'Merope' London to Lyttelton 1871

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New Zealand Bound

Gravesend to Lyttelton, New Zealand 1871

MEROPE left Gravesend on June 9th, 1871 and arrived Lyttelton 26th August 1871 with 171 Government immigrants.

Timaru Herald Aug. 26 1871
The ship Merope, Capt. Rose, from London was spoken by the Maori on Thursday afternoon, off Le Bons Bay, all well on board. The Merope has had a magnificent passage, having passed the Isle of Wright on the 12th June. She brings a large cargo, a number of immigrants, and many old colonists, among whom are Mr Murray Aynsley and family. The passage of 74 days is one of the fastest on record.

The Star, Friday, August 25, 1871 pg2
Lyttelton, Aug. 25. - the fine clipper ship Merope, 1070 tons, Captain Rose, arrived at 2 a.m. off the Lyttelton Heads this day from London. She left Gravesend on the 9th June, at 3 p.m., landed the pilot at the isle of Wright on the 11th June at noon, and was two miles south of the Start point on the 12th June. Sighted Stewart's Island on the 20th instant, thus making a magnificent passage of 68 days, 12 hours land to land. Good health has been enjoyed by all on board during the passage. The s.s. Gazelle made two trips to her during the morning with the customary officials. She anchored about 10 o'clock, a short distance below Rhode's Bay. The inspection of the commissioners being completed, and the ship passed, the s.s. Gazelle returned to Lyttelton at 12:30 p.m., hearty cheers being given on leaving the vessel.  Also 160 steerage passengers (somehow I have a few extra*, my count - 183 emigrants), the greater portion of whom are emigrants, under the Government regulations for Canterbury.  Passengers 37 cabin -

