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The S.S. Bombay from London to N.Z.

New Zealand Bound
S.S. Bombay sailed for Otago, Canterbury and Wellington on 28th November 1883.

Reference online:  'Papers Past' - a NZ National Library website. 

Star 24 January 1884 Page 2
The S.S. Bombay sailed for Otago, Canterbury and Wellington 28th November 1883.

Star 24 January 1884 Page 2
Dunedin, January 23. — Arrived: Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company's s.s. Bombay, Captain Holloway, from London, November 18th. She brings 172 ordinary passengers and 266 immigrants. Of the total passengers 115 are for Lyttelton, and 59 for Wellington. Their health has been very good. There was one death, that of a child seven months old, and one birth. The Bombay brings 800 tons of cargo for Dunedin, 600 for Lyttelton, and 706 for Wellington. She brought three stowaways.

Newspaper total 172 ordinary passengers and 266 immigrants. Total 438.
My count 443 plus three stowaways, total 446. 292 free and assisted immigrants plus 146 cabin and steerage passengers.

Press 26 January 1884 Page 2 THE S.S. BOMBAY.
The next of Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co's and the Albion Shipping Company's chartered steamships to load at this port for London is the Bombay. The Bombay arrived at Port Chalmers last Wednesday with a large cargo and passenger list. For this port she brought about 600 tons of cargo and nominated and assisted immigrant to the number of 39 males, 52 females and 24 children. She is described as being a similar vessel to the Victory, which was here lately; is 337 ft long, 41ft 2in beam and 26ft sin in depth of hold. She was launched in 1882 at Newcastle-on-Tyne, by Mitchell and Co., to the order of Nelson, Donkin and Co., of Newcastle, an important firm of shipowners. The North of England Marine Company, Sunderland, fitted her with machinery under special survey of Lloyds. She is also fitted with Harlam's engines for the freezing of meat, and has space for about 9000 sheep carcases. The Bombay left Plymouth on November 28th, called at St. Vincent, where she coaled, coming thence direct. She is commanded by Captain J. Holloway, and officered as follows s—Chief Engineer, Mr J.G. Whitmarch; Chief Officer, Mr G. H. Davis; Second, Mr W. Hodgson; Second Engineer, Mr S. Edie; Third Officer, Mr W. Partridge, Third Engineer, Mr D. Walker; Fourth, Mr J. Scholhch; Fourth Officer, Mr C. Young. The Purser is Mr H. Jones, and the ship's Surgeon Dr. Linnay. The refrigerating machinery is in charge of Messrs E. Bencefield and G. Bell. The vessel has a tastefully decorated small saloon.

13 crew named

Otago Witness 26 January 1884 Page 14
 Per Bombay, London, via Plymouth (November 28)
First Saloon  — (15)
Mr and Mrs Bunbury and family (2)
Mrs Cairns.
Mr and Mrs Houchen and family (10)
Mr and Mrs T Terrance

Second saloon — (25)
Mr and Mrs Castle and daughter
Jane Chapman
James Crawford
James Donald
F Fox
H. Howard
Thomas Kemp
Mr and Mrs Lewis and and family (3)
H Lowten
Mr, Mrs, and Miss Mcpherson
Ludwig Moller
W H Petch
Mr and Mrs Shadbolt
C Simeon

Steerage (106)
Thomas Ashton
John Bratty
Fanny Birks, Fanny Birks (sic)
Frederick C. Bowels
Alice Bowels
Thomas Brown, Eliza Brown
Stephen Byrne

William Calder, 47, Inverness, Shepherd. Paid in full to Shaw Saville. Not nominated. Ultimate cost to Government Nil. To Canterbury.
Marjory Calder 44
Lachlan Calder 11, Shepherd
Betsy 19 General Servant
Sarah 17
Jessie, 15
Mayorie 13
Annie 8
William 4
James 7 months

