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This project is no longer actively maintained. You may be interested in adopting the project if you have:
  • an interest in research in this area, and a willingness to offer general assistance to researchers through your maintenance of the project;
  • some experience in maintaining a website, including familiarity with basic tools such as an HTML editor and FTP software;
  • some spare time to maintain the project reasonably regularly, and respond to enquiries in a timely manner.
    Expressions of interest may be directed here, with examples of any websites you currently maintain.

    Auckland, New ZealandGenWeb
    Auckland - Tamaki Makaurau - Tamaki of a thousand lovers

  • Auckland, New ZealandGenWeb

    Auckland, New ZealandGenWeb is a regional project of New ZealandGenWeb dealing with genealogy and family history relating to the Auckland province. Ongoing maintenance is in progress across the site and several areas (**) have yet to be completed.

    The New Zealand > General RootsWeb Message Board is available for the posting of queries relating to your research.

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