Nelson & Bays GenWeb - Nelson Evening Mail - 1866 to 1869 - Extracts of baptisms, births, deaths, marriages, and other events

Nelson Evening Mail

The following list of Names taken from extracts of birth, burial, and marriage notices and miscellanous notes of other events were extracted and kindly provided by Ted Wright. Actual images of the Nelson Evening Mail from 1866 through to 1900 can be found on the NZ National Library Website.

March --- 1866

Fri --- 16 - -- Death - HOBY, At Taranaki, Minna, infant daughter of George Hoby, late of Nelson
Sat --- 24 - -EDWARDS, 23 March, at Sunnyside, the wife of Nathaniel Edwards Esq, a son
Mon --26 - - Death - JONES, 24 March,at Stoke, Ann, 56, the wife of William Jones

April --- 1866

Wed -- 04 -- Inquest into death of Edward Francis Harris, 20mths -- mother Florence Elizabeth Harriss of Vincent St, Nelson
Mon -- 09 -- Inquest into death of Daniel Wright, died Sat 7 April
Fri ---- 20 --- EAST, ahr (at her/his residence), the Wood, the wife of J F East, a daughter
Wed -- 25 --- Death - Mc ARTNEY, 23 April, ahr, Bridge St, Mr John Mc Artney, 77yrs, of bronchitis
Fri ----- 27 -- Death - SEWELL, Mr R Burn of Trafalgar St has received a telegram from Wairau informing of death of Charles Sewell of Nelson
Mon -- 30 --- RUTHERFORD - THOMPSON, 28 April, at Spring Grove, by Rev W KIRK, James, 3rd son of Mr George Rutherford, to Martha, only daughter of the late Charles EdwinTHOMPSON Esq of Hornchurch, Essex
Thurs - ?? -- Albion ----from Melbourne via Hokitika --- passengers = Mr and Mrs Skinner, Mr and Mrs Martin and family (7), Mr and Mrs Williams, Mr and Mrs Black and family (7), Mrs Solomon and infant, Miss Jones and servant, Miss Davis, Miss Fieldham, Messrs Bain, Gilligan, Dunning, Nankerin, Jones, Cass, Sewers, Grant, Spread, Fletcher, Robson, Thomson, Sperling, Cohen, Mitchell, McIntyre, Britton, McCariney, Couper, Wilkinson, Robinson, Waters + 50 in steerage Wellington ---- from Picton and south Misses Dodson, Laing, Moore, Feron, Colt, Mrs Baker, Mrs Darkin, Mrs Black and child, Mrs Avery and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Weymass and servant, Mr and Mrs Avery and family, Mr and Mrs Salter, Capt Rough, Messrs Dodson, Hale, Rose, Davies, Epps, Pike, Goulter, Gough, Leadam, Garsidet, Lampus, O'Neill, Nicholson, Paterson, Mrs Goodman and 2 children, Miss Douglass

May --- 1866

Wed ---- 2 -- EVANS - CRIGHTON, 1 May, by Rev W Kirk, Thomas Evans to Mary Ann Crighton
Fri ----- 11 -- Death - LYNE, 9 May, at Collingwood , Mary Shepherd, wife of Mr John Lyne of Richmond and daughter of Mr Robert DISHER of Nelson aged 22 yrs
Thur -- 17 --33 names of people called for jury duty
Mon -- 21 --Inquest into death of Jonathan Leech, 67yrs, husband of Elizabeth Leech

June --- 1866

Fri --- 01 --- Death - BRAITHWAITE, 31 May, Albert Cecil, 4th son of A S Braithwaite of Nelson
Death - LANEY, 1 June, ahr, Bride St, Mrs Laney, 56, wife of Edward Laney
Rates of pay --- skilled female domestic --- 12 to 15 shillings a week
day labourers ----------------------7shillings and 6 pence to 8 shillings per day
skilled mechanics ----------------10 to 12 shillings per day
married couples ------------------- 60 to 70 pounds a year
experienced single shepherds or farm labourers -- 40 to 50 pounds per year
seaman ----------------------------------- 6 to 7 pound per month
Gov returns for 1864 -- births = 6,501 -- 3334 males + 3167 females
marriages = 1878 ---------- immigration =20,931 -------- emigration = 12,404
Fri ---- 15 --- Death - PACKER, 13 June, ahr, Hope Matilda, wife of Mr Jabez Packer, schoolmaster and daughter of Mr John
PAINE of Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Wed -- 20 -- NUTTALL - Mc KENZIE, 16 June, at Nelson, by Rev W Kirk, James Nuttall to Margaret Mc Kenzie
Thur - 21 -- HACTON, 20 June, ahr, Washington Valley, the wife of Mr Appo Hacton, a son
Fri --- 29 --- List of passengers, reprinted from the Wellington Advertiser, on the "Kaikora" June 24 bound for Panama, Barbadoas and Southampton

July --- 1866

Wed -- 04 -- 13 names of jury (sworn in)
Fri ----- 06 -- About 86 names of search party
Tue --- 17 -- ROBINSON - CROUCHER, 6 July, at Motupipi, Samuel Gaskell, eldest son of late J R ROBINSON Esq.,
to Emily 4 th daughter of Mr J Croucher of wellington
Thur -- 26 -- Death - EVERETT, 25 June, at the residence of his parents, Bank Hotel, Nelson, John, 3rd son of Mr Edward Everett
Mon -- 30 -- RIDDEL - HUNT, 28 july, by Rev W Kirk, John Riddel of Crathie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to Elizabeth HUNT,
of Sleaford, Lincolnshire, Eng

August --- 1866

Mon ---06 -- Death - HARRISON, 6 Aug, at residence of his son, Nelson, Mr Elias Lacy Harrison
aged 62 yrs, late of Onehunga, Auckland
Tue---- 07 -- Disastrous fire in Nelson
Thur -- 09 -- FIRTH, 8 Aug, at College Hill, a daughter to Mrs Firth
KNOWLES, 9 Aug, Mrs H H Knowles, a son
Sat ----11 --- Death- LOCKETT, 7 Aug, William Barnett, 3rd son of Capt Lockett, aged 4yr 10mth
- STANTON, 9 Aug, at Collingwood Hill, Nelson, Charles, son of William and Ellen Stanton, aged 3 mths
Mon -- 13 -- Board of Works election
Thur ---16 -- Names of comittee to form a temporary fire brigade
SCOTT - CADELL, 14 Aug, by Rev P Calder, William James, eldest son of Mr T Scott
of Melbourne to Agnes Catherine, eldest daughter ofMr P E Cadell, late of Maitland, NSW
Tue --- 21 -- SHARP, 19 Aug, ahr, Trafalgar St South, Mrs Sharp, a son
Report of Inspector of Schools
Wed---22 --- HOULT - GRIFFIN, 7 July, at St Marys Church, by Rev A M Garin, J Hoult, jun, of Wakefield to Nora Griffin of Nelson
CARTER - SCHRODER, 21 Aug, at Christchurch, by Rev G H Johnstone, Thomas Carter Esq, of
Hillersden, Marlborough to Catherine, eldest daughter of G W Schroder Esq, Wensley Hill, Richmond
Continue report of schools
Thur -- 23 -- SHANNON, 22 Aug, ahr, Manuka St, Mrs Shannon, a daughter
continue report of schools
Tue --- 28 -- DOBSON, 22 Aug, near Blenheim, Marlborough, Mrs Alfred Dobson ,a son
REDWORTH, 23 Aug, at Trafalgar Square, Nelson, Mrs J W Redworth, a son
Fri ---- 31 --- Death - PEARSE, 29 Aug, at residence of Mr G W Lightband, Nile St, Mrs Mary Pearse
relict of the late Mr Samuel Pearse, formerly of Tewkesbury,Eng, aged 79 yrs

September --- 1866

Mon -- 03 --- CROUCHER, 1 Sept, ahr, at Richmond, Mrs Croucher, a daughter
Tue --- 04 --- ROBINSON, 1 Sept,ahr, Haven Rd, Mrs Robinson, a son
Death - BLINCOE, 31 Aug, Sarah Ann, eldest daughter of Mr Francis Blincoe, Waimea Rd, aged 9 yrs 10 mths
Fri ---- 07---- WEBLEY, 3 Sept, at Brook St Valley, Mrs Henry Webley, a son
Sat --- 08 ---- Death - McGUIRE, 8 Sept, at his late residence, Bridge St, Alexander Mc Guire, aged 51
Tue ---11 --- NANCARROW, 7 Spt,at the Terrace, Wellington, Mrs J Nancarrow, daughter
DAKERS, 7 Sept, ahr, Wakefield,Mrs W Dakers, a son --- only lived few hours
CARRIGAN, 10 Sept, ahr, Miners Arms, Mrs H Corrigan, a son

Sat -- 15 ---- DALY, 14 Sept, at Trafalgar Hotel, Mrs Daly, a son
Fri --- 21 --- LAMMAS - YOUNG, 18 Sept, at Richmond, by Rev R S Bunn, Mr John Lammas to Elizabeth, only daughter of
Mr John Young, both of Richmond
Mon - 24 -- WAKELY - SCAMMEL, 21 Sept, at their residence, Providence Place, by Rev P Calder - Samuel Wakely to
Elizabeth Scammel, both of England
Tue -- 25 --- Names of Nelson exhibitors in Victorian Exhibition in Victoria, Australia
Wed - 26 --- LOCKHART, 21 Sept, ahr, Nile St, Mrs Lockhart,a daughter
SHEATHER, 24 Sept, ahr, Brook St Valley, Mrs Louis Sheather, a son
Thur -- 27 - MEIKLEHAM, 25 Sept, ahr, Cliff Cottage, Mrs Meikleham. a daughter
HARLEY - GREEN, 27 Sept,at the brides residence, by Rev W Kirk, Mr Thos. Harley,
youngest son of C Harley Esq, to Miss Isabella Green, 2nd daughter of Edward Green Esq
Death - BIRRELL, 25 Sept, Betsy (9yrs), daughter of Mr P Birrell

October --- 1866

Mon -- 01 - GODBAZ, 23 Sept, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs Godbaz, a daughter
HOUNSELL, 30 Sept, ahr, Nile St, Mrs H Hounsell, a son
Tue--- 02 -- ENDERBY - GENTRY, 23 Sept, at residence of brides father, by Rev W Kirk,
C Enderby Esq, to Miss Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr C Gentry Esq, both of Nelson
Sat --- 06 -- HODGES, 23 Sept, at Buller Cottage, Buller River, Westport, Mrs J L Hodges, a son
Mon-- 08 - ATMORE, 7 Oct, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs E Atmore, a son
FAIREY, 7 Oct, ahr,New St, Mrs Fairey, a daughter
Tue --- 09 - LEGER, 28 Sept, at Pakawau, Mrs H O Leger, of Hopai, a son
MOFFATT, 5 Oct, ahr, Haven Rd, Mrs H Moffatt, a son
NICOLL - HORN, 3 Oct, at residence of brides father,by Rev S Bunn, Charles, eldest son
of Mr Nicoll, Motupipi, to Sarah Ann, eldest daughter of Mr J P Horn, Appleby
Thur --11-- TASKER, 6 Oct, at Richmond, Mrs James Tasker, a son
HUDSON - HAWKER, 10 Oct, by Rev W Kirk, Mr Thomas Hudson to
Miss Lavina Hawker
Sat ---13--- FITTALL, 13 Oct, Mrs S Fittall, a son
Mon --15 -- Died- COLES, 13 Oct, Edward Henry, infant son of Mr Samuel Coles, Waimea Rd
Tue -- 16 -- REARDON - CHILDS, 2 Oct, at St Marys by Rev Father Tresallet, John Henry Reardon
to Mary Agnes Childs
Wed - 17 -- ANDREWS, 14 Oct, at the Post Office, Spring Grove, Mrs T Andrews, a daughter
Fri --- 19 -- REDWOOD, 2 Oct,at Blenheim, Mrs C Redwood, a son
MILLINGTON, 7 Oct, at Blenheim, Mrs T W Millington, a son
Wed --24-- STALLARD, 24 Oct, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs W Stallard, a son
Thur-- 25 -- DAVIS, 25 Oct, ahr, Hardy St, Mrs W Davis, a son
Sat ----27 - NEALE, 26 Oct, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs J W Neale, a son
Mon --29-- KEEN- STRATFORD, 27 Oct, at the Temporary Church of the Holy Trinity, Richmond,
by Rev W D R Lewis, John Keen to Clara Ann Stratford of Aniseed Valley

November ---1866

Thur - 01 -- WILKINSON - PAYNTER, 1 Nov, by Rev W Kirk,at residence of J W Hall, the Wood,
J W Wilkinson Esq, of Taranaki, to Miss E Paynter, daughter of w Paynter Esq,
of Taranaki
Died- Mc GLASHAN, 21 Oct, at the Upper Buller, Mr John Mc Glashan, of Nelson
Fri -- 02 -- FRANZEN - SMALL, 31 Oct, by Rev C L Maclean at Stoke Church, Burchard Franzen to
Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr T Small of Stoke
ANSLOW - Mc GREGOR, 1 Nov, by Rev W Kirk, at residence of the bridegroom,
Trafalgar St, Mr T Anslow to Miss Mary Mc Gregor, both of Nelson
Mon - 05 -- BETIE - CROSSWELL, 4 Nov, at the Wesleyan Church, Stoke, by Rev W Kirk,
Mr T Betie to Miss J Cresswell
Tue -- 06 - WHITE, 5 Nov, ahr, Shelbourne St, Mrs Anthony St George White, a daughter
Wed - 07 - STEPHENS - BRITTON, 16 Oct, at Dunedin, by Rev E H Grainger, J R Stephens to
Theodosia, youngest daughter of A Britton Esq
Mon--12 -- HAMILTON, 7 Nov, ahr, Beachville, Mrs H Hamilton, a son
MOYES, 9 Nov, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs W Moyes, a son
Death - WINTER, 7 Nov, at Clifton, Motupipi, Peter, 16mths, eldest son of
Mr James Winter
DUDLEY, 10 Nov, ahr, Collingwood, Mrs A R Dudley, from erysipelas affecting
the brain
Tue - 13 -- Mc VICAR - COLES, 8 Nov, By Rev P Calder, Mr M Mc Vicar , to Miss E Coles
both of Nelson
Wed -14-- ROBERTSON, 13 Nov, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs A Robertson, a daughter
Thur - 15 - SOWMAN, 11 Nov, ahr, Nile St East, Mrs W Sowman, a daughter
FISH, 14 Nov, ahr, New St, Mrs H Fish, a daughter
Death- SAXTON, 14 Nov, at Oaklands, Stoke, John Waring Saxton Esq, aged 57
Fri ---16 - KIDSON, 16 Nov, at the Lighthouse, Mrs J Kidson, a daughter
Sat -- 17 - HARRISON, 17 Nov, ahr, Nile St West, Mrs H Harrison, a daughter
Mon--19 - Death-AITKEN, 17 Nov, at her late residence, Tasman St, Mrs R Aitken aged 31yrs
Wed -21 - WEBBLY - HARWOOD, 12 Nov, by Rev J Davis, Mr John Webbly, of Nelson to
Amelia, 3rd daughter of Mr G Harwood of Clifton, Motupipi
Sat -- 24 -- Death- HARGREAVES, 20 Nov, Henderson Evans, 6yrs, son of Mr James Hargraves,
of Hardy St
The P N Z and A R M Co ship Rakaia arrived Wellington Nov 23 - Passengers = Mr Inglis, wife and daughter; Mr Sandys, wife and child; Mr Curtis and wife, Sir C Clifford; Mr Russell, wife and child; Capt Bell; Mr Robinson and Mrs W Robinson ( of Nelson) and family; Mr Tinline; Miss Hall; Dr Dixon; 3 servants; Mr and Mrs Petchler and child; Madame Celeste; Miss Marton; Mr and Mrs Rickman; Messrs E A Thornhill, Thompson, Kenyon, Illingworth, Parnell, Todhunter, B Button, T Cook, -- Murphy, C F Collins, W Scott, W Dilke, James Jack
Mon - 26 - DAVIS, 24 Nov, ahr, the Wood, Mrs A Davis, a son
Fri -- 30 --- LEECH, 29 Nov, ahr, Russell St, Mrs Leech, a daughter

December --- 1866

Mon -- 03 - BROWN - DALTON, 27 Nov, by Rev E Thomas, Mr John Brown, Pelorus, to
Miss Emma, daughter of Mr William Dalton of Nelson
Sat --- 08 -- BERRY, 5 Dec, ahr, the Wood,,,Mrs Berry, a daughter
Tue --- 11-- PITT, 7 Dec, Mrs A Pitt, a daughter
Death- CURTIS, 11 Dec, of diarrhoea, Herbert Lineker, 7mths, son of H E Curtis Esq
Thur-- 13 -- FORSTER, 4 Dec, at Wellington, Mrs H R Forster, a son
PLANK, 8 Dec, at Lower Wakefield, Mrs H Plank, a son
Sat --- 15 - MOFFITT, 7 Nov, at Blenheim, Mrs C H Moffit, a son
Death- STEEL, 1 Dec, at Motupipi, Mrs J Steel aged 40
Tue-- 18 -- CRICHTON- EBAN, 13 Dec, br Rev W Kirk, Mr James Crichton, to Miss Emily Eban
Fri --- 21-- List of winners in Nelson College Examination
Sat---22--- BISS, 22 Dec, Mrs W M Biss, a son
Mon -24--- School prize winners
Thur- 27 -- Died--DUNCAN, 26 Dec, at the residence of her father, J K Dodson Esq,
Mrs R J Duncan, 31yrs, of Wellington

January --- 1867

Thur - 03 - O'DWYER - SCHRODER, 3 Jan, at St Marys Church, by Rev A M Garin, Mr William
O'Dwyer to Mary, 2nd daughter of W Schroder Esq, of Mt Pleasant, Wakefield
Died-- THEBING, 2 Sept, at Borken, Westphalia, Prussian Germany, Theodore
Barnard Thebing, M D, late of Nelson, of pulmonary consumption, aged 39yrs
SEALY, 2 Jan, Henry Myers, 14mths, son of W B Sealy M D
Sat - 05 --- Mc INTOSH, 5 Jan, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs D Mc Intosh, a daughter
Death --TURNER, 29 Dec, at Christchurch, Mr John Turner, aged 46yrs, late of Nelson
Tue - 08 --- BEIT, 4 Jan, Mrs John Beit, a daughter
Sat - 12 --- PHILLIPS, 12 Jan, ahr, Bridge St, a son
Mon -14 -- Death-- CALDER, 13 Jan, at the Manse, James Calder Esq, aged 73yrs
Mon -21-- KNIGHT - GIFFORD, 20 Jan, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev Johnston, Charles
Knight, plasterer, late of Dunedin, to Betsy, widow of the late Humphrey Gifford
of Appleby
Tue - 22 -- HAINES - JACOBSEN, 17 Jan, at St Marys Church, Nelson, by Rev Father Garin,
Mr Walter Handsome Haines to Miss Clara Fulgentia Jacobsen, both of Takaka
Thur - 24 - HAWKEN - SEARS, 23 Jan,at Wesleyan Church, Motueka, by Rev W Kirk,
Mr George Henry Hawken to Miss Mary Sabina Sears
Passengers returning on an excursion from Nelson to Wellington aboard NZ Steam
Navigation Co steamer who signed an address == Henry Hounsell, J A Langford,
A Hunter, Mrs Hunter, J A Packer, D Mair, W Davis, C W Gentry, J Polson, T Newton,
M Luese, W Lightfoot, T H Mills, John Craik, M Lightband, B Crisp,E Cowles,
S Packer, M Hodgson, Miss Hodgson, W Cooksey, W H West, W G Jackson,
J H Tregea, S Taylor, W Wailes, W J Good, Mrs McGuire, Francis Harris, Thomas
Idley, Mrs Smith, W Smith, George Danser, G W Lightband, D Rod, H Rod,
S Grierson, E Everett, John Phillips
Fri - 25 --- Death-- DOBSON, 24 Jan, at Frenchay , Suburban North, Henry,
16yrs, son of Mr Thomas Dobson, M P C
Mon -28 - Names of a number of passengers on the Ruahine --Left Panama 28 Dec
and arrived Wellington 27 Jan ---- passengers from Southampton and New York
to various ports including Australian
Wed - 30 - Death-- HARGREAVES, 25 Jan, Charles, 15mths, son of Mr J B Hargreaves,
Waimea Rd
Thur -31 -- HODGSON - BARRETT, 29 jan, at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnstone,
Mr George Hodgson, youngest son of the late W Hodgson Esq, to Martha, only
daughter of Mr G Barrett, Toi-toi Valley

February --- 1867

Item of interest---- No of voters on 1865-66 electoral roll ======
Nelson City = 698 Suburban Nth = 117 Suburban Sth = 173 Waimea E = 244
Waimea S = 558 Waimea W = 103 Moutere = 99 Motueka = 190
Collingwood = 74 Takaka = 106 Amuri = 28
Sat - 02 --- SIMPSON, 28 Jan, wife of Mr James Simpson, jun, Waimea Rd, a son
BIRD, 2 Feb, wife of Mr Thomas Bird, Washington Valley, a son
Death -- TAYLOR, 31 Jan, ahr, Washington Valley, Saltwater Bridge, Mr W Taylor,
senior, aged 60yrs
Mon - 04 -- Write up of marriage of John C Chaytor Esq,from Clarence district to the daughter
of Edward Fearon Esq. of Motueka as well as a guest list
Thur - 07 -- List of passengers for London
Tue -- 05 -- WINTER, 6 Jan, Mrs James Winter of Clifton, Golden Bay, a son
MORTON - WEBB, 4 Feb, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone,
R Ramsey Morton Esq to Emma, youngest daughter of Mr Joseph Webb of Nelson
Sat -- 09 -- RICHARDS, 9 Feb, at School Cottage, the wife of Mr C A Richards, a son
Thur - 14 -- Dead-- HODGSON, 13 Feb, Sarah Annie, wife of Mr Thomas Hodgson of Nelson,
late of Belmont House, Doncaster
Fri -- 15 --- BELL, 12 Feb, at Marybank, Waimea West, the wife of Mr W Bell, a son

