland
Death--WAKELIN, 9 Nov, at Waimea Rd, infant son, 6 wks, of J R Wakelin
=== Nebraska arrived Auck 9am Tue from San Francisco passengers for Auck and
Lyttleton ===
Mon - 13 --- === Cricket ==== Motueka v Riwaka ====
Wed - 15 --- Death--MARSHALL, 15 Nov, at Port Nelson, Mrs Esther Marshall, 64, of Motueka
Thur - 16 --- Death--LEWIS, 16 Nov, at Washington Valley, Ellen Goulstone Lewis, 48yrs, late of
Llandovery, Caermarthenshire, and Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, St Wales
Fri --- 17 --- LITTLE, 16 Nov, wife of J K Little, Hardy St, a son
GANE, 9 Nov, at Park Farm, Spring Creek, wife of F J Gane, a daughter
Death--NEWMAN, 16 Nov, at Lower Wakefield, Alfred Newman, 26yrs
Sat -- 18 --- FOGDEN, 15 Nov, at Grove St, Mrs Fogden, a daughter
==== James Hedge, miner, fatal accident at Inangahua on Wed 15 ======
Mon - 20 -- Death--CROSS, 19 Nov, at St Leonards, Amuri, George, 26yrs, 2nd son of J S Cross,
Harbourmaster of this port
==== Sworn in for Supreme Court jury duty ========
Tue -- 21 -- CHING - DOIDGE, 18 Nov, at Nelson, by Rev E Thomas, James, 3rd son of Richard
Ching, Stoke, to Mary Ann, 2nd daughter of John Doidge of the same place
Thur - 23 -- Item--- funeral of a volunteer----- Alfred Newman
Fri --- 24 --- KEILL - MOORE, 20 Nov, at the Scotch Church, by Rev P Calder, James Keill,
Dovedale, to Jane, 3rd daughter of C Moore, Nelson
=== Alhambra arrived at Bluff this morning with passengers for Dunedin , Wellington
and Mrs and Master Horne for Nelson ======
Sat -- 25 --- THOMSON, 24 Nov, ahr, Haven Rd, wife of J P Thomson, a son
Mon - 27 -- ROBINSON, 25 Nov, at Washington Valley, wife of John Robinson, Engineer of
SS Kennedy, a son
Item---- fatal accident to Mr George Cross
Wed - 29 -- WHITE, 28 Nov, ahr, Trafalgar Sq, Mrs Henry White, a daughter
GULLY - HODGSON, 25 Nov, at All Saints Church, by Rev R J Thorpe, Phillip Lewis,
eldest son of John Gully Esq, of Nelson, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late
B O Hodgson Esq
Thur - 30-- CRESSWELL - ST JOHN, 29 Nov, at the Wesleyan Church, Stoke, by Rev W Cannell,
William Daniel, eldest son of Edward Cresswell, Stoke, to Fanny Elizabeth, only
daughter of late John St John, of Auckland, formerly of Nelson

December --- 1871

Mon - 04 -- Death--NEALE, 4 Dec, at resid of her father, Waimea Rd, Isabella Bournman, 8+1/2yrs
eldest daughter of John and Annie Neale
Wed - 06 --- BIRD, 6 Dec, Mrs Charles Bird, Trafalgar St, a son
ANDREWS, 2 Dec, at Manuka St, wife of C Andrews, a son
Thur - 07 --- McGEE, 4 Dec, wife of Charles McGee, Nelson Hotel, a son
BARNETT, 7 Dec, wife of A W Barnet, a daughter
Tue -- 12 --- Death--Palmer, 4 Nov, at Sydney, Henry Palmer, brother of John Palmer of Waimea West Hotel
KEMPTHORNE, 10 Dec, at Wellington, Frederick Kempthorne, 32yrs, of
HM Customs, eldest son of S Kempthorne Esq, JP, Auckland
==== Cricket == Wakefield v Motueka ====
Wed - 13 --- Death--CONNEL, 30 Nov, ahr, Karangahape Rd, Auckland, Thomas Connell, solicitor,
late of Cork, Ireland
BLINCOE, 12 Dec, ahlr, Toi-toi Valley, Francis Blincoe, 81yrs, one of the early
settlers of Nelson
====== Rates assesments ===== names and amounts for Nelson == large number
Thur - 14 --- AITKEN, 13 Dec, ahr, Gloucester St, Mrs John Aitken, a son
Fri --- 15 --- MILLER, 15 Dec, wife of C Miller, a daughter
Sat --- 16 --- ==== Nelson College prize list and scholarships ========
Mon - 18 --- BRADSHAW, 16 Dec, wife of Thomas Bradshaw, Collingwood St, a daughter
==== Bishops School prize list =====
Tue -- 19 --- Death--CARSTENS, 17 Dec, at Greymouth, Mr William Carstens, native of Schelswig,
Holstein, late Master of the Mary Louisa, aged about 35yrs
=== College sports results === see also Wed 20 for more results =======
Wed - 20 --- WRIGHT, 18 Dec, wife of R T Wright, Nile St, a son
JENNINGS, 20 Dec, wife of J Jennings, Nile St West, a daughter
Fri --- 22 --- Death--BLICK, 21 Dec, ahr, Brook St Valley, Mrs Hannah, Blick, 78yrs, relict of the
late Thomas Blick
=== Motueka Gov Schools ----- results ====
==== Cricket === Richmond v Waimea ===
=== Goldmining leases at Wangapeka for == Donald McKay = John Stanger =
James Anderson = John Bailie = John Everett = Alexander Thompson = Peter Watt =
Leonard Truelove = William O'Brien = Joseph Baigent = Levi James =
George Verry = Thomas Marshall = W R James = William Newton = A F James =
Henry Mallett = J E Jessop = James Anderson = John Wagstaff = Roger Pollock as
curator = William Griffith = Samuel Baigent ======
==== Prize list for Town and Country Schools ========
Tue - 26 --- HODSON, 25 Dec, at Thurston Cottage, Blenheim, wife of Jas E Hodson Esq, a son
Death--SCOTT, 24 Dec, Mrs R Scott, 64yrs, wife of Capt R Scott
Wed - 27 -- BERRY, 24 Dec, at Suburban Nth, wife of T Berry, a son
WHEADON - READER, 20 Dec, by Rev E Thomas, John Wheadon, to Miss Reader,
both of Nelson
SIGLEY - MACFARLANE, 24 Dec, by Rev E Thomas, Joshua Sigley, to Mrs Mary
Macfarlane, both of Nelson
Thur - 28--- JACKSON, 18 Dec, wife of Jas Jackson, Harper St, a daughter
BROAD - BEALL, 24 Aug, at St Marys Billericay, Essex, by Rev Wm Ismay, assisted
by Rev Walter East, Vicar of Hounslow, and Rev R C Webb, Vicar of St Marys Billericay,
Alfred Audrey, 6th son of the late Rev John Broad, of Hitchin, Herts, to Jessie Mary,
3rd daughter of Wm Beall Esq, Mountnessing Grange, Billericay
BEALL - LUCAS, 24 Aug, as above but William Grierson, eldest son of Wm Beall Esq, to
Mary Annie Lucas, daughter of William Lucas Esq, of Billericay
BROAD - BROAD, 14 Sept, at St Marks, Reigate, Ernest Broad Esq, of Rood Lane, and
Fernside, Bickley Park, son of the late Rev J Broad of Hitchin, Herts, to Charlotte
Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of P Broad Esq, of Beechwood, Reigate
Death--JACKSON, 27 Dec, wife of James Jackson, 39yrs
===== Lower Wakefield prize list ============
Fri --- 29 --- Death--WAKEFORD, at Collingwood St, Nelson, Samuel Wakeford, 42yrs
ANDERSON, 27 Dec, at Nelson Hospital, John Anderson, miner, late from
===== Inquest into death of John Anderson ============

January --- 1872

Tue --- 02 --- NAYLOR, 30 Dec, Mrs G Naylor, a daughter
=== Caledonian Sports results ====
=== Married v Single cricket ====
Wed -- 03 --- WRIGHT, 22 Dec, at Picton, wife of T M Wright, a daughter
SEYMOUR, 22 Dec, at Picton, wife of his honour A P Seymour Esq, a son
Ray, 26 Dec, at Cobden, wife of R Ray, a son
Death--FELL, 2 Nov,1871, ahr, Greenwich, near London, Alfred Fell Esq, late of Nelson, NZ
Arrived in Nelson on "Lord Auckland" in Feb 1842 and returned to Eng about 1857
Item--- fatal accident--Robert Blaymire, an old settler of Marlborough, 0n 27 Dec
=== List of ratepayers affected by the new sewage works ======
Thur - 04 --- WALCOT, 2 Jan, Mrs R B Walcot, a daughter
RENWICK - SMITH, 4 Jan, at Presbyterian Church, Nelson, by Rev Patrick Calder, Hon
T Renwick MD, to Annie, 2nd daughter of John Smith, Aberdeen, Scotland
Fri --- 05 --- === Bankruptcy ==George Charles Anderson, accomodation house keeper, Upper Buller
Wed - 10 --- Death--WARREN, 10 Jan, Percy, 3mth, son of Alfred Warren Esq
Thur - 11 --- HAMILTON, 7 Jan, at Beachville, wife of H Hamilton, a daughter
HOLYOAKE - JACKA, 30 Dec, at St Thomas Church, Motueka, by Rev S Poole, assisted
by Rev T L Tudor, Thomas Holyoake of Riwaka, to Miss Laura Ellen Jacka
McLEAN - LODDER, 18 Dec, at St Thomas Church, Motueka, by Rev S Poole,
William McLean of Riwaka, to Miss Jane Lodder
MALPAS - SAXON, 12 Dec, at St Thomas Church, Motueka, by Rev S Poole,
Charles Malpas Esq, of Ngatimoti, to Susan Neate, daught of John Saxon Esq, Wakarewa
Death--McEACHEN, 10 Jan, ahr, Alton St, Mrs Maria McFachen, 62yrs
=== Inquest == into death of Maria McEachen ==
=== Missed from the prize list for Motueka Gov Schools == Morris Buchholz and
Louis Buchholz ====
Sat --- 13 --- === Inquest == Hugh Patchell, miner, Fox Creek, Hokitika, death ===
Tue -- 16 --- NICE - AUSTIN, at the Registrars Office, Motueka, William Nice, of Motueka, to
Annie, only daughter of the late Edward Austin, Nelson
Thur - 18 --- === St Marys School boys prize giving ====
Fri --- 19 ---- FOY, 7 Jan, the wife of T H Foy, a daughter
MAVOR - HARDY, 19 jan, at resid of brides father, by Rev E Thomas, John Mavor, of
Charleston, to Sarah Elizabeth, eldest daughter of J Hardy of Nelson
Death--FOY, 19 Jan, Eliza,33yrs, wife of T H Foy
Sat --- 20 --- ORCHARD - LUCAS, 16 Jan, at St Johns, Wakefield, by Rev R J Thorpe, Charles
Orchard, of Upper Motueka Valley, to Mary, eldest daughter of James Lucas,
Brook St, Nelson
=== Extensive fire at Stanley Brook ===
=== Richmond v Waimea W --- cricket ====
Mon - 22 --- Death--BEST, 21 Jan, at Appleby, Ann, 52, wife of Charles Best
Tue -- 23 --- === Charles Theomartyr Stafford, Motueka --- sudden death ==
Inquest reported Wed 31 Jan ======
Wed - 24 --- ==== Archibald Dewar, miner, Upper Buller, accidental death, Tue 16 ====
Thur - 25 --- RICKETTS - COX, 24 Jan, at St Johns, Wakefield, by Rev C O Mules, John James
Ricketts, to Mary Ann Cox
===== St Marys Girls School prize giving ======
Fri --- 26 --- CONSTABLE, 25 Jan, wife of F Constable, Nile St East, a daughter
Sat --- 27 --- COCKRAM, 25 Jan, ahr, Waimea Rd, Wife of John Cockram, a son, stillborn
Death--WARNER, 26 jan, at the Wood, Nelson, Amelia, 18yrs, daug of Richard Warner
MURRELL, 25 Jan, at Dunedin, Charles, 9mth,twin son of Edward and Mary Ann Murrell
Mon - 29 --- WILLSON, 29 Jan, ahr, Alon St, Mrs A Willson, a son
Tue -- 30 ---- ==== Ngatimoti School prize list =======

February --- 1872

Fri --- 02 ---- OWEN, 20 Jan, wife of Thomas Owen, Haven Rd, a son
Sat --- 03 --- === Provincial Scolarship candidates =====
Fri --- 09 ----
=== Nevada arrived Auckland on 7th from San Francisco --- passengers for Auckland ===
Mon - 12 --- HOOK, 10 Feb, at Tasman St, the Wood, wife of John Hook, a daughter
Death--WELCH, ahr, Hardy St, Thomas H Welch, 42yrs
==== Forfeited leases === Askew, W and P = Jackson, H D = Lyford, A = Limmer and
others = Martin, G = McIntosh, A = Newport, H = Parker, C = Power, W =
Parish, W = Thomas, J = ===
Tue -- 13 --- HOLLOWAY, 12 Feb, at Bank NZ, Nelson, Mrs J Holloway, a daughter
==== Bankruptcy ==== Walter Harry Cousins, storekeeper and bootmaker ====
Wed -- 14 -- ==== Wesleyan Church appointments for NZ for 1872 - 73 year
Fri --- 16 ---- AVERY, 10 Feb, at Washbourne Bush, Aorere, wife of John Avery, a son
DOIDGE, 15 Feb, ahr, Stoke, wife of William Doidge, a daughter
Death--FELL, 9 Feb, accidental drowning Queen Charlotte Sound, Samuel Irton Fell,
of Brooklyn, Arapawa Is
Item--- details of drowning
Sat -- 17 ---- Death--BLICK, 13 Feb, at resid of George Blick, Nelson, Dora, 4yrs, daughter of
William Blick of Blenheim
Mon - 19 --- Death--YULE, at Masterton, Wairarapa, at the resid of her father, Susannah, 21, wife of
Alexander Yule jun
Tue -- 20 --- PITT, 20 Feb, at Blenheim, Mrs Harry Pitt, a daughter
Thur - 22 --- COWLES, 10 Feb, at Riwaka, Mrs E Cowles, a son
ELOY, 21 Feb, at Cambria St, the Wood, wife of W Elroy, a son
Fri --- 23 ---- DAVIS, 17 Feb, at Nile St East, Mrs Moss Davis, a son
ELVY, 21 Feb, at Cambria St, the Wood. wife of W Elvy, a son
HARRIS, 23 Feb, at Annandale, Maitai, wife of Joseph Harris, a daughter
Sat --- 24 ---- Death--BURNETT, 24 Feb, ahr, Waimea St, James Burnett, 46yrs
Mon - 26 ---- ==== Thomas John Tester ----- charged with wife desertion ======
Tue -- 27 ---- GILROY, 27 Feb, at Collingwood St, Mrs Gilroy, a son
Wed - 28 ---- Death--HUDDLESTON, 28 Feb, at the Cliffs, Nelson, Octavia Maria, 23yrs, daughter
of Frederick Huddleston Esq

March --- 1872

Mon - 04 ---- MULES, 3 Mar, wife of Rev C O Mules, Spring Grove Parsonage, a son
===== Motueka v Riwaka -- cricket ===
Wed - 06 ---- ==== Mr Archibald Bonar, an old resident of Hokitika, death ===
==== Prize shooting competitors =====
Fri --- 08 ---- MACKAY, 8 Mar, at Highbury, Mrs T Mackay, a son
WHITING, 7 Mar, at Brook St Valley, wife of David Whiting, a son
Sat --- 09 ---- MILLER - VOLLER, 1 Mar, at Tichmond, by Rev W Cannel, H Miller, to Elizabeth
Voller, both of Nelson
Mon - 11 ---- Death--CLARKE, 6 Mar, at resid of her father Karangahape Rd, Auckland, Annie, 7 mths,
daughter of Charles and Marianne Clark
Tue -- 12 ---- CLINCH - ROWBOTHAM, 4 Mar, by Rev E Thomas, Stephen Clinch, to Sarah,
youngest daughter of James Rowbotham, farmer, Stoke
==== Stoke v Spring Grove -- cricket ====
Wed - 13 --- CARTER, 13 Mar, at Hardy St, Mrs Alfred Carter, a daughter
Thur - 14 --- GARDNER - WARNOCK, 11 Mar, by Rev E Thomas, Thomas Gardner, to Mrs Warnock,
both of Nelson
McRAE - MacSHANE, 14 Mar, at Christ church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone,
Richard England, youngest son of the late George McRae Esq, of Blairich, Awatere,
Marlborough, to Florence, youngest daughter of the late Alexander MacShane Esq,
surgeon, of Nelson
Sat -- 17 ---- BOVEY, 8 Mar, ahr, Stoke, Mrs Bovey, a son
Mon - 18 --- FELL, 14 Mar, at St Johns, wife of Charles Y Fell, a daughter
Tue -- 19 --- JORDAN, 15 Mar, at Motueka, Mrs J B Jordan, a daughter
BOYD - PAHL, 19 Mar, by Rev E Thomas, William Boyd, to Miss Pahl, both of Nelson
Death--HARRINGTON, 18 Mar, at the Schoolhouse, Richmond, James B F Harrington, 62
Thur - 21 --- LLOYD - ANTHONY, 19 Mar, at Wakefield, by Rev D Dolamore, George Lloyd, of
the Buller, to Miss Jane Anthony, Waimea South
Fri --- 22 --- OSBORNE, 20 Mar, ahr, South St, Mrs W F Osborne, a son
Death--JENNENS, 22 Mar, at Grove St, the Wood, Sarah Ann, 54, wife Charles Jennens
==== William Goodwin --- attempt suicide ====
Sat -- 23 --- ADAMS - MILES, 21 Mar,at resid of brides father, Collingwood, Thomas Adams, mining
manager, eldest son of the late John Adams Esq, of Stoney Lowe, Newcastle, Staffordshire
to Caroline Jane, 4th daughter of Thomas Miles, late of Chippenham, Wilts
Death--CARTER, 23 Mar, infant daughter of Alfred and Ellen Carter, aged 12 days
Tue -- 26 -- HOOPER, 24 Mar, at Milton St, the Wood, wife of T Hooper, a son
Wed - 27 -- Death--BURNETT, 26 Mar, 13mth old son of Mr and Mrs H Mitchell Burnett, Russel St
==== Collingwood Road Board === names and amounts due from ratepayers =====
Adams, Henry = Adams, W = Aitken, Robert = Ainsworth, James = Akersten, W
(trustees of) = Allport, Henry = Ayers, Charles = Allen, Henry = Arnold, A =
Bain, --- = Bartlett Bros = Berry, F T = Barleyman, John = Barry, William =
Berry, A C (assigns of) = Bell and Renwick = Brooks, A W = Biggs, George =
Buxton, Edmund = Bishop of NZ = Baigent, E = Bishop, W = Cook, T A (arreas ) =
Carrie, Mrs S = Champion Bros = Clear, Owen = Connell and Ridings = Clark, Dr =
Curtis, Brothers = Cattew, Richard = Curtis Wells and Curtis = Clarke, Mrs John
(arreas) = Curtis, S S = Dow, Edward = Duncan, Andrew = Duppa, George =
Davis, Wilkie and Watkins = Davidson, Alexander = Davis, H = Ellis, M A sen (arreas)
= Ellis, M M = Ellis, C M (executors of) = Ellis, John = Farnell, William =
Fields, William = Frazer, James = Fell, Alfred = Gibbs, William = Gilbertson, David =
Greenwood, J D = Gorrie, James jun = Green, John = Gouland, H G = Greaves, --- =
Green, Mrs = Harris, Maurice = Harris, Charles (arreas) = Hayes, J R (executors of) =
Hart, George = Harman, Alfred (arreas) = Heyward, Thomas = Heyward, William =
Hooper, J R = Hughes, Benjamin = Halcombe, Rev C H J = Hutchinson and Nicholson
= Hackett, T R = Hopwood, T = Jellicoe, Frank = Jenkins, A G = Joseph and Weil
(assigns of) = Johnston, D sen = James, John = Kerr, Alex = Keith, A = Leckie, John =
Levien and Co (assigns of) = Langdon, T = Lamb, E W = Lusty, Francis =
Lewthwaite, John = Lucas, R S = McKenzie, James = Mackay, James jun =
Mackay, Alexander (arreas) = Moore, Daniel (executors of - arreas)= Munro, Sir D =
Mortimer, --- = McArtney, Robert = Miles, J W = Pember, J E R = Paul, Archdeacon =
Poynter, John (executors of) = Phillips, Phillip = Prichard, Evan = Preston, --- =
Renwick, Thomas = Reilly, James = Ross, John = Ridings, George = Reid, Elizabeth =
Rodgerson, J W = Reardon, Stephen = Schafer, William = Sclanders, David =
Smith, Lawrence = Skilton, John = Salmon, Edward = Stewart and Kinross =
Strange, Robert = Thompson, William = Travers, W T L = Taylor, Frederick =
Vaughan, Benjamin = Walker, J sen = Warnock, --- = Webb, Joseph = Weld, F A =
Williams, William = Wilkie and Connell = Washbourne, W E ========

