Hawke's Bay Timeline
Hawke's Bay

A chronology of events mentioned in
Hawke's Bay for the Happy Wanderer
CUNNINGHAM Sheila (1993)


Maui uses Te Matau to pull Te Ika from sea187

Tauhara loses battle with Tongariro and moves to Taupo76

Taniwhas Hinekorako and Ruamana guage out Hangaroa and Ruatikuri Rivers50

Massive slips form lakes at Tutira and Kuripapango25, 127
c. 170Cataclysmic eruption from Taupo Moana70
c. 170Takitimu canoe travels down East Coast43
c. 1150Awanui a Rangi living at Otatara234
c. 1250People living near Porangahau and further north194, 202
c. 1500Tupurupuru killed at Turanga67
c. 1550Ngati Kuhungunu under Taraia invade Hawke's Bay235
c. 1550Ngati Tatara hold domain from Maungaharuru to the sea35
c. 1550Ngati Hinehika firmly established in upper Wairoa49
c. 1550Important pa flourishes at Aropaoanui8
c. 1550Rongokako driven from Kahuranaki185
c. 1700Kuripapango killed127
c. 1700Small settlements scattered around Te Whanganui o Orutu16
1769Cook sails along coast and back195, 237
1773Cook visits Pourerere, deposits poultry and pigs200
Early 1800'sTauranga Koau at Lake Tutira, a fortified pa26
1824Otiere pa stormed by Waikato17
1827D'Urville sails along coast188, 195
1838Rangaiika Whaling Station established192
Early 1840'sWhaling station established at Whakaari2
1842Bishop Selwyn walks from Aropaoanui to Wairoa6
1843William Colenso visits Waimarama195
1844William Morris whaling from Whakaari3
1844William Colenso settles near Awatoto147
1845William Colenso attempts to cross Ruahines and also walks to Porangahau with Archdeacon Williams147, 204
1845Whaling station set up at Waimarama195
1846Mrs Colenso walks from Napier to Wairoa to have baby6
1847William Colenso walks to Tarawera and crosses Ruahines61, 148
1847J. Northwood and H. Tiffen start grazing sheep at Pourerere200
1851Donald McLean at Mohaka to buy land6
1851William Colenso walks to Kuripapango117
1852Sheep grazing starts at Waimarama195
1854Tuckers take up Ashcott157
1854John Chambers purchases Te Mata179
1854Chapman brothers farm at Mangakuri199
1854Herbert family settle south of Cape Turnagain204
1854Rev. S. Williams canoes up Manawatu Gorge
1854Te Aute College founded228
1856Rhodes brothers lease Cape Kidnappers (p.187).
1858G.G. Carlyon buys Gwavas142
1859Pukehou church built170
1860'sEarly attempts to farm hill country in Mohaka region46
1860'sTownship planned at Cape Turnagain205
1860Coastal bridle track cut from Napier to Wairoa6
1861Major-General Whitmore starts farm at Rissington79
1861J.G. Gordon takes over Cape Kidnappers187
1862John McKinnon settles at Aropaoanui11
1863Earthquake in Rissington area79
1864Charles Weber becomes Provincial Engineer213
1866Military engagements at Petane and Omarunui67
1869Captain Tanner to Mohaka with soldiers6
1869Work starts on Napier-Taupo road6l
1869Soldiers killed at Opepe76
1870'sPit sawing industry at Opepe75
1870'sGraziers fires in Kaweka Range102
1870Small gannet colony at Cape Kidnappers188
18702000 wild pigs killed at Waimarama195
1871Seventy Mile Bush bought by Crown154
1871Narrow road cut through Manawatu Gorge228
1872S.S. 'Hovding' arrives with 400 Norwegians173
1872Village of 'Daneverk' built207
1873J .Coleman and A. McHardy purchase 'Blackhead'200
1874Coach service starts between Napier and Taupo61
1874Rosvalls settle at Makaretu161
1875Ongaonga schoolhouse built157
1875Manawatu River bridged above Gorge231
1878Eucalyptus trees planted as navigational aid79
1880'sSubdivision of land for settlement at Puketitiri105
1880's'Sentry box' hut on Poporangi Station140
1880Gold mine in Mohaka Valley66
1881Coach road reaches Kuripapango112
1881James Barlow takes up land at Makaroro149
1882H. Guthrie-Smith settles at Tutira24
1884Morere Hot Springs discovered54
1884Whitnell hut built144
1885Garrisons removed from Napier-Taupo Road61
1886Wool prices start to recover24
1887S.S. 'Go Ahead' wrecked at Whakapau192
1887Copper discovered in southern Ruahines226
1888Whittles settle at Puketitiri91
1888Maharahara Mining Co. in southern Ruahines226
1890'sJames Orr farming at Little Bush87
1890'sRabbits spread to Blowhard117
1890'sApiti track started174
1890'sElectricity at Mokopeka181
1890'sTrout hatchery established near Dannevirke209
1890Jack Ball moves to Puketitiri106
1890Howlett builds hut in Ruahines162
1890Gottfried Lindauer moves to Woodville224
1891Railway through Manawatu Gorge opened228
