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New Zealand Bound
July 1855 to Lyttelton from Melbourne via New Plymouth & Wellington 

Taranaki Herald 11 July 1855 Page 2 Shipping Intelligence. ARRIVED.
July 4. — Colchester, brig, 250 tons, Adams, master, from Melbourne. Passengers — Messrs Dare, and Sullivan. R. Brown, agent.
July 5.— Alexander, brig, 150 tons, Claussen, master, from Melbourne. Passengers— Mr Campbell and son. R. Brown, agent.
SAILED. July 4.— Colchester, brig, for Otago.
IMPORTS. Per Alexander — 160 tons building materials for troops.
The schooner Vixen which sailed from New Plymouth on the night of the 25th of May for Melbourne arrived at the heads on the 2lst of June, after a stormy passage. The Vixen is now on her return and may be expected by the end of this week. The Colchester arrived during a gale from the N.W., and after landing her passengers for this place, proceeded on her voyage.

Lyttelton Times 25 July 1855 Page 5 SHIPPING NEWS.
ARRIVED. July 23rd, brig Colchester, 154 tons, Adams, via Wellington from Melbourne. Passengers— Cabin:  Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner, Mr. Prescott, Mrs. McDonald, Mr. Bell, and Misses Stewart (2). Steerage: J. McGinnis, E. Walsh, J. Clarke, C. Hill, wife & 2 children ; H. Cornwall, J. Vantes, Louisa Bush, J. Hammon, J. Rowley, G. Raymond, W. Rutledge, W. Charlesworth, J. Johnson, J. Ashworth, wife & 2 children ; W. Blake, W. Wilson, H. Dobbs, wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters, and two young children.
IMPORTS. In the Colchester, Cookson & Co., agents, 30 tons coals, 4 plough fittings, 3 harrows, 3 bales gunny bags: order.


Lyttelton Times 22 September 1855 Page 4 SHIPPING NEWS.
SAILED. Sep. 20, barque William Hyde, Raymond 530 tons, for Norfolk Island. Same day, brig Colchester, Adam, 152 tons, for Melbourne. Passengers, Mrs. Gilbert, and 5 children, Mr. and Mrs. Woodcock, Mr. Mary, Mr. Prescott, Mr. Gardner.
IMPORTS. In the Colchester 100 bushels wheat, 400 do. bran, 600 do. oats, 85 tons potatoes, 3 do. carrots ; 200 bags oats (400 bushels) Le Cren ; 7 tons potatoes, 120 bushels wheat, 74 do barley 228 do. oats, Blakiston & Co.

Lyttelton Times 1 December 1855 Page 6
The Colchester and the Gratitude, hence the 22nd and 20th Sept., both with produce grown in this settlement, arrived at Melbourne on the same day, Oct. 21st.

'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. Obituary The Press 8 Feb. 1909 pg. 7
Mr Henry Dent Gardiner, who died at his residence, Woodchester, Richmond, on January. 28, was a colonist of many years’ standing, having come to Australia fifty-eight years ago, during the last fifty-four of which he resided in New Zealand. The son of Mr Edward Gardiner, of Belcham Hall, near Colchester, on the borders of Essex and Suffolk, the late Mr Gardiner was born in January, 1827, and after the completion of his education he decided to emigrate to the colonies. Leaving Plymouth in 1851, he first landed in South Australia, but after a short sojourn in the southern State, decided to try his fortunes in Victoria, where the gold boom was then at its height. Going to Bendigo, he commenced business as a storekeeper, and for some time carried on a lucrative trade on the great goldfield. While resident there he married, his bride being Miss Mary Ann Hart, of Crawley Hall, London. In 1855 he decided to try his fortunes in New Zealand, which was then beginning to acquire a reputation for its great wealth as a pastoral and gold mining country. Becoming part owner of the brigantine Colchester, he brought that vessel to New Zealand, carrying a number of gold-seekers. Afterwards he made several trips to Australia with cargoes of produce. While on his first trip to New Zealand he purchased land at what became known as Gardiner’s Road, Styx, and here in the following year he commenced farming. He remained at the Styx for eight years, when he sold his property to the late Mr Grosvenor Miles, and shortly afterwards acquired a property at Irwell, where he resided till 1865. About 1874 he purchased the well-known Purau property from Messrs Rhodes Bros., and four years later took up his residence there. In 1886 lie took a trip to Great Britain, and on his return to New Zealand acquired the Woodchester property, where ho resided till the time of his death. The late Mr Gardiner leaves a widow, four sons, six daughters and thirty-seven grandchildren. His sons are Mr Herbert Gardiner, of Irwell, Mr L. C. Gardiner, of Lower Riccarton, and Messrs Harold and Frank Gardiner, of Purau. The funeral took place at the Linwood Cemetery on Saturday, when there was a large attendance and the service at the grave was conducted by the Rev F. R. Inwood and the Rev W. A. Pascoe.