April --- 1872

Mon -- 01 --- === Victoria v Waimea Rd --- cricket match
Wed -- 03 --- Death--GLOVER, 1 Ap, Grace, 6mth, daughter of John and Bridget Glover
Thur -- 04 --- WATKINS, 28 Mar, at Wakefield, wife pf J Watkins, a son
GRIFFITH - DRON, 3 Ap, at Spring Grove, by Rev D Dollomore, John Griffith jun, of
Wakefield, to Elizabeth, daughter of John Dron, Spring Grove
Sat --- 06 ---- LIVICK, 5 Ap, at Milton St, wife of J Livick, a son
WIX - DODSON, 6 Ap, at St Barnabas, Stoke, by Rt Rev Bishop of Nelson, Arthur
McKellar, late HM 5th Fusiliers, and eldest son of Samuel Wix Esq, of Broadwater
Down, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, to Emma, 2nd daughter of J R Dodson Esq, Nelson, NZ
==== Riwaka v Takaka --- cricket
Mon - 08 ----CHATTOCK - ALFORD, 2 Ap, at All Saints, Nelson, by Rt Rev Bishop of Nelson,
Richard Chattock, of Wakefield, to Hannah, daughter of the late J Alford Esq, of
Lincolnshire, England
Tue -- 09 ---- GRUT, 4 Ap,ahr, Smiths Trce, Greymouth, Mrs Alfred Grut, a son
===== Stoke v Richmond -- cricket ---- juvenile teams
Wed - 10 ---- MUNCASTER - RANKIN, 28 Mar, by Rev W J Watkin, George Muncaster, of Douglas,
Isle of Man, to Miss Jane Elizabeth Rankin of Nelson
Thur - 11 ---- BRADLEY - OLIVER, 10 Ap, at resid of bridegrooms father, by Rev W J Watkin,
Alfred William, youngest son of Arthur Bradley of Stoke, to Mary, 3rd daughter of the
late John Oliver of Nelson
Sat --- 13 ---- 9 Ap, at St Thomas's, Motueka, by Rev S Poole the following marriages
TUDOR - BURRELL, Rev T L Tudor, of Picton, Marlborough, to Emma Hardy, 2nd
daughter of the late Thomas Gibbard Burrell Esq, of Blackheath, Kent
CHAYTOR - BURRELL, Arthur, 4 son of John Clervaux Chaytor Esq, of Croft,
Darlington, Eng, to Mary Ellen Gibbard, youngest daughter of the above T G Burrell
LUXTON - BISHOP, Robert Willoughby Luxton Esq, eldest son of Robert Luxton Esq,
of Brushford, Devon, to Alice Lucy, 2nd daughter of Rev Alfred Bishop, Rector of
Bramdean, Hants, and g/daug of the late Sir James and Lady Frances Wedderburn
Mon - 15 ---- COWIE - PETER, 30 Jan, at 29 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, by Rev George Peter, of Kemnay,
George Cowie, Assistant Inspector of Union Bank of Australia, to Frances, younger
daughter of the late Rev James Peter of Leslie
Tue -- 16 ---- Death--SHEPPARD, 15 Ap, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mr John Sheppard
Wed -- 17 --- ==== Ploughing match at Stoke -- only open to residents of the district ====
J Paynter = H Ching = J Doige = T Giblin = C Norgate = H Parker = C Ching ===
Fri ---- 19 --- ====== prize winners at a show at Richmond ========
Sat --- 20 --- MILNER, 20 Ap, at Trafalgar St, wife of Mr Milner, a son
Death--HILL, at resid of his sister, Mrs Scadden, Washington Valley, William Hill, 48yrs
Mon - 22 --- ROCHFORT, 12 Ap, at Motupipi, Mrs John Rochfort, a daughter
Death--McCOLL, 21 Ap, at Nelson, William McColl, 41yrs
=== Candidates for member for Grey Valley == F Guiness, Ahaura = J W Jones, No Town
= Arthur Ellis, Nelson Creek = J Taylor, Cobden = A E Drury and C H Crampton,
Reefton =======
Item---Talk of building a butter factory in Otago
Tue -- 23 --- NALDER, 21 Ap, wife of F N Nalder, a daughter
Wed - 24 --- SQUIRES - SIMPSON, 23 Ap, at resid of the brides father, by Rev G H Johnstone,
William Westbrooke Squires, MD, MRCS, of Nelson, to Catherine Jane, 2nd daughter
of William Simpson Esq, of Lower Moutere, Nelson, and late of Medowfield,
Milburne, Inverness
Thur - 25 --- Death--McGILLIVRAY, 24 Ap, at the resid of Mr Kidson, Britannia Heights, Louisa, 29,
wife of Alexander McGillivray of Westport
DREYER, 25 Ap, at the resid of her g/father, Tasman St, the Wood, Kale, 34mths,
daughter of Alexander Svend Dreyer
Mon - 29 --- HARLEY, 28 Ap, ahr, the Turf Hotel, Stoke, wife of Alfred Harley, a daughter
HARRIS, 28 Ap, wife of Thos Harris, Lower Tasman St, a son
PICKERING, 26 Ap, Mrs Francis H Pickering, a son

May --- 1872

Wed - 01 --- MYERS, 27 Ap, at Moutere, Mrs J Meyers, a son, stillborn
Thur - 02 --- Death--WALTHAM, 1 May, at Nelson Hospital, Thomas Waltham, 38, late Kaituna Valley
==== Applications for leases === Henry Baxter, West Wanganui = Charles Manders,
Hamner Plain = E W Thomas, Riwaka = Joseph Greaves, Ngatimoti =
G H Turner, West Wanganui = H B White, Kaiteriteri ======
Fri --- 03 ---- WYLIE, 30 Ap, at Manuka St, wife of Wm Wylie, twin sons
TOMS, 3 May, at Brook St, wife of James Toms, a daughter
BUNN - JAMES, 29 Ap, at resid of father of the bride, by Rev D Dolamore, Elija Bunn
of Riwaka, to Miss Amy James of Eighty-eight Valley, Waimea South
=== Paul Miller recently died at Hokitika of want and exposure =======
Sat -- 04 ---- KNIGHT, 24 Ap, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs A Knight, a son
Death--TIMMS, 2 May, at Nelson, Mr Charles Timms, 57yrs
Tue - 07 ---- CLOUSTON, 3 May, wife of Capt Clouston, a son
KNIGHT, 4 May, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs A Knight, a son
Fri --- 10 ---- EVERETT - HARLEY, 8 May, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Bishop of Nelson, Charles
Alexander, 2nd son of E Everett Esq, Collingwood St, to Emma, youngest daughter of
C Harley Esq, the Wood, Nelson
Death--BEATSON, 8 May, Maria, 36yrs, eldest daughter of the late Wm Beatson Esq
Sat -- 11 ---- FAIRHALL, 10 May, Lower Wakefield, Nelson, Edward Fairhall Esq, sen, 84yrs
Tue - 14 ---- FAIREY - CHITTENDEN, 12 May, at their resid, by the Rev J Watkin, Edward Sunmer
Fairey, late of Brighton, Sussex, Eng, to Sarah Ellen Chittenden, youngest daughter of
George Chittenden, Nelson
Wed - 15 --- GIBSON - McRAE, 6 Ap, at the Manour House, Waipapa, Clarence River, by Rev
Mr Porrit, Walter Gibson, to Sarah, widow of the late William McRae
Thur - 16 --- Death--DeCARLE, 14 May, drowned in the Buller River, at Westport, Edward, 45yrs,
son of the late B DeCarle, of Bury St, Edmonds, England
McRAE, 15 May, drowned Awatere River, Marlborough, Mr Nehemiah McRae
Fri --- 17 --- HASLAM - POTE, 15 May, at resid of brides father, by Rev W J Watkin, George,
youngest son of the late Jonathan Haslam, Nelson, to Grace Emily Burlace, 2nd daughter
of William Burlace Pote of Stoke
Sat -- 18 --- JOHNSTON, 17 May, at Parnell, Auckland, Mrs David Johnston jun, a son
Mon - 20 -- === Mr Nelson, solicitor, Blenheim, died suddenly yesterday ====
Tue -- 21 -- ==== Founding members of the Oddfellows Lodge --- 25 March 1846 ===
John Tinline (only survivor) = Alexander Perry = Reuben Bird = Thomas Bright =
Archibald McEwan = F McDonald = John McDonald = James Craig =
William McRae ==== In May Thomas Dodson of Wakapuaka became a member
and 3months later Bernard Mac (rest missing)
Fri --- 24 --- STALLARD, 19 May, Mrs W Stallard, a son
SALMON, 23 May, ahr, the Wood, Mrs Salmon, a daughter
WELLS, 23 May, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs Thomas Wells, a son
DREW - BEATSON, 8 May, by Rev R J Thorpe, Samuel Henry, eldest son of H Drew,
to Catherine Alice, youngest daughter of the late W Beatson Esq, both of nelson
WIESENHAVERN - RICHARDSON, 21 May at resid of the bride, by Rev P Calder,
Charles Frederick, eldest son of Rt Rev Sir Christian Wiesenhavern, Munstedt, Germany,
to Mary Jane, widow of the late George Richardson, Nelson
==== Nehemiah McRae = eye witness account of his drowning in the Awatere Riverlast week
===== Mr Ernest, miner, Appos Gully, Collingwood, death Wed 22 =====
Sat -- 25 --- Death--LEMOILE, 23 May, at Nelson Hospital, Jean M Lemoile, 30yrs, of Stanley Brook
Mon - 27 -- Death--RODGERSON, 26 May, ahr, Annandale, Maitai Valley, William Rodgerson, 71yrs,
late of Leamington, Eng
Tue -- 28 -- ===== Notice ==== Immigration = arrangements to send 2,200 emigrants to NZ during
April and May == 120 to Auckland = 150 to Wellington = 400 to Napier =
130 to Picton (via Wellington) = 500 to Canterbury = 600 to Otago = and about
300 to various ports --- 1400 British = 600 Germans (300 each to Canterbury
and Otago) = 200 Scandinavians (to Napier)
Wed - 29 -- PILLIET, 22 May, at Mt Leinster, Akaroa, Canterbury, Mrs W H Pilliet, a daughter
Thur - 30 -- Death--SAIT, 30 May, ahlr, Cambria St, the Wood, Francis Sait, 67yrs
Fri --- 31 --- BERRY, 26 May, wife of J T Berry, Selwyn St, a son
DECK, 24 May, at Pangatotara, Mrs George Deck, a daughter

June --- 1872

Sat --- 01 --- ROACH, 22 May, at Takaka, Golden Bay, wife of Francis Roach, a son
Death--HAASE, 31 May, ahr, Waimea St, Nelson, Emily, 23 wife of Edward Haase jun
Mon - 03 --- Death--VIARD, 1 June, his Lordship Dr Viard, Catholic Bishop of Wellington
HARRIS, 3 June, at their resid, Collingwood St, John Woodward, 7+2/3yrs, 3rd son
of George and Elizabeth Scott Harris
Tue -- 04 --- Death--PILLIET, 31 May, at Mt Leinster, Akaroa, Canterbury, Mary Anne, 26yrs, wife of
Walter H Pilliet Esq, Resident Magistrate, and daughter of D Johnston Esq,
collector of Customs, Nelson
==== Mr Ernest, American, miner, long resident of Appos Gully, Collingwood,
married, no children == death
Thur - 06 --- Death--ROACH, 3 June, at Takaka, Golden Bay, Agnes, 21yrs, wife of Francis Roach
Fri --- 07 --- CUNDY, 4 June, at Richmond, Mrs Cundy, a daughter
Tue -- 11 --- MACEY, 11 June, ahr, Waimea Rd, Wife of W Macey, a daughter
==== Elections for various School Boards =======
Wed - 12 --- ==== Inquest -- Thomas Brown --- death at the asylum ========
Fri --- 14 --- NATTRASS - HAYES, 11 June, By Rev P Calder, Luke John Nattrass, of Takaka,
to Miss Maria Hayes
Mon -17 --- Death--HART 15 June, Mary Ann, 21yrs, wife of John Hart, Picton Rd
O'DOWD, 15 June, ahr, Collingwood St, Elizabeth O'Dowd, 68yrs
Tue -- 18 -- Death--YOUNG, 18 June, ahr, Rising Star Hotel, Nelson, Mrs Hugh Young, 68yrs,
one of the oldest Nelson settlers having lived here 30yrs
Thur - 20 -- Death--DREYER, 20 June, at the resid of her g/father Milton Grove, the Wood,
Ada Dreyer, 15yrs
Fri --- 21 --- DAVIS, 10 June, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs Hyam Davis, a daughter
Mon - 24 -- Death--SCRIVINER, 16 June, at Thames, Auckland, Annie, 31yrs, wife Cephas Scriviner
Tue -- 25 -- DICK, 16 June, at Mr Cato's resid, Reefton, wife of John Dick Esq, a daughter
WIGZELL, 22 June, Mrs J W Wigzell, a son
HALL, 24 June, ahr, the Rising Sun Hotel, Nelson, Mrs H T Hall, a son
Wed - 26 -- BEAR - BRUCE, 25 June, by Mr W M Biss, Thomas William Bear, of Westport, to
Miss Eliza Bruce, of Nelson
Thur - 27 -- TRASK, 27 June, ahr, Collingwood St, wife of F Trask, a son
====== Perseverance Mining Co shareholders in arreas ===== Frederick C Guerin =
Mary Harwood = George M Dodd = Nicholas Smith = Susan Phillips =
Thomas Conway = Elizabeth Howson = David Fox = John W Taylor = Robert Kaye =
Robson B Walcot = John G Fawcett = Arthur Horsenaile = Duncan Anderson =
John Christian = George Field = Hannah Field = Mary Field = Keziah Jay = Eliza Jay =
Esther A Middlemas = James Morecombe = John Hammond = Michael Connor =
Hannah Alford = Clara Palmer = Wm Walker sen, in trust for Charlotte M Walker =
William B Gibbs, Robert V Smith = Mary Ashton Wemyss = James Wilkins =====
Fri --- 28 -- JACKSON, 23 June, at Motueka, Mrs Wm Jackson, a daughter, stillborn
Sat -- 29 -- JONES, 20 June, at Hokitika, wife of Edmund Jones, a son

Shooting licences taken out in June - July 1872


Sat -- 29 -- 1 pound licences == James Robson jun = George Haycock = Thomas Chamberlain =
John Fiven = Henry Wimsett = Michael Simpson = Joseph Duncan jun = William Oldham =
Eruera Te Rawhibi = James Disher = Charles Fry = George Duncan = George Painter =
F H Blundell = Daniel Stewart = John Saxon = Alfred Greenfield = N G Morse =
Leonard W Morse = Arthur W Morse = Edward Cutts = John Jervis = W S Mortimer =
Edward Fearon = Henry Redwood jun = Henry D Williams = E W Stafford = C S Saxton =
Samuel Powell = Henry Barnett = Alexander Knyvett = George Elliott = John Guy =
John Pratt = Thomas Nicholson = Henry Adams = Edward Adams = Roderick McRae =
Nathaniel Fowler = Charles Bird = Stephen Starnes = Daniel Talbot = Chas F Watts =
Arthur Gundry = Langley Adams = Fredk Wither = George Muir ========
1 shilling licences === John Kelling = Thomas Macmahon = William Wastney =
R W Jenkins = A J Jenkins = Waring Saxton = B Saxton = F C Batchelor = James Macmahon
= Frank Fry = George Cook = A J Palmer = Alexander Wragg = Henry York = Alfred Harley
= W J Rogerson = Fitzroy Horneman = W Chamberlain = Wynford Horneman,
Samuel Carter = John Wright = R E McRae = Scott Wells = C H Thorp = William Clouston
= James Newport = Alfred Edwards = Thomas Dodson jun = John Oldham = James Jary =
David Mickle = Henry Aldridge jun = Alexander Drummond = August Heine =
George Austin = John Walker = Samuel Penny = Josh Hewitson jun = W M Thomson =
William Edwards = Thomas Haycock = Samuel Senior = A J Richmond = George Dodson =
M Richmond = W Northam = Joseph Herrick = D Slater = Alfred Herrick = T Small =
B H Darnell = J Powell = Samuel Saxon = C Hebberd = Thomas Heath = W Westley =
C Jennings = Wm Bell = Major Erskine = A S Collins ==


Mon -- 01 -- ==== 1 pound licences === H Parker = John Skiggelkow = William Stavert =
Francis Trask = John Delaney ====
====1 shilling licences == William Higgs = Joseph Duncan = Thomas Renwick
= D Wilkins = Newman Bosely = W Drogmuller = Thomas Ingles = C W Moore =
Thur - 04 --1/- licences == H H Stafford = William Cook = George North = Noah Primmer =
B Lusty = George Herwin = George Saunders ====
Sat --- 06 -- 1 pound licences === Charles Sharp = Joseph Bolton = Charles Seymour = Herbert Willis =
1/- licences ====== John Wastney = Charles Knight = Thomas Cummins =
John Coleridge = Joseph Cummins = William Harvey =
William Turner = Isaac Harvey ======
Sat -- 13 -- 1 pound === Charles Frankeene - W B Thompson = Melville Sellon = John Leslie ===
1/- ====== George Browning = Charles Tomlinson = Wm Giblin = George Walker =
Robert Donald = Henry Walker = Mark Newth jun = P Hunter = W C Close =

July --- 1872

Mon - 01 --- DARKE, 6 Ap, at 15 Dublin St, Edinburgh, wife of J W B Darke Esq, Commander Pacific
Steam Navigation Co Service, a daughter, stillborn
BRAY, 29 June, at Gloucester St, wife of Charles Bray, a daughter
Item----- list of shareholders of Perseverance Mining Co
Tue -- 02 --- Death-HODGES, 16 June, at Burkes Creek, near Reefton, through exposure, Frederick
Hodges, 34yrs, compositor, of Shepton-Mallet, Somersetshire
=== Waimea Road Board ==== candidates, proposers and seconders ========
Thur - 04 --- ====Standing for Pangatotara Rd Bd === H Young = A O'Brien = T Grooby = W Spicer =
W Hildreth = W Guy = A Beatson = W Jennings = E Grooby = F Grooby
Fri --- 05 ---- EDWARDS, 5 July, at Sunnyside, wife of Nath Edwards Esq, a daughter
Mon - 08 --- ==== Nelson Gollege winners of NZ University scholarships ========
Tue -- 09 --- Death--BARNES, at Beachville, Alice Eveleene, 10mth, daug of Henry and Elizabeth Barnes
Thur - 11 --- JACKSON, 9 July, wife of M W Jackson, a son
GARRARD, 10 July, wife of William Garrard, a daughter
Death--ASTLE, 10 July, ahr, Tasman St the Wood, Sarah, 62yrs
Fri --- 12 --- LUCRE, 12 July, at Nelson, wife of James Lucre, a daughter
KING - BERRY, 6 July, at Collingwood, Golden Bay, by Rev R H Gasking, William King,
to Margaret, youngest daughter of F T Berry
Sat -- 13 ---- Death--KNIGHT, 13 July, at Toi-toi Valley, Nelson, Louis Alexander, 10wks, son of
Mr and Mrs A Knight
==== Thomas Berry, 96yrs, death last night =====
Mon - 15 --- Death--MYERS, 13 July, ahr, the Wood, Mr Myers, 52yrs
Tue -- 16 --- STEVENSON, 12 July, Mrs George Stevenson, a daughter
GUBB - CUNDY, 4 July, Charles Baker, youngest son of the late Baker Gabb Esq, of
Llewellyn-du-Court, Monmouthshire, to Eliza Margaret, youngest daughter of the late
John Cundy, Nelson
FLEMING - DURRANT, 13 July, at resid of brides father, Halifax St, by Mr W M Biss,
George Fleming, of Nelson, to Lucy, youngest daughter of Robert Durrant
Death--De BERRY, 13 July, ahr, Washington Valley, Thomas De Berry, 96yrs
MYERS, 13 July, ahr, Grove St, George Henry Myers Esq, 52yrs, 3rd son of the late
Jesse Myers Esq, of Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng
Wed - 17 --- PHARAZYN, 15 July, at Porirua Rd, Wellington, Mrs William Pharazyv, a son
Fri --- 19 --- BRIND, 18 July, at Nelson, wife of A H Brind, a son
WILKINS, 19 July, wife of W C Wilkins, a daughter
Sat -- 20 ---- SHORE, 16 July, at Tory St, the Wood, Wife of James Shore, a son
Mon - 22 --- Death--ORNE, 20 July, at Nelson Hospital, Mary Elizabeth, 23yrs, wife of C Orne
Tue -- 23 --- Item---Mr George Harding drowned
Wed - 24 --- ==== Details of bad flooding at Motueka =========
Thur - 25 --- SIMPSON, 24 July, ahr, Nelson, wife of R Simpson, a son
===== Information received == Hugh Roress = Edward Murphy = Edward Tim =
Peter McMahon buried alive in a claim near junction of Half Ounce with
Duffers Creek, Greymouth ====
Mon - 29 -- MAIN, 26 July, Mrs Fred Main, a son
BRADDOCK, 27 July, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs J Braddock, a son
Item---Board of Works election

August --- 1872

Sat -- 03 --- PRATT, 28 July,ahr, Bridge St, wife of John Pratt, a son
BIGGS - SHARP, 2 Aug, by Rev D Dolamore, William Biggs, of Motueka Valley,
to Miss Isabella Loveday Sharp
Death--WYLIE, 3 Aug, at Manuka St, Nelson, Archibald McMillan, infant son of William
Tue -- 06 --- Death--McCONICHIE, 5 Aug, at Collingwood St, Agnes, infant daughter of William
Fri --- 09 --- CORDOZA - LAND, at St Marys Catholic Church, by Rev Father Garin, Joseph Viera
Cordoza, to Ellen, eldest daughter of George Land, shipwright, nelson
Sat -- 10 ---- HODGKINSON, 20 July, at Motueka Valley, wife of Thomas Hodgkinson, a daughter
Mon - 12 --- McRAE - MOFFIT, 7 Aug, at resid of brides father, Maxwell Rd, Blenheim, by Rev
W Sheriffs, Roderick, 2nd son of the late Wm McRae Esq, of Bonovore, Nelson, to Alice,
widow of the late Charles Henry Moffit, solicitor, Blenheim
Tue -- 13 --- BARLTROP, 12 Aug, wife of H Barltrop, a daughter
Death--MANE,12 Aug, at Nelson Hospital, Christian Mane, native of Switzerland, late of
West Coast, NZ, aged 30yrs
Wed - 14 --- MAY, 14 Aug, at Washington Valley, wife of John May, a son
COTTERELL, 14 Aug, Mrs Charles Cotterell, a daughter
Death--HAASE, 12 Aug, Johan Ludwig Haase, 60yrs, of Waimea Rd, Nelson
PRITT, 13 Aug, at Auckland Point, Nelson, Mary, 30yrs, wife of Ven Archdeacon
Pritt, of Remuera, Auckland, and daughter of the late Francis Otterson Esq
of Rostrevor, Waimea East
Fri --- 16 --- ALLDRIDGE, 11 Aug, at Tasman St, wife of John Alldridge, a son
BEAVER, 14 Aug, at Toi-toi Valley, wife of Charles Beaver, a daughter
Sat -- 17 --- McDONALD, 15 Aug, wife of John McDonald, a daughter
SCOLES - RICHARDSON, 21 July, at Bedstead Gully, Collingwood, by Rev R H Gaskin,
Joseph Robert Scoles, of Bedstead Gully, miner, to Clara Emma, 5th daughter of
James Richardson, nelson
Death--BARRETT, 17 Aug, at resid of her son-in-law, George Hodgson, St Vincent St,
Nelson, Sarah Anne, 49, widow of the late John Barrett
==== T R Bullard, storekeeper, Spring Grove, dropped dead last evening === leaves
a wife and several children =======
Mon -19 -- LEECH, 17 Aug, Mrs W H Leech, a son
===== Sworn in for Supreme Court jury duty ======
Wed - 21 -- BEATSON, 15 Aug, at Nga-Timoti, Mrs D G Beatson, a daughter
Death--ARMSTRONG, 20 Aug, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs Elizabeth Armstrong
THORBURN, 19 Aug, at Waimea West, Reginald James, 34mths, youngest son of
Mr and Mrs George Thorburn
Fri --- 23 -- BAIGENT, 22 Aug, at Church St, Mrs H Baigent, a daughter
Death--POTTER, 22 Aug, at Dunedin, George Potter, 59yrs, late of Nelson
==== Mr Arthur Bumford, late of Spring Grove, killed by a fall of eart at the Sherry River
on Wed 21 July ====
Sat -- 24 --- ANDREWS - LOCKE, 5 Aug, at Goldsborough, Westland, by Ven Archdeacon Harper,
Simon Andrews, of Norfolk, Eng, to Elizabeth Alice, 4th daugh of John Locke, Nelson
Mon - 26 -- ROBERTSON, 23 Aug, ahr, Smith St, Mrs William Robertson, a son
LEE, 24 Aug, at the Cypresses,Bronti St, Nelson, Mrs Robert Lee, a son
KENNEDY, 24 Aug, at Washington Valley, Mrs James Kennedy, a daughter
=== Charles Kearns, storekeeper, 22yrs, Upper Buller, drowned Wed or Thur =====
Tue -- 27 --- Death--BARTLETT, 26 Aug, at resid of Mr Scadden, Letitia Emily Bartlett, 10mths,
daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Bartlett, late of Collingwood
Wed - 28 --- VERCOE, 25 Aug, ahr, Russell St, wife of Arthur Vercoe, a son
Thur - 29 --- === Blacksmiths of Nelson (town and country) ==== J R Hargreaves = J Sherratt =
H Whiting = A Robertson = William Price = John Lammas = T Wimsett and Son =
Mark Lammas = James Robertson = Joseph Price = J Gorrie and Sons =
William May =======
Sat --- 31 --- PAGE, 15 Aug, ahr, Wakapuaka, Mrs W Page, a daughter

