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Passenger Lists: Port & arrival year 

Taruranga  (3)

New Plymouth  (3)

Wellington (40)
Table of shipping. Arrived Port Nicholson from 20th September 1839 to  April 1844 

Nelson (4)
Nominated passengers

Canterbury (116)

Timaru (6)

Otago (102)
Immigration increased during the Otago gold rush so the practice of publishing full passenger lists in newspapers was abandoned. 
Only a few of the arriving and departing vessels are listed. In 1890 the Otago Witness only reported the San Francisco Mail steamers  passengers arriving at Auckland.

List of immigrants, debtors to the Provincial Government of Otago for Passage Moneys.  
Otago Early Settlers' Association - Lady Clarke, Poictiers, Phoebe Dunbar, and Eden
First Church anniversary, Dunedin
Clutha Pioneers

Picnic Otago
Chronological Records for Otago 1840 -1876
Otago Settlement Jubilee Number - March 17 1898  
1898 obituary summary
1899 obituary summary

1902 Chronological record summary


Would anyone like to help transcribe the 'Otago Witness' shipping columns?  Passengers 1873 1882
 It will be the start to an invaluable and a time saving finding aid. As many of you know it takes time to scroll through the 'Papers Past' newspaper pages especially the 'Otago Witness'.  Please select a date and email me.  No commas between names. Alphabetical order. Keep first, second and steerage passengers separate. Email me the text.  No attachments.  Any suggestions on improving on the project will be appreciated.  Thanks. Olwyn

Surname Mr  AB  
Surname Mr A
Surname Mr  and Mrs BC
Surname Mrs 
Surname Miss   first name

Cabin passengers:

Multiple NZ Ports  - 1880 Rotoura  
 - 1852 True Briton
 -1846 Madras,  1854  Eagle
Canterbury -

Crew Lists:


Maritime Art 

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Shipping Intelligence: 

In the emigration heyday, most major ports reported on ship arrivals and departures in a 'Shipping Intelligence' column in the local newspaper. The arrival reports are like all lists, never complete. The references in news stories can appear on any page and it is usually luck to find them so look three days either way.

Would anyone like to volunteer to help transcribe the Shipping Intelligence, passenger lists, wrecks, BDMs,
messages from the sea, and take note anything important like a large list from newspapers at your own convenience?  If you would volunteer please email Olwyn. Many thanks. The newspaper images can be found on the wonderful NZ National Library Papers Past website. 


Otago Witness, 30 December 1897, Page 41
Old Mr Bentley (reading the paper) : "I see that in the recent storm at sea a ship loaded with passengers went ashore."
Old Mrs Bentley (placidly) : "How fortunate I can imagine how glad those passengers were to get on dry land."

Voyage Accounts

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