Press 8 February 1909 Page 7 MR H. D. GARDINER.
The death of Mr Henry Dent Gardiner, of Woodchester, Avonside, a few days ago, removed another of the very early settlers in New Zealand. The late Mr Gardiner (who claimed to be the first colonist of that name to land at Lyttelton) was the son of the late Edward and Elizabeth Gardiner, of Beloham Hall, near Colchester, on the bordor of Essex and Suffolk. He was born in January, 1827, and had consequently just pasted his eighty-first birthday at the time of his death. The family showed a very decided tendency to longevity, one of the late Mr Gardiner's brothers (Mr J. S. Gardiner of Borley Lodge, Suffolk) being still alive at the age of eighty-nine, and a sister (Mrs Sarah Vaille, of Sibbleheddington) being eighty-four years old. There were also three other brothers who all lived to a ripe age, while, in addition to this unusual record, the late Mr Gardiner's father died at the age of eighty-four years, while, an uncle outlived the allotted three score years and ten by twenty years. The deceased gentleman left Plymouth for Adelaide in 1851, and found himself in Melbourne the following year, reaching Bendigo some twelve months later, at the time of the great gold-mining boom. It was at the latter place he married Miss Mary Ann Hart, of Crawley, near London. He left for New Zealand with his bride the following year in the brigantine Colchester, of which, he was part owner, and which was used for conveying gold diggers from Australia and carrying produce back there. On arrival in Canterbury he purchased a property at the Styx, and commenced farming a year later, remaining in the locality for eight years, and then selling his property to the late Mr Grovesvenor Miles. In 1863 he acquired the Woodlands property, Irwell, and went to live there in 1865, gradually increasing his holding to a large area. About 1874 he purchased the Purau property from Messrs Rhodes Bros., and took up his residence there in 1878. After a trip to Great Britain in 1886 he bought the Woodchester property, where he remained until the time of hie death. The late Mr Gardiner leaves a widow, four eons, 6 daughters, and 37 grand-children. He was a very well-known identity, and greatly respected by all with whom he came into contact. His death will be especially felt by the early settlers who knew him so well, and by whom he looked upon as a very dear and near friend.

Henry Dent Gardiner's parents were: Edward Gardiner christening October 2, 1787 — Kersey, Suffolk
                                                        Elizabeth Rouse born May 4, 1786 25 — Layham, Suffolk
        Henry married Mary Ann Hart March 25, 1854 (Age 26 years) St Peter Cofe, Melbourne, Australia
        Henry died January 28, 1909 (Age 81 years) Christchurch, NZ.

A Cockatoo - today usually abbreviated as a cocky. A small agricultural farmer as opposed to a sheep farmer.
Henry Dent Gardiner, son of an farmer, born in Essex, ENG, in 1828, to a family of yeoman farmers, went to Australia in 1850 chasing gold. He arrived in Lyttelton in 1855, purchasing a block of land at Harewood where he farmed. Gardiners Road in Harewood is named after him. He also farmed in Irwell and Leeston. In 1874, he brought Purau off Robert Heaton Rhodes for 20,000 pounds. Leaving all his farms in the hands of his sons, Henry retired to Christchurch in 1890. He died in 1909. Henry and his wife Mary Ann are buried at Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch. Henry Dent Gardiner late of Purau and Woodchester.

1855 Gardiner
1859 Gardiner Herbert
1857 Gardiner Ellen Julia
1863 Gardiner Rosa Adela
1864 Gardiner Harold
1867 Gardiner Francis Robert Hicks
1867 Gardiner Frances Elizabeth Hicks
1870 Gardiner Henrietta

Ashburton Guardian 18 October 1941 Page 8 Estate - a genealogist gold mine. 

