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The Manors of Westchester County, New York

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From volume 1 of Thomas Scharf's History of Westchester County, New York....,, page 91:

"There were in the county of Westchester Six Manors, which together comprised by far the largest part of its area."
"The Manors were those of "Cortlandt,"  "Scarsdale,"   "Pelham,"   "Morrisania,"   "Fordham," and "Philipseborough," or as it was, and is usually written and pronounced "Philipseburgh." Of these, Cortlandt, and Philipseburgh, were much the largest."

From French's GAZETTEER of the STATE OF NEW YORK: Embracing A Comprehensive View of the Geography, Geology, and General History of the State and A Complete History and Description of Every County, City, Town, Village, and Locality comes the following information concerning the manors of Westchester, Page 698:

Cortlandt Patent
was granted June 17, 1697, to Stephanus Van Cortlandt, with an annual quitrent of 40 shillings. It included the present towns of Cortlandt, Yorktown, Somers, and North Salem.
Philipsburgh Patent
was granted June 12, 1763, to Frederick Philipse, at an annual quitrent of £4, 12s. It included the present towns of Greenburgh, Mount Pleasant, and Ossining.
Pelham Patent
was granted Oct. 25, 1687, to John Pell, and included the present town of Pelham and a part of New Rochelle.
Fordham Patent
was granted in 1671 to John Archer, and included 1,253 acres in the present town of West Farms.
Scarsdale Patent
was granted March 21, 1761, to Caleb Heathcote, subject to an annual quitrent of £5. It included the present towns of Scarsdale, New Castle, North Castle, and a part of White Plains.

Manors in New York

There was a three-part article on the Manors of New York on the web site of the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society. However, they removed it from the public area and have since made it available to members only.

Origin and History of Manors in New York and the County of Westchester, by Edward Floyd DeLancy [New York: 1886] — A copy of this pamphlet can be found on Google Books.

Map of Westchester showing the Six Manors within its borders is shown in this publication.




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