September --- 1872

Mon -- 02 -- Death--ROBERTS, 30 Aug, Charles Roberts, 61yrs
Tue --- 03 -- MACINTOSH, 2 Sept, ahr, Nile St East, wife of James Macintosh, bookbinder, daughter
Death--GOULSTONE, 3 Sept, infant son of H Goulstone, Bank NSW
Thur - 05 --- CURNOW, 25 Aug, ahr, Collingwood, wife of W H Curnow, a son
GILBERT, 1 Sept, at Clifton Cottage, Motupipi. wife of George C Golbert, a son
BISS, 5 Sept, ahr, Tasman St, Mrs W M Biss, a daughter
KEILE, 5 Sept, at Windsor Castle Hotel, Mrs James Keile, a son
Death--BAIGENT, 3 Sept, Edith Emily, 12days, daughter of H Baigent
Sat -- 07 ---- WOODWARD, 7 Sept, ahr, Nelson, wife of E Woodward, a daughter
Mon - 09 --- PALMER, 8 Sept, Mrs George Palmer, a son
GUNTHER, 9 Sept, ahr, Nelson, Mrs Gunther, a son
Thur - 12 --- SNOW, 10 Sept, Mrs Edwin Snow, Vanguard St, a daughter
Fri --- 13 --- Death--LIGHTFOOT, 13 Sept, Emma, 58mths, eldest daug of William and Fanny Lightfoot
Sat --- 14 --- REILLY, 10 Sept, wife of James Reilly, Takaka, a son
Mon - 16 --- NEVE, 11 Sept, Mrs Neve, Waimea Rd, a daughter
Tue -- 24 --- === Application for leases === George Nesbit, Wairoa Valley = Arthur Chaytor,
Moutere Hills = George Gay, Upper Wairau Valley = Edward Newth, Wairoa Valley =
A C Elmslie and W Webber, French Pass ============
Wed - 25 --- DAVIS, 24 Sept, at her mothers resid, Motueka, Mrs W Davis, a daughter
Death--GREEN, 21 Sept, at the Sands, Nelson, Gordon Augustus, 14mth, youngest son
of Edward and Isabella Green
HOPEWELL, 24 Sept, at hospital, Nelson, James Hopewell, 22yrs
Fri --- 27 ---- ADAMS, 27Sept, at Wilden Lodge, Nelson, wife of Acton Adams Esq, a son
Mon - 30 --- HAMPTON - DICKSON, 7 Sept, at Melbourne, Herbert Hampton, to Mary Ann,
2nd daughter of John Dickson, late of Nelson

October --- 1872

Tue --- 01 -- CRUMP, 13 Sept, at Taranaki, wife of Rev J Crump, a son
PAYNTER, 22 Sept, at Wakapuaka, wife of John Paynter, of Stoke, a son
BATCHELOR, 23 Sept, wife of James Batchelor, a daughter
LEVIEN, 28 Sept, Mrs R Levien, a son
LUCKIE, 28 Sept, at Shelbourne St, Mrs Luckie, a son
Death--BAILEY, 9 July, William Bailey, 72yrs, Interred at Woodhouse Cemetery, Leeds,
Yorkshire, 12 July, 1872
Wed - 02 --- WORTHINGTON, 1 Oct, at Hamilton, Waikato, Mrs T K Worthington, a son
AINESWORTH, 29 Sept, at Russell St, wife of H B Ainesworth, a daugh----died Sept 30
Thur - 03 --- Death--CRISPIN, 2 Oct, at St Vincent St, Toi-toi Valley, Alfred Ernest, 18mths, youngest
son of J Francis and Mary Crispin
Fri --- 04 ---- WILSON, 28 July, ahr, Lonsdale House, Hansler Grove, Fast Moulsey, Surrey, wife of
H C Wilson, a son
===== Motueka Road Board Rates ==== Atkinson, Thomas = Alley, Charles =
Auty, William = Austin, Thomas = Austin, Mrs Charles = Austin, George =
Andrews, William = Alexander, John = Allen, Benjamin = Baker, Joseph =
Buchholtz, S = Bradley, J = Boyes, Mrs = Boyes, Thomas = Boyes, Edward =
Boyce, William = Burrell, William = Bisley, Frederick = Baigent, --- =
Chamberlain, John = Chamberlain, Edward = Chamberlain, Thomas = Chamberlain,
William = Curtis, H and O = Chant, William = Coppins, William =
Coppins, William W = Cook, Samuel = Clarkson, Thomas = Carter, Samuel =
Cacutt, John = Cross, Robert = Cassaday, M = Deblois, James = Douglas, William =
Douglas, William jun = Daly, John = Delaney, John = Delaney, James = Deck, J G =
Davey, Samuel = Davidson, Mrs = Eggington, Stephen = Eggington, William =
Eggington, John = Edelsten, S E = Francois, John = Fearon, Mrs = Funnell, Walter =
Foote, R = Flowers, Charles = Greenwood, F D = Green, Charles = Giblin, William =
Gillett, John = Gladstone and Morrison = Grey, Walter = Glover, George =
Grant, William = Goodman, Thomas = Gibson, Jabez M = Hogan, James =
Herrick, William J = Hall, David = Hawken, George = Heath, Thomas =
Hale, W or Limmer, John = Harford, Arthur = Howard, Mrs = Jordan, J B =
Jellicoe, Frank = Jones, William = Jones, William Henry = Jackson, --- =
Lund, Charles = Lund, James = Limmer, Charles = Limmer, Stephen = Limmer, John =
Lovel, Benjamin = Lovel, Benjamin jun = Lovel, Thomas = Lock, James =
Lyne, George = Leech, James = Myers, Judah = McDonald, James, McGlashan, James
= Nason, Henry = Nice, William = Noden, John = Nicholson or Worthington, B =
Park, Dr J S = Parker, Charles = Parker, Charles jun = Parker, Joseph =
Parkinson, Edmund = Pinny, Samuel = Parsons, John = Parsons, Henry =
Robinson, James = Revel, --- = Rumbold, John = Rumbold, John jun = Rackley, --- =
Rose, Frederick = Satherly, James = Staples, John = Staples, Robert = Staples, Henry =
Staples, John jun = Starnes, Stephen = Simpson, John = Simpson, William =
Shipley, John F = Saxon, John = Strong, Samuel = Siggelkow, --- Stafford, Mrs =
Sigley, J = Smith, --- = Smith, John = Stone, Samuel = Talbot, Daniel =
Talbot, Daniel jun = Talbot, Henry = Taylor, William = Thorpe, Charles =
Thorn, Joseph = Tennent, Thomas = Tasker, --- = Tunnicliffe and Co = Vercoe, Phillip =
Wilkie, James = Wise, Charles = Wilson, Mrs = Weld, F A = Wildman, William =
Wallis, R = Wills, Mrs = Wills, James = Watts, Mrs = Willson, James E =
Wilkie, Buchholz and Myers = Weston, John = Curtis Bros, agents =====
==== Tue 15 ==== missed from Rd Bd list === Atkins, William =====
Sat --- 05 --- ==== Changes to road in Upper Moutere -- gives section owners, occupiers and numbers
( 11 of) ==========
Mon - 07 --- BROAD, 5 Oct, wife of Lowther Broad Esq, Resid Magistrate, a son
STACE, 28 Sept, at Cloverside, Kaikoura, Mrs W M Stace, a son
Death--LAING, 4 Oct, at hospital, Nelson, Philip Laing, 46yrs, late of Waimea South,
formerly in the Volunteer force at Taranaki
Wed - 09 --- Death--HARGREAVES, 9 Oct, at Trafalgar St North, J R Hargreaves, 44yrs, blacksmith
Thur - 10 --- Death--WOOD, 9 Oct, at the Elms, Stoke, George Wood Esq, 72yrs
Sat --- 12 --- Death--GREEN, 11 Oct, at the Sands, Stoke, Edward Marchant Green, 24yrs, eldest son
of Edward Green Esq
Mon - 14 --- GIBLIN, 13 Oct, at Motueka, Mrs Giblin, a daughter
MEREDITH - JENKINS, 26 Sept, at Carlyle, by Rev E B Neville, Edward Charles
Meredith, to Clara Elizabeth Jenkins, 5 daugh of late William Jenkins Esq, both of Patea
Fri -- 18 ---- NEWPORT, 13 Oct, wife of Joshua Newport, Takaka, a daughter
RICKETTS, 17 Oct, at Spring Grove, wife of J J Ricketts, a son
===== Bankruptcy == William Wylie, lithographer ======
Sat --- 19 --- PRICE, 13 Oct, at Lower Wakefield, wife of W Price, a daughter
Mon - 21 --- ROSE, 20 Oct, wife of John Rose,Spring Grove, a daughter
Death--STYLES, 2 Oct, at Broadway, Reefton, Ellen Ann, 21mths, youngest daughter of
William and Lydia Styles
Wed - 23 --- HOUNSELL, 22 Oct, Mrs J Hounsell, a son
EARNSHAW - RUFF, 22 Oct, by Rev E Thomas, Arthur Earnshaw, mariner, to
Miss Gertrude Ruff, both of Nelson
Death--FITTALL, 19 Aug, ahr in London, Stephen Fittall, father of S Fittall of Wakefield
Thur - 24 --- PAULING, 23 Oct, at Cambria St, Mrs Pauling, a daughter
Fri --- 25 ---- === Inquest ==== into discovery of a skeleton ==== continued on Mon 28 ===  
decided was Rodolfe de Campo --- died about 4th Sept =========
Mon - 28 --- KREHEGEN, 24 Oct, at Wellington St, Mrs Walter Krehegen, a son
Tue -- 29 --- CURTIS, 28 Oct, wife of H E Curtis Esq, a daughter
Wed - 30 --- ==== Cab owners and/or operators === Twist and Gay = John Spencer = John McKay =
D Whiting = W Lockyer = Jas Andrews = Otto Haase = George McDonald =
G Thomas = R Thomas = Jos Bradcock = William Pickett =========

November --- 1872

Fri --- 01 --- Death--YOUNG, 29 Oct, at Nelson Hospital, James Young, 59yrs
Sat --- 02 --- Death--HUDSON, 29 Oct, Spring Grove, Hanna Emma, infant daugh of Henry Hudsom jun
Mon - 04 --- Death--PHARAZYN, 31 Oct, at his fathers resid, Tinakori Rd, Wellington, William, 30yrs,
youngest son of Hon C J Pharazyn MLC
Tue -- 05 --- MOORE, 4 Nov, wife of Ambrose E Moore, a son
Wed - 06 --- Inquest--- body, possibly Charles Frederick Kearns
Thur - 07 --- RENTOUL, 3 Nov, at Motupipi, Golden Bay, with W O Rentoul, a son
KERR, 4 Nov, at Motupiko, Mrs David Kerr, daughter
DENTIS, 4 Nov, at Washington Valley, wife of Leoport Dentis, a daughter
Death--CLARK, 21 Aug, ahr, Blackburn, Lancashire, Elizabeth Dufaur Clarke, 84+2/3yrs
relict of the late Richard Clark RN
Fri -- 08 ---- JOHNSTON, 6 Nov,wife John Johnston, Washington Valley, a daughter
ELLIOTT, 7 Nov, wife Alfred Elliott, a daughter
Death--LAING, 8 Nov, at New St, Alice Maude, 32mths, 2nd daughter of John Laing
=== Bankruptcy ==William Henry McCabe, merchants clerk =====
==== forfeited leases === Beckman, P- Maitai Valley = Chattock, R - Dovedale =
Grooby, J sen - Motueka Valley = Gower, A - Ngatimoti = Langford, J - Takaka =
Newport, W - Takaka = Symes, H A - Stanley Brook = Saywell, J - Richmond Hills =
====mineral leases === Bellam, D - Charleston = Maver, J - Charleston =====
Tue -- 12 --- Item---2yr old son of Arthur Baigent drowned Mon 11th
Wed - 13 --- HAGARTY, 13 Nov, at Hopewell Cottage, Waimea Rd, Mrs James Hagarty, a daughter
Fri --- 15 --- SHERWOOD - WALKER, 15 Nov, at resid of the brides father, Waimea Rd, by Rev
D Dolamore, John Farle Sherwood, Nelson, to Miss Hannah B Walker
Death--WHITE, 12 Nov, at Napier, Anthony St George White, 32yrs
Sat -- 16 ---- JACKSON, 16 Nov, Mrs H D Jackson, a son
ARMSTRONG - TIMBS, 14 Nov, at St Marys Church, by Rev Father Garin,
John Armstrong, to Mrs Margaret Timbs, both of Nelson
Mon - 18 --- HOUNSELL, 17 Nov, Mrs H Hounsell, a son
RONALDSON, 4 Nov, at the Parsonage, Picton, wife of Rev Ronaldson, a daughter
Tue -- 19 --- PARSONS - KNYVETT, 19 Nov, at All Saints Church, by Rev R J Thorpe, Henry
William Parsons, of Pelorus Valley, 2nd son of George Parsons of Martock, Somerset,
to Gertrude, 3rd daug of Mr Knyvett of 88 Valley, Wakefield, and Toi-toi Valley, Nelson
=== Court == Jacobine Reimer, 22yrs, v Robert Diederich (alias Carl Blecher) for
maintenance of 3 illegitemate children =====
Wed - 20 --- MONRO, 16 Nov, Mrs A B Monro, Valleyfield, Marlborough, a daughter
McGEE - DAVIDSON, 16 Nov, at the Presbyterian Church, by Rev P Calder, W G McGee
to Miss N Davidson, both of Nelson
Death--TOWNSEND, 17 Nov, at Bridge St, Rosetta, 27mths, youngest daughter of
Richard Frances Townsend
Fri -- 22 ---- ==== Bankruptcy ==William Astle, carpenter, Nelson
Sat -- 23 ---- WARREN, 19 Nov, wife of Alfred Warren, a son
JAMES - PALMER, 20 Nov, at St Michaels, Waimea West, by Rev W D Rusz, Alfred J
James, of Waimea Sth, to Emily, eldest daughter of John Palmer of Waimea West
Death--EDWARDS, 23 Nov, at his brothers resid, Sunnyside, Nelson,
Frederic Gisbome Edwards, 44yrs
Mon - 25 --- CAESAR, 23 Nov, at Waimea West, wife of Tom Caesar, twins, one stillborn
Death--ABBOTT, 10 Nov, at Takaka, Maude Gertrude Abbott, 6wks
=== Mr Small, Todds Bush, Wakapuaka, death by poisoning
==== Application for agricultural leases === Thomas Miles - Milnthorp =
Henry Philip and Arthur Joseph Washbourn - Parapara =====
Tue -- 26 --- == Inquest into death of Mr Small =======
Wed - 27 --- LARKINS - BETTS, 27 Nov, by Rev W J Watkin, Charles Larkins, to Frances, 2nd
daughter of Alfred George Betts
THOMAS - WILKIE, 26 Nov, at Wesleyan Church, Motueka, by Rev W Cannell,
W G Thomas, Wesleyan Minister of Hokitika, to Mary, eadest daughter of
James Wilkie, of Motueka
Thur - 28 --- MANNING, 26 Nov, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs Manning, a son
Fri --- 29 ---- MILLS, 27 Nov, ahr, Brook St, Valley, Mrs J Mills, twins, a son and daughter
Death--SNOW, 28 Nov, at Vanguard St, Clara, 10wks, daughter of E Snow
Sat --- 30 --- BARNICOAT, Nov 27, at Ashfield, Richmond, Mrs Barnicoat, a daughter
BRADCOCK, 29 Nov, ahr, Vanguard St, Mrs J Bradcock, a daughter
EARNSHAW, 26 Nov, at her mothers resid, Waimea Rd, wife of Arthur Earnshaw,
mariner, a son
SANDERS - WIMSETT, 28 Nov, at resid of the bridegroom, Grove St, by Rev E Thomas,
Henry Score Sanders, of Devon, England, to Mary Ann, 3rd daug of T Wimsett, Nelson

December --- 1872

Mon -- 02 -- Death--HAMMOND, 2 Dec, at hospital, Waimea Rd, wife of Amos Hammond, 38yrs, of
St Vincent St, Toi-toi Valley, Nelson
Thur - 05 --- Death--THOMAS, 4 Dec, at Brook St, Valley, Frances Alice, 8mths, youngest daughter of
H C Thomas
Mon - 09 --- ARMSTRONG - MATTHEWS, 8 Dec, at resid of brides father, George, 3rd son of
John Armstrong, to Charlotte Ann, youngest daughter of George Matthews, maltster,
both of Nelson
Death--GIBSON, 9 Dec, at resid of Mr T Gilbert, Clifton Trce, Wakapuaka, Caroline, 50yrs,
wife of J M Gibson Esq
Wed - 11 --- Death-- HOLLOWAY, 11 Dec, at BNZ, Nelson, Annie Laura, 10mths, daughter of
John and Anna Holloway
Thur - 12 --- === Nelson College sports results ====
Fri --- 13 ---- === more Nelson College sports results ======
Sat --- 14 --- HOLLIS, 9 Dec, ahr, Nelson, wife of Joseph Hollis, a son
Mon - 16 --- ==== Provincial Scholarship results =======
Thur - 19 --- HOLLAND, 5 Dec, wife of Henry Holland, Wakefield, a son
CARTHEW - BRENT, 7 Dec, by Rev J Buller, at Shortland, William, eldest son of
Capt Edwd Carthew, of Cornhill Green, Cornwall, to Mary, 3rd daug of Wm Brent, Nelson
Fri --- 20 --- HEWETSON, 18 Dec, at Lower Moutere, Mrs Joseph Hewetson, a daughter
Death--BRIND, 20 Dec, at Nelson, William Henry, 5mth, son of Mr A H Brind
==== Bishops School results =======
Sat --- 21 -- FINCH - CARTER, 21 Dec, at resid of Mrs Rankin, Hardy St, by Mr W M Biss, Thomas
Finch of the Telegraph Dept, Westport, to Maria, eldest daughter of George Carter of
the same place
===== Walter Tunnicliff, son of Henry John Tunnicliff, drowned in the Wai-iti River
Fri 19th ===
===== Notice ==funeral of Mrs Wright will leave her fathers residence --James Avery,
Nile St East ====
Mon - 23 --- === William Scutter == killed in accident some wrere between the Owen and Mangles
=== Town Schools prize giving =======
Tue -- 24 --- Death--RICHMOND, 19 Dec, at resid of her daughter, Mrs A Atkinson, Mrs Richmond,
81yrs, mother of his Honour Mr Justice Richmond
NOSWORTHY, 19 Dec, at Blenheim, Annie Mary, 8+1/2, 3rd daug, R D Nosworthy
NOSWORTHY, 20 Dec, Mary Desion, 6+1/2yrs, 4th daughter
==== Application for agriculture lease == Andrew Cockburn, Anatoki (Takaka) known
as Glovers Flat, Anatoki River, and formerly leased to James Glover, deceased ===
Thur - 26 --- Death--HORNEMAN, 20 Dec, at Motueka, Major Frederick Edward Horneman, 69yrs,
late of Artillery Company
Fri --- 27 ---- ==== Foresters v Oddfellows cricket match =======
Sat -- 28 ---- Death--BRIND, 28 Dec, at Nelson, Emily Maria Maud, 22mths, youngest daug A H Brind
HAYCOCK, 27 Dec, at Kaikoura, Province of Marlborough, John Haycock,
sheepfarmer, 54yrs
Mon - 30 --- McVICAR, 30 Dec, ahr, Trafalgar Sq, Mrs John McVicar, a son
VENDORE - CLIFFORD, 25 Dec, by Rev Father Garin, Nicholas Vendore, to
Fanny Clifford, both of Nelson
Death--DOIDGE, 28 Dec, at Stoke, Laura Ann, 11mths, only daug of William and
Elizabeth Doidge
==== Inquest == Ernest Herbert, 4mth, son of Marion Herbert == death Wed 25th ====
==== Stoke School prize list =======
Tue -- 31 -- GAY, 28 Dec, wife of John Gay, a daughter
WEBLEY- 30 Dec, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs Joshua Webley, a daughter
HUNTER, 31 Dec, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs William Hunter, a son
Death--LOWAN, 6 Dec, at Grove Farm, Cromwell, Otago, Susan Mary, 2+1/2yr, eldest
daughter of Mr Lowan

January --- 1873

Sat -- 04 --- BAKER, 2 Jan, at Motueka, Mrs Joseph G Baker, a daughter
WOOD, 3 Jan, at Halifax St, wife of J Wood, a son
HUNTER, 31 Dec, at resid of Joseph Webley, Bridge St, the wife of William Hunter,
Matakitaki, a son
Mon - 06 -- ===Sworn in for Supreme Court jury duty ==========
Tue -- 07 -- CLINCH, 6 Jan, ahr, Alton St, wife of Stephen Clinch jun, a daughter
Death--RUMBOLD, 3 Jan, at Woodend, Motueka, William Alexander, 14yrs, youngest son
of John Rumbold
WHITING, 7 Jan, youngest son, 18mths, of Henry Whiting, blacksmith
Wed - 08 -- BONNINGTON, 8 Jan, at Richmond, Mrs Herbert Bonnington, a daughter
Thur - 09 -- SQUIRES, 7 Jan, at Nelson, wife of William Squires MD MRSC, a son
Death-- WYLIE, 8 Jan, at Shelbourne St, Nelson, Alexander, youngest son of William and
Elizabeth Wylie
Fri -- 10 ---- Item---- Takaka School prize winners
Mon - 13 -- TWIST - WOOLFENDEN, 9 Jan, at resid of the bride, Church St, William Twist, to Miss
Annie Lee Woolfenden, both of Nelson
LASH - DEMENT, 11 Jan, at All Saints Church, by Rev R J Thorpe, Samuel Dession, 3rd
son of Joseph Henry Lash of Paignton, Devon, Eng, to Sarah Ann, 3rd daughter of
William Dement, Hardy St, Nelson
Death--GILBERTSON, 11 Jan, at Nelson, Wilhelmina, 41mths, daughter of Joseph and
Anna Gilbertson
Wed - 15 -- === Applications for leases === W Atkinson, Amuri = George Trass, Upper Waiau =
Walter Rutherford, Amuri = William Atkinson, Hamner Plain = George Mackay,
Hamner Plain = Joseph Holland, David Thomas, George Holland, Wai-iti =
John Woolfe, Richard Holyoke, Sandy Bay = H A E Scheldaur, Upper Moutere =
William Palmer, Wairoa ========
Wed - 15 -- LAMMAS, 12 Jan, at Richmond, wife of J Lammas, a son
Item ----Mr and Mrs Mark Newth's 48th wedding anniversary
Edward BERGER, miner, drowned, Wakamarina River, Mon night
Thur - 16 -- INGHAM, 11 Jan, at Upper Toi-toi Valley, wife of Elijah Ingham, a son
Death-- FARR, 15 Jan at Nelson Hospital, Mary Farr, 45yrs
Fri --- 17 --- GASKIN, 13 Jan, at Cobden, Mrs Gaskin, widow of the late Rev R H Gaskin, a son
Sat -- 18 --- JAMES, 18 Jan, at Nelson, wife of John James, a daughter
=== St Marys School prize giving ==========
Tue - 21 --- FAIREY, 20 Jan, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs E S Fairey, a daughter
MAVER, 20 Jan, ahr Bridge St, wife of John maver, Charleston, a son
Wed - 22 -- FISHER, 21 Jan, wife of T R Fisher Esq, a son
Death--BUSCH, 20 Jan, at Waimea East, Hans Heinrich Busch, 83yrs
Thur - 23 -- Death--HAASE, 22 jan, Emily, 8mths, youngest child of Edward Haase, Nelson
Fri --- 24 --- === Conflicting notices by Eilliam Henry Eyes and his wife Eleanor Eyes ========
Sat -- 25 --- CHAYTOR, 21 Jan, at Seaton, Upper Moutere, wife of A Chaytor Esq, a son
LIGHTFOOT, 24 Jan, wife of W Lightfoot a daughter
WIX, 12 Jan, at Blenheim, wife of A McKellar Wix, a son
FELL - BUDGE, 18 Jan, at Church of the Nativity, Blenheim, by Ven Archdeacon Butt,
Alfred George Fell, son of the late Alfred Fell Esq, Blackheath, London, to Alice,
daughter of the late William Budge Esq, Blenheim
Tue -- 28 -- STONE, 24 Jan, at Motueka, wife of S Stone, a son
CROSS, 27 Jan, at Henry Cottage, the Cliffs, Mrs J S Cross jun, a daughter
Wed - 29 -- NALDER, 21 Jan, at Motupipi, wife of C W Nalder, a daughter
MONRO - BALDWIN, 27 Jan, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone,
George H B Monro, Netherfield, Marlborough, to Isabella Selina, youngest daughter
of the late William W T Baldwin Esq, of Stedehill, Kent, Eng
Fri -- 31 --- Death--VOLLER, 30 Jan, ahr, Russell St, wife, aged 70 yrs, of A Voller