CHRISTCHURCH, This Day. The manner of distribution of the remaining, shares of an estate amounting originally to £120,000 was in question in a case heard by his Honour Mr Justice Blair at the Supreme Court yesterday. The estate was of Henry Dent Gardiner, who died in 1909, leaving it, after certain provision for annuities and for the maintenance of the widow, to his 10 children — four sons and, six daughters— in nearly equal shares.
In terms of the will, the sons were paid out in cash in 1910. The balance was invested as one fund for the six daughters, each of whom received her proportionate share of the income. Two daughters died, one in 1913 and another in 1932, and in terms of the will their share of the capital was paid out from, the fund to their children. Another daughter (Mrs Marion Chisnall died in 1939, and a fourth (Mrs Rosa Gardiner), in 1941 (actually after the present proceedings were started). Fearing that there might be insufficient margin in the remaining assets in the-fund to pay all four shares in their full nominal value, the trustees had paid Mrs Chisnall’s children only part of that sum, and asked for guidance about future procedure. Mr D. E. Wanklyn appeared for the plaintiff v trustees, Arthur Hayward Gardiner and Linton Charrington Gardiner. Among the defendants, Mr L. J. Hensley appeared for F. R. H. Gardiner, of Purau, only surviving son of testator;. Mr T. A. Gresson, for Rosa Adela Gardiner, representing the life tenants under the will; Mr W. R. Lascelles for Y. G. Jackson, representing the children of two daughters of testator, who have been paid out under the will; Mr V. Russell for Steadman Conway Chisnall and six other children of Mrs Marion Chisnall; and Mr A. W. Brown for Norris Gardiner, representing children of still living life tenants, children of Mrs Rosa Gardiner and Mrs Ellen Washbourn.
Many Parties
The full list of defendants is as follows;
Testator’s only surviving son, Francis Hugh Hicks Gardiner, of Purau;
the surviving executors and trustees of three deceased sons, Linton Charrington Gardiner, Herbert Gardiner, and Harold Gardiner;
the children of Henrietta Jackson (died 1913) — Thelma L. Jackson, of Ashburton, H. N. Jackson, of Purau, Edna, F. Hanna, of Christchurch, A. M. Jackson, of Purau, and Lynley M. Galbraith, of India;
the children of Kate Laura Jackson (died 1932)— Laura May Carter, of Fairlie, Zeta M. Oliver, of Temuka, Jessie Olive Newton, of Kaikoura, Ynyr George Jackson, of Christchurch, P. W. Jackson, of Masterton, S. R. Jackson, of Pleasant Point;
the children of Marion Chisnall (died 1939) — S. C. Chisnall, of Woodbury, W. G. Chisnall, of Hinds, Irene H. McConnell, of Hinds, C. D. Chisnall, of Hinds, C.D. Chisnall, of Hinds, and H. L. Chisnall, of Hinds, and the Public Trustee as executor of the will of G. W. Chisnall;
the children of Rosa Adela Gardiner (died July, 1941) Vida Mary Gardiner, of Riccarton, N. A. Gardiner, of Ataahua, and Ella Freda Gardiner, of Riccarton;
Ellen Julia Washbourn,
of Dunedin, her daughter, Ethelberta Neave [b. 18 Oct. 1884], of Christchurch, and her grandchildren, Elizabeth M. Neave, of Christchurch, F. E. Neave, of Christchurch, J. D. Neave, of Hokitika, H. W. Neave, of Christchurch, Nancy M. Neave, of Dunedin, and A. K. Neave, of Christchurch; and, finally,
Frances Elizabeth Hicks Page, of Riccarton, widowed daughter of testator, with no children.
The questions to be determined were whether the share of Mrs Page on her death was to be divided equally among all the children of the testator, or could be held and applied to make up any deficiency in the shares; the manner in which the trustees were to distribute the remaining settled shares; and whether the Court approved of the distribution of the settled shares of Henrietta Jackson and Kate Laura Jackson.

Money Still Available.
Mr Wanklyn said Mrs Chisnall’s children had been paid only £1000 each, with a balance owing. On the of death of Mrs Page, now aged 73, her share fell into the residue and became divisible. A balance of £3009 was owing of Mrs Chisnall’s share. The Shares remaining of the other daughters were: Mrs Washbourn £12,102, Mrs Gardiner £10,221, Mrs Page £13,588. To meet this the assets were: Mortgages £30,789, Government securities £2809, cash in bank £10,221. It was a question whether there was enough margin. His Honor: The mortgages are the doubtful factor. Mr Hensley contended that when the sons were paid their shares, and the fund was set up of the combined shares of the daughters, the sons ceased to be concerned in the fate of that, fund, except that, if one of the daughters died without children, each of the sons would be entitled to one-ninth of the daughters’ fund. If the daughters fund, increased in value, only they would benefit; if it decreased, only they would suffer, and no refund could be claimed from the sons. Mrs Page’s share in the daughters’ fund could not be regarded as a convenient windfall to be used to stop up deficiencies which might arise in the fund.
Mr Gresson said the trustees were in duty bound to treat the three remaining groups of children equally, and, if necessary, to set up a reserve so that this could be done. They must not pay out the full nominal value of the Chisnall children’s share if that was going to leave the Gardiner and Ashbourn children short. He contended that Mrs Page’s share, in the event of her death, should be divided into nine equal amounts.

