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Westchester County, NY
Military & War Links

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Battles of the American Revolution - 1779
The David Library of the American Revolution The library has the entire Revolutionary War Pension Application and Bounty Land Warrant Files; Compiled Service Records; Early American Orderly Books; Naval Records Collection; Quartermasters' Returns; Forbes Headquarters Papers; New Jersey Revolutionary War Service Records; and U.S. Numbered Record Books Concerning Military Operations.
A wealth of documentation on frontier and Indian history may be found in the Draper Manuscript Collection; Amherst Papers; U.S. Ratified Indian Treaties; Baynton, Wharton, and Morgan Papers; and Winthrop Sargent Papers. Other material on the frontier and missionary activity can be found in records of the Moravian Church and the Anglican Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.
Important personal and official papers include those of Aaron Burr; Benjamin Franklin; Nathanael Greene; the Hancock Family; Henry Knox; Henry Laurens; the Lee Family; Gouverneur Morris; Robert Morris; Timothy Pickering; Joseph Reed; Arthur St. Clair; Baron von Steuben; Jonathan Trumbull Jr.; George Washington; and Oliver Wolcott Jr. In addition, the collection has a large number of letters, diaries, account books, and journals of other prominent and lesser-known people.


The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion or the "OR"
Cornell University, as part of their "Making of America" series, has put the ENTIRE -- over 60 volumes!!! -- series on the Internet!!! It includes scanned images of reports, correspondence, seizures of Southern property, etc. sent to the War Dept. during the Civil War. It includes both Union and Confederate accounts. It is in chronological order but there is no online index. Many libraries have the index. Find the volume and page number for your subject in the index at the library. Go to this web site: and use their search engine to locate any or a part of these volumes.

Ossining & the Civil War

For a roster of those soldiers from Ossining who participated in the Civil War, see these web pages at While visiting this Civil War site, please leave a note for the web master thanking him for making these rosters available to us on the web.

New York Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients
Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients
The New York GenWeb Site of the Civil War
NY & the Civil War
New York in the Civil War, a part of the NYGenWeb site
See Rosters section below.


New York Honors its World War I Medal of Honor Recipients
NARA's Prologue
For an interesting reading about World War I, see the article shown at: .



Military & War Links:

Cindy's New York Military List
New York Regimental Units (Bibliography plus Web sites)
State of New York, Division of Military & Naval Affairs
Military History of NY State Militia Forces and Personages
New York World War I Medal of Honor Recipients
U.S. Army Center of Military History: Listings of Medal of Honor Citations
U.S. Army Center of Military History
With Full-text Listings of Medal of Honor Citations:

Published Military Rosters

Many historical societies have rosters of their residents who went off to fight in various wars. And you can often locate rosters of service men in a town's local newspapers. In Thomas Scharf's History of Westchester County, Chapter IX, many Civil War regiments are identified along with the volunteers who enlised.

The following two books were published in 1999:

Wilt, Richard A.
New York Soldiers in the Civil War: A-K, A Roster of Military Officers and Soldiers Who Served in New York Regiments in the Civil War [Heritage Books, Inc., April 1999]

New York Soldiers in the Civil War: L-Z, A Roster of Military Officers and Soldiers Who Served in New York Regiments in the Civil War [Heritage Books, Inc.,June 1999]

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