February --- 1873

Mon - 03 --- WEBB - LINES< 14 Jan, by Rev G T N Watkins, at resid of Mrs Carlisle, Boundary St
Greymouth, William George Giles, 2 son of Henry Paget Webb,of Newington Butts,
London, to Sarah Jane, 4th daughter of Mr T Lines, Hope, Waimea East
Death--EARNSHAW, 1 Feb, ahr, Waimea Rd, Gloucester Fairbrother, 10wks, son of
Arthur and Gertrude Earnshaw
Tue -- 04 --- SHANNON, 20 Jan, at Bronti St, wife of G V Shannon, a daughter
PHILLIPS - CHATTOCK, 1 Feb, at St Johns Church, Wakefield, by Rev R J Thorpe,
William Henry, son of H W Phillips of Tadmor, to Mary Helen, 2nd daughter of
Richard Chattock of Wakefield
==== Application for agricultural leases ==== James Grove of Foxhill =
John Rait of Ronndell = Benjamin Hill of Buller =======
Death--ROSS, 2 Feb, at Suburban North, Kenneth Ross, 42yrs
Wed - 05 --- NALDER, 5 Feb, wife J C Nalder, a son
FROST - WRIGHT, 4 Feb, at Nelson, by Rev P Calder, Alfred Frost, to Miss Emily
Wright, both of Nelson
Death--MILLS, 30 Jan, at Nelson, George Robert, 9wks, son of Joseph Mills
MILLS, 5 Feb, at Nelson, Hannah Elizabeth, 10wks, daughter of Joseph Mills
Thur - 06 --- JOHNS, 5 Feb, Mrs I Johns, Trafalgar St, a daughter
McRAE, 5 Feb, ahr, Trafalgar St South, Mrs N McRae, a son
Death--SIGLEY, 4 Feb, ahlr, Toi-toi Valley, Joshua Sigley, 66yrs
Fri --- 07 ---- THOMAS, 3 Feb, wife of G Thomas, a daughter
Sat -- 08 ---- Death--CLUTTERBUCK, 7 Feb, at Nelson, Jane, 14mths, youngest daughter of William
and Lydia Clutterbuck
Fri --- 14 ---- HECTOR, 13 Feb, wife of Dr Hector, a daughter
Sat -- 15 ---- COOMBES, 16 Feb, at Nelson, wife of J F Coombes, a daughter
Mon - 17 ---- === Honaria Boyle died at Nelson Creek, Tue 4th Feb, aged 101yrs A native of
Arranmore, County Donegal, Ireland Lived in the colonies for 20yrs, the last 2
with her daughter and 2 sons at Nelson Creek
Tue -- 18 ---- LEDGER, 13 Feb, wife of H O Ledger, Bridgend, a daughter
==== Bankruptcy == Morris Levy, general dealer, Nelson
Wed - 19 ---- CRONK - HAMMERICH, 18 Feb, at resid of brides father, Gloucester St, nelson, by Rev
W M Biss, Charles Cronk, of Stafford Town, West Coast, to Miss Dorathea Hammerich,
of Nelson
Death--BONNINGTON, 17 Feb, at Richmond, Albert George, 29mths, 3rd son of
Frederick and Mary Ann Bonnington
==== Item----List of Wesleyan Church Stations in NZ =====
==== Wakefield v Motueka = cricket ======
Sat -- 22 ---- Death--CARTER, 21 Feb, at fathers resid, Harley St, 2nd son of Alfred and Ellen Carter, 5yrs
Mon - 24 --- MABIN, 24 Feb, wife of John R Mabin, a son
McEACHEN - SLATTER, 20 Feb, by Rev W J Watkin, James McEachen, to Agnes
Slatter, both of Nelson
Death--ROSE, 23 Feb, Lydia Mary Rose, 4mths
BENSON, 24 Feb, at nelson, Mr Ambrose Benson, 63yrs
Tue -- 25 --- POOLE, 23 Feb, at Motueka, wife of Rev S Poole, a son
Wed - 26 --- CHATTOCH, 24 Feb, Lower Wakefield, wife of Richard Chattock, a son, stillborn
==== Mr Friend, Hokitika, lithographer and teacher of music, late of Nelson
(formerly Lysters Eng Opera Co) drowned
Thur - 27 --- Death--BIRCH, 26 Feb, ahr, Nile St East, Henry Walter Birch, 32yrs
==== Nelson City Cadets == 1st 7 in shooting == A Gray = T Shone = R Smith =
J Downes = G E Scott = K Horne = E Ricketts =======
Under 14yrs === A Armstrong = H Donkin = R Hooper = W Walker =
T Ruchfort = G Smallbone = F Little =======
===== Mr Hicks, carpenter, Greymouth == suicide ======

March --- 1873

Wed -- 05 -- SPEAR, 5 Mar, at Nile St East, wife of F Spear, a son
SCOTT, 4 Mar, ahr, Tasman St, wife of A Scott, a son
EBAN - BEST, 27 Feb, at resid of brides father, Dovedale, by Rev W J Watkin, Harold
Eban, to Sarah Ellen, 3rd daughter of Job Best of Dovedale
Death--BISLEY, 4 Mar, at Waimea St, Joseph H Bisley, 37yrs
Thur - 06 --- Item-----Names and placings in NZ shooting competition (goes on for several days)
Fri --- 07 --- McGLASHAN, 6 Feb, at New St, Nelson, wife of John McGlashen, a daughter
Sat -- 08 --- DAVIS, 28 Feb, at Nile St East, Mrs Moss Davis, a daughter
GORRIE - BIRD, 6 Mar, at St Johns Church, Wakefield, by Rev J Spear, Peter, youngest
son of J Gorrie, nelson, to Lucy, eldest daughter of Joshua Bird, Wakefield
Death--LUCAS, 28 Feb, at Collingwood, Mr A J Lucas, 28yrs
Mon - 10 -- GILLON, 3 Mar, Washington Valley, Mrs A Gillon, a daughter
WHITING, 10 Mar, Mrs Whiting, a son
Death--GILLON, 9 Mar, William, 19mths, youngest son, of Arthur and Sarah Gillon
KERR, 9 Mar, at Waimea West, relict of the late John Kerr, aged 80yrs
Wed - 12 -- DREW, 12 Mar, at Victoria Ave, Wanganui, wife of S H Drew, a daughter
Item--------- Shooting prize results
Sat -- 15 --- COMBES, 13 Mar, ahr, Ranzan, wife of T R Combes, a daughter
Death--HARRIS, 14 Mar, at Hospital, John James Harris, 28yrs, eldest son of late
James Harris, baker, Douglas, Isle of Man
==== Thomas Bullard, Wakefield, charged with assaulting and beating his sister Lucy ===
Mon - 17 --- ==== Colonial Prize firing === prize giving == there have been results of different
matches in the paper for days
Tue -- 18 --- Death--Mantell, 15 Mar, Sidney St, Wellington, Mary Sarah, wife Hon W B D Mantell, MLC
==== Licences granted == Joseph Potter Parker, publicans licence ===
Simon Buchholtz, a bottle licence ==== (both Motueka)
Mon - 24 -- GARDNER, 18 Mar, at Reefton, Mrs William Gardner, a son
HARPER, 22 Mar, at the Port, wife of R H Harper, Albion Hotel, a son
Death--LUCAS, 23 Mar, ahr, Opawa, near Blenheim, Marlborough, wife of Charles
Lucas, aged 64yrs
==== United Band of Hope Gold Mining Co == shareholders who forfeit their shares for
non payment of calls === Charles Cain = Robert McFadden = J S Trelorz =
Michael Keogh = Archibald Prentice = H Prentice = Nicholas Cairn =
Michael Fanning = Charles Norman = Miles McPhadden =====
Wed - 26 --- HAMILTON, 24 Mar, ahr, Russel St, wife of M Hamilton, a son
MILLS, 18 Mar, at Sunnyside Cottage, Havelock, wife of C H Mills, a son
Thur - 27 --- Death--JENKINS, 18 Feb, at Patea, Annie Maria, 19yrs, daugh of late W Jenkins, Nelson
Sat -- 29 -=- ADAMS, 11 Mar, at Collingwood, wife of Thos Adams, a son
Death--HAYNES, 27 Mar, Frank, 3 wks, youngest son of Thomas Haynes, Hardy St
Mon - 31 --- Death--WALKER, 30 Mar, at Richmond, Jane, 21yrs, 3rd daughter of John Walker

April --- 1873

Wed - 02 --- CRISPIN, 23 Mar, at Nelson, wife of F Crispin, twin sons
ROBERTSON, 31 Mar, at Collingwood St, Nelson, wife of Alexander Robertson
of Collingwood St Dye Works, a son
LEVY, 1 Ap, Mrs Morris Levy, a daughter
===== Nebraska arrived at Auckland last night, from San Francisco === has 8 passengers
Mr A L Smith for Christchurch and Mr J R Dodson for Nelson =======
Fri --- 04 --- GILLETT, 31 Mar, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs I T Gillett, a son
Death--DAVIS, 3 Ap, ahr, Waimea Rd, Abraham Davis, 25yrs, son H Davis, Nelson
Mon - 07 --- FLEMING, 5 Ap, at Harley St, Nelson, wife of G Fleming, a son
=== Nelson and Marlborough shooting prizes =========
Tue -- 08 --- === Rev D Rusz drowned while bathing at Charleston this morning
Wed - 09 --- Item-----------death of Dr Vickerman, Nelson
Death--VICKERMAN, 9 Ap, Francis Longbourne Vickerman, 52yrs, surgeon
Thur - 10 --- CHRISTIAN, 10 Ap, ahr, Hardy St, wife of H Christian, a daughter
Sat --- 12 --- Item-----------------the late Rev W D Rusz
DODSON, 30 Mar, at Takaka, wife of A Dodson, a daughter
TARRANT, 8 Ap, at Abb's Court, wife Henry Alex Tarrant, a daughter
YARRALL - VERRY, 10 Ap, at St Johns Church, Wakefield, by Rev Wm Spear,
Thomas Walter, 3rd son of Thomas Yarrall, the Wood, Nelson, to Sarah Ann, eldest
daughter of the late Charles Verry, Wakefield
==== Victoria Quartz Mining Co = F Mathias, manager = Shareholders loose their
shares for non payment of calls == Nicholas Caffrey = Alex McCloy =
James McConnell = Thomas Joyce = H Hyams = M Jackson = F Campbell =
R C Maxwell =======
==== Application for leases == Handcock, W L - Takaka = Gibbons, J - Ngatimoti =
Mellet, H - Inangahua = Murcott, G - Aniseed Valley = Fowler, W L - Upper Waiau
= Barnes, W W - Aniseed Valley or River Lee = Fairhall, B - Pigeon Valley =
Barnett, W - Takaka = Baigent, H - Takaka = Cook, G - Riwaka = Busch, H -
Aniseed Valley = Johnson, D - Aniseed Valley = Tinline, J - Amuri =======
Mon - 14 --- EURE, 12 Ap, ahr, Harley St, wife of H Eure, a son
Tue -- 15 --- MUNCASTER, 12 Ap, wife of George Muncaster, a son
Death--DOUTHIT, 14 Ap, at Washington Valley, Joseph Thomas Jones, 16 mths, son of
Hannah Douthit
HANDYSIDE, 23 Dec 1872, at St Petersburg, James Ronald Handyside Esq, MD,
father of Mr Handiside of Nelson ---(resided in St Petersburgh and Alexandroski, 47yrs)
Fri --- 18 --- MORLEY, 17 Ap, at Blenheim, wife of Richard W Morley, a daughter
Death--GILLETT, 14 Ap, at Shady Bank, Toi-toi Valley, George Ernest, infant son of
Mr and Mrs Gillett
=== Shares forfeited == W C Gasquoine = Lewis Bizno = Majory McLearn =
H J Hansen = John McLean = Edwin Ashton = Peter Purcell ====
=== North British Gold --James A Thorpe, manager, shares forfeit == John Corcoran =
Charles Pelle = George Fraser = Alfred Newman = William Reilly ===
Mon - 21 -- === Annie Kenning, 2yrs, death, at Stoke, Sat 19 == inquest in Wed 23 paper ===
==== names of grand jury members
Tue - 22 --- PETRIE, 20 Ap, at Richmond, Mrs J Petrie, a son
STALLARD - RABYJOHNS, 24 Mar, by Rev F R Seabourne, Edward Boxoll, youngest son
of the late Wm Stallard, of Nelson, to Jane, daughter of H Rabyjohns, of Young, NSW
Death--McCONVILL, 21 Ap, at Washington Valley, Ellen McConvill, 6yrs
Fri --- 25 -- McRAE, 25 Ap, at the Willows, Richmond, Mrs G W McRae, a daughter
ADAMS - COLT, 22 Ap, at Church of the Good Shepherd, Wairau Valley, Marlborough,
by Ven Archdeacon Butt, William Adams jun, 3rd son of William Adams Esq, of Langley
Dale,Marlborough, and Wilden, Nelson, to Isabella Rose, eldest daughter of the late
Capt Colt of 56 Reg
Mon - 28 -- WAHLSTROM - CHARLES, 26 Ap, by Rev E Thomas, Adolph Wahlstrom, to
Miss Mary Ann Charles, both of Nelson
Tue -- 29 --
Death--COMBES, at Ranzau, Grace, 6wks, daughter of Mr and Mrs T R Combes
==== A ball in honor of turning the first sod of the Nelson and West Coast Railway
Stewards for ==D Burn = R Burn, -- Corbett = Dr Cotterell = H Edwards =
C Elliott = C Y Fell = -- Hibble = T Mackay = C L Maclean
A Otterson = Geo Sinclair = -- Stavert = Frank Trask = J W Wigzell
Wed - 30 -- Death--CAMPBELL, 29 Ap, at Nile St West, Nelson, Collin William, 13yrs, eldest son
of James Campbell

May --- 1873

Thur - 01 -- Death--NUNN, 30 Ap, at hospital, George Nunn, 49yrs
WRATT, 30 Ap, at Spring Grove, Mrs Sarah Wratt, 69, widow of late George Wratt
Sat --- 03 -- Death--CLARKSON, 30 Ap, at Motueka, Ann, 60yrs, wife of John Thomas Clarkson
Wed - 07 -- SMITH, 7 May, at Forest Inn, Wakefield, Mrs Robert M Smith, a daughter
Thur - 08 -- === Letter from the school examiner with prize list for Waimea West School ===
1st class = William Bartlett = Catherine O'Connor = Patrick O'Connor ==
2nd class = Georgina Thorburn = Alice Satherly =
3rd class = Sarah Challies = Ellen O'Connor = Esther Satherly =
4th class = Florence Hammond = Owen Newport = Sidney Satherly =
5th class = Herbert Ford = Theresa Mercer =
6th class = Alice Hammond
special prizes === William Challies === Lucy Challies
Sat --- 10 -- McRAE, 9 May, at Bonovoree, Richmond, Mrs Roderick McRae, a daughter
WEBLEY, 2 May, at Collingwood, wife of john Webley, a son
WAKELIN, 6 May, at Waimea Rd, Mrs J R Wakelin, a daughter
Death--KEARSE, 9 May, at Harris St, Nelson, Elizabeth Painter Kearse, 5+1/2yrs,
daughter of M Kearse
Tue - 13 --- TALBOT, 6 May, at Richmond, Mrs G Talbot, a son
JENNENS - FRANKLIN, 10 May, by Rev D Dolamore, Joseph Jennens, to Miss Alice
Maud Franklin, both of Nelson
Wed - 14 --- SKEET - GILBERT, 13 May, at Clifton Trce Schoolroom, by Rev R J Thorpe, William
Henry, eldest son of W Skeet Esq, CE, Wairarapa, Wellington, to Caroline Elizabeth,
2nd daughter of Rev T Gilbert, Clifton Trce, Suburban North
Thur - 15 --- GOULSTONE, 12 May, wife of H Goulstone, Bank NSW, a daughter
Fri --- 16 ---- === People who collected signatures to an anti - seperation petition ===
W N Franklin, Inangahua = F Courtnay, Inangahua = T E Chichester, Buller =
W White, Waimea Sth = J T Mackay, Waimea E = J G Knyvett, Motueka Valley =
A Hibble, Nelson = G F Martin, Stoke = F Smallbone, Nelson = F Blundell, Waimea
West = T C Batchelor, Wakapuaka = W Giblin, Motueka and district =
J Cann, Golden Bay = T Anslow, Buller = R Burn = T Newton =
Sat --- 17 --- WYLIE, 16 May, at Shelbourne St, William Wylie, a daughter
OWEN - COPPINS, 15 May, at resid of brides father, by Rev W Cannell, Charles John
Owen, of Havelock, Marlborough, to Ellen Lauretta, only daug of W Coppins, Motueka
Tue -- 20 --- WATKIN, 19 May at Lyttleton, wife of Rev W J Watkin, a daughter
Sat --- 24 --- MARSHALL, 20 May, ahr, Russell St, wife of W Marshall, a son
IVESS, 7 May, at Nelson, wife of Joseph Ivess, MPC, a son
MASTERS, 18 May, at Spring Grove, wife of C Masters, a son
CHAMBERLAIN - WHITEFOORD, 12 May, at Ahaura, Grey Valley, by Rev T Flavell,
C W Chamberlain, of H M Customs, Greymouth, to Lucy, youngest daughter of
John Whitefoord, Recorder, Launceston, Tasmania
RICKETTS - SHARP, 17 May, at Shelbourne St, by Rev T Buddle, William C Ricketts,
to Miss Sarah E Sharp, both of Nelson
HASLAM - McCORMACK, 24 May, at Catholic Church, Nelson, Charles Haslam, to
Miss Catherine McCormack, both of Nelson
HILL - SHERRATT, 23 May, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone, Charles
James Hill, Hokitika, to Agnes, only daughter of Joseph Sherratt
MOREY - VEALE, 14 May, at resid of brides father, New Plymouth, by Rev W Kirk,
Walter Morey, formerly of Nelson, to Sophia, youngest daughter of John Veale, both of
Death--STRUTHERS, 3 May at Westport, Edith Evelyn, ?6mths, only child of William
and Lydia Jane Struthers
SNOW, 2 Mar, at Tiverton, Devonshire, Isaac Snow, 82yrs
Mon - 26 -- PEARSON - BECKMAN, 24 May, at St Marys Church, by Rev Father Garin, Peter
Pearson, to Miss Minnie Beckman, both of Nelson
Death--EDWARDS, 24 May, John, 28yrs, eld son of Joseph Edwards, Collingwood St, Nelson
=== Applications for leases == J C Ponsonby, West Wanganui = Thos Thomas, Wairoa =
William Page jun, Takaka = James Jones, Ada valley, Waiau = Renbena Askew,
Croixelles = Edward Grooby, Ngatimoti = Edward and Orry H Hope, Upper Wairau ==
Tue --- 27 -- SAXBY, 21 May, at Te Kopanga, Napier, Mrs Gordon Saxby, a son
STAGG, 26 May, at Hope St, wife of W Stagg, a son
Thur - 29 --- GILROY, 29 Ap, ahr, the Baton, wife of Patrick Gilroy, a son
Fri --- 30 --- SOWMAN, 29 May, ahr,Cambria St, the Wood, wife A Sowman, a son
KILGOUR - BROOKS, 28 May, by Mr W M Biss, Thomas Kilgour, of Nelson, to
Miss Elizabeth Brooks, of 88 Valley
Death--THORP, 30 May, at Motueka, Herrick, eldest son of Charles and Mary Thorp
ADAMS, 18 May, at Collingwood, Purser Miles, 10wks, son of Mr and Mrs Thos
=== Bankruptcy == George Jacobs, lodging house keeper
Sat --- 31 -- BARNETT, 27 May, at Nelson, wife of Henry Barnett, a daughter
==== Shooting licences === + additions in Tue 3 June and Sat 7 June