Place names in Christchurch

Gardiners road, Harewood. Henry Dent Gardiner owned land in the Styx area but moved by 1865.

Richmond Park in CHCH was developed on land once owned by Henry Dent Gardiner. he ran cattle on the land behind his home, Woodchester which he purchased in 1886. The land was presented to the city as a domain in 1917.

Woodchester Ave named after the house belonging to Henry Dent Gardiner.  The land was subdivided in 1909 after his death in 1909.


Lyttelton Times 16 April 1881 Page 4 / The Illustrated London News June 18 1881 page 594 MARRIAGE.
JACKSON - GARDINER — April 12, at the Church of England, Brookside, by the Rev. Walter Harper, Frank, the eldest son of George Jackson, Esq., of Woolshots Ramsden, Wood House, Billenesay (Billericay), Essex, to Kate Laura, eldest daughter of Henry Dent Gardiner, Esq., of Woodlands, Irwell and Purau, Rhodes Bay, Lyttelton and formerly of Belchamp, St Paul's Essex, England.

Frank Jackson married Kate Laura Gardiner in 1881 in NZ. Son Selwyn Rouse Jackson was born 18 Nov. 1891 in NZ. Died 1934.
Mother Kate Laura Jackson died at Fendalton 21st July 1932 aged 77 years. Buried Pleasant Point.
Father Frank Jackson born in England. In NZ 30 years from Selwyn service record in 1917 (sic).
Frank was a sheepfarmer at Pleasant Point. Died 1st March 1913 at Castlerock, aged 57. Buried Pleasant Point, NZ. Headstone reads he was born Nov. 23rd 1856 in Essex, England.
Harry Jackson of Purau Banks, sheep farmer, executor and Linton Charrington Gardiner, sheep farmer, of Riccarton, executor.

Children of Frank & Kate Laura Jackson
1882 Jackson Laura May
1884 Jackson Zeta Maud
1886 Jackson Jessie Olive
1889 Jackson Ynyr George served in WW1. 7/1482. Died 1961.
1891 Jackson Selwyn Rouse buried Pleasant Point.
1899 Jackson Percy Walter

Zeta Maud Jackson married James Oliver Josling OLIVER in 1912. James is buried in Temuka. (1878-1938)
Laura May Jackson married Francis "Frank" John CARTER in 1916
Jessie Olive Jackson married George Gordon NEWTON in 1920

Francis John Carter, farmer Geraldine in his will dated 11th July 1962 bequeath to his wife Laura May Carter all furniture, plate plated goods glass china silver cutlery pictures prints musical instruments statuary books (except books of account) linen and all other articles of personal or domestic use or ornament including any motor car refrigerator radios and domestic electrical appliances of any description. Their children Percy Francis Carter of Te Puni, Clayton Settlement, Fairlie, farmer, and Evelyn May Williams of Middle Valley Fairlie, married woman, as Trustees. In 1942 Percy was a pilot for the NZ Air Force and returned from England with a wife, Elise.

 Sun 4 January 1918 Page 2
The wedding was quietly celebrated yesterday, in St. Barnabas Church, Fendalton, of Mr Selwyn Jackson, second son of the late Mr F. Jackson, late of Castlerock, and Miss Alys Isherwood, of Burwood. The bride was given away by her brother, Mr Frank Isherwood, and wore a smart grey gaberdine frock, and a hat of Tuscan straw, with touches of black and pink. Miss Olive Jackson and Mr Percy Jackson acted as bridesmaid and best man respectively. A small reception was afterwards held by Mrs Jackson at "Coonara," Fendalton.