March --- 1867

Fri -- 01 --- HOOPER, 1 March, ahr, New St, the wife of Capt Hooper, twin daughters
Tue - 02 --- Death -- Mc INTYRE, 7am, 5 March, ahr, Trafalgar St South, suddenly (congestion on the
lungs) -- late of Dunedin
Fri -- 08 -- WALCOT, 5 Mar, ahr, Shelbourne St, Mrs R B Walcot, a daughter
HURGAN - O'CONNOR, 5 Mar, at St Marys by Rev Father Tresallet,
Michael Hurgan to Mary Ann O'Connor
Sat -- 09 -- Dead -- POLLOCK, afternoon 8 Mar, Lammie, infant daughter of R Pollock, Esq
Fri -- 15 --- BRAY, 13 Mar, wife of Mr C Bray, Gloucester St, a daughter
Sat -- 16 -- BERRY, 15 Mar, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs J T Berry, a daughter
CROSBY - DAWS, 6 Feb, by Rev P Calder, at their residence, Toi-toi Valley,
Mr Arthur Crosby, mariner, to Miss Ann Daws, both of England
Mon - 18 -- CLOUSTON, 13 Mar, at Annandale, Maitai Valley, Mrs Clouston, a daughter
BERRY, 15 Mar, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs J T Berry, a son -? twins ? see Fri 15 above
Tue -- 19 -- MACEY, 17 Mar, Mrs Macey, a son -- stillborn
CURNOW - BERRY, 28 Feb, at Collingwood, Golden Bay, by Rev H Halcombe,
Mr William Henry Curnow, to Helen Charlotte, eldest daughter of Mr F T Berry
Wed - 20 -- BLINCOE, 20 Mar, ahr, Waimea Rd, the wife of Mr F Blincoe, jun, a son
KING, 16 Mar, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs Alexander King, a daughter
Fri -- 29 --- PILE, 18 Mar, ahr, Darlington, near Sydney, Mrs George Pile, a daughter
Sat -- 30 --- LUCAS - BLICK, 26 Mar, by Rev W Kirk, Samuel, 3rd son of Mr J Lucas, Bruton, Eng.
to Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr George Blick of Nelson
NORTHAM - ENDACOTT, 29 Mar, at St Andrews Church, Wakapuaka, by Rev G H
Johnstone, Mr William Northam to Mrs Mary Ann Endacott, both of Clifton Suburban Nth

April --- 1867

Mon - 01 -- FIRTH - SULLIVAN, 26 Mar, at Christ Church, Nelson by Rev G H Johnstone,
H Nelson Firth to Catherine Sullivan
MAIN - BETTS, 30 Mar, by Rev W Kirk, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Hardy St, Frederick,
eldest son of F Main of London and Camberwell to Harriet Emily, eldest daughter of
A G Betts
Wed - 03 -- Death- SAIT, 30 Mar, at Stoke, Mr Henry Sait, 60yrs
Thur -- 04 -- Death - AVERY, 3 April, Henry, youngest son of Esau and the late Elizabeth Avery, Nelson
Sat --- 06 -- ASTLE, 5 April, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs W Astle, twin sons
Mon - 08 --- HARKNESS, 6 April, at Richmond, the wife of W Harkness Esq, a son
Dead - PAUL, 4 April, at Trafalgar Square, Nelson, Edmund Harry, 34mths, eldest son of
Mr Edmund Paul
Tue -- 09 --- NUTTALL, 6 April, ahr, Grove St, the Wood, the wife of Mr J Nuttall, a son
Died-- CLARKE, 4 April, at Nelson Hospital, Ishmael Clarke,aged 63
Thur - 11 --- Died--VALENTINE, 10 Ap, at Nelson, of consumption, Jane, 34yrs, wife of
Mr John Valentine of Wellington
Fri --- 12 --- TAYLOR - WILLSON, 14 March, at Invercargill, NZ, S B Taylor Esq, of the Elms,
Upper Waikivi, Southland, eldest son of Mr Thomas Taylor, late Baptist Minister
of Shiffnal, Salop, England, to Elza Helen, eldest daughter of Dr Wilson, Homoepathic
Physician, Invercargill
COWARD, 2 April, at Grove Rd, Blenheim, wife of Mr George Coward, a daughter
Sat -- 13 --- Death-- EDMUNDSON, 12 April, ahr, The Port, Mr Henry Edmundson, aged 50
Mon - 15 -- FLOWERS - ANDERSON, 11 Ap, at Hillside Church, Wakapuaka, by Rev J H Johnson,
Mr Henry Flowers, to Miss Ellen Anderson, both of Happy Valley
COLTER, 15 Ap, ahr, Nelson, wife of Mr H R Colter, a daughter
Wed - 17 -- BIGGAR - BEST, 15 Ap, by Rev P Calder, at Stoke,Mr Biggar to Mary Ann, eldest
daughter of Mr Best
Thur - 18 --- CHEADLE - BLOOR, 15 Ap, by Rev P Calder, Mr F W Cheadle to Miss M Bloor,
both of Nelson
Wed - 24 -- ELLIOTT - ROBINSON, 23 Ap, at Christ Church by Rev G H Johnstone, Alfred, only
surviving son of the late James Elliott Esq, to Mary, 2nd daughter of the late
J P Robinson Esq, Superintendent of Nelson
Thur - 25 -- ELERIG - BOMFORTH, 25 Ap, by Rev P Calder, Mr Louis Albert Elerig, to
Miss Hannah Bomforth, both of Nelson
Fri -- 26 --- PLANK - RICKETTS, 25 Ap, at Wakefield Church, by Rev F W Tripp, James Fowler,
3rd son of the late Mr H Plank, of Wakefield, to Mary Georgiona Gerish, eldest
daughter of Mr W Ricketts, of Spring Grove
WEBSTER, 23 Ap, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, the wife of Mr M M Webster, a son
Sat -- 27 --- on page 3 ---Names of 16 passengers on Kaikoura from Southampton and Panama
for various ports ---- none for Nelson
Mon - 29 -- DODSON, 16 Ap, ahr, Takaka Hotel, the wife of Mr A Dodson, a daughter
Death -- DISHER, 29 Ap, at the Trafalgar Hotel, Wilfred, 10yrs, son of Mr Robert Disher
Tue - 30 --- EMMS, 28 Ap, ahr, Russell St, wife of Mr W Emms, a daughter

May --- 1867

Wed - 01--- TURNER - HARVEY, 1 May, by Rev Mr Thomas, Mr William King Turner of Nelson
to Miss Hannah Harvey of Wakapuaka
Death-- BONNINGTON, 1 May, after a short illness, Mr Joseph Bonnington, of
Wairau Valley
COOKE, 28 Ap, Frances Helena, youngest child of Mr J P Cooke, of Hardy St
Sat -- 04 --- Death--TURNER, 3 May, Henry Isaac Newton, 19mths, youngest son of Mr K Turner
SHALLOW, 4 May, at Hospital, Nelson, of dropsy, John Shallow, seaman of
Newfoundland, aged 22
Tue - 07 --- McCONCHIE - STEER, 4 May, by Rev P Calder, at residence of the brides father,
Mr W Mc Conchie, Nelson to Esther Ann, eldest daughter of Mr William Steer,
farmer, Appleby
Death-- BRYANT, 4 May, aged 15mths, Edith Eleanor, daughter of Mr Lewis Bryant of
River Terrace, Spring Grove
BURN, 5 May, at Toi-toi Valley, Daniel, 10yrs, 4th son of Mr D Burn, late
of Melbourne
Wed - 08 --- Death-- WATKINS, 5 May, ahr, Collingwood St, Mr Edward Watkins
Thur - 09 --- FIELDES - MOORE, 28 Ap, by Rev E Thomas, Mr James Fieldes, to Laura, eldest
daughter of Mr C Moore, both of Nelson
Mon - 13 --- PRATT, 13 May, ahr, Bridge St, wife of John Pratt, a daughter
Wed - 15 --- HOULT - HAGEN, 14 May, at S S Peter and Pauls Church, Waimea West, by Rev Father
Tresallet, Mr Edward Hoult to Miss Ann Jane Hagen
Sat -- 18 --- MONRO, 17 May, at Valleyfield, Wairau, Mrs Alexander Monro, a son
ROCHFORT - LEWIS, 16 May, at Christ Church, Nelson, bt Rev G H Johnstone,
John Rochfort Esq, of Christchurch, to Amelia Susan, eldest daughter of
Henry Lewis Esq, of Nelson
Mon - 20 -- HARLEY, 18 May, Mrs T Harley, a daughter
Tue -- 21 --- Death-- DAVIS, 18 May, Adolph John, 6mths, 2nd son of Mr W Davis, photographer,
Hardy St
Wed - 22 --- PAAP, 22 May, ahr, Morrison St, wife of Henry Paap, a daughter
Tue -- 28 --- Death-- REDWOOD, 27 Feb, very suddenly, on eve of leaving England for this province
Joseph Redwood Esq, 2nd son of Henry Redwood Esq, of Stafford Place
Fri --- 31 --- BURCH, 30 May, the wife of Mr Henry Burch, Brook St, Valley, a daughter

June --- 1867

Sat -- 01 --- LANE, 31 May, ahr, the Wood, Nelson, wife of Mr William Lane, a daughter
Death--BOND, 1 June, at residence of his father, Waimea St, William Thomas Hetherington
22mths, youngest son of Mr W T Bond
Mon - 03 --- Death-- KIRK, 29 May, at Wesleyan Mission House, Wellington, George,
4 and a half yrs, 2nd son of Rev W Kirk
BARTON, 2 June, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, John Barton, 34yrs, carter
Thur -- 06 -- BETTS, 6 June, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs A G Betts, a daughter
Death-- CHRISTIE, 1 May, at Hamilton, Waikato, Charles Christie Esq, 44yrs
PORTHOUSE, 6 June, Joseph Thomas, 3yrs, 3rd son of Mr Joseph Porthouse,
Royal Hotel, Nelson
Sat -- 08 --- JOHNSON, 7 June, ahr, Haven Rd, Mrs Johnston, a
son -----?? with a T or not??
JONES, 7 June, ahr, Brook St, Valley, Mrs Jones, a daughter
Death-- CAREY, 8 June, Margaret Abilla, 3mths, daughter of Capt Carey of the Kennedy
HODGSON, 8 June, Arthur Charles, 7weeks, youngest son of Mr J L Hodgson
Fined for not having dog licences ----------Judah Myers, William Lightfoot, Mark
Blythe, Hyam Davis, Thomas E Dearsky, John Braddock, James F Cotton, Joseph
Firth, James Burnett, Wm Walker, George Browning, Charles Walter Moore,
George Hodgson, Thomas Neave, Robert Tibble, J Downes, W V Salter, E Wheeler,
J W Tatton ------ and James Johnson for allowing his chimney to catch fire
Mon - 10 -- KIRK, 31 May, at Wesleyan Mission House, Wellington, the wife of Rev W Kirk, a son
DRAGER, 9 June, ahr, Willow Cottage, the wife of Mr Louis Drager, a son
Death-- SIMPSON, 10 June, at parents residence,Washington Valley, Mary, 7mths,
only daughterof R and S A Simpson
LITTLE, 10 June, at Hospital, William F Little, 50yrs, of Motueka
Tue -- 11 --- Mc RAE, 9 June, at Benhopai, Province of Marlborough, Mrs N Mc Rae, a daughter
Wed - 12 --- Death--YOUNG, 11 June, Caroline, 23mths, daughter of Mr H R Young, the Wood,
of whooping cough and convulsions
Thur - 13 --- BARTON, 10 June, at Wellington St, Nelson, Mrs J Barton, a daughter
ELLIOTT, 25 May, at Medowlands, Marlborough, wife of Mr Charles Elliott, a son
Mon - 17 --- DAVIS, 15 June, Mrs H Davis a son
GREIG, 16 June, wife of Mr David Greig, a son
Fri --- 21 --- HEWITSON,14 June, ahr, Upper Moutere, wife Mr T Hewitson, a son
Death-- LUCKIE, 20 June, at Shelbourne St, Nelson, Frank Richard Hurt, 11mths,
youngest son of Mr D M Luckie
Sat -- 22 --- WARNOCK - LINES, 21 June, at the temporary Church of the Holy Trinity, Richmond,
by Rev W D R Lewis, Thomas, eldest son of the late David Warnock, to Selina
youngest daughter of Benjamin Lines, of Hope, Nelson
Mon - 24 -- FLOCKMANN, 23 June, Mrs Flockmann, Bridge St, a son
Wed - 26 -- EDWARDS, 26 June, at Sunnyside, wife of Nath Edwards, a son
Thur - 27 --- Death--BISS, 7 April, at Agra, Bengal, Emilie, the wife of Rev W Etherington and
daughter of J B Bliss Esq, of Calcutta.
Fri --- 28 --- Death--HOLLAND, 25 June, of whooping cough and convulsions, William Gordon, 6wks,
son of Mr W G Holland
Mc GREGOR, on passage to Nelson to England via Panama, of yellow fever,
Sidney, 7yrs, only daughter of Major Mc Gregor, 65 Regt
Sat -- 30 --- SNOOK - HUMPHREYS, 26 June, at brides residence, Mr T A H Snook
of Nelson, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr E Humphreys of Waimea East

July --- 1867

Mon -- 01 -- List of passengers on the Rakaia for various NZ and Aust ports
Miss McTavish only one for Nelson
Wed -- 03 -- WITHER, 26 June, Mrs C B Wither a son
FLOWERDAY, 27 June, wife of Mr Thos Flowerday, Haven Rd, a daughter
COLE, 27 June, at Quail Valley, wife of Mr William Cole a son
Death--ASTLE, 30 June, of convulsions, William, 3mths, son of William and Elizabeth
DRAGER, 1 July, at Willow Cottage, Grove St, infant son, 3wks, of Mr Louis Drager
Thur - 04 --- FIVEN - HICKEY, 2 July, at St Marys, by Rev Father Garin, Mr Arthur Henry Fivan, to
Miss Margaret Hickey, both of Suburban South
Sat --- 06 --- DANVERS, 2 July, at Motoueka, wife of Capt Herbert Ellis Danvers, a daughter
JACKSON, 5 July, Mrs Henry Douglas Jackson, a daughter
Mon - 08 --- MABIN, 8 July, Mrs John R Mabin, a son
Before the court ---- J W T Lechner, Conrad S Saxton, W R Cator, W Weedon,
Stephen Owens, Joshua Sigley, Thomas Andrews,
Tue -- 09 --- JEWELL - FAUCETT, 5 July, at brides residence, by Rev P Calder, Edwin Jewell, of
Nelson, to Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr Thomas Fawcett, chemist and druggist,
Mon - 15 --- SMITH, 13 July, Mrs John Smith, Grove St, a daughter
Subscription list for a church in the upper part of Takaka === Henry Lewis, Jonathan
Lewis, Thomas Catley, George J Sparrow, Walter Haines, Handcock Bros, Dixon and
Bromiley, James Cobb, Joshua Newport, --- Burbush, James McDonald, John Pugh,
Robert Spittal, William Barnett, John Walker, Thomas Symes, Thomas Franklin,
William Page
page 4 ---- Donations in aid of Mr Bradcock after a fire -------- J Poynter, Morrison,
Sclanders and Co, R Crawford, A Pitt esq, A Louisson, R Lucas and Son, J W Barnicoat
esq, James Wilkie, W Osman, E Buxton and Co, Black, Campbell and Black, J Graham,
Mr Adams, F Stock, Alfred Jones, J Armstrong, W Wright, Nit, J Cross, W Sadd,
Williams, C Flood, Wimsett, J Blackett esq, E Baigent esq, W C Wilkins, E Everett,
Lockhart, Mr Thornton, Tregea, M A Friend ???, J A Langford, A Hunter, H Black,
Porcelli, I M Hill, H Barnett, W Akersten, Mr Moore, C Bray, J W Taylor, G Adams,
E McClosky, w Pickett, Mr Bettany, H Gibbons, Hugh Cottier, P Campbell, W Cooksey,
W Saunders
Wed - 17 --- Death--WALKER, 15 July, Leo Felix, 22mths, youngest son of Mr John Walker
JASPER, 16 July, ahr, Collingwood St, Mr Henry L G Jasper, 42yrs
Thur - 18 --- BRAID, 13 July, Mrs A H Braid, premature daughter
NELSON - DELLOW, 15 July, by Rev P Calder, Mr John Nelson, to Margaret, 2nd
daughter of Mr John Dellow, both of Nelson
WILLSON - JONES, 17 July, By Rev E Thomas at residence of the bride, Mr P C
Willson eldest son of Dr Willson of Invercargill, Southland, to Fanny, eldest daughter of
Mr W R Jones, of Nelson
Death-- BRAID, 14 July, prem daughter of Mrs A H Braid
Sat -- 20 ---- DEARE - SIMPSON, 12 July, at Greymouth, by Rev J Y Shaw, Capt M J Deare of the
Dispatch, steamer, formerly of Gravesend, to Mary, youngest daughter of Mr Robert
Simpson, of city of Nelson
Mon - 22 --- SOLOMON, 20 July, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs S M Solomon, a daughter
Death-- DELLOW, 20 July, Richard David, 30mths, youngest son of Mr John Dellow
Tue -- 23 --- SEALY, 20 July, Mrs W B Sealy, a daughte
Thur - 25 --- WAXMAN, 21 July, Mrs A F Waxman, a daughter
Death-- KIDSON, 24 July, at the Lighthouse, Amelia, 4yr 6mth, eldest daughter of
Mr John Kidson jun
BLACKMORE, 25 July, Alice Annie, daughter of Mr George Blackmore
Fri --- 26 ---- Death-- BARRACLOUGH, 25 July, Mary Anne, 2yrs, daughter of Mr H Barracloug
Sat -- 27 ---- BEATSON, 23 July, at Un?ey, Takaka, Mrs W F Beatson, a daughter
ABSOLON, 27 July, Mrs Benjamin Absolon, a son
GIBBS - RUFF, 23 July, at residence of the bride, by Rev Mr Crump, Mr Thomas Gibbs
of Nelson to Clara, 4th daughter of the late Robert Ruff Esq of Leytonstone, Essex
Tue - 30 ---- JOHNSON, 26 July, Mrs S B Johnson, a son
Death-- PEARCY, 30 July, Alice, 17mths, of inflammation of the lungs --daughter of
Mr E Pearcy, of Russell St
Wed - 31 --- HOOPER, 30 July, ahr, Tasman St, Mrs T Hooper, a son
HODGSON, 30 July, Mrs W C Hodgson, a daughter

August --- 1867

Thur - 01 --- OXLEY, 30 July, at Richmond, Mrs T J R Oxley, a son
Death--GIBLIN, 30 July, at Motueka, Mrs Elizabeth Giblin late of Balsham,
Cambridgeshire, Eng in her 79th year
DALY, 1 Aug, James Bagnall, 10mth, only child of John Daly Esq
Fri --- 02 --- OGILVIE, 24 July, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs Ogilvie, a daughter
HARMAN, 29 July, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs H Harman, a son
Death-- DAWE, 1 Aug, at Hospital, Mr James Dawe, late of the West Coast, aged 41
Sat -- 03 ---- ELLIS - HIGGIN, 29 July, at St Michaels Church, Waimea West, by Rev A Towgood,
Charles Montague Ellis of Collingwood, to Grace Emily, eldest daughter of
Winfield Higgin, of Waimea West
Death-- SPENCER, 2 Aug, in Toi-toi Valley, the daughter of Mr John Spencer, aged 17mths
Immigrants on the "Cissy" expected in Sept------------------------------

Married Men = Thomas HINKMAN 28yrs 4 children
J DAY 32 1
W PEDDLE 27 none
E VINSER 31 none
R STEVENS 34 none
W NORTON 26 none
W TIBBETT 24 none
W HILL 20 2
George JONES 38 2
George A BECK 34 none
Single Men James RICHARDSON 22