Aynsley 	Mr H.P. Murray and family (nine)
Barringer 	Mr E.
Dennis 		Mr H.E.
Digby 		Mr W. T.
Donald 		Mr W.
Elkington 	Mr J
Fraser 		Mr T.L.
Husband 	Dr
Hayhurst 	Mrs and child 
Powery 		Mr M. A. 
Reeves 		Miss 
Willisford 	Mr D.
Stigard 	Mr J. 
Willis 		Capt. R.B. and family (nine) 
Wills 		Mr and Mrs
Wilson 		Mr J.H.
Wilson 		Mr L W
The Star Saturday August 26th 1871 pg 2
Abel		William		25 Aberdeenshire	Farm Labourer	? Pine ChCh Mr Perry St Asaph Street
Abel		Jessie		23 Aberdeenshire	Housemaid	Left Mr Perry St Asaph Street 
Adams		Agnes		19 Galway		G servant
Bainton		Alfred		25 Wiltshire		Ploughman 	Mr De La Main
Barnham		William		   Nottinghamshire	Labourer
Bird		Alice		19 Gloucestershire	G servant	Left Mr Bradley Ferry Road 
		Mary A		20 Gloucestershire	G servant 
Boyle		John		21 Londonderry		Ploughman
		Mary Ann	23 					Watsons Accomodation House 
Boyle		Ellen		25 Derry		G servant
Braddick	Samuel		20 Devonshire		Farm Labourer	Timaru 
Bristow		James		24 Surrey		Farm Labourer	Evans, Rangiora
Britton		Lucy		   Somertshire		Nurse
Buchanan 	Margaret	17 Galway		G servant	Buchanan
Cade		Charlotte E	26 Hants		Matron		Mr Broadfoot 
		Martha		23 Surrey		Nurse		Mr Rivett 
		Emma		19 Middlesex		Nursemaid 
Cameron		Eliza		   Tyrone
Campbell	Isabella	34 Ross & Cromarty	Cook 		Left Mrs Helt..Lyttelton			
Campbell	Jane		   Rossshire		G servant
		Jane		04
Case		Emma		   Middlesex		Nurse
Clark		Bennett		   Hants 		Farm Labourer	
Clark		wife		   Hants	
Clark		child		   Hants 	
Clithers	Robert		27 Norfolk		Shepherd
Collins		Sarah		20 Norfolk		Dairymaid	 Unreadable
Connor		Mary		22 Tyrone		G servant	 Mr Cholmondley
Cronin*		Hannah		60 Sfx
		Louisa		21 Middlesex		Laundress
Dobson		Thomas		28 Wicklow		Ploughman	 William 
Dobson 		John		19 Wicklow		Ploughman
		Richard		17 Wicklow		Ploughman 
Dobson		Alicia		49 Wicklow		Housekeeper	 Dobson/Ranagiora 
		Margaret	15 Wicklow		Dairymaid
Dollan		James		22 Lanarkshire		Labourer	 John Dollan Christchurch
Dougall		John		   Aberdeenshire	Labourer
Dougall		Alexander	   Aberdeenshire	Labourer
Dougall		Mary	           Aberdeenshire	Dressmaker
Downham		Sarah E		17 Middlesex		G servant	 Mrs Theil 
Edwards		Phillippa	19 Cornwall		G servant	 Left John Edmonds			
Egan		Catherine	24 Kerry		G servant 
Eglington	Freeman		16 Norfolk		Ploughman	 Mr Clarke - Kaiapoi
Elsey		Hannah J	30 Middlesex		Nursery Governess	 Left Woodham 
Fahey		Patrick		29 Galway 		Shepherd	 Fitzgibbon - Robinson Left CHCH 
Field		Emma		16 Surrey		G servant	 Mr Roberts
Finlay		Sarah		21 Down			G servant	 Brother at Rolleston 
Fitzpatrick	Hugh		16 Tyrone		Farm Labourer	 Timaru
Ford		Lucy		26 Dublin		Cook		 Mr Oram/City Hotel
Flynn		Julia		18 King's		G servant	 McGrath 
Gabbatis	Thomas		68 Nottinghamshire	Shepherd	 Roser, Prebbleton 
Gillespie	John		28 Roscommon		Farm Labourer	 Timaru 
Haggarty	Henry		28 Lancashire		Carpenter	 Nominated by Fanny Kirwan
		Eliza		24 					 Cashel Street - Friends
		William Henry	07
		Richard		06
		Henry		04 
Hamilton	Isabella	23 Tyrone		G servant	Davis - Tai Tapu 
		Eliza		20 Tyrone		G servant
Harris		Amelia 		and child
Hart		Raphael		16 Middlesex		Labourer	Adairs Christchurch
Hart		Mary		20 Galway		G servant	Left Ship, Christchurch, Fitzgibbon
Hawkins		Thomas		29 Gloucestershire	Farm Labourer	Mr Lee, Templeton
		Eliza A		23	
		Clara E		03
		Cora A		10m
Hewson		Fanny		22 Middlesex		G servant	 Charlesworth 
Hide		William		18 Herts		Farm Labourer	 Chas Hide ? 
Hitchens	Samuel		29 Cornwall		Farm Labourer	 Mr F Laury, Springston
		Catherine	28
		Elizabeth A	07
		Catherine L	05
		Samuel J	02
Jackson		George		25 Kilkenny		Farm Labourer			
Kain		Ellen		28 Galway		G servant	 Left O'Malley
Kelly		Cornelius	20 Down			Farm Labourer	 H Shaw S C ..?..
Kelly		Bridget		19 Tipperary		G servant	 Mr Guard
Kelly		Mary		20 Tipperary		G servant	 Mrs Webb Lyttelton 
Kennedy		Mary A		21 Tipperary		G servant	 W Mcpherson
King		Mary		18 Kerry		G Servant
King		James		   Middlesex		Labourer
King		Mary Ann	50 Middlesex				 Age Given as 45 
		Mary A		18 Middlesex		Nurse		 Nominated By Theresa King-Bing
		Julia		15 Middlesex		Nurse		 W Nalder - Lyttelton - E Hack
		James		11 Middlesex				 Mr Serard
Lambert		Robert		24 Norfolk		Farm Labourer	 John Barrett 
Lascombe	William		18 Devonshire		Farm Labourer	 Bennets Hotel 
Leigh		Eliza		23 Kent			G servant	 J W Cresswell
Leigh		Liberty		51 Kent 		Farm Labourer	 Went to Leigh, Cobb & Co Age at 45