June --- 1873

Mon - 02 --- WHEELER, 28 May, wife of Capt Wheeler, twin sons
HENDERSON - MANNERS, 29 May, St Pauls Cathedral, Wellington, by Rev B W Harvey,
John Henderson Esq, to Ada, widow of the late Lieut Arthur Cecil Manners, 18th Royal
Irish, and 3rd daughter of his Honour F A Carrington, MHR,Superintendent of Taranaki
Death-- WIGZELL, 1 June, Emma, 22yrs, daughter of William and Elizabeth Wigzell
Tue -- 03 --- ==== Bankruptcy notifications--- William McLaren (bootmaker)
John Utrage (fisherman) Charles Spring (brickmaker)
==== Call for purchase of 100 ac of land as an endowment on Miss Rose Williams,
first child of european parents born in Inangahua district
==== Additional shooting licences
Thur - 05 --- ==== James Dall, charged with vagrancy
Fri --- 06 ---- Death--NASH, 6 June, Brook St, Lucy Isabella, 5+2/3yrs, daughter of John and Sarah Nash
Sat --- 07 --- DOIDGE, 6 June, ahr, Stoke, wife of William Doidge, a daughter
==== Additional shooting licences
Tue -- 10 --- DOBSON, 8 June, Nelson, wife of A Dudley Dobson Esq, a daughter
Wed - 11 --- === Alfred Rogers, Blenheim, passed final exam and will be admitted as a barrister and
solicitor at the Supreme Court, Picton, next week
Fri --- 13 --- Death--MERRITT, 13 June, ahr, Bridge St, Charles William Merritt, 40yrs
Sat -- 14 ----Death--FREWIN, at parents resid, Rose Elizabeth Frewin, 9+1/2mths
Mon - 16 -- Death--GIFFORD, 11 June, at Upper Moutere, Elizabeth, 36yrs, wife of Thos Gifford
Tue -- 17 -- Death--STACE, 10 June, at Kaikoura, Marlborough, Julia, 24,wife of Walter M Stace Esq,
and daughter of David Johnston Esq, Collector of Customs, Nelson
Wed - 18 -- Death-AUGARDE, 14 Mar, Hugh Stephens Augarde, 50yrs, Stock Exchange, London
=== accident involving Robert Aiken, 17yrs
=== Anita Elizabeth Plank, 2+1/2yrs, daughter of H Plank, Wakefield, drowned ----
Inquest Thur 19 paper
Thur - 19 -- Death--EDWARDS, 18 June, Henry John, 5+3/4yrs, eldest son of Henry Edwards
JACKSON, 19 June, at Grahamstown, Auckland, George, 42, son of B Jackson, Nelson
BUHCK, 2 June, the Wood, Jessie, 23mths, daughter of William and Julia Buhck
=== PLANK, result of inquest into drowning of Anita Elizabeth, 2+1/2yrs
Fri --- 20 --- Death--REDWOOD, 19 June, at Stafford Place, Waimea West, Henry Redwood Esq, sen, 79
DAVIDSON, 1 Ap 1873, drowned on SS Atlantic, Lawriston Umphelby, widow, and
Lillian, daughter of Capt Alex Davidson, formerly of the "William Stoveld" and late of
Ferryhill, Aberdeen, Scotland
Item----- about the above Henry Redwood
Sat --- 21 --- SYMES, 30 May, at Takaka, Mrs T Symes, a daughter
Mon - 23 --- SHEEN - ROBERTSON, at Caversham, near Dunedin, by Rev D Stuart, Jhon Sheen, late
of Nelson, to Miss Jane Robertson, Caversham
THORN - SHEPPARD, 17 June, at Dovedale, by Rev W Cannel, John Thorn, Dovedale
to Mrs J Sheppard, Nelson
LAMMAS - THORN, 17 June, Dovedale, by Rev W Cannel, Jesse Lammas, to Mary,
eldest daughter of John Thorn, both of Dovedale
PACKARD - BAIRD, 21 June, rev P Calder, at resid of George Batchelor, Nile St East,
Peter Bartrum, eldest son of Joseph Packard, to Jane Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the
late James Baird, bothof Clifton, Golden Bay
Tue -- 24 --- Death--ROBINSON, 23 June, at resid of his brother, Cheviot Hills, Amuri, Samuel
Robinson Esq, 52yrs
Wed - 25 --- SPICER - McCOLL, 16 June, at Wroughton, Upper Pangatotara, by Rev S Poole,
G R Spicer, Pangatotara, to Janet, relict of the late Mr McColl, of the same place
Sat --- 28- -- McCABE, 27 June, at Halifax St, wife of W H McCabe, a daughter
Mon - 30 --- Death--HAYNES, 28 June, Walter, 9+1/2yrs, 2nd son of Mr Haynes, Hardy St

July --- 1873

Wed - 02 --- SENIOR, 29 June, at Woodlands, Upper Moutere, Mrs S Senior, a son
HANNEGEN - VOLCKMANN, 26 June, at resid of brides mother, Nelson, by Rev Father
Garin, Daniel Hannegen, to Bridget Volckmann ?????????
Thur - 03 --- ANDREWS, 25 June, at Spring Grove, Mrs Thomas Andrews, a son
JENNINGS, 3 July, ahr, Nile St West, wife of James Jennings, Malster, a daughter
HANNAGAN - FLOCKMANN, 26 June, at Catholic Station, St Marys, by Rev F Bensfeld,
Daniel Hannagan to Clara Flockmann ???????
Death--NUTTALL, 2 July, at the Wood, Nelson, Sarah, 2nd daug of James and Margaret Nuttall
Fri --- 04 --- JENNINS, 30 June, at Collingwood, wife of Edmund Jennins, a son
==== Names of Central Board of Education
Mon - 07 --- Death--AVERY, 30 June, at Blenheim, Alice, 29yrs, wife of W Avery, late of Nelson
REDWOOD, 29 June, Grace Mary, 9mth, daughter of T Redwood Esq
Tue -- 08 --- Death--SHELLY, ahr, Collingwood St, Samuel Shelly, 28yrs
=== Names of subscribers to the Nelson Volunteer Fire Brigade ===
Wed - 09 --- BERRY, 8 July, wife of W H Berry, a daughter
ROWLING - SMITH, 5 July, by Rev E Thomas, Thomas Rowling, to Miss
Caroline Smith, both of Nelson
Fri --- 11 ---- DOUTHETT, 11 July, at Washington Valley, wife of A W Douthett, a son
PARSONS, 11 July at Pelorus Valley, wife of G E Parsons, a son
Death--RICKETTS, 10 July, at Nelson, Martha Anne, 20yrs, 3rd daughter of
William Ricketts of Spring Grove
Sat --- 12 --- OXNAN, 27 June, at Upper Buller, wife of John Oxnan, a daughter
Death--ROIL, 11 July, at Waimea East, Sarah, 83yrs, relict of the late Thomas Roil
Mon - 14 --- GREAGER - AVERY, 12 July, by Rev E Thomas, Christen Eriksen Greager, mariner, to
Miss Annie Elizabeth Avery, 2nd daughter of James Avery, bootmaker, Nelson
McMULLEN - ROSE, 3 July at St Lukes Church, by Rev E A Lingard, John Franklyn
McMullen jun, of Christchurch, NZ, to Cecilia Margaret Rose, eldest daughter of the
late Alex Rose Esq, Corralin, Tasmania
Tue - 15 ---- PARSONS, 11 July, at res of her father, Mr Knyvett, Franklin St, the wife of
H W Parsons, Pelorus, a son, premature
BATCHELOR - SHERWOOD, 6 July, by Rev T Buddle,at resid of brides father, Hugh,
eldest son of G Batchelor, to Rhoda, eldest daug of T Sherwood, both of Nelson
Wed - 16 --- GARRARD, 12 July, Mrs Garrard, Haven Rd, a son
Thur - 17 --- BUCHANNAN, 16 July, at South St, wife of P Buchannan, a son
MORRISON, 16 July, at the Port, wife of W Morrison, a son
Death--McNABB, 17 July, at Christchurch, at resid of her daugh, Mrs J Plank, Mrs R McNabb,
64yrs, late of Sandy Bay
Fri --- 18 ---- BAIGENT - FOWLER, 15 July, at St Thomas Church, Motueka, by Rev S Poole,
Isaac, 3rd son of Isaac Baigent, of Wakefield, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of
John Fowler jun, of Riwaka
Sat --- 19 --- PEARCY,15 July, at Washington Valley, wife of E Percy, a daughter
Death--HUSBAND, at resid of Mrs Gordon, Nelson, Edward Samuel, 16, eldest son of
Samuel Husband, Upper Buller
supplement---------- annual report of Inspector of Schools
Mon - 21 --- ==== Passed Junior Civil Service Exams = J Burnett = J W Blackett = C R Vickererman =
C E Pratt = F Wither = (all were pupils of Nelson College)
Tue -- 22 --- ==== bankruptcy == George Edward Levien, storekeeper, Havelock
Mon - 28 --- ==== Nelson Board of Works == new members -- proposed, proposer and seconder ==
Tue -- 29 --- Death--CLOUSEN, 26 July, at the Taranaki Buildings, Andrew Clousen, 73yrs, late
of Collingwood
Thur - 31 --- Death--EPPS, 29 July, Mary, 66yrs, wife of Thomas Epps
SHEPHARD, 30 July, at Hospital, Nelson, Alexander Shephard, 57yrs
=== Receivers of Education Rate for different areas ====

August --- 1873

Fri --- 01 --- STOWE, 27 July, at Wellington, Mrs Leonard Stowe, a daughter
GILL - HIGGINS, 30 July, at resid of father of the bride, by Rev D Dolamore,
Frederick Gill, Wakapuaka, to Mercy, daug of Sidney Higgins, Spring Grove
CANN - SCOTT, 24 July, at Takaka, by Rev R J Thorpe, Robert Cann, to Ellen Brunton,
eldest daughter of David Scott, Clifton
=== Wreck of the Rangitoto on the way to Wellington from Nelson === names of
Sat --- 02 --- ==== Central Buller Mining, David Leslie, manager = forfeited shares = Ewan Kennedy =
Frederick McDowell = Frederick Green = Aaron Carne = Alexander McDowell
Mon -- 04 -- ==== University Scholarships exam results == Nelson candidates
Frederick Augustus Severac = Hugh Gully = A B Campbell = Frank Witwell =
J T Barnicoat = J L Barnicoat = J H Richardson (only 3 passed out of 20 and
F A Severac was the only Nelson one)
==== Golden Ledge Co, L Davies, manager = forfeit shares = Edward Ashton =
Morris Levy
==== Mrs Morgan, wife of a bucher burnt to death in her own home at Sefton Bridge,
Sat 2nd
==== Application for leases = Edmund Davidson, Cape Farewell = John Rait, Buller =
George Fairhall, Pigeon Valley = Charles Haycock, Ngatimoti = William Akersten,
Pigeon Valley = Dorothea Busch, Aniseed Valley = Robert Cann, Pohara ===
Tue --- 05 -- HOOPER, 2 Aug, at Nile St West, Mrs G Hooper, a son
Wed -- 06 -- YOUNG, 5 Aug, at Grove St, the Wood, Nelson, wife of Henry R Young, a daughter
Fri --- 08 --- ROWBOTHAM - RAMM, 6 Aug, by Rev E Thomas, George Moore, son of James
Rowbotham, farmer, Stoke, to Miss Sarah Ramm, Nelson
Death--Parker, 20 May, at resid of her sister at Widford, Mrs Charlotte Parker, late of
Castle Howard
PETCHEY, 23 May, ahr, Wilford, near Ware, Mrs Petchey, relict of W Petchey Esq
Sat --- 09 --- === Break O'Day Mining --- forfeit shares = John Corr = Timothy Sheahan = John Disher
Mon - 11 --- ALLEN - COOMBS, 9 Aug, by Rev E Thomas, Henry Allen, miner, Collingwood,
to Elizabeth, youngest daug, of Henry Coombs, Grove St, Nelson
Tue -- 12 --- DRAGER, 5 Aug, at Lower Wakefield, Mrs Drager, a son
=== Application for leases = Henry Gilmer, Totara Flat = John Walker, Inangahua =
Charles Quinn, Inangahua = John Kerr, Upper Wairau ====
Sat --- 16 --- McDONALD - TREGEA, 9 Aug, by Rev P Calder, George Duncan McDonald, to
Elizabeth Tregea, both of Nelson
SAUNDERS - WILKIE, 13 Aug, at Christchurch, Canterbury, William, eldest son of
Alfred Saunders, late Superintendent of Nelson Province, to Jennie, 3rd daughter
of William Wilkie, merchant of Nelson
Death--ELLIOTT, May, 1873, at Sittingbourne, Kent, England, Julia Fanny, wife of George
Elliott, and sisterof J B Sadd, of Nelson
Mon - 18 --- === Sworn in for Grand Jury duty ====
Tue -- 19 --- MULES, 19 Aug, at the Parsonage, Spring Grove, wife of Rev C O Mules, a daughter
MALCOLM - WEBB, by Mr W M Biss, Robert Malcolm, of Richmond, to
Harriet, daughter of C Webb, Nelson
Death--WEBLEY, 17 Aug, ahr, Brook St, Valley, James Webley, 60yrs
Wed - 20 --- DELANEY, 17 Aug, at Motueka, Mrs John Delaney, a daughter
Death--ANDREWS, 18 Aug, at Motueka, Mr W Andrews, 75yrs
SQUIRES, 20 Aug, at Hardy St, Nelson, Catherine Jane, 24yrs, wife of
William Westbrooke Squires, MD, MRCS
Thur - 21 --- WOOTTON - BURNETT, 21 Aug, by Rev E Thomas, Thomas Edward Wotton, carpenter,
to Miss Elizabeth Frances Burnett, both of Dovedale
Death--WOOD,20 Aug, at resid of her father, Grove St, Elizabeth, 28yrs, wife of
Joseph Wood
Mon - 25 --- YOUNG - AIKEN, 21 Aug, at resid of brides father, by Rev J McIntosh, R A Young,
civil engineer, 2nd son of the late A D Young Esq, Dundee, to Elizabeth Reid, 3rd
daughter of George Aiken, of Greymouth
Death--SOWMAN, 23 Aug, Edith Sarah, 3yrs, daughterof William and Emoly Sowman
Tue -- 26 --- === Eyes v Henderson court case ===
Wed - 27 --- Death--AVERY, 25 Aug, at resid of her brother-in-law, Mr James Avery, Nile St East,
Annie Amelia, 39yrs, wife of William Avery
CARRIGAN, 25 Aug, ahr, Waimea St, Hugh Carrigan, 39yrs
DIXON, 26 Aug, at her fathers resid, Tasman St, Lucy Dixon, 16yrs
Thur - 28 --- SHEATHER, 28 Aug, wife of L Sheather,a daughter
Sat --- 30 --- Death--TOOMEY, 28 Aug, at Hospital, Nelson, Edward Toomey, late of South West
Gold Fields, 50yrs

September --- 1873

Mon -- 01 -- Death--BOCKMANN, 3 Aug, at Upper Moutere, wife, 43, of F Bockmann
GREIG, 31 Aug, Isabella Rollison Greig, 65yrs, wife of Thomas Greig
WOOD, 30 Auh, at Christchurch, Mary Ann, 60yrs, widow of late George Wood Esq
Tue -- 02 --- PICARD - MIDGELY, 16 Aug, by Rev E Thomas, William A Picard, to Miss Amelia
Midgely, both of Foxhill
Thur - 04 --- Death--LOVELL, 28 Aug, at Motueka, Benjamin Lovell sen, 65yrs
Fri --- 05 ---- TAYLOR - LAIDLER, 1 May 1873, at St Johns Church, Newcastle-on-Tyne, by Rev
Robt Daunt, Wm Taylor, HM Customs, Liverpool, to Emma, daughter of Geo Laidler,
accountant, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Sat --- 06 --- DRANE, 3 Sept, wife of J G Drane, a daughter
Mon - 08 --- CHITTENDEN, 3 Sept, wife of J Chittenden, South St, a daughter
=== Large fire in Auckland 58 buildings destroyed
Wed -09 -???- HARLEY, 2 Sept, ahr, Halifax St, Mrs T Harley, a daughter
Fri --- 11 -???- HAYCOCK, 8 Sept, at Richmond, wife of Herbert Haycock, a son
SCOTT, 8 Sept, wife of Joseph Scott, Tasman St, a daughter
MYERS, 7 Sept, at Motueka, J Myers, a son
Fri --- 12 ---- FIRTH, 11 Sept, Mrs H Nelson Firth, a son
Death--WHITE, 12 Sept, at resid of her father, Waimea St, Nelson, Hannah Elizabeth,
12+1/2yrs, late of Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, South Wales
Item------- death of Capt ROUSE of "Claud Hamilton"
Sat -- 13 ---- EDWARDS, 13 Sept, at Sunnyside, wife of N Edwards Esq, a son
Death--BRAYBROOK, 11 Sept, at Hospital, Nelson, George Braybrook, 22yrs, late of
Victoria and West Coast, NZ
Mon - 15 --- COMISKEY - HANBURY, 23 June, at St Georges, Hanover Sq, Patrick, 2nd son of
Joseph Comiskey Esq, of Castle Blaney, County Monaghan, to Mary Ann Bamford,
daugh of late Robery Hanbury Esq, of Bole Hall, Tamworth
Tue -- 16 --- WELLS, 10 Sept, ahr, Russell St, wife of W Wells, a daughter
BLENNERHASSETT - ELIOT, 11 Sept, at resid of Mr J Newman, Bridge St, by Rev
Thomas Buddle, Thomas, youngest son of the late R A Blennerhassett Esq, County
Kerry, Ireland, to Anny, daughter of the late Henry Eliot Esq, of Nelson and Richmond
Death--WARNER, ahr, Cambria St, Nelson, Richard Warner, 55yrs
MITCHELL, 13 Sept, at Picton, Ernest, 3+1/2yrs, youngest son of
John and Grace Mitchell, late of Nelson
Fri --- 19 ---- === Bankruptcy George Silcock, laborer, Spring Grove
Sat --- 20 --- === Nelson Exhibition special prize list ====
Mon - 22 --- Item---Coroners inquest--- Elizabeth Smith, 39yrs, wife of Capt Smith of the barque
"Annie Braginton"
Tue -- 23 --- Death--ASKEW, 14 Sept, at Riwaka, William Askew sen, 76yrs
Wed - 24 --- KNAPP, 23 Sept, at Brookside, Spring Grove, wife of W H Knapp, a daughter
Death--DISHER, 23 Sept, ahr, Leah, 34yrs, wife of John Disher
=== Inquest Jane Pahl, wife of a farmer in Sherry Valley, died Mon 22
=== Obituary = James Graham
Thur - 25 --- NATION, 24 Sept, ahr, Christchurch, NZ, wife of W C Nation, a son
Mon - 29 --- BURWORD, 28 Sept, at the Wood, wife of J C Burford, a daughter
Tue -- 30 --- WILLIAMS, 29 Sept, Alma St, wife of Richard Oats Williams, a son
=== Matilda Ann Thompson, 21 mths, died this morning

October --- 1873

Thur - 02 --- ===David Main, drowned crossing the Opawa River
=== Dr Besley, late of the Halcione drowned nearby == both of Blenheim
Fri --- 03 ---- === Additions to the special prize fund for the Exhibition
Tue -- 07 --- JELLYMAN, 30 Sept, at Blenheim, wife of Henry Jellyman, a son
KNIGHT, 2 Oct, at Toi-toi Valley, wife of A Knight, a daughter
SHERWOOD, 5 Oct, ahr, Brook St, wife of J E Sherwood jun, a son
Death--HODGSON, 5 Oct, son, 7mths, of W C Hodgson
Mon - 13 --- === People selling tickets for Nelson Horti Soc = Mr Gilbert, Wakapuaka = A Barnett,
Stoke = Mr Steer, Richmond = J Rose, Spring Grove = W Ladley, Waimea W =
R M Smith, Wakefield = Wm Cook, Upper Moutere = S Buchholz, Lower Moutere
and Motueka = F Hicks, Takaka = Mr Riley, Collingwood =====
Tue -- 14 --- === Frederick Waring, mate of the Waihopai accidental death == Inquest Thur 16 paper=
Thur - 16 --- HOGAN, 24 Sept, at Otepopo, Dunedin, wife of J H Hogan, a daughter
Fri --- 17 ---- DANE - KING, 16 Oct, at Nelson, by Rev D Dolamore, William Frederick Dane,
Spring Grove, to Miss Susan King, of Nelson
Death--SMART, 16 Oct, ahr, Collingwood St, Nelson, Sarah, 62yrs, wife of R Smart
WEBLEY, 1 Oct, at Collingwood, son, 5mths, of John Henry Webley
Mon - 20 --- SANDERS, 17 Oct, ahr, Grove St, the Wood, wife of H Sanders, a daughter
BARTLETT - PRESTIDGE, 16 Oct, by Rev E Thomas, Robert Bartlett, Takaka,
to Martha Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr Prestidge, of Upper Moutere
Fri --- 24 ---- ===More special prizes for Exhibition
=== Applications for leases == James Watkins, Totara Flats = Joses Griggiths, Stanley
Brook = James O'Dwyer, Waimea E = J D Duncan & G Starnes, Riwaka =
Daniel McGinty, Inangahua ===
Wed - 29 --- HASLAM, 27 Oct,ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs George Haslam, a son
JELLYMAN, 13 Oct, at Spring Creek, Marlborough, wife of W G Jellyman, a daughter
JORDAN, 23 Oct, at Motueka, wife of J B Jordan, a daughter
KNAPP, 20 Oct, at Spring Grove, wife of C Knapp, a daughter
SELLON, 25 Oct, at Apple Tree Farm, Spring Grove, wife of M Sellon Esq, a daughter
Death--LANGE, 27 Oct, at resid of her son Mr Christien Sixtus, Maria Sophia Elizabeth
Lange, 75yrs
Fri --- 31 --- WEBLEY - USHER, 31 Oct, at resid of brides father, by Rev Thos Buddle, W Webley,
to Miss Usher, both of Nelson
Death--LOCKERBIE, 31 Oct, ahr, Collingwood St, Robert Lockerbie, 43yrs, late Glasgow