1893Morere Springs in use54
1893HB-Taihape coach road opened112
1894Aramoana homestead built201
1897Severe flooding; Patangata bridge washed away196
1899Napier-Tutira-Wairoa road formed7
1899Hotel at Te Pohue63
1899Clifton homestead burnt down187
1899Waihi Falls Scenic Reserve gazetted213
1900Copper discovered in central Ruahines172
1901Kuripapango Hotel burnt down112
1902Howletts honeymoon in Ruahines162
1903First car drives over Napier-Taupo Road62
1904Drama at Whitnell Hut144
1905Sika deer liberated in Oamaru valley72
1905Sheep removed from Kaweka Range, rabbits abundant95
1905Lindsay Scenic Reserve set aside169
1907Tangoio Falls set aside as Scenic Reserve20
1904Frank and Amy Hutchinson buy "Omatua"79
1910Mohaka River bridged on Napier-Taupo Road65
1910Shut-eye Shack built151
1910Reserve (later called ANZAC Park) set aside north of Norsewood173
1911Makirikiri Reserve established south of Dannevirke210
1912Sawmill operating at Elsthorp197
1913Bus service starts between Napier and Taupo62
1914F.L. Gordon gifts Cape kidnappers188
1916Whakaari tri-pot salvaged3
1916[First?] deer sighted in Waipawa headwaters155
1917Embankment Bridge built across Ahuriri Estuary16
1918Robert Heays takes up land north of Tutira42
1918Many Ngati Hinehika die in influenza epidemic50
1918Accommodation house at Willowford closes113
1918Ngapaeruru Reserve established211
1919Kaiwaka Cricket Club founded22
1919Six vehicles per day traverse Napier-Taupo Road62
1919Te Mata redwoods planted181
1920'sGeorge Shine takes up land north of Tutira39
1920'sLogging at Little Bush88
1920'sPossums breeding in southern Ruahines219
1920'sElsdon Best visits Heipipi pa site237
1921"Tutira - Story of a N.Z. Sheep Station" published25
1921N.Z. Country Women's Institute founded at "Omatua"79
1921Forest remnant at Puketitiri bought by Hutchinsons89
1922Duncan McKay takes up land at Punakarau Beach4
1922Eskdale Church built60
1923Ruahine Mining Co. working in Coppermine Ck.226
1924Torrential rains north of Napier63
1924Most timber trees now gone from Puketitiri105
1926Yeoman's sawmill starts142
1927Te Mata Park gifted by Chambers family180
1927"Maroro" goes aground at Blackhead point202
1928Makaroro school opens143
1929Lake Tutira becomes a Bird Sanctuary23
1930'sSkudders supplying logs to mill at Willow Flat46
1930'sEnglish cricketers use Kaiwaka cricket ground22
1930'sTe Mata Road created178
1930'sForest service plants Lawsen cypress in cutover forest215, 233
1930Petition to save remaining forest at Puketitiri106
1930McCullough's sawmill starts155
1930Ruahine Copper Surveys Ltd in Coppermine Ck.226
Feb 1931Major earthquake around Napier district also affecting buildings beyond Wairoa and Morere Hot Springs4, 5, 15, 17, 20, 23, 29, 43, 52, 54
c. 1932Road built around coast from Arapaoanui12
1933Charlie Peterson finishes logging at Pigeon bush84
1935Armstrong plane crash in Ruahines151
1935[First?] red deer shot in S.E. Ruahines218
1936Kaweka Hut built123
1937Clements start post splitting in northern Kaimanawas72
1937Forest remnant at Puketitiri donated to Crown by Hutchinsons89
Apr 1938Heavy rains and flooding north of Napier18, 20, 22, 43, 63
1939Forest fire at Puketitiri and on Makaroro flats106, 145
1940'sLumsdens fanning at Kuripapango128
1940Kaweka Range becomes State Forest95
1940Second Howletts Hut built162
1942McCullough's sawmill closes155
1943Kauris planted in Holt's forest at Waikoau30
1945Bill and Ron Hartree settle at Puketitiri83
1945Ball's Clearing Scenic Reserve created106
1945Original Sentry Box hut burnt down140
1946Severe drought85
1946Bush fires at Puketitiri , on Blowhard, in Yeoman's logging area, and in Moorcock valley89, 113, 144, 164
1948Bill Stanfield builds hut in West Tamaki218
1949Forest Service acquires land near Te Pohue63
1949Hawkstone Station sold to Alexanders80
1949Harris family buys Mangatutu Station80
1949Crown buys land at Mangleton137
1950'sCrown buying land for Mohaka Forest46
1950'sWild sheep still present in the Kawekas95
1950'sP. contorta erosion control plantings start96, 121
1950'sMost rata and kamahi dying in southern Ruahines219
1950Rob & Eileen Whittle take over Little Bush farm87
1953Makino Bivouac built110
1954Possums first noted at Little Bush88
Mid-1950'sReg Williams starts H.B. Junior Wildlife Wardens85
1955Aerial top-dressing in full swing40
1955Pigeon Bush (now Hartree Reserve) purchased84
1955Mangleton Road extended138