Clark Campbell, Elisabeth Campbell
Charles Clarke
William Cutcliffe
Henry Donaldson
 H Dymond
Alexander W Errington
John W Falkner
Frederick J Fenn, Mrs H. Fenn, Violet Fenn
John H. Fox
J Glasgow,  W Glasgow
Hugh Glazer, Charlotte Glazer
Jane Hale
Robert O Hearn
J Hubiston
Isaac Hunt
Andrew Jamieson
Joseph R Jones
John Keith
John Keith (yes two of them)
Josh W Kennedy
Cavin Littlejohn
Isaac Levy, Julia Levy, Elizabeth Levy, Philip Levy, Solomon Levy, Adelaide Levy
William Livesey
Mary E. Lowe
C. Macnamara
Abraham Martin, Annie Martin
Harry Marsden
Jane Metcalf
John Moncreiff, William Moncreiff
Stafford O'Niell
W Nicholson, F Nicholson, Lilly Nicholson, Ethel Nicholson
David Padlie
J M Phillips
Thomas Place, Margaret Place, Jane Place
Emily Powell, Laura Powell, Florence Powell, Frederick Powell, Lilian Powell
William Plummer, Elizabeth Plummer
John Riddell, Mrs Riddell
John M Riding, Maria Riding
Riley Robertson
A Russell, Mrs P Russell, John Russell, Agnes Russell
Robert  Schu_tz
Albert B. Smythe
Richard Stothert
George Stubbs
William Surnam
John Totty, Teresa Totty, Robert Totty, Charley Totty
William Townsend
F W Waite
Eliza Waring
Peter Webster
Robert Wheatley
W G Weatherall
Sarah J Whitehouse
John W Whittaker
Ernest Wild
Elliott Williams
Margaret Wilson
 and W Wood ; and 266 free and assisted immigrants.

Count of assisted immigrants to Otago, Canterbury and Wellington (292)

Assisted Immigration Families to Otago
Carroll, John 25, Antrim, Labourer, Invercargill, 325
Jane 23

Cumming, John, 36, Lanark, House Painter, Invercargill 310
Isabella 33
Agnes 11
Malcolm 9

Evans, Thomas 44 Salop. Grocer's Assistant - nominated Otago 854
Fanny 40

Fairweather, Ephriam, 40 Caithness, Mason, Invercargill, 268
Ann 37
David A. 4
Ann W. 2

Graham, Robert 44 Stirling, Llabourer  - nominated Otago 777
Agnes 40
Robert 21
Agnes 18
John 16
Jane 14
Mary 11

Hampton, George James 40 Somerset labourer, Invercargill 337
Mary 41
George J 8
Mary A 4
Arthur C. 1

Johnstone James 24 Aberdeen Gardener, Invercargill 329
Elizabeth 24

Lawrie, John 33, Selkirk, Carpenter - nominated Otago 630
Isabella 30
Thomas 3
Catherine 1

Leggett, William 29, Lanark, Labourer, paid in London, not nominated.
Maggie 24
Mary 2

Matheson, John 30, Inverness, Farmer, paid in London
Ann, 22

Mullin, Arthur, 48, Tyrone, Farmer - nominated Otago 812
Ann 43
Bridget 22
Eunica 20
Mary 18
Annie 16
Joseph 13
Margaret 10
Patrick 6
Ellen 4

Mckay, Hugh 34 Ross Labourer, paid in London, not nominated.
Julia 32
Maud 10
George 7
Annabella 5
John 10 months

McNeill, John 44 Antrim, Labourer - nominated Otago 839
Jane 43
Catherine 18 General servant
John 13
Annie 11

McIaugy? Daniel 41, Derry, Farmer
- nominated Otago 790
Mary 41
Kate 20
James 14
Maggie 16
Lizzie 11
Sandra? 9

Penwan John 25 Lanark, Miner
- nominated Otago 833
Jean 23
Margaret 4
David 2

Sandermann, David 33, Fofar, Plumber
- nominated Otago797
Ann J. 35
David B. 7
Annie, 5
Elizabeth 2
Helen 11 months

Smith, George, 35, Aberdeen, labourer, paid in London, not nominated, to Otago
Elizabeth 27
Elizabeth 4
George A. 3
Agnes 2

Steel, Isaac 25 Ayr, Labourer, - nominated Otago 784
Jane 27
Martha 6
Sarah 4

Stevenson, William 44, Banff, Labourer -Invercargill 334
Isabella 41
Alexander 21 Labourer

Thompson, John, 36, Dumfries, Ploughman, - nominated Otago 766
Susan 35
John 14
James 4