November --- 1873

Mon - 03 --- === Notice = james Keill will not be responsible for any debts of his wife Jane Keill ==
Tue -- 04 --- NUTTALL, 30 Oct, wife of J Nuttall, a daughter
LEE, 2 Nov, Mrs Robert Lee, a daughter
PICKERING, 3 Nov, wife of F H Pickering, a daughter
Death--ANDERSON, 5 May, John Watts Anderson, 21yrs, washed overboard from
Ocean Mail, bound from London to Adelaide
Wed - 05 --- HODGSON - BERRY, 4 Nov, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone,
George Hodgson, to Julia, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Berry
Fri --- 07 --- Death--RICHARDSON, at resid of Mr Thornton, the Port, Nelson, Claud Hamilton, son,
5wks, of J M Richardson
GIBSON, 20 Oct, at Kaituna, Blenheim, Mrs Katherine Gibson, 27yrs
=== Nelson Provincial Council == Candidates, proposers and seconders ====
=== Hope and Ranzau School results =======
Tue -- 11 -- FIVEN - CARROLL, 1 Nov, at Blenheim, by Rev W Shirriffs, Frederick Fiven, late of
Nelson, to Elizabeth, only daughter of late James Smith Carroll
HUTCHESON - GIBBS, 1 Nov, at Havelock, by W Whitehorn Esq, Richard Hutcheson,
only son of Mr Hutcheson of the Miners Arms Hotel, Havelock, to Miss Alice Gibbs,
eldest daughter of John Gibbs, Lower Wakefield
Death--JONES, 10 Nov, at Reefton, Mary Ellen, daughter of E F Jones, Bridge St, Nelson
Birth --- EDELSTEN, 10 Nov, Lower Moutere, Mrs J S Edelsten, a daughter
Thur -13 -- === Shooting match between Taranaki and Nelson Foresters (12 a side)
Fri --- 14 -- === Richmond Ram Show --prizes ===
Sat -- 15 --- === Nelson Board of Works ---- List of ratepayers names and amounts to pay ======
Mon - 17 -- PAINTON, 13 Nov, at Lower Wakefield Store, Mrs W Painton, a son
McEACHEN, Nov 14, ahr, Alton St, Nelson, wife of James McEachen, a son
Tue -- 18 -- RENTOUL, 9 Nov, at Clifton, Golden Bay, wife of W O Rentoul, a daughter
DAVIES, 13 Nov, at Quail Valley, Waimea Sth, Mrs E Davies, a son
Wed - 19 -- FLEETWOOD - GILBERT, 19 Nov, at St Andrews Church, Suburban Nth, by Rev T Flavell,
Thomas Mussell Fleetwood, of Marton, Rangiteiki, to Ruth, youngest daughter of
Rev T Gilbert,Clifton Trce, Nelson
=== Mr E J O'Connors election committee == T Bailie = J Corr = G Clark = N Craddock =
T Dickinson = D Emmanuel = G Falla = J B Fisher = J S Fisher = J S Fleming =
J R Fraser = I Graves = E Gothard = J Hughes = J W Humphrey = Wm Hanna =
J L Munson = P Monahan = F McFarlane = P J McKenna = M Organ = Benjamin
Oxner = James Powell = H Pain = Edward Roche = James Simpson = J Simon =
F Sontgen = E S Suisted = T B Shapter = R C Speer = T Wardrope = F White =
T Watson = J A M Turner = J Clarke = J Quigley = T Fielder = W Philips = J Simpson
W Lavette - A Luff = J Oakley = L Fernandez = J Weston = F A Green = Capt Riley =
G Gilbertson = T Lockwood
Thur - 20 --- === More special prizes ---- donated by= J C Moutray = Henry Drew = Sir D Monro =
W Milner = C F Watts
Fri --- 21 --- POLGLASE - TANNANT, 20 Nov, at resid of brides father, by W M Biss, Joseph, 2nd
son of the late Joseph Polglase, Brook St, Nelson, to Caroline, 2nd daughter of
Richard Tannant, Lower Moutere
Mon - 24 -- MACEY - SIMSON,17 Nov, at resid of the bridegroom, by the Very Rev Archdeacon Batt,
W M Macey, bookseller, Blenheim, Marlborough, to Henrietta, 2nd daughter of the late
E A Simson, Taranaki
Death--O'SULLIVAN, 18 Nov, at Renwicktown, Marlborough, Francis, 29yrs, 6th son of
John O,Sullivan, Picton
==== Tenders accepted for mail services === between CPO and wharf, Twist and Gay =
Nelson and Foxhill, F Holder = Foxhill and Sherry, G Flower = Spring Grove and
Waimea W, M Newth = Nelson and Wakapuaka, C H Martin = Lower Moutere and
Ngatimoti, H Young = Ngatimoti and Thorpe = J Rose
Tue - 25 --- === Caledonian Society -- officials and sports committee ---Sir David Monro =
T Renwick MLC = Robert Disher = David Burns = Alex Sclanders = John Sharp =
C L Maclean = Wm Stavert = Duncan Chisholm = Donald McDonald = C Y Fell =
T Rentoul = J C Moutray = J P Black = R C Tennent = A Robertson = A H Brind =
A McKellar Wix = James Hamilton
Thur - 27 - HEATH, 19 Nov, ahr, Graham River, Pokororo, wife of John Heath, a daughter
HOLLOWAY, 26 Nov, wife of John Holloway Esq, a daughter
=== Stoke v City shooting teams
=== Nelson Exhibition Prize winners
Fri -- 28 -- O'BRIEN - JENKINS, 26 Nov, at Enner Glynn, by Mr W M Biss, Alexander O'Brien of
Ngatimoti, son of the late Lieut Colonel C O'Brien of the Bengal Army, to Harriette Jane,
2nd daughter of Alfred George Jenkins
Death--PEEL, 15 Sept, at Portsmouth, England, Mrs Peel, relict of the late Rev Joseph Peel
of Mavellkassa, Sth India, and sister of Mrs David Johnston, Nelson
Item------------Nelson Exhibition----- some names of exhibitors
Sat -- 29 - Death--KITCHING, 29 Nov, wife, 52yrs, of John H Kitching, Tasman St, and 3rd daughter
of the late John Fletcher of Haldenby Grange, Yorkshire
Item------- Inquest into death of Abraham BUSH, 73yrs
-------some exhib prize winners

December --- 1873

Mon - 01 -- SEDGWICK, 29 Nov, Nelson, wife of Merton Sedgwick, a daughter
Death--BUSH, 28 Nov, at Russell St, Nelson, Abraham Bush, 73yrs
FOREMAN, 5 Aug, at Tunbridge Wells, Eng, Mr F A Foreman, formerly of Nelson
=== Names on a protest ======
Sat -- 06 --- McCOIG - McCULLOCH, 3 Dec, at resid of Mr W Haddow, Washington Valley, by Rev
P Calder, John McCoig, to Henrietta McCulloch
Mon - 08 -- NAYLOR, 7 Dec, wife of G Naylor, a son
=== William Tell Co, Jas Graham Niven, manager == forfeit shares == William Hely =
John Browne = Thomas Watson = Louis Pensini = Christian Rasmussen =
John Fieldes = William Bell = Thomas Newport = Thomas Collins = John Fennell =
Giovanni Delloca = Frank Soutgen = Guiseppe Zacone = Matteo Della Vidora =
John Campbell = William Evans = Antonio Zala = William Bremner = James Nolan =
Robert White = John Corr = John Morris = Louis Merlo Thomas Dwan =
Henry Towndron = Mrs Mary Herne
Tue - 09 --- RIBET, 7 Dec, at Upper Wakefield, Mrs J Ribet, a son, stillborn
Wed - 10 -- Death--HILTON, 10 Dec, at Hospital, Nelson, Ann Hilton, 54yrs, late of Collingwood St
=== Sarau School, Upper Moutere == prize list == 1st class= Geo Cook = Eliza Hoffman
2nd class=Charles Kelling = Henry Bensemann =
3rd class = Henry Buckmann = Ellen Talbot =
4th class = Daniel Best = Charles Bensemann
5th class = Walter Hewetson = James Best =
special = Henry Bergman = George Cook = Martha Heine =
=== Shooting match between the Foresters and Oddfellows (5a side) =====
Thur - 11 -- Death--MICKLE, 9 Dec, at Riwaka, wife, 55yrs, of Wm Mickle
BELL, 10 Dec, Mary, 14yrs, daughter of William and Mary Bell
=== List of polling places =======
Fri --- 12 --- RUSH - MILLS, 4 Dec, at resid of Mr Prichard, Lower Wairau, by Rev G S Harper,
R Rush, cabinetmaker, Blenheim, to Miss C Mills, late of Nelson
TURTON - WALMSLEY, 9 Dec, at St Johns, Napier, by Rev J Townshend, assisted by
Rev Darcy Irvine, Hanson Turton Esq JP, to Felicia Ann Harriette, 3rd daughter of
Capt Walmsley, Nelson, formerly 56 Reg
Death--MIEKELL, 9 Dec, at Riwaka, wife, 55yrs, of Wm Miekell
=== Arthur Gordon, miner, Collingwood, close to death
=== Nelson College sports results =====
Sat -- 13 --- LEVIEN, 10 Dec, ahr, Nelson, wife of Robert Levien, a son
=== Provincial Scholarship winners == from town schools == William Walker =
J W Smith ( Wigzell and Bolton, honorable mention)
country schools == G Harkness, Richmond = S Myers, Motueka (Batty and Hawkin of
Cobden and Harley of Stoke hon mention)
=== More College sports results =======
Mon - 15 --- === Bishops School prize list ====
=== Nelson College prize list =====
=== All scholarship candidates and results =====
Wed - 17 --- === Neudorf School results = 1 class = Eugenie Desaunais = Ernest Bosselman ==
2 class = Augusia Stade = Ida Sixtus === 3 class = Matilda Ewers = Annie Ewers
4 class = Catherine Bockman = Linaura Sixtus == 5 class = Mary Stade = Elizabeth
Seiboth == 6 class = Henry Gifford = Hugo Sixtus ==
attendance = Mary Prestidge = Eliza Stade
Thur - 23 --- === Mr Francis O'Sullivan, teacher for a while at Nelson, retired (because of sickness)
to Renwicktown, Marlborough -death leaves a young wife
Wed - 24 -- JONES - CALDER, 18 Dec, at resid of brides mother, by Rev P Calder, Albert Davis
Jones, to Agnes Bell, eldest daughter of the late J B Calder
=== Application for agric lease = William Bell = Aorere West ===
Fri --- 26 --- Death--STONE, 24 Dec, at Hospital, Nelson, Leonard Stone, 56yrs, native of USA and
late of French Pass, NZ
Sat --- 27 --- HARKNESS - HODDER, 26 Dec, by Rev W Cannell, at resid of brides father, Joseph
George Harkness, eldest son of Wm Harkness, to Lucy, eldest daughter of
Thomas Riches Hodder
Mon - 29 --- FOGDEN, 29 Dec, wife of Mr Fogden of the Motueka Valley Accommodation House,
a son
MURPHY - LEWIS, 27 Dec at resid of brides sister, Waimea St, by Rev T Buddle,
Thomas Robert, eldest son of Peter and Jane Murphy of Carlisle, Scotland, to Mary, 5th
daughter of the late William and Ellen Goulstone Lewis, of Merthyr Tydfil,
Glamorganshire, Sth Wales, and g/daughter of the late William Goulstone Esq, chemist
and druggist, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, England
=== Inquest = Michael Campion, Takaka, death on Wed evening --- leaves a wife Susan
and 2 children
=== Shooting match City Rifles v Waimea W Rifles
Tue -- 30 -- MOLLAMS - ROWLEY, 25 Dec, at resid of William Reed, Haven Rd, by Rev P Calder,
Joseph Mollams, to Mary Ann Rowley, both of Nelson
=== Upper Wakefield School == 1 class = Annie Hoult = Jane Lane = Charles Hoult =
Samuel Hoult
2 class = N Samson = Alice Pearce = Jane Hunt = Rhoda Lines
3 class = Mary Lines = Laura Batt = Joseph McFarlane = Emily McFarlane
4 class = W Chamberlain = James Lines = Alfred Batt = Samuel Wadsworth
second division == 1class = William Carrell = James Brown
2 class = Isabella Lines = Rose Currin = Edith Chamberlaain = Patience Wadsworth
3 class = Augustus Fanchilli = Joseph Hoult = Thomas McFarlane
Wed - 31 -- BATT - NEWBERRY, 30 Dec, at resid of father of the bride, by Rev D Dolamore,
Harry Batt, of Wakefield, to Miss Mary Newberry of Spring Grove
=== Motueka v Ngatimoti cricket

January --- 1874

Fri --- 02 ---- PAPPS - TIMMS, 1 Jan, by Rev D Dolamore, James Frederick Papps, Hope, Waimea Sth, to
Miss Selina Anne Timms, daughter of Samuel Timms, Wairau Valley
=== Caledonian Games results =====
Mon - 05 --- === Sworn in for Grand Jury duty
Tue -- 06 --- WHITE, 3 Jan, ahr, Waimea St, wife of H White, a daughter
SUART - PLANK, 25 Aug, at Knox Church, Dunedin, by Rev D Stuart, Thomas Kendal
to Grace Plank, both of Christchurch
PLANK - CAMPBELL, 18 Dec, at St Lukes Church, Christchurch, by Rev E A Lingard,
Arthur Fowler Plank, to Grace Campbell, bothof Christchurch
Sat -- 10 ---- TAYLOR, 1 Jan, at Baton Hotel, Baton, Mrs John Taylor, a daughter
Mon - 12 --- HAASE, 12 Jan, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs Edward Haase, a son
PELLEW, 10 Jan, Mrs E T Pellew, a daughter
Tue -- 13 --- === George Herbert BLACKBURNE = Josephus Hargreaves RICHARDSON = Arthur Leonard
SEALY of Nelson have passed both junior and senior civil service exams ===
Wed - 14 --- TOMLINSON - KINGDON, 13 Jan, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone,
William Tomlinson Esq, to Julia, eldest daughter of Samuel Kingdon Esq
Thur - 15 --- GODDARD, 10 Jan, ahr, Russell St, wife of H W Goddard, a son
PITT, 10 Jan, Mrs Albert Pitt, a son
SCOTT, 11 Jan, ahr, Russell St, wife John Scott, Engineer, a daughter
O'SULLIVAN - MOORE, 14 Jan, at St Marys, Nelson, by Rev Father Garin, Thomas
O'Sullivan Esq, merchant, Renwick, Marlborough, to Hannah, 2nd daughter of the late
D Moore Esq, Nelson
=== St Marys Schools == Emily Brunetti = Josephine Frank = Mary Kealy = Elizabeth
Leech = Naomi Hibble = Margaret Coakly = Mary Flockman = Bridget Toole =
Helen McArtney = Mary Kealy = Christina Frank = Annie Percy = Agnes Pratt =
Annie Davis = Alice McArtney = Sarah A Bullard = Louisa Williams = Annie Brimer
Minnie Richardson = Alice Pratt = Ellen Coakley = Annie Toole = Kate Hollis =
== Boys school == J Moynihan = Joshua Leach = E Green = P Bond = H Bethwaite =
F Allen = G Shallcrass = Jno Carroll = Edward Mills = W Fleming = John Wylie =
George Edwards = Fred Mills = J Speed = S Sherwood = James Wylie = J Brunetti
E Buckeridge = J Moore = M Kissell = James Carroll =====
=== In Fri 16th paper --missed name == Georgina Shannon
Fri --- 16 ---- ===Templars lodge formed in Nelson
Mon - 19 --- DREW - YOUNGER, 19 Jan, by Rev G H Johnstone at Christ Church, Nelson, Alfred,
youngest son of Henry Drew, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Thomas Younger, both Nelson
Tue -- 20 --- Item-------names of officers of the Nelson Fire Brigade
Fri --- 23 --- MATTHEWS - FISHER, 24 Dec, at Collingwood, by W H Turnell, Registrar, William
E Matthews of St Just, West Cornwall, England, to Miss Elizabeth Fisher, eldest
daughter of John Fisher, Collingwood, Nelson
Sat -- 24 --- BIRD, 23 Jan, Mrs C J Bird, Trafalgar Sq, a son
Sat -- 31 --- CONSTABLE, 29 Jan, wife of F Constable, Nile St East, a daughter
STALLARD - JAMES, 24 Jan, at resid of the brides father, Collingwood, by Rev John
Spear, Francis, 2nd son of the late William Stallard, of Chichester, Sussex, England, to
Frances, eldest daughter of John James, Collingwood, Nelson
=== Stoke School prize giving ===
1 class = Charles Harley = Alice Condell = Ann Giblin = Ada Cresswell = Jabez Norgate =
Charles Harlay
2 class = Bertha Cresswell = George Rout = Elizabeth Walker
3 class = Agnes Jellyman = Minnie Rout = John Morrison = Jane Allport
4 class = Thomas Condell = Jane Ching = William Paynter
5 class = Mary Bradley =
6 class = Charles Parker = Thomas Chisnell

February --- 1874

Mon - 02 --- Death--KYNNERSLEY, 1 Feb, Lieut T A Sneyd Kynnersley, RN, 34yrs
Tue -- 03 --- O'Reilly, 26 Jan, at Takaka, wife of James O'Reilly, a son
HOSKINS - RICE, 27 Jan, at St Johns, Christchurch, William, 3rd son of the late
Abraham Hoskins of Newton Park ???? the County of Derby, Esquire, to Mary Florence,
eldest daughter of the late John William Rice Esq, of Tasmania
Wed - 04 --- Death--SNOW, 3 Feb, at resid of his son, Waimea St, William Snow, 75yrs
=== Friendly Societies Fete --- prize list
Thur - 05 --- HUSBAND, 12 Jan, at Upper Buller, wife of S Husband, a daughter
Fri --- 06 ---- GORRIE, 5 Feb, wife of P Gorrie, a daughter
PLUMMER - McDONALD, 24 Jan, at All Saints Church, Hokitika, by Rev Archdeacon
Harper, Thomas William Plummer, late of Nelson, to Miss Agnes McDonald, Hokitika
=== Dennis Allen charged with deserting his wife and 2 children
Sat -- 07 ---- NEVE, 4 Feb, wife of A Neve, a daughter
HANSEN - FERGUSON, 7 Feb, by Rev P Calder, at Presbyterian Church, Carl Hansen,
Nelson, to Jane, 2nd daughter of Thomas Ferguson, of Auckland
Death--PATTIE, 3 Feb, at house of Robert Pattie, Riwaka, Thomas Pattie, late of St Andrews,
Fifeshire, Scotland, 83yrs
Item-------------names of stewards at a public dinner to Julius Vogel
Mon - 09 --- BEST - BAIGENT, 7 Feb, at resid of Mr H Baigent, Church St,by Rev J Rutherford,
Charles Best Esq, of Appleby, to Elizabeth, widow of the late H Boddington of Kaiapoi,
and eldest daughter of E Baigent Esq, Wakefield
Tue -- 10 --- FELL, 10 Feb, at St Johns, Nelson, wife of Charles Y Fell, a daughter
GULLY - HODGSON, 10 Feb, at All Saints Church, by Rev R J Thorpe, Harry Vincent,
2nd son of John Gully Esq, Nelson, to Anna Maria, 2nd daughter of the late
B O Hodgson Esq, Nelson
Wed - 11 --- Death--SIMPSON, 10 Feb, Harry, 3+1/2yrs, 2nd son of Robert Simpson, Collingwood St
Thur - 12 --- Death--WORTHINGTON, 7 Feb, supposedly lost from yacht Columbia at Auckland,
Benjamin Worthington, recently of Motueka
Item--------names and scores in a shooting match between Stoke and Nelson
Fri --- 13 ---- === Inquest --- Edward Kearse Stagg, 11mths, Richmond, death
=== agents for Nelson Almanac
Sat -- 14 ---- Death--CALDER, 14 Feb, ahr, the Port, Ann, 50yrs, relict of the late J B Calder
McHARDIE, 14 Feb, at Hospital, Nelson, James McHardie, 58yrs, late Waimea Sth
=== Dr Turner, resident Magistrate and Warden at Collingwood
=== Supposed drowning on Mon 9th
=== Stations of Wesleyan Ministers in NZ for the year
Rose of Lancaster Gold Mining Co -- forfeit shares == W E McLeve = Joseph Williams
J E Cuddiford = George Epping = Thomas Walsh = George Butcher = William
Mitchenson = Charles Smith = William Gawm = M R Gissing = C S Reeves =
R J Bain = A B Bain = Margaret Stavart = J B Williams = J S Burrett = James Fletcher
Walton Vell = John McGregor = Zoffney Horne = John Scott = Andrew McShane =
Robert Larkin = John Orr = Frank Townsend = Charles Colesend = Thomas Flint ===
Tue -- 17 --- === Application for leases ==Samuel Carter, Waiwero Hills = J & D Drummond,
Waiwero Hills = Edgar Jones, Amuri = F G Bacon, Coal Creek = James Watkins,
Inangahua = John Kerr, Wairau Gorge = G & R McRae, Mandamus
Wed - 18 --- BRADSHAW, 14 Feb, wife of Thomas Bradshaw, Collingwood St, a son
MARLEY, 13 Feb, at the Henui Parsonage, New Plymouth, wife of George Morley, son
Fri --- 20 ---- WATKINS, 10 Feb, at Pavillion Cottage, Lower Wakefield, wife of Joseph Watkins, son
== Mr Fuller, 70yrs, an old Wakapuaka settler died this morning ====
Sat -- 21 ---- GREAGER, 18 Feb, ahr, Nile St, wife of C E Greager, a son
YARRALL, 19 Feb, ahr, Cambria St, Mrs T W Yarrall, a daughter
Mon - 23 --- DRAPER, 21 Feb, ahr, Russell St, Washington Valley, wife of R Draper, a daughter
Death--FLETCHER, 21 Feb at Collingwood St, Nelson, Beatrice Harriet, infant daughter
of William Fletcher
=== Nelson v Wakefield at cricket
Tue -- 24 --- CRONK, 23 Feb, ahr, Gloucester St, Toi-toi Valley, wife of C Cronk, a daughter
Wed - 25 --- Death--PLOHN, 21 Feb, at Nelson, late of the Lyell, Louise Plohn, 27yrs
Thur - 26 --- WARD, 25 Feb, at Brook St, wife of John Ward, a daughter
Death--HARRIS, 26 Feb, Helen, 7mth, daughter of George Harris, Collingwood St

March --- 1874

Mon - 02 --- Death--MONRO, 1 Mar, Marion Isabella, 15mths, daughter of Alex Monro, Valleyfield,
HALL, 14 Jan, ahr, Yarraville, Henry Hall, late of Victorian Lime and Cement Co,
Queen St, son of the late Mrs Marshall of Motueka
Thur - 05 --- Death--TASKER, Alice Ellen, 4yrs, eldest daughter of Mr H Tasker
=== Bankruptcy -- Florence Buzile Joseph, hairdresser
Fri --- 06 ---- === Good Templars at Motueka and Spring Grove --- officers
Sat -- 07 ---- THOMSON, 2 Mar, wife of Alex Thomson, of the Baton, a son
Death--MILLS, 6 Mar, at Waimea West, Mrs Elizabeth Mills, 64yrs
Mon - 09 --- === Hugh Graham, 19yrs, tinsmith, his mother (Marion, a widow) keeps the Provincial
Hotel inquest --suicide
Tue --10 --- WHITING, 7 Mar, at Nile St East, wife of David Whiting, a daughter
Death--BLACKMORE, 9 Mar, at Nelson, George T Blackmore, 40yrs
Wed - 11 --- RUSSELL - DELLOW, 7 Mar, by Rev E Thomas, John William Russell of the Upper
Buller, to Emma, 4th daughter of John Dellow
=== Court --- F C Simmons = Charles Cotton = George Cook = Daniel Stewart = for
allowing horses or cows to stray === D Tennent = assaulting James Smith Cross ==
other names == James Blanche = John Utrange = Annie Spottiswoode =
Ellen Hunter (child) = Elizabeth Wardrope
=== 2 shipwrecks at Wellington
Thur - 12 --- HILL, 10 Mar, at Hokitika, wife of C J Hill, a daughter
Death--HILL, 11 Mar, at Hokitika, Agnes, 22yrs, wife of C J Hill
=== Waimea District prize firing
Fri --- 13 ---- GASCOYNE - GASCOYNE, 23 Feb, at Church of St Augustine, Waimate, Canterbury, NZ,
Henry Morris, 6th son of the late John Gascoyne Esq, of Clifton, England, to Emily
Charlotte Annie Justina, 3rd daughter of the late Major Charles Manners Gascoyne
of the 5th Bengal Cavalry
Mon - 16 --- JACKSON - MARCH, 14 Mar, by Rev T Buddle, William Graham, son of B Jackson,
Nelson, to Emma Harcourt, daughter of T March Esq, Auckland
Death--FIRTH, 16 Mar, at Alton St, Nelson, Thomas Wardley, 6mth, son of H Nelson Firth
Tue -- 17 --- PALMER, 17 Mar, at Waimea St, Mrs G Palmer, a daughter
BURTON - GORRIE, 13 Mar, at resid of brides father, by Rev P Calder, William
G Burton, to Ann, 2nd daughter of Mr J Gorrie
Wed - 18 --- ADAMS, 18 Mar, at Wilden Lodge, Nelson, wife of Acton Adams Esq, a daughter
Fri --- 20 ---- ROSE, 4 Feb, wife of John Rose, a son
Death--ROSE, 20 Mar, Christopher Kirk Rose, 6wks, son of John Rose
Sat --- 21 --- === Mrs Bensemann, 63yrs, Upper Moutere, died Fri 20
=== List of applications for accomodation, wholesale, bottle and hotel licences (new and
renewals) for Nelson and districts
Mon - 23 --- PEARSON, 21 Mar, at Nelson, wife of Peter Pearson, twins
Wed - 25 --- WINTER, 19 Mar, wife of William Winter, Brook St, Valley, a son
Death--BISS, 20 Jan, at Andhary Factory, ?hahabad, India, J A Biss Esq, 67yrs, of Calcutta,
and father of Mr W M Biss of Nelson
Thur - 26 --- Death-- TRAUTVETTER, 24 Mar, Theodore Louis, 7wks, son of A Trautvetter
Fri --- 27 ---- TOMS, 26 Mar, W J Toms, Brook St, a son
MONK - ATKINSON, 26 Mar, at All Saints Church, Dunedin, by Rev Stanford, Horace
Debeny Monk of Dunedin, to Lucy, 2nd daughter of J C Atkinson of Nelson
Death--FITZGERALD, 25 Mar, at Nelson, John Fitzgerald, late of Marlborough
POWICK, 23 mar, at the Wairau, John Powick, 27yrs
Mon - 30 --- Death--CHAMBERLAIN, 26 Mar, Julia, 7mth, youngest daughter of Thomas Chamberlain,
Lower Moutere
EVERETT, 28 Mar, ahr, Grove St, Emma, 22yrs, wife of Charles Everett and
daughter of Charles and Sarah Harley
===Christian Poulson -- fatal accident at Motueka Valley, Fri 29
Tue -- 31 --- Item------------account of fatal accident to a young man at Blenheim---John Powick