1956Jack Nicholas takes up Makahu Station108
1856Road reaches Aramoana201
1957Lake Tutira becomes a Wildlife Refuge23
1957Makahu Saddle hut built97
1958Wildlife Refuge declared in Ahuriri Estuary15
1958Rakautanu Lodge erected at Holt's forest, Waikoau30
1958Pink's hut built108
1959Forest Research Institute establishes mountainland branch in Napier97
1960'sFather C.J. Callaghan presses for scenic reserves at Bellbird Bush and Opouahi36
1960'sCrown continues to buy land for Mohaka Forest46
1960'sMorrie & Coral Robson at Kuripapango (until 1966)119
1960'sRosie McDonald leaves Kuripapango127
1960Holt's plantings at Waikoau become Holt Forest Trust30
1960Clements' withdraw from northern Kaimanawas72
1960"The Gums" planted near Mangatutu Hot Springs109
1960Sentry Box hut built140
1960New Stanfield hut built in West Tamaki218
1961Major deviation completed on Napier-Taupo Road near Double Crossing69
1961Death of Bill Hartree and creation of William Hartree Memorial Reserve85
1961"Mahoe" started by Ron & Patsy Hartree86
1961Stinging nettle causes death in Ruahines216
1962Holt Forest Trust proclaimed Wildlife Santuary30
1962Blowhard Bush gifted to the 'Forest & Bird' Society116
1963Heavy rain and floods north of Napier18
c. 1964"Stagger Inn" built about this time109
1964Lake Tutira made a Domain23
1964Kaweka State Forest plantings start113, 116
1965Lake Opouahi declared a Scenic Reserve31
1965Ongaonga schoolhouse becomes a museuml57
1965Blackhead homestead burnt down201
1966H.B. Wildlife Trust established15
1966Broadcasting tower built on Wharite Peak226
1967Opening of Wildlife Warden's building at William Hartree Reserve85
1967Vehicle access reaches Makahu Saddle97
1967Norsewear set up at Norsewood174
Late-1960'sTrack formed up Mohaka to hot springs109
Late-1960'sKiwis bred in captivity at Te Motu86
1968Ministry of Works starts hydrological study of Ngahere Basin (Makahu Saddle)97
1968Massive June rains in eastern Ruahines, Folgers Lake formed160
1968Ngaruroro River diversion completed168
1970'sWalkways concept adopted in N.Z.9
1970'sLake Tutira suffers eutrophication26
1970'sDivers explore Lake Opouahi31
1970'sStart of Woodstock farm and forest65
1970'sTrack cut up Don Juan from east81
1970'sJunior Wildlife Wardens disbanded86
1970's'Forest & Bird' take over Lodge at William Hartree Reserve86
1970'sP. contorta used to control erosion at Don Juan93
1970'sSika Lodge used for deer research128
1970'sH.B. Electric Power Board consider damming Ngaruroro132
1970'sKaumatua Stream hydrology studied141
1970'sTakapari Road made in Ruahines217, 218
19701000 vehicles per day using Napier-Taupo Road62
1970P. contorta sown in southern Kawekas124
1970Pakowhai Country Park startedl68
1971Morere Springs taken over By Lands & Survey Dept.54
1971Mohi Bush Scenic reserve gazetted183
1971Tin-pots salvaged from Rangaiika192
1972Microwave radio transmitter installed on Te Waka64
1972Forest Research Institute withdraws from H.B.97
1972'Bindalsfaering' presented to Norsewood173
1972Otatara site purchased235
1973Whakatu Afforestation Trust leases Te Kowhai81
1973Masters hut demolished138
1974Kaweka Forest Park formed95
1975Tutira changes from farm cadets to school education25
1975Massive floods in N.E. Ruhines147
1975Memorial caim constructed on Colenso Spur149
1975A'Deanes Bush becomes Scenic Reserve157
1976Shines offer land for scenic reserve38
1976McLeans bush gifted202
1976Mangapuaka Stream Scenic Reserve gazetted207
1977Masters Shelter opened138
1978Ormond Estate sells bush on Mahia56
1978Monckton Scenic Reserve set aside165
1979Tutira Walkway formed27
1979Further area added to Opouahi Scenic Reserve33
Early-1980'sWhirinaki track developed70
1980'sTauhara Road extended75
1980'sBenched track made up Coppermine Creek224
1980Boundary Stream Walkway opened38
1980Esk Forest Recreation Area created63
1980P. contorta removal commenced124
1980Walkway opened on eastern flanks of Te Mata177
1980Bridge fails on Makairo Road213
1981Hawke's Bay coastal walkway mooted9
1981'Wairoa Hard' closed to commercial fishing12
1981Ahuriri Estuary Protection Society formed15
1981Finnis bridge constructed20
1981Crown buys Mahia Peninsula Scenic Reserve56
1981'Omatua' homestead replaced79
1982H.B. Wildlife Trust disbanded15
1982Cyclone Bernie damages forest in northern Kaimanawas74
1982'The Lakes' added to Kaweka Forest Park126
1982Whitnell Lodge created145