Mon -- 05 -- WINTER, 5 Aug, at Brook St Valley, Mrs W Winter a daughter
Death-- AVERY, 5 Aug, Amos Augustus, 7yr 6mths, 3rd son of Mr Esau Avery
Tue --- 06 --- Death-- DENNIS, 6 Aug, ? aged 15mths, the only child of Mr John Dennis, Russell St
Wed -- 07 --- WHEELER, 4 Aug, ahr, Shelburne St, Mrs Wheeler, a daughter
Thur -- 08 --- Death--DENNIS, 6 Aug, of inflammation of the chest, James Henry, only child of
Mr John Dennis, Russell St
Fri ---- 09 ---- BATCHELOR, 7 Aug, ahr, Nile St West, Mrs James Batchelor, a son
SHAND - Mc SHANE, 8 Aug, at Christchurch by Rev G H Johnstone, Thomas Gray
Shand Esq, of East Taieri, Otago, to Emily 3rd daughter of the late A Mc Shane
Esq, of Nelson
Sat --- 10 ---- death-- RICKETTS, 8 Aug, of inflammation of the lungs, Henry, 8yr 3mth, son of
Ambrose Ricketts
Mon - 12 ---- Death--COLT, 11 Aug, in Collingwood St aftera lingering illness, Capt Charles Russell
Colt of Heslington, Spring Grove, formerly of the 3rd Kings Own light Dragoons and
late of H M 56th Reg, aged 45
BURLACE, 11 Aug, at Stoke, Louisa, 14mths, youngest daughter of Mr W Burlace
Fr i--- 16 ---- Death--PACKER, 16 Aug, at residence of his son, Hardy St, Nelson, Mr J Packer
of Hope, aged 60 yrs
Sat -- 17 ---- SHARP, 15 Aug, Mrs John Sharp, a daughter
Death--TREWHELLAR, 14 Aug, at Sunnybank, Nile St East, Vard Ellen, 4yr 6mth,
daughter of Mr T Trewhellar
CRESSWELL, 16 Aug, at Stoke, Amy Eliza, 19mths, youngest daughter of
Mr E Cresswell
BURNETT, 17 Aug, at Stoke, Ada, 3yr 7mth, eldest daughterof Ann Burnett
Mon - 19 --- ROSE, 17 Aug, at Richmond, Mrs J Rose, a son
Death--HAMILTON, 11 Aug, at Motupipi, Henry Matthew, only son of Mr Henry
Hamilton of Beachville
Tue -- 20 --- Death--MARTIN, 19 Aug, at Stoke, Margery E, 14yrs, only daughter of Mr H C Martin
formerly of Overbury, Worcestershire
Wed - 21 --- D'ALBEDYHLL, 20 Aug, Mrs John Lethbridge D'Albedyhll, a daughter
Sat --- 24 --- Death--RANKIN, 24 Aug, ahr, Collingwood St, Mr Alexander Rankin, aged 69yrs
Mon - 26 --- ROUT, 25 Aug, ahr Trafalgar St South, Mrs W Rout, a son
Death--GIBSON, 24 Aug, Arthur, 3yrs, only son of Mr William Gibson, Waimea St
Tue -- 27 --- STEPHENSON, 26 Aug, Mrs E Stephenson, Washington Valley, a daughter
Wed - 28 ---- Item-------- "Dona Anita" trip from London took 211 days ------ passengers ====
Mr and Mrs Paterson and 3 children, Mr Morel, Mrs Fowler, Miss Lee, Miss Gillett,
Messrs Bowen, Dermer, Walker, Woodercroft, Newman, Smith, Warran, Broughton,
Goldsmid -------- arrived Nelson 27 Aug
Thur - 29 --- TOWNSEND, 28 Aug, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs R Townsend, a daughter
Fri --- 30 ---- FRANK, 22 Aug, at Buckatere Cottage, Mrs C Frank, a daughter
Item ------------- Nelson Board of Works report
Sat --- 31 --- HOUNSELL, 29 Aug, Mrs J Hounsell, a daughter
Death-- THOMASON, 26 Aug, at Spring Grove, Rebecca Louisa, 21yrs,
eldest daughter of E Thomason

September --- 1867

Mon -- 02 --- Death-- HARVEY, 21 Aug, at Deep Creek, Mr H Harvey from Scarrington, Nottinghamshire
Wed -- 05 --- A list of Nelson citizens calling a protest meeting --------------
C Elliot, George Bennett, George Clements, James Smith, Joseph Webb,
S M Soloman and Co, W M Stanton, P Phillips, E Smallbone, H J Goodman,
Hugh Campbell, Joseph Sigley, E Buxton and Co, Joseph Sigley jun, M Lightband,
William Cresswell, F B Hadfield,Daniel Burn, I Giles, Charles Landon, R Lucas,
W C Hodgson, E Tucker, Samuel Loring, Samuel Costall, G Bonnington, John Riddel,
J J Hornby, Richard Blincoe, G V Shannon, J F X Merewether, P C Wilison,
R Stepney Lucas, J H Snow, James Tingle, H Hounsell, H Davis, Joseph H Levien,
Thomas Corbett, James Henry, John Thornton, Nathaniel Edwards, James Bentley,
John Beit, J Tregea, Ernest Nehse, John Graham, John M Richardson, H V Phillips,
H C Wilson, William Harley, A Hunter, Charles Ring, A S Braithwaite, Mungo Syme,
James Graham, F H Pickering, James Sharland, F Huddleston, Arthur Bradley,
H E Curtis
Sat -- 07 ----- DOBSON, 6 Sept, Mrs A D Dobson, a son
Mon - 09 ---- BARTLETT, 6 Sept, Mrs H R Bartlett, a daughter
Death-- GALKELL, 5 Sept, Mr Samuel Gaskell, of Riwaka, aged 77
Mc RAE, 9 Sept, ahr, Bonovoree, near Richmond, W Mc Rae Esq, J P, in 65yr
SIMSON, 9 Sept, Margaret Gertrude Lucetta, 26mths, youngest daughter of
Mr E Simson, late of Taranaki
Tue -- 10 ----- GREENWOOD, 6 Sept, Mrs F D Greenwood, a son
COHEN, 9 Sept, Mrs S Cohen, a son
Thur - 12 ----- WALLIS - Mc HUTCHESON, 6 Sept, at Blenheim, by Rev A Russell, James
Waterhouse, 3rd son of Rev James Wallis, to Jane Robinson, eldest daughter of
Mr William Mc Hutcheson, late of Campbelltown, Scotland
Death-- ROWE, 11 Sept, ahr, Tasman St the Wood, Mr J H Rowe, 27yrs
Fri --- 13 ----- Death--Mc GEE, 13 Sept, Maud Mary Josephine, 5yrs, 3rd daughter of Mr C Mc Gee
Mon - 16 ---- LIGHTBAND, 27 Aug, at Cobden, Mrs G W W Lightband, a son
WHITING, 15 Sept, at Brook St Valley, Mrs H Whiting, her 8th daughter
Death--LEDGER, 10 June, at Furzedown, Abbey-wood, Kent, John Ledger Esq,
of St Johns, Southwark, England
KENNING, 14 Sept, at Stoke, Sarah, Elizabeth, 16mths, youngest daughter
of Mr W Kenning
Tue - 17 ------ MACKAY, 16 Sept, at Aldourie, Waimea West, Mrs J T Mackay, a daughter
Fri -- 20 ------ Death--FISH, 18 Sept, Margaret Colina, 10mths, only daughter of Mr H Fish
Sat -- 21 ----- HEWETSON - LIMMER, 14 Sept, at Motueka, by the Registrar, Joseph, 2nd son of
Mr J Hewetson, Kendal Grove, Upper Moutere, to Mary Anne, only daughter of
Mr S Limmer, Tottenham Rise, Lower Moutere
Tue -- 24 ---- Death--SCHEUCHER, 22 Sept, Anna Dorothy, wife of Mr George Scheucher, Waimea W.
SHARP, 22 Sept, Fanny, 5weeks, daughter of John Sharp Esq
Wed - 25 ---- Death--BAKER, 12 July, the Rev Francis Edward Baker, vicar of Allensmore,
Herefordshire, brother of lae Sir E Baker, Bart
Fri --- 27 ---- Passengers per "Cissy" from London -----------------
Bishop of Nelson, Mrs Suter, Miss Dowker, Miss Cruikshank, Miss O'Brien,
Mrs Keast, Rev R G Thorpe, Mrs Thorpe and 2 children, Miss E and Miss A Thorpe,
Rev B Harvey, Mrs Harvey and 3 children, Mr Rogers, Rev C O Moules,
Rev W A Ewald, Mr Williams and 112 in steerage
Sat -- 28 ---- Item ---- some names of members of the City Rifles ------- Peter McTavish,
J A Harley, Geo Wm Pauling, Daniel Burn, W H Skeet, S H Drew, G Elliott,
J Haase, Thos Plummer, F Crispin, J T Catley
Mon - 30 -- Death--LANE, 29 Sept, Minnie Mary, 4mths, daughter of Mr William Lane

October --- 1867

Sat -- 05 ---- Mc GEE, 4 Oct, ahr, Nelson Hotel, Mrs Mc Gee, a daughter
Tue - 08 ---- SAUNDERS, 29 July, at Market Lavington, near Bath, Mrs Alfred Saunders, a daughter
Wed - 09 --- PRICE - CHATTOCK, 4 Oct, at res of brides father, by Rev Francis Tripp, Mr Thomas
Price, of Lower Wakefield, to Annie Jane, eldest daughter of Mr Richard Chattock
of Lower Wakefield
MOSS - WILKINSON, 7 Oct, by Rev J Crump, Mr Edward M Moss, to Harriett,
daughter of Mr John Wilkinson of Motueka Valley
Death--LINGARD, 28 Sept, at Christchurch, Chas Atherton, 20mths, son of
Rev E A Lingard, St Lukes
Thur - 10 --- TARRANT, 6 Oct, at Abbs Court, Lower Moutere, Mrs H A Tarrant, a son
Mon - 14 --- BUCKERIDGE, 13 Oct, ahr, St Vincent St, Mrs G Buckeridge, a son
Tue -- 15 --- Death--PARKER, 12 Oct, at Moutueka, Horace, 7yr 9mth, son of Mr C Parker
Wed - 16 --- MYERS, 15 Oct, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs J Myers, a son
Thur - 17 --- Death-- LOASBY, 15 Oct, at his late res, Bridge St, Mr Richard Pell Loasby, 75yrs
PHIPPS, 16 Oct, ahl res, Spring Grove, Mrs Mary Phipps, 67, relict of the late
Mr James Phipps
Tue -- 22 --- HINGSTON, 16 Oct, Mrs F J Hingston, Waimea St, a daughter
SNOW, 19 Oct, ahr, Hardy St, Mrs J H Snow, a daughter
Death-- SARDA, 22 Oct, at Catholic Station, Nelson, Rev C Sarda, late of Auckland
Wed - 23 --- BONNINGTON, 22 Oct, Mrs J Bonnington, late of Marlborough, a daughter
Death--ATWOOD, 13 Oct, Lower Wairau, Mrs J Atwood, aged 52
Thur - 24 --- Death-- LEVICK, 22 Oct, Fanny, 15mths, youngest child of Mr T Levick
Fri --- 25 --- COPPINS - HOMANN, 17 Oct, at St Thomas's church, Motueka, by Rev S Poole M A,
Mr Arthur T Coppins, 2nd son of Mr W Coppins, To Miss Jessie Eliza, eldest
daughter of the late Mr F J Homan
Sat -- 26 --- AVERY, 23 Oct, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs J Avery, a daughter
Mon - 28 -- Death-- CLARKSON, 25 Oct, ahr,Motueka, Alice, 17yrs, daughter of Mr Thomas Clarkson
Tue - 29 --- Rakaia-- arrived Wellington early Sun morning from Panama -------------------
only N Z passengers were Mrs Alison and Mr Blackadder for Wellington, Mr E
Glanville for Auck and Mr Pitcairne for Taranaki
Wed - 30 -- BOND, 27 Oct, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs W T Bond, a daughter
Thur - 31 -- CURTIS, 30 Oct, Mrs H E Curtis, a daughter
Death-- JACKSON, 13 July, Wokingham, Berks, Rev George Jackson, 76yr, brother of
Mr B Jackson of Nelson and father of Rev H W Jackson, B A , Manchester

November --- 1867

Sat -- 02 --- Death--ANTHONY, 22 Sept, at Upper Moutere, Mr Alfred Anthony, 47yrs
ANTHONY, 29 Oct, at Upper Moutere, Eliza, 30mths, youngest daughter of
the late Mr Alfred Anthony
Mon - 04 -- HAWKER, 30 Oct, at Motueka, Mrs George Hawker, a daughter
SHEATHER, 2 Nov, Mrs L Sheather, a daughter
LIGHTFOOT, 3 Nov, Mrs Lightfoot, a daughter
Obituary ------ Mr Alfred Anthony, 47yrs
Tue -- 05 --- FIELDES, 4 Nov, ahr, Cambria St, the Wood, Mrs W Fieldes, a son
WILLIAMS, 4 Nov, at Guthrie Grange, Stoke, Mrs H D Williams, a daughter
Item----- Amelia Seymour, Spring Grove, found dead
Wed - 06 -- O'DWYER - ROBINSON, 28 Oct, by Rev Father Sauzeau, at brides mothers resid,
Mr P J O'Dwyer of Spring Creek, to Miss J A Robinson, 2nd daughter of the late
Mr W Robinson of Wairau
Death--BARLEMAN, 30 Oct, at Blenheim, Mrs J Barleyman, aged 35
Fri -- 08 ---- Death--SHEATHER, 8 Nov, in Brook St, the daughter of Louis and Phoebe Sheather, 6days
Sat -- 09 ---- CARD, 28 Oct, at Picton, Mrs A T Card, a daughter
GOULSTON, 7 Nov, at Bank of NSW, Mrs H Goulston, a son
Death--THOMSON, 5 Nov, in Collingwood St, J S Thomson, 24, eldest daughter
of Mr M Thomson of Dunedin
Wed - 13 --- HARGREAVES - OWEN, 11 Nov, at Lower Moutere, by Rev J Davis, Mr James
Hargreaves, to Miss C A Owen, both of Nelson
Fri --- 15 --- Names of a few of the people present at a luncheon and consecration of a church atWaimea West
Sat -- 16 --- Names of people sworn in for Grand Jury service ------ C B Wither, J Beit,
W C Hodgson, H Goulston, D Sclanders, W Wells, J Watkins, J W Barnicoat,
P McTavish, G Bennett, C Hunter Brown, C Muntz, H H Stafford, A S Collins,
A S Braithwaite, J T Lowe, H Martin, S H Pike, W S Mortimer, A J Richmond, H Beitt,
J Bentley Esqs
Thur - 21 -- ANDERSON - DREW, 21 Nov, at res of brides father, by Rev David Bruce of Auckland,
J G Anderson, Audit Dept, General Gov, Wellington, to Ellen, only daughter of
Mr Henry Drew, Trafalgar St, Nelson
Death--ATWOOD, 21 Nov, at Sandhills, Blenheim, of diptheria, Sarah,
16yrs, daughter of Mr John Atwood
Fri -- 22 ---- Death-- THOMPSON, 21 Nov, John, eldest son of Mr W M Thompson of Dunedin
Mataura arrived at Pt Nicholson today from Panama with about 40 passengers (named)
for various ports ------- Mr A FLETCHER for Nelson
Sat -- 23 ---- Nelson College sports --------------- prize winners listed
Tue - 26 ---- HODGSON, 25 Nov, Mrs G Hodgson, a son
ROBERTS - ATTENBOROUGH, 12 Nov, at Hope, by Mr J Davis,
Mr J Roberts sen, of Hope to Mrs Attenborough of Nelson
Death--STONE, 22 Nov, at Nelson Hospital, Samuel Stone, miner, late of West Coast aged 34yrs
ROBERTS, 23 Nov, at Hope, the wife of Mr J Roberts sen, aged 53yrs
Wed - 27 --- ROBERTSON, 25 Nov, ahr,Beachville, Haven Rd, Mrs J Robertson, a son
Fri --- 29 ---- PHILLIPS, 28 Nov, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs P Phillips, a son
Death,--LUCAS, 27 Nov, Florence Fanny, 10yrs, youngest daughter of Mr J Lucas
Sat -- 30 ---- LUCAS, 30 Nov, ahr, Washington Valley, Mrs R Lucas, a daughter

December --- 1867

Mon - 02 --- PORCELLI - FLING, 19 Nov, at St Marys Church, by Rev Father Garin, Mr Francis Porcelli ,to Miss Ellen Fling
PARMENTER - REARDON, 28 Nov, at St Marys, by Rev Father Garin, Mr W R Parmenter to Miss Catherine Reardon
Tue -- 03 --- BREMNER - Mc EACHEN, 14 Nov, at Dunedin, by Rev Dr Burns, Mr Joseph Bremner, Hamilton, 2nd son of the late Mr Joseph Bremner, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to Miss Maria Mc Eachen, 3rd daughter of Mr A Mc Eachenn Nelson
Wed - 04 --- HARGRAVES, 26 Nov, ahr, Saltwater Bridge, Mrs W Hargreaves, a daughter
Fri --- 06 --- HODSON, 5 Dec, at Thurston Cottage, Blenheim, Mrs James E Hodson, a son
Sat -- 07 ---- LAST - SHARP, 5 Dec at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnston, Frederick Last, 2nd son
of W N Last Esq, of Bury St Edmunds, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr John Sharp
Mon - 09 --- Death-- ELLIS, 9 Sept, ahr, Gloucester St, Pimlico, London, after long suffering of cancer
on the chest, Julia, wife of Mr John Ellis, Nelson, aged 47
Fri --- 13 ---- Death--WHITE, 12 Dec, ahlr, Russell St, the Port, George White, Esq, Clerk to the Provincial Council, aged 81yrs
TUCKER, 12 Dec, Charles Henry, 12mths, the only son of Mr Thomas Tucker
Sat -- 14 ---- WEBLEY - WHITE, 11 Dec, by Rev J Davis, Mr Joseph Webley, jun, to Helen, eldest daughter of Mr Joseph White, Bridge St
Mon - 16 --- Death-- GENTRY, 14 Dec, ahlr, Shelbourne Place, Mr Charles Gentry, 45yrs
Tue -- 17 --- WEBLEY, 8 Dec, ahr, Alton St, Mrs H Webley, a son
Thur - 19 --- Mc VICAR, 18 Dec, Mrs W Mc Vicar, a son
Sat --- 21 --- Death--Mc Donald, 20 Dec, in Nelson Hospital, John Mc Donald, miner from West
Coast, aged 36
Thur - 26 --- WRIGHT - AIKEN, 19 Dec, at res of brides uncle, Willow Bank, Canterbury, by
Rev J Cambell, Mr Frederick Wright, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr George
Aiken, Nelson
Fri --- 27 ---- Kaikoura arrived at Wellington from Panama on the 26th with over 30 passengers
for various ports -------------------- includes Mr Coombs and Mr and Miss Wilkie for Nelson
Presentation of prizes for the various volunteer companies
Sat -- 28 ---- EDWARDS - YORK, 26 Dec, at Richmond, by Rev W D R Lewis, Mr W Edwards
of Bishopsdale, to Harriet, 2nd daughter of Mr York, Nelson
ALLDRIDGE - WALKER, 26 Dec, at Stoke, by Rev W D R Lewis, John, son of
Mr Henry Alldridge of Nelson, to Mary Maria, eldest daughter of Mr John Walker
of Richmond
KIDSON - NEWPORT, 27 Dec, by Rev E Thomas, Charles, 3rd son of Mr J Kidson,
to Eliza, youngest daughter of Mr S Newport
Mon - 30 --- CAMERON - SHEPPARD, 26 Dec, at res of brides father, by Rev P Calder, Mr George
Cameron, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr John Sheppard, Waimea Rd
Schools prize lists
Tue -- 31 --- CLEMENTS - NEWTON, 29 Dec, by Rev E Thomas, Mr J Clements, to Miss S Newton