Lelean		Thomas I	24 Cornwall		Farm Labourer	 Belcher & Fairweather 				
Leslie		Helen		40 Kerry		Dressmaker	 Left Lyttelton 
		Bridget		20 Aberdeenshire	G servant
Line		George		34 Wiltshire 		Ploughman
		Julia		28
		Job George	01
Maclear		John		28 Tyrone		Ploughman
McAfee		Hugh		28 Antrim		Ploughman			
McCaffert	Francis		22 Antrim		Ploughman	McCafferty - Motunau -Left Omalley				 
McDougall	Jessie             Cathnessshire	G servant
McDougal	Mary		35 Aberdeenshire	Dressmaker
		John		10
		Alexander	08
McGillon	Patrick		25 Tyrone		Ploughman
McGrath		John		   King's County	Labourer
McGrath		Cathe		20 Kings				 Husband at Springston
		John		06
		Julia		04
McHenry		Michael		22 Antrim		Farm Labourer 	 Left 			
McHenry		Daniel		   Antrim		Farm Labourer
McKay		Ann B		28 Sutherlandshire	G servant	 Left McKay, Pidgeon Bay
McKay		William		35 Sutherlandshire 	Farm Labourer
		Mary		32
		Donald G	11
		John J		07
		Mary		07
Mack		Margaret	21 Clare		G servant	 Timaru
Martin		Eliza		24 Gloucestershire	Dairymaid	 Left Badham
Mason		Samuel		18 Kilkenny		Farmer		 G M Cullock, Christchurch 				 
Mitchell	Andrew		28 Down			Farm Labourer	 Robert Reid Styx 
		Jane		27
		Mary E		03m
Moffat		Joseph		17 Cumberland		Farm Labourer	 Moffat Lincoln (Luggage)
Moffat		Mary		42 Cumberland		Dairywoman	 Left with Brother at Lyttelton
		Betsy		13 Cumberland		G servant
		Joseph		17
Morris		James		25 Armagh		Ploughman
Morton		Susanna		24 Cavan		G servant	 Left Sister at Lyttelton
Nicholls	Ann S		33 Middlesex		G servant	 W Bearley 
Nevin		Thomas		12 Tipperary 		Blacksmith	 John Niven - Christchurch
O'Malley	Daniel		22 Antrim		Farm Labourer	 Left O'Malley 			
O'Shaughnessy	Kate		21 Clare		G servant	 Timaru
Palmer		John		20 Norfolk		Farm Labourer	 Belcher & Fairweather
Parnham		William		32 Nottinghamshire	Farm Labourer	 Thomas Parnham - Kaiapoi
Parr		James		18 Nottinghamshire	Labourer	 Widdowson - Kaiapoi
Patterson	James		20 Down			Farm Labourer
Patterson	Anna		17 Tyrone		G servant	 Mr Fleming
Peacock		Oliver		24 Armagh		Farm Lab
		Lavinia 	21
		Child		11m 
Perry		Edmund		30 Wiltshire		Ploughman
		Eva		29
		Emily Kate	03
Power		Mary		22 Carlow		G servant	 Timaru
Reilly		Mary		20 Kerry		G servant
		Margaret	19 Kerry		G servant
Salter		Lydia		   Devonshire		G servant
Salter		Sarah		   Devonshire		Dairyman
Scannell	Daniel		20 Kerry		Farm Labourer	 Timaru
Scannell	Johanna		18 Kerry		G servant
		Julia		19
Shepherd	George		   Somersetshire	Blacksmith
Shepherd	George		14 Somersetshire				 City Hotel
Sheppard	Elizabeth	19 Somersetshire	Dressmaker	 Left Oram 
Sheppard	Patienće	18 Somersetshire	Dressmaker
Singleton	Catherine	20 Down			G servant	 Chapman - Fernside 
Smith		William		15 Lanarkshire		Labourer	 Smith At ....?
Smith		Daniel		   Renfrewshire
Smith		Janet		38 Renfrewshire		Labourer	 Left
		William		15
		Janet		13
		Mary		11
		Daniel		06
Sopp		Amelia		21 Middlesex		G servant	 Brother at Mr Bowrens 
Starr		Elizabeth	20 Wiltshire		G servant	 Mr Oram - Kaiapoi			
Sullivan	John		28 Cork			Farm Labourer
		Susannah	26
		Annie		06
		Ellen Jessie	09m		
Thompson	Thomas		33 Antrim		Ploughman
		Annie		28
Trengrove	Samuel C	23 Middlesex 				B Smith, Timaru
Trengrove	Mary Ann	20 Middlesex		G servant	[sic: Trengove]
		Matilda		20 Middlesex		G servant
Turberville	Kate		13  					W Smart
Urquhart	Colin		32 Ross & Cromarty	Labourer	McKenzie - Rangiora			
Urquhart	Colin		20
Walker		Robert Henry	24 Armagh		Farm Labourer, Isaac Corner- Lincoln Road
Watson		James		14					He Left With Father Cabman
Watts		Jane		18 Middlesex		G servant	Mr Oram 
Webster		Ellen		24 Lancashire				Left Sister at Lyttelton
Webster		Richard		   Lancashire		Labourer				 
		Richard		04
Yaldahurst* 	Martha		24

Farm labourers 24
ploughman 13
labourers 10
shepherds 3
carpenter 1
blacksmith 1
cooks 2
dairymomen 5
dressmakers 4
general servants 43
housemaid 1
housekeeper 1
laundress 1
matron 1
nurses 5
nursery governess 1

Male adults 55
female adults 87
male children 13
female children 10
infants 6
Total souls 171
155 statue adults.

Timaru Herald Saturday 2 Sept. 1871
The Maori, s.s., arrived from Lyttelton and Akaroa yesterday, and landed 20 passengers ex Merope.

The Star, Monday August 26, 1871
Lyttelton - Cleared.
Aug. 28 - Helenslee, ship, 798 tons, Cleary, for London. passengers - Saloon: Mrs Cleary, Messrs J., Lee, and S. Pain.

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