April --- 1874

Wed - 01 --- POWELL - RATT, 31 Mar, by Rev W Cannell, Samuel Powell, Nelson, to Emma Louisa,
3rd daughter of William Ratt, Sherwood, Lower Wakefield
=== Destructive fire in Nelson
Sat -- 04 ---- === Applications for various liquor licences for Collingwood, Aorere and Takaka
Mon - 06 --- COLEMAN - STALLARD, 4 Ap at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnstone, William, eldest
son of Peter Coleman of Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland, to Ellen Lucy, only daughter of
the late William Stallard, of Nelson
Tue -- 07 --- === Letters received Nov 1873, as yet unclaimed === Messrs Br?oks = Robinson & Co =
Mr G or J Berry, Happy Valley = R B Ba?dwin esq, PO = Mr James Donaldson =
John Davidson, PO = Mr Davis, photographer = Mr W Gibbs = Mr Geo Goble, PO =
Mrs Hollis = Richard Hyland, PO = John Hopwood, PO = Mr David Jones, PO =
Mr J Johnson, barque Mendoza = Miss F Kenning = Miss Lewis c/o Mrs Dee =
Miss Eliza Lurihan = Mr M McCarthy = Messrs Newth & Co, flour merchants =
Mr John Proctor = Mr Geo Powell = Mr A J Peck, PO = Miss Matilda Phipps =
Mr Patrick Quinn, PO = Mr John Reilly, PO = G H Roach esq, PO = Mrs Smith,
Hardy St = Miss M St Pierre = S Sinclair c/o J R Martin = Henry Tribe c/o barque
Echo = Mr W Weston, PO = Mr G Woods =====
Thur - 09 --- MILLER, 4 Ap, ahr, the Port, Mrs J W Miller, a son
Death--REILLY, 26 Mar, at Takaka, Frederick, 2mth, son of James Reilly
Fri --- 10 ---- Death--TAYLOR, 6 Ap, at Renwicktown, Marlborough, Joseph, 31yrs, eldest son of Joseph
and Dinah Taylor, Washington Valley, Nelson
Mon - 13 --- DAVIDSON, 6 Ap, at Taupata, Golden Bay, Mrs Davidson, a daughter
Death--O'DWYER, ahr, Waimea East, Mary O'Dwyer, 73yrs
Tue -- 14 --- Item-------inquest into death of Charles Anderson, miner at Reefton on 4 April
Fri --- 17 --- WOOD - WITNEY, 14 Ap, at resid of brides father, by Rev WM Biss, J Wood, to
Lucy, eldest daughter of G Witney
Mon - 20 --- Death--HOPGOOD, at Waimea West, Thomas Hopgood, 84yrs
Wed - 22 --- ANDERSON - GOLDIE, 18 Ap, at resid of Mr B Short, College Hill, by Rev T Buddle,
D Anderson of Reefton, to Agnes, youngest daughter of the late Capt Goldie of Singapore
Death--McGREGOR, 21 Ap, at Napier, Colonel Robert Henry McGregor, late of
H M 65 Regt
Thur - 23 --- Death--BRUNNER, 22 Ap, ahr, Brookside, Nelson, Mr T Brunner, 53yrs
Fri --- 24 ---- COATES - COLEMAN, 18 Ap, at St Georges Church, Thames, by Rev V Lush, Isaac,
eldest son of the late Samuel Coates, of Richmond Yorkshire, to Alice, daughter of Peter
Coleman, Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland, and Hamilton, Waikato, NZ
Sat -- 25 ---- OSMAN, 25 Ap, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs Osman, a daughter
MITCHELL, 25 Ap, at Nelson, Mrs J Mitchell, a son, stillborn
=== Good Templars installed ====
Mon - 27 --- SKEET, 26 Ap, Mrs W H Skeet, a daughter
=== Obituary ---Thomas Brunner, 52yrs
=== Sworn for jury duty
Tue -- 28 --- ATKINSON, 26 Ap, at Bleak House, Mrs W S Atkinson, a son
BROOKER, 27 Ap, wife of T W Brooker, Washington Valley, a daughter
Death--ARMSTRONG, 26 Ap, at Shelbourne St, James Armstrong, 83yrs
=== Inquest -- Richard Savage --- death
Thur - 30 --- SCOTT, 27 Ap, wife of Capt John A Scott, a son
=== Inquest -- Walter BIGGAR death Wed 29 at Richmond

May --- 1874

Sat --- 02 --- === Unclaimed letters from Dec 1873 ====
Mon - 04 --- HAMMOND, 3 May, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs H Hammond, a son
=== Inquest into death of Kate Wright, 29yrs, of Wakefield
Wed - 06 --- === Collingwood Sunday School prize giving == Innes Fisher = Charles Jeffrey =  
Bertha Allen = Jessie Stevenson = John Marshall ====
Infant Class = Fanny Jeffery = Margaret Allen
Thur - 07 --- Death--THOMSON, 2 May, at the Baton, George, 2mth, only son of Alexander and Agnes
=== Peter McMillan, miner, Hokitika --- death Wed 6th
Fri --- 08 ---- ===Good Templars -- Good Hope -- election of officers
Sat -- 09 ---- JOHNS, 30 Ap, Mrs I Johns, Trafalgar St, a daughter
Death--PERKINS, 1 Feb, at Stilton, Huntingdonshire, England, Thomas Perkins, 77yrs,
late of Washingley
Mon - 11 --- Death--McCOMBS, 9 May, wife, 38yrs, of Robert Henry McCombs
=== Objections to claim to vote in Golden Bay Electoral District = George Buckeridge,
property not in district === Thomas Hopgood, no such person === Wiihelm
Schafer, dead === Henry Widdowson Turnell, dead =====
Thur - 14 --- LEWIS - ROGERS, 14 May, at St Johns, Latimer Sq, Christchurch, by Rev Mr Watson,
Thomas Wiolliam Lewis, compositor, formerly of Nelson, eldest son of the late
William and Ellen Goulstone Lewis of Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, Sth Wales, to
Edith Harriett, 4th daughter of W E Rogers Esq, of Canterbury, NZ and g/daughter of
the late Alex Salter Trood Esq, of Belle Vue Hall, Sydney
Fri --- 15 ---- === Adamant sailed from London, for Nelson last month with 330 immigrants, some
no doubt for Marlborough
Sat --- 16 ---- DARKE, 5 Mar, at 7 Somerset Place Birkenhead, wife of J W B Darke Esq, Commander
Pacific Steam Navigation Co Service, a son, stillborn
Mon -18 ---- Death--REEVE, 19 Ap, at Sydney, Richard Reeve, 67yrs, formerly of Shady Camps
Flourmill, Cambridgeshire, and the Lampitts Farm, Fyfield, Essex, brother of John Reeve,
Linton Mills, Cambridgeshire, and father of Thos Reeve, Nelson
Tue -- 19 --- NEAL, 18 May, Mrs R Neal, a son
McRAE, 18 May, at the Glens of Tekoa, Amuri, wife of G W McRae Esq, a son
=== Bankruptcy --- Lawrence Dron, laborer
Thur - 21 --- JENKINS - DALGARNO, 7 Ap, by Rev G H Mo?ton, at St Peters Church,
Woolloomooloo, W Vaughan Jenkins, of Codondoon, Queensland, eldest son of
G Jenkins of Enner Glynn, Nelson, NZ, to Blanch Julia, 3rd daughter of the late
James Dalgarno, of Sydney
Mon - 25 --- Item-----------Henry GODDARD, ships carpenter, sudden death, leaves a wife and children
Stephen MATHEWS, stabbed his wife
Tue - 26 ---- Death--CAREW, 26 May, at Lawrence, Otago, Eliza Frederica, 23yrs, wife of Edgar Hall
Carew Esq, RM, Lawrence, and eldest daughter of Charles Broad Esq, RM, Reefton
Thur - 28 --- LUCRE, 27 May, wife of James Lucre, a son
Death--ATKINSON, 27 May, infant daughter, 2 mths, of Fred and Leah Atkinson
STAPP, 28 May, at his fathers resid, Hardy St, Vincent Roberts, 7+1/3yrs, 3rd son
of George and Annie Stapp, and Nephew of Major Stapp, Taranaki
=== Bankruptcy --- Francis Ferdinand DAKIN& Walter Maunsell STACE, Kaikoura Flax
James William WILLS, miller, Lower Moutere
Fri --- 29 --- LAWTON - WATERHOUSE, 25 May, James Lawton, to Miss Sarah Ann Waterhouse,
both of Nelson
Item-------Census returns giving numbers of males, females and dwellings in Nelson Prov
Sat -- 30 ---- Item-------shooting licences issued to ---

June --- 1874

Mon - 01 --- AVERY, 27 Mar, at Collingwood, wife of John Avery, a son
WILKINSON - BIRD, 6 May, at resid of the bride, Emerald Hill, Victoria, by Rev Irving
Hethrington, Edward Wilkinson, to Harriet, relict of the late Thomas Bird, and 5th
daughter of William Webber Esq, Lincoln, England
=== Church Wardens, Spring Grove = Rev John Spear (assis curate) = John Stanley =
Thomas Stirling = Herman Fayen = James benson Fleming = Isaac Gibbs =
William J Robson = ==
Tue -- 02 --- Death--MIRFIN, 21 Feb, ahlr, Quarry Hill, Oulton, neat Leeds, Yorkshire, Hannah, 82yrs,
relict of the late William Mirfin, and mother of Mr W C Mirfin of Nelson
Wed - 03 --- MACEY, 2 June, at Nelson, wife of W Macey, a daughter
=== more shooting licences
Fri --- 05 ---- === Schools reading competitions == Town and Suburban Nth Schools == Gertrude
Rose,Hardy St girls = L Augarde, Bridge St boys = Emma Bennett, St Marys girls =
Richmond Centre (Richmond, Stoke, Hope, Waimea W Schools) == James Hastie,
Waimea W Village = Rayner Hodder, Richmond boys = William Evans, Hope =
Clara Robinson, Richmond girls ==== Waimea Sth Centre = (Spring Grove, River
Terrace, 88 Valley, Upper and Lower Wakefield)== Annie Hoult, Upper Wakefield =
Annie Wratt ?, Spring Grove ==== Motueka and Moutere Centre - (Upper and Lower
Moutere and Motueka) = John Wilson, Motueka School = Sydney Cook, Lower
Moutere = Emily Guy, Lower Moutere = Louis Buchholz, Motueka ====
West Coast Schools == John Ormond, St Patricks school, Charleston =
Charlotte Crumpton, Blackett St, Charleston = Minette McDonald, Westport =
Sarah Melody, St Marys, Ahaura =====
Sat --- 06 --- YOUNG, 5 June, at Greymouth, wife of R A Young Esq, a son
=== Unclaimed mail for February
Mon - 08 --- BRANDFORD, 6 June, at Washington Valley, wife of J W Brandford, a son
McDONALD, 7 June, wife of John McDonald, a son
Death--STOCK, 7 June, ahr, Haven Rd, Frederick Stock, 44yrs
Tue -- 09 --- FROST, 30 May, at Wakapuaka, Mrs George Frost, a son
Wed - 10 --- Death--BLAKE, 10 June, at Nelson Hospital, William Blake, 44yrs, goldminer, formerly
of Scotland
Fri --- 12 --- COTTON - HODGKINSON, 11 June, at resid of the brides father, Charles Robert Thomas
Cotton, Nelson, to Matilda, 4th daughter of G Hodgkinson of Wakefield
Sat -- 13 --- NICE, 10 June, ahr, Motueka, wife of William Nice, a son
Item-----election of school boards for Stoke, Richmond, Hope etc
Mon - 15 -- SHORE, 14 June, ahr, Tory St, Mrs James Shore, a son
BEST - HILL, 10 June, at All Saints Church, by Rev R J Thorpe, Henry Best, to Alicia Hall
Tue -- 16 --- === Prices of groceries and liquor sold at an auction
Wed - 17 --- === Arthur FIVEN, about 34, mail contractor --account of his death -- leaves a wife
and 4 young children
Thur - 18 --- === Wreck of the British Admiral
Sat --- 20 --- MORTIMER - GARDINER, 14 June, at Wesleyan Church, by Rev T Buddle, James
Mortimer, to Martha, eldest daughter of Mr Jesse Gardiner, of Brook St, Valley, Nelson
=== Colonial Bank of NZ --- provisional committee =
Wed - 24 --- Death--THOMAS, 23 June, at Motueka, Charles Thynne Thomas, 77yrs, Lieut-Colonel
late of HM Bengal Army
Thur - 25 --- MOORE, 24 June, wife of Ambrose E Moore, a son
Fri --- 26 ---- Death--NALDER, 25 June, ahr, Charles Nalder, 57yrs
=== Population of the Provinces for 1871 and 1874
Mon - 29 --- === James Green and George Frederick Colin Campbell, both of Nelson, passed
both junior and senior civil service exams
Tue -- 30 --- Death--CAMPBELL, 28 April, at Thornhill, Scotland, James Campbell, 67yrs, father of
James Mek Campbell, Nelson

July --- 1874

Thur - 02 --- WHITE - SUTCLIFFE, 2 July, at St Thomas's, Motueka, by Rev S Poole assisted by
Rev J Leighton, Alexander White Esq of Ahaura, to Mary, youngest daughter of
Richard Sutcliffe of Ngatimoti, Nelson
Fri --- 03 ---- RODGER - BURNAND, 1 July, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Lord Bishop of Nelson,
W S Roger Esq, Nz Civil Service, to Agnes, only daughter of the late John Henry
Burnand Esq
Sat --- 04 --- === Unclaimed letters from March
Mon - 06 --- FISHER, 5 July, at Nelson, wife of Thomas R Fisher, a son
MAIN, 1 July, Mrs Fred Main, a daughter
WANDON - LOASBY, 29 June, by Rev W Shiriffs, R Wandon, to Elizabeth Margaret,
eldest daughter of the late R S Loasby of Nelson
BEATSON - GIBLIN, 3 July, at St Barnabas Church, Stoke, by Rev Rutherford, Robert,
2nd son of the late William Beatson Esq, Nelson, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of
Frederick Giblin of Stoke
=== Fire that destroyed the Imperial temple in Japan
Tue -- 07 --- AVERY - BOYLE, 21 June, at Wellington, Joseph Avery, to Helen J Boyle, eldest
daughter of William Boyle of Nelson
WAECHTER - CAVE, at St Johns Church, Richmond, Surrey, Max Waechter Esq, of
Liverpool, to Harriett Shallcrass, eldest daughter of Thomas Cave Esq, MP, of
Queensbury House, Richmond, and g/daug of the late Jasper Shallcrass Esq, Banstead,
Wed - 08 --- MORRIS - ALDRIDGE, 17 June, at Greymouth, by Rev Mr McNicol, Robert Morris ,
of Sydney, to Elizabeth Aldridge, 3rd daughter of Job Aldridge of Nelson
Thur - 09 -- LIGHTBAND, 8 July, ahr, Shelbourne St, wife of M Lightband Esq, a daughter
Death--KINGI WIREMU, 26 May, at Ahipara, Mongonui District, Chief of the Rarawa and
brother of Hare Nepia Te Morenga
HAMMOND, 7 July, Walter Percy, 2mth, son of Henry and Annie Hammond
Item-----prize list for Nelson Exhibition
Fri --- 10 --- ELLIOTT, 10 July, wife of Alfred Elliott, a son
JACKSON, 9 July, ahr, Collingwood St, wife of A B Jackson, a son
Sat -- 11 --- ATKINSON, 9 July, wife of Major Atkinson, a son
=== Richmond Schools exam results === G Sutton = W Rout = R Hodder = G Bell =
W Saywell = A Tovey = J Harkness = A Sutton = A Talbot = H Croucher ===
Girls == Alice Gifford = Clara Robertson = Julia Sutton = Eliza Sheath =
Amy Saywell = Sarah Walker = Laura Thompson = Sarah Harkness = Grace Croucher
Amy Benfield = Caroline Woodcock = E Jary = Minnie Ruffel = Rose Croucher =
Sarah Lusty = Annie Walker = Emily Lusty = Gertrude Keen = Ellen Sutton =
Lucy Brock
Mon - 13 --- TRENT, 4 July, ahr, Ahaura, Mrs Henry Trent, a daughter
WEBLEY, 12 July, wife of Joshua Webley, a daughter
BRADCOCK, 13 July, wife of Joseph Bradcock, a son
WILKINS, 13 July, wife of W C Wilkins, a daughter
Tue -- 14 --- PIPER, 11 July, wife of Richard Piper, a daughter
Wed - 15 --- Death--HOOKER, 15 July, at Allington Farm, Waimea East, Jennet Remage, 13yrs,
3rd daughter of Robert Hooker
Fri --- 17 --- REMNANT, 13 July, at Mgatimoti, W C Remnant, a son
Sat -- 18 ---- NEWPORT, 6 July, ahr, Takata, wife of Joshua Newport, a daughter  
Mon - 20 --- Death--RANKIN, 10 July, at Riwaka, Caroline Rankin, 75yrs
=== Inquest into death of Charlotte Boseley, Bay View Hotel, Suburban Nth
=== From Pt Chalmers -- 18 July -- Arrived Sussex with 495 souls, all well This week we
have received over 1500 immigrants by the 4 ships Caroline, Hindostan, Carthurne
and Sussex
Tue -- 21 --- JOHNSTON, 8 July, at Parnell, Auckland, Mrs David Johnston jun, a son
FIELD - LUCAS, 20 July, at resid of the brides father, by Rev T Buddle, George Edwin,
son of Thos Field Esq, Nelson, to Bessie Annie, eldest daughter of R Lucas Esq,
Washington Valley, Nelson
POWNALL - SUTCLIFFE, 13 July, at Greymouth, by Rev G T N Watkins, Robert
W Pownall, Reefton, to Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of Richard Sutcliffe of Nga Timoti
Death--BOYES, 13 July, at Havelock, Henry Boyes, 27yrs, 5th son of the late John Boyes
of Motueka
Wed - 22 --- Death--HUBBARD, 20 July, at Christchurch, Marion Jemima, 21yrs, wife of Frank
Hubbard, and adopted daughter of William Harper of Nelson
Item-------continue inquest into death of Charlotte BOSELEY
Sat -- 25 ---- Item--------fatal accident, George LIVELY drowned between Nelson and Wakapuaka
Inspector of Schools Annual Report
Good Templars -- officers of Lower Wakefield lodge
Mon - 27 --- WALMSLEY - ANSELL, 10 July, at resid of the bride, Auckland, Dugdale, eldest son of
Capt Walmsley, Nelson, late of HM 56 Regt, to Catherine Mary, 3rd daughter of
William Ansell
Thur - 30 --- GASCOIGNE - WRIGHT, 28 July, at St Thomas's Church, Motueka, by the Rev S Poole,
Charles James, youngest son of the late Major Charles Manners Gascoigne, HM Bengal
Cavalry, and of the Bungalow, Pangatotara, to Mary Ainger, eldest daughter of the late
Capt William Brabane Wright, Bundah, Pangatotara, Motueka
=== Inangahua Gold Mning --- forfeited shares == Daniel Buntin = Robert Cassel =
William McInroy = Peter McIntosh
Fri --- 31 --- LANGFORD, 29 July, at Waimea St, Nelson, wife of Walter Langford, a daughter

AUGUST --- 1874

Sat -- 01 ---- SHORT, 28 July, at College Hill, Nelson, wife of B Short, a son
Mon - 03 --- Death--CULLEN, 31 July,at Collingwood St, Nelson, wife, 56yrs, of William Cullen of
Tue -- 04 --- Item--------University scholarships
Thur - 06 --- BRAY, 2 Aug, wife of Charles Bray, Gloucester St, a son
Sat --- 08 --- BEATSON, 1 Aug, at Ngatimoti, Mrs D G Beatson, a son
Mon - 10 --- Death--WOOD, 9 Aug, Thomas Wood, 70yrs
=== Templars -- Nelson - officers installed
==== Adamant tied up this morning == 52 married couples, 42 single women, 83 single
men -- list of occupations and numbers of ----
=== Auction of forfeited shares of ==Robert Doherty = Joseph O'Hanlon = Patrick
McGovern = Hugh Brennan = William Hannan = Walter Williams = Thomas McKenna
Joseph McHugh = Mathew Byrne = Thomas Fotheringham = Eliza Coffee =
David Henderson
Tue -- 11 --- WHEELER, 5 Aug, wife of Capt Wheeler, a daughter
=== Motueka Templars -- officers
=== testimonial to Capt of Adamant -- for married = Henry Johnson = Frederick Liley =
Wm Tibbs === single men = Wm Lane = Walter Langdon ===
single women = Jane Chapman = M E Young
Wed - 12 --- KNYVETT, 11 Aug, at Mrs Greenfields, Milton St, Mrs John George Knyvett, a son
GRIMES - THOMAS, 11 Aug, by father of the bride, at his residence, assisted by Rev P
Calder, Francis Grimes, to Adeline, 2nd daughter of Rev E Thomas
Thur - 13 --- GREEN - HADFIED, 13 Aug,at Wesleyan Church, Nelson, by Rev T Buddle. James B
Green, eldest son of E Green Esq, of The Sands, to Elizabeth Houlderness, 2nd
daughter of F B Hadfield Esq, Nelson
=== News from England --- During July the following sailed for NZ ==== Star of India -
370 for Wellington == Bebington and Peter Denny - 580 for Napier === Zealandia and
Jackson - 640 for Auckland == Chile -220 for Nelson == Duke of Edinburgh - 340 for
Lyttleton and Invercargill == Jessie Readman - 720 for Otago
Fri --- 14 ---- MAX, 16 Aug, at Ranzau, wife of David Max, a son
Mon - 17 --- MANSON, 9 Aug, at Clifton, Motupipi, wife of John Manson, a son
Item---------- names of grand jury
Tue -- 18 --- BAKER, 14 Aug, at Motueka, Mrs Joseph G Baker, a daughter
LARKINS, 17 Aug, wife of C Larkins, a daughter
POWLE - MARTEN, 18 Aug, at All Saints Church, by Rt Rev Lord Bishop of Nelson,
John, eldest son of Wyatt Powle Esq, Surrey, England, to Ann Susannah, 2nd daughter of
William Marten Esq, JP, Collingwood
Wed - 19 --- Adds---------properties for sale
=== Called for jury
Von TUNZLEMANN, 17 Aug, at Embley House, Nelson, wife of J Von Tunzlemann, son
GRAHAM, 19 Aug, ahr, Nile St, Mrs John Graham, a daughter
Mon - 24 --- MACEY, 24 Aug, ahr, Blenheim, wife of W H Macey, a daughtert
RICKETTS, 24 Aug, ahr Shelbourne St, wife of W C Ricketts, a son
Tue -- 25 --- === Bankruptcy --Henry Whiting, blacksmith
Wed - 26 --- MACINTOSH, 26 Aug, wife of James Macintosh, bookbinder, Nile St, a son
Fri --- 28 --- COTTERELL, 28nAug, wife of C E Cotterell, a daughter
HILL, 26 Aug, at the Wood, wife of F Hill, a daughter
DUNN - ROBINSON, 22 Aug, by Rev P Calder, James, son of Capt M Dunn, ME, of
Ashburton, Devonshire, Eng, to Emma Eliza, youngest daughternof the late
J Robinson, saddler, Nelson
Sat -- 29 --- DAVIS, 15 Aug, at Nile St East, Mrs Moss Davis, a son
Mon - 31 -- HARRIS, 28 Aug, Mrs George Harris, a daughter
WEBB, 30 Aug, Mrs C Webb, Hardy St- a daughter
MEIKLE, 27 Aug, at Russel St, Nelson, wife of James Meikle, engieer on SS Murray,
a daughter