Torouley, Robert 39 Cumberland, labourer, - nominated Otago 869
Margaret 42
James 15 labourer
Margaret General Servant
Mary 12
William 10
Robert 8
Elizabeth 6
Samuel 5
Agnes 2

Webster, Robert 32, Aberdeen, Shoemaker, - nominated Otago 805
Mary 30
John 8
James 5

Assisted Immigration Families to Wellington (17)
Burton, Richard 38, Yorks, Carpenter, - nominated Wellington 439
Marie 36
Alfred 7
Jn. 5
Ruth 3
Mary 2

Littlejohn, Harvey, 30, Aberdeen, occupation Wat____, - nominated Wellington 469
Jessie, 30, Fife
Alexander 8
Robert W. 7
Jessie 5 (female)
Helen L 4
Mary 2
William Still 1

Temple, Frederick 26, Norfolk, Grocer, - nominated Wellington 484
Eleanor 26
Frank N. 3
Florence A. 7 months

Assisted Immigration Families to Canterbury (14)
Bailey, Aslew, 23, Gloucester, __-Build,  - nominated Canterbury 910
Bailey, Ann, 23
Bailey, Mary 14

Milton William 34 Middlesex, House?,  - nominated Canterbury 942
Adelaide 34

Prince John 32 Gloucester,  - nominated Canterbury 953
Prince Ann 33
Prince Ada 6

Thomas, John 32, Gloucester,  - nominated Canterbury 918
Thomas, Louisa 24
Thomas, Mabel 6
Thomas, Annie 2 months

Wheeler, Albert 25 Wilts,  Stonemason,  - nominated Canterbury 966
Wheeler, Ann E. 25

Assisted Immigration to Otago - Single Men (16+18+9)
Auld, John 22, Bute, Labourer - nominated Otago 779
Baillie, John, 26, Bute, Labourer
- nominated Otago 779
Bell, William, 17, Devon, Labourer
- nominated Otago 830
Black, Joseph, 21, Armagh, Labourer
- nominated Otago 809
Campbell, Thomas, 24, Edinburgh, Mason
- nominated Otago 789
Checketts, John, 22, Staffs, Ironmonger, Invercargill 343
Compton, William, 23, Antrim, Labourer, Invercargill 326
Crowe, Thomas, 22, Galway, Labourer, Invercargill 328
Dodd, James, 21, Lancs, Brickmaker 
- nominated Otago 773
Dowall, Michael, 19, Waterford, Labourer 
- nominated Otago 832
Downward, Peter, 21, Middlesex, Gardener, paid in London, not nominated
Downey, Frank, 21, Galway, Labourer, Invercargill, 200
Duggan, Patrick, 23, Kerry, Labourer, Invercargill 319
Feyuson, Thomas, 17, Cavan, Labourer 
- nominated Otago 865
Horence, James, 22, Aberdeen, Labourer, paid in London, not nominated
Gibson, James, 21, Sutherland, Ploughman

Gibson, Nowuaw?, 18, Sutherland, Ploughman, paid in London, not nominated
Giyillam, David, 30, Stirling, Ploughman
Green, John, 35, Donegal, Labourer
Guy, Robert, 26, Dumbarton, Iron Moulder, Invercargill 313
Henry, Robert, 23, Edinburgh, Ploughman,  paid in London, not nominated
Lynch, John, 33, Limerick, Labourer, Invercargill 291
Macgregor, David, 22, Perth, Labourer
- nominated Otago 851
Macgregor, Jessie, 20 (female), Perth, General Servant
Mally, Thomas, 19, Galway, labourer
- nominated Otago
Michie, Donald, 19, Ross, Ploughman,  paid in London, not nominated
Morton, Thomas, 13, Staff, Occupation Nil
- nominated Otago 842
McCormick, James, 26, Antrim, Labourer
- nominated Otago 840
Macdonald, Alexander, 28, Inverness, Shepherd. All 3 travelling together. Invercargill 275
Macdonell, Margaret, 34, Ross, General Servant, for Invercargill
Macdonell, Archibald, 23, Ross, Ploughman, for Invercargill

McErlacey, Neal, 18, Devon, Farmer - nominated Otago 786
McErlacey, Catherine, 20, General Servant
McKenzie, James, 24, Nairn?, Labourer, Invercargill 304