JACKSON, Selwyn Rouse - WW1 73364 - Army
Enlisted 5th June 1917 at Christchurch. Farmer. Age 25 years and 6 months. Weight 200lbs. 6ft. 3" History of diabetes. Patches of eczema on thighs. External haemorrhoids. Class C2. Joined D Company. Did not get overseas.
Selwyn Rouse Jackson and married Alice Edith Isherwood were 3 Jan. 1918 in Christchurch by Rev. Canon Hamilton. Alice born 12 May 1888 and died 1 March 1987, aged 98. Buried Pleasant Point. Their infant son Douglas Hurstwood Jackson also buried at Pleasant Point. Mother of Frank, Wensley, Laurell and Jennifer.
Harry Wensly Jackson died 22 Sept. 2019 aged 85, buried Pleasant Point 28 Sept. 2019. Betts Funeral Service.

Evening Post, 17 February 1945, Page 8 Distinguished Flying Cross
Acting Flight Lieutenant Selwyn F Jackson. Mrs. A. E. Jackson, Pleasant Point. South Canterbury (m)


 Star 11 July 1884 Page 2 MARRIAGE.
Chisnall — Gardiner. July 3, at Lyttelton, William, eldest son of the late W. Chisnall, of Fendaltown, to Marion, third daughter of H. D. Gardiner, Purau.

Children of Marion and William CHISNALL:
1886 Chisnall Wilfred Gordon
1888 Chisnall Irene Hart
1893 Chisnall Cecil Charington
1895 Chisnall Harold Linton
1890 Chisnall Collingwood Dunbar
1897 Chrisnall Conway Steadman
1903 Chisnall Godfrey William

Sun 23 October 1916 Page 1 DEATH
CHISNALL. On October 22, at Ashburton, William, beloved husband of Marion Chisnall, of Ohinemuri, Hinds; in his 62nd year.

Ashburton Guardian 8 September 1939 Page 1
CHISNIALL—On September 7, 1030, at Ashburton, Marion, widow of the late William Chisnall, “Ohinemuri,” Hinds, aged 70 years. Private Interment To-morrow, Saturday, September 9, leaving our Chapel at 1.30 p.m. for the Ashburton Cemetery.— Baker Bros. Shaw and King.

Press 28 May 1943 Page 1
CHISNALL—On May 27, 1943, at Geraldine, Steadman Conway, dearly loved husband of Annie Malcolm Chisnall, Woodbury, and eldest son of the late William and Marion Chisnall, of Hinds; in his 59th year. (Suddenly.) The Funeral will leave the residence. Woodbury, To-morrow (Saturday). May 29, at 2 p.m., tor the Woodbury Cemetery. M. A. Weaver.  [son Douglas David Gordon Chisnall]  [witnesses in Steadman's will Harold James Wooding of Woodbury near Geraldine and Albert Victor Simmons of Geraldine, butcher. Steadman was born in Hinds.]

 Press 9 February 1940 Page 10
Civil Actions The Public Trustee (Mr W. D. Campbell) petitioned against Conway Steadman Chisnall, of Woodbury, a farmer, Wilfred Gordon Chisnall, of Hinds, a labourer, Collingwood Dunbar Chisnall, of Hinds, a farmer, Cecil Charrington Chisnall, of Hinds, a farmer, Harold Linton Chisnall, of Hinds, a , farmer, and Irene Hart McConnell, of Hinds, a farmer (Mr V. W. Russell), in respect of the will of Godfrey Chisnall who died at Timaru on August 2nd, 1939. In the statement of claim the plaintiff set out that so far as he was able to discover Godfrey Chisnall never made or signed any other will except the one referred to and if he had died intestate defendants would be the persons entitled to share in his estate.

 Press 24 July 1943 Page 9
SALE BY TENDER. COUNTRY STORE AT WOODBURY. The Public Trustee Invites tenders for the purchase of the land containing 1 acre 3 roods 32 perches, buildings, fittings, stock-in-trade, and goodwill of the general store at Woodbury, formerly carried on by the late Mr Steadman Conway Chisnall The successful tenderer will take over the stock-in-trade in accordance with the Conditions of Tender. Conditions of Tender may be Inspected at, and any further particulars obtained from, the offices of the District Public Trustee at Timaru, Christchurch, and Dunedin. A deposit of 10 per cent, must accompany each tender. The highest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Tenders close at 3 p.m. on the 9th day of August, 1943, at the office Of the District Public Trustee. Timaru, to whom tenders are to be addressed enclosed in sealed envelopes, and marked “Estate of Steadman Conway Chisnall—Tender for Purchase of business.’’ ALEX. BELL. District Public Trustee for Timaru.