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Useful Links

On these pages we have gathered together some website references that you may find useful for researching family history in:

This page is continually under development.  It's not intended to be an exhaustive list, as there are so many family history research possibilities to explore on the internet.  However we welcome your suggestions for additions, particularly in the "Resources in the Hutt Valley area" section.  To make a suggestion, email us at: [email protected].

Resources in the Hutt Valley Area

Hutt Valley Genealogies and Historical Research - done by Branch Members
Suffrage 125: Hutt Women Signatories to the 1892 and 1893 Suffrage Petitions
Suffrage 125

Suffrage 125 - Whakatû Wâhine

Approximately 270 women in the Hutt region signed the 1892 and 1893 Suffrage Petitions.

As part of the Hutt's Suffrage 125 celebrations, researcher and genealogist Sandra Greig drew up family trees for 227 of these women and located a number of descendants.

When the 1892 petition has been scanned and transcribed it will be possible to get a more accurate total.

This book [PDF] records their family trees, their petition signature, and any extra information and photographs kindly provided by descendants.

This book is a very large PDF (230 pages). Entries are in alphabetical surname order.
There is an index at the end, extracted here for a quick reference.


If you want to access the complete 1892 and/or 1893 Suffrage Petitions, digitised sheets of the petitions have been added to ArchivesNZ's Archway Digital Repository.

As Archway is not the easiest of tools to use, Hutt Valley member Dawn Chambers has added notes on her website on how to find these records in Archway and how to search within them.

Go to Dawn's webpage, to a PDF file of Useful Resources: How to Search Archway for 1892 & 1893 Suffrage Petitions details and search for the text "suffrage" (on about page 33).

The records in Archway are searchable by name OR sheet number OR region/location; use the "Keywords" field to refine the results.

So, going to the Archway Advanced Search:

For 1892 petition:
Keywords: suffrage
Agency: AEBE
Series: 27184

For 1893 petition:
Keywords: suffrage
Agency: AEBE
Series: 25903

Taita Cemetery - War Graves

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage as agent for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), looks after four WWI and 20 WWII True War Graves in Taita Cemetery.
To be recognised as a True War Grave, the person whose remains lie there would have died in active service between

4 August 1914 - 31 August 1921 (WWI), or
3 September 1929 - 31 December 1947 (WWII).

Those buried in NZ True War Graves would have died here having returned from the Front to NZ either wounded or sick, though some would have died while in training.

[Photo - Hutt News, 14 June 2016, p15]

Passenger Lists

School Archives
Hutt Valley High School Logo

New Zealand Society of Genealogists
Births Deaths and Marriage
Archives New Zealand
National Library of New Zealand

Various countries
England and Wales
European Countries

The New Zealand Genealogist April 2015 printed a relevant article.  It has been scanned and is available here as a PDF: An introduction to researching in Continental Europe.

The Research Wiki at is an excelent place to start.

The (disbanded 2019) European Interest Group of NZSG produced handouts for several continental countries.  These can be downloaded.  Each includes a useful map.

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