Murdoch?, James, Selkirk, gardener, paid in London, not nominated
McRae, Finlay, 22, Ross, Labourer, Invercargill 324
Robertson, James, Kirkcudbright, Farmer
- nominated Otago 782
Campbell, Robert, 17, Lanark, Labourer, travelling with Margaret,
- nominated Otago772
Campbell, Margaret, 32, Armagh, Housekeeper
Marchbank, Robert, 16, Dumfries, Labourer,
- nominated Otago 760
Wilson, John, 30, Lanark, Miner
- nominated Otago 833
Wilson, Margaret, 20, General servant
Wilson, Alexander, 11, all three travelling together

Assisted Immigration to Canterbury - Single Men (12)
Buck, John 33, Cork, Groom - nominated Canterbury 926
Casey, Richard 20, Kerry, Labourer
- nominated Canterbury 919
Casey, Ellen, 18, Kerry, Gen. Servant
Harrison, Richard, 18, Metford, Labourer
- nominated Canterbury 768
Keenan, peter, 19, Monaghan, Labourer
- nominated Canterbury 933
Kingston, Samuel, 22, Cork, Farmer, passage paid in London
Power, Robert, 14, Lans, Tailor, passage five pounds paid in Colony and 10 pounds paid in London see despatch No. 379
- nominated Canterbury 156
Prisk, John, 22, Cornwall, Labourer
- nominated Canterbury 957
Roberts, John, 17, Salop., Labourer - nominated Canterbury 941
Russell, Adam, 26, Lanark, Ploughman, paid in London
Stafford, Thomas, 24, Fermanagh, Labourer - nominated Canterbury 935
Brodoulee, John, 24, Fermanagh, Labourer, travelling with Stafford.

Assisted Immigration to Otago - Single Woman (17 +16 + 16+19). Cost of passage to the Government 15 pounds per person.
Palmer, Grace A., 46 Middlesex, Matron
Apps, Mary G., 26, Cornwall, General Servant
Alkins, Eliza, 19, Essex, General Servant
Beale, Louisa A, 23, Middlesex, Housemaid
Bell, Margaret, 45, Derry, Housekeeper
- nominated Otago 830
Bell, Barbara, 20, Derry, General Servant
Buick, Eliza A, 20, Antrim, General Servant
- nominated Otago 726
Boyce, Louisa, 20, Middlesex, Housemaid
Broroulee, Jane, 19, Fermanagh, General Servant
Burgess, Jane, 18, Flint, General Servant
- nominated Otago 896
Cauing, Bella, 21, Derry, General Servant
Christie, Annabella, 19, Aberdeen, Nurse
Clark, Mary, 29, Argyle, General Servant
Collard, Louisa, 19, Jersey, Housemaid
Counois, Mary, 23, Waterford, General Servant
- nominated Otago 302
Cot, Bridget, 20, Ross cromarty, General Servant
Dempsey, Maryann, 18, Midlothian, General Servant
- nominated Otago 864

Dennison, Effie, 23, Middlesex, General Servant
Doherty, Emma, 24, Kings, Housemaid
Finlayson, Catherine, 21, Skye, General Servant
Ferguson, Elizabeth, 20, Edinburgh, General Servant
Fot, Mary, 20, Galway, Housemaid
Gautley, Kate, 18, Meath, General Servant
Gillmour, Mary, 22, Argyle, Cook
Hill, Louisa F, 20, Surrey, General Servant
Hoadley, Kate S., 22, Sussex, General Servant
Jackson, Barbara, 15, Perth?, General Servant
- nominated Otago 347
Johnson, Caroline, 18, Lanark., General Servant
Keene, Mary, 20, Wilts, General Servant
Kendrick, Mary, 30, Yorks, General Servant
Low, Margaret, 19, Cork, Housemaid
Mackay, Isabella, 24, Sutherland, Housemaid
- nominated Otago 783
Mahoney, Bridget, Middlesex, General Servant
- nominated Otago 703

Maleolin, Jessica, 30, Forfar, General Servant, nominated Otago 837
Matheson, Marion, 24, Inverness, General Servant
Matheson, Harlow, 17, Surrey, Housemaid

Miliee, Jessie, 34, Lanark, Occupation Nil.,
nominated Otago 778
John 11
George 5
Robert, 4