January --- 1868

Thur - 02 -- LLOYD, 1 Jan, ahr, Gloucester St, Mrs W Lloyd, a son
WILSON - BIRD, 1 Jan, at Christ Church, by Rev R J Thorpe, H C Wilson, to
Mary, youngest daughter of the late R Bird
Mon - 06 -- SMITH - STIRLING, 1 Jan, at Upper Moutere, by Rev S Poole, M A, Frederic Smith,
of Dovedale, to Elanor Kimber, only daughter of the late James Stirling of Nelson
Tue -- 07 --- Death--PIKE, 2 Jan, at College Hill, Grace Elanor, 5, child of S H Pike Esq
LOCKE, 4 Jan at Nelson Hospital, Edmund John Locke, 37yrs
Queen Bee arrived from London on Sun Morning ==== Mrs J Phillips, Mr Bernard,
Mr and Mrs Meredith, Mr Sheat, Mr Campbell, Miss Williams ---steerage====
Messrs Hill, Baker, Skinner,Cookes, Muncaster (2), Brocksmit, Barnes, Hughes,
Chapman, Johnson, Mr and Mrs Pain and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Mears and 3 children,
Mr and Mrs Nuttman, Mr and Mrs Loucent, Miss Field
Thur - 09 -- WOOLLEY - FLETCHER, 7 Jan, at Christ Church,by Rev G H Johnstone, James,
son of the late Mr John Woolley of Denby, to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late
W H Fletcher of Pentrich Mills, Derbyshire
Sat -- 11 --- DECK, 9 Jan, at Motueka, Mrs G Deck, a daughter
Death-- AMOS, 19 Jan, ahr Grove St, Francis Amos, 61yrs
Mon - 13 -- DAVIS, 12 Jan, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs W Davis, a son
Tue - 14 --- BUCHHOLZ, 12 Jan, ahr, Motueka, Mrs S Buchholz, a son
Death--LEVIEN, 11 Jan, at res of her parents, Annette Eliza, 15mths, only daughter
of Robert and Henrietta Levien
Wed - 15 -- NISBET - HUGHES, 8 Jan, by Rev E Thomas, Mr G Nisbet, to
Miss E Hughes, both of Foxhill
Thur - 16 -- PILLIET, 12 Jan, at res of her father, D Johnston, Esq, J P, Collector of Customs,
Greymouth, the wife of W H Pilliet, esq, J P, a daughter
Death--BROCK, 13 Jan, at Spring Grove, Mrs E Brock, 75yrs, late of South Bank,
Regents Park, London
Sat -- 18 --- BIRD - GILBERTSON, 16 Jan, by Rev P Calder, Mr Charles Bird, to Miss Isabella
Death--TINLINE, 15 Dec, at Adelaide, Mr John Tinline, father of John Tinline Esq, Amuri
Tue - 21 --- BOLTON, 12 Jan, at the Nursery Gardens, Waimea Rd, Mrs S Bolton, a daughter
GRANT - BIRD, 11 Jan, by Rev P Calder, Mr Robert Grant to Miss Susannah Bird,
both of Nelson
Thur - 23 --- Death--MARTIN, 16 Jan, Charles Butt, infant son of Hugh Martin Esq, jun, Wairoa Gorge
Fri -- 24 ---- NATION, 23 Jan, ahr, Christchurch, Mrs W C Nation, a daughter
LEVESTAM, 24 Jan, in Washington Valley, Mrs H A Levestam, a daughter
ROBERTS - SMART, 20 Jan, Mr J Roberts, sen, of Hope, to Miss S M Smart, Nelson
Death--MILNER, 7 Jan, at Taranaki, Mr W Milner, 68yrs
Mon - 27 -- FRAZER - TURNER, 7 Jan, at St Marys Cathedral, Wellington, by Rt Rev Bishop Viard,
Mr Charles Frazer, Wellington, to Catherine Bridget, eldest daughter of
Mr R K Turner of Nelson
Wed - 29 -- GILSON, 28Jan,ahr, Grove St, Mrs Gilson, a daughter
BUNKELL, 29 Jan, ahr, Burns Lane, Mrs Bunkell, a daughter
DRAPER - RICKETTS, 22 Jan, by Rev J Crump, Mr R Draper, to Miss Emma Jane,
only daughter of Mr A Ricketts
Death--PICTON, 24 Jan, at Renwicktown, after a long painfull ilness, Anne Hughes, wife
of Mr W Picton, of the Plough Inn, Lower Wairau, aged 34yrs
Thur - 30 -- Cricket teams -------- Kakapuaka and Nelson butchers and blacksmiths
Fri -- 31 ---- SMALLBONE, 28 Jan,ahr, Waimea St, Mrs F Smallbone, a daughter
LUCKIE, 30 Jan, ahr, Shelbourne St, Mrs Luckie, a son
Death--BUNKELL, 31 Jan, at parents resid, Harris St, Elizabeth, infant daughter of

February --- 1868

Sat -- 01 ---- Death--CANNING, 6 Nov, at Weyhill, nearAndover, Elizabeth, relict of the late Davis
Canning, Esq, of Ogbourne St Andrew, Wiltshire, aged 74
List of names on a petition for a public meeting in Nelson ========= about 72 names
Thur - 06 --- MILLS, 4 Jan, ahr, Hardy St, Mrs T H Mills, a daughter
Death-- HOUNSELL, 4 Jan, Esther Alice, 5mths, youngest daughter of Mr J Hounsell
WALKER, 4 Jan, in Washington Valley, George, 27mths, youngest son of Mr J Walker
Fri -- 07 ----- HOLDAWAY - MEAR, 4 Feb, by Rev J Thorpe, Mr J C Holdaway of Richmond, to
Miss Ellen ??? Mear, eldest daughter of Mr D Mear of the Wood
Sat -- 08 ---- NEEDHAM, 2 Feb, ahr, Tadmore, Mrs F Needham, a daughter
PIKE, 7 Feb, ahr, College Hill, Mrs J H Pike, a daughter
Mon - 10 --- LUCAS, 4 Feb, ahr, Westport, Mrs S Lucas, a son
MORRISON - KIDSON, 8 Feb, at res of brides father, by Rev E Thomas, Mr W A
Morrison, jun, to Miss Catherine, 4th daughter of Mr J Kidson
ERECSON - KIDSON, 8 Feb, at res of brides father, by Rev E Thomas, Mr F Erecson,
to Miss Charlotte, 5th daughter of Mr J Kidson
Death-- NASH, 9 Feb, at Brook St Valley, Joseph John , 3yrs, son of John and Sarah Nash
FARQUHAR, 9 Feb, Amy, 2yr 12day, youngest daughter of Mr H B Farquhar
Wed - 12 --- NEWTON, 10 Feb, ahr, Hardy St, Mrs T Newton, a son
Thur - 13 --- Death--MIDGELEY, 30 Jan, at Foxhill, Jane Emma,16Yrs, daughter of Mr Midgeley
Fri --- 14 --- CURNOW, 8 Feb, at Collingwood, Mrs W H Curnow, a son
Death-- LUMLEY, 10 Feb, ahr, Westport, Mr G Lumley, aged 50yrs
Sat -- 15 ---- JENNINGS - WESTROP, 13 Feb, by Rev J Crump, J Jennings, 2nd son of Mr W
Jennings, to Susan Westrop
=== Some names of electors in the Golden Bay District============
Jabez M Gibsen, H W Burt, George C Gilbert, Robert R Fellowes, James Baird,
Patrick Byrne, Joseph Packard, S W Sigley, Francis H M Ellis, E Tolley, C Nicollsen,
Peter Hunter, Robt Ray, Robert Andrew, A T Burt, James Bridger, Magnus Munson,
Henry Cook, Henry Wallis, Duncan McCallum, Charles Nicoll jun, Robt Scott,
Thomas Harwood, Alexander Mc Donald, R Blandell King, Thomas McDonald,
John Evans, John Walker, Daniel Moulder, John Lake, George Moulder,
Walter H Haines, Joseph Susans, Bownas Handcock, Robert Manson, H J Pollard,
Frances Yarde Hicks, William Page, James Lovell
Tue -- 18 --- GIBBONS, 16 Feb, Mrs R G Gibbons, a daughter
ROGERS - BURNETT, 17 Feb, at Stoke, by Rev J Crump, Mr J Rogers of Takaka,
to Ann Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of Mr R Burnett
Wed - 19 --- JENNINGS - WORSTER, 13 Feb, by Rev J Crump, J Jennings to S E Worster
Thur - 20 --- ROWE, 12 Feb, at Brompton House, Collingwood St, Mrs Rowe, widow of the late
J H Rowe, a daughter, stillborn
TURNER, 17 Feb, at Hillmore, Suburban North, Mrs W H Turner, a daughter
Death--SHEPHARD, 17 Feb, at Fernlin, Waimea South, Agnes Ann, 15yrs, 2nd daughter
of Joseph Shephard Esq
Tue -- 25 ---- TOMLINSON - FORD, 24 Feb, at Catholic Chapel, Waimea West, by Rev A M Garin,
James, 2nd son of Mr R Tomlinson, to Elizabeth Ford, both of Waimea West
Death--LINES, 23 Feb, at Hope, Mrs B Lines, aged 66yrs
Wed - 26 ---- Death--FARQUHAR, 26 Feb, Albert Edward, 10wks, youngest son of Mr H B Farquhar,
H M Customs
Fri --- 28 ----- DARGIVILLE, 26 Feb, Mrs J M Dargiville, a son
LEDGER - HOGG, 29 Oct, at St Bartholomews-the-Less, London, by Rev W C F
Webber, Ernest Walt??, 3rd son of the late John Ledger, Esq, of St Johns, Southwark
and Abbey Wood, Kent, to Ellen Charlotte, eldest daughter of Dr Charles Hogg,
F R C S, of 12 Charterhouse Sq, London
LEVER - MILLER, 25 Feb, by Rev J Davis, Mr S Leaver to Miss Agnes Miller,
youngest daughter of Mr John Miller of Glasgow, Scotland

March --- 1868

Tue -- 03 ---- YOUNG, 2 Mar, ahr, Tasman St, the Wood, Mrs J W Young, a son
BARTROP, 3 Mar, at Nile St East, Mrs H Bartrop, a daughter
Thur - 05 ---- SPEED, 5 Mar, ahr, Eden Grove Cottage, Mrs J P Speed, a son
===== Electors in Collingwood petitioning Arthur Collins Esq to stand for election ====
William Stuart Forbes Bart, W C Riley, Thos Heyward, Walter Cole, H G Pollard,
William Butcher, Wm Scrimgeor, J B Riley, A Harvey, Francis Skilton, John G Lash,
R G Clarke, William Green, Oswald Johnston, John McKellah, E Smyth, G Clear,
Thomas Hall, Patrick J Hughes, Joseph Constable, John Ayles, Cornelius Driscoll,
Walter Shaw, I Scrimgeor, R B Powell, Charles M Ellis, John Riley, James McKenzie,
John E Fletcher, Frank Flowers, Job Flowers, W Hough, Thos Askew, Joseph H Levien,
C Elliott, T C Batchelor, W Adams, J Wigzell, Robert R R Fellowes, Henry Byrne,
Owen Koghan, John William Sigley, Thomas McDonald, Alexander McDonald,
Alex Macfarlane, John Sleding, John McPhie, Thomas Sigley, Henry Wallis,
Edmund Gardner, Thomas Edwards, T H Burrows, Joseph Webley, William Goldney,
Daniel Bate, Thomas Bate, John Rogers, Henry Bate, Arthur Handcocks, George
Hailes,Thomas Symes, Edw Stony, William Bayford, Michael Campeon,
Fri -- 06 ----- WALKLING, 6 Mar, ahr, Vanguard St, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs Walkling, a daughter
Mon - 09 --- LUSTY - STREETER, 5 Mar, By Rev E Thomas, Mr F Lusty, son of Mr D Lusty,
Richmond, to Miss A Streeter, daughter of Mr R Streeter of Canterbury
Tue - 10 ---- DALY, 6 Mar, ahr, Motueka, Mrs Daly, a son
JOHNSTON - GORING, 24 Feb, at St Marys Cathedral, Wellington, by Rt Rev Bishop
Viard, and at St Pauls Cathedral, by Rev, W H St Hill, Walter Woods, eldest son of the
Hon John Johnston, M L C, to Cecilia Augusta, 2nd daughter of Foster Goring Esq
and the Hon Sydney Eloise Goring
KEELING - HOBY, 25 Feb, at St Marys Church, New Plymouth, Mr R North Keeling,
to Hannah Amy, eldest daughter of Mr G Hoby, late of Nelson
JONES - TURNER, 27 Feb, by Rev Wm Shaw, at Greymouth, James Jones Esq of
Greymouth to Maria Turner, of Nelson
Wed - 11 --- GREENFIELD, 11 Mar, ahr, Milton Grove, Mrs a Greenfield, a daughter
Thur - 12 --- MOONLIGHT, 10 Mar, ahr, White Hart Hotel, Richmond, Mrs Moonlight, a son
Death--NEIL, 10 Mar, at Waimea East, William Neil, 57yrs
EYLES, 11 Mar, at Richmond, after 3 mths severe suffering, Mrs Eyles, 84 yrs
Fri --- 13 --- CROUCHER, 10 Mar, ahr, Richmond, Mrs Croucher a son
Sat -- 14 ---- Death-- ADAM, 13 Mar, at Anchor Tavern, Haven Rd, Mr A Adam, 36yrs
Mon - 16 --- =====Item -- bankruptcy notices in the Provincial Gazette ===========
Fredk Jones, publican, Westport; Hugh Robertson, baker, Mokihinui; James Hayes,
storekeeper, Addisons Flat; Leonard Whittington, trading in co-partnership with
T W Scanlan, publicans, Addisons Flat; H E Campbell, solicitor, Westport; George
Blair, publican, Westport; T W Melville, publican, Westport
Tue - 17 ---- Insolvency ===== Louis and Bernhard Ehrenfried, storekeepers, Westport;
Jeremiah Creed, brewer, Addisons Flat, near Westport
George Huyler Chitsam, comedian, Westport
James Gellibrand, commission agent, Westport
Thur - 19 --- TIBBLE, 18 Mar, Mrs R Tibble, a son
Death-- SHANNON, 17 Mar, Daniel, 14yrs, son of Mr M Shannon
Fri --- 20 ---- ALLEN, 6 Mar, ahr, Lower Moutere, Mrs B S Allen, a daughter
Wed - 25 --- Death--HARLEY, 16 Mar, at Stoke, Leonard Harvey, 11mths, youngest son of
Mr Alfred Harley
Thur - 26 --- names of players in Nelson v Wakefield cricket match
Fri --- 27 ---- RMS Mataura arrived at Wellington 26 March from Panama ======= list of
passengers for different ports ==== none for Nelson==
Sat -- 28 ---- BLACK, 28 Mar, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs H Black, a son
Mon - 30 --- Insolvency ======= James Henelly and Robert Millen, merchants, each of Westport
William Strackan, farmer, Picton
Tue - 31 ---- LEWIS, 8 Mar, at Spring Grove, Mrs Edward Lewis, twin daughters
Death-- COATES, 11 Jan, at Edgware, shortly after his arrival in England, Mr Giles Coates formerly of Nelson and Christchurch
BAIGENT, 28 Mar, at Lower Wakefield, Frederick Henry Nelson, 7mths, only child of Henry and Margaret Inglis Baigent
Notice ===== list of Immigrants for Nelson, on "Gertrude" which left Englandabout 19 Feb =====
BODEN, Mrs S + Emma + Phoebe
HALPIN, Mary + John
HOLLYMAN, James + Martha + Martha + J W + W J
CULLEN, William + Louisa + Rosalie + Catherine
REARDON, Hannah + Shea + Daniel

April --- 1868

Wed - 01 --- FIRTH, 22 Mar, at Wanganui, Mrs H N Firth, a daughter
Thur - 02 --- BOYCE, 24 Mar, at Upper Motueka Valley, Mrs G Boyce, a daughter
Inquest ===== Frederick TOFFT, Waimea S -- death
Fri --- 03 --- CHING - DOIDGE, 2 Ap, at Wesleyan Chapel, Stoke, by Rev J Cromp, William, 2nd son
of R Ching Esq, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr J Doige, both of Stoke
Sat -- 04 ---- Insolvency ===== Thomas William MEDVILLE, hotelkeeper, Westport
William NAHR, hotelkeeper, Charleston
Henry Lamb KENNEDY, hotelkeeper, Charleston
Mon - 06 --- MACEY, 5 Ap, ahr, Harley St, Mrs W Macey, a son
Tue -- 07 --- GARNER, 6 Ap, ahr, Upper Bridge St, Mrs H Garner, a son
Death-- ASHCROFT, 5 Ap, at Nelson Hospital, Mr W Ashcroft, 60yrs
Wed - 08 --- RUSDEN, 2 Ap, ahr, Brook St, Mrs T Rusden, jun, a son
Sat -- 11 ---- ELLIOTT, 10 Ap, Mrs A Elliott, a daughter
Death--WALKER, 9 Ap, Ralph Leo, 9 mths, youngest child of Capt J Walker
Tue - 14 ---- STAVERT, 13 Ap, ahr, Bronti St, Mrs William Stavert, a premature daughter
Thur - 16 --- SUTHERLAND - FINLAYSON, 9 Ap, at the Presbyterian Church, by Rev P Calder
Alex Sutherland, to Elizabeth Finlayson
Death-- SMALL, 14 Ap, Waimea South, Emma, 21yrs, wife of Mr Robert Small
Sat -- 18 ---- Death--CAIGOU, lately at Camberwell, Surrey, Mrs J D Caigou, 74yrs
TUCKER, at Frome, Somerset, Mrs E Tucker, 85yrs, mother of Mr E Tucker, Nelson
Mon - 20 --- FLETCHER, 19 Ap, at Russell St, Mrs W Fletcher, a son
Tue - 21 ---- FIVEN, 17 Ap, ahr, Stoke, Mrs A Fiven, a daughter
Insolvency======== Phillip McCARTHY, brewer, Westport
John Shields WILLIAMS, storekeeper, Mokihinni
John Smart CRATE, commission agent, Nelson
Thur - 23 --- BENNETT, 23 Ap, Mrs J Bennett, a daughter
Notice=== John CRAIK, Bridge St, will not be responsible for debts contracted by his
wife Minna Craik
Fri -- 24 ---- GODDARD, 20 Ap, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs H Goddard, a son
MOFFATT, 23 Ap, Mrs H Moffatt, Washington Valley, a daughter
Mon - 27 -- SHERWOOD, 2 Ap, at Nile St East, Mrs Sherwood, a daughter
HOLDER, 26 Ap, at Foxhill, Mrs Francis Holder, a son
Tue - 28 ---- Death -- HURLEY, 27 Ap, of the Wood, Nelson, Mr Maurice Hurley, 78yrs
Death --
ENGHMAN, 26 Ap, at Hospital, of apoplexy, Henry Enghman, 67yrs
COWLES - PACKER, 21 Ap, at the res of Mr J A Packer, Hardy St, by Rev J Davis,
Edward, 2nd son of Mr R Cowles of London, to Sarah, 2nd daughter of the late
Mr J Packer, of Hope
Thur - 30 --- WILSON, 29 Ap, ahr, Vanguard St, Mrs P C Wilson, a daughter

May --- 1868

Fri -- 01 ---- Mc CONCHIE, 28 Ap, ahr, New St, Mrs Mc Conchie, a son
LOCKYER, 1 May, ahr, Nile St, Mrs W Lockyer, a son
SOWMAN - MATTHEWS, 25 Ap, at resid of the bridegroom, by Rev E Thomas, Alfred,
2nd son of Mr W Sowman, to Jane Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr G Matthews
Death-- BLICK, 27 Ap, at Brook St, Lucy Charlotte, 3mths, daughter of Mr Benjamin Blick
NATION, 21 Ap, at Christchurch, Eliza, 3mths, daughter of Mr W C Nation
Mon - 04 -- BIGGS - Dee CARLE, 15 Jan, at Merton, Surrey, John Grove Biggs, Esq, Swansea, to
Jane Hannah, 2nd daughter of the late Thomas De Carle, Esq,Bury St, Edmonds, Suffolk
Tue -- 05 -- COLES, 4 May, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs S Coles, a daughter
Wed - 06 -- Death, MOFFITT, 6 May, at Blenheim, of diptheria, H Moffit Esq
Thur - 07 -- Census figures (totals) for Christchurch
Fri --- 08 -- CUSACK, 3 may, at Wellington, Mrs Cusack, a daughter
Mc CABE - CURRY, 26 Ap, at St Marys by Rev Father Garin, William Henry, son of
Charles Mc Cabe, Esq, Pall Mall, London, to Catherine M daughter of Mr Peter Curry,
County Cavan, Ireland
Sat -- 09 -- MURRAY, 7 May, Mrs R Murray, a son
CHAPMAN - CARR, 11 April, at residence of C Warburton Carr Esq, Avoca, Victoria, Hon H S
Chapman, Judge of the Supreme Court of NZ, to Selina Frances, 2nd daughter of the late
T S Carr, MA, Rector of Aghavoe, Queens County, Ireland
WIGZELL - TAYLOR, 7 May, at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnston, J W Wigzell,
to Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of the late Mr W Taylor
Tue - 12 -- WINDELBORN, 6 May, Mrs L Windelborn, a son
REDWORTH, 11 May, ahr, Nile St West, Mrs J W Redworth, a daughter
RUTHERFORD - WHITE, 11 May, at St Marys, by Rev Father Garin, Ralph, 2nd son of
John Rutherford, Weardale, County Durham, to mary, 3rd daughter of James White
Castle Ray, County Roscommon, Ireland
Thur - 14 - SCAIFE, 13 May, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs T Scaife, a son
HOBHOUSE - WILLIAMS, 14 Jan, at Bramshot, the Rt Rev Bishop Hobhouse, to
Anna Maria Williams, youngest daughter of the late Warden of New College, Oxford
JELLYMAN - WELLS, 13 May, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Stoke, by Rev J Crump,
Henry, 3rd son of Mr E Jellyman, to Elizabeth Wells
Fri -- 15 --- ATMORE, 14 May, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs E Atmore, twin sons
Sat - 16 ---- Death--BAILEY, 16 May, ahlr, Trafalgar Square, Isabella, 40yrs, relict of the late
Mr J L Bailey of Nelson
Tue - 19 --- PRIMMER, 16 May, at Sunrising Valley, Upper Moutere, Mrs B Primmer, a daughter
EVANS - CROSS, 19 May, at the Wesleyan Church, by Rev J Crump, Charles Evans,
Chief Officer of the SS Claud Hamilton, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of
James S Cross Esq, Harbour Master of this city
Death--FORD, 13 May, Betsy, Wife of Mr C Ford, of Waimea West
Wed - 20 -- LEVIEN, 20 May, ahr, Trafalgar Sq, Mrs R Levien, a daughter
Mc CONKY - HAASE, 15 May, By Rev E Thomas, James Mc Conky, to Louisa,
eldest daughter of Mr L Haase
Sat -- 23 --- CAREY, 21 May, Mrs M Carey, a daughter
THOMAS, 23 May, ahr Vanguard St, Mrs Thomas, a son
Tue --26 --- Death-- HODGSON, 23 May, Ernest Howard, 6mths, son of Mr George Hodgson
PALMER, 23 May, Elizabeth, 67yrs, wife of Mr John Palmer and mother of Capt Palmer
TROWER, 25 May, at Sunningdale, 88 Valley, Mr Thomas Noel Trower, 46yrs
Ruahine arrived at Wellington today, from Panama ========
passengers for Nelson = Mr A M WEX --- about 12 for other ports
Thur - 28 -- STRATFORD - SMALL, 26 May, at St Pauls, Spring Grove, by Rev C O Mules,
Mr Frederick Stratford of Aniseed Valley, to Louisa, youngest daughter of
Mr J Small of Waimea South
Sat -- 30 --- KING - BURT, 12 May, at Wesleyan Chapel by Rev J Crump, Robert B King Esq, to
Anna, 3rd daughter of H W Burt Esq, both of Motupipi
GAY - BINNING, 28 May, at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnston, Mr John Gay toMiss Louisa Binning