September --- 1874

Tue -- 01 --- WATTY, 1 Sept, Mrs P K Watty, of Foxhill, at resid of Mrs H Hounsell, Nile St East, a
Wed - 02 --- BARTLETT, 25 Aug, at Waitapu, Takaka, wife of Robert Bartlett, a daughter
DALY, 29 Aug, wife of John Daly, wine and spirit merchant, a son
OXENHAM, 29 Aug, Mrs John Oxenham, a daughter
WHITE, 1 Sept, at Spring Grove, wife of William White, a son
GRANGER - ANDREWS, 24 Aug, at St Johns Church, Wakefield, by Rev John Spear,
Jacob Granger, to Jane Andrews, both of Foxhill
VERRY - IVES, 31 Aug, at St Johns Church, Wakefield, by Rev John Spear, Charles Verry,
to Eliza Ives, both of Wakefield
PATETE - KAWHAKI, 1 Sept, at the Maori Pa, Whakapuaka, by Rev T S Grace jun,
Tapene te Patete, to Miriam, daughter of Raniera te Kawhaki, chief of the Ngati Koata
Death--ROSE, 2 June, 1874, at Hackney, near London, Susannah Rose, 83yrs, mother of
John Rose of Spring Grove
Fri --- 04 --- Item--------------unclaimed letters from May
GRAVES - BENTLEY, 2 Sept, at Bronti St, by Rev P Calder, Ivatt Graves, to
Rachel Rae, 2nd daughter of James Bentley
Death--PRITCHARD, 19 June, at Whitson House, Bristol, Matthew Pritchard, 78yrs,
father of Mrs Robert Lucas, Washington Valley, Nelson
Sat -- 05 --- Death--ATKINSON, 3 Sept, at Bleak House, Nelson, William Smith Atkinson, 48yr
Mon - 07 -- O'BRIEN, 6 Sept, at Enner Glynn, wife of Alexander O'Brien, of Ngatimoti, a daughter
STACK - MOWAT, 1 Sept, at resid of the brides father, by Ven Archdeacon Butt,
Henry Joseph, son of the late Colonel Stace, Royal Engineers, to Helen, eldest daughter
of Alexander Mowat Esq, Altimarloch,Awatere
Tue -- 08 -- RUSH, 6 Sept, at High St, Blenheim, wife of Mr Rush, a son
HARRIS, 8 Sept, wife of Thomas Harris, Tasman St, the Wood, a daughter
Wed - 09 -- LOUDEN - NEAL, 8 Sept, at Hope, Waimea East, by Rev D Dolamore, William Louden,
Motueka Valley, to Mrs Amelia Neal
Fri --- 11 --- HOOPER, 10 Sept, ahr, Nile St West, Mrs G Hooper, a daughter
Sat -- 12 --- GIBLIN, 8 Sept, at Motueka, Mrs Giblin, a daughter
Tue - 15 --- STEWART, 6 Sept, ahr, Grove St, the Wood, wife of C Stewart, a son
Wed - 16 -- Death--SMITH, 4 Sept, at French Pass, John Smith, 68yrs
=== Lease applications == Bell and Newth, Waimea W = P Armstrong, Amuri =
Ed Baigent, Pigeon Valley = Mellet and Tidd, Inangahua = G Walker, Big Bush =
J Vittle, Upper Takaka = John Lindsay, Upper Takaka = G Remnant, Ngatimoti =
James Lindsay, Upper Takaka =
Fri --- 18 --- WOODWARD, 17 Sept, at Bridge St, Nelson, wife of Edwin Woodward, a daughter
Death--HOOPER, 18 Sept, Walwin Giles, 14mths, youngest son of Mr G Hooper, Nile St W
=== Good Templars - Richmond - election of officers ==
Mon - 21 -- GUNN - HAMMERICH, 16 Sept, at Wesleyan Church, Nelson, by Rev T Buddle, David
W Gunn, son of Angus Gunn, Caithness-shire, Scotland, to Amelia, 2nd daughter of
Christian Hammerich, Nelson
Death--READ, 19 Sept Esther Louisa, 37yrs, wife of John Read
Tue -- 22 --- Death--SPARE, 3 Sept, at Auckland, Mrs James Lodge Spare, 63yrs, mother of Mrs E T
Pellew, Nelson
Wed - 23 --- GLOVER, 21 Sept, ahr, Nile St West, Mrs J Glover, a son  
Thur - 24 --- THOMSON, 24 Sept, at Haven Rd, wife of J P Thomson, a son
Fri --- 25 ---- GULLY, 25 Sept, ahr, Alton St, wife of Harry V Gully, a son
Death--POTE, 24 Sept, at Stoke, Grace, 52yrs, wife of William Burlace Pote
Sat -- 26 ---- GIBBS, 25 Sept, ahr, South St, wife of Thomas Gibbs, a son
Death--WILLIAMS, 25 Sept, at Nelson Hospital, Mr Henry Williams, Russell St
Mon - 28 --- Death--HINTON, 26 Sept, at Hope St, Maria, 51yrs, wife of G Hinton
WIESENHAVERN, 2 July, at Munstedt, Hanover, Germany, Rt Rev Superintendent
Christian Wiesenhavern, KRE, 81yrs, father of Charles and Adolph Wiesenhavern of
this province
DRANE, 27 Sept, James Gilbert Drane, of Upper Moutere, late of Nelson
Tue -- 29 --- HENDERSON - FATHERS, 17 Sept, at resid of his father, Sea View Trce, Auckland,
George Wallace, eldest Son of David Henderson, engineer, to Charlotte, only daughter
of Phillip Feathers, Nelson
Wed - 30 --- Death--LAKE, 28 Sept, at Halifax St, John Francis Lake, 52yrs

October --- 1874

Thur - 01 -- STREET, 1 Oct, ahr, Cambria St, the Wood, wife of Samuel Street, a son
Death--MASTERS, 23 Sept, ahr, Lower Hutt, Wellington, Arthur William Masters, 68yrs
Fri --- 02 --- WEBLEY, 1 Oct, Mrs Wm Webley, a daughter
Death--BLYTHE, 17 Sept, at Wanganui, Mark Blythe, 63yrs, late of Nelson
WILSON, 27 Sept, at Motueka, Sarah, 72yrs, widow of the late Joseph Foord Wilson
Sat --- 03 --- LEVY, 14 Sept, ahr, Nile St West, Mrs Morris Levy, a son
Mon - 05 --- POLGLASE, 3 Oct, ahr, Brook St, wife of Joseph Polglase, a son
=== Upper and Lower Moutere Road Board Rates --- list of ratepayers and amt of rates ==
Tue -- 06 ---- THOMSON, 4 Oct, Mrs Thomson, Trafalgar St, a son
HARKNESS, 5 Oct, at Richmond, wife of J G Harkness, a son
Wed - 07 ---- Item-----------unclaimed letters for June
Thur - 08 ---- Death--TASKER, 2 Oct, ahr, Lower Moutere, Thomas Tasker, 53yrs
Fri --- 09 ---- SPRING, 7 Oct, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, wife of Charles Spring, a son
Sat -- 10 ---- CRISP, 3 Oct, at Spring Creek, Marlborough, wife of Joseph Crisp, a son
Tue -- 13 --- CHATTOCK, 11 Oct, at Lower Wakefield, Mrs Chattock, a daughter
DECK, 11 Oct, at Motueka, Mrs George Deck, a daughter
=== Templars, Port Nelson Lodge officers ===
Wed - 14 --- Death--CANAVAN, 11 Aug, at 50 Lower Gardiner St, Dublin, at resid of her niece,
Mrs Canavan, last surviving daughter of the late Chas O'HARA, merchant, of Dublin, and
Craigbilly, Co Antrim, g/daughter of the late Constantine O'NEILL Esq, Shanes Castle,
Co Antrim, and mother of Mrs George BUCKERIDGE of Nelson, aged 81yrs
Thur - 15 --- NALDER, 14 Oct, wife of John Nalder, a daughter
Fri --- 16 ---- === Templars, Waimea West officers ===
Sat -- 17 ---- === Freemasons officials ===
Tue -- 20 --- SENIOR, 17 Oct, at Woodlands, Upper Moutere, Mrs Senior, a daughter
GIBBONS - HURFORD, 19 Oct, at resid of Capt Scott, Milton Grove, by Rev p Calder,
William J Gibbons, to Jane Hurford, both of Nelson
Wed - 21 --- === Rechabites officers =====
Thur - 22 --- HERRICSON, 14 Oct, at the Sandspit, wife of F Herricson, a daughter
=== Fire in a flax mill at 88 Valley, Waimea South, owner George Parker
=== Meeting of various Good Templars Lodges =====
Fri --- 23 ---- BEIT, 14 Aug, at Shepherds Bush, London W, wife of John Beit Esq, a son
Sat -- 26 ---- === Chile with immigrants arrived at outer anchorage this afternoon =====
Tue -- 27 --- CULLEN, 26 Oct, at Vanguard St, Nelson, Mrs W G Cullen, a daughter
Wed - 28 --- Death--NAYLOR, 28 Oct, Louisa Matilda, 34mth, 2nd daug of George and Louisa Naylor
WIESENHAVERN, 7 Aug, at Munstedt, Germany,Lady Wiesenhavern, 75yrs,
wife of the late Christian Wiesenhavern and mother of Charles and Adolph, Nelson Prov
Fri --- 30 ---- BEATTY, 29 Oct, ahr, Van Diemen St, Mrs Jos J Beatty, a son, stillborn
Sat -- 31 ---- LESLIE - STAFFORD, 28 Oct, at St Thomas's. Motueka, by Rev S Poole, J Leslie Esq,
to Amelia OLYMPIA, widow of the late C T Stafford Esq, of Park Sq, London
Item-----------about this wedding

November --- 1874

Mon - 02 --- WATKINS, 2 Nov, Mrs Watkins, a daughter
Tue -- 03 --- JOHNSON, 1 Nov, at Washington Valley, wife of J Johnson, a son
=== Good Hope Lodge -officers ===
Thur - 05 --- Death--MATTHEWS, 1 Nov, at Pier Hotel, William Matthews, 42yrs
=== Unclaimed letters from July ====
Fri --- 06 ---- Item-----------------Richmond sheep show prize winners
Sat -- 07 ---- RICKETTS, 1 Nov, at Spring Grove, wife of John Ricketts, a daughter
=== Nelson Templars officers ===
Mon - 09 --- HOLLIS - DAYSH, 3 Nov, at resid of Mr E Buck, Boulcott St, Wellington, H R Hollis,
to Emily, youngest daughter of J Daysh, farmer, Taita, Hutt
OXLEY - DAYSH, 3 Nov, at resid of Mr E Buck, Boulcott St, Wellington, H J Oxley, to
Eliza Ann, 8th daughter of Mr J Daysh
Death--HARPER, 7 Nov, at Bridge St, Nelson, Samuel Bertram, 19mths, only surviving
child of Richard Henry and Emma Harper
=== Ocean Mail arrives with 240 immigrants for Nelson They will come ashore today
Married couples == W & E Williams + 2 children = J & E M Dunn = J & E Garrich + 5 =
J & B Georgesen + 1 = J & J Jamieson = P & R Henry + 1 = L & R Lawrenson + 4 =
J & A Sinclair + 2 = J & A Moffat + 4 = E & J Redcliff + 2 = E & J Charles + 4 =
R & E Cheyne = A & E Berson = R & M Ward + 3 = T & E Kelly +4 = R & E Cowley
+ 7 = T & A Corlette + 1 = J & R Kerr = J & A J Mylorie + 3 = G & E Ward =
J & A Kirton + 3 = P & M R Eddy + 1 = W & J Solomon + 4 = D & S Newher +2 =
A & E Warcombe + 5 = R & A Johnson + 4 = A & E Williams + 2 = J & T Strange + 3 =
B & B Coutts = W & S Greenslade = J & C Macdonald + 1 = T & S Stephens =
T & M Jamieson = J & C Coutts
Single men == W Gear = R Henry = W Moffatt = G Corlette = R Stanton = R Johnson =
J Johnson = P Coutts = J Lawrenson = James Jamieson = John Jamieson = A Jamieson
T Jamieson = J Doule = P Shepperd = P Ozouf = T Coombs = J Somers = T Kelly =
A Cannon = A Burton = W Watson = P Murphy = J Boyd = G Boyd = S R Butler =
W Chisholm = J Leitch = J Wren = Sinclair J Wren = G Stephens = J Weymen =
P Sullivan = G Smart = A Leslie
Single women === A Jamieson = M Henry = B Henry = J Henry = M Sinclair =
J Charles = J Corlette = C Corlette = M Cowen = M S S Kirton = E Stanton = C Coutts
E Coutts = L Coutts = M Johnson = E Johnson = C Coutts = T Coutts = B Coutts =
M Coutts = C Jamieson = J Jamieson = C Somers = E Sinclair = M Sinclair =
R Sinclair = B Fraser = E Doull = A Jamieson = C Elmes = E Kenny = A Kenny =
E Kenny = J E Smith = R White = L Parsons = M Butt = M Fowatt = C McFarlane =
D Mullet = J Mullet
Tue -- 10 --- MILLS, 14 Sept, at Hopai, Pelorus Sound, wife of T H Mills, a son
Item---------serious accident to Mr Job PALMER
fatal accident to child of George WINTER
Wed - 11 --- GREIG - BURNS, 9 Nov, at resid of brides mother, by Rev P Calder, Charles, 3rd son
of Thomas Greig, to Fanny, 2nd daughter of the late John Burns
COTTERELL - CARANDINI, 13 Oct, at St James Church, Sydney, NSW, by Rev Canon
Allwood, George Edward Cotterell, 2nd son of the late Charles Edward Cotterell Esq,
RN, of Crayfield, Nelson, NZ, to Isabella Sara, 3rd daughter of the late Marquis
Carandini, Modena, Italy, and g/niece of the late Cardinal Consalvl
BURNETT - BALL, 9 Nov, at Hardy St, Nelson, John Edward Burnett, to Catherine, 4th
daughter of William Ball,both of Nelson
JORDAN - HUBBARD, 9 Nov, at residence of Mr H Newport, Vanguard St, Toi-toi Valley,
Alfred Jordan, farmer, Dovedale, to Catherine, 2nd daughter of William Hubbard,
Trafalgar St, Nelson
=== Waimea v Stoke, shooting match
Thur - 12 --- LLOYD, 7 NOv, ahr, Hardy St, wife of W Lloyd, a son
Fri --- 13 ---- BAIGENT - VERRY, 12 Nov, Wakefield, Ellab Baigent, to Charlotte, youngest daughter
of the late C Verry, Wakefield
Sat -- 14 ---- GOSLIN - ARMSTRONG, 11 Nov, William Goslin of Havelock, to Miss C Armstrong,
Mon - 16 ---- Death---WINTER, 7 Nov, Glenarn, Wainui, Thomas Frank, 15mth, youngest son of
George Winter
Tue -- 17 ---- === Richmond Progressive Lodge, officers
=== Inquest into death of Thomas Frank Winter
Wed - 18 ---- === New settlement at Karamea
Fri --- 20 ---- BEATTIE, 19 Nov, at College Hill, wife of James Beattie, manager National Bank, a son
Sat -- 21 ---- Death---BURBUSH, 20 Nov, Wellington, William Henry Burbush, 23, son of
Robert Burbush of Wakefield
Mon - 23 ---- === Applications for leases == John Currin, Pigeon Valley = John Douglas, Pungatotara =
S A Johnson, Takaka = George Hailes, Upper Takaka = George Fairhall,Pigeon
Valley = John Curle, Inangahua = A J White, Happy Valley = W H Close, Happy
Valley = Alexander Cameron, Inangahua = Job Palmer, Wairoa ====
Tue -- 24 ---- === Details of terms and conditions of Karamea settlement ===
Thur - 26 ---- Death---HAASE, 25 Nov, ahr, Waimea St, Hannah, 58yrs, wife of Ludwig Haase
Fri --- 27 ---- HANSEN, 23 Nov, Russell St, wife of Carl Hansen, a daughter
=== Horticultural Soc show prize list ===
Mon - 30 --- CURRIN - HUNT, 28 Nov, at residence of brides father, Wakefield, Annie Louina, eldest
daughter of Mr Hunt, to Francis Currin, baker
Death---BROUGHTON, 30 Nov, at the residence of Mr W V Salter, Hardy St, Nelson,
Mary Theresa Broughton, late of Picton
==== George Russell, seaman, off the steamer Lyttelton, drowned at Blenheim

December--- 1874

Tue -- 01 --- Death--- FOWLER, 30 Nov, ahr, Spring Grove, Eliza, 52yrs, wife of Edwin Fowler
Wed - 02 --- Death---MOORE, 1 Dec, at residence of her g/father, C Moore, Manuka St, Nora Minnie,
5 + 1/2yrs, daughter of C W Moore, Toi-toi Valley
Fri --- 04 ---- === Unclaimed letters from August
Mon - 07 ---- WIX, 5 Dec, at Nelson, wife of A McKellar Wix esq, a daughter
Tue -- 08 ---- GILROY, 5 Dec, at the Baton, Mrs P Gilroy, a daughter
Wed - 09 ---- PRICE, 6 Dec, at the Baton, Mrs C Price, a daughter
=== Juvenile Good Templars, Bridge St, -- officers
Thur - 10 ---- BATCHELOR, 9 Dec, ahr, Grove St, wife of Hugh Batchelor, a son
Fri --- 11 ---- Sons of Freedom Mining, James INGLIS, manager --- forfeit shares === Richard Jones =
William Shultz = Michael P French = John Henry = Dominick Acet = Robert Gray =
Charles C Cullen = Frederick McDowell = Irvine McKenna
Mon - 14 ---- Death---SIMMONDS, 12 Dec, ahr Nelson, William Simmonds, 56yrs, formerly of
=== Exam for Provincial and Governors Scholarships ==
Tue -- 15 ---- BARNETT, 13 Dec, at Stoke, wife of A W Barnett, a son
HOPE - SAXTON, 12 Dec, Richmond, Edward Hope, to Fanny Eliza, widow of Charles
Saxton esq, Oaklands, Stoke
Wed - 16 ---- === Templars, Normanby Lodge, officers
Thur - 17 ---- Death---CASSELANNEY, 13 Dec, St Vincent St, Nelson, Joseph John, 7mths, only child
of Joseph and Mary Casselanney
Fri --- 18 ---- Death---WAXMAN, 18 Dec, Nelson, Lilian Gertrude Waxman, 5 + 1/4yrs
==== Nelson Regatta Committee
==== Bishops School prize winners
Mon - 21 ---- ==== Haven Rd School --- presentation to their teacher Mr J L Hodgson signed by ===
Bertha Hill = Alice Locke = Maria Hill = Kate Beasley = Matilda Scadder =
Maggie Simpson = Annie Lloyd = Agnes Simpson = Kate Calder = Jane Salmond =
Rosetta Freeman = Isabella Robb = Bertha Blackmore = Isabella Freeman =
Charles Bray = Andrew Liddle = John Lowe = Theodore Hammerich ====
==== Golden Ridge Mining Co, John Ross, manager -- shareholders ===
John Ross, Collingwood = all the rest are miners of Slaty Creek, West Whanganui =
Robert Brown = James Coffey = John H Heard = William H Wood =
Alex McDonald = Daniel McGarey = John R Linkhorn = William James =
Robert Perry
Tue -- 22 ---- HIBBLE, 9 Dec, wife of Edward Hibble, a son
==== Inquest into suicide of Henry Rover, Upper Moutere
Thur - 24 --- CHAYTOR, 30 Aug, 1874, Croft, Darlington, Yorkshire, England, wife of John C
Chaytor esq, a daughter
CLOUSTON, 20 Dec, Maitai Valley, wife of Capt Clouston, a son
=== Upper Wakefield School prize giving ==Annie Hoult = Charles Hoult = Samuel
Hoult = Phoebe Lines = Emily McFarlane = Frederick Tunnicliff = Samuel
Wadsworth = Ada Lane = Fanny Grove = Alice Nichols = Ada Hunt =
Ernest Tunnicliff = Charles Riordon = Walter Combes = Thomas McFarlane =
Ellen Hoult = Charles McFarlane = Edward Norris = William Wadsworth =
Violet Watson = Earnest Riordan = Laura Butt =====
Sat -- 26 --- TOMLIN, 23 Dec, Cambria St, the Wood, wife of E Tomlin, a daughter
PETIT - CURRIN, 25 Dec, at residence of the brides father, Robert Petit, Spring Grove,
to Eliza Frances, daughter of John Currin, Wakefield
NEWTH - BREWERTON, 9 Dec, Thomas Newth, farmer, to Martina Elizabeth
Brewerton, Spring Grove
HUNTER - MIDGLEY, 24 Dec, William Hunter, to mary Ann, daughter of Mr Midgley
of Foxhill
Mon - 28 -- Death--- POLLOCK, 23 Dec, at Nelson, Henry, 6yr 5mth, youngest son of R Pollock
Tue -- 29 -- CHANT, 23 Dec, Hoods Bay, Pelorus Sound, wife of W H Chant, a daughter
Death---RUTHERFURD, 25 Dec, Andersons Bay, Dunedin, Lieut-Colonel Rutherfurd, 72yr
WHITING, 29 dec, Nile St, Susan Bertha, about 9mths, daughter of David Whiting
Wed - 30 --- === Masonic officers ===
=== Neudorf School prize giving == Eugenie De?auoais = Mary Prestidge = Augustus
Stade = Eliza Stade = Christian Stade = E?l?n Seiboth = Emily Sixtus = Mary Stade =
Lin Ewers = A Perry = Henry Gifford = Robert Talbot = Ellen Ducker =
Augustus Shieldaner = George Sixtus = Alfred Schawss = A Bensemann = Ellen
Shieldaner = Annie Ewers ======
Sarau School ==== Martha Heine = P Lange = --- Hoffman = E Bensemann =
H Bensemann = O Hoffman = E Talbot = C Benseman = D Best = William
Drummond = F Hewetson = C Clouson = J Best = C Harvey = A Bensemann =
G Harvey = M Muller = Wm Bensemann = A Harvey ====

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