Moulton, Elizabeth, 31, Staffs, Occupation Nil.,
nominated Otago 842
Charles 11
Annie 7
Sara_ g, 6
John 4
Eliza 3

Moulton, Margaret 17, Carlow, Housemaid,
Invercargill 303
McCloskey, Annie, 36, Limerick, General Servant
- Invercargill 231
McHugh, Adelaide 20, Lancs,  General Servant
McIntosh, Johanna, 21, Ross,  General Servant
McKenzie, Jean A., 18, Cavan, General servant
- Invercargill Otago 304
McLeod, Annie, 21, Lanark,  General Servant
Oliver, Jane, 25, Warwick,  General Servant

Oruoston Aunys? 19 Surrey, General Servant
Phillips, Rhoda, 23, Devon, General Servant 
- nominated Otago 834
Price, Annie, 18, Cumberland, General Servant
Riddell, Annie 23, Aberdeen, General Servant, Invercargill 340
Riddell, Mary 19, Aberdeen, General Servant, Invercargill 340
Ross, Jessie, 19, Moray, General Servant
Smith, Elizabeth, 19, Devon, Dressmaker
Stacey, Mary M, 21, Middlesex, Housemaid
Stewart, Jeannie, 21, Rewferow, Nurse
Stowe, Emily E., 18, Middlesex, General Servant
Taylor, Mary, 26, Kerry, Housemaid
Thompson, Nancy, 35, Worcester, Housekeeper
Tullock, Mary, 22, Orkney, General Servant
Watson, Elizabeth, 18, Lanark, General Servant
- nominated Otago 734
Watson, Catherine, 11, Midlothian, Occupation nil, Invercargill 668
Watson, Alexander, 10
Wilson, Sarah, 25, Atrium, General Servant, Invercargill 727
White, Isabella, 32, Edinburgh, General Servant
Stewart, Christina, 20, Lanark, General Servant
- nominated Otago 777

Assisted Immigration to Canterbury - Single Woman (17 +13). Cost of passage to the Government 15 pounds per person.
Booker, Lizzie, 21, Surrey, housemaid
Clarke, Eliza A, 21, Dublin, General Servant
Clarke, Mary, 19, Middlesex, Nurse
Collins, Emily, 25, Dublin, General Servant - nominated Canterbury 911
Cunliffe, Sarah, 26, Lancs., General Servant
Farrelly, Bridget, 19, Meath, General Servant
Fitzpatrick, Mary, 17, Queens, Housework - nominated Canterbury 760
Haines, Alma, 26, Middlesex, Nurse
Harrison Sarah 21, Metford, General Servant
Harrison, Elizabeth, 19, Metford, General Servant - nominated Canterbury 768
Harwood, Ruth, 20, Middlesex, General Servant
Jeffice, Adelaide M., 20, Essex, Housekeeper
Johnson, Sophia E., 27, Bucks, Nurse
Kear, Jane, ERM 17, Gloucester, Dressmaker
Kecuau, Bridget, 17, Monaghan, Housemaid - nominated Canterbury 933
Lovie, Jessie, 22, Aberdeen, General Servant
Meuton, Kate, 20, Kilkenny, Housemaid

Miles, Isabella, 24, Berks, General Servant
McGovern, Mary, 23, Cavan, General Servant, - nominated Canterbury 916
Phillips, Amelia, 24, Middlesex, Housemaid
Pooley, Caroline E, 19, Cornwall, General Servant
Power, Rachael, 36, Lans, Tailoress, - nominated Canterbury 156
Power, Phoebe, 16, Lans.
Rigby, Ann, 16, Durham, General servant
Smith, Agnes E. 19, Gloucester, General servant - nominated Canterbury 979
Stafford, Jane, 19, Middlesex, Housemaid, - nominated Canterbury 935
Tuthill, Leonora M  20, Middlesex, Housemaid [Leonora Margaret Stephens TUTTHILL married James BAIRD in 1884]
Tuthill, Maboura, 17, Middlesex, General servant
Wilson, Mary A, 27, Fermanagh, General servant
Winlkess, Ellen, 17, Wilts, General servant

Total 173 assisted England   Scotland Ireland
Men 17   40 26
Women 38   25 27

This record is held in Archives New Zealand, Wellington Office . Passenger List.
"Bombay" (ship) - 28 November 1883 - 23 January 1884 [Use copy available in the reading room, Wellington]

From: Immigration Officer, Christchurch
Date: 10 January 1884
Subject: Immigrants for Canterbury on board S S "Bombay" - Thinks it necessary for someone to go to Port Chalmers to look after them and their luggage.