June --- 1868

Mon -- 01 - BLACKMORE, 28 May ahr, Russell St, Mrs G Blackmore, a daughter
WADE - BOYD, 1 June, at res of the bride, by Rev P Calder, Mr Thomas Wade,
to Miss Jane Boyd, of Glasgow
Tue -- 02 --- Death-- RUSSELL, 2 June, at Blenheim, the Rev A Russell, Presbyterian Minister
Wed - 03 --- BECKMAN - HAVLIND, 3 June, at Mr Beckmans, Maitai, by Rev J Crump,
Peter P ? Beckman, to Elizabeth Havlind
Thur - 04 --- Death--ATMORE, 4 June, George, 3wks, youngest son of Mr E Atmore
Sat --- 06 --- THORPE, 21 May, at Richmond, Mrs S Thorpe, a daughter
CLARK, 5 June, at Westport, Mrs G Clark, a son
Mon - 08 --- WILKINS, 7 June, Mrs W C Wilkins, a daughter
Death--ELSON, 8 June, ahlr, Hardy St, Mrs G Elson
Wed - 10 --- VANT, 6 June, at Takaka, Mrs W Vant, a daughter
Thur - 11 --- Death--CHAPLIN, 10 June, at resid of Mr Henry, Selwyn Place, William Chaplin, 26yrs
Subscription List for erection of a Catholic Church in Takaka district =========
===== Messrs J Reilly, M Enright, T Windle, G Hailes, T Ryan, M Hoolihan,
P Byrne, M Champion, O Koghan, H Byrne, G Taylor, W Haines, J Walker,
H Pollard, W Goldney, Mrs Kealy, Dr Tilby, Messrs T Plummier, J Sullivan,
J McCormic, J Slading
From Nelson and Waimea ===Rt Rev Bishop Viard, Rev Father Garin, Rev Father
Tresallet, Rev Father Martin, Count and Countess de Lapasture, Mrs Redwood sen,
Messrs H Redwood sen, Mereweather, Parmenter, G Houtsen, R Tomlinson,
P Byrue, C Frank, H Corrigan, P O'Connor, John Mercier, M Shannon sen,
W Condell, Leonard, Hayday, J James, Mrs Flood, Miss Ann Leary, Mrs Shaw,
Mrs Reardon sen, Miss A Mullin, Mrs Martin
Fri -- 12 ---- HAMMOND, 12 June, ahr, Richmond, Mrs H Hammond, a son
ARNOLD - REARDON, 20 May, at St Marys by Rev Father Chareyre,
Mr John Arnold of Waimea, to Miss Johannah Reardon of Nelson
SCOTT - TEW, 11 June, at St Marys, by Rev Father Garin,
Mr Charles Scott to Miss mary Anne Tew
Death-- LLOYD, 11 June, ahlr, Nile St East, after 2 yrs painful illness, Mrs E Lloyd, 42
Insolvency ======= John Hassard Deey, storekeeper, Karamea
Sat -- 13 ---- Death-- GALLAND, 12 June, ahlr, Vincent St, Mrs J B Galland, 52yrs
Nominations for Nelson Education Committee + nominators + seconders
Tue - 16 ---- MACKAY - BUDGE, 4 June, at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnstone, Robert Mackay
Esq, of Wangamoa, to Miss Elizabeth A L Budge, late of Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire
Death--BARRETT, 11 June, at Takaka, by drowning, Mr John Barrett
Election for local committee at Stoke.==== names of some people there =====
=== H D Williams esq, John Morrison, Mr Rowbottom, Mr Ching, Mr Rout,
H Parker, W Parker, Hicks Parker, Hugh Parker, Cresswell, A Harley, Doidge,
Cowen, Tear, Gardiner, Richard Ching
Wed - 17 --- Rakaia arrived at Wellington from Panama ======= about 46 passengers for
various ports======== Mrs Braithwaite and child for Nelson
Thur - 18 --- THOMAS, 16 June, ahr, Brook St Valley, Mrs H C Thomas, a son
GIBBS, 17 June, ahr, Washington Valley, Mrs T Gibbs, a son
HARVEY - BURNETT, 17 June, at brides fathers resid, Stoke, by Rev J Crump,
John William Harvey to Alice H Burnett
BEST - BURNETT, 17 June at resid of brides father, Stoke, by Rev J Crump,
James Best to Catherine Mary Burnett
Fri -- 19 ---- CORRIGAN, 18 June, ahr, Miners Arms, Collingwood St, Mrs H Corrigan, a daughter
WALKER, 19 June, ahr, Hampden Trce, Waimea Rd, Mrs M Walker, a son
Sat -- 20 ---- CUNDY, 18 June, ahr, Stoke, Mrs F Cundy, a son
Tue - 23 ---- CHAYTOR, 21 June, at Northwood, Motueka, Mrs J C Chaytor, a son
Death--BROWN, 22 June, Reginald, 3yrs, 2nd son of C Hunter Brown Esq
Thur - 25 --- PULLEINE - BUTT, 20 June, at Blenheim, by the father of the bride, F A Pulleine Esq,
to Lucy, eldest daughter of Rev H F Butt
Death--WILKINS, 18 April, at Calne, Wilshire, Eng, Mrs H Wilkins, mother of
Mr W C Wilkins of Hardy St
Fri -- 26 ----- SIMONS, 22 June, at Upper Moutere, Mrs R Simons, a son
FREEMAN - CROSS, 24 June, at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnstone, Henry,
youngest son of the late Mr Thomas Freeman, to Hannah, 2nd daughter of
Mr Thomas Cross, Lower Walmer, Kent, Eng
Mon - 29 --- ASTLE, 28 June, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs W Astle, a daughter

July --- 1868

Wed -- 01 --- Sworn in as Supreme Court jurors ============ J Burnett, H Davis, J R Dodson,
T R Fisher, N Goulston, W C Hodgson, A G Jenkins, F Kelling, R Levien, J T Lowe,
D M Luckie, P McTavish, J G Miles, S Pike, R Pollock, D Sclanders, A J Richmond,
W S Mortimer, N Edwards
Thur - 02 ---- Shooting licences issued ============ Charles Fry, John Saxon, William Giblin,
Robert Disher, Daniel Talbot, Samuel Carter, J G Gore, Edward Cutts, Henry Talbot,
H D Williams, Charles Herrick Thorp, Edward Fearon, Frederick Guerin, Charles Wise,
Samuel Bastard, N G Morse, Henry Redwood jun, Benjamin Worthington,
Alfred Greenfield
Fri -- 03 ----- WEBSTER, 21 June, Mrs M M Webster, a daughter
GRAHAM - BULLARD, 25 June, at the resid of Mr H C Bullard, by Rev P Calder,
James, 2nd son of Mr J Graham, to Emily, 3rd daughter of Mr T R Bullard sen
Item ===== death of Stephen J Maclay and James Green near Greymouth
Sat - 04 ---- NEWPORT - POLGLAZE, 3 July, at brides resid, by Rev J Crump, Mr Joshua Newport,
of Takaka, to Miss Elizabeth Ellen, eldest daughter of Mrs Polglaze, Brook St, Valley
Mon - 06 --- FORBES, 5 July, at Lurline Lodge, the Wood, Nelson, Lady Stewart Forbes, a daughter
CATLEY, 5 July, Mrs Catley, a daughter
Death-- MAXTED, 5 July, at Motueka, Elizabeth Maxted, 30yrs
Wed - 08 --- Death--CHAMBERS, 7 July, at Collingwood St, of consumption, W Chambers Esq, 27yrs,
of Charlestown
Mon - 13 --- SIGLEY - HOUGH, 8 July, at Mr Burns, by Rev P Calder, Mr Joshua Sigley,
to Miss Ellen Hough
Members of a special Jury ====== F Kelling, J Bentley, A S Braithwaite, J Burnett,
J Beit, H Williams, W Goulston, J Pearson, J R Dodson, E Davidson,
W S Mortimer, Thos Cawthron =====
Fri -- 17 ----- ELLIOT - CAREW GIBSON, 14 July, at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnstone,
Gilbert Erskine Hugh Elliot Esq, Minto, to Bertha Mary, 3rd daughter of
George Carew Gibson Esq, of Sandgate, Sussex
Sat -- 18 ---- PAGE, 11 July, at Greendale, Wakapuaka, Mrs W Page, a daughter
HOUNSELL, 14 July, ahr, Nile St East, Mrs H Hounsell, a son
GRAHAM, 16 July, ahr, Trafalgar St South, Mrs John Graham, a son
CLARKE, 17 July, ahr, Hardy St, Mrs T P Clarke, a son
Mc GLASHEN - EGINTON, 14 July, at St Thomas's Church, Motueka, by Rev S Poole,
MA, Mr James Mc Glashen, to mary Ann, daughter of Mr S Eginton of Motueka
Mon - 20 --- VERCOE, 13 July, at Motueka, Mrs A Vercoe` a son
MILNER - SWANSON, 15 July, at res of brides father, by Rev J Davis, William Milner,
to Annie Dodson Swanson
Death-- JACKSON, 18 July, Maud Douglas, 3 yrs, daughter of Mr H D Jackson
Wed - 22 --- FERGUSON - CLARK, 21 July, at St Marys, by Rev A M Garin, Mr Hugh Ferguson,
Massacre Bay, to Mary Anne, 3rd daugh. of the late John Clark of Nelson and Pakawau
Mataura arrived Wellington today from Panama ===== 37 passengers for various
ports =========Mr J Mackay for Nelson
Thur - 23 --- KIDSON, 22 July, Mrs J Kidson jun, a son
Fri -- 24 ----- Death--WHENT, 24 July ahlr, Princ Albert Hotel, Nile St East, Harriet Maria, 47yrs,
wife of Mr John Whent
Sat -- 25 ---- MORTON, 12 May, at resid of her mother-in-law, Claughton, Cheshire,
Mrs R R Morton, a daughter
FRY, 7 July, at Riwaka, Mrs R Fry, a son
BLACK, 19 July, ahr, Nile St East, Mrs R Black, a daughter
COLLINS, 24 July, ahr, Hillwood, Mrs A S Collins, a son
Mon - 27 --- Board of Works election ========= Nominated, proposers and seconders
Tue -- 28 --- Death-- RODGERSON, 26 July at Capt Cloustons, Maitai Valley, Melinda, 64, wife of
Mr Wm Rodgerson
Fri --- 31 ---- Population of principal towns of the colony as given in the census

August --- 1868

Mon - 03 -- GLASS - HOWELL, 3 July, by Rev E Thomas, William H Glass to Maria N Howell ??
Tue -- 04 -- CLARK - JESSOP, 24 June, by Rev E Thomas, Mr J Clark to Mrs S Jessop, both of
Spring Grove
GLASS - HOWELL, 31 July, by Rev E Thomas, William H Glass to Maria W Howell ??
BROWN - BROWN, 3 Aug, by Rev P Calder, Mr J Brown, to Miss I Brown, 2nd
daughter of Mr J Brown
Thur - 06 -- THOMSON, 6 Aug, ahr, Trafalgar St, mrs W Thompson, a son and daughter
Death--BLACK, 5 Aug, ahlr, Collingwood St, Mrs A Black, 47yrs
Fri --- 07 --- DRAGER, 1 Aug, ahr, Willow Cottage, Mrs L Drager, a daughter
BEAVER, 5 Aug, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs C Beaver, a son
Mon - 10 -- SHORE, 7 Aug, ahr, Bridge St East, Mrs Jas Shore, a son
ROBINSON, 7 Aug, ahr, Washington Valley, Mrs Robinson, a daughter
Tue - 11 --- TREGEA, 11 Aug, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs J H Tregea, a daughter
RICHMOND - PARRIS, 15 July, at St Marys, New Plymouth, by the Ven Archdeacon
Govett, Henry Robert Richmond Esq, to Emma Jane, youngest daug of Robert Parris Esq
Death--GODFREY, 6 Aug, at Woodburn, Wairau Plains, of diptheria, Alice, 3rd daughter,
4yrs, and on the 10th, Ellen, eldest daughter, aged 11 yrs, of Mr H Godfrey
Insolvency==== Robert Speer, brewer, Charleston (former partnership with Joseph Lamber Clark )
Charles Bonner, master mariner, Charleston
Edward Frederick Williams, storekeeper, Westport
Richard Bird Pringle, storekeeper, Nelson
Wed - 12 --- HENRY, 11 Aug, ahr, Selwyn Place, Mrs A Henry, a daughter
Thur - 13 --- Death--JENNER, 12 Aug, Frederick Jenner Esq, 25yrs, of H M Customs, Greymouth
Fri --- 14 ---- HALL, 22 July, ahr, Bush Tavern, the Wood, Mrs H T Hall, a daughter
Sat -- 15 ---- NEALE, 12 Aug, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs J W Neale, a daughter
Mon - 17 --- CHING, 15 Aug, ahr, Stoke, Mrs R Ching, a son
Tue -- 18 --- BLACK, 16 Aug, ahr, Washington Valley, Mrs David Black, a son and daughter
FRASER, 17 Aug, ahr, Haven Rd, Mrs D Fraser, twin daughters
Ballarat arrived from London ============= passengers =Rev Mr and Mrs
Paterson, Messrs Downie, monro, Holmer, Rowland, Misses Haynes (2), Messrs
Hitchings, Harper, T Squires, J Squires, Carter, Cock, Phillips, Stirling, Kerr, Wheddon,
Shutler, Pavitt, Wallace, Mr and Mrs Barker and 7 children, Mr and Mrs Drummond and
child, Miss Davidson
Kaikoura arrived at Wellington this morning from Panama ===== passengers for
various ports === none for Nelson
Wed - 19 --- HORNEMAN, 16 Aug, at Motueka, Emma Frances, wife of Major Horneman, JP,and
eldest daughter of the late Henry Devis Esq, of Stoke, Newington, Middlesex
== Correction to 18 Aug Ballarat list ===
Miss Hayes and Miss Ingamells -not Misses Haynes(2)
Thur - 20 --- ERECSON, 19 Aug, ahr, Port Hills, Mrs Erecson, a son
SOLOMON, 20 Aug, ahr, Nile St West, Mrs S M Solomon, a son
Sat --- 22 --- REDWOOD, 11 Aug, at Riverlands, Wairau, Mrs C Redwood, a son
SNOW, 18 Aug, ahr, Trafalgar St, Mrs T Snow, a son
Death--FRAZER, 18 and 20 Aug, the twin daughters of Mr D Frazer, Haven Rd
FLOWER, 21 Aug, at Spring Grove, Mrs W Flower, 72yrs
Mon - 24 --- MOORE - CANNING, 25 June, at Weyhill, Hants, George Moore, Esq, of Wellington,
NZ, to Elizabeth Mary, 3rd daughter of the late Davis Canning Esq, of Ogbourne St Andrews, Wilts
Death--GODFREY, 22 Aug, at Woodbourne, Wairau Plains, of diptheria, Henry Godfrey
Esq, aged 45yrs, and on the same day, Charles, his 2nd son aged 7yrs
WILSON, 23 Aug, at Motueka, Joseph Foord Wilson Esq, aged 66yrs
Tue - 25 ---- Death--PERCY, 1 June, at Howick, Northumberland, Mrs Anne Percy, mother of Mr J Percy of Nelson
MORTON, 30 June, at Claughton, Cheshire, Fanny May Marion, infant daughter
of R R Morton Esq
HAGAN, 24 Aug, at Spring Grove, Mr Hagan, 51yrs
FROST, 25 Aug, ahlr, Toi-toi Valley, of consumption, Henry Frost Esq, 32yrs
Wed - 26 ---- Death--BARNES, 25 Aug, Jane Stewart, 20yrs, daughter of Mr R Barnes, Hardy St
Thur? -27? or 28? - WILLIAMS, 18 Aug, at Brooklands, Mrs F Williams, sen
BEIT, 27 Aug, ahr, Haven Rd, Mrs John Beit, a daughter
CRISPIN- NEUMANN, 26 Aug, at the resid of the bride, by Rev J Crump, Mr F J
Crispin to Mary Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr W Newmann
Sat -- 29 ----- GOWER, 25 Aug, ahr, Riwaka, Mrs J W Gower, a son
KENYON, 25 Aug, at Dovedale, Mrs H Kenyon, a daughter
SCOTT - EDEN, 9 Aug, at resid of the brides father, by Rev J Crump, Andrew Scott,
to Sarah Ann, daughter of Mr Richard Eden, Ranzau
RICHARDSON - HAY, 27 Aug, at Wesleyan Parsonage, by Rev J Crump,
Rev J B Richardson, Wesleyan Minister, Kaiapoi, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of
David Hay of Yarbro' Grange, Lincolnshire
Mon - 31 ---- LEVY, 29 Aug, ahr, Thornton Villa, the Wood, the wife of Capt Levy, a son
Death--POYNTER, 30 Aug, ahlr, the Port, John Poynter Esq, JP, in his 68th yr
OGILVIE, 31 Aug, ahlr, Nile St East, Mr James Ogilvie of H M Customs, 38yrs
Obituary for J Poynter

September --- 1868

Tue -- 01 ---- GLOVER, 1 Sept, ahr, South St, Mrs J Glover, a daughter
BARNETT - SELMES, 29 Aug, at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnstone, Arthur W,
3rd son of W Barnett of Wakapuaka, to Anna Julia, only daughter of Mr J Selmes of Marlborough
Thur - 03 ---- Death--BLACK, 3 Sept, Andrew, 13yrs, youngest son of Andrew Black, Collingwood St
Sat -- 05 ----- Inquest==== death of Henry Powell at Upper Moutere
Mon - 07 ---- BREWERTON - EVES, 3 Sept, by Rev E Thomas, Mr S R Brewerton, of Motueka
Valley, to Miss Ann, 5th daughter of Mr W Eves, Spring Grove
Insolvency ====== Joseph Watkins, farmer Quail Valley
Adam Porter, Westport
Tue - 08 ----- MARTIN, 30 Aug, Mrs H Martin, Wairoa Gorge, a daughter
BOHEN - BURKE, 10 Aug, at St Marys, by Rev Father Garin, Mr Martin Bohen, to Miss Margaret Burke
THOMPSON - MARTEN, 22 Aug, at SS Peter and Pauls Church, Waimea West, by
Rev Father Chareyre, Mr G W Thompson, to Miss Bridget Marten, both of Waimea
SPARROW - HAILES, 2 Sept, at St Marys, by Rev Father Chareyre, Eric, son of
G F Sparrow Esq, MPC, to Miss L M Hailes, both of Takaka
CURTIS - FLEMING, & Sept, at St Marys, by Rev Father Chareyre, Mr Chas Curtis,
Charleston, to Mrs Eleanor Fleming, Nelson
Mon - 14 ---- CORDIAL, 13 Sept, ahr, Washington Valley, Mrs I Cordial, a son
Death--STRINGER, 24 Aug, at Wesdale, Waimea West, of water on the brain, Ellen, 2yrs,daughter of Mr James Stringer
WILKIE, 1 Sept, at Oxford Hotel, King St, Sydney, George Wilkie Esq, 63yrs,
brother of Mr James Wilkie, of this city
Tue -- 15 ----- FITTALL, 15 Sept, ahr, Hardy St, wife of Mr S Fittall, a daughter
Wed - 16 ----- Death--BUNGATE, 15 Sept, at Nelson Hospital, Hannah, 58, wife of Joseph Bungate,Wakapuaka
Thur - 17 ----- Appointments of clerks etc to various courts in Nelson area ======
Fri --- 18 ---- HANCOCK, 18 Sept, Mrs Hancock, Washington Valley, a son
WILSON, 17 Sept, wife of Mr H C Wilson, Bridge St, a daughter
FREESTONE - HEMMING, 26 Aug, at Merivale Church, Mr G E Freestone,
Christchurch, to Miss Frances B Hemming, of Nelson
LANGDON - CARNES, 16 Sept, at Takaka, by Rev Mr Halcombe, Mr Thomas Langdon
of Collingwood to Miss Carnes of Takaka
Death-- SAYWELL, 18 Sept, at Richmond, Mrs Thomas Saywell
Sat -- 19 ---- Election of officers for the Nelson Fire Brigade ============
Tue -- 22 --- BREMNER, 11 Sept, at Hamilton, Otago, Mrs J R Bremner, a daughter
Wed - 23 --- Death-- D'ALBEDYHLL, 23 Sept, Harriet, 13mths, 2nd daughter, of Mr J L D'Albedyhll
Insolvency====== William Henry Longbottom, ironmonger, Westport =======
Thur - 24 --- BIRD, 21 Sept, Mrs J Bird, Lower Wakefield, a son
Death--PITT, 23 Sept, at Westport, Mrs W Pitt
Fri -- 25 ---- HARPER, 23 Sept, Mrs M H Harper, Bridge St, a daughter
Sat -- 26 --- SHARP, 25 Sept, Mrs H H Sharp, a daughter
FREMANTLE - ISAACS, 19 Aug, at Darlinghurst, Sydney, Delovin David, Lieut RN,
HMS Brisk, son of the late Major General John Fremantle, CB, to Emma Horsford,
2nd daughter of the Hon R M Isaacs, Solicitor General of NSW
Mon - 28 -- ROUT, 27 Sept, at Stoke Mrs W Rout, a daughter
Tue -- 29 -- FRANK, 26 Sept, Mrs P Frank, Vineyard, a daughter
A list of steamers lost on the NZ coast since 1856 and where lost ===========
Wed - 30 -- Mc RAE - MOORE, 30 Sept, at resid of brides father, by Rev P Calder, George,
eldest son of the late Mr W Mc Rae, Richmond, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr D Moore

October --- 1868

Fri -- 02 ---- SHAND, 30 Sept, at Dunedin, Mrs Thomas Shand, a daughter
BENNETT, 1 Oct, ahr, Brook St, Mrs J J Bennett, a daughter
Death--NEWCOMBE, 30 Sept,ahr, Manuka St East, Eliza, aged 41, relict of the late
Major Newcombe
=== Ruahine arrives from Panama ====== passengers for various ports ===
Mr Allen for Nelson
Sat -- 03 --- Inquest ==== death of Eliza Newmann, 5yrs, Spring Grove on tue 29th
Tue - 06 --- SIMPSON, 5 Oct, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs R Simpson, a daughter
RILEY - STRANGE, 23 Sept,at res of the brides father, Collingwood, by Rev C H J
Halcombe, John Boulton Riley, to Mary Frances Eveline, only daughter of Robert Strange,
Death-- Mc DONALD, 3 Oct, at resid of her son, Mr A Fletcher, Bronti St, Janet, 68yrs,
wife of Mr D Mc Donald
Thur - 08 -- LEECH, 7 Oct, ahr, Washington Valley, Mrs A Leech, a son
Item === Edward McClusky, Canadian, 39yrs == death in Auckland, had been a cab
driver in Nelson and only recently shifted
Fri -- 09 --- WRIGHT, 7 Oct, at Springston, near Christchurch, Mrs F Wright, a son
GARRARD, 9 Oct, ahr, Hill Cottage, Mrs W Garrard, a son
Sat - 10 --- SMITH, 4 Oct, at Upper Moutere, Mrs F Smith of Dovedale, a son
COOKE, 8 Oct, ahr, Manuka St, Mrs P Cooke, a daughter
FLETT - FLETT, 7 Oct, at resid of brides brother, Collingwood St, by Rev P Calder
John, 2nd son of Mr J Flett of Orkney, Scotland, to Isabella, youngest daughter of
Mr J Flett of Melbourne
Item === Thomas Cross, settler of Amuri === death today
Mon - 12 -- Inquest== John Ryan, 26, labourer, Suburban Nth, died fri 9th
Insolvency === Phillip Rooney, hotelkeeper, Charleston
Michael Roche, storekeeper, Brighton
Tue - 13 --- Death-- SMITH, 10 Oct, at Upper Moutere, Mrs F Smith, in 20th year, of Dovedale
HARGREAVES, 12 Oct, ahr, Waimea St, John Beanland Hargreaves, 45yrs
Thur - 15 -- HODGSON - SMITH, 13 Oct, by Rev P Calder, Mr T Hodgson to Miss C Smith
Sat -- 17 --- JOHNS, 16 Oct, Mrs I Johns, Trafalgar St, a daughter
Mon - 19 -- Death--PERCY, 18 Oct, Ernest Noble, 10th yr, 3rd and only son of John Percy
Wed - 21 -- Death-- DAVIS, 19 Oct, ahlr, Richmond, Mr Richard Davis, 50yrs
Thur - 22 -- WIN, 20 Oct, at Ranzau, Mrs William Win, a daughter
Rakaia ==== arrived Wellington from Panama last evening === passengers various ports
== none Nelson
Fri -- 23 ---- SMITH, 21 Oct, ahr, Forest Inn, Wakefield, Mrs R Smith, a son
LOWE, 23 Oct, ahr, College Hill, Mrs J T Lowe, a son
Death--CLARK, ahlr, Harley St, Mrs S Clark, 40yrs
Mon - 26 -- Item === Charles Powell, about 30yrs, death in the Maitai
Tue -- 27 -- Wesleyan Church Ladies Committee === Mrs Crump, Burn, H D Jackson, Lucas,
Blick, Askew, Hornby, M Lightband, Usher, Wagg
Wed - 28 -- WATTS - KAY, 21 Oct, by Rev J Crump, Mr S Watts to Miss A Kay
Thur - 29 -- DEARE, 19 Oct, at Greymouth, Mrs W J Deare, a daughter
COTTERELL, 28 Oct, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs C Cotterell, a son
=== Nelson Gov Gazette === notifies==Alfred Greenfield Esq, resignation ===
appointments == Charles Broad, Charleston-- Joseph Giles, Westport--
J R Dutton, Cobden
Insolvency ===Henry Bradley, publican, Westport
Thomas Tracy, storekeeper, Addisons Flat
J H Graham, miner, late of Packers Point, near Westport
Fri -- 30 ---- Death-- BENSEMAN, 21 Oct, at Upper Moutere, William, 17yr, 5th son of C H Benseman
Sat -- 31 --- GRANT, 31 Oct, ahr Hardy St, Mrs P Grant, a son
Names from the Magistrates Court ========= Robert Grant, W Phillips, W Lloyd,
H Sharp, James Downes, J S Gunther, Janet McDonald, Hugh Martin, of Stoke,
Hicks Parker

November --- 1868

Mon - 02 --- Death--DAVISON, 30 oct, at Motueka, Mr Elgar Davison, 46yrs
COOKE, 1 Nov, at Spring Grove, Major Cooke
Item ==== accident causing death to E Davison at Motueka on fri 30th --
leaves a wife and several children
Tue -- 03 --- EDWARDS, 3 Nov, ahr, Sunnyside, Mrs N Edwards, a daughter
Thur - 05 --- BRIND, 4 Nov, Mrs A H Brind, a daughter
WATERS - PERRY, 4 Nov, at Trinity Temporary Church, Richmond, by
Rev W D R Lewis, Mr A Waters of Spring Grove, to Miss M Perry of Richmond
Stewards for IOOF Lodge Ball ==== H Ruffell, H Fayen, J Lammas, E Lammas,
T J Thompson, J Tasker, B Rawlings, H Hammond, C P Kearns
Fri -- 06 ---- Death--BARNES, 6 Nov, at her fathers resid, New St, Charlotte, 11yr 4 mth, only daughter
of Mr Eli Barnes, formerly of 5 New Steine, Brighton, Sussex
Sat -- 07 ---- MORRISON, 6 Nov, ahr, Haven Rd, Mrs W Morrison, a son
Death--HARGREAVES, 4 Nov, ahlr, Waimea St, Sarah Ann, 41yrs, relict of late
Mr J B Hargreaves
Tue - 10 ---- TURRELL, 7 Nov, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs T Turrell, a daughter
KIDSON, 7 Nov, ahr, Russell St, Mrs C Kidson, a son
Death--GRIFFITHS, 6 Nov, at the resid of S Muller Esq, RM, Blenheim,  
Mary Elizabeth Griffiths, 24yrs
Insolvency ======= Richard Sutcliffe, storekeeper, Motueka
Richard Percival, plasterer, Nelson
Wed - 11 --- Death--CAMPBELL, 1 Sept, at Helensbury, Scotland, Alexander Campbell Esq
DICK, 2 Sept, at Edinburgh, Mr John Dick, brother of Mr Dick, Chief Postmaster
MOORE, 11 Nov, at her fathers resid, Trafalgar St, Helen Bisset, 16yrs,
3rd daughter of Mr Moore
Names of casualties from fighting at Wanganui ========
Thur - 12 --- Mc Intosh, 10 Nov, ahr, Hampden St, Mrs A Mc Intosh, a son
MOORE - GILL, 10 Nov, at bridegrooms resid, by Rev E Thomas, Henry, eldest son
of Mr C Moore, to Emily, eldest daughter of Mr H Gill
Names of dead in Poverty Bay attack =============
Fri -- 13 ----- LLOYD - DENNE, 7 Nov, at bridegrooms resid, Nile St, by Rev J Crump,
Evan Lloyd to Louisa Denne
Names on public notices ============= Edward Everett, C Elliott, Henry Drew,
F W Irvine, Joseph Webb, Ron Jackson, David Grant, John Jervis, M Lightband,
Geo Bonington, Oswald Curtis, Fredk Huddleston, R E McRae, J Sharland,
T C Batchelor, Ralph Richardson, Wm Wells, Jas Newport
Mon - 16 --- GILBERTSON, 20 Oct, at Awaroa, Mrs David Gilbertson, a son
OSS, 23 Oct, at Auckland, Mrs E M Moss, a son
RICHMOND, 15 Nov, ahr, the Cliffs, Mrs A J Richmond, a daughter
SHALLCRASS, 15 Nov, ahr, Brougham St, Mrs Shallcrass, a son
Sworn in for Supreme Court Jury =======
Item ==== William O?? Sealy, resided about 8yrs in the colony, --- suicide
Tue - 17 ---- BURFORD - FIELD, 16 Nov, at All Saints Church, by Rev R J Thorpe,
Mr J C Burford, to Martha, eldest daughter of Mr T Field
GOODMAN - GROOBY, 17 Nov, at resid of Mr F B Josephs, Mr T Goodman, to
Harriet, 2nd daughter of Mr J Grooby
Death--TROWER, 15 Nov, at Eighty-eight Valley, Mary Anne Trower Esq, 58yrs
Thur - 19 --- AMOS, 16 Nov, ahr, Trafalgar Sq, Mrs Amos, a daughter
ELLIOTT, 18 Nov, at Medowlands, Marlborough, Mrs C Elliott, jun, a daughter
Sat -- 21 ---- S S Mataura, arrived Wellington this morning from Panama =========
passengers for various ports + Mr and Mrs R J Creasy, Mrs Weitzel,
Mrs Finney and child for Nelson
Mon - 23 --- Death--BURNETT, 17 July, on board the Lincolnshire at sea, Mr W Burnett, late Nelson
Item ===== Thomas Bird, Washington Valley --- death by suicide
Insolvency ===== George Somner, architect and builder, Westport
William Rodgers, miner, Addisons Flat
Tue - 24 ---- Death--FINNEY, 2 Oct, at Panama, Mr R J Finney, 24, of Hobart Town, formerly Motueka
Wed - 25 --- Members of a special jury ======
Thur - 26 --- LEECH - AUGARDE, 26 Nov, at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnstone, William
Haydon, 2nd son of E J Leech Esq, Chichester, Sussex, to Pauline Constance,
3rd daughter of Mr H J L Augarde
Fri --- 27 ---- DAVIES, 24 Nov, ahr, Waimea West, the wife of Mr J Davies, a son
Death--ROGERSON, 25 Nov, at Hospital, Thomas Rogerson of Waimea East, aged 40
Sat -- 28 ---- PIERSON, 26 Nov, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs H Pierson, twin daughters
Mon - 30 --- JOHNSON, 26 Nov, at Blenheim, Mrs S Johnson, a daughter
Death--BURSILL, 27 Nov, at resid of Mr Atkinson, Awatere, Mr W H Bursill of
Glen Lee, Marlborough

December --- 1868

Tue -- 01 --- Death--SCOTT, 1 Dec, ahlr, Grove St, Mrs W J Scott
John Bunyan (barque), from London arrived in the bay last night. Brings the following
passengers ===== Mr and Mrs Wilson, Mrs Joseph Redwood, Messrs Flaherty, Lake,
Giles (2), F A Kehwst, H Pike
Perhaps interesting --- a strange anomaly brought to light in a S London Coroners Court.
If a man finds a drowned body and informs the authorities he gets 8shillings and
6 pence ---- but if he saves the life of a drowning man he receives nothing. The
Coroner for E Surrey says he has been informed that drunken men are pushed into
the water to get the 8/6 for each body
Wed - 02 --- PHILLIPS, 30 Nov, ahr, Haven Rd, Mrs H Phillips, a daughter
Thur - 03 --- Death--ELLIS, 27 Nov, at Collingwood, Emma Florence, 14yrs, 2nd daughter of
Mr M A Ellis
Fri -- 04 ----- BECK, 30 Nov, at Forbank House, Mrs G A Beck, a daughter
Death--HARPER, 2 Dec, at Spring Grove, Isaac, 23yrs, son of Mr James Harper,
of Hilsborough, County Down, Ireland
Sat -- 05 ---- GRANT, 3 Dec, at Motueka, Mrs W Grant, a son
Hodgson, 5 Dec, Mrs George Hodgson, a daughter
Mon - 07 --- Notice ==== copied from the Nelson Marriage Register ----- Married, 20 Oct, 1860,
J G Dene, bachelor, to E D Estcourt, widow
Wed - 09 --- FLETT, 8 Dec, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs Flett, a daughter
Thur - 10 --- Inquest ===== Thomas Lake, carpenter, of the barque John Bunyan, drowned Tue night
Fri --- 11 --- THOMSON, 11 Dec, ahr, Haven Rd, Mrs J P Thomson, a daughter
WRIGHT - JOHNSTON, 5 Dec, at Blenheim, by Rev A C Soutar, Thomas M Wright, of
Drummoyne, NSW, to Margaret Hepburn, 3rd daughter of the late Rev J J Johnston,
Newburgh, Fife
Death-- MERRINGTON, 29 Nov, at Paddington, NSW, Mrs J M Merrington, 44, late of Nelson
Mon - 14 --- HARRIS, 5 Dec, at Westport, Mrs F Harris, a daughter
Tue -- 15 --- Death--TALBOT, 8 Dec, ahlr, Upper Moutere, Mrs Robert Talbot, 25yrs
Wed - 16 --- Nelson College prize list ============
Scoring in Champion shot of the province competition =================
Thur - 17 --- PHILLIPS, 16 Dec, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs P Phillips, a daughter
Death-- JENNINS, 10 Dec, at Collingwood, Mrs G Jennings, 24th yr
Insolvency ======== William Akersten, ship handler
John Lockett, gentleman, both of Nelson
Fri -- 18 ---- DODSON, 14 Dec, ahr, Suburban North, Mrs T Dodson, a daughter
Death--SHEPHARD, 18 Dec, ahlr, Fernhill, Mrs Ann Shephard, 90th yr
Mon - 21 --- SOWMAN, 13 Dec, Mrs W Sowman, jun,a daughter
Kaikoura arrived Wellington, from Panama this morning ====== passengers for
various ports=== Mr Milner for Nelson
Tue -- 22 --- GREENWOOD, 15 Dec, at the Grange, Motueka, Mrs F D Greenwood, a son
ROSE, 21 Dec, ahr, Spring Grove, Mrs J Rose, a son
Prize list for Bishops School exams ================
Death--BRAY, 21 Dec, ahlr, Saltwater Bridge, Mr Charles Bray sen, 59yrs
Wed - 23 --- WHEELER, 22 Dec, Mrs E Wheeler, a son
Thur - 24 --- Death--Davis, 24 Oct, ahlr, Great Alie St, London, England, Moses Davis Esq, ?4yrs,
father of Hyam Davis Esq, merchant of this city
Item ==== Death of only son of W J Cobb of Takaka on 11 Dec (aged 15mths)
Sat -- 26 ---- SADD, 25 Dec, ahr, Tory St, Mrs J B Sadd, a son
Mon - 28 --- HODGSON, 25 Dec, Mrs J L Hodgson, a son
Tue -- 29 --- TOWNSEND, 27 Dec, at the Greyhound Inn, Bridge St, Mrs R Townsend, a daughter
Death--HARFORD, 28 Dec, ahlr, Collingwood St, of consumption, James Harford jun, 27
WILLSON, 28 Dec, ahlr, Invercargill, Southland, after a painfull illness,
Dr W Willson, father of Mr P C Willson of this city
Wed - 30 --- SHEATHER, 30 Dec, ahr, Brook St Valley, Mrs L Sheather, a daughter
Item ====== Account of wedding of Dr Hector to Miss Munro =======
Thur - 31 -- JENNINGS, 30 Dec, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs Jas Jennings, a daughter
Death--LOCKHART, 30 Dec, at Nile St East, Berenice Horton, 27mth, daughter of Mr T Lockhart

January --- 1869

Sa t-- 02 --- ATTWOOD - GENTRY, 19 Dec, at the brides resid, by Rev E Thomas, J Attwood Esq,
Blenheim, to Mary Ann, relict of the late Mr C Gentry
SCOTT - ARMSTRONG, 28 Dec, at St Marys, by Rev A M Garin,
Mr J S Scott, to Miss B E Armstrong
Death-- MOORE, 1 Jan, ahlr, Trafalgar St, Mr D Moore, 50 yrs
CATE, 1 Jan, in Hospital, Nehemiah Cate, 20yrs
Mon - 04 -- HART, 29 Dec, ahr, Collingwood St, Mrs Hart, a son
DELANY - HAWKEN, 29 dec, at resid of brides brother, Motueka, by Rev R L Vickers
Mr John Delany, to Jane Blake, 2nd daughter of late Mr S Hawken, formerly of Taranaki
Tue -- 05 -- THOMAS- BOYD, 5 Jan, at Mr Thomsons, Collingwood St, by Rev P Calder,
Rev E Thomas, to Margaret, only daug of late David Boyd Esq, of St Vincent, W Indies
Fri -- 08 ---- WEBLEY - NATION, 1 Jan, at the brides resid, Mr Joshua Webley, to Eliza Jane, 2nd
daughter of Mr W Nation
FISHER - HADFIELD, 6 Jan, at the Wesleyan Church, by Rev J Crump
T R Fisher Esq, to Fanny F, eldest daughter of F B Hadfield Esq
==== Letters detained at Nelson PO (Insufficient postage) =======
G H Williams, Albert Town, Otago ; A Harley, Stoke ; Wm Schaffer, Collingwood ;
Miss Emma Beasley, Prussia ; Edwin Grove, London ; Mrs Jas H Bryant, NSW ;
A Reid, Westport ; F W Hickey, Bendigo, Victoria ; Mrs Moonlight, Richmond
Mon - 11 -- Mc INTOSH, 9 Jan, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs D Mc Intosh, a son
Louis Martin --- real name Carl Ludwig Martin ----- found drowned near Greymouth
Tue -- 12 -- COOK, 11 Jan, ahr, Tasman St, Mrs G Cook, a son
Death--BARTLETT, 11 Jan, Emma Fletcher Bartlett, 16mths, only daug Mr R H Bartlett
Inquest ==== into death of E F Bartlett
Inquest ==== death of John Plunkett, 26yrs, Riwaka
Letters detained === C W Price, Wakefield ; Mrs T Gifford, Appleby ; W White,
Spring Grove ; Col Thomas, Riwaka ; Mr Strange, Motueka ;
Miss M A Leewright, Pennsylvania, U S
Fri -- 15 ---- Death--POWELL, 24 Oct, at 220 Cable St, London East, Mary Walker, wife of
Mr E J Powell, and eldest daughter of Mrs D Wagg, of this city
Item ==== Ebenezer Enoch Barraclough, 6yrs, drowned this morning ===
Tue - 19 --- DICKSON - Mc MILLAN, 9 Jan, at the Manse, by Rev P Calder, William Dickson
to Margaret Mc Millan
Letters detained ============ Hyde, Blenheim ; Job Lines, Spring Grove ;
Isaac Baigent jun,Wakefield
Wed - 20 -- STALLARD, 18 jan, ahr, Bridge St, Mrs W Stallard, a daughter
Thur - 21 -- GUNTHER, 20 Jan, Ann, aged 18 mths, 3rd child of Mr J Gunther, Waimea Rd
Item ===== death of A Gunther
Fri -- 22 ---- WEBLEY - OXLEY, 14 Jan, by Rev J Crump, at resid of bridegroom, Bridge St
W Webley to Miss Fanny Oxley
Joseph Porthouse, Royal Hotel, Bridge St ===== suicide
Sat -- 23 --- Inquest into death of Joseph Porthouse
Also names and amounts of rates for Nelson ratepayers
Mon - 25 -- GILL, 23 Jan, ahr, Manuka St, Mrs C Gill, a daughter
James Reid== suicide, Marlborough
Letters detained =============== Phillip Mybud, Ohio, America
Tue - 26 --- WEBLEY, 21 Jan, ahr, Alton St, Mrs H Webley, a son
SAXON - DOWKER, 26 Jan, at All Saints, by the Bishop of Nelson, assisted by Rev
R J Thorpe MA, Incumbent of All Saints, George, 2nd son of the late Samuel Saxon
Esq, of Bruton, near Bath, Somersetshire, to Caroline Augusta, youngest daughter of
the late Henry Dowker Esq, of Laysthorpe Hall, near York
Item ====== 2 daughters of Mr Willis, farmer, Motueka, poisoned, youngest, 7yrs,
dead and other very ill
Wed - 27 -- Death--ATMORE, 27 Jan, William, 8mths, son of Mr E Atmore
ESCOTT - COTTON, 24 Jan, at resid of Mr F Akersten, by Rev E Thomas,Chas Hugh
Escott to Elizabeth Ann Cotton
Fri -- 29 --- Letters detained ====== M Vernazani, schooner Glengary, Havelock
Sat - 30 --- NATIOM, 29 Jan, at Christchurch, Mrs W C Nation, a daughter
Death-- SPENCER, 12 Nov 1868, Elija Spencer, 58yrs, late of Stacksteads, Lancashire,
father of John and William Spencer of this city