From: Agent General, London
Date: 4 June 1884
Subject: Acknowledging receipt of letters covering reports of S S "Bombay" and "British Queen" - Single men Immigrants to be berthed separately from passengers - Increase of pursers gratuity - difficulty in appointing surgeons.

North Otago Times 24 January 1884 Page 2
The steamer Bombay arrived at Port Chalmers yesterday, and the immigrants for Oamaru by her will arrive by the express train to-day.

Press 28 December 1921 Page 3 OBITUARY.
MR DUGALD McPHERSON. DUNEDIN, December 27. Commercial travellers throughout New Zealand will regret to hear of the death of Mr Dugald McPherson, familiarly known as "The Chief." He was a man of remarkable personality, who endeared himself to all. Mr McPherson was born at Kintyre, Scotland, in 1846, and at the age of UO commenced his business experience in & drapery establishment at Swansea. After experience in other parts of Great Britain, he accepted the position of city traveller for a wholesale confectioner in Glasgow. In January of 1884 he arrived in Dunedin by the steamer Bombay, having come his father and his sister, and in the same year he joined in establishing the wholesale confectionery firm of McPherson, Kemp, and Co. Miss McPherson kept house for her brother, and survives him. Though largely occupied with his important business, Mr McPherson found time to attend to many other affairs. Prominent among these was the Commercial Travellers' Association. He was continuously in office on the committee of that Association from the year 1887, and occupied the position of president for the period of three years, 1903 to 1905, again in 1912 and 1913, and for a further continued term from 1916, being in office at the time of his death, though he was vacating next month. In addition, he had been president of the United Association of Australasia, and he represented New Zealand at the conference of the United Association in every State of the Commonwealth. He was the first president of the New Zealand United Association, an honour again enjoyed in 1920. Another organisation in which he took a deep interest was the Gaelic Society of New Zealand. He succeeded to the chieftainship upon the death of Sir John McKenzie, and was thereafter the continuous chieftain. In that capacity he had the distinction of entertaining Sir Hector Macdonald when that famous General visited the Dominion. Mr McPherson was also officially connected with the Caledonian Society, the Burn s Club, and the Highland Pipers and Dancers' Association. A true Scot and a typical Scot, he took a delight in those societies. He also became president of the Dunedin Liedertafel, and president of the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce. He served for a term on the City Council, and was a prominent member of the Masonic Craft.

Otago Daily Times 27 April 1939 Page 12 MRS W. J. McKENNEY
The death of Mrs W. J. McKenney removed one who, in private life and public service, was associated with the Palmerston district for the past 47 years. Born in Glasgow in 1866, Miss Elizabeth Watson arrived in Dunedin by the ship Bombay in 1884. A year later she was married to Mr William John McKenney, their first home being at Kartigi. In 1892 they came with their family to "Riverside" farm, where they resided until 17 years ago, when they retired to Palmerston township. With the passing of Mrs McKenney, the community has lost one whose life expressed the highest ideals of citizenship and human sympathy and understanding. Ever ready and willing to help those in sickness and trouble, she endeared herself to her many friends by kindly and thoughtful acts. In the war years she was a capable and tireless worker for the Red Cross- Society. She was a valued member of the Presbyterian Church and an extremely energetic worker, being vice-president of the Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union and president of the Ladies' Guild. By her example she inspired others to give of their best to the church. She was a member of the local Hospital Committee, and it was by her efforts that the local Hospital Guild was formed 10 years ago. she herself being an active member during that period. Mrs McKenney associated herself with the work of the Plunket Society since the formation of the branch in October. 1924, when she was elected a vice-president. In 1931 she was elected president, which position she held for six years until ill-health caused her to withdraw. She was reelected president in May, 1938. and held office until her final resignation in January of this year. During these 15 years Mrs McKenney worked unsparingly for the society. She was highly esteemed by all, and her loss will be felt by a wide circle of friends.