Febuary --- 1869

Tue -- 02 -- MOREY - GREEN, 1 Feb, at resid of brides father, Walter, youngest son of the late
Mr James Morey, of Hobarton, Tasmania, to Martha Elizabeth, eldest daughter of
Edward Green Esq, Brougham St, Nelson
Wed - 03 -- WALCOT, 2 Feb, ahr, Clifton Cottage, Trafalgar St South, the wife of R B Walcot, daug.
Detained letters ==== Mrs Emily Hill, New St, Nelson ; J McIntosh, Wellington ;
Miss harvey, Hospital, Carlton,Melbourne
Unclaimed letters from Sept ===== Mrs H Ancock, Nelson ; Mr Bernard, Motueka ;
Capt Bernard, Nelson ; Antonio Berseris, Nelson ; Capt Charlesworth, Hebe ;
Mrs Cherry, Richmond ; James Craig jun, Nelson ; D Collie, Nelson ;
Mrs M Connelly, John Penn ; Albert Christmas, Kate Waters ; Joseph Hadley,
John Penn ; William Lees, Nelson ; Mr Moller, Nelson ; Mary Mullins, Nelson ;
John Martin, Nelson ; Daniel O'Shea, Nelson ; Charles Price, Wangapeka ? ;
Mrs W Ryan, Nelson ; Thomas Stiles, Collingwood, Mrs Emily Thompson, Nelson
Peter Thomings, Nelson ; George Varley, Nelson ; J F Wilson, Nelson ;
Miss S A Williams, Nelson ; Joseph Ward, Nelson ; Cornelius W?ur, Nelson
Thur - 04 --- CARTER - MILES, 3 Feb, at resid of Mr George King, Bridge St, by Rev J Crump
John Carter to Sarah Miles
Fri --- 05 ---- Death--CUNDY, 3 Feb, George, 8mths, only son of Frederick Cundy
Item === Richard Phipps-- on Wed 3 at Spring Grove, son of a farmer--- fatal accident
Sat -- 06 ---- Death--INGLIS, 2 Feb, at Riwaka, Elizabeth Pattie, 46yrs, wife of John Inglis, farmer
COOKE, 3 Feb, Frances, 4mths, youngest daughter of Peter Cooke
Tue -- 09 --- Death--GILL, 8 Feb, Mary Eva, 2wks, only daughter of Mr Carlin Gill
Wed - 10 --- WILLIAMS, 30 Jan, at Guthrie Grange, Stoke, the wife of Henry D Williams, a son
TASKER, 7 Feb, ahr, Ranzau, Mrs Thomas Tasker, a daughter
Mc INTOSH - BENTLEY, 10 Feb, John Mc Intosh Esq, late of Glasgow, to
Euphemia Watt, eldest daughter of James Bentley Esq MPC, merchant, Nelson
Death-- WOOLF, 4 Feb,at Riwaka, Cordelia Shute, 22yrs, wife of Thomas Woolf
Thur - 11 --- BERRY, 8 Feb, the wife of Mr Berry, of Wakapuaka Rd, a daughter
Inquest ===== Thomas Dudley, death
Fri --- 12 --- CAMP - GOODMAN, 5 Feb, at resid of brides father, Motueka, by Rev Mr Sheriffe,
Jas Camp, to Mary Goodman, 2nd daughter of Mr T Goodman
Death--SHEATHER, 12 Feb, Fanny, 6mths, only daughter of Lewis and Phoebe Sheather
Sat -- 13 ---- DARKE - RENTOUL, 26 Jan, at St James Church, Sydney, by Rev W C Cave
Brown-Cave, John William Darke Esq, Commander RMS Kaikoura, to Margaret Anne,
eldest daug of the late Major William Rentoul of Myroe, County Londonderry, Ireland
Mon - 15 --- HARGREAVES, 12 Feb, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs L Hargreaves, a daughter
Tue -- 16 --- CARTER, 9 Feb, at the Bridge Inn, Lower Moutere, Mrs S Carter, a son
TREWHEELLAR, 12 Feb, Mrs Trewheellar, premature twin daughters, 1 stillborn
Death--CRAIG, 9 Feb, at Picton, Marlborough, NZ, after a long painfull illness, Mr Titus
Craig, formerly of Clevely Bank Farm, near Lancaster, Eng, aged 40
Thur - 18 --- BRADLEY, 17 Feb, ahr, in the Wood, Mrs H J Bradley, a son
Fri --- 19 ---- MARKS, 14 Feb, at Glenbervie Terrace, Sidney St, Wellington, Mrs L Marks, a daughter
SCOTT, 14 Feb, at the Pilot Station, Wellington, the wife of John Scott, a son
CRISP - LINES, 17 Feb, at resid of the bridegrooms father, by Rev John Crump,
Joseph, eldest son of Benjamin Crisp, to Mary Ann, 2nd daughter of Thomas Lines of Hope
STEVENS - STAPLES, 18 Feb at All Saints Church by his Lordship the Bishop,
Richard Stevens, to Miss Julia Staples, both of Nelson
Mon - 22 --- List of unclaimed and short postage letters
Wed - 24 --- POOLE, 10 Feb, at the Parsonage, Motueka, the wife of Rev S Poole, a son
WIGZELL, 20 Feb, Mrs John Wigzell, a son
SIMPSON, 23 Feb ahr, Washington Valley, Mrs A Simpson, a daughter
GAY, 23 Feb, ahr, Hardy St, Mrs John Gay, a daughter
Death--PRITCHARD, 21 Jan, at the Station, Rangitoto, (D'Urvilles Is) wife ofEvan Pritchard Esq, aged 38
POOLE, 13 Feb, at Motueka Gorge, infant son of Rev S Poole, aged 3 days
TREWHEELLAR, 20 Feb, Miriam, infant daughter of Mr Trewheellar
Detained letters ======
Rakaia arrived at Wellington today from Panama === passengers various ports======= none Nelson
Thur - 25 --- Insolvency ====== William Green, farmer, Waimea
John Jones Hornby, auctioneer and commissioon agent, Nelson
Fri -- 26 ---- BAYLY - HILL, 26 Feb, at resid of brides father, by Rev W Biss, Mr Wm Bayley,
of Taranaki, to D G M Hill, eldest daughter of I M Hill, ironmonger, Waimea St
Sat -- 27 --- CURTIS, 27 Feb, the wife of H E Curtis Esq, a son
HOLDAWAY - DAVIDSON, 25 Feb, at resid of bridegrooms father, by Rev R L Vickers,
Edwin Holdaway, of Richmond, to Miss Helen Davidson, of Nelson
Item======== fatal accident, son, 5yrs of Mr Bradshaw, the Wood, on thur 25

March ---1869

Mon - 01 -- FRASER, 18 Feb, ahr, Gloucester House, Gloucester St, Mrs Fraser, a son
LIGHTBAND, 26 Feb, wife of M Lightband, a son
Death--HAYCOCK, 1 Mar, at Richmond, Elizabeth, 49yrs, wife of John Haycock
Sworn in for Grand jury duty ============== H Baly, J R Dodson, T R Fisher,
H Goulstone, Wc Hodgson, P McTavish, D Luckie, S H Pike, D Sclanders,
S Robinson, E Davidson, J Pierson, J G Miles, D Pollock, W S Mortimer,
A Collins, A J Richmond, W Burnett, R Levien, J Lowe, W Wells,
F Huddleston, N Edwards
Tue - 02 --- MIDWINTER, 28 Feb, wife of Adolphus Midwinter, of Gloucester St, a son
DICKENS, 1 Mar, ahr, Harley St, wife of George Dickens, a stillborn infant
Death-- EMERSON, 31 Oct, 1868, ahr, Military Rd, St Johns, Newfoundland,
John Archibald Sinclair Emerson Esq, barrister of the Supreme Court, and son of the
Hon George Henry Emerson QC, Virginia Water, Newfoundland, aged 35yrs
Wed - 03 -- Detained letters =============
Thur - 04 -- LOCKETT, 4 Mar, wife of Capt Lockett, a son
SMITH - ROBERTSON, 3 Mar, at Trinity Church, Nelson, by Rev P Calder, Charles Smith.
of Stoke to Ann eldest daughter of the late Andrew Robertson, of Glasgow
Fri -- 05 ---- Death--CALDER, 4 Mar, at the Manse, Nelson, Mrs James Calder, 70yrs
WHITWORTH, 4 Mar, Thomas Robert, 34mths, eldest son of Thomas Witworth
HILL - LAING, 4 Mar, at resid of brides brother, by Rev J Crump, James Hill, Dovedale,
to Margaret Kulsen, only daughter of P Laing, Bridge St, Nelson
Sat -- 06 --- KEILL - LAING, 4 Mar exactly as above but surname is Keill instead of Hill
SMITH - HARGREAVES, 4 Mar, by Rev J Crump, W Smith, to Lucy, eldest daughter
the late B Hargreaves, Waimea Rd, Nelson
Mon - 08 -- FIRTH, 4 Oct, 1868, at Launceston, Tasmania, Mrs Joe Firth, a son
Rangatira arrived Nelson from Manakau and Taranaki with 150 miners
Tue -- 09 -- Letters detained
Wed - 10 -- BEATSON - Mc HARDY, 8 Mar, at Brook St Valley, Arthur Henry, son of William
Beatson Esq, Nelson to Jane Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Hardy Esq
HARLEY - BLACKMORE, 9 Mar, at Christ Church, Nelson, by Rev G H Johnstone,
William Charles, eldest son of Charles Harley, brewer of Nelson, to Laura Harriet,
eldest daughter of the late Dr Blackmore
Fri -- 12 ---- WINTER, 8 Mar, at St Vincent St, Mrs George Winter a daughter
Mon - 15 -- TALBOT, 14 Mar, at Richmond, wife of G Talbot, a son
STEVENSON - COOMBS, 13 Mar, at resid of brides father, by Rev E Thomas,
Malcomb Stevenson, clothmaker, to Annie, 6th daughter of Henry Coombs of Nelson
Tue -- 16 -- BEATSON - GRIFFIN, 11 Mar, at resid of brides father, by Mr W M Bliss, David
Guthrie, 4th son of William Beatson Esq, of Nelson, to Helen 3rd daughter of John
Griffin, Manuka St, Nelson
Death--HOPGOOD, 15 Mar, ahr, the Toll Gate House, Stephen Hopgood, 33yrs
LIGHTBAND, 16 Mar, of diptheria, Louisa, 11yrs, eldest daug of Mr M Lightband
Wed - 17 -- NUTTALL, 15 Mar, ahr, Tasman St, Mrs J Nuttall, a daughter
Death--St Clair, 16 Mar, at Hospital, Henry St Clair, 46yrs
Fri -- 19 ---- NEWLAND, 18 Mar, ahr, Grove St, Mrs E Newland, a daughter
Mon - 22 --- Wakapuaka, Nelson and Waimea shooting teams =================
Tue - 23 ---- Death--STEPHENSON, 28 Jan, at Dunedin Hospital, W H Stephenson, formerly of Nelson, of typhoid fever
Thur - 25 --- PITT, 23 Mar, Mrs A Pitt, a daughter
Mon - 29 --- COWEN, 28 Mar, ahr, Stoke, Mrs Cowen, a daughter
Wed - 31 --- Upper Moutere provincial school exam prize list ==================
Letter === One persons impressions on a ride into the Waimea ====

April --- 1869

Thur - 01 -- THORNS, 1 Ap, ahr, Shelbourne St, wife of james Thorns, a daughter
Mon - 05 -- CLOUSTON, 5 Ap, at Nelson, Mrs Clouston, a son
Tue -- 06 -- SCOTT, 30 Mar, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs C Scott, a daughter
EDELSTEN, 3 Ap, at Riwaka, Mrs J S Edelsten, a daughter
PATTERSON, 4 Ap, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs W Patterson, a daughter
Wed - 07 -- BORNEFORD, 5 Ap, at Washington Valley, Mrs Borneford, a daughter
BURRELL - BOWDEN, 30 Mar, at Trentham, Upper Hutt, by Rev Dan Debois, Edward
Fearon Burrell, of Ngatimoti, Motueka, Nelson, to Emily Ellen, 2nd daughter of
T A Bowden, Esq, BA, Wellington
Thur - 08 -- SUTCLIFFE - OXLEY, 7 Ap, at All Saints Church, by Rev R J Thorpe,
J W Sutcliffe to Georgiana Oxley
Fri --- 09 --- Death-- MYERS, at Nelson Hospital, ob 8 Ap, John T Myers, a native of Holland, 33yrs
BUSH, Ellen, 31yrs, wife of Mr H S Bush of Steamboat Tavern
Sat -- 10 --- BEST, 7 Ap, ahr, Stoke, Mrs J Best, a daughter
PERCIVAL, 7 Ap, wife of R Percival, a son
Court === not having dog tickets ====== Hyam Davis, Judah Myers, William Gibson,
J Braddock, W Lightfoot, David Grant, A Waxman, Mary Scott, William Moirs,
Thomas Newton, John Deey (Decy ?), Frederick Stork, Thomas Freeman,
Henry Paap, Henry Black, N T Lockhart, Henry Warren, Robert Ware,
J S Gunther =========== Alfred Jones allowing 2 cows on the Waimea Rd,,
======= John mackay, using provoking and insulting language to F J Hill
Mon - 12 -- Death--BURN, 10 Ap, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Elizabeth, 41yrs, wife of Daniel Burn
POLLOCK, 11 Ap, ahr, Waimea St, David Pollock, 32yrs
Tue -- 13 -- BOYES, 3 Ap, ahlr, Motueka, John Boyes, 59
Sat --- 17 -- Death--DAKERS,16Ap, at resid of Mr I Johns, Trafalgar St, Nelson, Harry, 14yrs, son
of Dr Dakers of Charleston, West Coast
Detained letters =========== J McIntosh, Wellington ; Mrs Camd, King St Sydney ;
Mr Caray East Collingwood, Melbourne ; J H Parkinson, Cheshire, England ;
Mr Crowther, Wellington ; T S Scantlebury, Cape of Good Hope ;
S Groves, Bath, Eng ; Mrs William Finlayson, Napier ; Serjt Halbrough,
Wakapuaka ; H Bennett, Billinger River, NSW ; T Hunt, 88 Valley ;
E H Walker, Sardinia ; Miss Taylor, Wurtemburgh, Germany
Tue - 20 --- HUSBAND, 17 Ap, wife of S Husband, Bronte St, a daughter
Wed - 21 -- John Mahoney, jockey --- accidental death + more in Thur 22 paper --- his parents livein Auckland
Thur - 22 -- COOPER - BRADLEY, 18 Ap, at resid of brides father, by Rev John Crump, Thos W
Cooper, of Westport, to Harriet Eliza, youngest daughter of Arthur Bradley, farmer, Stoke
Fri --- 23 --- Death--GARNER, 23 Ap, at Nelson, Emma Garner, 31yrs, wife of Henry Garner
Sat -- 24 ---- WOOD, 23 Ap, ahr, Trafalgar St, Mrs Joseph Wood, a son
Mon - 26 --- Death--BARNES, 28 Jan, 1869, at Geraldine, Corbally, near Limerick, Jane Robson
Halliburton, 22 yrs, eldest daughter of Wm Barnes Esq
Tue -- 27 --- Detained letters ====== John Steele, c/o Ray, Cobden ; Mr Small, Waimea Sth
Thur - 29 --- BARCLAY - MARTIN, 29 Ap, at St Marts Church, by Rev E M Garin, Mr John
Harrison Barclay, to Miss Elanor Martin, both of Nelson
Fri --- 30 ---- Death--CRUMP, 23 Jan, ahr, Wolverhampton, Elizabeth, 68yrs, wife of Thomas Crump

May --- 1869

Mon - 03 --- WHITE, at Hardy St, Nelson, Mrs G W White, a daughter
STEPHENSON, 2 May, ahr, Washington Valley, Mrs W H Stephenson, a daughter
Tue - 04 --- TURNER, 28 Ap, ahr, Wakapuaka, wife of H W K Turner, son
Thur - 06 --- DAVIDSON - FIELDES, 6 May, at All Saints Church, Rev R J Thorpe, William Davidson,
cabinetmaker, to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of William Fieldes, the Wood, Nelson
Sat -- 08 ---- Unclaimed letters from June ====
Detained letters ============
Mon - 10 --- LAMMAS, 4 May, at Richmond, wife of E A Lammas, a daughter
Tue -- 11 --- FAIRY, 10 May at Brighton Cottage, Alton St, wife of T H Fairy, a son
Wed - 12 --- WINSTANLEY, 11 May, ahr, Shelbourne St, wife of T F Winstanley Esq, Postmaster,
Westport, a son
Fri --- 14 --- Inquest ====== George Richardson, Landlord of Golden Fleece Hotel, died suddenly Wed 12th
Sat -- 15 --- PELLEW, 15 May, wife of E T Pellew, a daughter
Inquest ===== Twin children born 24 April === father was Peter Hawkins
Mon - 17 -= Death--HODGSON, 15 May, Martha, 23, wife of George Hodson
Tue -- 18 --- CRISP, 14 May, ahr, Church St, Mrs Joe Crisp, a daughter
Fri --- 21 --- SIMPSON, 21 May, ahr, Washington Valley, mrs james Simpson, a daughter
Tue -- 25 --- THOMSON, 23 May, ahr, Tasman St, the Wood, the wife of Mr Thomson, a daughter
BURCH, 24 May, at Brook St Valley, wife of Henry Burch, a son
Death--WEBSTER, 22 May, Mrs Phoebe Webster, 76yrs
Wed - 26 --- MURRELL, ahr, New St, the wife of E Murrell, a daughter
Mon - 31 --- ABSOLON, ahr, Washington Valley, wife of B Absolon, a daughter

June --- 1869

Wed - 02 --- CAREY, ahr, Tasman St, wife of Capt Carey, a son
Sat --- 05 --- Death--LIGHTBAND, 4 June, Louis Alfred, 3mths, son of Mr M Lightband
Mon - 07 --- McRAE, 2 June, at Welds Hill, Marlborough Province, wife N McRae, a son
JEFFRIES, 5 June,ahr, Washington Valley, wife of J Jeffries, a son
==== Account of the loss of the Blue Jacket on 9th March, with names of some of the passengers ====
Tue -- 08 --- MEADS, 6 June, ahr, Nile St East, wife William Meads, a son
Wed - 09 --- MYERS, 9 June, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs J Myers, a son
Fri --- 11 --- CALVERT - OKEY, 11 June, by Rev P Calder,G W Calvert, to Mrs Okey, late of
Death-- GRAESER, 11 June, ahr, Collingwood St, J G Graeser
Sat -- 12 --- GREIG, 9 June, Mrs David Greig, a son
==== Names mentioned -- Magistrates Court === T B Louisson, J C Burford, Wm Lloyd,
T Foy, J Stockwell, J Walker, Henry Deane 16yrs, James Harman a Spring Grove
farmer, Wm Hill, George Beck
Tue - 15 --- CUNDY, 5 June, ahr, Stoke, Mrs F Cundy, a daughter
INGLES - JOHNSTON, 14 June, at Kaikoura, Marlborough, at res of brides brother-in-law
W H Pilliet, Esq RM, by Ven Archdeacon Butt, Alexander Wighton Ingles Esq, JP
of Kincaid, to Ellen Amelia, 4th daughter of David Johnston Esq, collector HM Customs
Thur - 17 -- AUSTIN, 16 June, at College Hill, Mrs A D Austin, a daughter
DONALDSON - BEAMSLEY, 16 June, by Rev E Thomas, James Donaldson, to Martha
Beamsley, both of Nelson
NEWPORT - WOOLLEY, 17 June, by Rev E Thomas, Samuel Job Newport, to Mary
Ann Wooley, of Appleby
Fri -- 18 ---- Notice==== Marrige purported to have taken place between Mrs Oakley andGeo W Calvert, totally denied
Mon - 21 -- PERCEVAL - SICKLER, 19 June, by Rev Patrick Calder, Charles John Perceval Esq,
son of late Hon and Rev A P Percival,to Marin, relict of late Alfred Sickler MD esq
Wed - 23 -- DECK, 21 June, at Pangatotara, Mrs George Deck, a son
Sat -- 26 --- A reporters account of going across the Hokatika bar in a gale ========

July --- 1869

Thur - 01 -- === Sworn in for Grand jury duty =======
Sat --- 03 -- Death--MONRO, 3 July, at Newstead, Nelson, of consumption, David, 21, 2nd son of
Sir David and Lady Monro
Tue -- 06 -- Death--COFFEY, 5 July, at Collingwood St, Lucy Ann, 4yrs, only daughter of
James and Elizabeth Coffey
Thur - 08 -- ATHERTON - BASS, 6 July, by Rev J Crump, at the Rectory, Hardy St, George Atherton,
to Julia Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late James Bass Esq, contractor, Brunswick, Aust
Fri --- 09 --- Inquest into death of George Thomason, Spring Grove and Meta, child of Augustus Neave
Sat--10 --- McVicar, 10 July, ahr, Waimea St, Mrs J McVicar, a daughter
PRIMMER, 4 July, at Upper Moutere, Mrs B Primmer, a daughter
Death-- McNAB, 4 July, at Riwaka, Jessie, 20mths, only daughter of Mr R McNab
Mon - 12 -- Names of subscribers to Christ Church organ fund ==========
Tue -- 13 -- DRANE, 9 July, wife of J G Drane, Providore of the SS Murray, a daughter
LUCAS - WHITE, 12 July, at the residence of R Lucas Esq, Washington Valley,
Nelson, br Rev John Crump, Josiah Lucas, 2nd son of Mr J Lucas, Bruton, Somerset,
Eng, to Elizabeth White, 3rd daughter of Jacob White Esq, Cavendish House,
Fitzroy Rd, Lambeth, London
Death--RYDER, 2 July at Riwaka, Charles Malcom Ryder, 6 mths
Wed - 14 -- Death, DISHER, 14 July, at the Trafalgar Hotel, Margaret, 51yrs, wife of Robert Disher
Fri --- 16 -- HARVEY, 2 July, at Dovedale, wife of J W Harvey, a daughter
Death--HAMMERICH, 5 July, ahr, Upper Moutere, Catherine, 18yr 6mth, 3rd daughter
of Charles Hammerich
Notice === Son of the late Dr Bush of Nelson, drowned on fri night in theAhaura River
Mon - 19 -- MORTON, 19 July, Mrs R Ramsey Morton, a son
Thur - 22 -- WHITING, 22 July, ahr, Nile St East, Mrs D Whiting, a son
Fri --- 23 --- JONES - DIAMOND, 21 July, at Christ Church, by Rev G H Johnstone, William
Henry, eldest son of James Jones sen, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Andrew Diamond,
both of Tasmania
== Names of Town Club and College Boys football teams for a match tomorrow ===
Sat -- 24 --- Death--WHITE, 23 July, at Spring Grove, Mr Charles White, in 62 yr
Mon - 26 -- BEALE, 25 July, ahr, Nile St, wife of Francis Beale, Hokitika, and daughter of
W H Watson, a son
PAAP, 25 July, ahr, Morrison St, Mrs H Paap, a son
Tue -- 27 -- == Election for Nelson Board of Works == proposer, proposed and seconder named ==
Wed - 28 -- SNOW, 28 July, Mrs J Snow, a son
W Costello (Sydney Bill)== suicide on thur 22nd at Devils Grip, Buller River ===
Sat -- 31 --- NALDER, 31 July, ahr, Alton Place, Mrs J V Nalder, a son

August --- 1869

Mon - 02 -- DOBSON, 31 July, Mrs A D Dodson, a son
JAMES, 31 July, ahr, Bridge St, wife of John James, a son
Wed - 04 -- Death--McGEE, 4 Aug, Annie, 5yr, daughter of Mr C McGee,
WINSTANLEY, 1 Aug, at Molesworth St, Westport, Percy Tyler, 11wks, son of T F Winstanley Esq
WILLIAMS, 3 Aug, at Brooklands, near Blenheim, Marlborough, Frederick Williams Esq, JP
Thur - 05 --- Inquest === Thomas Darke, digger, from West Coast and lately the Asylum == death
Fri --- 06 ---- === Item == Mary Ann Bradcock == drowned last night
Sat -- 07 ---- Death--BRADCOCK, 5 Aug, Mary Ann Bradcock, 38yrs
Thur - 12 --- EURE, 11 Aug, ahr, Hardy St, Mrs Eure, a son
Death--BECK, 11 Aug, Sophia, 8mths, only daughter of George Alfred Beck
Fri -- 13 ----- List of immigrants for Nelson, embarked on the Halcyon on 25 may 1869 =====
===== James Sedgwick, Michael Sheils, Frederick Rose, Katherine D Rose,
Mary Louise Rose, J Henry Rose, Andrew Graham, Denis Costello,
Mary Costello, Margaret Costello, Elizabeth Newton, Henry Lange, Mary Holtz,
Augusta Holtz, Catherine Kelling
Mon - 16 --- WHITING, 14 Aug, at Brook St Valley, wife of Henry Whiting, a son
===== Shareholders in the Neptune Gold Mining Co ======= George Pound,
Thomas Liddell, William Morris, Henry Evans, John King, Charles Weitzell,
John William Rowe (all of Charleston)
=== Agents for the paper ==== W Marris, Waimea Rd = J Gilbert, Wakapuaka =
J Smith, Stoke = W Galbraith, Richmond = W Jessop, Hope = W Bottrell, Spring
Grove = E Hooper, Wakefield = J Grove, Foxhill and Upper Lyell =
R Sutcliffe, Baton = L Dron, Waimea W and Appleby = P Spanger, Waimea W =
Mr Benseman, Upper Motere = J Clark and Co and S Buchholz, Motueka and
Riwaka = J Reilly, Waitapu = W C Riley, Collingwood = A Dodson-- and --
G Taylor, both Takaka = J Silcocks, Bridge Hotel = T Anslow, Westport =====
Tue - 17 ---- NATHAN, 14 Aug, ahr, Bridge St, Nelson, Mrs H E Nathan, a son
Wed - 18 --- === Ploughing competition at Mr Thompsons farm, Richmond == names mentioned
including prize winners === Thomas Russ, John Satherly, George Satherly,
Wm Russ, William Biggar ( all Waimea West), Wm Eden, J Silcock, William Hill
James Leighton, William Eden ( all Waimea East), J Ching, Wakapuaka ==
William Eyles, Richmond == C Gapper, Appleby == E Cresswell, Stoke =====
Thur - 19 --- GRAHAM, 19 Aug, ahr, Waimea St, wife of James Graham jun, a daughter
Fri --- 20 ---- GIBBS, 20 Aug, wife of Thos Gibbs, South St, son
GRAHAM, 19 Aug, at St Kilda Cottage, Trafalgar St South, Mrs John Graham, a son
Tue -- 24 --- DOIDGE - COLES, 19 Aug, at Stoke, by Rev J Crump, William, eldest son of John
Doidge, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late William Coles, Yaxley,
Huntingdonshire, Eng
Mon - 30 --- ATMORE, 29 Aug, wife of C Atmore, a son
Death-- EURE, 29 Aug, at Harley st, William, 18days, son of Henry and Elizabeth Eure
Tue -- 31 --- CRUMP, 31 Aug, at Wesleyan Parsonage, Hardy St, wife of Rev John Crump, a daughter
BURFORD, ahr, Cambria St, the Wood, Mrs Burford, a son
NAYLOR - DARBY, 31 Aug, at All Saints Church, by Rev R J Thorpe, George, eldest
son of late Rev George Naylor of Bamford, Suffolk, Eng, to Louisa, 2nd daughter of
Wm Darby, of Nelson
Item, death of Mr Gapper, from Waimea East, one of the oldest settlers

September --- 1869

Wed - 01 --- McCABE, 28, Aug, ahr, Nelson, wife of Lieut McCabe, a daughter
Thur - 02 --- Death--GARDINER, 2 Sept, at Nelson, William Gardiner, 67yrs
Sat --- 04 --- WEBLEY, 31 Aug, ahr, Nelson, Mrs J Webley, a son
Death--FRANK, 3 Sept, ahr, Tasman St, Mrs Jacob Frank, 73yrs
=== Inquest== Matthew Combe ==suicide
Mon - 06 --- STEER, 3 Sept, Mrs W Steer, a son
Death--MARRIS, 4 Sept, ahr, Waimea Rd, W Marris, 43yrs
Tue -- 07 --- CONSTABLE, 6 Sept,ahr, Nile St East, Mrs F Constable, a daughter
Wed - 08 --- BLACK, 7 Sept, ahr, the Wood, Mrs H Black, daughter
Thur - 09 --- FELL - BAINBRIDGE, 3 July, at the parish Church, Putney, by Rev A A Trimmer,
assisted by Rev Laxon E Sweet, Charles Y Fell Esq, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-law
eldest son of Alfred Fell Esq, late of Nelson, NZ, to Edith Louisa, 4th daughter of
Anthony F Bainbridge Esq, of Holmswood, Pufney Hill
Death--FAIREY, 30 June, at Bognor, Sussex, quite suddenly, Mr J Fairey, late of Brighton, Sussex, Eng, aged 61yrs
Sat -- 11 ---- Death--NICHOLL, 16 July, at Ghazepore, East Indies, Edward Nicholl, youngest son of
late Capt T Nicholl, Bengal Horse Artillery, 29yrs
BECK, 11 Sept, after a painfull illness, Ellen, 25yrs, wife of G A Beck
Mon - 13 --- SAXON - Horneman, 8 Sept, at St Thomas's, Motueka, John Saxon Esq, of Wai-Wero,
to Henrietta Laura, 3rd daughter of Major Horneman, JP, of Pangatotara
Death--SCHUMACHER, 12 Sept, at Nile St East, Mary, 66yrs, wife of Frederick
Schumacher, after a long painfull illness
Tue -- 14 --- NICHOL, 11 Sept, at Alma St, Mrs Nichol, a son
BRAY, 14 Sept, at Gloucester St, Mrs C Bray, a daughter
Thur - 16 --- LEECH, 16 Sept, at Nelson, Mrs William Haydn Leech, a daughter
Sat --- 18 --- Death-- BETTS, 18 Sept, at Hardy St, Nelson, Amy Gertrude, 27mth youngest child
of A G and E S Betts
Mon - 20 --- Death--COX, 20 Sept, at Spring Grove, Charles Henry Cox, 58yrs
Mon - 27 --- PILLIET, 26 Sept, at Kiakoura, Mrs W H Pilliet, a son
Death--Mc CABE, 25 Sept, at Nelson, Sarah, 1 mth, daughter of H McCabe
GILBERT, 27 Sept, at the Royal Hotel, after a painfull illness, Mary, 20, wife ofH Gilbert
Tue - 28 ---- ROCKSTROW, 26 Sept, at Axe Farm, Appleby, wife of Dr Rockstrow, a daughter
LEVIEN, 27 Sept, ahr, Trafalgar Square, Mrs R Levien, a son
Thur - 30 --- TUCKEY, 25 Sept, at Wellington, wife of H E Tuckey Esq, a daughter
SIMSON, 29 Sept, Waimea Rd, Mrs James Simson, a son

October --- 1869

Fri --- 01 --- Death--SIMSON, 30 Sept, Waimea Rd, infant son of J and M Simson
Sat --- 02 -- PARKER, 29 Sept, ahr, Stoke, Mrs H ParkeThurr, a son
ANDERSON, 29 Sept, ahr, Upper Trce, Wellington, wife J G Anderson Esq, a son
Thur - 07 -- LLOYD, 7 Oct, wife of W Lloyd, a daughter
Death--FOY, 5 Oct, ahr, Waimea Rd, Mrs T Foy, 69yrs
Fri --- 08 --- Death--GROSSMAN, 5 Oct, of congestion of the lungs
Ester Lizzie, 11 mths, daughter of Jacob and Lizzie Grossman
=== Inquest === William Abbott, Motueka Valley, (skeleton found) went missing 6 to 7 yrs ago
Mon - 11 -- ADAMS - LEADHAM, 27 July, at St Marylebone Church, London, by Rev John Langley,
MA, Rector of Wallingford, Berks, grandfather of the bridegroom, and Rev C Phipps
Evre, MA, Rector of St Marylebone, William Acton Blakeway Adams, eldest son of
William Adams esq, of Wilden, Nelson, NZ, to Harriette Frances, eldest daughter of
Dr Leadham, No 1, York Place, Portman Square
Tue -- 12 -- JOHNSTON, 30 Sept, at Parnell, Auck, Mrs David Johnston, a daughter
Wed - 13 -- === Winners in a draw for pictures by Mr Gully in order 1 - 12 ===
N Edwards, Nelson = J Saxon, Motueka = S H Drew, Nelson = W M Stanton,
Nelson - C R Howdon, Dunedin = T Garrard, Nelson = Miss Adams, Nelson =
C C Schaw, Hokitika = Messrs Broad and Jones, Hokitika = J O Eva, Dunedin =
H Redwood jun, Nelson = H Martin, Stoke === Writing from San Francisco ===
Thur - 14 -- DANVERS, 14 Oct, wife of Capt Herbert Ellis Danvers, a daughter
HAMMOND, 13 Oct, at the Swamp, Richmond, Mrs Henry Hammond, a daughter
Fri --- 15 --- Death--MOORE, 13 Oct, at Washington Valley, Elizabeth Ann, 4and a half yrs, only
daughter of James and Annie Maria Moore
Sat --- 16 -- AVERY, 15 Oct, ahr,Collingwood Bridge, wife of John Avery, a son
Mon - 18 -- HALL, 16 Oct, ahr, Bush Tavern, Grove St, the Wood, Mrs H T Hall, a son
Tue -- 19 -- exactly the same but changed to a daughter
Thur - 22 -- Death--PATERSON, at Mr Crawfords, Toi-toi Valley, of cancer, William Tennant
Paterson, formerly of Newton-on -Ayr, Scotland, aged 59
OVERTON, 7 Oct, at Springton, Mr Thomas Overton
Mon - 25 -- Death--YOUNG, 14 Oct, Ernest Frederick, 5mths, youngest child of Mr S Young
Tue -- 26 -- MOORE, 23 Oct, Nelson, Mrs H Moore, a son
Thur - 28 -- Item -- fatal accident to 5yr old son of Mr AVERY, Collingwood St

November --- 1869

Mon - 01 -- ===Cattle trespass == J Bradcock, E Bradley, E Newland, G Cook, W Harley,
W J Frost, J Donaldson, all fined 5 shillings and costs for allowing horses to stray
J Hunter 25 shillings and costs for allowing 5 cows to stray
J Carter, labourer, Nelson, 1 mth inprisonment with hard labour for stealing
one pound and 10 pence
Tue -- 02 -- Death-LEONARD, 29 Sept, from drowning, at Onehunga, Auckland, William Leonard, 29yr of Nelson
DOUGHTY, 1 Nov, ahlr, Suburban North, Thomas Doughty, 56yrs
Obituary === Thomas Doughty
Wed - 03 --- DIX - USHER, 23 Oct, at the Congregational Church, Dawson St, Ballarat, by
Rev J J Halley, Henry Ross Dix, to Amelia, eldest daughter of Thomas Usher, Nelson, NZ
Death--HUSBAND, 3 Nov, Emma Jane, 6mths, youngest daughter of Mr S Husband
Thur - 04 --- ===Collingwood v Takaka teenage cricket match ====
Fri --- 05 ---- Death--SHANNON, 5 Nov, ahlr, Nile St East, Michael Shannon, 56yrs
Margaret Herdman, about 80yrs, death in a fire last night at the Port
Sat -- 06 ---- YOUNG, 4 Nov, ahr, the Wood, Mrs J W Young, a daughter
Wed -10 ---- HARRIS - RODGERSON, 10 Nov, at res of brides father, By Rev P Calder, Joseph
Harris, BNZ, to Sarah Janet, youngest daughter of Wm Rogerson Esq, Annandale, Maitai
Thur - 11 --- === Cricket match Town v College names ====
Fri --- 12 --- McINTOSH, 11 Nov, at Wakefield Cottage, Mrs John McIntosh, a son
SMITH - WOODHOUSE, 2 Nov, by Rev E Thomas, John Thomas Smith, to Mrs Elizabeth Ann Woodhouse, both of Foxhill
STEVENSON - WOLFENDEN, 9 Nov, by Rev E Thomas, George Stevenson, to
Miss Ellen Wolfenden, both of Nelson
Mon - 15 -- DOUGLAS - GILLET, 13 Nov, by Rev E Thomas, William Douglas, to Miss Esther Gillet both of Nelson
=== James Davidson === fatal accident at Collingwood
Thur - 18 -- GIBBS - BAIGENT, 17 Nov, at St Johns Church, Wakefield, by Rev C O Mules,
Charles Gibbs, late of London, to Sarah, 2nd daughter of Edward Baigent Esq, Wakefield
Sat -- 20 --- LEVEY, 19 Nov, wife of Capt Levey, a son
MILLS, 19 Nov, wife 0f T H Mills, a daughter
=== Cattle trespass ==== J Simpson, G McHardy, J Sigley, C W moore, R G Turner,
G Cook
Mon - 22 -- MOORE - SNOW, 20 Nov, At Christ Church, by Rev R J Thorpe MA, Ambrose E Moore, to Sarah Snow, both of Nelson
Death--FEARON, 21 Nov, at Nelson, Capt Edward Fearon, 55yrs
==== Sworn in for Grand Jury duty === R Morton, H E Curris (?), D M Luckie,
H Greenfield, J C Phillips, Thos Mackey, A G Jenkins, H Goulston, C Elliott,
R M Patton, J Gully, J Webb, H Drew, H Stafford, H Baly, J Burnett,
C H Brown,F Rutter, H Beitt, W M Stanton, J W Barnicoat
==== Item == Peter Risk, miner, Charleston, deadJohn McLouglin arrested

December --- 1869

Thur - 02 -- HARLEY, 2 Dec, wife of J A Harley, a son
Fri --- 03 -- GRANT, 25 Nov, ahr, Hardy St , wife of Robert Grant, a daughter
==== College Sports results ========
Mon - 06 -- McGEE, 5 Nov, ahr, Nelson Hotel, wife of C McGee, a daughter
Tue -- 07 -- MACINTOSH - HARWOOD, 4 Dec, by Rev J Crump, James, youngest son of
W Macintosh, Cambridge, Eng, to Mary, 2nd daughter of G Harwood, Clifton, Motupipi
Thur - 09 -- SPEED, 9 Nov, ahr, Eden Grove Cottage, Mrs J P Speed, a daughter
Sat --- 11 -- SHEATHER, 10 Dec, wife of L Sheather, a son
Mon - 13 -- BATCHELOR, 13 Dec, ahr, Nile St West, Mrs James Batchelor, a son
Tue -- 14 -- RHODES - MOORHOUSE, 29 Nov, at St Marys Church, Merivale, by very Rev,
Dean of
Christchurch, Wm Barnard Rhodes Esq JP, of Wellington, eldest son of
William Rhodes Esq, of Balby, Yorkshire, to Sarah Ann, 2nd daughter of the late
William Moorhouse Esq JP, Knottingsley, Yorkshire
Thu r- 16 -- BRAY - RAMM, 14 Dec, at ALL Saints Church, by Rev W D Rusz, Bernard Noah
Bray, to Hannah Maria Ramm, 2nd daughter of late William Ramm, Norwich, Norfolk, Eng
NALDER - HALE, 14 Dec, at ALL Saints, by Rev W D Rusz, Frederick Newton, 3rd
son of C Nalder, Hardy St, to Eliza, 2nd daughter of W Hale, of Tory St
CARO - DAVIS, 15 Dec, at the Synagogue, by Rev D M Isaacs, David Caro, of
Canterbury, NZ, son of Rev S Care of Norwich, Eng, to Julia, eldest daughter of Hyam Davis, Nelson
=== Item == 12yr old son of E T Conolly, barrister-at-law was struck dead lightningat Picton yesterday
=== About wedding Coro - Davis
Fri -- 17 ---- TAYLOR, 16 Dec, at Richmond, wife of Rev J A Taylor, a daughter
NORTON, 14 Dec, at the York Station, Croixelles, Mrs W Norton, a daughter
=== Nelson College prizes and scholarships =======
Mon - 20 -- ==More exam results === H Graham, C Hardy, W Hornby, A Everett, R Hunter,
T Hooper, W Tregea ( all Bridge St School ), F Severne, Riwaka School =
C Newman, Hampden St School = W Condell, St Marys School
Tue -- 21 -- == Item == death of a young man named M'Turk (about 26yrs) on SS Gothenberg
on her passage from Nelson to Greymouth ===
Wed - 22 -- === Bishops School exams =====
Fri --- 24 -- COTTON, 23 Dec, ahr, Toi-toi Valley, Mrs Cotton, a son
Mon - 27 -- Death--BARTLETT, 24 Dec, ahr, Grove St, Mrs C J Bartlett
PACKER, Dec 25, at the resid of Mr W Nation, Manuka St, Nelson, Charlotte,
32yrs, eldest daughter of the late Jabez Packer
== Town Schools prize giving (around 1200 pupils) === Hugh Graham, Robert
Hunter,Thomas Sadd, James Barltropp, W Lechner, J Wylie, A Everett, T
Chisholm,J Moore, J Ogilvie, A Wylie, L Augarde, W Hibble, W Rout, A Karsten,
H Ryder,M Karsten, J Hollyman ------ Euphemia Clark, Emily Hough, Matilda
Lechner,Phoebe Cator, Rose Clark, Mary Atmore, Esther Sowman, Emma Elvy,
Jane Batchelor,Isabella Haddow, Annie Coward, Naomi Hibble, Annie Capper,
Eliza York,Bertha Hooper, Julia Chisholm, Annie Clark, Lucy Leaper, Emily
Jefferies,Eliza Hubbard ------- Susan Witney, Barbara Robb, Robert Simpson,
FrederickWitney, Grace Lockerbie, Agnes Simpson, Grace Vaughn, Alice
Witney,Frank Hodgson, Charles Hart ------- Mary Barton, Caroline Haase,
William Batchelor,C Halliday, Peter Wooton, Richard Lechner, James Rodney,
Catherine Cator,Alice Bailey, Priscilla Stringer, Andrew Bogle, Mary Simpson,
George Hingston
Tue -- 28 -- BARNETT, 26 Dec, wife of A W Barnett, a daughter
Wed - 29 -- === Account of the lightning bolt that killed young Conolly on 15 Dec
Fri --- 31 -- SMITH, 27 Dec, Mrs John Smith, a son

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